The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 6, 1949 · 7
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 7

Los Angeles, California
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Saturday, August 6, 1949
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HQS 3ttgClCg CithCS ? ; 1 SAT.,' AUGUST 6, .949-Part I 7 VIZI Passion Spent' Now Talked for Jane Wyman; Paramount Signs Beauty ; BY EDWIN' SCHALLERT 'A communication from England conveys the information that Jane i Wyman: has been having conferences with Michael Powell and Emerlc Pressburger representatives about starring, in "All Passion Spent" from the V. Sackville West novel, which is expected to afford any feminine luminary who plays in the picture a notable acting opportunity. Durlng their. visit here Powell and Pressburger were reported to have discussed the film with Bette Davis, who has also been strongly mentioned for Sir Alexander Korda's feature, "The King's -General." , 7 Whether Miss Wyman will be able to arrange with Warners to appear in "All Passion Spent" is a moot question, because she has "The Glass Menagerie" to do for her home studio, Warners, on her return after finishing "Stage . Struck." It is understood Powell and Pressburger would be willing to wait until she is available. ' r- i .. , BATHING SUIT BEAUTl SIGNED BY PARAMOUNT ' Paramount has captured a real beauty in Mary Blanchard,' whom you-may haye noticed as the bubble bath girl in certain exploitation. She is rated a top bathing-suit model and also the inspiration for the Al Capp ' char ac- , . . . , ter, Stupefyln' Jones. She - was known as a Harry Conover f ' vx model. The studio will have f v her coached in acting and she 1 - - , . y,;; will make her debut in "Eagles " I of the Navy" with Alan Ladd and William Bendlx. " George Sidney acted in a scene in "Key to the City" at Metro and gave Clark Gable a chance to function as director. Gable has his eye on that sort of activity for the future, so this may be a stepDingstone. It is.' understood that Sidney ; and he are discussing the tech- tN nique during the shooting of . , the Z. Wayne Griffin production starring Gable and Loretta Young in the roles of mayors meeting at a convention. ELEONORA DUSE GODCHILD CAST AS KELLY MOTHER Eleonora. Mendelssohn, who derived the spelling of her first name from her godmother, the celebrated Eleonora Duse, will portray the mother of Gene Kelly in "The Knife." She is married to Actor Martin Kosleck and has but lately arrived from the East. Her assignment is important in the story which William H. Wright is producing and Richard Thorpe directing at Metro about the Black Hand Society in New York. She acted in "The Secret Room," "Daughters of Atreus," "Flight to the West" and "The Human Voice" on the Broadway stage and was also a Max Reinhardt actress. GAIL RUSSELL GETS MOTHER FOR MAY ROLE , Gail Russell will play the top-flight part once tentatively scheduled for Barbara Hale in "A Mother for May,'!, That should be construed as, a nice. wedding present for this young lady, just --' married to Guy Madison, be- Pr;! a cause her career has been yy" ., quiescent since such, features ( . ; as "Wake of the Red Witch," j. ne ureal uan ; raicn, etc Columbia borrowed