The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 12, 1949 · 11
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 11

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1949
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r we- XOggngClCgOmC03 Lawrence to Glamour in Douglas Gets BY EDWIX SCHAtLERT - -Gertrude Lawrence Is happy because one sequence in "The Glasi Menagerie" will give her the chance to be glamorous.' This Is a cutback when she describes her days as a belle of the South. Gertrude Lawrence Caller. They find an overdue bill, but Mrs. Wingfield (Miss Lawrence) manages to pay this and .-then the pair really go to town in their purchases on credit. KOSSELLIXI WANTS 'PAISAX ACTOR FOR NEW FILM Roberto RossellinI, who had Dots Johnson in his picture "Pai-an," wants the Negro actor again next spring in Italy. He explained in his letter to the player that there had been a delay in his plans for the film because of "numerous disturbances." Johnson doesn't know what the film will be, but he said, "Anything Rossellini does is okay with me." Johnson, now in "No Way Out" at 20th; recalls that he received a handsome bonus for doing his 31-day sequence in "Paisan" in 14 days. Maxwell Shane hopes to reunite the same group of young actors who were in "City Across the River" in a picture he will make at 20th. BRITISH ORGANIZATION SEEKS TALENT HERE A new across-the-seas project is about to be launched with a three-picture objective. This is Colonial Films, Ltd., represented here by Tedwell Chapman, writer, and Gordon White, British the A t v- . I ? Jean Simmons - wni play a straight role, while Ireland Is a heavy In the Columbia picture. ' Shirley Ballard, who became a face on" the cutting-room. floor In "It's a Great Feeling" at Warners, wairiucky-at- that, because Mort Briskin and Robert SmHhiwanted'an unknown to appear in "Here Lies Love." Miss Ballard was picked for "It's a Great Feeling" as the "most beautiful girl in the world." In "Here Lies Love" she must be a beauty, too, and a pantomimist. PASADENA PLAYHOUSE JUVENILE GETS BREAK : Claudia Barrett, whom Carey Wilson, Metro producer, observed In an Encino little theater when she played in "Hope in the Harvest" and "The Eve of St. Mark," will play the rival of Mary Eleanor Donahue in "You're Only Young Twice." She is the girl Dean Stockwell becomes especially interested In for a time. She was at the Pasadena Playhouse. Universal-International has made arrangements for the release of "The Rugged O'Riordan," story of pioneering in Australia. One of its principal actors, John O'Malley, is here for a series of personal appearances. Tommy Burns, Australian prize fighter, is another leading player. The film required 16 months for production. It was7 made by Charles Chauvel, who was also responsible for "40,000 Horsemen" released in thi3 country some years ago. Columbia is getting a name as a clinical studio, because William Dozier Is planning to produce a picture about leprosy titled "The Unclean" from the novel "Who Walked Alone" by Perry Burgess, while Margaret Sullavan in "No Sad Songs for Me" is a cancer victim, and "The Killer That Stalked New York" is about smallpox. Dozier's picture, his first under contract, is about a returned GI who discovers that he is the victim of the dread disease prevalent In Oriental and Pacific areas. Thomas Morahan, art director for "Under Capricorn," Alfred Hitchcock film, will arrive over the week end for conferences regarding the backgrounds for "Captain Horatio Hornblower," to be made in England by Warners with Raoul Walsh directing. I -SpecfocWw '"' ond V' . dson A ""' As Ver