The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 23, 1958 · 44
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 44

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 23, 1958
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1 Q Part IA-SUN-. FEB. 23, 1958 ZoS gngrlf 4 Qmfg FABLED SNOWMAN HUNT CONTINUES Centuries-Old Tales Keep Alive Search in Himalayan Area for Abominable One BY P. K. PADMANABHAV, Times Asian Bureau NEW DELHI, Feb. 22 A seven-man American expedition now is on its way in a search for the Abominable Snowman half -myth, half -fact creature of the icy Himalayan rocks, mentioned for centuries in legend and literature but never captured and never photographed. The search will take the team over a 150-quare-mile area in the desolate and dead-cold upper reaches of the Himalayan . Mountains, between 14,000 and 20,000 feet above sea level. The area lies in Northeast Nepal. Starting from a town called Biratnagar across the Indian border, the expedition will trek 150 miles along the banks of the Arun River into the Himalayan heartland. Himalayan Mystery Organized by Tom Slick, a Texas oilman and rancher, and sponsored by the San Antonio and Ft Worth Zoological Societies, the expedition will seek to solve one of the great Himalayan mysteries whether the Snowman is a bear, an ape, a man or a myth. Stories of the existence of the animal have circulated for centuries among people of the Himalayan .regions and eventually found their way into Himalayan litera tyre. - Fatal Encounters The Tibetans call it Mi-Go, the man from the wilds. The Nepalese know it as Yeti, the animal of the rocks. Tales of close brushes and in some cases even fatal encounters with the Yeti enjoy particular currency among the Sherpas. cele brated Himalayan porters. Tensing Norgay, who with Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mt. Everest, believes that "the Yeti is as substan tial as the summit of the Himalayas." , He reports his father was once chased by a Snowman and was forced to seek refuge in a mountain cabin. Thereupon the animal climbed onto the top of the cottage and started tearing the wooden slats of the roof to-gain entry into it.,. Bothered by Stroke Tensing says the animal gave up pursuit only when his father started a bonfire inside the cabin and let the smoke travel upward. Scores of Sherpas claim to have had experiences of a similar nature. Recently an -effort was made to collect these firsthand accounts in order to gain a clearer idea of the mysterious animal. The emerging picture is indeed weird. The Yeti is a creature midway between man and animal. It is between 6 and 7 feet tall. Long, thick, bristly hair of a grayish color covers its entire body. FOR YOUR CAR... FINEST ' COLOR BEAUTY and PROTECTION 2,019 Tests li B only ) "W n My MMXIX Auto Paint Formula with Silicones ... the chemical cousins of glass that you have read about in all the leading publications now provides the Ultimate in Beauty and Protection for your car. Why? Because Silicones are indifferent to heat and cold alike . . . they tan't grow old . . . they are untouched by the passage of time. They can't even get wet. My written guarantee covers your Earl Scheib Paint Job (or Three Years against Fading or Peeling! "HURRY!" Yea ... we it'll have Few Colors lelt for S19 95. . . They won't lilt II HUKIT IN iomomow! r o 1 Diy Service la ay I Out H S looyrmmr aeeilrt low n SI Nl Monty gnu ttiy luotet terms Convenient locations everywhere in Southern California C0MT TO COM? I 0IVI TNI MOST The beast has a flat face, strongly resembling that of a monkey, very wrinkled but without hair. Its head is high and conical. The nails on its long fingers look like the claws of a big bear. It has no tail. the cry of the Yeti re sembles the high-pitched yelp of a puppy dog. The Yeti feeds on raw meat, roots and fruits. It lives in the Himalayan jun gles situated 8000 to 10,000 feet above sea level and trav els as high as 21,000 feet in search of food. Walking usually on two legs, but sometimes using all fours, it normally moves about alone. But groups of three and four have also been occasionally sighted Great Numbers In the days when the Himalayan jungles were denser than they are today and men seldom ventured too high, the Yetis lived in great numbers and inhabited extensive regions of the up per Himalayan reaches. In those days the Sherpas had to fight vigorously to protect their villages and cultivations from marauding Yetis. They even had to resort to mass' extermination by leaving pots of poisoned alcohol outside the villages. K ' " V CLOSE SCRUTINY A 6-year-old Nepolese child, who reportedly once saw a Yeti, examines pictures of bears and apes to find out which Yeti resembles. The animals would drink the alcohol and die in large numbers. The Yeti population has sharply declined now. There are very lew left m tne Himalayas. Even those that survive stay clear of