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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 66

Los Angeles, California
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Monday, April 21, 1952
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2 PqrtIV-MONDAY,APRtl21,1932 LOg gngtUg Clmtf f " - ' ' j - - - . I I - C; - I I..-: . - ' j- . ,. ' t " " ' '. ' N r. - , -j -v-, f - we!-18' - , -- If . HIS STOCK'S BOOMING Norm Stocks of SC, left, beat out teammate Al Mejia, right, and Stanford's Maury Par- THE HYLAND FLING By DICK The man walked up tcf the Harnell booth at the Pan-Pacific Sportsmen's Show last week and said, "I'd like to get a small rod for a small boy." He looked at the classy display of black tubular glass rods in a rack and added, "I don't see any here." Your Flinger happened to be sitting in the booth at the moment and reached for a Harnell catalogue. On the first page, alone, were listed 58 different rods. None of 'em was a small rod for a small boy. The man had a hard time understanding that fishing rods are-designed for fish, not the size, age or weight of the fisherman. 1 After he left I asked Bob Barrett, "How many do you get like that?" He answered, 'More than you'd think. And we're glad to have "em." Johnny Wellman, who handles Rain-Beau fishing lines, added, "Some of them don't know any more about fishing lines, either." Bill Kinmont of Bishop's Rocking K Ranch, finished it off with, "They want to fish for trout, so they come to our place. But some of their outfits and some of their questions! But, like Bob says, we're glad to have 'em. If you're a fisherman, you can't have anything but fun explaining your game to someone who doesn't know." So the three of them, Barrett, Wellman, Kinmont, started talking. This is the gist of what they said: ' There are five basic kinds of fishing rods. The first is the bait or "plug casting" rod. It is small, light, has a 5-foot tip. For small, rugged fish. Next is the fly rod, an 8-foot, light rod with a very "bendy" tip. The battling trout must be handled gently. Next are the spinning rods, recently coming to popularity because of the development of the spinning reel. They resemble the fly rod but are basically shorter, with sturdier tops. A fourth classification, according to Barrett, are the fresh and salt-water models of all rods. The salt-water variety must be longer, heavier, because a much larger reel with much more line to be supported. Too, as you go up the scale of weight, saltwater fish get much bigger and stronger than any freshwater fish so rods resembling young clothesline poles with the circumference and flexibility of baseball bats, can be found. These last, as a ruif , form the final basic classification, the trolling rod for really big fish supporting monstrous reels. . Xo rod was ever designed by a manufacturer for fun; each is made to serve an exact purpose. . The various stages of a fisherman's life usually follow the same course with all men. First he is a begirnT, then a man who knows something, then an expert HYLAND Bill Kinmont's advice to a beginner is, "Be honest. Tell the fisherman or store keeper that you don't know much about fishing. You'll then make a valuable friend because you'll give him a chance to talk and show off. Never start anyone, especially youngsters, with cheap equipment. Give him something to work with and medium price stuff will do that." ' So, for a trout man, we've got a medium weight (4Ji ounce) trout rod with a level rather than the more expensive tapered line As he uses it, he notices that the tip, bending and flexing, is reacting to the trout's moves much faster than he, the fisherman can. It keeps the line taut and