The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 6, 1951 · 62
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 62

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1951
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f 8 Port HI THURSDAY, SEPT. 6, 1 HEDDA HOPPER Ma and Pa Kettle to Tangle With Spy Rmg Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride go to work soon in another "Ma and Pa Kettle" picture. This time the story takes them to Paris, where they become involved in an international spy ring. Yarn was dreamed up by Jack Henley; Leonard Goldstein will produce and Charles Lamont Marjorie Main directs. Universal-International can start counting their money now. Howard Hughes is interested in Mike Stern's story of the murder of O.S.S. Maj. William W. Holohan. Dore Schary turned it down because the author wanted the movie '. made as fact, not fiction. Hughes is investigating all phases of the story before buying it for the screen. Tommy Morton, who danced the buttons off "High Button Shoes' on Broadway, makes his screen debut in "Belles on Their Toes." Before Mario Lanza makes his next picture, he'll do a guest appearance in "Peg 'o My Heart," singing "My Love Song," by Nicholas Brodszky, who wrote "Be My Love." Barbara Ruick, Lurene Tut-tle's beautiful 18-year-old daughter, was signed by MGM one day, Gottfried Rein-hardt got a look at her the next and put her in "Invitation." Matt Moore's also in that one. I haven't seen him ' on the screen in ages. TROUBLE FOR TURXER Understand Lana Turner has put detectives on Bob Topping with the hope of getting evidence so she can set- . tie up her divorce suit quickly. Poor Lana. When she gets that over, shell have a session with Uncle Sam. Lana's way behind in her income tax payments. Charlton Heston is wanted by MGM and RKO, but Hal Wallis is keeping him at home. Heston may get the Sid if. 951 2HOiS 3ngClCg CimCg ney Blackmer role in "Come Back, - Little Sheba." Hal wants Mike Curtiz to direct the picture, but getting him away from Jack Warner would be like asking for a quart of Jack's blood. Elaine Stewart was on the test stage at Paramount when she received word from See magazine that she was chosen best of the cover girls for 1951. Elaine, who came out from New York, probably will be in the next Martin and Lewis picture. Robert Strauss, the big hit of "Stalag 17," will be in it too. Patty Andrews cabled me from Paris: "I've been trying to reach you for two days. Wanted you to be the first to know about my happiness and my engagement to Walter Weschler. My sisters are giving us a beautiful party in Paris." Walter has been the girls' accompanist for years. ' SAD DAY . The death of Whitey Schaf-er following an explosion on Pnnentmg The MIGHTIEST MULTITUDE Of FABULOUS FEATURES EVEK BEHELP B-Y MOHTAL EYE! ? New Air-Ventilated Tent. Twnty Degrees Cooler Than Ever Before TWICE DAILY - 2:15 & 8:15 - Dews Obm 11 MAIL ORDERS NOW Choice reserved grandstand chair tickets, incl. admission and all tax, now available, $3.00 and $4.00 to EVERYONE. (Unr.M.rv.d iwt tickets, ADULTS $1 JO. CHILDREN 75c.) Specify which performance and send self- addressed envelop with check or M.O. pay able to Kingling Circus Advance Ticket Dept., Bex 5100, Metropolitan Station, Los Angeles 55. Calif. TICKETS ON SALE at OWL DRUG STORE 8th & Broadway (No telephone reservations) B ... mm ItWkitnJ JUL :'. V ANbkLts v.K-'ui mm -PW Rodeo Road & W. Jefferson ' i V j JflKiLli 7 DAYS twk. d..., j rs ! i. M iimQarffl5l il Beginning - II 1 'VtM"". 5 fy . WON. AFT'N SEPT. u w fer Ar1S 1 r, 'iv tr. ' lZf . 1 1 CENTURY 9t- TA tiX ii r7. L- I VERMONT mil wSsE Tv-iti -Mm(rgr vfiiicf - 8''"'' " ii im ii nun i "" ' " ""t; Its digestible ! 