The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 29, 1956 · 32
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 32

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1956
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r HEDDA HOPPER Williams Will Play 'Shrunken Man' Lead I:- f Grant Williams, good-looking young actor, gets '-top role in Ul's sclenee-fic 'tion picture "The Incred-'ible Shrunken Man." They b anted to shrink that fine ' actor Dan O'Herlihy, but he : said, "No thanks. I'm proud I of my height and want to keep it" : Warners can't wait for Humphrey Bogart's recov- Mamie Van'Doren ery to start "Melville Goodwin, U.S.A."; so another star will be chosen for the picture. -!" " . ' ;.. Tony Quinn's responsible for getting Carl Thayer, 22-A-ear-old actor, into "The Lonely. Gun." Tony conducts an acting class here once a week. About three months ago Carl enrolled and Quinn ' was so impressed with the boy's work that when this part came along he persuaded Bob Jacks to hire him. When Tony leaves for Europe and his next picture, ? Eva Marie Saint's husband, Jeff Hayden, takes over Quinn's class. These modem mothers! .Mamie Van Doren's back home with her week-old ; baby. "My figure's exact- LAST 4 DAYS!) Philharmonic Orchestra jTTf.l i i d ;J I -B RESERVED SEATS ON SALE . j JwT If lUf.ltJJlll.-l AT SHRINE I0X OFFICE ; ,,; I 11 I snnnm 0 m,...;..m .... n t-. L 4?kr& I I ? K 11 mi rrivata party rmrvfJtttjM ftiiiTr'Tr"' (J if I Vh TECHNICOLOR ;mJ!?. vf ff". TW i 1 WM ti'. wrr.VirinLi --- SIDNEY SHELDON- JJjj I, ' i J VfUK i i 1 1 fci 1 1 "' ' m Mil i 1 ' i i ciJmj S 1 V r-' I vilr . I i isa. s-r ' vtpk.. m-- , -' i x. I g y i a u j - 1 STARTS . Ocaters-ookm Drama . , J I VlV . Wl N.;n TO A Ul 1 VZSUCiJAJ!) -. ktl7V m I Bli waft .7 I v- p...uHO l4TPF-. n-e- WMSW -'.. ' ' - . CENTURY .,.WKt-r:. c?&I DAM DAILEY mm& ton,ght 8:3op.m. I r zWX CYD 4 LPhUhanmjiifc Aurf.fictetr ML 8464.Sft CaL Music Co.JU Mutual toncies Mou A Hoyman pratwnf THE ALU mm 1UJ fm iinnn r Nittli in. Mm. a Tms. 'Th8 WAYWARD WAT- JtaMVafa tt "IW DRUNKARD' Sill U tin SMtk Saai , , Nt Wtrtitt. TSTsfVf COM. IRVINI JOHNSON'S M, IICitiK M "YANKEE RETURNS TO PARADISE" Sratk ' Inmdlblt Un Olmnl ' PilMini lalanri! WhaUni EiMitiwl K IN RIR5 Ubt SANIA MtiU iM i OU 4 - THE RAIN MAKER wam.i jjo : PllKKI I) IRWIN PARNES. mm luini'lil'iiiinf ;flg rama ly what it was before," boasted Mamie. "I gained only 13 pounds." Shell he ready to return Jo pic-turemaking in six w eeks, and is wanted in August for a New York play titled "This Must Be th- Place." Mamie said, "I'd rather make pictures in Hollywood any time than to play on Broadway." Although she's bee n in pictures for three years she just signed with an agent. Up to now this canny girl has" taken care of all of her financial affairs herself. , ' " . Friends of mine were at Disneyland", when Estes Kefauver made his entrance. A crowd of kids enjoying their Easter holiday greeted him, which he returned. A Republican standing nearby said, "How come?' They can't vote." "No," answered Sen. Kefauver, "but their parents can. CORRECTION! Letter from the ex-wife of Dr. John E. Williams: "So Eva Gabor will marry Dr. Williams 'her third and his first.'