the hook firmly planted in the fish's mouth. He begins to understand what a trout rod is for, gradually learns that the lighter the tackle the better he. can feel and guide the fish. Too, a light flexible tip will not pull the hook out of the fish's mouth something Southern California bait-boat fishermen should remember, because a light tip is less likely to tear the bait off the hook on the cast, as well. Wellman, the Rain-Beau line expert, says that the wide varieties of line are manufactured to satisfy the man fishing for fun as well as the man who wants to fill the dinner table plates. A heavier line means less chance of losing a hooked fish and the light line provides the thrill of licking the big ones with light equipment. The weights of the poles and the flexibility of the tips also determine what weight trout lines should be used; pole and line should 'balance." As for lures and flies and baits all three men threw up their hands. x "There are no answers," said Kinmont, the Rocking K Ranch boss man. "Tell 'em to ask the people in the area they are fishing what the fish are taking. It varies with the seasons, the fly hatches, water temperature many tilings. But the local man will usually know and be willing to tell you everything except his favorite, most secret spot in his pet stream or lake." Gehrmann to Compete in London Trackfest MILWAUKEE, April 20 (&) Don Gehrmann said yesterday he will compete in the English track championships at London Memorial Day week end. There the mile star will once again bump into Rober Bannister, the English speedster who beat him in the Penn Relays a year ago. Gehrmann said he planned to leave for London by plane May 29. Itnck W ool INSULATION Pro-Season . fxE Limited Salt 3 Wfr Offer taae'lna Iniafatiee Ce. alee la7 wit aver eatiaftee) caiteaven, Chamberlin Co.a1B, 155 s. U Bra. WHITNEY 1101 sons for :21.9 win in 220 last Saturday. Trojans will face Texas and Texas A & M teams in Coliseum Friday night. . Timn phot by Phil Bath Braves, Phils Break Even in Twin Bill PHILADELPHIA, April 20 (IP) The Boston Braves took advantage of a wild throw by Outfielder Del-Ennis today to score the run that gave them a 2-1 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies and an even split in a Shibe Park double-header. The Phils won the opener, 4-3, when Ennis smashed a dramatic lOth-inning triple with Willie Jones on base. A shirt-sleeved crowd of 26,011 got their money's worth in the twin thriller that featured top-notch pitching all the way. Robin Roberts, the Phils'- star right-hander, and Vern Bickford tangled in the opening duel while Boston's Dave Cole matched pitch for pitch with Karl Drews in the nightcap. In both instances the Braves' pitchers didn't finish Bickford going out in the 10th for a pinch-runner after he had doubled and Cole leaving for a pinch hitter in the rally-winning eighth. Button AB R O A Phila'ahfl AB H A Ren3.2t 5 8 14 4 14 0 5 3 2 4 5 14 0 TorMson.lIt 4 1 12 3 Jones.3b Gordon.lf 4 0 10 Eunis.rf 5 13 1 5 17 0 MrshU.rf 4 Z Z n MAvn.lf 4 13 0 Looper.c S O 5 O Ryin,2t Mtheioi.3l 4 0 0 0 -4 3 8 1 Casick.9 4 12 9 Burzess.e 2 13 1 Bickford. p HartsfieM Burdette.p 4 12 0 Boberu, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 J 4 0 10 Totl 38 8 29 1(1 ToUll 39 11 30 8 Hirtsfield rn fnr Bickford In 9th, Two oul when wiamns run scored. Boston 201 000 O00 0 3 PhilUellhii 000 010 002 1 4 Ashbum. BRI Jethroe. Marshall. Ham. ner. Burgess. 2: nnis. 2R-TQr2eson. Hanmer, Jetnros. Waitkus. 3B Knnls. Hit Burgess. SB Jethroe. DP Reed, Torgeson. Cusiek and SB Jetbroe.- DP Beed to Toreeson to Cusick to Cooper: Ryan to Hamner to Waitkus. LOB pmiadeipbl. 7 : Boston. 4. KB Olt Konerts, J. Bickford, 1. SO By Roberts, 3; Bickford. 