Miss Russell from Paramount for the assiznment. The studio has r '-Z 1 also selected Bill Grey to I ; r ij appear as February in the film I t: ! fj f and is looking for boys to im- L , -f'Xys ' personate twins, March ana , s t&mP: C " Ron Randell, currently a de- J clsive hit as tha lead "Maor - Baroara ' ai me time i neater, will return to his old stamping ground,. Columbia, to do the principal romantic role in "Tyrant of the Sea." about the British navy during the Napoleonic days. Sam Katzmann will produce the picture with Lew Landers as director starting Aug. 16. Bruce Cowling will portray the U.S. cavalry officer who is a friend of . Robert Taylor in "Devil's Doorway" but is forci by duty to awest him. , . Loretta Young Gail Russell Musical Will Follow Drama "Any Number Can Play," starring Clark Gable and Alexis Smith, continue! over the week end at Fox Wilshlre, Egyptian and Los Angeles theaters and will make way next Tuesday for "Nerune's Daughter," starring Esther Wil- Hams, Red Skelton, RIcardo Mon-talban, Betty Garrett, Keenan Wjnn and Xavier Cugat I ATE SHOW TONITEh iMt Cwpf thaw IWrW Wldmgfctl COtUMHA PiaURES prttnf mF0RD -KEYES U Mi: Soft JLOUCn hr tit m "run f . . . . & Ull I IIIHIIII hot ri" inl 'JZ HO 9 ?U 1 wct i m mim IR 6941 j t l "MICHTY JOE YOUNG' IS ON HIS WAY mm IATURA CNIINaA-Ofi.8o6oi Dot lameur-Oan Ouryta "MiNMlNniFD1' "I "MANHANDLED' and "Raign of Tarrer" Dot lomeur-Doi Durya "MANMANDltO" d "Spmial ABnt" PS inDD-FIELD . cnnty-nussEy suuivnn-Dnsiivn In f. KOTT RTZOEtAlD'S The k n i Si 2nd HIT-BOTH inw. vtu . TQM BROVM 00M BaRm nuu 6 Shucks9 Gets Good Rating BY KATHERINE VON BLON A play as unpretentious as its name, "Shucks," by Martin Flavin, proved to be one of those heartwarming, folksy affairs amply sprinkled with laughs and hilarious goings-on. Strung on a slender thread of plot, the piece depends greatly for its success on the talent and ability of the cast in characterization. ' The Pasadena Playhouse cast wa3 well nigh perfect in this respect and left no stone unturned in revealing the comic aspects of the play. Director William Greer deserves an accolade for his in ventiveness and delightfully fresh approach. The central character of the comedy is a henpecked little clerk, one Cyrus Bumpsted, whose Amazon wife rules the home with a rod of iron. Character Studies By Foulger was nothing short of wonderful as Cyrus. His comedy timing and his keen sense of characterization made the part live. Florence Thompson was thoroughly in character in her bombastic portrayal of the shrew ish wife. Alice Rolph as Elaine displayed much charm, and splendid play mg instincts. Tom Hatten as the ardent Bill Clark revealed great zest and a fresh vitality which was appealing. , As the deaf, old clergyman, Denny Hawkins gave a fine char acter study. Bernie Marcus ex tracted some lusty humor as Sam Green, the gravedigger. George Phelps scored in a bit and Laur ette Lovell and Nan Petnick enacted the old maid sisters. LATE-SHOWS TONIGHT JjOHHWAYHE ' lM0 1 i ii w VLJOHH WAYNE "SISL! 4 ARLINGTON; VERMONT! CINEMA i JEWEL WORE TIGHTS J ncHNieoio . ifmCMtiE-wiinn TOST BOUNDARIES' WINS BIG INTEREST Late Shows Set for 'Silver Lining9 Late shows of "Look for the Silver Lining," starring June Haver, Ray