The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 8, 1959 · 75
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 75

Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, September 8, 1959
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Wald Rushes Plans for Tl'ell Raisers' Nil en and Other Stars Sought for Boxer Rebellion Feature BY JOHN L. SCOTT Whenever current headlines point up interest in eny particular portion of the world, producer Jerry Wald pops up with a film story which will take advantage of the situation. Now it's Asia, so Wald is rushing into, production an original drama dealing with the heroic and historic Boxer Rebellion of 1900. David ISiven David Niven to play the British officer who master-Winded the campaign, Stephen Boyd as a U.S. Marine commander, and Hope Lange and France Nuyen '; for the top feminine roles. Scripter Frank polishing the Barre Lyndon original story which Wald hopes to have before Cinemascope and color cameras at 20th Century-Fox by year's end. : . 'Jovanka' Stars Sought Again Producer Dino De Laurentiis' wants Van Heflin and Vera Miles,' who starred in his current picture "Jovanka," to reteam next year in "Love in the North " Atlantic." This property has been on De Laurentiis' - slate for several years, but casting has plagued him all this time? It is likely that the two stars will con- "-sider the subject favorably. The story concerns persons who make their living 6y stealing the cargo of ships that have floundered on the rocks of the North German coast "Eagle at My Eyes," a published novel by Nor-man Katkov, will be producer Robert Aldrich's first film under his new program. Aldrich is reactivating his production unit after returning from Europe, where he spent the last couple of years. Second sto- . ry optioned by the producer is Adela Rogers St. John's "Magdelane '59." 20th Looking for a 'Superman' 20th Century-Fox is searching for a young unknown actor to play the role of Theseus, young monarch, in a spectacular production of 'The King Must Die." The candidate must not only be able to handle romantic and dramatic situations but perform feats of physical skill as well. The noted Puerto Rican actor, Juano Hernandez, has been signed by Warners for an important role In "Rachel Cade," which Gordon Douglas directs. Hernandez recently was featured in John Ford's "Captain Buffalo." Allied Artists will hit a high point in activity dur- lng the next six months when at least 15 pictures will be in production. Included will be "Streets of Mont- 'martre," starring Lana Turner, "Pay or Die," to star Ernest Borgnine; "The Big Bankroll," about Arnold Rothstein, one-time big gambler; and "The George Raft Story." based on the star's career. James Stewart was honored the other night in Venice, Italy, when he was awarded the Volpi cup for the best performance of the year at the close of the 20th international film