3. Hiti Off Roberts, 8 in 10 innings; Bickford, 9 in 9: Burdetto. 2 in R and KR Bickford. 3-3: Roberts. 3-3: Bnrdette. 1-1. Win ner Roberts (1-1). Loser Burdetr (1-1). Umpires GoeU. Jorda. jscoll. Secorr. Time In. itim. Second game: Boston AB Reed.2b 4 4 H O A Phila'alila AR H O A 1 0 2 2 0 12 0 3 3 0 1 Jones. 3b 0 Knnls.rf : 0 Mayo.lf 3 Rran.2b 2 1 Burgess.o 0 Drews.p 0 O O 1 0 0 3 Gordon.lf 4 Marshall,! Matthews.3b St.Claire,o Cole.p-W. Dante ls.lf-rf Crowe Sisti.2b Thorpe.lf 0 10 1 7 0 1 0 0 0 0 Totals 32 7 27 11 Totals 30 C 27 14 Daniel filed out for Csick In 8th. Crowe single! for Col ,n 8th. Klau ran for Crowe In Stn. Sisti ran for Reed in 8th. Thorn ran ror Marshall in 9th. SCORE BT INNINGS Boston 000 000 020 2 Philadelphia 000 010 000 1 E Ennis. RBT Burgess. Jethroa TP Hamner to Ryan to Waitkus. LOB Philadelphia, 5: Boston, S. BB Drews. 3: Cole, 2. SO Drews, 7; Cole. 1: Donoyan. 1. R and ER Cole, 1-1: Drews, 2-2; Ronoraa. 0-0. Hits Drews. 7 in 9 innings; role. 6 in 7: Donoyan, 0 In 2. HB (Me (Jones). WP Cole. PB St. Claire. Winner Cnle. Lwr Drews. Umpires lords. Daseoli. Secory and Goeta. Time 2ti. 5m. At tendance 26.011. UCLA in Cricket Draw UCLA and the Britamar team battled to a draw in their cricket match at Griffith Park yesterday. UCLA's Surfo Sheth was the top batsman with 12 runs. i insist on yyy ...j i f ftj2Si .: X V SWEEP Acorns Nab Bargain Bill From Ducks PORTLAND, Or., April 20 (JP) Oakland, behind the tight pitch ing of Bill Ayres, Lloyd Hittle and Al Gette!, swept a Pacific Coast League double-header from Portland, 5-2 and 4-2, here today. Portland, won the series, 4-3. In the second game Jay Rag- ni's home run in the fourth in ning with one aboard proved to be the winning run. In the first game Ayres limited Portland to four hits as he pitched Oakland to its 5-2 win. First game: Oakland AB H O A Portland AB H O A Milne.lf - 5 Schcnz.2h S 14 0 Austin, ss 0 3 3 Egsert.3b 13 4 2 3 0 Brovia.rf 3 "9 O Conatser.If 0 0 0 Basinski.2b 11 1 13 0 Robinson. a 2 0 0 Lynn.p-L 0 0 0 Olsdd.e 0-1 0- Helser.p ' Tabor 4 0 2 2 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 0 3 0 10 O 3 0 0 O 1 Jorgensen,3b 4 3 4 Ragm.rf Bero,ss N'eal.o Ayres.n Litwhilef , Attyd.rf 4 . 3 2 3 1 : 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 Totals 341127 8 Total 30 4 2711 Litwhilsr grounded out for Rasnl Is 9th. Tabor flied out for Lynn. In 7th. 8C0RB BT INNINGS Oakland 002 110 001 8 Portland 002 000 000 2 Pitcher IP AB R . H ER BB SOj Ayres 9 30 2 4 2 S 3 Lvnn 7 29 4 10 4 3 2 Htlser 2 5 11110 E -Gladd. RBI Gilbert. 3: Constaer. t Avtes. 2B Russell. Gilbert. Eeeert. Milne, Chapman. 3B Gilbert. SB J or (ten sen, Gilbert SH Neal. Ayres, Chapman. DP Scttens to! Bern. LOB Oakland. 11: Portland. 8. Gilbert -by Reiser. Umpires Bunge. Fore) and Orr.Timo Zh. 18m. Second game: Oakland AB H O A Portland AB H O A filne.lf Scbenzb Jorgensen,3b Chapman.ef Ragni.rf Bero,ss Dstis.b Rittle,p-W Gettel.p Attyd.rf 1 4 Barr.rf EgEert,3b Austin, so Brona.rf Conatser.lf Basin5ki,2b GIsdd TfBiasi,p-L Warrt.p Robinson Tabor DerettJ " White.rf 1 0 1 2 1 2 1 1 7 s 1 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 Tots la 24 S 21 14 Totals 27 8 21 11 Robinson fanned for Ward In 7th. ' 'Tabor singled for DeBiasl in 5th. Pierrnt ran for Tabor in 5th. SCOBS BT INNINGS ' Oakland 100 200 1 4 Portland ... 020 000 l Pitcher TP AB K H ER BB SO Hittle SU, 22 Gettrl ........ 1H 5 Z 7 8 . 2 0 1,0 O 2 3 3 3 3 5 IVHiaat ...... 5 17 Ward ........ 2 7 1 Z 1 0 E Bero. Hittle. RBI Gladd. Rami. 9: Bern. 2R Eggert. Jorgensest. Ragni. BR Ragnl. SB Scbens. SIT Gettel. DP Bern to Srhena to Gilbert: Gilbert to Bero to Gilbert. LOB Oak land. 3: Portland. . Balk DeBiast. Umpire) Orr. Fnrri and Runge. TinM lh. 53m. Attend ance B64U. Pacific Clay RompSi At York Field. Whitfcier: R H 2 Compton Pacemakers 000 000 000 0 2 1 Pacific CI ft j Producti . , . . 