Bolger and Gordon MacRae, are scheduled tonight at Warners Hollywood, Downtown and Wil-tern theaters. ; 'DAN PATCH' OPENS TODAY The exciting career of Dan Patch, champion pacer which captured the nation's Taney between the years 1904 and 1916, is re-created in "The Great Dan Patch," which opens today at the Music Hall theaters. Starred are Dennis O'Keefe, Gail Russell, Ruth Warrick and Charlotte Greenwood. BY EDWIN SCHALLERT The controversial issue of racial differences stands out -as some thing solidly dealt with in "Lost Boundaries," a picture of distinction which is showing at the Four Star Theater. The subject is treated tastefully, vigorously, stirringly . and without undue sentiment in this feature produced by Louis de Rochemont for Film Classics, Inc. It drew unusually large audiences yesterday for its introduction here. 0 Beatrice Pearson, Mel Ferrer, Richard Hylton and Susan Douglas may be a group of players not too well known at present to screen audiences, but their names will be well engraved in the annals after "Lost Boundaries" has registered its full impact. They are central quartet well supported by Canada Lee, Rev. Robert A. Dunn and various others in the large cast mostly unfamiliar names brought together for this very sincere screen enterpriser Admirable Direction Alfred L. Werker directed "Lost Boundaries" in admirable fashion. Borden Mace and Lothar Wolff were associate producers, while the writers included Charles A. Palmer, 'for screen adaptation: Virginia S.haler and Eugene Ling, for the screen play, and Furlaud de Kay, for additional dialogue. They have fashioned a film that is documentary in essence, based as it is on factual account by W. L. White, which has its setting in New Hampshire. Ferrer, who really domi nates the scene, and Miss Pearson portray a young doctor and his wife, who have Negro blood in their veins, yet to all appearances are white. The story deals with their problem of finding their proper place in life. They are ready and willing to join with the colored race. The doctor goes to a southern hospital hoping for an appointment as an -interne, but is turned down because south- era Negroes are given the preference. He returns to the North but there are no openings. Finally he decides to sidetrack the racial question temporarily and find a place for himself in the white man's world. There he becomes recognized as a man of unusual ability. Far-Rraehing Rerelation He develops a career in a conservative New Hampshire town, which Is without a doctor, 13 wel comed and approved by its citizen ry. The war comes, and he seeks a commission in the Navy, and it is at this point, that his racial background is revealed. The event has far-reaching consequences, because the couple had not even made their son and daughter aware of this background. The boy goes completely berserk for a time; the girl feels herself an outcast. Yet with all these complications, the picture attains both a convincing and happy conclusion. "- One is conscious of the fact that pictures like "Lost Boundaries" today stir the attention of audiences.' This particular one: hap- LATE SHOWS T0N1TE!! AFTER 6 RECORD WEEKS AI NEW YORK'S RADIO CITT MUSIC HAIL... NOW! I Ana1ac DAVFQt E1V RAT QQKCV nnxiim