The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 22, 1957 · 43
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 43

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 22, 1957
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4 Part Hl-SUN., DEC. 22, 1937 O0 flngtlf 0 Ctmr BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTERNATIONAL GRANDMASTER AddVeia leHw f Chtu fditof, l-A. TlmM Wa Ang.l.i M. Calif. GHESS r RESHEVSKY TIES AT 814-514 WITH GLIGORIC ' Samuel Reshevsky of Spring Valley, N.Y., and Svetozar GlW gortc of Yugoslavia tiea jor nrsi with scores of Stt&Ji In the hard-fought eight-master International Chess Tournament al the Hotel Adolphus in Dallas. . Both winners started poorly and made up ground by persistent play In the later rounds. Reshevsky lost in the second round to Fridrik Olafsson of Iceland and trailed through the first half of the tournament. Gligoric was even worse off, after a defeat by Laszlo Szabo of Hungary and five draws in his first six rounds. By the ninth round, however,1 the eventual winners were ahead of the field. Reshevsky was to suffer another loss in a well-played game by Daniel A. Tanofsky of Winnipeg, Can. Gligoric advanced more consist ently but had two more draws than Reshevsky to make up Tjie same total. Third place was also a tie, at 7VS-6VZ, between Bent Lar sen of Denmark and Szabo Laewen scored three wins and a draw in the first four games to lead by a full 'point at that stage. He still led at the half way mark, with 4V2-2Vi, but two successive losses, to Miguel Najdorf of Argentina and Gligoric, dropped him out of top contention. : Szabo had the most uniform score of the tournament, with two wins, one loss and no less than 11 draws. Most of these were hard-fought battles. Among them were two difficult Queen and Pawn endings against Reshevsky, in each of which Szabo had the advantage but could not force the win. The prizes were distributed In a closing ceremony by Emile Z, Gilutin, chairman of Dallas International Chess Tourna' merits, Inc., a nonprofit corpora tion wnicn organized the event. The top prizes were $2000, $1300, $1000 and $500. Nonprize winners were awarded $30 for each point' scored. In addition all the players received full traveling and living expenses during the play. - Your editor directed the tournament, which turned out to be a relatively simple task as there were no disputes and only one forfeit had to be called. Following are the results of the last three rounds and Some. Interesting games. The full cross table at the bottom of the column shows the points after the first half and the final totals.' ROUND 11 .8 dec. ti, its; TIMES PROBLEM 2W1 By E. Delallan BLACK I JAM n 4 WHITE Whit matet in two, TIMES PROBLEM Bv L. Knotek BLACK l t , v. -Aw t l wa warn 5'aHiBB ... Event f anof ky ..... elk) oris. GllaorlB Naldorf Rnhaviky Szabo . .... '?.i't' , Olafsion ROUND II 1 Vi LarKn 1 Siabo 1j Reshevsky 0 Naldorl Vj ROUND 14 Olafsson 81 ranotiky y, Evans ( Larsen Va Larsan EV Evani . 