3 Mom wom&h fah, zhd-fh with Crkco ihih with 3hy othor hrzhd shottehihg I a yacht in Bremerton, Or, saddened everyone in town. He was head of still photography at Paramount, and beloved by everyone. He never said no to a friend. Whitey had tricks of the trade which could transform an ugly duckling into a Cinderella. Dotty Lamour flew a doctor from Seattle to try and save his life. Adela Rogers St. John sold her Culver City home and bought a 500-acre ranch near San Jose. She's going to raise cattle and write. Says there were too many interruptions at her home here. She used up more hours on the telephone than she did on her typewriter! I'm surprised that Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace beat his ex-wife, Pat Knight, to the altar. I thought Pat would be the first to take those vows. When Barbara Pay ton didn't keep her marriage date with Tom Neal, Fran-chot Tone left his two boys in Canada and rushed here for a reconciliation. But Bar I ill Seat II .itfiUUW .11 19-20-21 otC cat ii . BURT I Rifineirifi I firil IlVliaM m- sLriit&iF.tiii.ii 4, CHARLES nil AH IK STIYf rHYUIS COCHRAN THAXTER wroit MICHAEL CURTIZ EVERETT FREEMAN "Ceet. Horatie Hornblower" "Iron Man" "Cast. Herati. Hornblewer": "Never Trust a Gambler is ik- (2 I roe twm mrotmtvon cau HO. ! 3S3t Jj 1 I It's Flaky! It's Tender! CRISCO'S COUNTRY APPLE PIE (Makes one 9" pie) ' - For sure success, just follow the easy Crisco pastry method below. You can be sure of flaky, tender pie crust, as digestible as it is delicious! CRISCO PASTRY (AS Measurements Level) 2 cups tiffed flew V cup Crtsce 1 teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons wafer Mix flour and salt in bowl. Remove 14 cup flour. Cut Crisco into remaining flour until the pieces are the size of small peas. Mix water with the j cup flour to make a paste, and add to Crisco-flour mixture. Mix and shape into a ball. On a floured pastry canvas lightly roll a circle of dough J-i" thick. Line pie plate with pastry and trim edge even with plate. Fill with apple filling. Roll re- bara reconciled with Neal, not Tone. Peggy Maley, who never lets pictures interfere with her world travels, writes from Barcelona, Spain: "Had a ball in Paris, Deauville, and Madrid. The bullfights in the latter place were super. Mario Cabre dedicated a bull to me, then after killing it, showed me the town. Wow!" READY FOR THE RING Tony Curtis gets Joe Pev-ney, who directed Jeff Chandler in "Iron Man," as his director in "Hear No Evil," a yarn about a young prize fighter. Tony's waiting for that bell in Round 1. He may get tired of the sound before the picture's finished. Roddy M e C a s k i 1 1,- the youngster who got hit over the head with a bowl of oatmeal in "Sitting Pretty," is getting even. In "Belles on Their Toes," he heaps a can of beans on Debra Paget's head Released by Chicago Trlbune-N.T. News Syndicate. Inc., 1951 WILSH1RE EBELL THEATRE BURTON HOLMES IN PERSON WED., 5 THURS., 5 FRI. EVES. 8:30 3 COURSES cXACTlT ALIKE jgfk-u Bermuda, Nassau, Jamaica SOUTH Af RICA Narrated by Thoynr Souf. jpfe NORTHERN ITALY :s CONGO THRILLS & WONDERS Narrated by Thoyw Seulm ;,, BONNIE SCOTLAND SEASON TICKETS $6, 4.80, 3.60 tax incl. BOX OFFICE, WILSHIRE EBEll Wy. 7095 and . SO. CAl. MUSIC CO. Tuasday Eveningc PASADENA CIVIC AUD. MARIO LANZA IN 2 GREAT TECHNICOLOR HITS! ESQUIRE 4I9N. FlirfM.Y0.8M4 SHOWS START AT DUSK OLYMPICS,.. Olympic it Bundy Capt Hornblower LET'S GO NAVY AX. 38282 THAT'S MY BOY LET'S GO NAVY Century W. of Cremnm apL Hornblower 36135 182nd t Vermont No Saestien Askea SAN PEDRO Tu, 1575 N. G.ffey Capt Hornblower TAIL TARGET LAKEW00DJi&43 Cherry t Carton SHOW BOAT MARK OF RENEGADE COMPTONos Boseerans. E. of L.B. SHOW BOAT LET'S GO NAVY fiAGE&fflf 6801 E. 6aee LO. 58305 SHOWBOAT NIGHT INTO MORNING WHITTIER&05 8402 E. Whittier Blvd. THAT'S MY BOY TALL TARGET big sky i:y& 1044 E. Hun.. Monrovia WARPATH CATTLE