tint! mi'i'll HtBtt pens to be unique because it is so splendidly brought to fulfillment. One may ascribe this to the fact that it has the fine documentary attributes for which its producer has often been praised, exemplified previously in "Fighting Lady," "The House on 92nd St.," "Boomerang," etc. This seems to register as his most polished accomplishment. ; Screen Finds Sympathy Is efficiently won by the reserved portrayals of Ferrer, Miss Pearson, Hylton and Susan Douglas. The latter two, -not to speak of Ferrer, are unquestioned finds for the screen, Hylton will probably score the biggest popular hit. - Miss Pearson was previously seen in "Force of Evil." The impression she makes is a little less striking than the others. - Rev. Dunn gives an astonish- mupy mm h mm 1 twrl 4 rnmmm ft WML r 1 j j TJL"? "tSSSmm K .m0W. Awqvi c fa, J 'JOHN RUSSELW ANDIE it TOTH v Producd by S WILLIAM PERLBER6J (cm nn kr hwh wmi & hinir ft- Swi Km Wont GIRL FROM JOES BEACH LATE SHOWS TONIGHT SJ 0 ID &S79 I l tfc ut w I I Wcit af Trrw R.ndslph Brfltt Doolln, Oklanama &oi!- MatHMM e the ilwvfT M UPTOWN - Qtwovi real far nmtort head me nzviEvs IN TODAY'S PAPER! fl tOUtS of ROCHOMtff w - T'S JJU n . s m ill X -e HERE'S A NEW 2T KIND OF STORY.. I RlCli, EXCITING, II s YOUNG AND I ( BEAUTIFUL! i j 1 GREAT is the from Noe tALFBED L NDtKOt UTU1 lotMt T0M i JtRir m.o-m cotoa CAitoom Ctjcatcrs Spoken Drama- BOWL TONTGIIT 8:30 RODGERS & IL43I5IERSTEIN hit tunes from AIlfro Caroasel . State Fair Oklahoma and Sooth Pacific JOHNTSY GREEN, conductor Marina Koahetx . Muriel Maxwell Robert Rounaeville . Robt. Merrill Roger Wagner Chorale ' nan mku ks. sun i ja. ra 3 ca j 60i ctn. acl w.i!na. - ON JAU-HOUYWOOO BOWl BOX OfftO, 2301 NORTH HfGHlANO AVtHUf, mow H&t-im cn. ta caut. musc co, 737 $0. nm.Tud tin CCMflS MUUC SHOf, MM HOU.YWOOO BtVO.. ANO AIL MUtUAl AGCNOtS L A. CIVIC LIGHT OPERA' 1 mm?1 RAlCKin AJUWtSON MM.C0U P0RTEI i,m.imgiwot nura now untmmcL v u. Mix a, mm taaa tVB tilt (m.) 1.10 M H.ti ma. mtiKia i.m 1. m m sr. atTMtit i 19 m i to DENNISO'KEEfE 6AILRUSSELL ROIH WARRICK CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD HENRY HULL JOHN HOYT Arftur Kurmtcutt - Clarence Muse (MMIMtatLFUIB ( tncM 11 BE KWMAR . ItlaatltahMlftsB : wofi for "THE GREAT DAN PATCH F ''-enTT::::::-. fs. AIL NEW! eo,u'e Uy . "ST 71MB SHOWN! Wafewiiiii 1 11 ii Km DOWNTOWN . lot Shewt tv'y Night Ci ,l,.l,..l,.,ill.,1 oruroiv tin 1 c whshireoi ULl tltLI niLLU OOHENT : Open 13 30 P. M. Daily Tw HOLLYWOOD 65"oXTrS I Cort. 1 1 M A. M. low Show Niiely 1 m 1 I tTCUUXUJU tltONSON I I Opa Noon Doily ft Porting Jt MlMl flIIITII.J .VfI 1 ' 2 wtai KGWNMG MOIffiiw tVL, AUG. t y . J-4HS EI.NEWMOOM ' COLLETTE LYONS TIEATtf 2700 MOtm VBCOHl fRaPAWCmGy "AMERICA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL PLAY ! EUBLTICaflK MI tf of esu4 OMlit m miCtS $1.20 J1.80 $2.40 Including PILGRIMAGE PLAY BOX OFRCE, HUdsen 2-1168. DENELS MUSIC SHOP. 6634 HOUYWOOO BLVD. I SO CALIF MUSIC CO. 737 SO. HILL Wckar 1144 t All MUTUAL AGENCIES i ft tl Ck PITA 11 vw!?:,No'"'. 