The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 8, 1960 · 34
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 34

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1960
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, : Port ll-TUES,MAS. 8, 1940 THE TV SCENE Produce Old Sour Gripes BI CECIL SMITH Television is such an ephemeral beast, constructed of the wispy stuff of air, that the slightest thing can completely eliminate it. like the call from Aunt Minnie just as the hero confronts the heroine. Or, in my particular case, the fog that closed International Airport Sunday night. I had planned to see Julie Harris in her Sunday Showcase effort but while Miss Harris was emoting, the plane I was in was endlessly circling, waiting for a hole in the mush. (The circling wouldn't have been so bad and I wouldn't have missed Miss Harris so much if, as several of us suggested, the stewardesses would have reopened the bar but they wouldn't.) So it was in a rather irate mood that I watched the conversation that is Open End and stimulating talk it was for most of the three hours. But along the way, David Susskind brought forth one of his old theories again that it is impossible to do first-rate work in television anywhere but in New York, that the labors that emerge from Hollywood are worthless. And David kept trying to thrust this into the mouths of the gagwriters who were his guests with, it seemed to me, little success. Jack Douglas indicated that he had done very agreeable work in Hollywood for Bob Hope and other comics. For a time he even wrote for Jack Paar from these palmy shores. And Mel Tolkin, another of the best in the business, tried a couple of times to say that some excellent work had come from Hollywood, "the Danny Thomas show and . . ." but David rode right over him and shut him off. iff ' iibk-X into!.. '- LimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmJL Morse, Sta fford and Kenton One rather saddening fact that was reiterated in the talk was that next year on TV there will be a return to the situation comedy cycle the Father Loves, Mother Loves, Sister Loves, Everybody Loves banality. (This is a bit unfair there are some promising items on the schedule, including a series starring Andy Griffith, one with Tony Randall, another with Peggy Cass.) While the Open End group properly brought forth that two of the funniest situation comedies in history were produced in New York Sgt. Bilko and Mr. Peepers they did not mention that from New York also have come some of the most awful ones, Including Too 'jYoung to Go Steady, which Mr. Susskind loosed on the air. Nostalgic Salute to Big Bands Era Two items of more than usual interest occupy the screen tonight. The success of Startime's nostalgic salute to the era of the big bands, "The Swingin' Years," brings a second edition, "The Swingin', Singin' Years," Channel 4 at 8:30 in color. Aboard will be Ella Mae Morse, Jo Stafford and Vaughn Monroe and such great bands as those of Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Charlie Barnett, Eddy Howard, Freddie Martin and Louis Jordan. Channel 11 at 11 p.m. will turn its cameras to the