human habitations. Seeing a Yeti is supposed to bring bad luck. Selective Diet Occasionally the Yetis kill human beings they run into. When this happens, they eat just the ears, noses and fin gers of the victims. The Yetis practice polyan dry. The senior female is the chief of the fribe. Male and female Yetis are often strongly drawn to humans of the opposite sex. There are reports of male Yetis caring for female hu man children and female Yetis nursing ana rearing Lboys. But the male Yeti has a strong aversion for the hu man male and the, female for the human female. The female Yetis have very long breasts, stretching down to the waists. They throw them over the shoulders when they run. Father Was a Yeti There have been cases of Yetis cohabiting with hu mans. The village of Tarke in North Nepal is supposed to have a family of Sherpas descended from a Yeti father and a Sherpa mother. Another family in a village ported to have a family born of a Yeti mother and a Sherpa father. This is the picture the Sherpas paint of the mys terious creature of the rocks. How much of it is fact and how much fiction is yet to be determined. However, reports brought back by western explorers of the Himalayas seem to lend substance at least to part of these Sherpa beliefs. Tracks in Snow As far back as 1887 Col. W. A. Waddell of the British army reported seeing Yeti tracks in the Himalayan snows. Reports of having come across Yeti tracks were also brought back by members of the French expedition to the Ma.kalu, by Sir John Hunt, leader of the success ful Everest expedition of 1953 and by Jules Detry, a Belgian anthropologist who accompanied the Swiss ex pedition to Ganesh Himal in 1954. An Englishman, Henry John Elwes, was the first westerner to claim that he saw Yeti. That was in 1906 bmce then similar ac counts of run-ins with Yetis were brought back by a Greek explorer, A. N. Tom- baji, in 1925; two Nor wegians, J. Thorberg and B. Frotis in 1948, and by a Rus sian explorer, A. G. Pronm, a few weeks ago. The testimony of these explorers, however, lacked corroboration. Even though there were many photo graphs of Yeti tracks, there was none of the Yeti itself. Consequently, the London Daily Mail organized in 1954 a nine-man scientific expedition to locate the creature. Evidence of Existence It failed in its efforts to see a Yeti. However, mem bers of the team said they saw many evidences of the existence of the Yeti mclud- named Melumche is re-ling a scalp of the creature mm I IGIS30QID BEE semi-annual storewide $500,000 STOCK OJiAI&lrmgAIUi TREMENDOUS PRICE SLASHES! COST, NEAR COST and BELOW OUR COST. MUST REDUCE OUR INVENTORY! SALE STARTS MON., FEB. 24TH 9 to 5:30 DAILY SAT. TILL 1 P.M. OFF AND MORE SORRY, NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS t ::: STEEL STORAGE CABINET 72"x36"xlS". Heavy duty steel with 4 shelves. Gray or Green. Knocked down, easy to assemble. 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They also collected black and bristly hair which zoologists could not identify. Notwithstanding all this. there are many anthropologists and zoologists who be lieve the whole story of the Yeti is a myth, similar to that .of the unicorn. Photographic Attempt The present expedition will attempt to make photographs of the creature, if. they come across one, and also "try and capture a Yeti if we can. In the event it succeeds in the latter effort, the expedi tion will invite anthropologists and zoologists to come and see the animal at the spot where it is captured. Since the Yeti is conditioned to living in the rarified air of the upper Himalayas it may not survive in the dense air of the plains, expedition leaders believe. Elaborate preparations have been made for the ex pedition which will last for three months. Keeping Old Movies Urged WASHINGTON, Feb. 22 (B Sen. Thomas H. Kuchel (R) Cal., wants the Library of Congress to preserve a collection of Early American motion pictures. Kuchel introduced a bill yesterday to provide an appropriation of $250,000 to transfer to permanent "safe ty film movies made around the turn of the century. The Senator said the de teriorating pictures are a "rare bit of Americana which should be perpetuated for researchers." NIMITZ 1941 CAR SOLD FOR $10030 HONOLULU, Feb. 23; Ltw Back in World War II Adm. Chester W,f Nimitz rode around Pearl Harbor and Honolulu in a black Navy . limousine. Nimitz retired years ago, not the car a 194.L model The Navy sold it yesterday for $100.50 to Ernest A. Ross. He said he would turn it over to his 14 -year -old son, whose hobby is tinkering with old cars. , "'tit f Ml. SO Dwy -LOWERS THE NURSE'S WORK "Simmons" hospital bed waist high for care of patient without stooping. Keeps him comfortable at the turn of a crank. Inner-spring or "Foamex" mattress included. ft lee Angel.e, DU. 4-JI91 and PL 2-3131 H.llywood, HO. 14924 ev. 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