. For your information, Dr. Williams and I have a, 9-year-old son." , June Allyson and Dick Powell, before going abroad, make an album of their old and new songs. Released, by Chicago Trtbon-H.T. Hewa Bypoicaie. inc., i86 SHRINE AUDITORIUM WEEK OF APRIL 2-8 Maeidenr (Niejht Show OnM. ....... .1:11 Tuesday thru Friday ):4J I 0:IS SarWrdoy . 100, 1:15 ft 1:15 Ml Tiejeee Semevay 3:1 1 1:13 ltth ANNUAL AL MALAIKAH i TONIGHT 8:30 P.M. BEETHOVEN "Leonora" 0v.3 WAGNER "Good Friday Spell" from "Parsifal" CRESTON Symphony 2 BRAHMS Symphony 2 D Major LAST 2 PERFORMANCES TOMORROW NIGHT 8:30 SATURDAY AT 8:30 PHILHARMONIC AUDITORIUM . oi mi. jsm 4 s. 01. Mmii C. 737 . Hill it. All Mutull AhmIu Tim id ay Only The mum Ai Snfl ror Po 22 Yton. Cant. Film Imlaiiiil March 33th Wilshire Ebell WE. 9-1128 0456 sum sr s-nao "II WMt END AS A MAN fJlMHUld T yuME Or I ; nuinviui uuiivib . .u.11itilrfi.i llMRATKiisni;riPiiwie Tj. TONIOHT 1:30 "Anarlaa'a Mart AotHiitlt Fatk Artirt" . . . Hollilay Maa. GIL "CISCO" HOUSTON tm Onaatiea. Cowbnr. Saw Mlna. Lataar ft BallrMd v , m, , Ittmit, Chan Sam Cltaiita. tt. . , . Tickata J 1.63 and J2.20, fhm WS. MS11 i Date With Cyd Charisse in Vegas Worth Keeping by ruiLir K. SCHEUEB -Meet Me in Las gas" is the forizhtliest musical to come along ia years of "Meet Me" musicals. And the fact that it is overloaded with fooUre matters much less thaa that it is overloaded with talent most of all, injar0und to see how his wife,1 beauty, dancing ability, sex appeal and a hitherto-undis-covered flair for comedy, the talent of Cyd Charisse. Everyone seems, to be hav- !?g. gT rr f.T, ish Eastman Color and Cine- maScope for MGM, even the losers at the gambling tables. Miss Charisse's- leading man is Dan Dailey, who is accomplished as usual and, for him, unusually agreeable as well. Red-haired . Cara , Williams emerges as an engagingly offbeat singer and dancer, and "guest stars' pop in and out with specialties of their own Lena Home, F r a n k i e Laine, Jerry Colonna and a composed little Japanese miss named Mitsuko Sawamura.-. Still They Come ' Not listed as guest stars, but also contributing, are Liliane Montevecchi, a sultry danseuse, John Brascia, a bal let expert, and the agile Slate Brothers. Paul Henreid, on the other hand, IS listed as one, possibly because his part is merely nominal.' (He plays an Impresario straight.) Among the supporting story players though the picture hardly bothers with more than a basic plot premisi are Lili Darvas, Agnes Moore- head, Jim Backus, Benny Ru bin and the late Oscar Karl weis. . Not rating program mention at all, but spotted around the plush Sands Hotel, w h e r e all NOW A-'ixeluslvs J tMTM L1'1 HENREID LENA HQRNE IS08U LENNART-S'Kou . uS' f xfra Affracfions PETE SMITH Hit Specialty 'JUST WHAT