210 034 OOx JO 14 1 Russell. Murray ana Hicks; Nicholas, Wilson and Hill. CiDb. At Manchester Playground: R H X last side Beer .... 103 oio 25Z 14 10 2 Local 420 ....... 101 000 010 3 5 8 Watson and Hernandez; Brooks, Shaga- noit ana wynn. CUSTOM-MADI TO YOU MfASUMMfNTS nirrs slacks TailofdtoRt (lAflc pecaal akw.,9kM4 Ire-. 1 21-50 to ocqomH arfW - - nlilii aahdiata - - - -- - ' dwnaf ism Hmi- m miartu VI - nd pBfwHof rate. tewK wrX 2 3 Leek Your Bt for Lestl 0 -M. tuuhin f. PtI p.m.' WnH.t J5. ' Tojans Host Lone Star Spike Forces BY CHARLES CURTIS The blossoming track and field campaign hits an early season high Friday night when the national collegiate champs of Southern California entertain the two big teams from the Southwest Conference, Texas Ag gies and University of Texas, at the Coliseum. Trojans and Texans showed Saturday they are ready for some stupendous midseason per formances. One-Two Last Tear Both Texas teams (they were the one-two squads in the Southwest Conference last year and appear likely to repeat) competed in the Kansas Relays Satur day while the Trojans were smacking Stanford. The Longhorn sprint . relay teams turned in a pair of smashers at Kansas, taking the 440 in :41 fiat and the 880 in 1:25.2, equaling a meet record in the latter event. The great Manhat tan foursome did only :41.1 in winning the Coliseum Relays 440 last spring. A special event Friday night, opening the program, will be a 440 relay. SC had a mark of :4 1.5 against Oxy a week ago with Al Mejia, John Bradley, Jack Davis and Norm Stocks., Smith, Thomas Speedy- Dean Smith and Charley Thomas, sophomore sprint stars at Texas, will give Coliseum fans a look at some real speed Friday. Smith had a :09.5 clocking at Laredo, Tex., a month ago while Thomas turned the tables on him by winning both dashes in a three-way meet with Texas A&M and Rice. Saturday at Lawrence, Kan., Smith and Thomas finished two-three behind Thane Baker of Kansas State in a :09.5 race. Davis at 6ft. IVt. in. The Aggies' Walt Davis tied for first in the high jump at Lawrence with a 6ft. 7in. mark, one, of the nation's best. Davis won the Coliseum Relays jump at 6ff. 6in. last j'ear and laces the competition of three Trojans, Dick Brombach (6ft. 6in. ; against Stanford), Manuel Ronquillo (6 ft. 5 in. against Arizona State) and Jerry Kin- cheloe (6ft. 4in. against Oxy). The Trojans came out of the Stanford meet with no new in juries although Sophomore Jim Lea pulled up in the 220 when an old leg hurt started paining mm. Coach Jesse Mortensen said Anchorman John Bradley was timed in :48.2 for his winning lap in the mile relay. Woodall Wins Balboa Vets Tennis Grown BALBOA, April 20 Ed Wood- all upset top-seeded Bill Max well in the semifinals and went on to win the singles crown in the first annual Balboa Bay Club Invitational Veterans Tennis Championships here today. Woodall toppled Maxwell in straight sets, 6-4, 6-2, and whipped Lewis Bond, 64,. 6-3, in the title round. Bond surprised second-seeded John Sisson, 11-9, 6-1, in the semifinals. Maxwell teamed with Sidney Adelstein to defeat Van Zerbe and Carl Busch, 6-1, 7-5, in the doubles finals. Today's results: SINGLES . SEMIFINALS Woodall def. Maxwell, 6,4. 6-2: Bond def. Sisson.-11-9. 6-1. FINALS Woodall del. Bond. 6-1. 6-3. - DOUBLES SEMIFINAL Busch-Zerb def. Ciano-Wanee, 6-3. 6-0. FINALS Adelstein-Maxwell def. Zerbe-Buach, 6-1. 