The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 26, 1960 · 25
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 25

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1960
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Biltmore Imports , Taste of Honey' Heston- to Star in 'El Cid'; Paramount Buys 'Beach Pad : BY PHILIP K. SCIIEUER "A Taste of Honey," British stage hit, will reach- New York by way of Los Angeles. This coup for the Biltmore was announced yesterday by David Mer- rick, the eastern producer, who was recently In town to book ''Vintage '60" for Manhattan. j Sheila Delaney wrote "A Taste of Honey," which will come here Sept 5 with a notable company headed by Angela Lansbury, Joan. Plowright, Nigel Davenport and Billy Dee Williams. It. will reach Broadway thereafter via easy stages." - Merrick's ' "World . of Suzie Wong" will beat "Honey" into the Bilt- Joan Plowright more by almost a month (Aug. 1). Asserting as "utterly unfounded" the story that he has purchased "Hollywood Rajah," Bosley Qeow . tiler's biography of the late Louis B. Mayer, Dore Schary writes, "I wonder if you would be good enough to please run an item in your column stating that I have never considered buying the book, I have no Intention of buying the book and cannot foresee my ever doing any story in which I was involved. - My thanks, etc." Hesfon Accepts Lead in 'El Cid' Following a conference in New York yesterday, Samuel Bronston wires that he has signed Charlton Heston for the title role in "El Cid," ?& million Tech- , nicolor epic about Spain's Christian hero. The actor stated that he sees in the character one of size and importance comparable to his Ben-Hur. Bronston and Philip Yordan will co-produce the film all over Spain beginning in mid-September, with Anthony Mann ("Cimarron") as director For "her contribution in promoting understanding between the peoples of the United States and Israel," Elana Eden, the star of 'The StQry of Ruth," will receive a Distinguished, Artist Award from the State of Israel Bonds at the Statler-ilton Hotel next Sunday evening. Robert Vaughn, Oscar nominee for his vivid emoting in "The Young Philaelphians," is testing out as St. Francis of Assisi in Plato Skouras' forthcoming production. The life of .Mahatma Gandhi will be cinematized as "Amritsar" by Lloyd Young & Associates, to location In India with interiors in London. Al Daff, former U-I executive, will be in charge of the filming. He has already conferred with Indian government officials on the project. 'Beocfi Pad' Paramount Purchase "The Beach Pad," an original 'by Jack Sher and Irene Kamp, has been bought for Martin Jurow and Richard Shepherd at Paramount and will go before the camera in November, Sher directing. Theme concerns young people -but not beats on holiday. Sher and Miss Kamp collaborated on "Paris Blues"; Sher recently directed "The 3 Worlds of Gulliver" in England. ; . ' - ' Van Heflin will co-star with Ellie Lambetti, Greek wife of author Frederic