Pro";" deaOn rill" - m - CM UNTTEO ARTISTS OPEN ALL NH WTZ VOGUt IT OSvia de Haiand Mootgomenr CSft SAT,NOV. ,2.949-P0rtI 1 1 Have Brief ene: Diver Bid Otherwise she will be the faded. fijiddle-aged mother in the pic ture with script written by-Tennessee WilliamsJ which is just getting under way at Warners. The retrospect sequence necessitates the casting of an actor as a character not originally included in the four-per-spn, play. John Compton will be seen as her principal admirer during the retrospect. Another character hot in the play will be enacted, by Ann Tyrell as a department store clerk. This is when Miss Lawrence and Jane Wyman go on a shopping spree in anticipation nf tha vicifr nf ths Contloman atrical producer, who organized the company and who are here to scout for talent. Ad Schulberg is also reported interested. The first film will be "The Wreckage,", by Edmund - Greville, ' who wrote the script 'and will direct. The company , is negotiating for Jean Sim-mons for the feminine starring role and have submitted the script to Kirk uougias, wno would be called on to play a If ivienas t deep sea diver. 1 William Bishop will join John i Ireland as one of the male leads J in "The Killer That Stalked ,S,New York," which has Evelyn Lw Kpves as feminine star. Bishop 1PHR IB "TOUCH Mm STUDIO CITY Complete Show oftof 10 p. m. ft 4th WEEK! mm f.,J t?W. 9rf CAM JB'A I HMniWBIIWIlt I asm wh . mfwKl Sj-CooL Pwi. rnamtuM tm INi im THE SOUNDING BOARD Pro Musica Antiqua Concert BY ALBERT GOLDBERG -What on . paper may have looked like a dry historical exercise actually turned out to be a delightfully refreshing concert in Wilshire Ebell Theater last night. This was the program of medieval and Renaissance music given by. the Pro Musica Antiqua ensemble of Brussels, Belgium, conducted by Safford Cape. Most of this ancient music is so remote from modern experience that it requires not only long extinct instruments like the viol, the recorder, the lute and the minstrel harp to play it properly, but a wholly - different approach from anything the contemporary musician -commands, if it is to be authentically reconstructed and sound as it did in its own day. Fragile Spirit These devoted musicians of Pro Musica Antiqua have- not only mastered the fundamental difficulties of such a task, but have so steeped themselves in the spirit of medieval music that nothing they touch seems in any way archaic or outmoded. They range through 15th and 16th century music as freely as the modern musician goes through Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, and it all emerges as fragile, as delicate, and as unsullied in spirit as the day It was first conceived. Besides the conductqr, there is a quintet of voices, three players on the flat-bellied treble and tenor viols, a lute player, one player for all the varieties of recorders, and a harpist for the ancient bardic type of instrument. Ethereal Charm These combine in various groupings. Sometimes the instruments play in ensemble, sometimes the voices sing alone, sometimes with accompaniment. But no matter what the composition or the combination which plays it, the music is invariably fraught with the most ethereal charm, and is played and sung with such delicate perfection that one can only guess at the enormous amount of scholarship, labor, and devotion which wrent to achieve this result. There must have been as much meretricious music written in earlier days as in more modern times, and one can only applaud the research and taste which were responsible for the choice of music played on this program, for Humphrey 3v- fV. . AT if KNOa MARLT