1 Yenofjky V Sraba ., Vi Reshevsky 'A Naldorf 0 Gitsorlc V WO BISHOPS WIN END GAME Olitfsson'g Queen side Pawns were weak and his pieces awkwardly f i laced on that side. By clever tac-ical play Reahevaky gained the illRht advantage of two Bishops gainst Bishop and Knight. These were the only pieces left nwr adjournment tnn tne position had become considerably simplified. Reshevaky'i King got to the center first, and this fact, coupled with the greater mobility of the Bishops, was enough to carry the day. The ending was quite Instruo- uv, ana weu nanaied Dy both win ner and loser. '" KING'S INDIAN DEFENSE Reshevaky OlafswnlSeshevjky Olafsson Biack white N-KB3l32BxP P-KN3 33-R-07 B-NJ 34-B-B4 P-Q435-F)-R3 NXPI36-B-N5 WhHa 1-P-Q4 MM3B4 3- P-KN1 4- B-N 5- PxP t-N-KBJ 7-0-0 -P-Kl -N-BJ 10- p-os 11- P-K4 12- P-OR1 13- PxP 14- Q-BJ 15- N-QH4 16- QxN 17- Q-BJ 1J-R-0 14-P-KS 50-Q-B4 fl-B-Kl 7JB-KB J3-PQR4 ?4-BxP J5-N-04 ?6-NxB 77-BORJ ?-5-OS W-Q-K4 30-QR-B JI-QxQ N-N3 N-B3 0-0 P-QR4 37- BxR 38- K-B 3-BxR 40-RONIS N Ni 41 B K3 P-OR3I4J-B-OB4 N R3-43-P-B4 J t, '14 i WHITE t Whiyi mataa In three. The play after the Knight cat lures Is cleverly worked out i 2921. The key is a little too evldeni view of me iiigni square, inp, key in 2922 Is also on the weak side, with the crude threat. Two beautiful pin mates are the feature. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 2917: R-OJ. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 2911: R-N3, If K-BS. 2 B-B7chi it K-B4, 2 P-K4ch; If K-Q3, 1 R-K3; If P-B4, 2 B-K7. SOLVERS' LIST Following are the points earned by solvers for problems 2913 through 2HIS. me maximum score Is 15 points for correct replies to all six problems. A. J. Baum, 5; J. C. Beaver, 15 S. Chapman, 4; W. G. Covin, 4: H i. irawtorn. 7: 1. uonagnu. 2 11 D. Duckwald. 7: It. Edwards, fi; J. P. Fancy, 2; J. Forte, 5; J. D, Flierson, 2; W. H. Griffith, 12; J, K. (iootiw n. 5: M. hh ter. 2: w. w, Irwin, 15; R. Jackson, 4; R. Jaeger. 2: js. o. Jones. 10: J. Katitman, 10: O. H. Ketchum, ; N. lesser, 8; K, Machina. 2: H. J. McBlaine Jr.. 5; K. Vi. McLaugnnn; 1: w. s. Moore 10; M. Morris, 10; R. L. JVIorris, 2; v. v. Nielsen. 12; a. E. fenter. 10: M. Rosen. 8: J. W. Selbv. 7: C. L. Terzopoulos. 7; D. Vandeveer. 1: L, a. victor, 10; j. 1. waisn, e; u l.. Wllkonson, 1: O. Wiseman, 8; A. B, Wood, 2; A. M. Zwllingter, 2. wald Trophy. In this game, which was played before the official opening of the tournament, Fischer had the Initiative throughout. . He emerged a piece ahead after a time scramble toward the end. Samuel Reshevsky flew to New York from Dallas just In time to start the first round at the Manhattan Chess Club. Oth er participants are present U.S Champion Arthur B. Bisguler, Arnold s. uenxer, ueorge Kra mer, William Lombardy. Ed-mar Mednls, Herbert Selaman, James T. Sherwin and Abe Tur ner, all of New York, and Hans Berliner of Washington, D.C. Larry Evans and Robert Byrne, who were on the origi' nai entry list, dropped out at1 the last minute. Sidney Bern stein, Anthony Saldy and Jack Collins are being considered as replacements. PxP 0-B2 R-N 44- K-B2 45- B-07 44-K-K3 il.K.Kt R-N4148-K-05 ON349-B-N5ch BB450PP3 P-R4 S1 B-KI P-B4 52-B-K N-B2 53-K-KJ RxP 54-K B Q-N? 55-Kxp B-K3 54-K-BS NxN;S7-KxN R-N3iS-BxPch 0-R7I5V-K-N4 O-B? 40-KxP OxPlJl-K-RS BxQl Black R-K R-N7 ROB P-N3 RxRch R-03 RxR N-B4 N-Ni N-Q5 KB 8-B3 K K B-Q N-B4ch K-021 B-N3 K-B2 NxP N-B8 N-Kch N-BSch B-QSch N-03ch NxB B-K4 K-B3 BxP P-R5 Resigns Fischer White 1-P-K4 S-N-KBJ 3- P-KNJ 4- P-Q3 5- ON-QJ 