I NEEDED" .irKv IY1 , PI ' . mt mm till 1111' IK HIT ii.i EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT U UlUill 6th HILL STS Ml 7321 DOOM OPEN I0:3a.i. r..tlie Funniest toWTBCHWlCOWpt PRICUIBIVaaVV AT ARAMOUNT HOLLYWOOD DiracllM faitcfivfi ft Mrc -- A). these celebrities congregate, are Frank Sinatra, Debbie Re ynolds, Vic Damone, Peter Lorre and Tony Martin. Does Nicely, Thanks Martin, appearing in Vegas anyway, probably dropped Miss Charisse, was doing. He1 needn't have worried. Under Roy Rowland's attentive direction, Cyd does fine. In her comical tiDsv scene. or instance-almost always sure-fire, but hers is better timed than most. In her ballet numbers ("Rond Bril liant," "Sleeping Beauty"), the swingy "Gal With the Yaller Shoes" and most of all a sizzlingly sensuous take-off on "Frankie and Johnny." , Other: tunes in the above- par Nicholas Brodszky-Sam-my Cahn score are "If You Can Dream," "My Lucky Charm," "I Refuse to Rock 'n' Roll," "Hell. Hath No Fury" and the title piece. Helping Hand The Isobel Lennart story may be easily disposed or: Dailey, a rancher losing 'at roulette, grabs the hand of Ballerina Charisse ;'for luck" as she passes the table. He wins. Thereafter he is loath to let go of (1) the hand and (2) the girl. "Meet Me in Las ..Vegas" is an invitation not so lightly to be dismissed. And in terested persons can save themselves a trip to Nevada by simply dropping in at the Downtown Paramount LAJI WIK INO" Moumptyt II lolthi Opwo Hovk Co MAYNARD THEATRE ' rVoetonffoo at Arlington) AGNES M0OREHEA0 IILI DARVAS JIM BACKUS OSCAR KARLWEIS IANE MONJEVECCHI CARA WILLIAMS . THE FOUR ACES FRANKIE UlNE -mm mm .iZTmih. ROY ROWUNO-JOE PASTERNAK from M-6-M i TOM and JERRY Cinemascope and Technicolor A Cartoon Riot ' "'BUSY BUDDIES" PARKINS Prshin( Sa. " Gart(a! Only 25c aftar S s.m. 111 daily. All day 1 Sunday. FREE TOKEN with your t Transit Tranjte? ANYTIME with Adult Admisstionl Kaye on Movie Record!" Hollywood or. Highlend MO. 3-3261 Own 12 Noon fifi a it 1 PREMIERE OF 'ALEXANDER' ASSUMES FESTIVE CHARACTER BT EDWIN SCHAIXERT Values, strangely mixed,!30 prevail in "Alexander the Great," wjiich had a glamourj premiere as a benefit for the Southern California Olympic Fund last night at the Fox Wilshire Theater. The film, which was made in Spain bv Robert Rossen, was deemed a fitting one for such a presentation, because of dealing with Grecian his tory. Therefore the opening was not only attended by a largelthereof ater gtaKes array 01 cinema stars, out also nearly two score of per sonalities from the athletic world. Various festivities em bellisjied the occasion, with the usual display including a large street crowd, much il lumination, proclaiming of ar rivals over the loud speaker and a television tie-up with the East. Thus a gala introduction was achieved tor trie eiaDo- rate feature which stars Richard Burton, Fredric March and Claire Bloom, with Danielle Darrieux much spotlighted, in addition to Barry Jones, Harry Andrews, Stan ley Baker, Mail Macumnis and others in a cast compris ing all of 30 primary players. Much Big Spectacle The initial audience had a chance to view some very powerful individual portray als by Burton, March and X (Vh k PATTERNS OF PASSION sHski tht gray flannel world of "big monty' an eorthauaU -.