DRIVE CENTINELA f. Centinela E. ot Seoulveda Capt Hornblower THREE STEPS NORTH P1RPI F Traffic Cir. CAPT. HORNBLOWER MASK OF AVENGER BAY WITH- F.B.I. L.B. 99513 O.t. 101 at Ximino EDWARDS Z?,HL Petit Rd. E. ot Tern. City Comin' Round Mtn. PEKING EXPRESS FLORALS . Medniclt N. ot Brooklyn WARPATH THREE STEPS NORTH GILMQREJ!, Third at Fairfax SIROCCO ON MOONLIGHT BAY HASTINGS Rosameeid Foothill Night Into Morning FORT WORTH !L0S FELIZ?.?,T 3105 Riverside Drive Mark of HURRICA fTiiicI - nTil:7 Want to bake a super apple pie? Give this spicy filling extra zip with brown sugar and molasses and surround it with the flakiest, tenderest crust ever! It's easy! Crisco is now creamier than any other vegetable shortening! Creamier Crisco is made to blend thoroughly, easily, with the least handling. And with pure, all-vegetable Crisco and the sure-fire Crisco pastry method given here, even a beginner can make tender, flaky, digestible pie crust every time. For shortening is the most important ingredient in pie crust, and Crisco is the finest shortening monay can buy! maining dough. Place over apples. Trim edges to $ inch beyond edge of plate. Fold edge under and flute with fingers. Slash top to permit escape of steam. Bake in hot oven (425 F.) about 40 minutes, or until brown. FILLING - 3'i to 4 cups sliced Vi cup chopped raisins apples (about 5) 3 tbsos. tapioca 1 cap brawn sugar or now 2 tsps. cinnamon 2 tbsps. molasses , Combine all ingredients and fill pie pan. Decorate with Cheese Apples: Shape soft yellow cheese into small balls. Roll in paprika. Place a bit of green leaf in each. COOK BOOK OFFERI "New Recipes for Good Eating" 112 pages. Only 25 in coin and a Crisco label, any size. Mail to Crisco, Dept. , Box 837, Cincinnati 1, Ohio. Offer good in Continental U. S. and Hawaii. Press Views 'The Blue Veil' x Jerry Wald and Norman Kras- na unveiled their first RKO-Ra-dio film, "The Blue Veil," last night at a gala press preview in the Carthay Circle Theater. A large, enthusiastic audience saw the picture that stars Jane Wy man and Charles Laughton. Miss Wyman portrays a woman who loses her baby at childbirth shortly after her husband has been killed in the war. She devotes the rest of her life to raising other children, only to You can ICI1U this girl ...but you won't after you see mwp - 5 STARTS SUNDAY HEAR! "BE MY LOVE" A IS GREAT LOVE SONGS "TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS & 'THAT MIDNIGHT KISS PI It 3 mm 32 VAGABOND 2511 Wilshire. DU. 8-3837 STUDIO Vermont at Hwd. N0.2-IM2 EL MONTE AT. 2-8638 On Moonlight Bay WAR PATH Lower Ansa Road STARLITE AT. I-69S4 FORT WORTH I Was an Amer. Spy - Capt Hornblower Resemead A Garvey SAN VAL BurbanK. CH. 8-5714 LET'S GO NAVY PICKWICK Bnrhank. CH. 05723 OLIVER TWIST MARK OF RENEGADE VAN NUYS Rotcoe Bl. ST. 53460 SHOW BOAT CATTLE DRIVE Dcccnft FUtby Capt Hornblower LET'S GO NAVY so Reseda at Vanowee ORANGE Hlway 101. Prance 389 THAT'S MY BOY LET'S GO NAVY . BASELINE San. B. MS47 His Kind of Woman C.I. JANE 1785 Baseline TRI-CITY Ace in the Hole TALL TARGET Redlands San Bernardino 82971 ROADIUM "gat Guy Came Back When Redskins Rods Pant mount & Co mitt on ROADIUM 4M2!o Red on do Beh. Bl.-Crgfi. In a Lonely Place GYPSY WILDCAT SOUTH GATE Atlantie A Firestone SIROCCO TEXAS RANGERS studio sjfEsar SHOW BOAT WIGHT INTO MORNING SeDulveda-Jefferson SUNLAND 8010 Foothill Blvd. CALL THEATRE FOR PROGRAM TWIN-VUE&27" So. Floueroa at 152nd WARPATH TEXAS RANGERS VAI I FY LY. 25080 FORT WORTH TWO OF A KIND U.S. 99 A Central VICT0RYVi,!,,,rB,,, Family Nite FOUR IN A JEEP THREE STEPS NORTH N. Hollywood. ST. 7-4423 nTffrrfniViiiftftwswwwjitfAt fi mo ifiioton f ft- ose them after learning to love them as her own. Others in the cast include Richard Carlson, Agnes Moore-head, Don Taylor, Audrey Tot ter, Cyril Cuasck and Natalie Wood. Curtis Bernhardt directed. 