The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 6, 1960 · 39
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 39

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1960
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v! Count Dracula Has Macabre History - Still Most Undead, Monster y 1 Survived Author, Bela Lugosi BY PHILIP K. SCIIEUER Who is the most undead of macabre fiction characters? In any accounting, Count Dracula must ha h well up there In the lead. The reflection is prompt- " 4l4J vr 4-lf fifmUi TfTnjI A a.!.-...-.! TT! 1 - . . tvi ujr M, ujr iuil&uxiiu S A11U1UHV XlinCLS 01 tt : S u H A L "The Brides of Dracula'- in which the old boy him- self Is NOT resurrected again. In this latest version, : which has been showing around town, a couple of "disciples" carry on in the best tradition of Bram Stoker's original monster. 1 - Stoker created him in 1897. Bela Lugosi played him on Broadway In the early 30s. In 1932, in fact, P r.Lt,...: ' le iaie can Laemmie L. BelaLvgost , brought Lugosi to Uni- versa! City and Introduced him to the moviegoing l' millions In "Dracula." It made a star of Bela. - Four 5. years later, the cjamor for more of this male vam. f pire resulted In 'Dracula's Daughter'-j-despite the f fact that he had disintegrated In "everlasting death" ; In 1932. This time he took on the unmistakable, al- though disguised, features of Otto Kruger. : f In 1944, the count stilt an exclusive Universal f propertyturned up by proxy In the person of a jun-f lor offspring Lon Chaney Jr. in "The Son of Dracu--i ; la." At the finish sonny boy was killed off "for 1 good." But the following year pop was given a new p lease' on life, by John Carradine, In the improbable j but inevitable company of the Frankenstein monster r; and the Wolf Man. This synthesis of freaks was en- titled "The House of Frankenstein," and it led to a VI reunion of the same unholy three, In 1946, in "The $ House of Dracula." "So They Played Him for Laughs Then; in 194S, somebody at Universal got the idea tnai uiese goony Diras snoua oe piayed ior laughs-intentional laughs, that is. The result was "Abbott jp'and Costello Meet Frankenstein" and who should ? appear In the refleshed skeleton of the Trans'ylvanian . I count but the late old master himself, Lugosi!, . U After that, Dracula was allowed to requiescat in . T. pace for a whole decade. It was in 1958 that Hinds t - and the enterprising British shocker factory called & Hammer Fjlms gave him a new shot in the jaw. There he was, as embodied by Christopher Lee and 'lhi color, yet. At.the close of .this one "Horror of f Dracula" the same old stake was driven through . . the same bid dastardly heart and the no-account ' count crumbled to dust before our relieved eyes. 4 j, '. Indeed,-he was so plainly dead-dead that Hinds $ kept him that way in this latest "Brides of, Dracula." I - The only character surviving from the previous' film i and the book was Prof. Van Helsing (played by ,i Peter Cushing). - " The old carnivore had had his last drink of warm, bloody his last jug of the jugular. So said Hinds. Drac, Universal and I know better. .:: Bronston Discovers l Cid's Spain ' ' A picture will finally be made in Spain about Spain by Americans. Producer Samuel Bronston, writer Philip Yordan and director Anthony Mann have ui signed the papers necessary to their collaboration on ' ' "El Cid," story of the nation's greatest Christian hero. This will go before the cameras immediately , following completion of the Bronston-Yordan-Nicho-' l las Ray "King of Kings." " Frank Woods, maker of "Angel Baby," reports "Is-' "r land Affair" as his next Indie Samoa location. In his cast will be Sir Ralph Richardson and Kim Ham- -Uton. ; Choosy William Holden has indicated a will- - -ingness to read the script, Woods says. ' ,r "KO PUNCHES PULLED... should stir up storm of controversy!", -HERALD EXPRESS V ) Lvv iv;; A Am f i f . iFUioyiTi osltI ;: W & -t sc tjfl ' "Lancaster and Jones up fnr Inn Oscar honors1." t LA, EXAMINER ?I?f,ffl Ft ifil Ml SIHCUWI?: UWI8' Will. A zna imAjn nun Uliw-M I 1I!iqW?Ii!irlJil itipf m rot tonus nlT'-v J' 6n)w km tt t Reopening rirklll 254. Illlrwni Nrkiai ClRtW ' . AerMi tti itrirt Jrora liiatnl , fr 5! lVM ROD r CUSTOM The Stanley Warner Bev erly Hills Theater, closed for the past month for renova tion, will reopen July 20. Featuring comfort the the ater management has had eight rows of seats removed to allow for added room be tween rows. New carpeting, boxotnee, display panels and major changes in the heating and air conditioning systems are among major im provements."' ' The house is due to re open with "Strangers When We Meet," starring Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak, Ernie Kovacs and Barbara Rush. Gogi Sought Negotiations are on for Gogi Grant to headline at the .Sky Room of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York this fall. ' v ; : Morrison Will Sing in Musical Known to local' theater goers from his appearance m, "The Billy Barnes Re vue,-young Horns Morrison will be the featured singer in ''Best of Burlesque," musical satire of the-1930s which stars Ann Corio next Friday fright at . the Ritz Theater. : '' , - ' ; Morrison; will also; contribute several comedy numbers to the show; in which he will divide honors with Harry Clexx, Jimmy Cava-n a u g h, Bobby ; Ball, and Heather English. . i I vri AX3-71C4 mar ROOt OT PARKING i MAIINfl DAIir U JO-I IlA. UN TUKNCR-ANTHWT AUtMM . fill AnSCJ "PORTRAIT IN BLACK" UNBLUSHING tNASHAWED.Tvr CALLVOUK M 11.1 K a a... THCATftKo VX. 40411 77 mJk academy nrn PL 1-5151 ' If2-; MAJOR STUDIO TONtGHf M .M. MSADINA ACADEMY i MU I4W( "HILARiOUSL.lenmoiithis kistr -UIm THE Jack Ltmhton Fred MacMurny iii SMASH WEEKI 'MOUSE and SARDCN I4XV!WVV " ! COLO CARTOON " ""m H.