- nr1 VAN HEFLIN mm and featuring EVERETT SLOANE, ED BEGLEY, BEATRICE STRAIGHT-ELIZABETH WILSON" Original I Screenplay by Rod Serling Oirector of Photography Boris Kaufman, A.S.C. Directed by Fielder Cook Produced by Michael Myerberg A Jed Harris and Michael Myerberg Piesentation Released thru United A POX WI1T Doily MS-Sat CENTINELA , . "JJ OK 1-2213 F0RBI0DEN PLANET E. of . tRAIW MACHINE J. Waync-S. Hayward lun nam:! THE CQNHUcROR C.atury at Craninaw BOCTOH IN THE HOUSE FLORAL J. Wyman-Van Johnson AN 2 076J MIRACLE IN THE RAIN Mei-nUk H. raon. Hold Back Tomorrow GILMORE WE 3-3939 3rd at Fairfax Spectacular Action! HELEN OF TROY MAN WHO NEVER WAS OLYMPIC JSSSrft'BS Olyoiala ft Boodi BACKLASH SAN PEDRO lSTSSmSSllr TE2II4I.AXS224 IHf??,.y 9ifn So. Anahaim BACKLASH Av.m.M I ... Va ?E XSSSi AX 3l KjClt "E RAIN MitJIfMI iwniw " TORRANCE W. Pidfion-A. Francii FORBioutN riant i T.r"Trf HawthMTio BRAIN MACHIHt r n a-wai UC D M n MT I. Wyman-Vao loltnson Ixi DA428M MIRACLE IN THE RAtfl AX 36135. DAaiwO u k Tmtr Vapmnnt at lazno w -" UIUITTICQ ) Wan-S. Hayward fTnllllLrt rur rnurjurono VLS'&SLSSt "OCTOR IN THE HOUSE BottaMMaaiUaii LAUREL Pldltow-A. Francii FORBIDDEN PLANET Laur. Cn. N. V. Noyi BRAIN MACHINE PICKWICK '? ""' ru .Vim. tu IH THc GONflUcROR Alawaoa w. at VIctaryDOCTOR IN THE HOUSE RESEDA J. Wyman-ao lokmoR MIRACLE IN THE RAIN Dl 1-S550 Baaado at MOM Back Tomorrow SAN VAL w- P'I-A. Francii TH 11710, TM WI4 ft. F. Road at Wlaana BRAIN MACHINE CFPIIIVFni Adult! SOc Kids Frio tmVuii 'm THE MIGHTY iafal. V Vlrtatr . CALAMITY JANE VAN NUYS Wayno S. Hayward Jn..."1 THE CONQUEROR RoaUa at Saaulwdo I0CT0R IN THE HOUSE VIPTflRY I- Wyman-Vao lohntoo l 'jam MIRACLE IN THE RAIN VMaVotColdwatar'Hald Back Tomorrow BASELINE an B. 10947 W. Pidicow-A. Francii F0RBI00EN PLANET BRAIN MACHINE I7S9 oaaanna f HI-CITY Wayno S. Hayward BBI2I7I. PYWU THE CONQUEROR laa Banuroia, Pattmark fir ttacif fis ftAeftNa.fHeti A-it,Ji' i ' ' " a lothers and also to witness'with his wife Oly overwhelmingly big'mother of Alexander. and spectacular battle and l crowd scenes. However, as a piece of storytelling, historic or otherwise, mainly revolving around the title character as a great conqueror for. Greece, the film seemed to run off in a dozen and one different directions at practically every stage. The picture was long in as suming form and only ac- quirei a half - semblance Father and Son . Action of "Alexander the Great" begins about 365 BC, and the early portion is con cerned with the efforts of Philip of Macedonia to unite Greece, and to carry out an invasion or rersia, an age- old enemyi He fails really to realize the second objective and has many problems with the first before his son