The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 22, 1948 · 26
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 26

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1948
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Loganseleseimeg' MON.,Nov.22,i948-Pcrti27 Walt Disney Commences Scouting for 'Hiawatha'; Iturbi Term Deal Sealed BY EDWIN SCIIALLERT Due to renewed activities of his artists following the war, Walt Disney is expanding the horizon for his enterprises. Story Writer Dick Kelsey has just returned from a scouting tour of the Hiawatha country, which indicates the early activating of the producer's adaptation of the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. "Two Fabulous Characters" is set to go before the Technicolor cameras in May and "Cinderella" will follow. Both are all-cartoon animations subjects, which indexes the amplified force of artists Disney has at work. "Cinderella" is expected to be the nearest of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" of any picture he has produced since then. Disney has also completed the first subject in his "True Life Adventures," which is titled "Seal Island," and in contrast, to the others this is all live action. "Two Fabulous Characters," designed for release next August, blends the Washington Irving classic about Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad sequences from Kenneth Grahame's "Wind in the Willows" in its story, with Bing Crosby as narrator for Ichabod Crane and singer. "Cinderella" is aimed at February, 1950, release, and "So Dear to My Heart" is ready for circulation. "Sword and the Stone," "Three Wishes," Irish subject, and "Treasure Island" will be coming along after the others mentioned. METRO CLOSES NEW DEAL WITH JOSE ITURBI Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer closed a five-year deal with Jose Iturbi via transatlantic telephone and cable, which insures his return Nov. 29 for "Midnight Kiss," with Kathryn Grayson and Mario Lanza.. . It has been determined that Iturbi will again portray himself in this film as he did in "Three Daring Daughters." Only on this occasion instead of being the romantic victor as he was with Jeanette MacDonald he will be shown as a loser, because Lanza will be the winner in the love story. Iturbi will again be seen in his dual role of pianist and conductor. DAN PATCH LAUNCHING ON TROTTING LOCATION With Arthur Hunnicutt and Marjorie Eaton, known for their stage as well as screen work, just added to the cast, "Dan Patch" will today start shooting on Devonshire Downs, near Chatsworth, where trotting horses work out. Dennis O'Keefe and Gail Russell head the cast of the W. R. Frank production for United Artists, while Charlotte Greenwood, Ruth Warrick and Henry Hull play other principal roles. Hull will divide time with his appearance in the stage play, "George Worthing, American" in which he is giving such a fine performance with the Westwood Village Players. OKAPI PRODUCERS DEPARTURE HERALDED Philip N. Krasne will dispatch George Breakston and Yorke Coplen to Brussells, Belgium, for his World Adventures, Inc., right after Christmas to secure permission to photograph "Okapi" in the Belgian Congo. Breakston and Coplen were