Wakeman, In the movie of Wakeman's new novel, "The Wastrel." Producers, in Italy, will be Hollywood's Danny Winkler and Lux Films, with, direction by Greece's ace Michael Ca-coyannis, wno helped Wakeman with the, adaptation. Jessica Tandy flew to England yesterday to discuss acting ma new picture for writer Jan de Hartog. He authored her (and husband Hume Cronyn's) hit, "The Fourposter." CAUGHT,..H THE WILD, FRANTIC RAT RACE I if :PRLBRG-SEATOM crsonm?h-8 - ' K& - JACK OAKff KAY UEOf ORDDCN RICKLES I i aaM KWm-IWNTIU'KHTMUICtf-BntM hart tUtmttumtn Ijeeaa lea6em AH .; & . a, a a a Uft.lA "II WW" jryjl.'. mi , $ mm mmt PALMER SYMS - MITCiiELLLEWiS "Conspiracy ova ileal a ' "" yVS. . MWVHIT Kl Cltt u mohte , HM-MI mtmt I II li 1 II I " i 1 'fwnrrs--' iflrrr? . .77TJ . fciiwin i & . ion, . ' -&m . ' i I .. v- r-S k- - 4 I Mnm I omooiu Iwlt ntm mt$m I 0166111 S7 fig ROStXXMiS -VE 4-41 !S1 "THE F2AT RACE" and "CONSPIRACY OF HEARTS" MftALTA a MtnysMiii vi iiiiv nttrt ai v .. .a. ohh show . yyrilmJ , TONIGHT 8:39 1 Baroque Players- Perform Five instrumentalists who are individually known to patrons of chamber concerts, introduced th'emselves a3 an ensemble called the Los An geles Baroque Players at the Club Renaissance Sunday night. The . combination- consisting of Burnett Atkin son, flute; Nathan Ross, violin; Joseph Reilich. viola: Emmet Sargeant, cello, and Carol Rosenstiel, harpsichordis an attractive one and can be counted on to ex plore a rich but neglected segment of the repertory. . ' Unfamiliar and Familiar A taste of what is in store for lovers of music from the baroque era was offered with works by. such unfamiliar, composers as Ailessandro Scarlatti, Joham Phuipp Krieger and . Johahn Adolf i Scheibe. More familiar com posers of the time, such as Couperin and Handel, were represented with unfamiliar pieces, and even Haydn and Johann Christian Bach, though really belonging to the classic rather than the baroque period, found a place on the program because they contributed music suitable to the group. One may question whether all of : the selected works were actually designed for this particular instrumental combination. The suite by Krieger, lor instance, con-i tained technical frills for the flute and the strings that were obviously the product of a modern arrangement Nevertheless, it turned out to be one of the most delightful offerings of the eve- u in cz nun Jitjiirr iiul Liirr iiui r.tL & . might have found reason to rrV ' quibbla. . .. iWj Aj Composer-Critic ' But there were no quib- blers in the audieijce though there was one on the program k in the : person of Scheibe. He was both a composer and the publisher of a critical paper in which he at-i tacked Bach. While - we would not dream of holding this agamst Scheibe we can-l not, as an honest reporter,' suppress the fact that his piece was the weakest on the, 5 The performers played a3 a solid unit. There were no ragged edges to speak of and the musicianship was consistently high. . The