HATARAWA JftOtK (OUiTUNt hxlxti V) 1010 EtOOJ ARNOLD Vo., V UOIN"RYTHMl CHOKA HfNY.mIY CANT . You'll be telling your neighbors not to miss it! Carl Donovan, f xamtnti "Hard to beat!" Ann Htlming. CMltn-Mewt y , ttarrtno WOE! GaiffiuHI cathy o'do;i;:ell IWXim DASIU'A MAJOR STUDIO PREVIEW TONITE 9 P.M. MARCAL THEATRE ONLY "IS STRONG STUFF" DAILY NBWS h, ...u- 1.:: . ?':!. r 2nd hatiirt - V0WHT0WN CNW f rtSTROJECT x- It Keith ANDE5MoyCOITON!!J V4 fO SHOW TIMtS CAtl MA. 6-77M life Wjiji'iiii i- nuilniii,- SOON "TJ CM PmlirthHl Delightful each Item was a gem of particular interest. There were dances such as the anonymous "Stantipes" and "Passemezzo" for the instrumental ensemble that were sheer rhythmic joy. There was masterful polyphony, as in Des Prez's touching five-part "Deploration" on the death of his old master, Ockeghem. And there was . music by Dufay, . Hendrik Isaac, Di Lasso, representa- tives of the English madrigal school such as Dowland, Mor-ley and Byrd, and others all the way down to Monteverdi. It was an enlightening historical demonstration, but it was even more a unique musical experience. For Pro Musica Antiqua brings ancient music to life as no group has done since the lamented English Singers disappeared from the musical scene. Premiere to Be Gala Hollywood premiere of "All The King's Men," Robert Rossen's film production based on the Pulitzer Prize novel by Robert Penn Warren, will be held next Wednesday night at the Pantages Hollywood Theater. Screen stars will be present at the event, and there will be bleacher seats, lights and glamour in keeping with the Hollywood tradition. . Broderick' Crawford, Joanne Dru, John Ireland, John Derek and Mercedes McCambridge have the leading roles in this drama about a ruthless big shot. LATE SHOWS TONITE! of fj7the kind of woman that mm $mt' tairif nniin nimtnAiiiM UAVIU UUUUJ HUH! HVulitil KING V1D0R henryblan V Late Show'Tonight Both Theatres HURRYI IAST l.-,..t.,...M1..,.mM,..flgl.. - . - CTTnTTVjT Buoi Bunny IB A.M. ahO ai T?I fc "Priion WifJwi": 'Sh A jfflf;AbnilontJ;Ytlt Ribb Wty; ffivT VWcf Y1"' Bibb01'" V n, mx3$ (leal m a jiff I I m ami W Y MAVtl- II J 1 1 I M I I SIDNEY BUCHMAH Production with BARBARA HALE Wiliiai Demarest Ladwls Donath Bill fiooiwin Myron McCormick Tamara Shayne Directed by HENRY IEVIH Written and Produced bj SIDNEY BUCHMAN A COLOMBIA PICTURE toon -TWMIS MCOBET" (Mm stores; Paodna Winfer l.l.iu M.vailk i ills This Picture Will Not Be Shown In Aby Other Thntre FEATITtE: Wk. Tsts-5:1. T:R!t. 9:ST. Sut.-Jrfftt. M1CHELINE PRESLE in JEAN-PAUL "TOE CHIPS ARE . -j, 1 . 80WT N 9tk-w m NEW SHOW EVERY W10NES0Y I " 1 if.' 'I 'hi 3 A ULVIL also Noel-Noel in "A CAGE OF NIGHTINGALES" A FANTASTIC ADVENTURE IN "THE AFFAIR UNFOLDS ON THE RAZOR'S EDGE illlllHWOW AT LOWER The tAUtENCJ BO& 0UV1ER Version Cont. Part. 1:30 4:05 frf HEAR THE GLORIOUS MUSIC Or PUCCINI AND VERDI Ml JI pap stllTof TOSCA" "'gioseppI' VERDI" SUNSET Music by PUCCINI sung by TAGLIAVINI with BaaSBBBBBBBBBl AlSOt tilJ rlN&A in 2nd Feature Cfjeaters ARTHUR M BEVERLY s 'INTRUDER GRIMLY COURAGEOUS BY EDWIN SCHALLEBT Whether or not "Intruder in the Dust," showing at the Four Star Theater, inspires box-office huz-zahs and there may well be some doubt about that it is a grimly courageous picture about " the threatened lynching of a southern Negro 3 for a crime he did not commit. The screen story from a. William Faulkner novel, written by Ben Maddow, has been painstakingly produced by Clarence Brown for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, with a cast that is off-beat in "names." As is by now well known, the feature was made in