The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 20, 1957 · 44
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 44

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1957
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I Q Part lll-FRI., DEC. 20, 1957 tLo flngtlf 4 Cfotftf 3 BRIDGE ON KWAI' ACCLAIMED AS DISTINGUISHED WAR FILM BY EDWIN SCHALLERT 'An incident of World War 1, admirably presented in totable detail, is the main-Ipririg of one of the finest Um productions of this or Iny other year. In fact, "The Bridge on the River Kwai," vhich opened last night at the Egyptian Theater, can t ell become the sweepstakes l-tnner in the Academy of Hotion Picture Arts and Sci-inces and various other com petitions, The exceptional feature's leal strength lies in the fact hat it has been excellently produced in virtually all re-beets and that it also offers an especially outstand ing and different perform-knee by Alec Guinness. High ly competent work is also one by William Holden, lack Hawkins and Sessue Hayakawa, who is likely to te designated for supporting ictor acclaim. David Lean directed this jompelling feature for Prc-lucer Sam Spiegel. It was bade approximately on the bound under very difficult londitions. It has rare pho- tgraphic beauty. It is, inci-entally, one of the few tinema offerings ever recom-pended by the New York Theatre Guild. Prison Camp Story Originally "The Bridge on he River Kwai was written is a novel by Pierre Boulle, It is essentially a war prison amp story. It discloses the htensity of the British in heir determination to carry i as British under all miliary circumstances. The building of a railroad bridge is what inspires the British deter-' mination as manifested pridefully in the picture. The principal officer, played by Guinness i3 the one who spearheads the ideal of doing things . the right way, and the best way in the British manner, even if this has to be done for an enemy. Officers are not to take kart in manual labor, but hey may guide such work. Buinness refuses at the risk K death to submit himself b menial efforts and insists hat neither shall his fellow ifficers take part. He thus jonflicts with the Japanese, fommanding officer (Haya- lawa) of the labor camp. Unflinching Resistance Nothing will break Guin- less down, not even solitary tonfinement in a blazing hot prison shell. He resists this torture as well as the blan-lishments proffered by Ha- fakawa, who finally is forced p concede to his resistance. Bayakawa attempts to do his trickily as part of the lommemoration of the Japa nese victory over Russia in 1005, a rather vain attempt to save face. Thus Guinness and Haya lawa are strongly opposed to scenes that are often pow frful in their mental and !V AUTOGRAPH PARTY T0NITE! t:30 t. 9 30 STATE onfy IZZRSZ i X' oj u lWmm JlS at to QTY'VYgE n!UTREsB);viir feM CW "ft CITY psychological impact, and' that deal directly with the bridge of the title. I Meanwhile William Holden and later Jack Hawkins 'very valiantly carry