festival. Stewart won the cup for his portrayal in "Anatomy of a Murder." Best actress award went to Madeleine Robinson of France for the French film "A Double Tour." Two Italian movies, Roberto Rossellini's "General Delia Rovere" and Mario Monicelli's 'The Great War" shared first prize for the best picture. UOHLD PREMIERE ff THURSDAY 8:30 18 DAYS ONLY! (SHORTEST LA. RUN IN HISTORY) TEST LA. RUN IN HISTORY) fr J V j jri 1.11 pn SaU. 1M, iiOB, BiOB paa hf 1 fill M IM. Mitt tktW) t j y ! f' Int. BUY SEATS NOW! So. Calif. Music Co., all if. Harris & Frank stores, fasadena Winter , o Garden, all Mutual Agencies o 4STILI TIME FOR MAIL af jWrit Pan Pocif'n, 700 lavtrty llet., I.A. So. Slot now many fickots Jdat f porfarmanci, prica M ticVata ctaiirad. Entloio chads at tonv q ytritr moi ut tt Pan Pacific, alta anal you'll (t th bait aaahi ta th m PACIFIC BQX OFFICE OF EN TODAY 10 A.M. TO S P.M. h magnificent motion picturt...with GershwtVi wonderful scon sung by beautiful voices PORGYandBESS Pk ,ocHj ai . itcMnif.Oi.otai'"!- PXfY !IM1 FNC-A".( HAFNY-All WATS CART HAY CIRCLE THEATREVn"T," 4 The yarn, tentatively titled "The Hell Raisers," is an action-packed melo- j drama, dealing with the , 1000 members of the in-, ternational colony who , held out against barbaric hordes of "Boxers" inflamed Chinese led by the half-mad empress of Japan who besieged them under the walls of Pe-" king. .The producer wants 3 r i Vicair SJ.OO, t2.S0, ' .00, 13.40 hel. tea and Pan Pacific. ORDERS ttomp.d, hH lolraaao1 anwlopa Kounl n 7600 BEVERLY BLVD o WEbtrtr 8-3456 1 mi at FRUSTRATION Fred Clark portray s Air Force general who is putting up v-ith the shenanigans by Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds in "It Started With a Kiss" at Egyptian. :vr. Matinee Tadayl ILEEPINB BEAUTY WESTBOUND J Burbink w CORNELL gr Burbank T TH. 2.5251 Matinee Today! HOLE IN THE HEAP TARZAN'S ADVENTURE JaLENCINQ Encin Matinee Tcdayl BOPTH BT NORTHWEST F1000S OF FEAR W ST. 4-33 "T RESEDA W Reseda y PL 4-JISS Matinee Today! DARBY O'CIll 10' Brida Candy Rock PARADISE Weatehast.r JjL SI. -0300 77 STADIUM Matinea Today! RttRTN BY NORTHWEST FLOODS OF FEAR C. Webb-S. Bee MR. PENNTPACKEI 6IDGET Torranca T r FA. 8.6375 JOC GRAND Tarrant ' Eri.-Sat.-Sun. Tar jan. Sha Dull Tanan, Hidden iunila Vf 1 FA. 8-8509 77 PARK w Oardena "V"- DA. 4.404a Vic Matiira-K. DouglM BIG CIRCUS LAST TRAIN GUN Hill i RTW COSTUO r" C 'THI 30 FOOT BPIDE . y . V mi iii ill lillli II Mil 1 1 1 1 1' ri nar -If CALIFORNIA SHOW STARTS AT DUSK itCENTINELA V OR. 4-3144 B. Lancaster-Deiiilae DEVIL'S DISCIPLE . RABBIT TRAP W Ctnt. E. Sapul. Vf Cant. CENTURY C. Grant-Hitchceck't UKnTU BW aJAATUlliCPT Wrf na al.ll7 BURIHB Bwn nnwi I. Lancaster-Douajlaa DEVIL'S DISCIPLE . RABBIT TRAP fLUnHL . AN. Mftd. N. ftl B'fcly IGILMORE WE 3-221 1 B. Crosby-0. Reynoldi SAY ONE FOR ME HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS W 3rd