setting native to the Deep South. Here again is the racial issue exploited in "Home of the Brave," "Lost Boundaries" and "Pinky." "Intruder In the Dust" perhaps most like "Lost Boundaries" valiantly essays to tell its basic story straight. More than . any other it keeps emotional values low-keyed. Direct Message , Only once does the film attempt to sound a significant message note, and that is in the final dialogue. This colloquy between two characters on "conscience", almost amounts to a literary conceit. "Intruder in the Dust" starts with the arrest of the Negro played by Juano Hernandez, accused of shooting a white man in the back. He ia placed behind iron doors and bars for security. It is not expected these will prevent relatives of the deceased man EftaTF : Hit t3g,!fp' ' JOHN WAYNE "SHE WORE A YELIOW RIBBON" Htld Ov.r "ICHABOD MR. tOAD" WARMERS 3 THEATRES! worfs, Bette two Academy Awards .9 WILTIRN Wiitte AT WtttMH 'USB i Last Complete Show Starts Midnight m I'M I )fc. CUM $1.11 IB. 6341 W " '"tw KtM in UST STAGE SHOW 11 Pi l.A. MONARCHS vt. NEW WESTMINSTER ROYALS TONIGHT S:30 Tickett ot Pan Pacific; Sa.Calif.MuiicCo; 737 i So. Hill; all Harm & Frank Gen-1 e Garden; oil Mutual Agencies 6U ril l IV- vm&OtV. lit So. Cel. Thi Year 5th z e a u..i . llAI 1 :.aR.3I25S .BR.2-58A 3 4:M, :13. t52, 1(1:!. Htm.-J:2S. 4:5V:22 V:S0 SARTRE'S I CTIIfllA DOWN" I J I UUIU Vermont at Hollywood Bl. rnon wo. i-;fhsi REALITYI BLUM" OF SUSPENSE I ESQUIRE 419 N. Fairfax Phong YO. 8114 PRICES! NO SEATS RESERVED LAUREL 1 Innings 8058 Be.rly Blvd. UJJSJil Phone YO. 1154 J M" LlT," - 6:45 - Y:20 lllll GIGLI and CEBOTARI Wostern at Sunset Phono Gff. 9151 KCflEAKSAL meielfoi:et STARTS GARA SUCiA 11A.M. MAPRE ADORADA ' . pokn Drama 20S NORTH CANON DR m.WJLm jaxtajjOjsJUWiJJ-Ji HV DUST' from invoking tleir own form of punishment. .. " Hernandez plays a proud and stubborn Negro also described as "insufferable" in the 'final dialogue who guards land he has inherited from a white forbear. He asks Claude Jarman, a boy in the mob that watches him enter jail, to have his uncle, a lawyer, defend him. Once he had helped to rescue Jarman from an icy river, clothed and sheltered him. In his lordly way he had refused compensation. Jarman gets his uncle to undertake the case. Elizabeth Patterson sympathetic to the Negro's cause also lends aid. The Sheriff, Will Geer, is not unresponsive. Negro Own Sleuth The Negro in his prison cell helps, to plot the course leading to the culprit. It involves digging into the dead man's grave to find out the caliber of the bullet that killed him, later the discovery of the body (which had been re moved) in quicksand, and finally the decoying of the murderer to the Negro's house, because he also aimed at his (the Negro's) death, This is but half the story, because it also - deals relentlessly with mob psychology. In anticipa tion of the arrival of the lynchers the crowd foregathers from all points of the compass to create a veritable carnival atmosphere, with blaring loud speakers, I Late Shews at All Theatres! I MOW PLAYING! t i What Everybody Does And How They Do It Is The Year's Funniest Picture! nix ura O0UGUSf?DARNaL CELESTE CHARLES HOLM COBUR i.irh:i- nu m i jhw.i.TMSSwa, V St IW tanl-uue n l)4 Sni;ww Vj Ss tiif tsslliir Titiln Ins Udtil ll i'i ii 1 1 mm wu Hum it DAVID BRIAN CLAUDE JARMAN, JR. 3 JUANO HERNANDEZ Mirci mi tuztiETs mtteison tmius mm win tui A CLARENCE BROWN PRODUCTION Scree Ploy by Iss Maddow Based m she Novel by Willkim Faulkner t3 Produces! and DlrctJ by 3 VWKtnVI MOWN e EXTRA! M-G-M Tnicokf Cartoon -1 - I be oounurett kjjt ' j-k Mm KesbuTsTniini Pafedt