The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 17, 1956 · 69
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 69

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1956
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Lama LteZnstltsCimtP Tues.,ApR;ii7,i9S6artiii Two Novels Purchased; .'Rock Hunter to Open New Season at Carthay BY EDWIN SCIIALLEBT -When C. V. Whitney and Merian C. Cooper indicated they expected to delve extensively into the American scene for inspiration for their pictures, they weren't idly talking. They have just purchased "The Missouri Traveler," by John Burress, and will shortly produce this in Technicolor and Vista Vision with screenplay by Frank Nugent. This is a warm, human type of novel about an orphan who is befriended by a kindly marshal and will be shot on actual locations in Missouri. For this reason Ted Tetzlaff, who is to direct, and Pat Ford, associate producer, will leave for the area along the Mississippi River where the subject will be photographed. The film will follow "The Searchers" logically and tie up well with "The Valiant Virginians," which is to have John Ford as its director. ' Another significant book purchase is announced by Universal-International in "Badge of Evil," published two months ago and written by Whit Masterson. This is a modern suspense melodrama about a young District Attorney who uncovers evidence of perfidy on the part of. a retired police captain. Said officer of the law was guilty of planting evidence in order to get a conviction. The plot will be built around the discovery of how this was done. Albert Zugsmith is to produce. ROCK HUNTER' ACQUIRED BY CARTHAY Continuing of stage activities at the Carthay Circle, following the special engagement of Edward Everett Hor-ton in the comic "White Sheep of the Family," was in- dica.ed yesterday by the t .t: s ? Nina Foch . announcement mat -wm -Success Spoil Rock Hunter?"., is to open there for four weeks starting May 21. The play, which is in .its 27th week on Broadway, will be presented by Artists Embassy, the new organization formed with ' Jack Present and, Harry " Zevin continuing as producers. "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" will have to acquire a new cast for the West Coast en-eaeement. It is the show that has so spotlighted Jayne Mansfield along with Orson Bean, who was in "How to Be Very, Very Popular" at' .20th Century-Fox. After the engagtment here, the play will be taken to San Francisco for three weeks at the . Geary Theater. ' John Houseman sent word to associates here that the first player signed for the American Shakespearean Festival at Stratford, Ct, which will open June 27, is Nia Foch, who will appear as Isabella in "Measure for Measure." This is the second season at the Connecticut Theater. Miss Foch Appeared under Houseman supervision in 'King Lear" on the stage, and "Executive Suite" in films. SALE TO DIRECT TYRONE POWER FILM Producer Ted Richmond of Copa will leave for Europe May 2 to arrange for "Seven Waves Away" and "Lorenzo the Magnificent," which will star Tyrone rower. Rionard Sale, who wrote the screenplay for v : "Seven Waves Away, Will UUClb LUC politic. Power is winding up his engagement in "The Devil's Disciple" on the stage. I Richmond expects to be gone a year which means I that Power will be away I for a similar time. 3 Adam. Williams, who ' v enacted a soldier denounc- - ing Deborah Kerr in the -S.emet.erv scene in "The rroua ana the rroiane, " Peggy Maley wni piay a henchman of Neville Brand, to be seen as a gambler, in "The Lonely Man" at Paramount. Peggy Maley is a new addition to "The Guns of Fort Petticoat" as a dance-hall girl who helps fight off the Indians. V- I " A l CHI SHOW TONIGHT MS Itiulir Pirforminci Schedule ' KMlWri.. Thin tt vrr Night l:3 lmlHn.), .4H.71 . S, I JO, II 10 . a. - m4w, 1, ) ( j'oV ' SI tit II 7t ot .40 CWEMM tewoNr Wlf v l inir bi ntMr TBCHNICOLO r (Alt pricw lnctuintw m RESERVED SEATS NOW ON SUE at Box i Ordir. Ticket also on salt at So. Calif. Music iHGf i sMiM Co.. 737 So. Hill St 465 Mutual Ticket J??"'