2 COMPLETE SHOWS lumuni iwv-w r.m. 3 SHOWS SUN!3o.5:30-fc30 U27'jlZ1Z n Phono 'OK. "471 WWWTS '1.10 1 '2.00 -aC rHAT-IWUDrS 'IIP t '2.40-AT1 50c 1 nJO, pttteT rBILTMOREi Tiff MASOUFPS Ii I ii i i i z pbcv I seats how - -. ir 'r' y " j ivi-BESTs!i aJW lil "fsf byRALPH murphy ir") Hurry Last 4 Weeks! Leaves for Chicago JBI. Phona HO. 97101 Admission $2.00 Plu lax Dinnw o la Corf fPINKY LEE ISl Si onl A" sof Cax) fTt '.AT POSITIVELY LAST WEEK MUf'1I1 Mil"!!. Wl y ''f)r i'fBjL'l HOLLYWOOOBLVO.U8REA iflC VlM 5 l Ih'JiII i'!' H SUH.MATW2:-l.TOP H llil 1biJ'4iialli4jj4liy Lfk'WlAiPAilt lii'ii EVES.2.I.S0 I-AII PlusTax JJJ ''Green Grow the Lilacs" Olivnr Cliif . Janet Hairier. Monry Finney, John Alvin Santa Ana: Kl -34534 or 32510. Last Times Today golden in-mcMfiomMm TONIGHT not us toiaa ' (" SURIIWMIOFFKKta MUCOXUMinHlMIS. 1 SHO-tttOMCUX ingly competent portxayal. Can ada Lee has some excellent scenes. Many others might he mentioned were there space. "Lost Boundaries" as a film is intense in its interest, deals with its subject is a balanced manner, and is bound to make its audi' ences look back on it as an experience to arouse thought. ; A TONIGHT iy L taU hw at All Thaatrait a M 1 atltit I k A I It a CJ;1 .Ml y whh ANNc KtVtKt . 2nd HIT-TEMPTATION HARB0R"i ft NOWI'h hlawi a tN titown HUM lilin . Hmm tut IK MM T0NIGH1 10S ANGELES IHEATRf OPEN All NIGHT I ATI SHOWS AFTER K P.M. AT WIUWRE t ECYPTIAM LAST 3 DAYS tmaooibwriMUTai ANY IIIHRFB C1K PlAY I iih i.aoT aiTNva ftiia S I rXW'K 9T ' ,f' IXTRA ROM M-C-M (7 ) L win usinrs Pud mi vtey c : . " "Ml WRITHET WO HOIIT .tN ,': e. s-6494 ! SEATS NOW AVAIUBU tfij Alt PMFOHMANCES! I PSA A V .a 9C TECHNICOLOR Ioattf sitsoAt f 3-M SUC J3-S3-IJI FineArts WUmK!il JL JUuaiKU MtM UN ill SUIS fS(lO Httt.SIM-IJa-l.HMt f..siM-no-ji. nuns h ioi smct. a uur. music m. t in mriui ueucjls ; KJlfwS8awsa. ROBERT CUMMlNGSm I . J iti "1 CARTHAYV ARROYO 3236 N. Fie. Ct. 12:30. Owl Show Robinson-Hayward-Gonto in HOUSE OF STRAOERSt HOME OF THE BRAVE BELMONT 1 it-Vermont. Open 1. EX-1331 Story of Unwed Mothers, NOT WANTED; O.Ruggles-P. Garner. LOVABLE CHEAT BEVERLY Bev. His. Op.l:5. Owl sho 10 B. Hop-L. Ball, SORROWFUL JONES; Oarland-Bolger, WIZARD OF OZ, color BOULEVARD Wath.-Vrt. Open 1:45. Owl Stevens-Cray in Will dames' SAND, eol. t Robt, Mltorium-Jana Creer, BIQ STEAL BRUIN Westwood. Cont. 1:45. Owi fbow O. Cooper-P. Neal, FOUNTAIN HEADt Stevens-Qray In Will dames' SAN 0, col. CARLTON Wstn-54th.O.l. Owl. AX-1S922 O. Cooper-P. Neat, FOUNT AINHEADj Robt. Mitehum-ilane Creer, BIQ STEAL CARMEL 8163 S.M. Blvd. Open 1:45. 0vl Rcbinson-Hayward-Conte In HOUSE OF STRANGERS; HOME OF THE BRAVE CARTHAY CIRCLE Fr.Pk.Op.l. WE-7211 Cummfngs-Oahl in REION OF TERROR; plus SLEEPING, CAR TO TRIESTE EL REV 5517 Wilihire. Op. 12. WE-11101 Story of Unwed Mothers, NOT WANTED; C. Ruigles-P. Garner, LOVABLE CHEAT EMBASSY Wstn-S. Op.l:45,Owl. FE-4312 Robinson-Hayward-Conte In HOUSE OF STRANGERS; Mitchum-Greer, Big Steal FAIRFAX Beverly-Fairfax. Op. 1-00.01 G. Cooper-P. Neal, FOUNTAINHEADt Robt. Mitohum-ilane Qiaer, BIO STEAL; FIOUEROA Fig.-S.Bar. Op.l3:45. Owl 15 Stevens-Gray in Will James SAND, col.f Robt. Mitchum-Jana Qreer, BIQ STEAL PINE ARTS Wilh.-La Cienejra. CR-45123 RED SHOES, color; Dally A Sat., 2:30, 8:30; Sundays 2:30, 5:30, S:30 4 STAR Wilsh.-LaBrea. Ct. 12. Y0 S211 Exclusive Run! LOST BOUNDARIES. 1949'e ALL-RAVE PRODUCTION -FLO R EN C E Flor.