balance, too, was exemplary, and individual contributions were uniformly expert. - . . WALTER ARLEN Director. Will . Attend Opening The invitational premiere of . "The Idiot" , tomorrow evening at the Fine Arts Theater brings to an Ameri can a'idience for the first . .. . ... . - gBg flngtUg Omtrf TUES., JUtV2S, ma-Port 1 23 time two youthful Russian stars, Julia Borisova and Yuri Yakovtev. Both are performers of major.importance in the Moscow theater. , Julia and Yuri will appear in person, at the premiere, in addition to Ivan Pyriev, JTTTTmT '1 nnni CALL THeATRt r SR. 2-9261 CR. 4-0411 I vs.. mn iwitnri last day! "THE "JwtkUssm C t 1 I Isi till I "r"". Frea ussfJurray i 'MOUSE and 6AR0EN CO LOU CARTOON S92S Htilywtat llrt M0.4l11lllt.2-12il rrr( mnow times I2:is; )s. soj . 7 39 10 00 1316 W. 5n Viunli. Phon Wf J SM7 MATINEES DAILY WS P.M. EVE& (txc. Stw, P.M.) al I J9 "A WOWC THAT MUST H RECOuHiZtD M CMATI1 txhnut ImiMM NOWI WIUHIHi MMT IA KtA'WL 4211 CM.P.,tM,.n. INVITATIONAL WEST COAST PREMIERS TOMORROW EVENING at 8:30 - Stars - YURI YAKOVLEV JULIA BORISOVA .. '- - , ... m-A ... 1, ,. , ... ;.,... Director IVAN PYRIEV will attend! 1 11 i if Hurry! Hurry! Last Day! 1 1. it MP' A major work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky... his supreme insight into human emotion. H"J..I1I!!!HH II A MottilM Production stirrlnf , YURI YAKOVLEV JULIA BORISOVA OirietKby IVAN PYSIEV COLOR by DELUXE ft 1 " fYfOl f 1 T RESERVED ' SEATS ' AVAILABLE ' AT BOX OFFICE rn cunut timc Hall (xc.Sun.J Mill from $UJ V """""5 UV 'W .Pi.f Sun. thru Ihun. from S1.79 -FiL and Sat Cvei $2.S8 and $3.59 Juniorj ( MifikMei only ftl.OO CWl T TtCHNtCOLO i rv 1 Cinemascope COLOR by DE LUXE v- 4th BIQ WEEI1 Contiavwi Bailf, Tram 12:30 p.n. CVERLT MILLS' FINEST "Need 0 faugh? . . . Fine Arts" DAVID BONGARD, HERALD EXPRESS tMtlMI JM&'i:-.W 2a U8 "riHiiiiiiriVniii nirftiMfriHtVi jfTunrHYalriirrW miiMnj eotoi Dally 1 tat., Sun. 12 last Day XL "THE DRAMA IS DYNAMITE AND ONLY FOR ADULTS1" -Hrold-Exprw RALPH RICKARDSDH mm 11 IV WIUHIIt Mb LA w. Mm . Only . tHILT MATINEES T THEATRES MARKED BELOW! MTOlNlOSAi Los Annies '!'"!!' ,eh"i l0SI ! Ohm Ti :36 nuw-u) eaona, nurna I ma 7.28M ta center or iirm LOSAEIES'BEVERLYHSLLS DDIIIM . New at Famlhr Priced -A WMtwool ' AROUND WORLD IN 80 ?"w i:5 PAYS; toy end Plratet Lar CARTHAY - Sinatra-MacLalne. mdpic Cheyaller-Jourdan, 1 1, LIKltLt in CAN-CAN k it 1.0H7 Matlntea Dala 2 P.M. nizniir m:w un. r.m. g HOLLYWOOD CHINESE HO 4-eill lait Darl lemmon. MicLaini-MacMurray, THE APARTMENT Mnllvwnnrf Last 2 Oaytl Lemmon HO 9-9371 mt ArAKImtni IRIS 2Sa Syitem Pk. HO 3ZID4 IZJIB DaniiiA.Ct l.h. I flCT niumr.1. .viiif. bv.1 WORLD; Boone, Journey ta Center-af Earth if 1 Someone ese someone Jnsiead of fhim!,.. THE MOTION PICTURE GIANT OF 1960! 