?'!"!"! Agencies and - ffr " ""'"" " IIIAH lmRMiiief m& TWOOD ILVB. 413 I VlLUAM EIOLOMt ECim IIovjuc ntMU)aiSltUMIK MDHMMIIMM Rosalind Ciussiul hnm Ho una MWUH !, hihm m nim ti man mi n wicmmimm mcm kr nww ioow . mm mi no it STANLEY-WARtJZSt BEVERLY MILLS 14 M w.un.ft at Ctnon mpn Paikini C. 11121 CM. Daily I mm. i- in ., n la.fH ii i n m il n : &nQCROS&'OomDO'OOHtiOR k Jf AHMA'RF Him GAVOR -pm HARRIS. V C010IBY .' Z.'L 3. 3 TECHNICOLOR cole PCKrrrR ROB&f EMiten oaN -noewr lews. 7:1 el 'mm j.- --- ! Ust Day! milMM'r Maria Victoria Heads Bright Variety Show ALEC GUINNESS playt princtt in "Tha Swan," & film based on the Molnar drama, opening tomorrow at State, Hawaii, Picwood and eight other theaters. Alec Has First Kiss-for Lens Just before playing his first scene with Grace Kelly in "The Swan," screening here tomorrow, in which as the prince he meets his future bride, Alec Guinness stepped up to the camera and implanted a kiss on the lens. "It's an old superstition with me," explained the British comedian, who makes his Hollywood debut in the MGM romance. "But this is the biggest kiss I've ever given a camera. That Cinema-Scope is the largest I've ever faced." If you love beauty nd who doesn't Maria Victoria fills the bill. And if you enjoy today's throaty warbling, you'll find the lady's performance just what you have been listening for. Sen-orita Victoria is fairly pack ing the big Million Dollar Theater, home of Mexican vaudeville shows. Even amid a real galaxy of applause- pagers, she stands out brightly as star on this week's bill. Lots of Warbling Clad in a streamlined black satin gown, she sings "Ml Ultimo Fracassa" and other triste songs as well as some gay ones, and the ap plause she gets rivals a thunderstorm. The senorita is justly famous not only in Latin-speaking countries but in some English-language ones as well. As usual there's a lot ofl singing on the bill. Among the other vocalists one must mention Los Calavaros, three men in picturesque charro costume, who used to sing on the late lamented Jorge Negrete's bills, and whose nicpiy wpnrted voice are heard in "La Noche de Mai" and other numbers. Iis Diamantes art two men with guitars and one with maraccas, who offer "Usted" and a couple of other tuneful numbers. Dancing is varied in style. Raquel starts things off with that exciting new dance, the cha-cha-cha. Los Zeus, man and girl clad in blue, do ball room dances gracefully, with some athletic trimmings. The man is especially graceful Their best performance is in dances representing all peri ods from 1918, and including the Charleston, conga, mam- bo and others, winding up with the inevitable cha-cha-cha. Capers Amuse Landon and Company are midgets, with the exception of one big man. Their funny capers amuse and their ath- f't. afun'l in tny iim;., thlr j Comply l i p r I n k 1 d throughout t?i bill, with i huliljy Timi Hiyes doing nothing fUj but humoroi.11 material. Her rharla gdj the laughs, f specially with her remark, "Of rnurse we all Idress young," Her comic bur- leque and fait itepplng are really funny, G. K. Two Ul Features Due Tomorrow Universal 'Never Sar lnterna!lnnal'fi (iooiiiive" art'l 1 1 shotktn I imam -TIMI 3 MWNTOWN OMT 1 MM NMIWt SUMN HTW "canton msncr ncMwecoiofl M li I IIIIIHN Mssuri STARTS TOMORROW In 12 Thaatret! WIS U ..