'Kon Tiki9 Will Close 'Run Soon After setting a new record with its six month engagement, the sea adventure film "Kon Tiki" is now rounding out its final two weeks at the Beverly Canon Theater. 1 1 2"lNlCOLOi- JANE POWELL DANIELLE DARRIEUX WENDELL COREY FERNANDO LAMAS ANO MTIOOUCMoVIC DAMONE MMCCl Win BOURD ANOERSON SNA M'tKEMUK NISU Stnaa Pttr h IHITDT COtrtl ml Stm nfUM Stonr tt Bsntln Ceecet IssxM If MIMU IMIItC nssscat hi IH HSTtMM 3 KTRA at Lome's: 2nd feature JOHNNY MACK BROWN and Virginia Herrick in 'MONTANA DESPERADO EXTRA at Egyptian: "MOOftl HDI BEER1 M-G-M lechmcolof cartoon LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD AAA, Brdway and Manchester TW. 2922 Gypsy Wildcat; When Daltons Rode ADAMS, 1 898 W. Adams-PA. 3464 The Frogmen; Fort Worth ALLENA. 126 E. Santa Barbara-CE. 27069 Human Monster; Steel Helmet ALTO, 8862 S. Western-50c, Kids Free Show Boat Tech.; Lady and the Bandit ALVARADO, 710 S. Alvarado-DU. 71 151 On Moonlight Bay; Hurricane Island AMBASSADOR HOTEL THEATRE, Op. to public Show Boat Kathryn Grayson-Howard Keel ATWATER, 3186 Glendalo OL. 9658 Apache Drums; Excuse My Dust, dr. BALBOA, 8713 S. Vermont-60c, Kids Free Warpath; let's Go Navy Bowery Boys BALDWIN, La Brea-Rodeo Rd.-50c, Kids Free 2 Tech. Hits Show Boat; Warpath BARDS, Crenshaw & Adams PA. 3105 Drums; Four Feathers, both Technicolor CAMEO, 4907 N. Huntington Dr. CA. 10368 Excuse My Dust; Little Big Horn CENTRO, 7764 S. Central-LA. 7948 - Mask of the Avenger; Lorna Doono CENTURY, 6013 S. Broadway-TH. 5133 Sirocco; Texas Rangers CONGRESS, 7510 S. Vermont-TH. 9004 The Heiress; Rope of Sand; 40c CRENSHAW, Crenshaw-Jefferson RE. 3-2355 Warpath; Cattle Drive DE LUXE, 1873 W. Jefferson-PA. 3022 Fort Worth; Toyko File 212 EAGLE, 4834 Eagle Rock BIvd.-CL 6-0189 Cattle Drives Warooth ! EMPIRE. Pico-Alvarado-DU. 9-0526-40c j The Frogmen; Mark of tha Renegade 40c r-LUKCNCIIA, 1830 b. Florence Kl. ISIO Mask or the Avenger; Lorna Doone FREMONT, Adams at La Brea-WA. 1301, 40c Open Weekends GRANADA, 1044 W. Temple Street Quinto Patio; Fiiate Que Suave HOLLY, 1624 Sunset-MU. 6766 Warpath: fuaitive Lady IMPERIAL, Imperial-Crenshaw-OR. 82857 Capt. Horatio Hornblower; Sia Carnival KINEMA, Compton at Manchester LA. 6419 Street Corner KNOLL, 6612 S. Western-PL. 2-0263 Alice in Wonderland; Warpath LAKE, 7th and Alvarado-DU. 2-2103 House by River; History Made at Night LARGO, 1822 E. 103rd-LO. 9-8255 New Orleans; tattle Drive LA TIJERA, La Tijera & C.ntinela-OR. 8-3855 That's My Boy; Man With My Face LA TOSCA, 2930 So. Vermont-RE. 3-7292 Watch for Re-Opening LEIMERT, Vernon-Crensh.-AX. 5131-5:15 p.m. Show Boat; Four in a Jeep LINDA, 1625 E. 103rd LA. 4112 Cyrano de Bergerac; Yukon Manhunt MADRID, 8140 S. Vermont 40c, Kids Free On Moonlight Bay; Hurricane Island MANCHESTER, Manch. & Broadway-Free Pka. Watch for Opening MAYFAIR, 8734 S. Broadway-50c, Kids Free Snow Boat. Tech; Lady and the Bandit METRO, 4720 W. Washington44c Kids Free Cyrano De Bergerac; Peking express MIDWAY, 3138 W. Pico-PA. 1445 Show Boat; Cottle Drive NORMANDIE. 481 1 S. Normandie-AX. 7000 lorna Doone; Fugitive lady 30c. Cm. Early PARADI5E, 9110 Sepulveda-OK. 8-201 Show Boat; Home Town Story PARK, 5825 N. Figueroa-AL 0654 Cyrano de Bergerac; Mark of the Renegade PICWOOD, 10872 W.Pice AR.72649; BR.22463 Maior Studio Preview; Teresa PICFAIR, Pice at Fairfax-WE. 5296 On Moon haht Bay: Alice in Wonderland PLAYHOUSE, 1234V2 W.7th-VA. 5579 The frogmen; Passage West RAMONA, 2139 Sunset Blvd.-DU. 95040 Show Boat; Four in a Jeep REGsMT, 4012 S. Vermont AD. 7825 Cyrano Do Bergerac; Peking Express , RIO, Western and Imperial 50c, Kids Free 2 Tech. Hits Show Boat; Warpath SAN CARLOS, 2917 N. Main-CA. 3376 Drums A ona Mohawk: Mark of Zorro SIERRA, 5058 Eagle Rock Blvd.