4-B-N 7-0-0 -R-K 9Q-K2 10- PK5 11- P-B3 12- N-B 13- B-B4 14- P-B4 15- P-KR4 14- P R5 17-P-RJ 15- Pxf-1-N(I)-R2 20- PR4 21- B-NS SICILIAN Feuarsteln 2 .. , merry umstmas g 2 to all our readers 2 TOO MANY THREATS GHgorlc had the edce In the opening, with a more solid formation. H could have won a Pawn bv 2S BxN but with opposite colored Bishops the Win Would Imve )wpn doubtful. He determined instead to' play for a King side advance. Kvans, got cnunten-nan'-es aUd the game gained excitement. If X, . , . RxPch; 36 OxR. B0: '7 PxPi li wins The critical point rame en Fvans' mm move. H-tj4! would have equalised the game. But at that since Evans, with a Rook on the seventh rank and threats of his own. plaved tn maintain the tension. White's re ply, 37 y-K.i. fet flp too manv threats to he handled. If then 37 . .". RxPch; 38 K B. OxRP: :in RxB wins. NIMZO-INDIAN DEFENSE Cllawle EvansiGHaorie White Black White 1- P-04 N-KB3 21-B KJ 2- P-084 P K3 J3-0R-Q 3-N-OB1 B-NSiH-RxR D.D 4- N-8J 0-0 74-P R5 P-KR3 5- P-K1 PB4J5-0-N3 N-B S-B-Ql P-04 76-01(3 NK3 NB377B-OB4 P-R3 tS.-!? BxN 78-O-B N B7 -PxB PxBP JV-B B4 0-K2 10-BiBP O il W B.N p.n n-Q-Bt Q K7 32-P-B4 13- NP MxN 33-0-N3 0 B? HPxN OxP 34-P K5 R Q7 15-P-B1 R 0 35-P-K4 PxP 14- R-K B 02 -RxP K B 17-P-OR4 B-B3 37Q-KJ R-Olch tP-M N-04 3S-K-B2 OxRP 19- B-OJ N-B5 39 (J-KS Resigns 20-B-HB N-N3' FISCHER WINS FIRST IN U.8. CHAMPIONSHIP Black P-QB4 . p-s3 N-KB3 P-04 B-K2 0-0 N-B3 0 82 R-Q N-K P-QN4 P-N5 Q-R4 N-B2 0-N3 P-Na PxP B-R3 ORB P-N3 N-05 DEFENSE Flschtr Fauersteln White 22-Q-KI 33-QxB 24- N-N4 25- 0 R-B 24-N-02 27- NxP 28- QR-Q 29- R-K 4 30- R-Q 9 31- N-Q2 32- NxR ' 33- N(N)-B4dl 34- P-KN4 35- BxB 36- NxN 37- 0x0 38- N-Q4 39- K-B 40- NxPeh 41-NxR . Black BXB N-K N-B4 0-B2 R-Q5 RxP R-R5 B-N4 0-N3 RxR B-Q6 K-R BxN N-05 0-0 RxQ N-K7ch NxR K-N Resigns BKN'KO BEATS SMITH Paul Benko, Hungarian chess master and freedom fighter who recently defected to the United Mates, applied for admission to the Dallas tournament He was placed on the reserve list as alternate for Laszlo Szabo if for any reason the latter could not make the trip. Szabo came to Dallas and that seemed to be the end of this particular story for Benko, Then Kenneth Smith of Dallas, former champion of Texas challenged Benko to a seven game match. The Dallas tour nament committee seized on this offer, put up a prize of S250 for the winner and agreed to take Benko's ex penses during the match. Benko won the match by a margin of but the encounter was closer than the score would Indicate. In the first game Smith had a winning ending when he miscalculated the remaining time on his clock and lost on time on the TOth move. The other games were all hard fought. An example is the difficult Queen and Kook ending in the following battle. SICILIAN DEFENSE Benko I Smith Black White P-QB4 34-QxRch Evans R-QJiWhite uR o; i.p.k4 2- N-K7 3- P-KN3 4- B-N2 5- BxP 4-B-N 7-0-0 4-P-03 gg'lO-NxN 1JR-K 13- N 0 14- N B4 5-N-K5 16-P-KB4 17BQ2 1I-0R-B 19.P-B4 20-PxP 21 -OKI 22- KxB 23- P-B4 24- PxP j!5-P R4 76-B-B3 P-KN3 37-RxRch P-Q4 38-R-07 PxP 39-K-RJ N-KB3 40-K-NJ N-B3,41-R(SI-K7 I-N2 0- N-05 Px4 N-04 t 42-P-Rach 43-RXP i 44-RxP Q i 45-K-B2 I 4-R-R7 O B 0 2 47-KK3 O B-QB3 46-K-B2 Q P-04 4-K-N3 B K2 50-R(KR)-4N; KR OB S2-RIQ1-QN7 PK3I53-K-R3 PPe