annual Golden Globes Awards of the Foreign Press Assn. in a special 90-minute telecast from the Cocoa-nut Grove. Virtually everybody who is anybody from Marilyn Monroe to Tuesday Weld, from Bing Crosby to Simone Signoret, are scheduled to be on hand. Previews of Dobie Gillis, KNXT (2), 8:30 p.m. Dobie and a buddy conduct a biology experiment on chickens with calamitous results. Good show for the teen-age market. Startime, KRCA (4), 8:30 p.m. (Color). You asked for it ... so tonight Startime answers the demand for another swingin' show with "The Swingin' Singin' Years." On tap: Jo Stafford, Freddy Martin with Jack Fi-na, Vaughn Monroe. Charlie Barnett, Stan Kenton in hits of the 40s. Wjatt Earp, KABC (7), 8:30 p.m. Marshal Earp gets an assist from Emma Clanton in his efforts to keep her youngest brother away from the lawlessness of the rest of the family. Old oater keeps plodding along. Tijhlrope, KNXT (2), 9 p.m. ; ' Mike moves into high so , ciety to investigate a se-ries of murders in which young heirs to large estates are discovered to be deeply indebted to a gambling czar. Most of these . resemble science - fiction adventures. RjAf man, KABC (7), 9 p.m. - Mark (Johnny Crawford) . upsets the robbery plans - of a small gang of outlaws located in North Fork. Ye ride rifle never misses. ttS Un JtltJ UtOtt 2k - r Mashes Today's TV Hour of Stars, KCOP (13), 9 p.m. James (Maverick) Garner and Natalie Wood co-star in "Girl in the Subway," story of a young mimeo-grapher who complicates her professional and love life when she uses a rub- ' ber doll wrapped in blan kets to get herself a seat on a crowded subway. Bet that old gag would never work on the MTA. Philip Marlowe, KABC (7), I 9:30 p.m. ' A corpse that disappears. I unrequited love and a clandestine romance occupy private investigator Marlowe (Phil Carey) as he tries to solve a killing made to look like suicide. Busy boy. Alcoa Presents, KABC (7), 10 p.m. A young man is overtak en by a strange phenome non after he lets his best friend die in a deep abyss while skiing in "The Haunting." (How's that again?) Golden Globe Awards, KTTV (11), 11 p.m. (Sperial) The Hollywood Foreign rress Assn. presents its awards for the best in j various fields of motionj picture entertainment. A guest list of stars reading like Who's Who will be on hand. TUESDAY TELEVISION PROGRAMS if KTTV (11) KNXT (2) KABC (7) KRCA W) KHJ (9) KTLA (5) KCOP (13) A ttar () prccetflnf, oroaram M dicatcs it it an advtrtixmcnt. Information (or these loss t turnlsheo bv tn television nations. Tha Timet cannot b responsible tor last-minult Ctangti in proarams. (C) indicates color prearam. 6:00 4 CONTINENTAL , CLASSROOM 6:30 4 CONTINENTAL CLASSROOM (C) 6:45 2 FARM NEWS 7:00 2 CAPTAIN KANGAROO 4 TOOAY arroway 4 REP. HIE8TAND (7:25) 7;30 4 TODAY 7:45 2 NEWS, G. Holcomb 8:00 ' 2 KINGDOM OP THE SEA 8:30 2 5 II 4 4 AMOS 'V AND CARTOONS 9:00 RAMAR OK JUNGLE RED ROWE DO-RE-MI LARRY FIN LEY 3 7 CHEF MILAM 9:30 JACK LALANNE SHOW 11 ON THE GO PLAY YOUR HUNCH FILM DRAMA m 4 7 10:00 MOVIE Drama C37) 11 "The Emperor's Candle-sticks, William Powell, LuLse Rainer. 