producers 1 of "Urubu." George Pal announces the acquiring of a French feature film "Le Petit Soldat," made in 1935 by Rion Levy from Louis Mau-vert's French legend. Pal plans this as a future production in live action arid with animations. TWO PROVOCATIVE SUBJECTS INTRIGUE ZANUCK Either "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," from the short story by Ernest Hemingway, or "Pinky," taken from the Sid Ricketts Sumner book, "Quality," will probably absorb Darryl Zanuck's attention as his provocative subject for 1949, thus taking a place beside "Gentleman's Agreement" and "The Snake Pit." Rumor is that Lloyd Bacon is talking to Thomas Mitchell about an important role in "The Glittering Hill," which Bacon will probably direct early in the new year. Third of the new "Cisco Kid" series of pictures, "The Daring Caballero," will start Dec. 10 at Yucca Valley, Cal., with Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo in the; principal roles. A mission set i3 being constructed especially for this Inter-American Productions feature. Ida Lupino is being talked up for an Academy award because of her unique performance in "Roadhouse." WAN OF ARC ACCLAIMED FOR ITS SPECTACLE, STAR BY NORBERT LUSK NEW YORK, Nov. 21 The unparalleled splendor of "Joan of Arc" impresses critics in various degrees. All concede its magnificence as a spectacle of stupendous scope and the majority hail it as a masterpiece in which the performance of Ingrid Bergman shines like an unwavering flame, with one of the most brilliant casts ever assembled peopling the rich tapestry with unforgettable figures. At the same time some interesting observations are recorded by reviewers of the new film at the Victoria. One of them remarks that "Victor Fleming and Walter Wanger, who together produced while the former directed this film, lavished their main attention and resources on the spectacle. The costumes are rich, the settings brilliant, the music fitting and the Technicolor superb. But the mystery, the meaning and magnificence of the poor girl called Joan have just been missed." One Quality Missing . The same writer advances the opinion that "Miss Bergman, while handsome to look on, has no great spiritual quality. Her strength seems to be in her physique rather than in her burning faith." A colleague discovers that "thg star is at her happiest in the early stanzas. Once she has discarded her armor and faces the charges of being a heretic, her performance has a minimum of modulation ' and little enough conviction." He summarizes the film as "massive, eye-filling and pretentiously disappointing." Be that as it may, newspaper columns ring with praise for the picture and the star. "Unfaithfully Yours," at the Roxy, is a hit with the discerning as any film with the imprimatur of Preston Sturges is bound to be. Yet even he cannot escape criticism it seems. One of the reviewers finds that "the comic touch is on the heavy side" while another contends that "it is still cheerful entertainment, the work of an agile, adult mind." A Little Rusty He further states that "Mr. Sturges ought to be compelled by law to turn out at least one movie maybe two a year. For nobody makes films as he does, even when hp makes them less