-IUI'llt rfTf wor tm(s l2:iaMs.7:3St0M RESERVED SEATS ' AVAILABLE . AT BOX OFFICE TO SHOWTIME -5, WJH-R-- Wfaj-M UTt,lp t MATINEES OAIIY a t P.M. w7ut W1- f.MJ af i.i9 1 rsf! M f "!.' w.-'',ifa V.I:30($U.;OOM. V.; -J),( Sfl.thfTIiufi.(rom$US f JTSITvTTX i Mi Si 1 It a Ml if 1 jij WT-f- - - --j - - - it.r; r e 1 1-ill i. r nj i g ij tj.i i rji 1 1 if t i yAn i. f i y mi 1 i'.u.ijji '.u m i.ip iir;j-"iJj : ' "Best Biblical picture ever made." r ; . urwnuuiiiMi(oswi(08Mjiitai8i:i. NOW CMtidum lilrlraju:)ea.n. ICVEKLT MIllS' riMCST ft.. 'Jolly good fun- -" a little classic." I. m m ar 4J.H OIlWillllY I f WSksIM LB! AltPfllet Cllft-Bemlck, WHO ! MA 7.M44 i;ra u Bii Mirrar CHINESE oi. u:4A H0 4-8III Jack lamfflon-Shirley Maclaini-F. Mac Murray, THE APARTMENT bruin; R 7-2487 ' Cllft-Remlck, WHS RIVER; Oillman-Walles, Crack In tht Mirrar Hollywood Jerr" Uwl THE HQ I.I37I Tht Magniflcmt OPEN All NIGHT UNTIL I A.M. DAILY ' iinatra-MKLain. Chtvalier-Jourda It Saa Vleffltt " . .. W g Mi 47 Matinet Daily 2 p.m. NlgHMy liSO; SHU. I P.M. IRIS 231 HO p. HO 52114 n;n vWuT M. Brando. FUGITIVE KINO; R. Hudson, Alt 1 That Heaven Allows Cfift-Romick, WILD 67a HtllywMd '"! niiiman-wtiioi, HOitMi Crack hi Bio Mirror fplY f3l7 Willi ft Wilihlrt I.I 101 O'JO Acclaimed! OSCAR WILDE, Robt. Morlof Md All Star Cast IRFAX 7007 In. Bl. WE 03110 0:43 Brynner-Kendall, ONCE MORE WITH FEELING, Sapphire FIGUEROA 4011 8. Fi. AD 20510 0:49 FINE ARTS 0590 Wilihlr OL J-1330 HIGHLAND 5004 N. Ft. . CL 50040 0:43 Lancaster-Hepburn, UNF0RGIVEN; NOih, Tako a Giant Step Hilarioui Comedj HiiT THE CAPTAIN'S TABLE; Dally 2 sat., sun, w ki 08317 i:43 craco in For i the Mirror ki a.3007 Wako Mo When It's 8er FQV Lancaster-Hepburn, ' VullUtn-ui: UNFORGIVEN, i. Cagnoy, LAS-2I0I Tho Gallant Houro LIDO Ot 80308 0:45 Pk; Brvnner. ONCE MORE WITH FEELING; Hunter, Sergeant wutiedto ' Explosive love Storyl' THE LOVERS; No Sun In Venice STUDIO CITY BrtfAFW MT TR 7.I87J 12 alt THE DAISIES; Brynner, Park ONCE MORE WITH FEEL I nVDI h oXIddt Mat 10:30, 1:10 ! Ohio 8ulvxll Rrrt...:is'," BP 0-1410 t Al RemiCK, Will KltH Dlllman-Wolloo, Crock hi tho Mirror UCCA Kovact, WAKE ME WHEN .1 VIMf . B i Five Branded Women Irynner-Kendall, ONCof MORE WITH rttLINk N. Patrick, -Sapphire TR 72901 Hill Clift-Remick. WILB RIVERi Olllmv-Walloo, CrKk In tho Mirror' lief tnkthm. . PO 12272 1:43 5807 ennthaw AX MiUSi: 0:45 Smoke village Wtitwoed lrft e n 3-3042 Jerrv Lewlo. THE BELLBOYi Tarjan, Tho Mafnliic'"' LA REINA Shtrman Oaka ; TR 33980 12:43 FOX van Nuye 8T 32731 Color Feature Cartoon) inpw BUkkNi sanora Boo, Chartrooo Caboooo lorry Lewie, THE BELL BOY; Tarzan, Tho Munificent Clift-Remick. WILB 1 RIVER; Oillmon-Wollel, vraco in pio antrror CAPRI 02(0 Van Ney ST 53010 0:43 Miohttl Spectacle! THE STORt OF RUTH WILSHIRE' 44ft Ulll.hifB ols-isoo i:3 l