2 I LOVE LUCY 4 PRICE IS RIGHT (C) 7 CHUCKO'S CARTOONS 10:15 3 TRICKS V TREATS 10:30 2 DECEMBER BRIDE 4 CONCENTRATION 5 DING DONG SCHOOL 10:45 1.1 INDUSTRY ON PARADE 9 SUSPECTS WANTED (10:35) 11:00 2 LOVE OF LIFE Serial 4 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES .1 ROMPER ROOM 7 1 MARRIED JOAN 9 FILM DRAMA 13 GUIDEPOST 11:30 2 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (C) 4 IT COULD BE YOU (C) 7 MEN OF ANNAPOLIS 9 MOVIE Western "Boots and Saddles," Gene Autrv. 13 RECORD SHOP 11:45 2 GUIDING LIGHT n n 4 NEWS (11:50) 12:00 SHERIFF JOHN NEWS. W. Cronkit QUEEN FOR A DAY UNCLE LUTHER 7 RESTLESS GUN 12:05 MOVIE Comedy C48 "Junior Mis," Peggy Ann Garner, Nona Freeman. 12:30 LORETTA YOUNG BOB CUMM1NGS FILM Public Service 12:45 MOVIE Drama C46) "Spiral Staircase." Dorothy McGuire, George Brent. 1:00 ABBOTT & COSTELLO YOUNG DR. MALONE 5 MOVIE Musical C37) "Hollywood Hotel," Dick Powell. Bennv Goodman. 7 ABOUT FACES 13 TELECOURSE 1:30 II DIAL S99 2 WORLD TURNS Serial 4 FROM THESE ROOTS 7 RAY MILLAND 13 GUIDEPOST 2:00 II PAUL COATES 2 FOR BETTER OR WORSE 4 THE THIN MAN 7 DAY IN COURT 13 GUIDEPOST 2:30 11 CHECK IT WITH CHAMBERS 2 ART LINKLETTER 4 YANCY DERRINGER 7 GALE STORM 9 "YFA" THEATRE Jack Rourke, Host-4 Star Show 13 MOVIE Comedy C51) "Lavender Hill Mob," AIpc Guinness, Stanley Hollo-way. 3:00 11 STEVE MARTIN 2 MILLIONAIRE (Repeat) 4 MOVIE Drama ('3D "East of Borneo," Rose Hobart, Charles Bickford. 7 BEAT THE CLOCK 9 DOUBLE FEATURE! Million Dollar Matines 'THE INFORMER' starring VICTOR McLAGlEN... 3:30 2 VERDICT IS YOURS 7 WHO DO YOU TRUST? 4:00 11 PRESIDENT EISENHOWER 2 BRIGHTER DAY 4 PRESIDENT EISENHOWER 5 SKIPPER FRANK 7 PRESIDENT EISENHOWER 11 WEBSTER WEBFOOT 11 LINKLETTER AND THE KIDS (1:05) 4:.S 2 SECRET STORM 4:30 11 JIM BOWIE 2 EDGE OF NIGHT 4 FILM DRAMAS (4:40) "The Blessing of the Ppts," Jay X o v e 1 1 o; "Torn," Laraine Day. 4:45 9 FIRST NEWS FIRST!... JOHN WILLIS REPORTS 5:00 II WILD BILL HICKOK 9 2nd FEATURE!... CHANNEL 9 MOVIE TH. 'INVADERS FROM MARS' PRESIDENT ON TV, RADIO President Eisenhower's report on his Latin r American tour will be tarried on television and radio today. KTTV (11), KRCA (4) and KABC (7) air the address (live) at 4 p.m. KRCA repeats it at 6:30 and KNXT (2) airs it at 7 p.rri. KFI,' KNX. KLAC, KABC and KMPC air it (live) at 4. KABC repeats the broadcast at 8:03. . ' J:30 ... , MOVIE Drama 054) ' "Down,T.hree Dark Streets," Broderick Crawford, Ruth Roman. POPEYE ROCKY AND HIS FRIENDS C.UNFIGHTERS ,.. SUSIE (5:40) 4 NEWS ALMANAC (5:55) . T 6:oo . : 4 NEWS, Weather, Sporta ' (C) ' 1 r 5 BOZO THE CLOWN . 7 NEWS, Fleming ' ' 13 NEWS, Baxter Ward . :1S II PEOPLE'S CHOICE 4 HUNTLEY- : v BRINKLEY REPORT 7 NEWS. John Daly 13 GOODWIN KNIGHT 13 CALT1NNEY(6:20) 6:30 4 PRESIDENT EISENHOWER (Repeat) 5 CLETE ROBERTS 7 WEST POINT CARTOON EXPRESS 13 GLOBAL ZOBEL "Athenian Adventure." Myron Zobel visits some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. 6:45 11 NEWS, George Putnam 2 NEWS 4 JACK LATHAM (C) 2 WEATHER VANE (6:55) 7:00 11 HUCKLEBERRY HOUND 2 PRESIDENT EISENHOWER (Delayed) 4 RESCUE EIGHT 5 BIFF BAKER 7 ROUGH RIDERS 9 LITTLE RASCALS k 13 Bill Burrud presents "TREASURE!"... 