Alex ander takes over to carry the war far into Asia. . There are various personal and romantic issues involved in the plot. Because of Philip's dedication to war and his amours, he breaks up Turn to Page 34, Part I . ' FOR ADDITIONAL THEATRE ADS Artists A 7ft TOMORROW! AlJ-Jf UNIVERSAL- INTERNATIONAL FEATURETTE IROOKIYN Soil TO IOS AN6HIS COAST THIATMK Sim M 12 E Tllli'i'li'UI'liHilili'. AX 35J3I, N C S?SSt . .Rlf ?JSi ,J?il Raiaeran W. ot Atltit.POCTM IN THE HOUSE CACC J- Wynm-Vai lohnaon PA 12328, TO 47115 "' IH IJIIIB Can Aw. ft Barnald Hld tttk TomaiTOW RQSECRANS 'LM:.- TO 83711, ME JMM J '" ' Lakawoaf. Boaaarana BRAIN MACHINE SOUTH GATE 4 Acad. Adw. Winnorl. . , MARTY BACKLASH LOaan I-33M Atlantla ft Flroatooo "wPflt ajaUataMaaaaaa RIC cvy I. WymM-ViR lohniM El 125(1. DO 13721 MIMCLE IN THE RAIN HUd lack Tomorrow EDGEWOOD "J'sSStir lorn E. of I Pta. MIRACLE OF FATIM EDWARDS DO 71171 Pack ft Llva Oak W. Piaiaan-A. Francii FORBIDDEN PLANET BRAIN MACHINE EL MDNTE i. WaynaS. Haywart ,U.1,,'-C . THE CONflUERON tit. toao-Illla to. I0CT0R IN THE HOUSE SAN GA3RlpL w"""-v,n lohnson CU 35113. AT 15033 " '"iL " Va lav at Oal Mar naio di.h ibwvi.hw ftidi ire Walt Olmoy'i '"'!. IITTIFIT (IlltiaW UTLAO SJSSl&'iSS CORONER'S CREEK VlNFLAND WW Hayward !n ii.i. to I7ia THE C0N0UER0R BrtalW".!, MCTOR IN THE HOUSE JI,n4:UUIB:l:JI.MIII.'UI . ANAHEIM mmtmatttm Lama', ft Oronaatko. LAND OF PHARAOHS CIRCLE ' u"?i '"" H I 13321. HB Wall . i .... Una Baaih KILLER IS LOOSE HI-WAY 39 "t'rJSrJ6Hr?"",g iNrTaforVaVTawii Bl. KILLER IS- LOUIE LAKEWOOD jKg!2? HE 34MJ. GA tWI 'WBIOBEN PLANET Canon at Charrr BRAIN MACHIItl Jan'tl Fart WSrd SILKER CHALICE . LOS ALTOS Wayrn-S. Hayward ."i-THE CONQUEROR SallSawat Sirti OCT0R IN THE HOUSE ORANGE tiWnt5S5r KIM27I.K0II2I5I . IHI C.BM9U"??.. lanta Ana POttMam laf oanjar PAULO ki s.nia Wilt Olsnay'i SONS OF THE SOUTH IAaLASH Bautk taoti Ana 01-mpias, "",01 Alexander has his romantic kromplications, with Claire! Bloom as Barsine, and Teresa,loa Aiexanaer Dotn fleuver politic to marry, as somewhat opposed ladies. It would be impossible In the space of this review to attempt an outline of the sundry plot convolutions, and motivations, and what have you that this picture offers, and which decidedly cause it to be a 'TONIG V M COlOt vuuei CAlt TNIATIIt CAROUSELw vt Gordon MacRAE Shirley JONES CARL KRUEGER r . k m 35 I M Auoyi IIT'S HITCHCOCK'S MASTER MIX "LAST J OF MYSTERY AND MERRIMENT! i . Eltra L.A. TMatro only "WAN llUNHV 1314 LIDO 1iOO FLORENCE MARTY and Othtr Award Wlnnyi lndlccrtd by BEVERLY Bo. Mllla. f:4S, SR--1312 4ano wymon-van tfonnaon, aaiHHua,o 1M RAIN: Mold Back Tomorrow BOULEVARD Waa.-Var.ll4S. RE-14111 HELEN OF TROY, Ciiumalcopa rfahnaon. Bottom of Bottla, CI; OOfl BRUIN Waatwood. Op. 1 5 BR-04093 Alao Oulnnasa Hltl Tha Lady Klllara Ir.i Dly. 15, Sat., lun., Hoi, a EL REV S517 Wll. Op. 1:10. WI-11101 Sinatra, MAN WITH OOLDEN ARM: A. Maananl-R. Brazil. VOLCANO EMBASSY Waat'n-3rd, 1:45. DU-34312 HELEN OF TROY, Clnamalcopot Wabb. Man Who Havor Waa, C'; SOc FAIRFAX Bav.