-AL. 9129 Show Boat: Lady and the Bandit SOUTHSIDE, Vermont-Imperial 60c. Kids Free Capt. H. Hornblower; Meet Me After Show STRAND, 4411 S. Broadway-AD. 6144-Op. 1 Bogart, Sirocco; Texas Rangers SUN, 1408 W. Pico-PR 3735 He Ran Out: Little Girl TEMPLE, 5862 S. Vermont-PL. 2-4100-Op. I Sirocco: Cattle Drive TROJAN, 931 W. Jefferson PR. 9981 Peking Express; Mark ot the Renegade VARIETY, 5253 W. Adams-WA. 1378 Trio; Guy Who Came Back VICTORIA, Pico and Vermont-DU. 9-6787 Niaht Into Mornina: Junale Heodhunters WASHINGTON, 747 W. Washington-PR. 9906 Excuse My Dust; Night Into Morning WORLD, 7228 S. Bdwy.-PL. 3-7437 Comin' Round the Mtn.s Hurricane Island YORK, 4949 York BIvd.-CL- 6 9257 Mark ot the Renegade; Peking express WILSHIRE DISTRICT BEVERLY HILLS BEVERLY CANON, 205 N. Canon-CR. 5-6418 Thrilling Adventure, Kon-Tiki nFI MAS Dl r la Rnn-WM 0375 30e Frogmen; Mark of Renegade. C. E. 30c ESQUIRE, Fairfax at Oakweod-YO. 8114 Toast of New Orleans; Midnight Kiss LAUREL, Beverly-Laurel-YO. 1154 Tales of Hoffmann; All Seats Reserved UCLAN, Westwood BR. 2-5876, AR. 3-1256 The Storm Within; Jacqueline Misbehaves VAGABOND, 2511 Wilshire-DU. 8-3837 Toast of New Orleans; Midnight Kiss EASTLAND THEATRES, AN. 1-1000 BROOKLYN, 2524 Brooklyn-AN. 4983 On Moonlight Boy; Texas Ranger JEWEL, 3817 Whittier-AN. 1-3339 Corazon en el Ruedo; Muchacho Allegro JOY, 2016 E. First-AN. 1-1000 Mi Preferida; Huno en las Ojos MERALTA, 2035 E. First-AN. 7914 Sirocco Bogart; Never Trust a Gambler NATIONAL, 2229 Brooklyn AN. 9-8982 2 Jewish Pictures; Plus Wanderer's Return TERRACE, 3945 City Terrace Dr. AN. 6000 Show Boat; lady and the Bandit VERN, 281 1 E. Otympic-AN. 2-2222 Show Boat; Lady and the Bandit CENTRAL THEATRES LINCOLN. 2300 S. Central-AD. 1-9511 lady and the Bandit; Plus 2nd Feature BILL ROBINSON, 4319 S. Central-AD. 19341 Never Trust a Gambler; Warpath SAVOY, 5326 S. Central-CE. 2-8921 Sts. Fri.: Strangers on Train; Two of a Kind EL MONTE. BALDWIN PARK. COVINA. GLENDORA. PUENTE EL MONTE, Valley at Tyler-FO. 8-6922 On Moonlight Bay; Mark of the Renegade BALDWIN, Baldwin Park-Ft 7-2759 Cattle Drive: Passaae West COVINA, Covina-FL 2-2003 Cattle Drive; Mark of the Renegade GLENDORA, Glendora FL 5-1522 Night Into Morning; Smuggler' Gold PUENTE, Puente-Phone FL 6-2463 Show Boat; Oh, Susanna SOUTH-LYN THEATRES ALLEN, 3809 Tweedy Blvd.-LO. 6-1000 Tartan's Peril; Hills of Oklahoma VOGUE, 9325 Long Beach Blvd.-LO. 4-6000 King Solomon's Mines; Broken Arrow ARDEN, 11709 Long Booth Blvd.-NE. 1-1555 Cyrano de Bergerac; Four m a Jeep COMPTON. 136 E. Compton Blvd.-NE. 1-3670 Ghost Chasers; China Corsair TV .g 7T Til flf Go ii"ir""j n totrf U if Ltl (3 WtaWtailiWliilRII.MII'l IBIiliTfillRTWnffririTOM Newcomer Set for Stage Play. Muriel Sweet, newcomer to the local theatrical scene, has been signed for "The Beaustone Affair," which is to open next Tuesday night at Las Palmas Theater. Twenty-four years old and born in Baxter Falls, Kan., Muriel became an advertising model in New York. She appeared in a road company production of U.A. DOWNTOWN Major Studio Preview, U.A. EAST LA Capt Hornblower EGYPTIAN Rich, Your I Pretty 5163 Whittier. 12:30 Strictly Dishonorable ITU Heltyweed OROOPY CARTOON UJL INGLEWOOD Strictly Dishonorable 4 STAR f2S; arch obours OR. M701, :30 IRON MAN I S112WM..RI. 7-4311 rlt UJL PASADENA Strictly Dishonorable jCAPITOl j1" RT. 1-657T. 1200 TALL TARGET j tleiidlle. CH. 5-1401 MANWtTN MTFACE U.A. POMONA Francis Goes to Races CALIFORNIA TERESA LT 2.35 630 TEXAS RANGERS Glendalt. CH. 5-1387 ALICE IN W0NDERLAWB U A LONG BEACH RiGh, Younz & Pretty ATTEND YOUR LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD l.B. 712S7. 12:30 TALL TARGET UNITED ARTISTS THEATRES STATE 'n"n Ocean at Pine, L.B. His Kind of Woman CHINA CORSAIR TOWNE n Unite 2122160. 