at Falrtal X OLYMPIC C. Grant-Hitclicoek'a NORTH BY NORTHWEST FLOODS OF FEAR -f 6R. 7-m7 Ojywpje Bunily w SAN PEDRO C. Grant-Hitchcock'a NORTH BY NORTHWEST FLOODS OF FEAR TrTE. t.3370 affy at A'lulai STUDIO EX. -25l New Ditney Hit! DARBY 0'GILL 10' Brida Candy Rock .82.111 8oul. at Jft'M TORRANCE New Disney Hit! DARBY 0'GILL 10' Brida Candy Pack FR. -a4l Tnr. W. at Ha'ttll VERMONT DA. 3-4055 Vu-a laVhuf . Lancaiter OoujIai DEVIL'S DISCIPLE BABBIT TRAP t: it LAUREL V em F. Slnatra-D. Raynalda HOLE IN THE HEA0 MATING GAME W Lau'r. Cyn. N. Van nr pTckwick New Disney Hit! 23L. Ata'da w Vletary 18' Brida Candy Pock & - ... - . . . . URHD1 U MILL w RESEDA B. lancaster-Oeutlae DEVIL'S DISCIPLE BABBIT TRAP RaiMda at V'awaa VAL TH. 1.1127 C. Grant-Hitcltcack's NORTH BY NORTHWEST FLOODS OF FE A P New Disney Hitl DARBY O'GIll SO' Brida Candy Peek W F. Pd. atWI'aa TSEPULVEDA V 8T. a-520 V Sannl. 9. ( Vict. 1 ; VAN NUYS C. trant-Hitchctck'l NORTH BY HOP.THWEIT FLOODS OF FEAP ST, 1.7510 VICTORY TR. 7.4423 V'tory at C'watar B. Uncatter-Douilaa DEVIL'S DISCIPLI BABBIY TRAP JL. V NnRW4l K Rlvrl New Ditsty Pit! N( iiu i i. T ' PAR3Y UN a :i7 neSST ti'GILL it nar Imnflrlal 30' Brida Candy Peek WHITTIFP C.Grant-Hitcbcacli'a JL, OX 152.7. P l'0RTH BY N0RlWESI Wlilt. at Pauntad FLOODS Of FEAR BASELINE 61. 1.81.16 P. Slnatra-r. Parker HOLE IN YHE HEAP WILD t INNOCENT New Diinay Hitl DAPBY O'tlLl M' Brida Cand) Pad San Btrnarrfin "T TRIClTY TW. a 7l A la Btrnardlft memo ISDU I CUaIia " ktau a tamrOaimi f rn r- f fX tRNESTbORGNlNE r f 7 )?l C-p'.T !" trri'itwa I hqii'moo afvmtv Mltl. pipahmpt ihikiiiiii flftPHtUH I HOLLYWOOD fOXWILSHtRt VfcRMOKT IQUCRAHS CINTIHSU WltlwOtin UtmtM 9m NLMT MW I- . ALi n ri VlUAtt U 1NA CALirOftNLA 'e mwi titJua toMin ,..",7, m,,m nttv, mimu wmn l TT.';,,iJ ""tl' "'" CUNDtlt ACADlalY tim a Hli K cit'i nn:i avit nviua t. . ..- OTTO PREMINQSR HAS A OfEAT BI3 HIT... GO HOLD YOUR B Pi E ATM AT ITI" Aulh Yaltrburr, fxomintp JAMES STEWART UC RCSICK tZH CMZXtK ARTHUR O CONNELL tVC AROEN KATKRYN GRANT awl joii n. wucm NOW PLAYING mitmmnv trim ,w.mim r- S UM " COOLED Y KIFPYiOtPYATIONI FILMLAND EVENTS r armen Phillips in 2 MGM Carmen Phillips, whoi played the tramp in "Never! So Few," has been signed for two more films at MGM, both for Arthur Freed. She will portray Dean Martin"? New York girl friend in "The Bells Are Ringing" and one of the beatniks in "The Subterraneans."' Eddie Foy Jr. has also been added to the cast of "Bells." He will play the bookie. Broadway actor Steve Fer-rv has joined the cast of "Tall Story," Joshua Logan's production at Warner Bros. He will enact the role of a big-time gambler in the film in which Anthony Perkins, Jane Fonda and Ray Wal-ston are starred. Mfftm9m Daily f GARMAR STATE TOWNE Untlwch . BSOADWAY RESEDA Santa Ana Kd-AOM.SON PRICES I 'LY11"" hi. .iiftio. ii w . M j 3 u US 11.ZS CHILDREN SO a, Aim. IOUl P0ICIS FOB "T'.'1 ;'V, TOWNE Matinea Today! DARBY 0'GILL 1 Brida Candy Port STATE Lona BafR Matinea Today! DARBY D'GILL J0 Brida Candy Reek RIV0LI Matinee Today! HOLE IN THE HEAP WORLD, FLESH t DEVIL Lona Beaek lit. B-dU ATLANTIC N. Lsna Bah G. 2.3161 B. Hiven-0. Kaya ASK ANY GIRL 9 PENNIES BROADWAY Matinea Today! DARBY 0'GILI 3D' Brida Candy Pack Santa Ana Kl. GARMAR MontntlfillO PA. 8-I2H Matinea Todayl DARBY 0 GILL SO' Brida Candy Pock Vie Mature-K. bau(la BIG CIRCUS IAST TRAIN GUN Hill VOGUE Montetoelli PA. .ms STAR La Puantt CO. I-24SJ Matinea Today! i SLEEPING BEAUTY IAST TRAIN GUN HILl Ml -Til ill a al it: C. trtnt-Hitcheoelt'e MORTH BY NORTHWEST FLOODS OF FEAR N E. 5-5866 RoMtr. W. AH- CAPC F, Sinatra-R. Doujiaa ?0R27W TO ,,7,1 HOLE IN THE HEAD. Gilt 4 Garfield LAST TRAIN GUN HILl ROSECRANS MC. Luktwtj. .Rowcf. SOUTH GATE LO. 4-1137 Atl. 4 FiraatMO B. DEVIL'S DISCIPLI RABBIT TRAP New Ditney Hitl DARBY 0 GILL 10' Bridi Candy Pack BIS SKY EL. -2.)li Monrovia P. Slnatra-K. DouKlai HOLE IN THE HEAD LAST TRAIN SUN Hill 8ry c. at 8 Pti. BO' Brida Candy Pock EDWARDS hi. ;-ai7 Pack 4 Live Oak I. lancaster-Douitlie - DEVIL'S DISCIPLE BABBIT TRAP EL MONTE "JJJJT-iii1 Ql S-B422 DARBY O'ulll Lr.'Aiuia.FMIa Lit 30' Brida Candy Pock SAN GABRIEL ..-'?n':H.i'c!,3..i:.!1:' CU35lia.AT95(13lPU""'l" NUK I MWt of Vall.y at Pol Mar FLOODS OF FEAP STARLITE C. trant-Hitchcocli'a Gl 87Ml! AT 48030 MORTH BY NORTHWEST Rrnnaif it SarwyFLOOOS OF FEAP VINELAND ed. .i5ie Bat Vlv. 4 Sarr. B. Lancaster-Ofiuglai DEVIL'S DISCIPLE BABBIT TRAP ANAHEIM LA. -3o?e L'mon 4 O'ttiartt B. ianeastar-Dotttai DEVIL'S DISCIPLE RABBIT TRAP CIRCLE Pel. Prlcai, Child. Froi 10 Commandments GC. a-MlS Lona Bara HiWAYll C. firant-Hitcltcock'a WORTH BY NORTHWEST FLOODS OF FEAP Hf. erdn, Gr. gi. LAKEWOOD a A. 4.1X1 Carson at Charrr B. Lancaster-Oouflaa BEVIL'S DISCIPLE BABBIT TRAP LONG BEACH i" Hitl TP, 4-A43S . DARBY O'SIU antm Fa t v W Brida Candy Part LOS AlTflS C. Brant'Hitchcock'j ti . NORTH BY NORTHWEST B.llll.w.r at Barlna FLOODS OF FEAP ORANGE Di,ne Hi" nta Ana SB' Brida Candy Pot PAULO Lancastar-Dourlaa Kl. I-33IB BEVIL'S DISCIPLE S.. Panta Ana BABBIT TRAP THE BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT at PACIFIC DRIVE-INS ill; 1 i k aa Ma ZD nil r nm rwniniii Mi 0 i4 his Movies by The Theatre Guild is pag ing Patricia Knox to return to New York to star in "The Lady Is Dubious,", new play by Norman Sparks. Paul Gregory has set Leif Erickson for the leading male role in Leslie Steven's 'The Pink Jungle," comedy- musical to co-star Ginger Rogers and Agnes Moore- head. The show is rehearsing here before going to San Francisco, Detroit, Boston and Philadelphia, prior to a New York opening on Jan. 9. Erickson was last on Broad way in the production of tol'iaYaitf-afhaM" imtiriaaTjlaaj I'laTMPaHaaaMfc at aaaajau aaa m aBflt itmai aiaMII MEN fmnll CAHY GHAUT IVA MARIE SAJIIT JIMS F.1AS0II ' lSICf(S'"tt PARADISE PUTT MBPllN PANTAGES PICWOOD UNITED AFfWlI STATE MA. 7-74 n i. IC AtviiUll fiOtOtl (ATE m urn IVILTfIR MP(.f hiiin MSAOflU C010MDI 9t. 170 FHTIHO IKCINt n.4UM Hft PMKtM , VAINER tit IIIICTOUT AO fOtCOH mem-... NORTH B WMM ' ? 