well, which means that his public grows impatient and resentful when he tarries too long. Like a boxer who takes too long a layoff, Mr. Sturges has slowed up a bit. And that is something which his public will be the first to note and deplore." "Road House," at the Mayfair, has met with favor on the score of smart acting and direction rather than freshness of story material, with Ida Lupino and Richard Widmark maintaining high suspense. "Blood on the Moon," at the Globe, also is liked. IDA CORNEL RICHARD CELESTE LUPINO WILDE WIDMARK HOLM ROAD HOUSE A 304 CENTUM 0 rICTUM 2nd Feature! "MONEY MADNESS STARTS WEDNESDAY! " s. A ninnn i.J fl Y" jkWra n JACK OAKIE-JUNE HAVOC RICHARD ARLEN JAMES GLEASOH oi,bf WALTER LANS by GEORGE JtSStl SCREEN PlAY BY LAMAR TROTH Adaptation by Eliiabem Reinkatde C. From Play by George Mankee Walter ami Arthur Hopbine curiwr!o X Dance Staged by Seymour Felix and Kenny William LOEWS STATE OriH All NIGRT nia.-K.m WKMUHIAja CHINESE Soon a KocknNr ItHM 1-2444 Ullti-WSaklllta: Mrtnr IIK CARTHAYt CIRCLE w qtrawnimt fiaM imi X Police Work Seen in Film Police procedure is revealed in "He Walked by Night," which opens Wednesday at Orpheum, Vogue, Belmont, El Rey and Culver theaters. Picturization of a case In the files of the Los Angeles Poli -e Department, documenting the capture of a killer who has fatally shot a highway patrol officer, features Richard Basehart, Scott Brady and Roy Roberts, in the top roles. "Indian Agent," with Tim Holt will complete the program. Last 3 Daysl Rosalind Russell 7DIC0 24 HIT- I0TH THEATRES HOMICIDE fOR THREE" $,, THAKXSGIVIKG DAY! JOHM LUND WANDA HENDRlXfJ BAFM V FITZGERALD AAOMTV WOOLLEY WW CHASE-ROBERT STACK OOROrHYSTlCKNEY- ELIZABETH FM7ERS0H mairQWtLCBIWQirT-a"rWtWOHOTH LAST TIMES TODAY! Bett DAVIS Robert MONTGOMERY In "JUNE BRIDE" l ttpiIIIIlM M!S Wff lilllOfilililER f . 1 SETOM' I MILLER '"'XZXZZ II if 'J . r f A 1 HOLLYWOOD j DOWNTOWN t & 1 LT E tt U f I I Mill Ic lv J zs?iS2r Zv"- r:xxizsmm f Deadly Air Tactic Shown Ground strafing,, air force tactic "which damaged German installations so' disastrously is graphically shown in "Fighter Squadron," opening tomorrow at Warners Hollywood, Downtown and Wiltern theaters. The sequences which show these attacks are from secret army vaults and were taken by air force cameramen. All of the major air battle seens seen in the Technicolor film are woven into the story which stars Ed-mond O'Brien, John Rodney and Robert Stack. O'Brien will make a personal appearance at the screening tomorrow evening at Warner's Hollywood only. Many officers of the Army Air Force have been invited to be guests at the same showing. Vet Planning Act Helen Walker is sponsoring Ed die Grubin, a disabled war vet, who is breaking in a night club act. Eddie works from a wheel chair. HOLIDAY FARE WILL BE VARIED A comedy and a melodrama will be served up as Thanksgiving Day film fare at the Paramount theaters Thursday. The main course is "Miss Tatlock's Millions," starring John Lund, Wanda Hendrix, Barry Fitzgerald and Monty Woolley. Also on the menu is "Disaster," a Pine-Thomas thrill er. . , -; ; Current attractions, to close Wednesday night, are "The Velvet Touch" and "Homicide For Three." Stellar Judges Dan