out a program of action. Their objective becomes the destruction of the, bridge which Guinness built. They have their war with dangers of various sorts from the Oriental enemies to the jungles through which they have to penetrate. They both do their work with time distinction. Deadly Climax In the end they become a tremendous dynamic force,! wreaking destruction on the enemy, yet simultaneously bringing death to Guinness as the courageous British leader who had so proudly built the bridge for the Japanese. This he did chiefly to prove what only the Eng lish might accomplish in an alien land under very diffi cult uninspiring conditions without the least benefit to themselves, apart from their own morale. "The Bridge on the River Kwai" mixes many dramatic motives and factors into a brilliantly conceived and ex ecuted picture. Its ending is unfortunately practically all tragedy, 1 though it could hardly be anything else and remain as genuine as it is. This is one of the finest jobs of film-making carried out in modern times, and arouses esteem for Novel ist Boulle as its screen writ er, splendid David Lean as its director and Producer Spiegel himself. The characters are so numerous and important' in what they do that full jus i ICAtOIN I 0TOH ThUCAI0Is1 (AT LA. M.AKAWA I H KOHTWB v,cxt coKPTca cacx ncut imxtss VICT0XT AXHlli I UUXii n 12321 1 00 74171 I SI 74423 tice can hardly b accorded them. James Donald is a stand- out as the doctor, Major Clip- ton. Andre Morell, Peter Williams, John Boxer, Percy Herbert and Harold Good win, a familar name, and a large group of Asiatic types most prominent being Henry Ukawa, are in the picture. Very slight feminine in terest is contributed by Ann bears m some dallying with Holden at the seashore, and the Oriental women who aid in the jungle trek. Musical to Open at Little. Rep A musical adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's "The, Emperor's New Clothes" is the special holi day, offering at The Little Rep, 2255 Honolulu Ave., Montrose, opening tonight. David Dyer and Pamela Beales enact starring roles with 'Terre Loe and Stan Zalas., James Tracey is the director. BOB UI1U5UT WITH THE BOBCATS 11m Extra Aided MODEIillAIRES FREDDY MARTIN and his Orchestra EVERY SUNDAY: FABULOUS BUFFET mi mm tin. EVERY TUESDAY- HAWAIIAN NIGHT i ft- Tf"J 1 f ; 1tV J w IT M 1 if I If t I I X4 MM; 'Separate Tables' Players Seen in One Film Apiece In common with Eric Port- man, her British costar in "beparate Tables," stage play coming to the Hunting ton Hartford Theater,' Ger- aldine Pape has appeared in only one Hollywood motion picture. Rated as one of the most exciting young performers of the contemporary theater, Miss Page visited filmland in 1954 for a starring role oppo site John Wayne in "Hondo." That single excursion into celluloid earned her an Academy Award nomination Portman, veteran of more than 100 English stage pro ductions and a score of ma jor British films, made his sole hegira to the West Coast in 1937 for a leading