The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 27, 1957 · 57
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 57

Los Angeles, California
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Sunday, October 27, 1957
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leHZtittltiZimtt SUN.,OCT.27t1957-Partll 3 CHESS BY ISAAC KASHDAM INTERNATIONAL GKANDMAITEI Addfu IttHn Cm Hint, LA. 11mm las Anfln il, CoIf. Zhcp Slonday (Main Store) 9:30 A.SI. to 9:00 P.3Z. III, I II WOMEN'S TITLE PLAY STARTS NEXT WEEK The list of competitors In the ' tournament for the Women's Chess Championship of the Urjited States has beerf completed with the acceptances of Mrs. Mildred Morrell of New York, Mrs. McLeod of San Francisco. Mrs. Olga Higtrins of Santa Barbara and Mrs. Lenore Simon of Los Angeles. The field of 12 will contest a round robin at the headquarters of the Herman Steiner Chess Club, 108 N Formosa Ave., with I the first round scheduled to start at 2 p.m. next Sundav. Your editor will direct the tour nament. The women's tournament is being played on the Pacific Coast for the first time in the history of the event. Credit for the success of the arrange' ments and the securing of the 6trong entry list is due to Mrs. Jacqueline Platigorsky, chair- man of the tournament committee, and her co-workers, George Goehler, vice-chairman; Mrs. Lena Grumette, publicity direc tor; Mrs. Edythe Langden, sec retary, and Irving Rivise, treas urer. The fund for player expenses is still short of its goal. Any one wishing to contribute should make checks payable to women s Chess Championship of 1957, and send them to Irving Rivise, 3157 S Sepul-veda Blvd., Los Angeles 34. JERRY BPAXX DIXXER Jerry Spann of Omaha, new president of the United States Chess Federation, will visit'Los An?pps npvt woolr in aat an. . qualnted with local chess play ers ana organizations. While here, he will officially open the womens cnampionship Tour nament, the first major event in his term of office. A dinner in Mr. Spann's hon or nas been arranged for Sat urday evening at 8 at the Gourmet Beverly .Restaurant, 460 N Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. The occasion will also be used to honor Mrs. Gresser and Mrs. Platigorsky for their sua cess in winning the Class A section of the International Women's Team Tournament In Holland. Players wishing to attend this interesting occasion are urged to send reservations in advance to Mrs. Lvn Hender son, 1561 Llndacrest Drive, Beverly Hills. The price of the din ner is per person. 3. CROSS POIXT AHEAD IX SOUTHER CHAMPIOXSHIP James B. Cross continued his series of triumphs in the South em California Championship -lournament oy defeating Saul Yarmak in the eighth round in a long and hard-fought endgame. Cross now has 7V4-V4 and is a point ahead of the field with two more rounds to go. In second place is Robert cross, who moved up to by winning against Irving Ri vise. Robert Hamman, who scored an important point against Leslie Simon, and Gene Rubin, who won in brilliant style from Ray Martin, ad vanced to a tie for third with Kivlse, with scores of 6-2, Louis Rojas is the only player with 5V-2V$. Tied at 5-3 are Daniel Amneus, Gordon Barrett, Martin, Nathan Robinson, Simon and Yarmak. The tournament Is being played Sunday, afternoons at the Steiner Chess Club, under tne direction of Ralph Hage-dorn. Following are the results of the eighth round, and some games. Oct. w, ifsr TIMES PROBLEM M By C. S. Jacobs BLACK U I 1 j i n i'' n jp""'! m K&afeJ &jJk 1- n n hif"" ijfljjflsfcig ty&JM&& Uf&Mw " ff i n a m WHITE I Whltt matet In two. TIMES PROBLEM 2Wo By V. L. Eaten BLACK 1 1 1 J 8 12 SSfl am "1 , u m LI WHITE 10 Whits mates In thres. There are some odd mates In 2905, with most of the strategy centering on the Bishop at K7. There is real humor In 2908, with the Blgck Rook trying hard tn get out of the way, but he must always stop on of his Pawns. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 3901: N-K3 SOLUTION TO PROBLEM. 290?: R-B4 Threat, 2 Q-N4ch; If K-Q6, 2 Q-B5ch; If N(K4) any, 1 R-B4ch;- If QxB or Q-B, 2 Q-Q6ch; if Q-Q2, 2 QxQchj If B-B, 2 QxPch) If N-B6, 2 R-Q2ch. SOLVERS' IJST Flv points D. Hinrlchsen, W. H. Griffith, W. W. Irwin, J. L. McNichols, W. S. Moore, M. Morris, L. A. Victor. Four points A. Shearer Jr. Three points J. R. Goodwin, M. Rosen, O. Rudder, A. E. Wood. Two points J. C. Beaver, H. J. Crawford, D. M. 'Ketrhum, O. H. Ketchum. N. Lesser. E. E. Penter, S. D. Ress, J. P. Walsh. One point J. Blatithler, M. Dick, J. D. Frlerson, R. Jackson, R. Merchant Jr. J. H. Moshler, J. P.; Walsh. In the rear with 20V-39. ' Best individual score or tne event, In which 24 grandmasters took part, was by the Rus sian Korchnoi, with wi-Vi. Smyslov won two. lost one to Dr. Filip ' of Czechoslovakia, and drew three. Following are games from the tournament. SICILIAN DEFENSE Jesek Boleslavskl Jesek ' Boleslavski Czechoslovakia Russia White 1-P-K4 J-N-KB3 J-P-Q4 4- NxP 5- N-CBJ 4- B-QB4. 7-0-0 5- B-N3 9-K-R 10- QxN 11- B-NJ 12- P-B4 13-P-B5 Black P-QB4 N-0B3 PxP N-B3 P-03 P-K3 B-K2 C-0 NxN Czechoslovakia White - 14- B-R4 15- PxP IWR-K 17-RxR lt-B-84 19- B-03 20- R-KB 21- R-KN 22-B-N3 r-QN323-N-K4 B-N2j24-BxB R-B I Resigns , R-B4I FUY LOPEZ Russia Black PxP Q-B RxP! OxR BO 0-Q5 Q-R N-N5 B-KB3 BxN QxB ROUND EIGHT S. Yarmak 0! J. Cross ', 1 I. Rivise OIR. Cross 1 G. Rubin 1;R. Martin 0 L.Simon ,. OR. Hamman .... S. Weinbaum ...i 6 L. Roias T I. Siafir Oig. Barrett 1 S. Sholomjon ... Vi G. Soulej A S. Geller V? J. Wiener Vi H. Gordon O'N. Robinson .... 1 C. Gibbs OJD. Amneus 1 T. Golden II S. Almorerr 1 J. Meoo 1 L. Eneouist 0 R.Clark 1 F. Hufnastl 1 T. Fries 1 G. Castleberry ., 0 M. Gordon ....... 1 D. Young V, N.Vatsos 0 v. proctor K. Forrest R. seitier C. Henderson . . M. Kerllenevich Mrs. Grumette Mrs. Simon .... W. Melwortn .. Rubin White I-P-QB4 2N-OB3 3P-KNJ 4- B-N2 5- P-K4 -KN-Kl J-P-03 -P-KR1 9-0-0 1-R7 11- P-QR4 12- RJN 13- B-K1 14- N-B4 tS-KN-KJ lt-RPxP 17-43-02 15- PxP J9-P-N4 OiP. Kelemen , ENGLISH OPENING Msrtln Black N-KB3 P-KN3 B-N2 0-0 P-03 N-B3 B-N5 B-Q2 Q-B P-OR3 R-N N-ON5 P-B4 P-K4 P-ON4 PxP PxP N-K B-OB3 Rubin White 20- N-NJ 21- N-Q5 22- KPxB 23- R-OR 24- R-RJ 25- PxP 26- B-R4 27- BxB 2RxP 29- O-R 30- 81(4 31- OR-KN 32- QxPch 33- RxN 34- K-R 35- RxRctl 3-R-Nch 37-Q-R4CA Martin Black OK 3 BxN . O-B R-R P-B4 PxP P-B5 PxNch NxB R-B2 O-Q QR-R2 K-B RxPch QR-KB3 RxR K-K2 Resigns FOUR KNIGHTS' GAME Gnlden White 1- P-K4 2- N-KB3 1-NB3 4- B-NS ' 5- B-R4 4-0-0 7-NxP IN3 9-O-K 10- K-R 11- P-BJ T2-N-K1 Alnwen Black P-K4 N-KB3 N-B3 - N-OS B-B4 0-0 P-Q3 Golden White 14- N-B2 15- P33 14-K-N 17- B-N3 18- B-K3 19- N-N4 70-BR7 B-KNSI21-P-KR4 B-N3I2Z-QR-K. P B3 23-0-02 B-Q2'24-BN NxN I25-R-K2 P-Q4 Resigns Almgren Black N-R4 0-R5 OR-K R-K3 BB2 R-N3 0-N4 RUSSIAXSLWIX EUROPK TEAM CHAMPIOXSHIP " A Russian team of grand-m asters, including World Champion Vassily Smyslov, captured the first tournament for the team championship of Europe in a final double round robin against three major opponents, completed In Vienna last month. Playing matches with 10 