Dailey, AnnTdiller and Cyd Charisse, dancing stars of screen and stage, have accepted Veloz and Yolanda's invitation to- judge the Harvest Moon Dance Finals at the Olympic Auditorium Nov. 27. They will join other stars who wtyl appear on the colorful and spectacular program featuring 128 dancing couples. (tolecmt thrv statiM KTLA cKonnol 5) Th Admiral Fm-ml-Sttmt Star "so Tins is HOLLYWOOD" jrs with Gomes, Prizes and 'yffe Avdhnc Partcipafionl w RAGING WITH THE VIOLENT PASSIONS OF A WILD FRONTIER ... A LAWLESS ERA! w jxm sssff raw v .vt mm 4 4- J c?-' WEDNESDAY! UST 2 -nciLE STATUS'S DAUGHTER' D A Y S ! 2nd FMtur - 'APPOINTMENT WITH MURDER" From the Makers of . h ! T-MEN" and CAN ON CITY Youngster Signed Arlene Gray, 9-yearold sister of Gary Gray, has been signed 1 H sumo i HIE IlIREE MUSKETEERS' Coor by TECHNICOIOI mm iimriliimiiii GEnI KELLY JUNEMLYSON VAN HEFLIN ANGELA LANSBURY fl faA Kf XmA Rid fm fjtt JSU SVttQI S Hill KG61 wCS for the role of Hilda in RKO'i "Sam Wynne,- with Will Price directing. JQIMIX-Z 1 .. & fnsr wm tir noti bos 'THE CITY OF Wl SZm7m IITUI MEM LfltAiicritcA tn.mfc.fca Kr, I V MPJWCfcO M fATHltfLAMACAH, ihhm ianiaj airf W wt X? a-o ',-.'"'""'a r vVilshirec'ytTa su mm uiiui uiuiiut tiu rtui.ii uiut .STEMN McSUT :--hQv Jy' P fOX RIIZ Y GUILD il 1114 WHSMIII tlVO. J iltt MOUTWOO HVO. 1 IRIS T SIODIO ciiti Mat Today 2:30 Evening at 8:30 'SEATS AVAILABLE UNTIL SHOW TIMEirmrmnrrn LAURENCE OUVIEK pinmMt AST A R rgsssb aH-g- Vwagyyf'glSS OPENS 6 P.M. SHOW STARTS 6:43 P.M. nlBiill)5l!s& tancoitor-B. Stan- I V. loka, iV ''ii'iiiftjtfiWttMT'CT j wyck in SORRY, I A Ladd in IVEHTHEWJA WRONG NUMBER SAIGON 1 J" ' prrWHif1- ON CILMOtfE'lSlA. D - K MARKET J LAUREL ) 8056 Beverly Blvd. Phon Y0.II54 NOW MARIENE DIETRICH and JEAN CABIN in "THE ROOM UPSTAIRS" COMING 800NI 1 RAIMU In MARCEL PAGNOlf GREAT MASTERPIECE "FANNY" lCALirORNIA MASON 7Um LIBERTYMA. -9778j NOW 1) a.m. CONT THEATRFS MARKED WITH ST At () AE OPFW All NfGHT. ARROYO 3236 N. Fir. Op. 6:45. CA-8831 I Mitur.-Conu in CRY OF THE CITY) Gail Rutwll. NIGHT HAS 1O0O EYES ELM0NT lst-VerraODt. font. 6. EX-1331 BELLE STARR'S DAUGHTER: APPOINTMENT WITH MURDER BEVERLY Brr. Uiili. Op. 6:45. CR-64141 Ptck-Todd-Valll In PARADINE CASE! O. Powell-J. Grttr In STATIOW WEST BOULEVARD Wa,h -Vrt Op.6 45 RE-4111 Matun-Contt in CRY OF THE CITY; Gall Ruuell. NIGHT HAS 1000 EVES BRUIN W fit wood. Opra 6:45. AR-39298 Pick-Todd-Valli in PARADINE CASE; Montgomtry-Hayward, SAXON CHARM CARLTON Weitn-54. Op. 6:45. AX-18922 Mature-Cant In CRY OF THE CITY; Gail RutMlf In NIGHT HAS 1000 EYES CARMEJ. 8163 Sta. Monica Bird. GR-2728 Hay worth, LOVES OF CARMEN, cal or; Crain-Halden. APT. FOR PEGGY, aalar CARTHA Y CIRCLE Op.6. WE-7211 Luolno-Wilrto-Widmark, ROAD HOUSE; MONEY MADNESS BL REV 5517 Wil,hir. Opm 12. Y0-088S BELLE STARR'S DAUGHTER; APPOINTMENT WITH MURDER EMBASSY Weifn-rd. Op. 6.45. FE-43H Crain-Holden, APT. FOR PEGGY color; Hay worth. LOVES OF CARMEN, color FAIRFAX Btr.-Fair. Op. 6:45. WY-311S Wyman-Ayra In JOHNNY BELINDA; D.inna Durbin in FOR LOVE OF MARY FICUEROA Fii.-8.Br. Op.6:45. AD 0515 Wymm-Ayrat in JOHNNY BELINDA; Matura-Conta In CRY OP THE CITY 4 STAR Wil,hire-La Bra. Y 0-82 11 Laurenci Olivir In HAMLET. Show 2:30 and 8:30. All aeati nwmd. FLORENCE Flor.