7-5. - Letner Wins Jalopy Main Danny Letner, starting way back in, 14th position in the 16-car race, staged a thrilling performance of piloting by moving up through the pack and going on to win yesterday's 30-lap jalopy main event before 2440 Culver City Stadium fans. There was no time on the race due to a series of minor accidents. No one was seriously injured. Don Iddings placed second behind Letner with Van Johnson taking third. EIGHT-LAP TROPHY DASH 1. Van Johnson: 2. Rex Schendley, 3. Don Id-dings. 2:10.25. 15-LAP SFMIMAIN EVENT 1? Charlie Stoner; 2. Schendley; 3. Dick Long- No time. 30-LAP MAIN EVENT 1. Danny Letner from 14th: 2. Iddings (from 4th: 3. Johnson (from 9th;; i. Dick Elliott (from 16th. No time. ,Wpr - Baby $115 1 SPECIAL CARE Q HFf IT TO TAKE HOME J J I I Jim Nfcfcaoff ft I I wee tAHKiNG : W I Omm 11-3 a.m. ta 1:3 a.m. 1U ! i 8th i t VERMONT, DU. 1M335 j Gorizaies Triumphs in Fie-Set Battle BY BIOX Chalk up another win for equally efficient little man. This time it was big Pancho Gonzales who proved the point as he outlasted little Pancho Se-gura in a five-set struggle that settled the singles title of the $5000 World's Professional Hardcourt Tennis Champion, ships yesterday at the Beverly-W ilshire Hotel. While he lasted Segura waged a terrific battle but lionzaies extra height and reach and youth took their toll in the 5-7, 11-13, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 duel. Collectively, the Panchos surged into the doubles finals with a 6 -3, 12-10 win over Sam Match and Bob Rdgers. Doubles Today The doubles' title round will be played today, with Gonzales and Segura opposing Don Budge and Frankie Parker in a three-out-of-five set match starting at 1 p.m. Also ou today's program are play-offs for third place. Match and Rodgers will face Frank Feltrop and Carl-Earn at 2:30 p.m., followed by a singles tussle between Budge and Earn. St) pleased was Sponsor George Scrimshaw of Sjn Antonio, Tex., with the turnout for the tourney that he tossed some more money into the pot. Prize money now totals tt.ween $6000 and $7000. Yesterday's singles win was worth $12J0 to Gonza les, while Segura picked up $800. Plenty to Spare Pound for pound, Segura prob ably beat the dickens out of Gonzales but the winning Pan cho had plenty of pounds to spare. Gonzales performance was somewhat spotty. His back hand missed time after time and faltered under pressure. And his big first serve consistently failed to connect during the first two sets. At the same time Segura played like a tiger until he ran out of gas midway through the third set. His return of service was so good he virtually neutralized his foe's powerful delivery in the first two sets. And he piled up a big edge in passing shots ' despite the fact that many were executed under extreme pressure. Gonzales Leads Only Segura's phenomenal court coverage and never-say- die spirit enabled him to make the match a marathon. Gonzales held a 40-love lead on his. own serve while ?head 5-4 in the first set and then lost five points in a row. In the s set Gonzales scored the rirst service break St. Louis Bowler in Runner-up Position CHICAGO, April 20 (JP) Roger Gray of St. Louis rolled into second place today in the marathon $64,800 Petersen Bowl ing Tournament with a 1628 se ries. Still in first place was Fred J, Riccilli of Burbank, Cal., with a towering 1707 bowled a week ago. if you hate to shave youll love double edge blades A revelation in shaving comfort! Prove it to yourself. Just once, break your habit of asking for the same old blades, and buy a pack of Persoonas. YouH find that Perscmnas . . . be cause they are precision-honed, precision-stropped and precision-in spected ... give you the kind of shaves you've always wanted. So be as critical as you like . . . compare Personna shave to those