1 SMmnna kww VARNER EROS TECHNICOLOR In VOGUE Wi Htllywina H0 2662I 12:30 Paul Newmen-Jeanna Woodwird-Myrne loy, FROM THE TERRACE Oiilfieuled by 90lh CtMiny.Pi at Ihe oul el the U 1 Deptrtnenl el Slile I teeiwe-, lion wild III culture) exchinte igrewriefit with the Soviet Union. A Mottilm Production la Color by De Line I EL REY mJk nun Wilihln I WC 111016:30 W FAIRFAX I TOfiT Rani Rl . INVITATIONAL PREMIERE TOMORROW 9:30 P.M. REGULAR EN6A6EMENT Starts THURSDAY tiaily 2; Sal., Sun. 12 WE 83118 6:48 The Ohw iff r . AD 80S 1 8 8:48 CM, 7e entertainment world's most js wonderful 1 A'f entertainmentiMi i M!M CO 77 e MT7 GAM . TO kpTu . WM MUVfri UM uninuu juiui itutu , utriuui. nuiui irk ' i" ?' , - ....... mill tiPDnou KULU00UIil JL 1604 n. Fie. SL 59648 :4i iJLIDO ' r fso? W. Pice i liuuumiu (tiinuLi hi hoturtni RAY WALSTON juamtahau, Praeuetlbr - ' DimMkr ScNitr by I nxnofinrreniawr . AASununr-rgii HO 9-2275 WISTWOOD CRUIN CR 7-2487 NT AT THEATRES , SANTA MONICA I INOLIWOOO . Yi'lLSHIRE EXM995 ACADEMY pl 15151 COMPTON TCWESNE 61315 RE0ON0O ', FOX FR 4-0495 PACIPIC PALISADES BAY CL 5525 Acelalmedl All Star Cast OSCAR WILD. Day. PLEASE DON'T EAT THE BAisits; aiewen, The Mountain non. ORANGE COUNTY. , West Coast VmeentPrlea. HOUSE ."f ill .OF USHER, kack ki 38317 12:43 at ine nam leecnea TENTACI0N) All Star Musice la Nocna FOX ; . Antnoim a:a Kt 5.3BIB Jerry lewli, BELL-, : BOY, and Vltit Ta a Small Planet A FINE ARTS se wiimire roL 2-1330 Last Davl THE CAPTAIN'S TABLE Daily 2; Sat., sun. FOX ' Modget, ADVENTURES Fuiiirton-0:4S Of HUCK FINN; Brynner, la 9-zisl vnee mere nun reeling HIGHLAND Rrinria-Wofldward. THE FUGITIVE KIND) Stewart, The mountain noon I -fSAN fernamdoIalley. Int'l Award Wlnnertl at i kear addueiiC. Liw.aaw Sltnaret,ThaAdulteraa LOYOLA 6610,, KlBJ7;rBBf I S 8P 61410 1:36 P FROM THE TERRACt t Brando-wooowaro, ink r-XV.77rj, FUGITIVE U NO! jamea t ax 16959 6:45 Cawey, gallant Heura . af cfnTilllM M. Brando-J. Woodward, r "r? S" ..IT VILIARE turner-uee, runtnmi WflltWOOd ' '-V1 B. Wlimiaii, r.R. s-3042 0:4S craw in tne mirrer. STUDIO CITY TKE&waM i:45 Purk . IN BLACKi B. Oil man, tr 7.19)7 Crack In the Mirrer EL PORTAL "ennle-J. St. John, N.Holriwd. nt LOST WORLDi B.ttla TR 72993 12:19 In Outer Space Itlll n liatT si tAce"nnutv 'fcllT' SI6I IDKIftm. ubioim) iinii,, wnw po 2227a6:4 wore witn Feeiine. nOEINA Shrmfi Ooki TR 33980 12:45 Curtli-Reynoldi, THE RAT RACE; I. Palmer, Conplracy at Hearti 1111 JIM n I moll From the noveTIce Palace by f 2nd Feature all except VY1LTERN, EL PORTAL & ALEX T SEARING! SHOCKING! BREAKOUT'1 denha IlrHARrt TflP .UlfHiPl WliniNR :Mmt Am Yfr ?-fVf iT. L-'florrma iiuiaku lUUU- K jBKaa 1 A CwMiiM bhtwitailwf kit. Itttfett FOX Van Nuyo 8T 52731 I2:4S Vincent Price. THE unuec ne iicucb. iiuu.b v i ..null Attack af Slant Leecnet av un, 0 rwi CAPRI 6256 Vie Nuye 8T 63916 6:46 Turner-Dee, PORTRAIT IN BLACKi B. Olllman, Crack In the Mirror WILSHIRE wiunire I3U3 last Davl THE ' STORY OF RUTH. In CinemaScopo-Color . PASACENASO.PASADXA 4 CULVER CITlT. CULVER 6:45 Smoke VE 8-3124 Vincent Price, MuUSE DF USHER; Attack al the Slant leechee A flPflnFMY Rennle-St John, LOST Vit ie 1 WORLDi Clilt-Remick. Lmu 1.6501 ; ' Van Fleet, Wild