-Compton. Ayr. LA-7677 Hayworth, LOVES OF CARMEN, color; Matur-Cont in CRY OF THE CITY GENTRY Compton-66h. I..A. LA-5583 Gall RuihII, NIGHT HAS 1000 EYES; Walcr-Gardnr in 1 TOUCH OF VENUS GOLDEN GATE 5176 Whitir. Ct. 12:30 D. Pwil.J. Omr, STATION WEST; Larry Parka, GALLANT CLADE. color GORDON 1 Brea-Mrlmse. WH-11S1 Lontta Vounc in THE CRUSADES; Gary Coo par in BEAU GESTE HIGHLAND 560 '. Kiinirro. AL-9648 Wyman-Aym In JOHNNY BELINDA; Daanna Durbin. FOR LOVE OF MARY LA BREA 9th-I.a Bre. Op.6. 45. WA-8502 Crain-Holdcn. APT. FOR PEGGY, color; Hayworth, LOVES OF CARMEN, color LARCHM 0 NT Larcbmt -B-vrly . . C L-741 7 Wyman-Ayrc In JOHNNY BELINOA; Montgomory-Hayward, SAXON CHARM LIDO I.a Cirnf ea-Piro. Fr- Pk. BR -23633 RACHEL AND THE STRANGER; Stanwyck, SORRY, WRONG NUMBER LO Y 0 L A Manch .-SopaW. On. 6. 0 R-82444 Luplno-Wildo-Wldmark, ROAD HOUSE; MONEY MADNESS MELROSE Melmc-Ver. Op fi:45. OL-4421 Craln-Holdah, APT. FOR PEGGY, aolor; Hr worth in LOVES OF CARMEN, aolor MESA Cron.-Slauaon. Op. 6:45. AX-16958 Gary Coo par In BEAU GESTE; Lorttta Yaung In THE CRUSADES PARISIAN Vermont-8th. OR-1013 Wabb-O'Hara-Young. SITTING PRETTY; U Young, THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER RAVENNA Vnnt.-Be. Op. 6:45. FE-0060 Wyman-Ayra In JOHNNY BELINDA; Matura-Conta In CRY OF THE CITY REGINA 8556 Wilh. Op. 6:45. CR-56464 Crain-Holdan, APT. FOR PEGGY, aalar; Sonny Tutt. UNTAMED 8REEO, color RITZ Wilhiro-l. Bra. Op. 12. WA-1221 Dick Powall-Marta Tomn-Vlncant Prle in ROGUES' REGIMENT; BUNGALOW 13 RIVOLI 4521 8. Wrstrrn. AX-2871S Richard Dig in MAN OF CONQUESTS Tax O'Brien in WESTERN TERROR SEVILLE Wrat BWt. at 64th. OR-82000 Powar-Baxtcr in LUCK OF THE IRISH; Dick Powell-Lizabath Scott In PITFALL STADIUM Pico-Hobtn. Fr. Pk. CR-62083 Wyman-Ayra In JOHNNY BELINOA; Montgomery-Hayward, SAXON CHARM STAR LAND 2624 Broadway. CA-8090 Humphrey Begart in SAHARA; Glenn Ford-Evelyn Key. DESTROYER TOWER Compton. F'ree Park. NE-6131S Mature-Cont in CRY OF THE CITY; Montgomery-Hayward, SAXON CHARM UNITED ARTISTS 5136 Whit. Op. 12:30 Wyman-Ayrea In JOHNNY BELINOA; Turhan Bey-Lynn Bari in SPIRITUALIST UPTOWN Weatn.-Olym. Op. 12. PA-1118 Lupino-Wllde-Widmark, ROAD HOUSE; MONEY MADNESS VILLAGE Weetwood. BR -04301. AR-33042 D. Powell-J. Creer in STATION WEST; Gail Ruuell, NIGHT HAS 1000 EVES WESTERN Wnt'n-39th. Fr. Pk. AX-21601 Hayworth, LOVES OF CARMEN, color; Crain-Holden, APT. FOR PEGGY, color WESTLAKE Al.-Wil. Op. 1 :45. FE-3920 Wyman-Ayra in JOHNNY BELINDA; Deanna Durbin. FOR LOVE OF MARY WILSHIRE Ber. Hill.. Op. 12. CR-58970 Turner-Kelly Allyion. 3 MUSKETEERS aolor; The New "City of Little Men" HOUYWOOD APOLLO H11w!.-WtB. Op. 6:45 OR -4522 RACHEL AND THE STRANGER; Walker-Gardner in 1 TOUCH OF VENUS CHINESE 6925 Hlrwd. Op. 12.. RE-4111 Luplno-Wllde-Wldmark, ROAD HOUSE; MONEY MADNESS EGYPTIAN ContiDuon 12. OL-110B Turner-Kelly-Allyaon, S MUSKETEERS, olor; The New "City 01 Little Men' FILMARTE 1228 N.Vinr. Op. 6:45 GR-7712 Wyman-Ayrea in JOHNNY BELINDA Gail Ruuell In NIGHT HAS 1000 EYES GUIa.D 6126 HollTwood. Open 12. HI-7111 Dick Pewell-Marta Toran-Vlncent Price In ROGUES REGIMENT; BUNGALOW 13 HOLLYWOOD Ont. 12:30. HE-9371 Hayworth, LOVES OF CARMEN, oeler Crain-Holden, APT. FOR PEGGY, color IRIS 6508 Hlrwd. BNd. Ct. 12.