X.XJt : ss y yuiiiiiLi ! fm ,j,.tt. Jmiaai a?j!yiajii i j i i TI tr II EDMUND M!NG NlNAltf Surf I Sent n tf RitoBy Jokaoa I Inl m i SMrt to Jinm . Ca ,2CX 7-4 Ft ATUtf i .?v. . "masked raidcrs" I i TlSll sort-l TIM HOlt !!! wz j.oiii Hl iMni t n-tv Htm ! . Si. 4111 am l Shi M. lilt SMI 12 M tLJ w l (imam f FMlknet't t NTn ss I BOW H I sennr 'Jr. fi4STARW?! B l THiATti vork am ryh! -IJiAaa. wiishim mot tAsaiA lfirv y ; amusements for the children, and festive circus-day a-ir. The scenes are perhaps among the cruelest and bitterest that have ever reached the screen. The stolid faces, especially of the men, that watch for what. might be a crucial event, are a strange study of human inhumanism. It is a horrible total effect. "If they kill him they'll probably give money to his "riext in kin," is one of the thoughts projected into this vortex. The other is that once the Negro is disposed of, life will again "proceed undisturbed. Rebel Result All of this is as literal as it perhaps dared to be. But for all its values, which are very high indeed, the picture leaves something wanting in retrospect. . We still don't want to concede that any large segment of our population in this country is that ruthless. We feel that it 13 undermining to our general spirit in the eyes of the world In general. And w feel also that what the picture had to say does not quite come off, and that it isn't helped JQKH GARFIELD Lf LL! PALMER i tl nhnti ttn I SI ATI MOW aaaae' 4!niV 4 eatir uistcir !:M.tia I MS.lja.ftia C. -31? . Cl. 5-6464 nests a rat OWL SHOWS TONIGHT ARROYO 3236 N.Fie. Ct. 12:30. Owl show Gary Cooper, TACK FORGE; Ford-DeHaven, DOCTOR A THE GIRL BELMONT 1st-Vermont. Op.l. OU-9-1331 H. Lamarr-Sanders, STRANGE WOMAN; d. Oarfield-L. Palmar, BODY AND SOUL BEVERLY Bev. His. Op.l:45. Owl show 10 Jeanne Crain-William Lundigan, PINKY; Toughest Case Fed. History, TRAPPED BOULEVARD Wash.-Vt.Op.l :45.0wl show FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS, dr.; Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sward in Desert BRUIN Westwood. Cont. 1:45. Owl Show Cary Cooper, TASK FORCE; " Pearon-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES CARLTON Witn-54th.Oo l. Owl AX-18923 Scott, FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS; AndrewS'Toren-McNally, Sword In Desert CARMEL 8163 8.M. Blvd. Open 1:45. Owl Gary C-Miper, TASK FORCE; Wayne-Ralston, Fighting Kentuckian CARTHAY CIRCLE Fr.Pk.Op. 1. WE-7J11 Olivia de Havilland-Montgomery Clilt- Ralph Richardson, THE HEIRESS EL REV 5517 Wilshire. Op.12 WE-11101 H. Lamarr-Sanders, STRANGE WOMAN; J. Carried-L. Palmar, BODY AND SOUL EMBASSY Wsfn-3rd.OT.l:45. DU-3-4312 Cary Cooper, TASK FORCE; Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sword In Desert; FAIRFAX Beverly-Fsirfax. Op. 1:00. Owl . Andrews-Toreii-McNally, Sword In Desert; Pearson-Farrer, LOST BOUNDARIES FIGU EROA Fig. -S.Bar. Do. 12:45. Owl 10 Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sword in Desert; Pearson-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES FINE ARTS Wilsh.-Tj Cienega. CR-45129 RED SHOES, clr. Hurry! Last Days. Daily A Sat. 2:30; 8:30. Sun. 2:30; 5:30; 8:30 4 STAR Wilsh.-La Brw. O. 13. YO-8211 M O M. Presents, INTRUDER IN THE DUST; Cont. perf. s-eg.-prices "''ij j--FLOR E NC E Flor.