'Curse of the Poppy Drug." Bill Burrud's crew traces the trail of one of the most famous narcotics cases in West Coast history. 7:15 2 NEWS, Doug Edward j 7:30 11 THREE STOOGES 2 FILM DRAMA "Watch the Sunset," Dick Powell. 4 LARAMIE Slim pursues a killer and bank robber (Simon Oakland) into the desert in "Ride or Die." 5 NIGHT COURT 7 BRONCO ' Bronco is aided by two notorious outlaws in his . fight against cattle thieves in "Death of an Outlaw." 9 CANNONBALL 13 Bill Burrud presents "WANDERLUST" . . . 8:00 11 CLARK GABLE, Lana Turner, Robt. Sterling in turbulent romance - 'Somewhere I'll Find You' 2 DENNIS O'KEEFE Hal's Aunt Millie comes to visit and rocks his business and personal life to their foundations. 9 ALEX IN WONDERLAND! with ALEXANDER KING 13 WALTER WINCHELL FILE Probation officer faces a knife attack by .a young hoodlum in "Terror." 8:30 2 THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS Zelda (Sheila James) is determined to win Dobie's heart so she talks him and his buddy into conduct-in? a biology experiment with chickens. 4 STARTIME (C) "T h e Swingin', Singin' Years," with guests Stan Kenton and his orchestra, Kl!a Mae Morse, Bandleader Freddie Slack, Charlie Barnet and band. Woody Herman and his Herd, Eddy Howard, Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five, Freddy Martin, Vaughn Monroe, Jo Stafford and many others join host Ronald Reagan in musical salute to the post-World War II era of big bands and vocalists. 5 BOXING With Bob Kelley and Jim Healv. 7 WYATT EARP Wyatt tries to keep a young boy away from the lawlessness of the rest of his familv. 13 BADGE 714 Friday and Smith uncover a well-organized forgery ring masterminded by a financial genius. 9:00 2 TIGHTROPE Mike moves into high society to investigate a series of murders. 7 THE K1FLEJ1AX Mark upsets the robbery plans of a small gang of outlaws. 9 MILLION COLLAR MOVIE "THE PRISONER" v with ALEC GUINNESS... 1$ HOUR OF STARS "Girl on the Subway," Natalie Wood, James Garner. - - :30 2 RED SKELTON Sheriff Deadeye- rfted) Investigates sencs of fhoot- ings. Cuest: Brian Don- levy;: , . 4 ARTHUR' MURRAY (C) Guests: Bobby Darin, Jim-. my Dean, Janet Blair. 7 PHILIP MARLOWE . Disappearing corpse and - a clandestine romance puzzle Marlowe as he tries " to solve a killing made to look Jike suicide. 10:00 i J 1 NEWS, George Putnam 2 GARRY MOORE , , Guests: Roberta Sher-' wood, Ala"n King. ' ' 4 M SQUAD Ballincer meets dlsbarrM lawyer s former girl . friend (Whitney , Blake) who aims out to be a murder suspect and then he falls in love with her. T ALCOA PRESENTS , "The . Haunting," Ronald Howard, Keith McConnell.' Young man is overtaken by a strange phenomenon New from Zenith Wm m ii - ' i lllllllllilill'lMIINII.iMIIIIIII 11)11 lllll . ru- - i LETS YOU HEAR 1 SOUNDS NEVER WITH A HEARING AIDI The brand new Zenith "Extended Range" Hearing Aid excels all others in all these major advantages: 98 greater range of sounds reproduced and amplified. Wider frequency range brings in sounds never before experienced through present conventional transistor hearing aids. Far less distortion and background noise. Eliminates irritating noisy sound "peaks." 