- GL-5862 Dick Pewell-Marta Teren-Vincent Price in ROGUES' RECIMENT; BUNGALOW 13 LOMA Sta. Mon-Weoto. Ct. 2. GL-8713 Wyman-Ayres In JOHNNY BELINDA! Hayworth, LOVES OF CARMEN, color VOGUE 6675 HlTi.d. Ct. 12 Noon. CR-2555 BELLE STARR'S DAUGHTER; APPOINTMENT WITH MUROER HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Mat. Prirr 12-5. JE-6111 Brwtt-rewell In LUXURY LINER, color; Turhan Bey-Lynn Bar! in SPIRITUALIST LV R I C 7208 L. Bch. Bl. Op. 6 :45 LA-0602 Ja. Stewart-John Dall In ROPE, color; Darnell-Wildo. FOREVER AMBER, color MAVWOOD 4417 E. Blaneon. LA -6454 RACHEL AND THE STRANGER; H. Morgan In SO THIS IS NEW YORK ALCAIAR-4426 Op 6:45. LA-330O Garaon-Pidgeen, JULIA MISBEHAVESl Payno-Cauineld-Duryca In LARCENY INGIFWOOO DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES NEWSREEL Theatre 744 S. Bdwy. MI-S272 Special Feature) AFRICA SPEAKS; A PRINCE IS BORN LINCOLN 2300 S. Ontral. MI-S27S Miture-Conte In CRY OF THE CITY; Call Rueeell In NIGHT HAS 1000 EYES 4int ANAELEt fill R Hdwv MI-677T Turntr-Kelly-Allyton, 3 MUSKETEERS, color; Tne New "uity ot Lint wen- LOEW'S STATE 705 8. Bdway. RE-4111 Lupino-Wilde-Widmark, ROAD HOUSE; MONEY MADNESS MILLION S 307 8. Broadway. MI-6271 Stage) George Dewey Waehington; Bronx a Beautiea; Joe Lutcner oreheatra ORPHEUM 842 8. Bmad-nr. M 1-6272 BELLE STARR'S DAUGHTER; APPOINTMENT WITH MURDER PALACE 630 8. Bdwy. Com. 9. M 1-6578 Mature-Conto In CRY OF THE CITY) AMAZING MR. X RIALTO 812 8. Broadway. M 1-6273 Wvman-Ayic hi JOHNNY BELINDA; Gail Ruuall in NIGHT HAS 1000 EYES OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA, VENICE, W.I.A., CUIVER CITY DOME Open 5:30. Santa Monica 63273 Larry Park, GALLANT BLADE, color; BLACK EAGLE CRITERION Cnntinnone 12. S M. S8282 Peck-Todd-Valll in PARADINE CASE; G. Raymond-S. Curio In SOFIA, color ROSEMARY Oprn 12:15. S.M. 6327S Henia. COUNTESS OF MONTE CRISTO; Sonny Tutt. UNTAMED BREED, color VENICE -Venice. S.M. S327S Crain-Holden, APT. FOR PECGY. color; Walker-Gardner. 1 TOUCH OF VENUS BUNDY Fr. Pk. AR-951S1 ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU, olor Margarot O'Brien In BIG CITY TIVOLI 11523 Sta. Monica Bird. AR-3163S RACHEL AND THE STRANCER; Dana Clark in Em BR ACE ABLE YOU NUART 8awt-M-Sta. Moa. Bl. AR-3370S EL SEXO FUERTE; LOS ABANDONADOS WILSHIRE 1314 Wilshiro Bl. S.M. 56995 Hellin-Hayward In TAP ROOTS, color; D. O'Keete-c. Trevor in raw deal CULVER W,h.-ruq. Op. 5:30. VE-83124 BELLE STARR'S DAUGHTER; APPOINTMENT WITH MUROER LONG BEACH CREST Atlantir-Careon. Op. 5:45. 4-1619 Lupino-Wildc-Widmark, ROAD HOUSE; TEXAS. BROOKLYN,- AND HEAVEN ACADEMY Fr. Pk.: 0R-7i000; PL. 1S151 KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY- HANDS; Sonny Turte. UNTAMED BREED, cater UNITED ARTISTS Cent. 12:30. OR-S1701 Larry Parka, GALLANT BLADE, cdar FIFTH AVE. 5th A Manch-tr. TW-996S D. Powell-J. Oroer, STATION WESTS Turhan Bev-Lmn Bari in SPIRITUALIST INGLE WOOD 103 X. La Brea. Coot. 6:45 Gary Cooper-Ann Sheridan, GOOD SAM; HenroioVBennett in HOLLOW TRIUMPH SEVILLE West Blvd. at 64th. OR-82000 Power-Baxter in LUCK OF THE IRISH; Dick Pewell-LUabeth Scott In PITFALL EOONOO, HESMOSA, MANHATTAN RED0N00 Smoking. Redcnd 5254 J. ereer-D. Powell In STATION