P.I54-K-R2 N N3 S5-K-R3 B'B S4-K-R2 K-Q ;57-K-R 3 PPj5S-K-R7 NR5I59-KR3 N B4!0-K R2 BxNil-K-R3 Q-B3ch 62-K-R2 N-04 U-K-N C-K4 44-K-R1 Bobby Fischer of Brooklyn H-year-old open champion of the U.S. Chess Federation, de- ?7-bxb feated Arthur Feuerstein of g.'5J New York In the first game ofBxp the U.S. Championship Tourna-iSJ ment, which also involves pos-jcR session of the Lessing J. Rosen-jt?!R$ DALLAS INTIRNATIONAL MASTERS TOURNAMENT O-Kleh IH O! OxPch 64-R-K B7 0-K3 47-K-N NxBM-K-B QBP:-Resigns R -K I 0-OB4 O-Kach 0 B'ch 0-Bch 0 B7ch Q-Blch OBSch QxPch 0 BSch O B4ch 0-K4ch Q-QSch K-N5 C-QB5 QR7cl K-N4 0-QHJ M 7 xar- 1 4 ' . . mr A,TV V V II II I 41 T ' -X. M M ...mmtf -tla t f Famou$ Jeep, rjch flavor ' I . I wi5.fflS' 7 i m s.5aiUNOcAN L7Co)(5 L,,l IU CAN I I All grinds h-J i ns tt . -j i y m m m. mm r r .1 tali s 'Ml Tfc III?. I-j jl um. x, II 1 I aU I JT.(& ' KmJ iT ' 7 TeilOW Cling, onces or nuires . i l IStf STAM3 LARGE NO. 2V2 can ijj ( j Fresh frozen. Sweet, tender, green I j REGULAR JO-OUNCE PACKAGE L JJ asssa . J , . , ytir,".'"t'w'vv''"'"':,,i Buy the best and be sure of a perfect Christmas 16 T0 20"lB- Lf " M dinner. Grade A. broad-breasted, fullv oven-ready AVERAGE 3 ZZ) I R Crisp, sweet and juicy. T Jf ' Lj?C J A Buy plenty at this low f f) (S : !7 I - X g r J Fox price for an appealing i J j jr ' ..J ' jj C" ' fS. 1 A Christmas fresh fruit bowl. LJ V lb. y II r -" ' ' I .-.- (Quantity rights reserved) Zm pew Jw ' i V If . .'itr, ,tt. .'""V, Y 'V ' ' vr : N ,'fm Hw I W'iMA 31 ILXS VaU-- - ' ' ' JGI. . L. St. 'v. 'oi. j'N. 'e, 'hP' TV j' QHgarie I I '! Mill 0' j I Vi I i I 1 I i I I 3"i I Vi I lehitry 'Vj I I ';' li'i I ' I t 1 I 111 Ilt4l fji Urate. imi'.i'al ' I I'll til 101 U I 4' Ti' Suba I V I 'i1) I I 1 I O'i j I I'i I 4 !! VarWtky I I H I I O'H I I 1 I M I 1 3 I 1 ' Ofraaew 0 I 1 I I I 0 I 1'; ) I ) t'i4 I 4'i I eiawlorf I Wil l 1 1 l.'i'i I I 't'i I I I ?" I Si I rart (Mil 1(1 Oil ' 1 1 Vi I I'i I li 1 1 I 2Vi I I SoOflaj Santa will find thousands of happy families whose Christmas stockings will already be bulging with wonderful gifts . . . gifts that caused no strain on the budget. These families shopped at Fox Markets . . . where, week after week, they saved on sensational values (like these) and got S&H Green Stamps, too! Did you do as well, this year . . . where you shop? If not, try FOX! iitexSiSRWs' 4i3 16 TO 20-lB. AVERAGE Advertised prices gooc I .i u litakcnav ' tnrougn CLOSED XMAS DAY mi Santa Monica 2412 PICO BLVD. Crenshaw 57TH AND CRENSHAW Garden (Market Town) 15017 CRENSHAW BLVD. Cardena VAN NESS AT ROSECRANS . lot Angeles 6121 WEST PICO BLVD. W. let Angelti 3024 S. SEPULYEDA BLVD. Windsor Hills 4411 W. SLAUSON AVE. Cuvct Ciff 12021 W. WASHINGTON BLVD. ' ' ' Hawlhornt 105 HAWTHORNE BLVD. Tcrroffct 1321 POST AVE. Toriana 18632 VENTURA BLVD. ReseJa 18345 VANOWEN ST. fneino 5767 WHITE OAK AVE. San fernando 1320 SAN FERNANDO RD. San Gabriel (La Mar's) 70& W. IAS TUNAS RMcecreif (Desert Fair) 1521 N. CHINA LAKE loncajfer (Desert Fair) 130 E. AVL T Idwaris (Desert Fair) 1316 PAYNE AVL Palmdalt (Desert Fair) 20TH AND PALMDAIE Christmas Eve of 7 p.m. UViS&C .nifuriytiafS Tammee 1321 POST 1 mstsA mm 4' m 'Tm. mfMTZ VI'-iit-T.-. . V V " 'r

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