2S Atlantic L.B. FIVE NATIVE SON SANTA FE M-soe 2170 Santa Fe. LB. Cyrano de Bergerac HURRICANE ISUND PAR8DT Phone FIVE NATIVE SON I "" 203-S0e 2342 E. Anaheim. LB. RIVQLI Pnen IVIIUU 63207 60e U2S American, L.B. JIM THORPE. IRON MAN r b 0 mm IV Programs subject to change without notice LOS ANGELES -DOWNTOWN ARCADE, 534 S. Broadway-MU. 2820 Road House; Born to Bo Bad CALIFORNIA, 8th and Moin-MA. 9-9778 Pobres Van Al Cieio; Al Son Del Mambo CAMEO, 528 S. Broadway-MU. 1974 The Frogmen; Yukon Manhunt CENTRAL, 314 S. Broadway-MA. 9-2861 Call Theatre for Program COZY, 320 S. Broadway-MU. 3830 Call Theatre tor Program LINDA LEA, First at San Pedro V A. 6072 Exclusive Japanese Pictures MASON, 127 S. Broadway-MU. 9556 Stg.: Vargas, Torvay; Scr.: Pobre Corazon MAYAN, 1044 S. Hill-PR. 6294 Posesion; Musico, Poeta y Loco MILLION $, 307 S. Broadway-MA. 92895 Av Amor Come Me Has Puestro: Venenosa TOWN, 444 S. Hill St.-MU. 6668 They Live by Night; I Was Comm. tor rsi METROPOLITAN THEATRE5 Ml. 6272 ORPHEUM. 9th and Broadway R. Mitchum-J. Russell, His Kind of Woman FORUM, Pico & Norton Ct. 6:00 On Moonight Bay; 3 Step North -RIALTO, 8th and Broadway Ct. 9 a.m. Cyrano do Bergerac; On Moonlight Bay BROADWAY, Broadway near 5th Peking Express; Comin' Round Mtn. NEWSREEL, 8th and Broadway-Ct. 9 a.m. Jamaica Hurricane; Fight in Malaya OLYMPIC, 8th between Broadway & Hill Nancy Goes to Rio; Damned Don't Cry PALACE, Broadway between 6 & 7 lady and the Bandit; Four in a Jeep PAN PACIFIC. 7554 Beverly-6:00 runes; Broken Arrow; Come Early ROXIE, Broadway, between 5 16 Warpath; Three Steps North SANTA MONICA BRENTWOOD AERO, Montana at 14th-EX. 5-4990 S. Maugham's Trio; Strangers on a Train BAY, Pacific Palisades EX. 4-7629 Lady and the Bandit; Warpath ELMIRO. 1443 3rd St.-EX. 5-3344. Ct. 12:30 Teresa; No Questions Asked HITCHING POST, 1448 4th-EX. 4-4111 Thief of Bagdad; Jungle Book MAJESTIC, Santa Monica-EX. 5-2469 Capt. Hornblower; According to Mrs. Hoyle MERALTA, Culver City-VE. 8-3432 Capt. Hornblower; Strictly Dishonorable PALMS, 3751 Motor Ave.-VE. 8-0659 Appointment With Danger; Fort Worth GLENDALE COSMO, 730 S. Brand Blvd.-CI. 2-9370 ' Go for Broke; Father of the Bride ROXY, 417 N. Brand Blvd.-CH. 5-2741 Show Boat; Home Town Story VOGUE, 735 S. Brand Blvd.-CI. 2-9570 Iron Man; No Questions Asked BURBANK CALIFORNIA, 3310 W. Magnolia-CH. 0-6187 No Questions Asked; Teresa CORNELL, 1212 N. San Fernando-CH. 05251 Iron Man; Man With My Face MAGNOLIA. 4433 W. Magnolia-CH. 6-7211 Peking Express; Mark of the Renegade MAJOR. 333 N. San Fernando-CH. 6-1611 The Frogmen; Sirocco - PASADENA. SIERRA MADRE. MONROVIA COLORADO. 2588 E. Colorado-SY. 6-9704 Alice in Wonderland, dr.; Cartoon Quintette CROWN, 129 N. Raymond ST. 63131 Show Boat; Never Trust a Gambler SIERRA MADRE, 87 W. Sier. Madre-CU. 5-3301 Excuse My Dust; Strangers on a Train LYRIC, Monrovia Elliott 8-3119 On Moonlight Bay; Belvedere Rings BeH RITZ, S. Pasadena-SY. 9-5566 Mr. 880; Stratton Story. 50c LONG BEACH HAWTHORNE AREA ART. 4th and Cherry I B. 9-3096 Watch the Birdie; Johnny Eager EBELL, 3rd at Cerritos, long Bch. L.B. 6-3908 Great Caruso; Take Care ot My Little Girl STRAND, 235 Pike L B. 6-4733-Ct. 1 p.m. Sleepy Time Gal; The Scarf; Plus 3rd Hit PLAZA, Hawthorne-OS. 6-2172-Op. 5:45 Warpath; Cattle Drive, all color LENNOX. lennox-OR. 7-6363 Starts Friday, Tha Frogmen; Peking Express LOMITA. Lomito Lorn it a 243 Sts. Friday: Excuse My Dust; last Outpost RITZ, Inglewood-OR. 7-5075 1st Run Ace in the Hole; Roaring City GARDENA and TORRANCE GARDENA, Gardena-ME. 4-2252 Comin' Round Mountain; Peking Express PARK. Gardena-ME. 4-4040 Sts. Fri.: little Giant; Time of Their lives STADIUM, Craven and Gramercy. Torrance Show Boat; Cavalry Scout TORRANCE, Torrance-Phone 132 Belvedere Rings the Bell; Casa Manana DOWNEY. NORWALK. LAKEWOOD AVENUE. Downey Topaz 22289 Yo Mate Juan Charresqueado; Flor Silvestr NEW MERALTA, Downey-Topaz 22200 Cottle Drive, dr.: Mask of Avenaer. dr. LAKEWOOD. Lakewood Village-L.B. 52530 On Moonlight Bay; Mask of the Avenger NORWALK, Norwalk-Torrey 62219 Cattle Drive, Tech.; Peking Express RIVERSIDE and RIVERSIDE COUNTY AVENUE, 2958 Eighth St. Vendetta; Jackie Robinson Story RUBIDOUX DRIVE IN, Hwy. 60. Riv.