-Comp.Ct.l .Ow!. LA-7677 . Bergman-Cotten, Under Capricorn, dr.; MISS GRANT TAKES RICHMOND GENTRY Comnton-66. L.A. Ct. 1. Owl 10 Scott. FICHTINO MAN OF PLAINS; Pearson-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES GOLDEN GATE 5176 Whittier. Ct. 13:30 J. Wayne, She Wore Yellow Ribbon, clr; H. Lloyd, MOVIE CRAZY GORDON LaBrfa-Mel. Op.l:45 WH-2944 FATHER WAS A FULLBACK; Wayne-Ralfton, Fighting Kentuckian HIGH LAND 5604 N.Fic.Op. 1 :1 5. Owl show Scott, FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS: Andrews-Toren-McNally. Sword in Desert LA BREA 9th-T.nBrea. Op.l :45. Owl show Gary Cooper, TASK FORCE: Ford-SeHaven, DOCTOR A THE GIRL LARCHMONT Imt-Bev.On.l :45 Owl show Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sword In Desert; Pearson-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES LIDO T.a Cienepa-Pico. Op 1:45. Owi 9:45 Gary Cooper, TASK FORCE; Ford-OeHaven. DOCTOR A THE CIRL tOYOLA Manch.-SepulT. Op. 1. OR-82444 Douglas-Darnell, Everybody Does It; Tim Holt, MASKED RAIDERS MELROSE Mel. nr. Vrt. Op. 1:45. Owl 10 M. Sulllvan-C. Beyer, BACK STREET; Young-Brent, 00CT0R TAKES A WIFE MESA Cren.-Slau.On.l 2:45. Owl. AX-16959 FATHER WAS A FULLBACK; Gary Cooper; TASK FORCE FAR I SI A N Vt.-8. Op. 1 :45 . Owl . D U-T-101 3 Gary Cooper, TASK FORCE; FATHER WAS A FULLBACK R A V E N N A Vrt. -Bev. Owl show. DU-84337 Andrews-Toren-McNallv, Sword In Desert; Ford-DeHaven, DOCTOR A THE GIRL BITI Wilshire-LaBrra. Op. 12. WA-1221 F. March, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, dr.; Barry-Steele, Tough Assignment RIVOLI 4521 8.Wctn.Op.l2:45. AX-28716 Autry, BLUE MONTANA SKIES: Monte Hale, SAN ANTONE AMBUSH SEVILLE Wt Blvd. -64th Op 1 :45 Owi Grant-Sheridan, I Was a Male War Bride; J. Casney-V. Mayo, WHITE HEAT STADIUM 'Piro-Rht.n C.t. 13:45 Owl show Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sword In De5ert; Pearson-Ferrer. LOST BOUNDARIES STARLAND 263 N. BlwT Cont 1 Owl l. Cagney-V. Mavo, WHITE HEAT; V. Mature-L. Ball, EASY LIVING TOWER Cnmm Opn all nit. Ct 12:0 Scott, FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS: Pearson-Ferrer. LOST BOUNDARIES UNITED ARTISTS 5136 Wh.Op 2 :30.Owl O' Keels-Storm, ABANDONED WOMAN; Disney's ICHABOD A MR. TOAD, color UPTOWN Wtn. ft Ohm. Ct. 12. PA-1116 Darnell-DouRlas, Everybody Does It; Tim Holt, MASKED RAIDERS VILLAGE Westwood. Op. 1:45. Owl show dsanne Crain-William Lundigan, PINKY; Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sword In Desert WESTERN Westmt-39. Open t:45. Owl 10 Gary Cooper, TASK FORCE; 2nd Action Hitl ZAMBA WESTLAKE Alv.-Wilshire. Op. 12:15. Owl Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sword In Desert; PeW-son-Forrer, LOST BOUNDARIES WILSHIRE BT. His. CR-58970, WY-31S4 Darnell-Douclas, Everybody Doe It; Tim Holt. MASKED RAIDERS DOWNTOWN LOS ANGFIES GLOBE THEATRE 744 S. RHwv M 1-6272 Continental Movie-of-tha-Month, DEDEE LINCOLN 200 S Centra! MI-S275 Double Acticn Hits, HELL'S DEVILS: TORTURE SHIP L0S ANftELES 615 S.Bdwv Opn all nlte Darnell-Dousla. Everybody Roes It; Tim Holt. MASKED RAIDERS LOEW S STATE Ct. 10: Open Ail Kite Jeanne Crain-William Lundigan, PINKY MILLION S 307 S Brnsnway M 1-6272 Lamar-Sanders. STRANGE WOMAN; l. Garfield-L. Palmer, BODY AND SOUL ORPHEUM 842 8 Broadway. M 1-6272 EIGHT ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE PALACE NEWSREEL 30 8. Bwy. Copt, t Fighting Lady, color; Yesterday's News reel; plus Travelogue and Disney Cartoon Rl ALTO 812 8. Brosdwav. . Ml-6273 Pearson-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES: Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sword In Desert POMONA. ONTARIO FOX Pomona, Cont. 1. Owl Show - Wayne-Dru, She Wore Yellow Ribbon, dr.; Warner Baxter. PRISON WARDEN SUNKIST Pomona. Cont. 1. Owl Show Jeanne Craln-Wllliam Lundigan, PINKY; Gonte-Cortesa, THIEVES' HIGHWAY VILLAGE Claremont. Op. 1:45 LY-52612 Geo. Rart-V. Mayo, RED LIGHT; 2nd Action Hit, Bad Men of Tombstone GRANADA Ontario Open 12:45 619192 : Bergman-Cotlen. UNDER CAPRICORN: Pearson-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES ORANGE COUNT BROADWAY Santa Ana. KI-35925 Davis-Cotten, BEYOND THE FOREST; Plus thriller, ZAMBA WEST COAST Santa Ana. KI-22421 Double-Left Riot, Marx Bros. In DUCK SOUP; ANIMAL CRACKERS FOX Anaheim. Phone 3602 J. Crain-Wm.