role in Ihe Prince and the Pauper." The two' stars will por tray double roles of sharp contrast ' in "Separate Ta bles. The Terrance Rattigan play will have a two-and-one-half week engagement at the Huntington Hartford Thea ter beginning next Thursday evening. I (lI'Vi'HJMI.'tii NOBODY ELSE COULD FOUL UP THE ARMY ...IN SUCH A HOWL OF AWAY! KIRK10RR-MANTEa-EVANS-U ktiIkM kankdiinuaKiauMMiiiiiHsm " Plitmounl m:s r.Tarch fhat Hllllaa kMw Mm M-lMmn JOE E. ROSS (Sjt Dm ol BJko Slml with MERRY ANDERS JEAN WILLES-Wrtl.n. Prsducri and DirMtKl by DON McQUIRE INOIIWOOO CINTURT anivB.iM M IUU-OI I NII Ct 4 ll J W4t f At AMOUNT IOSICRANS BHIVC-IM i MONTI II MONTI 0RIVC-IN Im iiw IliU. m. nut n tun UN 9 IMNANOO I LAUREL DRIVE. IM umi cpm h m. m if 1 IUIUNI SAN VAl emvi-iN 1. 1. rm h mmm T 1710 TW ?H T The new CILBEYS looks light tastes light is light Sol hmwrtirtt laetrdl Imoofh, hie. hi, Scott umiikjr, 4 wwi. u. proof. i; NOW AK9irarcor K-oraw J: n m ream Saturday Zjdavidwayne it ( r i " A"ti Afl?!5t- I WIST I A. OITMNC BRIVC.IM nnxanni? Sees Old Pals Hardly a night goes by out at the Theatre Mart that Neely Edwards, doubling the parts of the bartender and the philanthropist in "The Drunkard" or its musical counterpart "The Wayward Way," doesn't recognize someone with whom he has worked in films or vaude ville. HOW PLAYIHG! a til III A srr.uMiiniiiie.iniA mi22. 1" TOT m wm m m turn . Aai.. . i , s&wn J ...fMtm . c. r.,lt RookS lOr Xmi J (M Xm .7TTcn. r.iit BOOKS lor Am.. INGIIWOOO CENTINELA DNIVK-IM CMllMll I " SiMMM , 0 1 1!U TODONCI ItOONOO TORRANCE ONIVC-IM Fl 11491 .TsrriNt M. , 4 Hiwlhorns IN4. MONIOVI BIG SXY DRIVCIN I0W tnl torn u i ?m Nf W SA GABRIEL DIVMN-SNtlllU VtUM M. Oil Mir eu. j sin . t. A "ONE OF THE FINEST MOTION PICTURES IN A DECADE... SUPERB!" i From the Creator "of "Rashomon" -i.a. Tim., rr.. akira KtiRn.;AWA'i ' 1SQ1 mm VAGABOND HURRY! LAST DAY REX HARRISON KAY KENDALL The kVrfctief'ltff t Hi t FINAL WEEK! BEVERLY - CANON Cism Dr.-Wilililr Plun.CH. 5-5244 Husband ' i i 1 1 1 YitfVi.Y ORIENTAL THEATRE 741S SUNSET HO. 4-0744 ALASTAIR - SIM "COLD OF mm U'MMi Hi! BELA1R vaii., j.aj V.L 11. r. SAB SACK RtR CarM Bsrtltwi Bim Martt iB.eoe BEDRSOMI HIRED UH TE Ul. 23321 . VwBMt HASTINGS lY -J5 i RwiwbW eft flMK HUNCH BACK BF NOTRE BtME ECISI0N ATSUNDDWH li MIRADA UNinrsitaAHII j Ftmt.M t Alfi4ra Bintf't BMBI SfERATION MAI till MISSION MONOLITH MONSTERS LOVE SLAVES Bf AMA20H LT f-.a.l wan I WISTWOOOl mart ROADIUM fymt-t.rf STORM RIDER riCKW tUIT Two Thrillers Due Wednesday "The Brain From Planet Arous" and "Teenage Mon ster" will open next Wednesday at Globe, Southside, Glendale Capitol, tf.A. Ingle- wood, and six Pacific Drive- ins. "The Brain From Planet Arous" is a science-fiction !tl( m .crashing that stand In thalr ALBRIGHT BARDETTl (OUTH OATf SOUTH 6ATI ORIVCIM Atlantic t PirtiteM 10 S 31 PKO WHITTIR ' ORIVa.lM WMIw M. ft Humut Nlilll-UIUU VAN NUVS VAN NUYS ORIVC-IN RtttM ktt. Stlt4 t ViKNuvt ST 7M0 l.U'i-BIJIW (U.BANK PICKWICK DRtVC-IW (imiMi . i ttm in. ; am M : uit ii mm A "Vnii'll hmvl VM. Will jour neau Off!" Hedda Hopper mWDONTGO NEAR THE WATER CinemaScope and MetroColor STARTS DEC. 25 RKO PANTAGES HOLLYWOOD Wilshir. Blvd. DU-B-3U7 ft , , Daili S:30 ..III. Sat Ii Sun. 2:30 VED., DEC. 25th "THE GREEN MAN" NAPLES" vSca flll;l;Hfl:lldi t ROADIUM QAvbS 4-7664 lihstl Bcll.