River, CToTF Naw at Family Price! rtp.V ' ' AROUND THE WORLD III VS.,, :H 0 DAYSi BQldtn Flh thllSnna 0'Henry'a FULL STil! Miia 7:30 HOUSEi Hana'a Moultj FTOFV- Ciilt-Remick, WILD w CU 33523 :4S ween in fS afKUNTlNSTCH PARX rCAL F0Rf A""B-VK'ri.:. Lft r "tacenwrt'lertr' TaTTnu Una nt 6imil Prloetl AROUND THE WORLD IM j 10 BATSi Boy It Plrataa Turner-Dee, PORTRAIT , IN BLACK) Dillman, Crack hi the Mirror Turner-Da, PORTRaiT IN BLACK) . Pinmen, Crack In the Mirror Mf INGLEWdW" ACADEMY Rnnia-st. John, LbST :45-Pwk ' WORLD) Cllft-Remiek. PL I-5I5I Van Fleet, Wilt River FOX 0e. 12:16 OR 6-2326 5TH AVE. 6th-Man. 6:41 PL 6-6966 BELLBOY: Perkins Fonda. Tall Story Turner-Pea, PORTRAIT in blacki pinman. Crack In the Mirror SAHTAMOrlSCA'VEWCEg EX 3-82(12 ta cinter at term WILSHIRT PARK 4304 PiHfUl LU 73442 120 aTacazaT It Ad7H e. fakflt Eta- LU 133011 41 0! A i LTOWEif Oo. 6:45 Park EX 5 -81)9.1 6UN0Y Ob. 6:46 Pr EX 64414 600 Clilt-Remick. WILD RIVER; Dillman-Wellel, crack in tna mirror fCXVenici 1:45 Pork EX 6-4216 . Anthony Parkin. Jane Fonda, TALL STORYi Comanche "Now al FamilyPricetT AROUND WORLO IN 60 DAYS) Boy and Pirate HI, 11419 9.V9 r"S0UTH PACIHC" . ; nJJL twra ich pi IUI3C I LWia IHObK oufeiiaa TECHMIC9L3R . 1 Ittli eTso at PASADENA UPTCWH ST 3-4330 VAN NUVS EM 21 167 NO. HOLLYWOOD UNKERSia PO 5-5352 ' ALHAMBRA AT 2-6135 TEMPLE CITY TE??LE AT 6-3179 DOWNEY AVENUE TO t- 5610 WMITTIEFt DRIVE-IN OX 3-3242 6ARDENA ' TA'SN-VUE DRIVE-IN DA 4-5127 e tiak m REOSfiSO XATTAJI.HERMSJSA RIVERSIDE 3- 6v .4i2 Toroa Muraereiui ir-.tJa-i Ct,f.DY. pleasiIonT i.ll:iiHUi: illii l!H:t!Hll;U:li C HARBOR TE. 4-SMI 2.H22 So. VoroHint HASTINGS 5Y. 6-36 Roitinooa at faolhlH BLENN MILLER STORY THE ROOKIE PORTRAIT IN BLACK MOUNTAIN ROAD LA hliRASA UNliwoity 6-31)1 Flroitono ot Alonitrt LINCOLN JA J.ltli Buoflo Pork II ir , PORTRAIT IN BLACK MOUNTAIN ROnB ; BEST OF EVLRYTHINB . CHOSS-UP (. nil Pfimetik NA Mtflflnpi nt ftsmajnt ( MT. BALSY LtVoriM LV, l-SWJ FaMiiill a LlPfofn ASuUNO THE WORLD IN SO DAYS " lOTAS PIRATES " sveE SPifNnnt 00 CUT TO A MOV11 TONISHT ROADIUM ftOEtealf 6-4646 ParHiouRt'Comatf OPERATION ; PETTICOAT TOO I00N ID LOVE a 7 UUIU61I .t THE OHISIESr r S5-14668 WDM Camedy wa Klnf B-i' ROADIUfl - DA 4-2tili4 R.dnnjfo 6tlh..Cro RU3I0QUX - OVorlond .44!!R M. 60 W. Rironldo BATTLE FLAKE" SURRENDER NELL f f FCMCiiAeO f fy' CLARErVS k Pen ONTARIO 3 FOX Pomona ... i a I Itnwman-WooHward, FROM THE TERRACEl t. Jene. Bobbikln Fox Rett ondo 1:45 po'k ., - PR 4.6495 KElfilOSiT" OO. 6:49 HI 1-6241 ' ionhotiae FR 25ii0e-4S M. Brando, FUBITiVE KlNDi Brynner, Once More With Feel inj Now at Family PrieeiT" AROUND THE WOOLS IN SO DAYSi Boy Si Pirate C-Y, Pit- - L bj.i T 11 THE DAISIES; Cafney, Tne aeiiant ntur L0W6 BECH""3L West Coast SUNDOWN Whittlor OX. 3-1541 : ltt Vr, Wihiniton SUNLAH3 SunlBiid f Lor, I tDZS 6019 Foitfhm 6H. TW..1-VUE . ill. Fierp..l?f " VALLEY .