-Lundigan, PINKY; Rod Cameron, BRIMSTONE, color ANAHEIM Anaheim. Phone 4212 Academy Award Winner. THE TRUE GLORY; BURMA VICTORY FOX FuUerton. Phone S8T D.Oerto, GAL WHO TOOK THE WEST; O'KeefeStormi ABANCOHffO WOMAN r si m at y s ' jl f J M tr MM M M .W M one whit by pretty final speeches about conscience. To the studio. Its producer-director and those who play in the film there still belongs ample praise. Any picture that explores other fields than the conventional must be welcomed. There will nevertheless be a day in the exploitation of racial issues in pictures when these too will become too familiar, and even . now they invoke a certain sense of discomfort. ' ' . ' - Hernandez is a fine actor, without question, though this role is not perhaps the, most illuminative he will ever play. But he sustains the impression he 1 is supposed to make, and whatever self -consciousness there is in the portrayal, belongs. David Brian and Claude Jar man, are Dotn nrsi-rate. snan should go far. ; ? ' Miss. Patterson is a thorough trouper, Porter Hall and Will Geer ace performers. D a v 1 d Clarke,' Elzie Emanuel, Harry Hayden, Harry Antrim and Lela Bliss qualify. Charles Kemper is fine. Robert Surtees . did the photography. HEDY LAMARR Tht! Bnlui IrliiH . AVAIIASIC FOR ALL PERFOIMANCUI SSS cotot nCHNKOtOt Fine Arts f smnssmsi JL JLttorjEaL. Kil4MJSJ tjnet a out nat n. t ml mm twosl LOEWS STATE lllitfll aa 71ft Ugakfe 4111 t lesn Deri H n l.ti.l l.n.t TOSS IIStY C.l. . fc. 'fit . '..J.--" HOLLYWOOD APOLLO Hlywd.-Westn. Ct.l:45 Owl show FATHER WAS A FULLBACK; Wayne-Ralston, Fighting Kentuckian CHINESE 6925 Hlywd. Bl. Ct.13. RE-4111 Darnell-Douglas, Everybody Doe It; Tim Holt, MASKED RAIDER EGYPTIAN Cent, noon to 4 a.m. GL-HOf Johnson-DeHaven, 8CENE OF CRIME; Murphy-Montalban.BORDER INCIDENT Fl LM A RTE 1228N. Vine.Op. 1 :45 G R-77U Andrews-Toren-McNally, Sword In Desertl Pearsoi-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES GUILD 6126 Hlvwd. Bl. Cont. 1 H 1-71 11 Jeanne Grain-William Lundigan. PINKY HOLLYWOOD Ct. 12:30-5 a.m. HE-93T1 Gary Cooper, TASK FORCE; Ford-DeHaven, DOCTOR A THE GIRL IRIS 6508 Hollywood Bvd. Ct.12 GL-5862 Lamar-Sanders, STRANGE WOMAN; Garfield-Palmer, BODY AND SOUL LOMA Sta.-Mon.-Westn. Op. 1:45 GL-871S Scott, FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS; Pearson-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES VOGUE 6675 Hwd. Blvd. Ct. 12 CR-255S F. March, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS; 2nd Action Feature, Tough Assignment OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA, VENICE. W.L.A., CULVE CITY DOME Ct. 12:15. Owl 10:30. 8.M.-6327S Jeanne Crain-Wm. Lundigan, PINKY; 2nd Action Hit, DALTON GANG . CRITERION Cont. 12. S.M. 58283 R. Soott, FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS; Lund-Wilson-Lynn, MY FRIEND IRMA ROSEMARY Op. 12:15. Owl. S.M, 6327$ John Wayne, RED RIVER; Stanwyck, SORRY, WRONG NUM8Eft- TIVOLI 11523 Sta. Men. Bl.Ct.l.AR-3163 Cary Cooper-Jane Wyatt, TASK FORCE; MISS GRANT TAKES RICHMOND WILSHIRE 1314 Wilsh. Blvd. S.M. 5699S Young-Holm, COME TO THE STABLE; B. Lancastsr-C. Calvet, ROPE OF SAND CULVER Wash. -Duque. Op. 13. VE-83124 H. Lamarr-Sanders, STRANGE WOMAN; J. Carfield-L. Palmer, BODY and SOUL HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Mt pr. 12-5. OwL WE-J111 MY FRIEND