men on a side, the Russians scored a total of 41 points out of a pos sible 60. They defeated West Germany by 7W-2V and 84 1W, and performed almost as well aginst czecnosiovaKia, , winning twice, 8V4-1V4 6W-3V. Against the Yugoslav team It was another story. The Russians, won the first match by 6-4. but in the last round suf fered Jheir only defeat by the Tal TeschnerlTal Teschner Russia w. Germany Russia W.Germany White Black White Black 1- P-K4 P-K4 14-P-KB4 N-Q 2- N-KB1 N-QB3 15-N-Q2 P-B3 3- B-NS P-QR3 16-B-N3 PxP 4- B-R4 N-B3 17-QxBP 0-R2ch 5- 0-0 " P-03 1S-K-R Q-B4 4- P-BJ . B-K2 19-0-03 N 02 7-P 04 P-QN4 20-P-K5 P-Q4 5- B-N3 B-N5;21-P-B5 PxP 9-PKRJ BxNl22-OxBP N-B 10-QxB PXPI23-N-K4I PxN U-O-NJ P-N3 54-QR-B 0-N3 I7-B-05 0-Q2,2i-R-Q Resigns 13-B-R4 R-ONl DOUBLE ROUND ROBIV IX DALLAS INTERNATIONAL The Dallas International Chess Tournament, which will have eight of the leading play-i ers of the world, is definitely! set for Nov. 30 to Dec. 16. The dates will permit several of thej European participants to com-! pete in the Interzonal Tour-j nament In Holland, and also at-1 low Reshevsky to return to New York in time for the Rosenwald Tournament. A double round robin will be; contested in Dallas, with your! editor as tournament director.! Acceptances have been received from SvetozarTJligoric of Yugo-! slavia, Bent Larsen of Den-! mark, Fridrik Olafsson of Ice-i land, Samuel Reshevsky of thej United States, Gideon Stahl-j berg of Sweden and Laszlo Szabo. of Hungary. Miguel Nai-I dorf of Argentina was slated : for the eighth place, but may! be unable to come. Bobby Fischer, 14-year-old U.S. Open champion, may be Invited in his place. Funds for the tournament are being solicited in a national drive. Anyone interest in con-: tributlng should send checks to Dallas International Chess Tournaments, Inc, 1831 Repub-j lie National Bank Building, Dallas 1, Tex. SALE, MARTIN TIED AT 51 IN SANTA MONICA OPEN Robert Sale suffered his first defeat at the hands of E. Bers- gUl bach In the sixth round of the qxp oanui monica upen tourna-gjJJ ment. His score of 5-1 ' was equaiea Dy Kay Marun, wno Defeated R. Clark. j Bersbach is in third place with 4V4-W, followed by Her-i bert Abel and Tournament i rector Paul Wrangell, who re tied at 4-2. Following are the details of the sixth round: R0UNO.JIX R. Sale 0 E. Bersbach 1 R. Martin 1 R. Clark e H. Abel 1 M. Otteson 0 J. McMillan P. Wrangell ..... 1 W.Campbell .... l B.Minti 0 J. DeBriac OiOr. B. Collins .... 1 W. Griftin (HA. Cheresles 1 R. Harshbarger vs. A. Juriod and A. Sawon vs. G. McMahon were adjourned. McMillan won from Harshbarger In an unfinished fifth-round game. VALLEY CHESS TOURNEY The Valley Chess Club, which meets Wednpsrlav pvpninps in andk'orth Hollywood Park, Chan dler and Tujunga in North Hollywood, announces an open tournament to start Nov. 6. This will be one of the series of Statewide events in behalf of the California State Chess game margin. In this latter r eaeration. match eight games were drawn, piavers must belong to or Dr. Durasevic beat Auerbachijom th CSCF, with annual and Rakic took the measure of , dues of $2.50. An additional $1 Aronin. is charged as a national rating Yugoslavia took second place fee. with 34-26. They lost a close match, 5i4li, to Czechoslovakia, which finished with 24 35Vi. West Germany wound up To register, or for further Information, write to Ralph Hage-dorn, 11055 Leadwell St., Sun Valley, or call him at Po. 6-1637. U a feature of MS BAOKEE m BROS. 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