-M Po..Ont. NA.O TIH U.S. 98 i Caetral , house hf nsnra 1 .n BIANT tEECHEII IN 60 BAYS I0Y AND PIRATES IN 89 ROY AHD ASuiiHl) in it em B9Y RUB PIRATFS "" H V".t F V.Htl IIAtir UUUES STATE I lit 4riLiJ H.ILai 2 Spaniob Shewd 10CI0S P ARABIA AVENTURA) Encrucija Da Crest" 4276 Atlontle 09-6-Park IMPERIAL Ooia II -HE6-367S a nn t rw t Ontar ; ' mi 0 WOLD I k o sms r C D PIRATEI THrwoRLTi f AL IUII6 8fr . ainntrn-I.Allnhrlcida J I hirrJ" NEVER Si) FIWi ii a-jaio a .in Biiarda.UalllaaJ. Llhnl RANAOA OnturtA tl;4l To III Illtaill'C UTjfli I 118. STORY OF RUTHi What camedy Wae King RtDLANDS Onon 6:46 IDAIn4'll ' lemmon-MacLame, THE PHTMtNT The Solden Fieri M. Rennle-J. SlDohn, LOST WURLDi Bacaii, Flame Over India Michael Ronnie-lill iC Jena, iosi whkibi V. Mature, Hannibal -J. REOLANOS 2nd Feature EL PORTAL "5 BRANDED WOMEN" 1 2nd Feature WILTERN "KIDNAPPED 2nd Feature ALEX "WILD RIVER" I i 1 at 1 i 1 ill i v bb. P" : . a .sa ' bi airan .mriaiai i . II..L Httl ' aVaai 1 " I . lpBpTaZS. , - I,' " X" ? aew-ea X ' wllTtRB. ACAOEMY VtlUSC imJM iESO n WW auum at! trV &M0 ttWRTAL ALU m tBNPTM KmUM uim I w 744ti maim , looMwiire I -... I tBOMnca- tunmtin mhu TSST mm. IWaJW trwia )i.w., ) mxaa , etaam . atwa hi mm. name "ICE PALACE! X'TSP and 'BREAKOUT V m HE HAD BURIED HER ALIVE IN THE TOMB... I f?" S HOW ---. aaaaaiaaaaaBaa. t , " " J OHl twnal : m!t? - "u "" BLYSP1C ( TOSMICl CASI ' - eaiiiie ALEX ' CUlVtt oa vi I wivi-ne ' i!'?lih Z "e," L"' A J'E" -ox CAUFnstj!) mivim I eorviiN " Mini tH.i.ji I n0 I wauV I j PlaiSSCall tumtoMt lir i , I lt'iiaai mri K-t-f-Zt I Show Time ' I U,0M4 I A J aaacvaiHirMaiiiiS fare? (ft Fri.. Hi ?:"'.. Bitwy. 4. Manrhoitor IOnSli,L BALDWTrf "HjP uhchained AX..3-FI64 J .."n'LToUa tin Redann-Wattar Rtld In MACUMBA LOVE) Witutl t, SAN BERNARlW'Oft. SLEMDALE ALEX . 2 ' f 1 K Cnt, 12 i f Oa. 12:43 !:M CH. 1-allS Vtnesnt Price, HOUSE - OP USHER, Attack ot ' the tiant leachea ir.,:.u!.9 T,-:s w;.us in ss em sri lion. 4m. itaa. iBiaa r.M. CALIFORNIA I Ooar' : JUJ.28J8 Nawman-Woodward-toy, FROM THE TiRHnCL) I. Jone. lot'bikMia La Rro Of Rnltso N4.f piiVJ 4 Sandra Be-l. Turnot ?rTJo. P01TRAIT IN BLACH P.,lt, P.lttxln ,TUU HI ninni BEVERLY 2nf Hr ftfvi rrv .f K..vyy iHAssf dob i ar c.. . a o iiiitin a. a:oa , VI 6.HI4 BANNING Jnrn 16W36, THE , BtliSOY) JvimJ 104 M4fnillMt Eiclutiva let Run rnom THE JUR9ACE ' AOV. of huckIInn Dimny'6 m An. a a-S ADV. OF HUCK FINK Fonda-Loinma " MR. R08"tS ' AM IliCttOVIJION THFATPS II VOUR AiJURANCI OP FINS EJltKTiNmNi IN COMfORTAllI SURROUNDINGS ChtSf OR 3-1230 Wootwd, al WlUhlre vipMal OR. S-9I3I - a. at Cramnaw iciuuva Run CARRY ON NUKSI LUCKY JIM - ' Stove Reevte lant Day af PswkoH battle outer space LA KABRA tun La Htntn MANCNESTEi. PL. 1-1431 i PARA.VSUMI"" ho. .nu K'l i Hnilywand HI. Ba-Tun . PORTRAIT IN bUCK . '. b'R. R0!tRT8 . t . 1 Siioa Roete RtRruitS UKHaiWB ' TE tUl SI'-P PL. 4.T'H ' Wnt.)rMrll SOUTH CATE" pl. a.1161 . ,. VaraiiMt-laiiarlal ... . - 1st Rue -urt I nn-r ta) tm'R taipy f lava Ihhi HtwuLis linh-'urt Hollar la Pk Y ; D'nv'a Klui.PPtD rOITIAlt IS ILACI

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