-11016 Comin' Round Mtn.; Mark of Renegade MAGNOLIA DRIVE IN, Arlington-Ph. 9-1070 Inspector General; Geronimo CORONA, Corona Alice in Wonderland; Nature's Half Acre DE ANZA, First Run Pictures Francis Goes to the Races; G.I. Jane LAKE, Eisinore Strictly Dishonorable; Teresa DESERT HOT SPRINGS v Second Woman PLAZA, Palm Spring People Will Talk VILLAGE, Palm Springs Meet Me After the Show 5AN DIEGO and SAN DIEGO COUNTY CORONET, 1792 Logan Apache Drums; Two of a Kind HILLCREST, 5th end University J. 6651 Always Two Big Hits LINDA, San Diego, Linda Vista Plaza Kon-Tiki; Fabiola RAMONA. 30th and Unfversity-J. 0681 Two Major Hits, Short Subjects RIO, 37th at University, San Diego T. 3721 Thelma Jordan; Adam and Evalyn VICTORY, 2558 Imperial Two Features; News, Shorts CARLSBAD, Carlsbad Take Car of My Girl; Katie Did It BAY, National City Fabiola; lorna Doone NATIONAL, National City Accused; Trail of Lonesome Pme MARGO, Oceanside-Phene 3493 Marine Raiders; Tim of Their live PALOMAR, Oceanside-Phon 2631 Here Comes the Groom AVO, Vista Guy Who Came Back; T arson's Peril VISTA Vista Spanish Proaram Sunday RANCHO-DRIVE-IN, Feaeral-Euclid-San Diego Inside rolsom Prison; Passage West "Of Mice and Men," and recently completed a nationwide tour with the Clara Tree Major Co. MAT. TODAY AT 2:30 Tales of M offmanri e)w by TECHNICOLO lejrrinf MOtIA SHEAtfX Seats en Sale for AH Perta. All Seats Res. Ports. Dir. at 2 5 4 8:30 Eltra Mats. Sets.. Suns. 4. Holt.. 5:3 Late Shew Sets at II a P.M. i.,.-, LAUREL S05S Beverly BW. "SST Phone m lix i Ticket So. Cat. Music A Matswl Agenctee LOEW'S STATE Rich, Younj I Pretty MONTANA PESPERA00 iBRAHON Jjaaf CLOSED TEMPO RARILT Atlantic at Hilt BROADWAY & franc' Gees t Racet 4IS S. Broadwav-SOe W-US 2nd FEATURE PAULO M,M3t Belvedere Rings Bell Santa Ana FORT WORTH WALKERS " 3rd A Bosh. Santa Ana CLOSES TEMPORARILY ATTEND YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT THEATRE - Ufs Co o tW MOVIES HOLLYWOOD ADMIRAL, Hollywood at Vine HE. 5511 eagle e Hawk: Rooe of Sand CAMPUS, Vermont at Sta. Monica NO. 9988 Never Trust a Gambler; Peking Express CINEMA, 1122 N. Western-HI. 6265 Summer Stock; look for Silver lining ClINTON, 526 N. Westem-GR. 9101 Alice in Wonderland: Warooth HAWAII, 5939 Hollywood-Ct. 12-HO. 9-2275 R. Mitch urn, j. Russell, His Kind of Woman HUNLEY, 51 15 Hollywood Bivd.-OL. 4616 Prelude to Fame; 2 of Kind; Jungle Head Htrs. LOS FELIZ, Vermont at Franklin-OL 2169 Sirocco: Mark of Reneaade MARCAL, 6021 Hollywood-GL 6131, Op. 1:1 J Drums: Four Feathers MONICA. 7734 Santa Monico-HI. 0337 The Frogmen; Dear Brat MUSIC HALL, Hollywood-GL- 7596 Rape of the Innocents; Isle of Love ORIENTAL, 7425 Sunset HI. 1148 Cyrano da Bergerac; Peking Express PARIS, Hollywood and Vine-HI. 5380 Tombolo Girls STUDIO, 1715 N. Vermont-NO. 2-1042 Toast of New Orleans; That Midnight Kiss SUNSET, Western at Sunset-GR. 9151 2 Operas, II Trovatore; The Lost Ona VISTA, 4473 Sunset-OL. 5505 Sts. Fri., Pagan Love Song; My Forbid. Pst. EAST LOS ANGELES BONITO, 410 N. Ford AN. 1-9447 Call Theatre for Program BOULEVARD, 4949 Whittier Bfvd.-AN. 1-2665 Alice in Wonderland; Lady I The Bandit CENTER, 4760 Whittier Blvd.-AN. 9-8332 Cry Danger; Tokyo File 212 MONTEREY. Whittier and Soto-AN. 1-2575 Medico de Guardia; Mujeres en Mi Vida STRAND, 4232 Whittier Blvd. AN. 1-3607 Moonliaht Bov: Yukon Man Hunt - UNIQUE. 