-e.. TROOPER HOOK TBOHB B0HT CRT RUBIDOUX OVartu. 3 -MM Hifftwtjr M BAMBI FtltHBLT PERSOUIOI SUNDOWN OX. 1-iMt 12324 I. WMHI.ftM Mj Mm Godfriy TALL tTRARBE SUNLAND Sun tun tt, fktt. ttm Mlt FMtfliM IN. BOMBERS B-52 TIME LIMIT TWIN-VUE OA.isj 4.5 127 ft. FifMr.IS7 BAM SI Ettsio at sum F7H i efeBtVBttf'''ttttrw VALLEY p.a..0.t. lVBTtll SAD SACK , aui mi tew thriller starring John Agar, and Joyce Meadows. The story tells of the space brain that invades a human body with its destructive power. "Teenage Monster," stars Gloria Castillo and Gilbert Perkins, and tells a story of a mother who sees her son NEVER BEFORE SUCH PRAISE II KAV PROCTOR...LA. fnnriiw Mytr "The sweet smell of Oscars hovers unmlstakeably over gild Is Ths Wind'.' OWIN CHALLIRT. . . L A. Tlmt mii "Anthony Quinn and Magnani triumphant in powerful film drama...again Quinn and magnificent Magnanl score with amazing portrayals." HARRISON CARROLL. ..L A. Htrild-iipnt y$l "The race for Academy Award honors is on, Anna Magnanl and Anthony Quinn make strong bids in nm iidiii hiiu i mo iiiiiu. , , WYLII WILLIAMS. ..C-i UU "Magnificent Magnanl Is absolutely the greatest She is as sensitive as a violin and as powerful as an. organ." LIN BOYD. ..Vmlltf Tlmt Ufl " "Moves with hurricane force toward a relentless, tragic climax and a whole wi wiiai uuiiiiiiauuiiA. ,ca f ttrmgOOLORES HART' JOSEPH CALLEIA wm 2nd SMASH VBBKIV tXCLUSIVCLV AT THf BROADWAY Mittntt ToillT SAD SACK NEAR ME SOOt Kl. 1-4737 W CALIFORNIA Ten-i;t Furjl REFORM SCHOOL IIRl ROCK AR0UNB W0RIB BUrDMK TM 5-1507 CORNELL Burbtnk TH. 1-1251 ). Wrni-S. Lar LEGEND OF LOST 0AIT0N GIRLS PARADISE Westchester OR. 1-3701 Matinet TotJiJ PERRI CITY BENEATH SEA NOW SHOWING AT 4 OAIVE-IN THEATIf S James Stewart In "WINCHESTER 73" plus "PURSUIT OF THS GRAF SPEE" StmVtDA fDGfWOOP ANAHCIM LONG RFACH ORIVMNS SHOW STARTS AT 7 SAN PEDRO DRIVE-IN Jut tout ol Pacific Cant Nmh VM ithr Vermont. MtaMni. NoriMMie' or FtRuirot CENTINELA Cn,,l,i" 8i",,! OR 1 2283 MONOLITH MONSTERS Cuntintl.E. f .illLtt Slmi tf tlMIN CENTURY i Vt" AX 36282. OR Mlt S0 SACK Ctnt.ry it Crtnihaw HEAR ME S00B FLORAL Teanf. Frl AN 2 o;ei REFORM SCHOOL GIRL MwlifliN.ttB'ltlyit.ROCK AROUND W0RLB GILMORE - tm'y-r. widmii WI 3V2211 JAILH0USE ROCK . rd at Fiirfaf TIME LIMIT OLYMPIC CR 462 II, GR 14441 Olyiwii. at Btiwdy Jtrn lawis-Hal Marck SAB SACK HEAR ME (00B SAN PEDRO TE 21141. AX 3214 B.flty at Fat Boana-R. Wajntr APRIL LOVE STOPOVER T0KYB STUDIO VE S0580, AX 3CI2S Seaul. at ifflirsaw Tai-(. Fary! REFORM SCHOOL CIRl ROCK AROUND WORLD TORRANCE FR. i-t4ai Tor. W. .1 H.vttl'l CrasMni tisnW MONOLITH MONSTERS 1 Lara Slam tf Amaia VERMONT AX. 55135. OA. 49 Varmint it IS2na Tetn-art Fanrl mREFORM