2MTlilClLLiriliVimu AMERICA'S ALL TIME FAVORITE! j jillillliiliii i L FOSSANQ BRA2ZI BUODt AOtERJCSHUAlOGA HOLLYWOOD P;OFNA INGLEWOOD VAN NUVI HIPAClf Mill IRIS STATE UNITED ARTISTS FOX EL REY HO. 3-2184 SY. 2-713 OP. 7-2177 ST. B 2731 WCM101 GLEN DALE t A. SODTHSIOC VVESTWOOO HUNTINGTON PK, CAPITOL SOUTHSIDC CREST PARK ' CI. B-lSAl - PL. 5-1191 . . SR. 2-S87S IU.7-.144? CAU TUtAfgE fCl CfeeatCESpoken Dtama II0LLYV700O BOWL Saturday, September 12 QIXIELAfJO tJtlDltEE - ...rrin, LouiS ARMSTROKS I ."- And Hit AH-8tir MORTSAHL PETE KELLY with Bill Raynolda (Pata Kally) and Dick Cathcart - THE FIREKOUSE FIVE PLUS TWO -TECDY BUCKKER BAXO PRICES: $1.50, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.50 Op Sil:'H0aYrV00D 80WL ASSN., 2301 Sntittiarp California) Munc Co., 737 South T JmL s FINAL EVENT OF THE SEASON The Great New Civic Light Opera Productioa af the Ameritaa Clinla OKLAHOMA H with the finest cast In its history GOOD SEATS STILL AVAILABLE Mirmonie Got Office a So. Calif, Music Co. AI Mutual Apitiet No MB Ordara N Phorva Pt4rvirtiona 1 J. . SILTMORE Y Th BroGdway Comedy Hit Now;H;ruSEP. 19 Seob Hm tVEB.-B30 Mat. Tomorrow A Sol. S 30 f J...ES uWvil HOW LAST 6 CAYSI Owitt !. I I mo 1 4a I ' R! H Tl Til il 4 1 I BIST SHOW IN TO J Mwr O, ta, H.4 A Vfrtr ooino) on toi'e un l IMir fn I lO :No S" ,,. 2 ifnn Sal. a oo4 10 Sun. M 'Zlill HARBOR 714 P . ill BILLT PCHU THI fill Bnr TMI H.-.m-'.M B Plxx U HASTINGS IV ft UlT IfliU Ht-np j ftf Fanrfhlti rRi)WI UN Dili LA AilRADA 5 FLhii.LS F.ref'i.'fli iti ' l'fl OTKATOt LINCOLN DH. IS ""J1 ...p.ip. f(tct tf a ruiiiwi No. by Northwest" fan. HA CftCft lira preini t i "R0A3 MIU ramflt.c4aia BaOQY-l ni!??7'' S&u Bis Ccurss ran for two years. I . , . Phillip Eaird will fy to native Air lea tor the or opening of the Fred Geb- hardt science-fiction film 12 to the Moon" being released Columbia. Larry Hart has returned to Hollywood from New York after playing a starring role in the feature, "Waldo the Magnificent." The recent announcement from Moscow that "Westside Story" vould be given in the Soviet Union later this season is a surprise to the musical's American producers. Harold S. Prince and Robert E. Griffith, although pleased at the Russian interest, would be more pleased if the Russians made arrangements for the usual capitalistic gratuities and have written the chief of the Ministry of Culture to that effect. mum allHIl llldlaaiiin i n raVatwana unaaiatiia iMaiami - PIVf.lN THE ATPFI VAN avn VAN NUYS WVl'M CENTURr COMPTOK tlTMPIC SAM VII STARLITC Miwi-m tn ;ph UN HDM SM PEDIO WHVIHI H. IUW SIP CA1BIEL Mtvc-ut CU. 1511 T 9 SO)3 THITT'fl MtYI-l FA I M il HATMHiS lV! .vVIS1 k PhJL UMWftll 4aiat((aB IN TMC WONOfa 0 Hint IIDIlltY arpttQ HOMtC SOUMO THlt CAM II Hf ABO ANQ Ar-aaiciAtio m Tniat iHUiaia pmivi snow times' mm. JIH SEVEN - THOUSANDS OF SUTS AT 75 N. Hifhljnd Av Phop HO 3151 Hill Street and All Mutual Arencie FTT-" u7fTTTf?r ' "' J" " .