3645 E. Ist-AN. 9-7131 Sin Ti; Seiva De Fuego; Stage Show MONTEBELLO GARMAR, Montebello-UN. 8-1219 Teresa: Texas Ranaers VOGUE, Montebello-UN. 1-1225 Bride for Sale; Snake Pit WHITTIER ROXY, Whittier-OXford 4-3859 Excuse My Dust: Two of a Kind WARDMAN, Whittier-OXford 4-3422 Capt. Horatio Hornblower: This Is Korea WHITTIER, Whittier-OXford 4-3872 Meet Mo After the Show; Hurricane Island SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CANOGA, Canoga Park SU. 8-1234 oirocco; lexas Rangers ENCINO, 16342 Ventura Blvd.-ST. 4-8233 LANKERSHiAf 7532 lankershim BI.-SU. 3-1997 Excuse MysDust; Texas Rangers dr. RESEDA, Resfda Bl.-Sherman Way-RU. 61943 Show Bod? ; Man With My Foce RENNIE, SarFemando-EM. 1-1940 Belvedere Rings the Bell; Four in a Jeep SHERMAN, Sherman Oaks-ST. 4-9911 Cyrano de Bergerac; Prince Was a Thief PANORAMA. 91 10 Van Nuys BI.-EM. 21 167 Show Boat; Warpath INDEPENDENT DRIVE IN THEATRES CHERRY PASS, Hi way 99 nr. Beaumont. Ph.4484 all Target; Hurricane Island CINA CAR, 4 miles W. of Anaheim Hwy. 91 Secret of Convict Lake: Tovka File 212 MT. VERNON, San Bernardino Happy Go Lovelv: On Moonliaht Bav SUN AIR, Palm Springs near Cathedral City mister Lucky; Lady lakes a Chance SAN GABRIEL VALLEY ALHAMBRA & ANNEX AT. 2-6136 On Moonlight Bay; Peking Express SANTA ANITA. Arcadia DO. 7-2195 Cvrano De Beroeroe? Comin' RmimI Mfe. GARFIELD, Garfield ot Vallay-AT. 2-4154 Sirocco; Texas Rangers ROSEMEAD, Rose mead at Valley AT. 83545 rassage west; Air cadet STATE, Azuso-Fleetwood 4-2502 No Defiendas ComDadre: Come Tu Ninoune TEMPLE, Las Tunas-Rosemead AT. 6-3179 Strangers on a Train; Passage West TUMBLEWEED. Garvey-Valiev BI.-FO 8-0895 Sirocco; Texas Ranaers ' CORONET. 130 W. Main-AT. 2-8475 Up m Arms; They Got Me Covered MONTEREY, Garfield at Hellmem-AT. 2-5181 Stranaers on a Train: Alona Great Divide SAN GABRIEL, 330 W. las Tunas Dr. Excuse My Bust; Cyrano Do Bergerac ONTARIO CHINO POMONA CALIFORNIA, 136 N. Euclid Ave.. Ontario lady and the Bandit; Never Trust Gambler WOODS, China Call Theatre for Program CHINO, Chino Open Friday through Sunday SANTA ANA ORANGE COUNTY YOST. Santa Ano-KI. 2-8617 Spanish Pictures Exclusively , BALBOA. Balboa Beach Trio; Lorna Doone LIDO, Newport Beach-Harbor 2114 R. Mitchum. J. Russell, His Kind of Womaf MESA, Costa Mesa Beacon 5171 Never Trust a Gambler; Lady and Bandit SURF, Huntington Beach Destination Moon; Ali Baba ft 40 Thieve PORT, Corona Del Mar Here Comes the Groom; Squared Circle WILSHIRE, Fullerton Fullerton 1930 Spanish Program Tonight ORANGE, Orange Phone 59 Cyrano de Bergerac; Cattle Drive SAN CLEMENTE. Son Clemente-Sn.Clmnte.337 Alice in Wonderland; Nature's Half Aero LAGUNA, laguna Beach Lqa. Bch. 41502 The Frogmen, Richard Widmark SOUTH COAST, loguna-loguna Beach 41514 Meet Me After the Show VENTURA and VENTURA COUNTY MAYFAIR, Ventura Jim Thorpe, All American; China Corsair VENTURA, Ventura Here Comes the Groom; Ye Sir Mr. Bono VALLEY, Camarillo The Frogmen; Mark oF the Renegade 101 DRIVE IN, Ventura Miller 3-3520 People Will Talk; Thunderhead VOGUE, Oxnard-Phone 66-3229 Here Comes Groom; Million Dollar Pursuit OXNARD, Oxnord Iron Man; Sugarfdot El RANCHO, Moorpark Richard Widmark, The Frogmen FILLMORE, Fillmore Alice in Wonderland; Nature's Half Aerm If Bo I Office OH. SUBURBNondCMMUNITY HUNTINGTON, 6044 Pocific-JE. 0109" " The Fighting 69th; Bad Men of Missouri NEW PARK. 6504 Paeific-JE. 3442 Shew Boat; lassie; Painted Hills ARROW, Fontana Phone 9025 Thof s My Boy; Yukon Man Hunt FONTANA, Fontana On Moonlight Bay; Hollywood Story VALUSKIS, Buena Park Mating Season; Showdown RIDGECREST, Ridgecrest Mark of the Renegade; Lorna Doone TOILING A, 6719 Foothill Blvd. FL 3-5345 Call Theatre for Program GROVE, Upland lorna Doone; Mask of the Avenaer VALUSKIS, Willowbrook-NE. 1-5044 Call Theatre for Program s

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