ClnomaScopo-Colori Int'l Award-Winnoft) BLACK ORPHEUS; Slporot, Adultoreto , Color Feature Cartoon V 0-8114 11:41 SNOW SSUEEN, S. Bet, smi( Chortrooio Caboooo Tonltol Important lor Studio Preview li mu 1-8301 Clr.i end L. Tumor. ACADEMY Uont. 12 i . oeo, rnninniT m bi-ach TiTF " Film Feitlvol 1 P.M. - THE SWANi Moulin SY 2-7130 I t RougO; Reg. Perl. IsSO ; WILB RIVER; Crock In tho Mirror DlAITrt , , Brynner. ONCE MORE" nini.iv ' 1 H.IV1I r,Aiu. - : M U 2-1 ja :j lin nttninni ! Y. Brynner, ONCE MORE WITH FEELINQ; Cnoy, ! ; Tne saiiant Heure Tonight Major Preview l PL 1. 5151 12:411 Hoogoi, Aiveniuroo -Park Ot Huckleberry Finn . FOX JM iwh. 'the 1 12:13 a'1- ag; iirian, -2323 The Magnificent r STrl AVE "h 'LEASE DON'T EAT F.!1! TUB? HOIBIef. OBwaau i no; wHisics; BTjimci. Onco More With Feeling jm-M -Man. I;43 OHSS EL REY Alnembra CU 33523 1:41 GEZEZIIIE) CRITERION 7 Cant, 1 2:1 1 ctHSekl lVE?I"YilllmaB-willoo, tU 7-51 1 1 WICK HI V' FfllMBI PARK . 0304 paeifie LU 73442 1 2Ht ALCAZAR 4420 t. Baa LU 033OO e:a wilshirT" 0. 0:43 Pari EX 3-0493 " Cllft-Remlck, WILB RIVER: Billman-Wotteo, craco m mo Mirror D. day, PLEASE BON'T IAT DAISIES; I. Garner-N. Wood, Cash McCall BUNDY Pick-tardner, ON THT Oa! 0:43 Par r BEACH, Sinotro-Hadgeo, H4i oo a noio i mi naaa iomaiM, Pk. . 0-1313 I JOT Color Feature Cartoon SNOW QUEEN, S. Boo, 1 Chortrooio Cobooso "Cagney, THE BAllANf" HOURS; S. Mangano, Five Branded Women Hodges, ADVENTURES OrJ NUCK FINN; i. Ctgney The Gallant Houro FOX-Vanici St PUA" 0H1 aT olio-Pi'k BAISIES; Brynner, Onco woro wim reeling 0-4215 Tho Gallant Houro FOXRerJonda u Tomer, poRTRAif i:IS-P.ii IHBlACKli. RIVERSIDE CntI:oo 0V 3-72H , Stave Reives, HERCULES UNCHAINED) II Fighting; Men ioidenSUtiMyVswT iv 4.4001 ' The Mountain Road ( -1 1 rinji m 1 ll 111 111 ill FOX - Ptntna NA 1-1 J53 0:43 M. Irende. FUIITIVI KIND; Btlofonto, Bddo Against Tomorrow FR 4.0495 HEfiMOSA Ot. 0:41 rn 7-tm IImaT MiihittiO ft 38590 0:41 Clift-Remick, WILB IIVERi Blllmaa-WolloO, crao in tno Mirror Brvnner, ONCE MORE KITH FEELING; MongMd, rivo ranwf women j WESTCOAST, Jerry lowli, TNI I Ell BOY; Tanan, Tne oiafninceni STATE Pln NA 2M44 0 00 Day, PLEASE DON'T IAT THE DAISIES; R0OV00. TRa liant o Karothoa CREST 427 Allti 01. OPvt IMPERIAL UMI II Ht-307t , Clift-Remick, WilO RIVERi Blllman-WollOO, Croc ( no wo mirror Clift-Remiclu WILB IIVERi Blllmaa-Wolloo, CrKO w wo mirror VILLAGE . ClartmuM NA 42011 0:4 Sultry end Sensationoil NAKED NIGHT; Illicit IntarlutfO REDLANDS GRANADA Onlaria I 43 YU 4.0fi32 Br. PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES; Room, The fiiwrt ot Mararhoa am 4331 Bay, PLEASE BON'T EAT THE DAISIES; Masters ot tno Congo iiwgip ALEX CBt, l CU 0-M20 LEN0AL Ot, s CH, I-I3II , ; I. Tomer, PORTRAIT f IN BLACK; I. Carney,: The Gallant Honrs Cim-Inmlck, WILD tlVCR; Blliman-Wallof, Crock Hi tho Mirror , Whltman-Tryon, THI. ' OF