-. J nr mm mjMM' (r?" Pnasarm . .hi iau mm IIIVJM l - tat, 1 71 1 aJ V lai m. 1. r.twM- Xfc'. 5-71 yn MVlUTOVf "KALI i s V' ' V.TFK5TJ ROACIUM BRAIN EATERS tC(lMa lUll lio. bNorthwssf I PfMPiri flPUi 4-?r-4 RUBiDOUX OVdriartaf 1-44 SUNDOWN H ,-, OK I M SUN LA NO nini!-!. i-mt Knit f o(till BM. TWiM-VUE OA'lt 4-ItJ? ft ptf r,,. M VALLEY ,..n,t a a Tin u a, a a tMtru B PiNHirl TnNj euT APVtMTUPI NCII IN Till Mill THI inuaurt I ASK ANY GiRL niP. PIfp A BTVIl CEViL'S CiSClPLE BtlBIT TUP Business na naiure entertainment, la the t I University of California Ex- movies tdev.on, radio, ;tens,on fcy Cclun.bia night clubs and theaiers, wii.ljpjCturea executive Gordon T. be analyzed in a 12-weeklStulberg. TM8 PIACE TO s KtJP COOl' V (sh.'ti fount you-tempt you -teas you I CURTJURSES ANO MAY ERITT "tho OaLeLJO i I THEODORE BIKeC1" -; i P EDWARD DMYTRYK NIGEL BALCHIM XT' EXCLUSIVELY . ran ma.". 'a CtiiNaixsa i 3rd DIG CAPCP BRANDON ! LYN LEY- de MACOONAUJ MARSHA Bf-HDHT 3?. Conttmiout PttfOfnuncM trofli 12 jo Dally, Tho AOiy Fox BEVERLY JO N. BFVfeiY DR. PHONF p MH2 or TR 5-4ja i trr.VTrT-' aantaaa j . -I - ttCHPICCiOP MNWISIOP'- Rl 1 .41 1 1 lllltitsr Paaall C0011B BT BUHImLRATIQN c 2 BEVERLY Ctnt. Caral lynlar-lranM dl wllilp, 11 BLUE BENIM CI I.44M BOULEVARD Ii5 w.wun. PE 1.41 II 7:ia TEN COMMANDMENTS loa Biai Mandamiantae Part, at 7-.40 P.M. RPHIM Wlt Dlinay a Darbt 6.m. 'MI l,TTLl p ; r-l:4 PtOPHi i faat Brine Ft RFY Pnfar.KniBrtain' SM7 WilJnir. UIH MClf ICi Parl.1 WP I. HOI 12:43 1 4 7 A 10 FTllFSlf ITCroslij-B. Pnynoida. m bJTbI. M7 " "P MEi a, we e i in :4 Hnlimy wr taer FlGUERQA B. Croiby O. Paynolda. 401 1 8 "la Y " ' . D ii! : Holiday far lor FINE ARTS ROOM AT THE TOP"" ar'"w,r.?,!.4 Mn.tOarln, Adult 01. a-nil) Film el Of carta CONT. BAIIT I; lT SUN. 12 I5.u E. Finr. Aealaicantai U LU 57877 e 45 Le Paie 1 tanaan filGHLAND rc":- rynVna, 5604 N F 14. I N f" ""I. Cl afiina il 8 Holiday far Uian LIDO i .u; w. pim OL 8.W 11:4 LOYOLA "i9 a.niitvida MonroaCurtiiaamrnan, SOME LIKE IT HOT) Ratf IttH'r, l Cinnna fran"$inatra, HOLl" IN THE HEAD) lei! ar n. i4ia TraH Fran Oua Hill MAT. OAIIT 1 PM FPEE PAPPINB MESA Monroi-Curlii-lammon. !M7 cV,n.h.w I0ME LIKE IT MOTl Clr. AXi.e5e ,:4 apaclaclal Hartalaa B. Hin-S. Maclaina. ASK ANY (IPL Warld, HeiP A The Btl Amllir. Lea Chiliadal Bal Pnel-n-Palli Donde II Clreule Tarmlna Wilt Dlmay't DAPBY B'tlll A THE LITTLE it 4.i itc i a PEOPLE) )B feat tr(P VII I fl HE Oaiidai-lancailar. W.iUmii e:4B BflL'B BKCIPLEi l MI2 The Pabalt Trap WESTLAKE , i, NU 1MH l:IJ WlCSHIRE mt wnth. B. Croitiy 0. Pnynaldi, UT ONE FOP ME; Webo, Holiday far Laara Oflurlii.Lancater, BEVIl'a BISCIPlEi Tha