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T KEEP TALKING U TOM DUGGAN 10:45. 9 NEWS, John Willis 11 SPORTS SHOTS (10:30) 11:00 11 Hollywood's Elite Honor Year's Best Movie and TV Shows In the... GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. presents awards for best in motion pictures HEARD BEFORE Whether you wear a hearing aid or not, 30 seconds will show you the truly amazing difference ! VISIT YOUR ZENITH DEALER! He's listed in the Yellow Pages under Hearing Aids. 001 Inilewood ROY H. BARKER, 0.1. 168 N. Market St. OR. 1-3774 long Beach BROWN POTTER LAI. 508 Elm Awe. H!. 1-4796 M. E. MELTON, 01. Bishop I Malco Dept. Store 4th & Pine HE. 2-7451 Monrovia MONROVIA HEARINI AID CENTER 104 E. Colorado Blvd. EL 8 0433 Montebetlo SUN RAY DRUI CO. 519 W. Whittier Blvd. - RA. 3-2342 Pasadena PASADENA HEARINt AID CENTER 597 E. Green SY. 2-7656 Pomona ELFREDA E. CHRISTENSEN 526 W. fifth Avo. NA. 2-8312 San Fernanda HEARINC AID CENTER 906 San Fernando Rd. EM. 1-1513 Santa Ana HEARINt All SERV. OF ORANGE CO. 801 W. 17th Street Kl. 7-1176 Santa Monica ARCADE HEARINt AI0 CENTER 1438 Fourth St (4th St. Arcade) EX. 3-4232 Van Nuys VAN NUYS HEARINt All CENTER 6465 Van Nuys Blvd. ST. 6-2233 SO WOUNDUP YUU UUULLJ SCREAM? Wg l J MP tm" JW Jittery, Anxious . 3 3 jr . . . effectively! ... . . . "'""r Medica vi OnlvO vwm. HDletS. f l - - -.J nd TV. Stars: Maria Schell, Fred .Astaire, Shelly Winters, Glenn Ford, . Jean Simmons, Gina Lol-' lobrlglda, Charles Bnyer, Barbara Rush, Jlickey ' Flooney, (Special) 1 2.XKW3 v . . -Stout. Strattoru ",--2--'; 4 XEWS (C) t 5 MIKE WALLACE Guest: Mo?s Hart, " - ' 7 inWIX REPORTS 9 CHANNEL 9 MOVIE TH. 1 'INVADERS FROM MARS' , 11:15 4 JACK PAAR SHOW " i J; - i : ' a f" a"""t n-'nu'-Yim'TTriii-in 'v 0mm nrLYr'" inrr -it-iti ' nniitft -n JANET BLAIR will compete in The Arthur : Murray Dance Contest against... (see below) n V. ATM'. . , ABBE LANE. The third contestant at The Arthur Murray Party will be. ..(see bctou) ::v Vi . IS iv L ...BOBBY DARIN. Watch this exciting con- ' test onThe Arthur Murray Show toriight,9:30, , ; Ch. 4. Kathryn will appear in a new sketch and Arthur Murray will teach The Mambo. it your child using DO YOU KNOW . . . Signs of drug addiction The many types of narcotics r and how to spot them How to detect people using narcotics And many, many more facts. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY-EVERY PARENT MUST READ! NARCOTICS EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL, Dept. 62 5149 LANKERSHIM BLVD., NO. HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. Gntl!w-lncld plot find St .CO. D Caih fl Chwk H "0-for my teor of ' NAiCOIICS-rn. Moc o ChUdr.n." Mail It m n plain tnv.iop. - Norn. j........ , . - AtMr HiK. City lP'oe .2. PREMIERE!...'- .- "PASSAGE HOME" (1936). 7: LET'S DAXCE .-, . : , 11:30 ... 5 DEL MOURE ; ji U:1S I I i ! 7 MOVIE Drama 1 "Crime, Inc.," Tom Neal.- . 12:30 S MOVIE Western f 491 "Canadian Pacific,". Ran 5 "' dolph Scott, Jane Wyatv v 1:00 2 FILM DRAMA : ."A Bag Full of Oranges.T ?da Lupino. ' 4 NEWS ALMANAC K - I MlMllt!.t.lMMM!WWyyww.l.u.iJWM.i. The Menace to Children ...- Ton 5to 'irtt;

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