-F'taa, 1:45. WE-I311S HELEN OF TROV. ClnomaloODOl Wabb, Man Who Novor Waa, CI; SOc FICUEROA Fll-lta. Bar. 1:45. AD-20516 HELEN OF TROT, SIIMmalOOpo; Wabb, Man Who Hwor Waa, O'S: 80c FINE ARTS 8551 Wllsh. 1:00 OL-31330 Murryl Laat Day I Hltcnoock'o Trouble With Harry i Dly. B, Ut.-lun.-Hol. 12 FLORENCE Floronoo-Comp. LU-5-7077 Ewall-North. LT. WORI IKIRTI. C'l ft. Calhoun, Rod Sundown, olr.j SOo QOLDEN BATE 5J7I Whit. AN-H1SI Madiaon, TrnayonoiB or opaco, G'l Wldmark-D. Rood, Backlaah, clr HIGHLAND 6604 N.FI. Bl4i. GL-SlaVtl HELEN OF TROV. Clnamaloooa: 0. Wabb, Man Who Nmr Waa, O'S LA BREA Ith-Lo Braa.l:45. WE-51502 F rat Tlmo Toaathor ILLICIT INTERLUDE and tavan Deadly Una LIDO La Clanaaa-Ploa. 1:45. 0L-5S396 . Kld Ih. 12:45: Lono Raniar: Haldli Allan.Raad, B. Qoodman Itory, dr.; Janaa, Lovo la Many Iplendorad Thing LOYOLA Man.lap. IIOO. 0R-I-2444 D. Andrawa-L. Crlatal, COMANCHE, 6 1! Bowary RQya, Hlgn oooiaty MESA Cron.-Sloua. Gt. 1:46. AX.1.1959 Allan.Raad, B. aoooman itory. Mr, dohnaon, Bottom of Bottla, C S; SOc PARISIAN Vrt.-lth.Op I45. DU-71013 HELEN OF TROV, Clnamatupa Johnaon, Bottom of Bottla, C'S; SOc RITZ Ct. 1:30. Frao Pk. WE-5-1221 Ernajt Borinlno-B. Blair, MARTYl Hapburn-Brazal, Ipruigtlma, clr. STADIUM Plu-Rbtan. 1:45. CR-I20I3 HELEN OF TROV. C nomaleoooi 0. Wabb, Man Who Navar Waa, C'S STARLANO 2624 N, Brdwy. CA-51090 4. Itawart. BEND OF RIVER. Clr Johnson, Bottom of Bottla, C'S; 50c TOWER Comp. Op. 5:15. NE I-1315 Q. Madiaon, Throahold of Space, C I R. Wldmark-D Raad, Backlaah, clr. UPTOWN Watn.-Olvm. 1:00. RE-41121 D. Andnma-L, Crlatal, COMANCHE, CU Bowary Boya, HUH lociaty VILLAGE Waatwd. Op. 1:30, OR-33042 a. Madiaon, Throahold of Space, C'S; n, wiomant-D. Haeo. RacRiaan. air. Tenlthtl Malor ttudlo C'S Previa WEITLAKE AK.-Wil. 12.15. DU-3M20 HELEN OF TROV. Clnanwlcopo: Webb, Man Who Never Waa, C'S; SOc WILIHIRE 1440 Wilshire. OL-3 0863 Burton-March, ALEXANDER THE OREAT, C'S; Color; Every Day 12 OLOBE,Ct.10:45, RE-14111 llnatra, MAN WITH QOLDEN ARM A. Magnanl.R. Braitl, VOLCANO - LOS ANQELES BISS.Bdwy. Open 10:45 D. Andrawe-L. crlatal, comanchb C I; Bowery Boya, High Society ACADEMY Open 12:011 RV. 1-6501 Q. Madiaon, Threshold or ipace, ( i; R. Wldmark-D. Read, Backlash, clr. STRAND Open 12:00, IY-3S1I7 Walt Disney'e IONQ OF IOUTH, elr. mariarat O'Brien, olqht, STATE Open 12:45. IV-2-7139 jrErnaat BorMne-B. Blair, MARTY; Ntpbum-Brazzi , lummertlme, clr. RIALTO Open 4:45. Smoking,. PY-11259 R-Erneec ejorgmno-B. wiair, makiti Hepbum-Brazzl, lummertlme, elr. EL REV Alh. Open 1:45. AT-2-4941 Ernest Borgnine-B. Blelr, MARTY: K. Hepburn. Brazzl, Summertime, dr.; Special Matinee 1:30 THE ROBE FOX Pomona. Op. 0:30. LY-2-1353 dohn trfny.ia.luean Hayward, THE CO N 0 UEROR. CWomajtOpe STATE Pomona. Oont. 2:00. LY-2 5544 Ernest Borgnlne-B. Blelr, MARTY: Hepbum-Brazzl, Summertime, clr. VILLAGE Clarcmont. 6:45. LY-S2I12 Allen-Reed, B, Goodman Story, elr.; wait Disney'e aurican Lion, tir. SRANADA Ontario 1:45. Ph. 11-1192 Walt Disney a IONO OF IOUTH, Mr. terllng Hayden, TOP SUN c RIVERSIDE Cont. 2:00. 