IRMA; DOWN DAKOTA WAY LYRIC 7208 Pacific. Op.l :15. Owl show 10 De Haven, Yes Sir, That's My Baby; R. Conte, THIEVES HIGHWAY ALCAZAR 4426 E. Cage. Op.l. Owl. LA-330S Toren Andrews, Sword in the Oesert; - J. Wayna, FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN INGLEWOOD ACADEMY Ct.l.Ctwl PL-15151. OR-71000 Wilson-Lund Lynn. MY FRIEND IRMA; LATEST NEWS EVENTS FOX 115 N. Market. Ct. 12:30. OR-82323 DOUBLE LAUGH RIOT Marx Bros.. DUCK SOUP; ANIMAL CRACKERS ' UNITED ARTISTS Ct. 12:30. Owl .how Jeanne Crain-Wm, Lundigan. PINKY; DOWN MEMORY LANE FIFTH AVE 5th-Man. Ct. 12:30. Owl show Somerset Maugham's QUARTET; Second Action Hit. TRAPPED INGLEWOOD 103 N. La Br.. Ct. 1. Owf J. Haver, Scudda Hoo, Seudda Hay, eoi. Cummins, Colburn, Green Grass of Wyo. SEVILLE West Blvd. -64th. -Op. 1:43 Owl Grant-Sheridan, I Was a Male War Brldsi das. Cagney-V. Mayo, WHITE HEAT REPONCO, HERMOSA, MANHATTAN REDONDO Open 1 :30.Smokinr FR-252S4 DeCarlo, GAL WHO TOOK THE WEST; Disney's ICHABOD AND MR. TOAD, clr. STRAND Cont 1. Frontier 2-8300 Douglas Fairbanks, SUN NEVER SETS; Tone-Rrennan, FURY AT SEA HERMOSA Open 12:45 Frontier 2-6243 Scott, FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS; Ford-DeHaven, DOCTOR A THE GIRL LAMAR Mnhtn. Boh Ct.l Frontier 2-8500 Pearson-Ferrer,' LOST BOUNDARIES; 2nd Action Hit, STAMPEDE. GLENDALB ALEX Open 12 CH-B1S2S Wilson-Lund-Lynn, MY FRIEND IRMAl Harold lloyd, MOVIE CRAZY GLEN DALE Open 12. CH-52815 Disney's, ICHABOD A MR, TOAD, lr. DOWN MEMORY LANE CALIFORNIA Op. 1. Smokinr. CH-513S7 Somerset Maugham's QUARTET; Pearson-Ferrer, LOST BOUNDARIES CAPITOL Open 1:30. CH-S1401 Douhls-Laff Riot, Marx -Bras, In DUCK SOUP; ANIMAL CRACKERS GATEWAY S.Fer.Brnd. Op.l :30CH.51I31 FATHER WAS A FULLBACK: Gee. Raft-V. Mayo, RED LIGHT GLEN Colo. .Adams. Open 1 :30. CH-S178S B. Lancaster-C. Calvet, R0E OF SANO; Howard 0H, JOHNNY STOOL PIGEON . LONG BEACH CREST Atlantic nr. Carson Ct. 13. 4-1619 ; Darnell-Douglas, Everybody Does It; Lloyd Bridges, TRAPPED NORTH HOLLYWOOD. VAN HUYS, SHERMAN OAKS, STUDIO CTY STUDIO CITY Op 12 SU-22377. ST-71977 F. March, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, dr.; D. Barry-Steele, Tough Assignment EL PORTAL N Hlvwd. Op 12 ST-72983 Andres-Toren-MeNallv, Sword In Desert; Lloyd Bridges, TRAPPED VALLEY N Hlywd Op 12:43 SU-22273 J. Mack Brown. FRONTIER AGENT; 2nd Action Hit, Last of Wild Horses LA REINA Op.12:45. ST-41141, ST-72942 FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS, color; Bergman-Cotten, Under Capricorn, color VAN NUYS Open 1:45. ST-S2791 FATHER WAS A FULLBACK; Andrews-Toren, SWORD IN DESERT . PASADENA, SO. PASADENA, ALHAMBRA " ACADEMY Open 13. RY-1650S Wilson-Lund-Lynn, MY FRIEND IRMA; Disney's ICHABOD A MR. TOAD, color UNITED ARTISTS Open 12. RV.16STT Academy Award Winner, THE TRUE GLORY; plus BURMA VICTORY PASADENA Open 1:30. 8Y, 5-274S Bergman-Cotten, Under Capricorn, elr.i Andrews-Toren, SWORD IN DESERT UPTOWN Open 12:45. SY-34330 Fields-West, LITTLE CHICKADEE; Jack Benny, TO BE OR NOT TO BE STRAND Open 12:00. 8V-3818T Young-Holm, COME TO THE STABLEl V. Mature-L. Ball, EASY LIVING WASHINGTON Open 12:45 SV-70140 B. Lancsiter-C. Calvet, ROPE OF SAND 2nd Action Hit, BRIMSTONE STATE Open 12:45. SY-27139 Twin Thrill Program, HANOVER SQUARE; THE LODGER PARK Open 145. SY-4211S 3 Hours el Letts, IT AIN'T HAY; TANKS A MILLION: S CARTOONS RIALTO Open 12:45. PV.11259, SY-931S1 Gary Ceoper, TASK FORCE; MISS GRANT TAKES RICHMOND RL REV Alh. 4-Main. Op.l. -45. AT-215f . R. Soett. FIGHTING MAN OF PLAINS! Lloyd Bridges, TRAPPED GUILD Mlrel AT, (MM 5 SiLSH.M.11. 5 : t

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