RUTH; Cll IPnRNIi lini'ii STORY TU 0-2t? ' Wnw Conwf Wao Rl fRVMf 111 VI 1.0714 run . t. Tomor. NRTf Aft H ' BLACKi BryMior, Data. ' Mori With Fooling TO DM; enchanting, world-beloved tale all agesot the heart! l m i W i i i tL ' ' : f , Mi , J r T ( ' f ai . jyv? 1 - ft' vs. ; f .a 5 hj? the MAGIC MIRROR! f- laugh at the dance' . cf the JOLLY ROBBERS! . , Gasp a the Sorceress cfth! GARDEN OF FANTASY! ' Visit the land of thd SINGING FLOWERS! - Marvet at the'delights cf the SNOW . QUEEN'S PALACE! - Thrill to the ballet of the FOREST CREATURES! -it 4 I V i 'f; j'" 10 Hans CliristianAnderseits TH6 A FULL-LENGTH FEATURE CARTOON ,V EASTMAN J UV l R- u . J aOOWoTok, sw S jBB WITH PROtOQUt STARRING AND FEATURINO THE VOICES OP L'lBTlMI'RffRR SAWAM. . n i hi i iniaiii i ii iiiiiwiffiii iibibi 1 My CULVER CITY CULVER VE83124 inouwood UNITED ARTISTS ORW177 NORTH MOU.TWO09 ':- 6UIL0 f 02-2271 PASAOCN . UNITED ARTISTS MU 1-6577 TOMMY KIRK PATTY McCORMACK STAkO Cartootv, n!mation and Screenplay .by Soyuzmultfilm Productions English Dialogue Version, Frploguc and Adaptation, Written by ALAN LIPSCOTTand BOB FISHER . produced by ROBERT FABER . A Universal-International Release reseo RESEDA OI4-OI5J SANTA MONICM ELMIRO WW344 HUNT.FURK PARK W 7-3442 fiUNOAU , ROXY CI 3-8393 MSLfWOOO CENTINEU ' MUMS OR .4-3144 tOUTHOATC S0UTH6ATE BRIVI-IM - 10 41137 riiei R40NIWVI4 SIGSKr oaiyfm U 8 2565 CANOCA PHK CAN06A ekivOial Dl 6-6211 II MONTC . STARLITE (OIVIIN CI 8-763! rACOIMA. UUREL MIOI-IN tM 9-2588 TH E yEAR-'S FRESHEST PUN RlQB 9 a aif7i yon f " ROWOTaorOWir SNOW QUEEN" plus "Chartroose Caboose" also at stranp Theatre, Redondo Beach, FR 2-830Q t -r ... , . IT WAS THE FIRST TIME IM A LONG TIME THAT A MAN HAD LOOKED AT HER LIKE THAT... the Tennessee weman wfio fiaJ fceen too long without loye,., ' mmm DID YOU .SEE HERE? SIX? . fE SAY THERE . -UKaiNur , THREE! DO t The i I I I -. t V IF yyyuuuuwwuu: CinbniaScopE ORSON UELES-JUUEnE-GRECOrERADFORD DILLMAN r.otudntf ALtXANDCR KNOJC TAaii U0 FLBSCHER-PCH HAECRiCtf B ooWUrt otatMoMft oTBoAeVoSoMoa) lM 01(otlt foaltMo98j fet SOM o94o"A1t'9 andthe Rdffcff MofoTGOMERy CUFT WlrLEET . "lee Remlck...the mil r nlranctng oefreia t grow movtti line iMarilyn iMonro...w.L?M)JJMTftf . j i Li. ...J on to tyaveao - OMOMWti UM rWJW .fcwaMWOOOOaa ONtMWaScCktatf COLOR By CC tU STARTS TODAY! DOWNTOOON LOS ANGELES -' W7J944 : LfNOAll1 GLENDALE t. CM 5-211J MOLLTWOOB VOGUE HO 2U21 VM NUVS fOX ST2731 tVEfTCHCBTI , LOYOLA . .if mm BANT MONICA tvroTwooo BRUIN , CX72437 N. MOLIVWOOO ' EL PORTAL U 7-298) ; HUNT. PAMK CALIFORNIA ,,LU7J1U f AOAOtNA STATE SY 2-7139 HCAUOSA BIACH HERMOSA ri 26:45 WfIT LA. OLYMPIC ,: Nivt-W 7 9117. inatonwv CENTURY, , . Hl l ," CM 9917 COVINA T . i ' ttOA V1KEUK3 I RESEDA . ioit-m . Mtu ift EO BV7S1I I COMFTIM ; VAN NUVB -:tosy Mivt-iaj .' It 7442J

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