0V-I-7212 John Wayne-lusan Hayward, THE CONQUEROR. Clnemelcepo QOLDEN ITATE Ct. 12:00 0V.44SI0 Walt Disney's LITTLEST OUTLAW; dudy Garland, WIZARD OF 01, elr, WEIT COAIT lanta Ana. 0. Andrawa. COMANCHE, Cotten-Flamlng, KILLER KI-I-I31T e'leooe It LOOSE FOX Anaheim, Phone 3602 Q, Madiaon. Thraoheld of Ipaoe, C'S; Wynter, Invasion or Body inatcnera J FOX Fullarton. LA-52111 ofgrneet nrgntne-w. viair, mssnn MARTYl Hapburn-Brazal, summertime, eir, eajaawjaaaaaaaw Btjajp 1 aiftail ttupendou m 1 1 h-msh rather than a consistent screen contribution. Most people are likely to End the net result a strain if tint rtna!!v hvrirte? an '-certainly this picture in spite Its mammoth bieness in no way compares with those pre- March as Philip and Burt effective sions, of the heroic ancient leaders in the Grecian realm, viously proffered by its Producer-Director-Writ er Ros sen, who did notably "All the King's Men." If one wished to take the time and had patience he- might deri- more out of "Alexander" on a second seeing. However, that is no suitable test Turn to Pace 33, Column 7 f II. K toft JHO. 2-TSOS J T hion toarrrt m In ii m im OF THI WOALOI." 10:11-3:43 12 MERMOIA, ITUDI0 CITT, APOLLO Mlywo1..Woatn. Bl4S. H0-T45M Flrat Tlmo Toiatnorl illicit INTERLUDE: ft laan Daadly Una CHIMEII 11:45. H0-2750I. RE-14111 L ait 14 oatii goroan aaaoHoo. Uilrla Janaa. CAROUIEL. G'l II NEW FOX 1121 Hlwd. 00.12. HO-2072J J ana wyman.van donnaon, mihacloj IN RAIN Hold Back Tomorrow HOLLYWOOD 12:30-5 a.m. H 0-3-9371 0. Andrewa-L Crlatal, COMANCHE, C'S; Bowary Boya, High Society RIS 50l Hwd. Blvd. 12:15. HO-321M drErnaet Borgnlno-B. Blair, MARTY: HanbUrn-Brazzl. lummertlme. elr. VOQUE 667S Hwd. Bl. Ct.H. H0-72tsl F, llnatra-E. Parkor-Kim Nevak, MAN WITH THE DOLOIN ARM CRITERION-Cent. 12:M. fX-B-Mtt O. Madiaon, Threshold er Ipeoe, s II R. Wldmark-D. Reed, Backlash, elr. DOME Open H46. FreePk. EX-l-327 irneer orgnine-a. oiair, aaAKiT) Hopourn-Brant, oummentmo, ear. WILIHIRE 1314 Wll, 1:00. EX U9IB wait oianoy o aoNO of luuin, oir.i Marnarat Q-grlan, OLORV. I FOX Van., 120 Lincoln.Pr.Pk. EX. 1421 S HELEN OF THHT, CinamOOOOPO) 0. Wabb, Man Who Narir Waa, C'B BUNDV Pice at Can. 1:45, EX-14414) m. murpny. iv ntL Qlonn Ford-D Reed, A. Murphy. TO HELL ft. BACK, C'l Ranaom; two CULVER Wash.. Du. 1145. .VE-13124 arornesi Borgnine.s. niair, aeARTTf at, Hopourn-Braaii, eummenime, eira iimmnuw h asm CALIFORNIA- Oont. 12. LU-75111 Throahold of Space, G'S r! .Wldmark-D. Road, Backiaan, eir. 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Margaret O'Brien, GLORY. 1-1 REOLANDI Open I -45. Phono 4311 Walt Disney's IONQ OF SOUTH, elr.l IONS RANQIR with Tente ft Slleerl an BANNING 6:45. lat..Sun.1H0.VI-irie) Magnanl'Lancaater, ROII TATTOO. W.W. K iMwaktiv RrMkad Wefe) . ; hta ri jr. 1-41 II U HUNT! , r v MM . OOICIV MALI -1 C.- mtvm "ft W IOWHYSOTS Wlll

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