Pabbll Traa Only 6:15; Cf. let, San, 12, Trie Park ALEX Blmav'i BAPPT t.i.1. H B CItl A THE LITTLE CH a-t"a PEOPLE: 30 Foot- Bride coottB bt arrmTioN ELENDALE lantaitar-Oatifiaa, n"a 4VHLt B'Vll'a BISCIPtE, CM Tha Babbit Traa STUDIO CITY 1 "' BtpiaMi. a iiirp.,!, 'a ONE FOP ME: Waal, T 7.l'7 Malidap far Lnarl COOIEB BT PErICEPTION ELPORTAL "iwT, N Nlla, 0 0 II L A THE IITTLE TP 7211 IIH PEOPLE: Ft Brida POOLEB BT PEFPIOfaaTIOII 6'!TD Him-! Maclaina, Hl Lxkthat. ' HT PI'Li Warld, pm.rr?a-4i Plat A Tha BH La re in a !;::!f:'l11vJ,,, pnarntaii (laka fll'a BICIPLE TH .) i " Tha Bahhil Tra cnniEB BT ptrmr.imTirjN Pnn.ari-Mafnmaralftin'a v,. i,n anirp Pacific at 1 Jf; at a.ii t-a 4:'t a ii e-ao p.m. COfll F BT BlrplCIPATION RIVflLI Vfi Nnv IT I-3SII 4:41 V. Mli a. Flriln. bib riarut: Bni.. Lait Tram from Cun Mill ACADEMY "' "T r-niii B elli A THE IITTH HU l.atoa PEOPIE: ) FnaT Brida COOIEB BT f FPISf DATIOia STATE r .7i ia RIALTO Kt PirlIB EL REY Aihamtr-a cu inn. t it Badrar.Haimarttea'e aouiH PACIIIC. At lilB: 4 B:M: B:2S PM "B.y PaVa, THE FIVE PIHHIEIt Baariaa, latt Traia Frana Bina Hill "BallarlTHE""IVl pfhNirt, b. pn-a. MacLaiaa, Ai Any fit rl WrTtflAST e BmtElia. lalnt. ""., HOTHTI0THWESr. Ki jni?..':4L Tha Flaaat af Far FOX 4nRhlM k .,im? a-aa FOX Banny Una. THE FIVE PENHlllj Wibl-WyM, Hftliitay far lafara Pn4r.Hanwir4titt'a aiUIN rttAWi Bran Cinjani Mat Bly.ant. f .llr!WI LA 1HI fuzz. a !, pp BOCKIT. ILl TP''fl la (and af lent BaaWi vi I j;i iFlirEAnTS 4th Month I "p I VOW 760 Ifrft l'"l''lll 81 Mlil-lulrt, III III. It srpB';fip)r I A-V64Mpy J I - A STADIUM 1:15 Sm.ika cp e.iQHi STARLANO 2iH N. Brlwy. C sanno :45 UPTOWN infill A Waw ' VATiK::5.p'CSI I THEATRES TOAY 7 2K JnCKOSSKflGS lsswiLirKjiiait. wwiii.atMiu tl)lr'12()'M!7'4j4 a.j B-inH WEEK! LZilJ As!:rvcl!;;J a ONatN4ASc0tt rmontncxnai 1 Tnniv ) t a Mm ' jT f ?" T Mair.ui.9iai . Hi FOX at Chinese ;?ir7i H0 4-IHI ANSEL CScape-Clr.! COOLFB IT BErBltEATIOP) NEW rox Frank llnalre, HOLl IN THE HEAD) Im'E filve Up the t'B 120 Hl.4. HO 107)9 i!:HP ..Hollywood 'jrWi'pLEi Hi S.9.I7I ' Tht Babbit Trap OPEN All HIBHT UNTIL I A.M. BAIL? IRIS 2ho lyilaai Pt. MOS2IM IMS Bodeirl-H.immaritlll'l BOUTM PACIFIC Pert. ".!'. VOGUE THE BIB riSHtPMAK Daily 2 A B:30 P.M. ho 2.6IUI Bui-1 B Pa. laatB COOIEB IT PtFRIuERATION CULVER 45 Smskal ll.nty'l II.EEPIN BEAUTT) Tanaa'l 3124 Breatan mraniwi COOLED IT BEEBIfiEBATION CRITERION On. 11:30 (X B-1212 wait Dlaney'e I1PPT O'GILL A THI UTILE PEOPLEiJOart BrxlB APOUNB THE WMll IN 80 BATS It III 1: B:40i IB P.M. Alan ladd'-V. HalllaT" SHANEi R. Btaiiar. , F. Apaln, Al CaeeM WILSHIRE oa. ii:m ran IX 1.0991 BUNDY 145 Pari ' EX 44l4Oa FOX-Venici 1:45 Park tX 1-4211 . Matura-e. Flamlnt, BIB CIPCUSi B. Parr, Count Tear Blanlnia 1 ?E5? ttm t bisciplei PL Tils Thi Pahhlt Trif COOIEB IT PEEPICEPATION tf Walt llinay'a IAPBT UA . t in a. 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