WEST; Henreid-Bennett In HOLLOW Tiiuyou STRAND Open 6:45. Redone 830 jonn wayno In I COVER THE WAHl Robert Cumminca In SABOTEUR HERMOSA Open 6:45 Redend S34S Gail Rueeell, NIGHT HAS 1000 EVE; Lam Parka la OALLAur Hint LAMAR Manhattan Beach. Frontier 8504 RACHEL AND THE STRANGER; Dana Clark In EM BR ACE ABLE YOU G1ENOA1E ALEX Oprn 12. CH-S1525 o. Powell-J. Greer, STATION WESTl MILLION DOLLAR WEEK. sun OLENO ALE Open 120. CH-5281S urry rams, GALLANT BLADE, ccicri Sonny Tufts. UNTAMED ABCrn Mi CALIFORNIA Op. 6:45. 8raok. CH-513S7 Trjman-Myre in aOHNNT BELINDA! I. Bercman-L A vrw 4m iNTtnucirA CAPITOL Open 12. -00. CH-61461 ,"s BLOOD OFF MT HANOSl WALK A CROOKEB MILK ' GATEWAY 5 her.-Brnd.Op 6:4? CH-51631 nnuneb M TNI STRANGER; Payno-Caulflald.Durva i tAar.cuw- GLEN Cuio--Adama. Open 6:45. CH-S178S neniifnaywara in TAP ROOTS, aolor; Darnell-Wild. FOREVER AMBER, color NORTH HOUYWOOD, VAN NUYS. SHERMAN OAKS, STUDIO ClfY STUDIO CITY Op. 6. SU-22377. ST-71SJT Dick Pewell-Marta Toren-Vincent Prio in ROGUES' RECIMEHTi aukisiinw tt EL PORTAL K. HJywd. Op.12 ST.729&3 Mature-Cent in CRY OF THE CITY; Gail Ruuall. NICHT Mil innA cvra VALLEY N.Hlywd. Op. 6:45. SU-2-2272 lien T lerrtey n SUNDOWN; M. Carroll. H. Fonda in ILOCi'inB LA REINA Op.1215. 8T-7-2942,ST-41141 naywortn, LOVES OF CARMEN, Color; Matura-Conta In CRY of the r.irV VAN NUYS Open 6:45. ST-52731 a, atewarttlonn Dall In ROPE, aoiari MIRACULOUS JOURNEY, color . PASADENA. SO. P AS ADEN A. ALHAMBRA SY-34330 BELINDA! SY4S1S7 ACADEMY Open 12:00. RY-16508 rccK-Toao-valll in PARADINE CASE; Larnr Parke. QALLAut iliiii UNITED ARTISTS Open 12 KW. RV-1S57T nrom-rowen, LUXURY LINER, color; Sonny Tutu. UNTAMED BREED, odor PASADENA Open 12:00. SY-67143 Wyman-Ayrot in JOHNNY BELINDA WALK A CROOKED MILK UPTOWN Open 6:45. Wyman-Ayre in JOHNNY WALK A CROOKED MILK STRXno Open 120. RACHEL AND THE STRANGER! Walker-Gardnor in 1 TOUCH OF VENUS WASHINGTON Open 6:45 SY-7014Q A. Ladd-D. Read in BEYOND GLORY; Power-Baxter In LUCK OF THE IRISH STATE Open 6:45. SY-27139 I. Bergman-L. Howard In INTERMEZZO; Beatrice Llllie In ON APPROVAL PARK Open 6:45. SY-4211S Bogart-Bacall-Roblmon In KEY LARGOl Caraen-Sothern in APRIL SHOWERS RIALTO 80. Pea. Open 6:45. SY-93161 Jaa. Stewart-John Dall In ROPE, color; Mature-Conto In CRY OF THE CITY EL REV Alhamhra. Op. 6:45. AT-2-6151 Hayworth. LOVES OF CARMEN, eoior; Henrcld-Bennett in HOLLOW TRIUMPH POMONA, ONTARIO FOX Pomon. Open 6 45 Lupine-Wllde-Widmark, ROAD HOUSE; L. Tiemey.p. Lane In BODYGUARD SUNKIST Pomona. D. Powell-J. Creer. STATION WESTl HOLLOW TRIUMPH; S Little Pit VILLAGE CI aremont. Craln-Hclden, APT. FOR PEGGY, celcrl Montgomery Clilt In THE SEARCH GRANADA Ontario. Peck-Todd-Valll In PARADINE CAIEj John bXalnbeck'a THE PEARL ORANGE COUNTY BROADWAY Santa Ana. Kl. S-592S R. Rueeell In THE VELVET TOUCH SOS SUBMARINE FOX Fullerton. Ptiene 267 Hayworth, LOVES OF CARMEN, color; KISS THE" BLOOD OFF MY HANDS WEST COAST Santa Ana, Kl. 2-2421 Lupine-Wilde-Widmark, ROAD HOUSE! L. Tiomey-P. Una in BODYGUARD FOX Anaheim. Phone 3602 B. Davia-R. Montgomery, JUNE BRIDE; Henreid-Bennett In HOLLOW TRIUMPH ANAHEIM Anaheim. Phone 4211 John Wayno In I COVER THE WAR Robert Cumming In SABOTEUR

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