SCHOOL SIR! ROCK AROUND WORLD WHITTIER PA UI3I.OXt52t7 Wilt at RmaaU Crashini Biants! MONOLITH MONSTERS Lata Slim at AmuH 1 i"'f LAUREL EJM I-25U Lur. c. V. Haya Jtrrj lewis-Hal Martk SAD SACK HEAR ME G00B PICKWICK TM 25723. TH MtS Alinaat W. Vlrtary Cnnltinf Sianttl MONOLITH MONSTERS la. Sinn at Amait. RESEDA Dl 1-355 laha Wariit-S. Ltrtt LE6ENB SF LOST BALT0H BIRLS Raaafl tt Vi SAN VAL TH 11711, TH WI4 I F. R4. It WlMM Jmtt Ltwii-dal Mart SAB SACK REAR ME BOOR SEPULVEDA BT.t. (.mi. a, at viator Malta SOc KKi Fraa WINCHESTER 71 PURSUIT OF BRAF SPEE VAN NUYS BT t-711. tmtm at liaiNifa CratMai Sianttl MONOLITH MONSTERS Ltn tltm at Aaiana VICTORY IT. 7 -4433 Tan-aft Fair! REFORM SCHOOL SlRl R0CR U0UNR WORLD Vtrtny at C.Ht.m 4. BASELINE " Jfg ' fit. 41134. TU IM7 SAB SACK t BKirsll. REAR ME S00B TRI-CITY Tt-rt Farrl PY 24721. TO (MTI RETORM SCHOOL Rl tm BxarBlw ROCK M0UN0 W0RLJ I L turned into a monstrosttf by a freak of nature. i Turn to Pag 6 Part III FOR ADDITIONAL THEATER ADS raft , t RIVQLI . MATINEE TODAY AiltVic" tt W. REFORM SCHOOL IIRL HE. 1-320! ROCK AROUND WORLD STATE MATINEE TODAY oVein it Plni MONOLITH MONSTERS HE. 7-2721 Lnt Slant tf Amaion TOWNE Atlan.-S. GA. 2-1221 MATINEE T00AY DABY FACE TIME LIMIT P.M. CHILDREN FREE 1 am Continuous 12:0 I FAT BOONE ROBERT WAGNER SHIRLEY JONES phif JOAN COLLINS . "APRIL LOVE" "ST0P0VE1 TOKYO" COMPTON Tee.-n. Ftiryl AX3523J. NEB2R5B REFORM SCHOOL BIRl w. .1 Allan. ROCK AROUND WORLD GAGE Tean-ag. Furt! PA I232S. TO 27 1 as REFORM SCHOOL CIRl fi.l.Av..AG.rflia ROCK AROUND WORLD ROSECRANS i ly?' Ma" T0 337I5. ME3M2. SAD SACK Lakeu-R.srani HEAR ME C00B SOUTH GATE Cn,sl,i" Si,M,! - rr ."! ununi 1111 unu.TEM 1 " ",U"J,L"" Atlutl. 4 Firaitwu Lava Slam at Amua. BIG SKY Crottiinf Blantat MONOLITH MONSTERS Lava Slant tf Amuai Men wit EDGEWOOD ED 1-M7S 5 Point. Attalti SOc Kidt FrtB WINCHESTER 71 PURSUIT OF BRAF SPEE EDWARDS HI 7. 1171 PmA 4 Lrt. Oak Tean-aft Furyl REFORM SCHOOL BIRl ROCK AR0UNB W0RIB EL MONTE Jarry L.wli-Nil Marct AT 2I6J1.S 111422 . LvrArau-EllisLsr. !H SACK REAR ME BOOR SAN GABRIEL Crashing Biantil MONOLITH MONSTERS Lava slam tf Aautw CU 3511a. AT 5503 Vilhqr at Dal Mar Walt BiiMfs ' PERRI CITT BENEATH SCA Gl 17131. 1 HMtwraa at6ar.y VINELAND h !. Btt.VtWlay4i.4my BALI OH EIRU ANAHEIM A4alrt JOe 4TIH Frtt WINCHESTER '71 PURSUIT OF BRAF SPff LA Lassan 4 Ora.tatha. CIRCLE TE W5I3. RE IU2t Ttta-att Ftaryl REFORM SCHOOL BIRl) L.n. Bmt ROCK AR0UNR WORll HIWAY 39 kXETSt hS? Tnmu 3-1 541 UBENB OF LOSTi Nr.GartnSm.B1 BALT0H BIRLS LAKEWOOD GE J443. A 4M Cims at Cttwry C. Bmtt-I. MantflelB KISS THEM FOR ME PURSUIT OF BRAF SPEI LONG BEACH TE 4454, kE KtM Santa Fa at I25rt Malta SOe (its Frta WINCHESTER 73 PURSUIT BRAF SPEE LOS ALTOS HA 57421. CE IMN Balltw at ari. Crtlhiaf. Sxrtl! ItONBLITH MONSTERS Lm Slm tt At ORANGE KEHattt-mi Santa Ana JttTf lawi-Hal Martk SAB SACK REAR ME BOOB PAULO Kl 13111 taart ttt Am Crtsninf Ciart MONOLITH MONSTERS lm mm tt Aamtm UABIAOntrHl

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