-eM OR -tu KUbn (Am mmux mumx. mincAti nnnnnrno oinnrnc I OirectKt try JERRY HOPPER-Scrscnpiay by CHARLES HOffMMMMicid by AM J COHEN Based on scrunp!ay by BRUCE MANNIN5. JOHN KlDHEn and ItONAHO Ul Fim it COME im MtlKIO 01 HIM i) tUIGI PIUKOmi I -- n. "t 1 1 JWTa Heff 4 ndBack"Cw I PACIFIC I JL""m WIST l . OLYMPIC DKIVK-IN tuuniw miNTi VINELAN9 RIVK-IH HAMWIlXlllH IIU Ot0INl GAGE ONIVK-IM a k. f aflMM H.IUJ..M1 II. I 44U IfSIS RESEDA NEVER SAY GOODBYE ' ond "WORLD IN MY CORNER" tin JMT$ TOMOHHOKf CROWN HUMM 12f N. RymM4 SI. Hill OARMAR MMlEMll t)2SWMtlMt IM. Mlltll.IU.Mlll EVUY CIRI. ASKS IN HEX HEART ..."Should I kavt acini iiffertnlly that final night? 1 li w:.. A pictur (or lovtri town (Iff, tovtfi of tn 4 Ml livt mlirtly m th lurlici. Pitt of it! inchtnlmiirt n that tu n in poiintnc R Mt ait dom oono until mil. f 2nd WEEK NOW! ( vJCSTAlf f Ulm-CM l( IM XL I WV Xi ixciusivi V INCACEMENT From M.CM ia COLOR and CINEMASCOPE Leslie Caron" John Kerr SCEBHDHE'IMEIG (T Wiiint i n iiVii iwii !' i. ii tiiniivi ii '"iV tXTRAfrom M O M; "LUCKY OUCKY1' Twlinieolor Cirtoo Rio ".the Furlniest Kave on Movie Record! t V ! net Liiiuiiul a - a 1 ma i 11 nMaa afirrrtRa """'r' MIT I CAfWTKHMCOtOH. ft - ILllUllHllll m.- F an miciv w m. I JHUMMWWII I " IT HOLLYWOOD K0.1-H6J eimMM lafMlM a Mm OoM 12 Nm Producid in TOOD-AO Tit Rmt nmlvMwiarv I oil urooit ImwiMoM (UNITED ARTISTS JCVPTWK) VlttlHiitliaillllilPI 1 hm. 9 ttt L. m . uainui ,V. aat I ami rwaxt mm m ALEC ; GUINNESS JACK "THE PRISONER r J A Chb raiant fmnnw MUMOUNT niSINtl nm:n(xxxs THE :f TROUBLE 4 wlTH HARRYj ' - J GWKNN FORSYTHZ r 1 C OTirrT'i' tiiZirv. 6f "' MOUYWOOB V S ANTAMONICA V f APOLLO I WaSHIRI ak HO. 7571 1 tX. MW! i Ly INOUWOOO YN.HOUYWOOUS f 5th AVI. Y GUILD Ik g Pll-WM M.-7' i V OLiNDALE " 1 ' f ASAOtNA IGLENDALI Y STATI BjjjyjjfYjijji vvnrid in My lorner, on a rfmible bill, bow Into 11 m Angplrs theater! tomorrow. Start-In Kork Hudson, and Cornell Horcherj, "Never Kay Goodbye" will open with "Corner" at the RKO HDI- fl!'1en), l-r, Oh-refifl, 1ifr.n-, f A Hjilifl ami Vintlin 1 Uriv 'Entt a$ Man9 ltoldi I "End mi Mn." which kM been having inch a food run t th Playtri' Gallrr iTheiter, ia continuing until 1 tn Tte Love Storrj of a Princess starts Ic!m;i GRACE KELLY ALEC GUINNESS LOUIS JOURDAN in "THE SWAN" From M-G-M in CINEMASCOPK and COLOR with AGNES MOOREHEAD JESSIE ROYCE LANDIS BRIAN AHERNE LEO G. CARROLL ESTELLE WINWOOD VAN DYKE PARKS Scmn Play hr JOHM WGHTOW From tha Play Tha Swan" by 7ERENC MOLNAR PhotopapW In Eaatmai Color DLrtctid by CHARLES VIDOR Produced by DORS 8CHARY C TOMORROW AT It CITY-WIDE THEATRES AND PACIFIC DRIVE-INS: l'!iy.'!gB!fflMa!mM.tJ'7 i in u i i n STATE "AWAII pictioodH UNITED I CENTURY I downtown nuHMMnim "l" ARTISTS onwnw miniKMFcMZC.Mii mc rAHKiHo i-Kt.i""i.m omiiaonii .Mir.W.Miia tDWAROS I FLORAL I IAKEWOOD I , IAURII PICKWICK OSICRANS IVII IV(. MIVI-W ivi.m - BXVI-M 00.71171 AM.I07W Ht.l'40U iM.IMO TH.ZMOi !H.I' n.S-1711 UE.l Wf ...... CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORY FOR ADDED ATTRACTIONS 9. 1 i'j I l rJ ri 1'.' I l" I 5 1 1 V 4. 1 ' i GLEnn Star of "Blackboard JuiWjUM tnd "TrlaaTl 100EST RiiriRrir""T UwUiiwa.uLiUMJi Th Aedmy Award wwwaang tiar of "MwV N M LuJ 6nto of ''On 1K AwiacloatMvL "fm gomtt U0 you, JubsJ...for wludyou did to mr wtfiT Color by TECHNICOLOR CINemaScoPE in v if. nmmbr hi nam.. .,. You'll remtmbw hit tt&rjt VALERIE FRENCH - FELICIA FARR - BASIL RUYSDAEL NOAH BEERY, . eailfas."'" ' 1" IU B I It tcfM H br RUSSEU i HUSHES w DELMEt DAVES BatW m l No bf PAUL L lYtLLawR A COLUMBIA PICTURE rnown" it WILLIAM FADIMAH 0icta4 br OELMEI IWtS TICKS WITH ALL THE TERROR Or A TIME SUM! I V 1 CTFVFM5 llLiL A iHmt RIN6 miCIA KMWWE f k- CAIDCI f ARR STEWART l' .li Wi id... Con tWVlf CITY STUDIO BDIVI-m M. HW AL Mill V;. rZ .ftirL' (t omniNA VERrAONT mv.m Vvmi 117. .Mm.KIM MMIW MIVI-IN tnn i i ALlVJtH.kl aior El MONTI va-iM a- a. i mm io. iwl 04OMff OVI4 KIG SXT palV-IM VAMMVTt VAN HSIYS RIV-4M i .Mtin a VOOAOW Sit VL 4MI-M mm r miuuKiim r

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