you are getting from yow present brand. If you don't agree that Personnas give yoa by tar tne hnest snaves of your life, return the dispenser and well refill your full purchase price. Personna Bla-"j Co., Inc, 43 W. 57th St, New York 19, N. Y. Personna Double Edge in transparent dispenser with used blade compartment 5 for 25I 49-20 for 89 Also Single Edge and Injector blades "Tht Smoothest Edges Ever Stropped" IS I ; ABBOTT the good big man over the in the seventh game but lost his own delivery right back in the eighth game when Segura scored on two passing shots and a pair of errors. The deciding break came in the 24th game. Grows Stronger But Gonzales seemed to grow stronger as Segura tired. The fiery little Ecuadorian suffered a letdown as the third set got under way, losing his serve in the first game. Segura still tried for a straight-set victory, how ever, and made his final threatening move in the eighth game when he once more cracked his foe's serve. But Gonzales broke right back in the ninth game, and the match was as good as over. During the afternoon Gonzales served 17 aces that Segura could not even touch. Only four of these were in the second set and he failed to score any in the first set. 'Gonzales polished off the final point with an ace. Nationally itb tor As GRAPHITE CUNJWJRE BRUSHjf POLlsuXT' V Stop, .tkkir aejuatok- I f PWttST -all AX-"0 - i V IH) l fill y -w M c, i f T A VI T OS Pm toy. FASV t j ..) to fit , pock.,. ( J Poroayotiayo.,, I !i Br$ lioe First Qvolif v Tiesls,,, J Moath Writte, 6,er,.tSr H SI SMC J DOWN i 1 T'liaa. ma. "T ,, I "ice I paVZZt I star J saii 7 DOWM 1 1, 6.00 14 SU.83 6 50 x l 7 00 It a SO 15 a.70l ios ANcaUi n w. 43J3 Cramhow 1344 S. eaot W. HeurW00-i4 Saaaa AlHAMMA- l7 5. CarftaM AKERSnH-135 Caaatar Am. MUH0WM-1U2 (UANK-44S H.Sa 111 nana! M6UW00e-S7 UMtC K ACM - HtvliMMrf Off Nv. UseiywMrf COMrrON-llMN. y.00l3 20 5.- i,Z i '"". d 1741 I 1.74 I f ' ',.J I jl-. fen mS 1 cior PtonK c m Mr fyl . : - yi- Vy I iRUST REMOVErVLUTCH FTW."Ur r j m i- io,w , o-y mo- 11 V Splr f $1 95 f (M I abat pan aarnd br A 1 U rj adueJ lozst i I IW cotroaic: wn naM II B P& VJZ , 3000? LEOPARD DESIGN rASAiHMA- IM W. Caaaraw St. POMONA-4iS W. Saaaaal St. irymiw xm m St. FSNO-71 UfMBMI-MT 1. Fotres Collect Tennis Titles PALM SPRINGS, April 20-1-The Fotre family of Beverlyi Hills had a monopoly on tennis championships in the finals of the annual Racquet Cup Tourna--: ment today, winning both men's and, mixed doubles crowns on-the courts of the Racquet Club. Vincent Fotre Jr. and Vincent Fotre Sr. combined to take the ; men's doubles with a 6-1, 8-8 verdict over Clark Cornell of San Marino and Los Angeles Bob Dairin. Mr. and Mrs. Vincen Fotre Jr. won the mixed title with a 6-1, 6-3 victory over the Palm f Springs duo of Gus Kettman and Betty Stump. MEN'S DOUBLES FINALS Vincent Poire Jr. and Vincent foira) Sr. te(. Clark Cornell-Bob Damn, s-1, $-S. ... MIXED DOUBLES FINAL Mr. n Mra. Vincent Fotre Jr. del. Gu Ketunaa . Betty Stump, 6-1. 6-3. WHEEL 450 ALIGNMENT BRAKES $9L RELINED ALL IATI CARS. Malarial Nat aHallaa. Wa tPMiallafc WHEELS BALANCED $ I,2 BANES BRAKE SERVICE M31 f. SIAUSON J. MM 1M4 $. WESTERN RE. J-M8I 533 N. IA BREA WE. 1-3377 1731 E. SIAUSON lO. S-4et , II SO. BOYIS AN. 1.21 1 Famous Utile V 32S W Mactaiai 44 S. travaWav Pica Ifcal. . 501 S. Vameat 4il Wtirmay Mat SANTA AHA-111 M. Maaa X. L MaadaaHai 3M - M Aaiaiiiaa 1039 MmmimI Avt. v SIM laMkcninM SANTA SAMARA- SOI Stata St. SAN KtNARlMMO 13 'T' St. SAN MGO 7n4 aa4 'X" SH. Jhel Wm UNrAMONKA- aWiaala Wnm VAN WTTS- N4 fan kWyy M r m cm m m wa .-. m r jr araT mm ' . r 'aw r r A3 MM $i.4 H t... 1 11- R .Bl, a . I

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