-Comp.Ct. l.Owl. LA-7677 B. Hope-L. Ball In SORROWFUL JONES; Madlssn-Calhoun In MASSACRE RIVER SENTRY Compton-66. L A. Ct. 1. Owl 10 Picture with Guts, HOME OF BRAVE; W. Elllott-M. Windsor, HELLFIRE, col. GOLDEN GATE 5176 WhiUier. Ct. 12.30 Stevens-Gray In Will dames' SAND, col.; Abbott-Costello, AFRICA SCREAMS CORDON I, a Brea-Hel. Op. 1 :45. WH-11S1 Chapman-Brennan in CREEN PROMISE! John Payne-Ellen Orew, CROOKED WAY HIGH i-AN D 5604 N.Filt.Op.l :1 5. Owl show Stevens-Gray la Will dames' SAND, eol.; Robt. Mitchum-dane Greer. BIQ STEAL LA BREA 9th-L Brea. Op. 1:45. Owl show Rablnson-Hayward-Conte in- HOUSE OF STRANGERS; HOME OF THE BRAVE LARCHMONT L'rat-Bv. Op.l:45. Owl show O. Cooper-P. Heal, FOUNTAINHEAD; Robt. Mltchum-Jane Creer, BIQ STEAL LIDO La Cienega-Pico. Op. 1:45. Owl 9:45 Robinson-Hayward-Conte In HOUSE OF STRANGERS; HOME OF THE BRAVE LOYOLA Manch.-Sepnlv. Op- 1. OR-82444 Oalley-Baxter, YOU'RE MY EVERt- THING, col. I TEMPTATION HARBOR MELROSE Mel. nr. Vrt. Op. 1:45. Owl 10 Robinson-Hayward-Conte in HOUSE OF 8TRANQERS; HOME OF THE BRAVE MESA Cren-S!'sn.Op.l2:45.0wl. AX-16959 Astaire-Rogers, BARKLEY8 OF BOWY.; A. Knox-A. Sothern, dUDGE STEPS OUT PARISIAN Vrt.-8. Op. 1:4S.Ow. DR-1013 das. Mason-Ann Todd, SEVENTH VEIL; Montgomery Clift in THE SEARCH RAVENNA Vrt. -Bev. Owl show. FE-0060 Robt. Mitchum-dane Greer, BIQ STEAL G. Cooper-P. Neal In FOUNTAINHEAD RITZ Wilshlre-La Brea. Op. 12. WA-1221 Simmons-Houston, BLUE LAGOON, eol.; plus Second Feature, HOLD THAT BABY RIVOLI 4521 S. Wstn. Op. 12:45. AX-28718 Chas. Starrett, DESERT VIGILANTE; dohnny Weissmuller In LOST TRIBE SEVILLE West Blvd. -64th. Op. 1 :45. Owl K. Douglas-M. Maxwell, CHAMPION t Stanwyck-Preston In LADY GAMBLES STADIUM Pieo-Rbtsn. Ct. 12-45 Owl show G. Coorter-P. Neal In FOIJNTA'N" AO; Robt. Mitchum-dane Greer, BIQ STEAL STARl-AND 2624 N. Bdwv. C.nt. 1 . Owl Sinatra-WMIIams-Kelly, TAKE ME TO BALL GAME, col.: HELLFIRE. col. T0WER Compt. Onen nil nlte. Tt 2:.W B. Hooe-L. Ball, SOHROWFIM. JQ-fS: John Pavne-Fien Drew, CROOKrn WV UNITED ARTISTS 513S 12:30.01 D. Lamcur-D. Duryea. MANMANflLED; Cummings-Dahl In REIGN OF TcctROR UPTOWN Wstn. Olvm Ct 13. PA-1116 Dailey-Baxter, YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING, eol.; TEMPTATION HARBOR VILLAGE Westwood Ot 1:45. Owl show B. Hope-L. Ball, SORROWFUL JONES; Robt. Mitchum-dane Greer, BIQ STEAL WESTERN Wetern-39. Open 1 :5 Owl 10 Roblnson-Havward-Conte In HOUSE OF STRANGERS; HOME OF THE BRAVE; WESTLAKE Alv.-Wilshire. Op. 12:15. Owl Stevens-Gray In Will dames' SAND, eol.; Robt. Mitchum-dane Creer, BIQ STEAL W I L8 H I R E Beverly Hills. CR-58970 C. Gable-A. Smith, ANY NUMBER CAN PLAY; plus Color Cartoon Hit DOWNTOWN IOS ANGELES GLOBE THEATRE 744 S. Bdwy. M 1-6272 Robt. Mitchum-dane Creer, BIQ STEAL W. Elliott-M. Windsor. HELLFIRE, col. LINCOLN 2300 S. Central. M 1-6275 Stevens-Gray in Will dames' SAND, col.; Robt, Mitchum-dane Greer, BIQ STEAL L0S ANGELES 613 S. Bwr.Open all cite C. Gable-A. Smith, ANY NUMBER CAN PLAY; plus Color Cartoon Hit LOEW'S STATE 705 R. Bwv. Open all nlta , Dailey-Baxter, YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING, eol.: TEMPTATION HARBOR MILLION 307 8. Broadwav. M 1-6272 Madison-Calhoun In MASSACRE RIVER plus BOMRA. THE dUNGLE BOY 4-ORPHEUM 842 S. Bflwy. Open all nit Story of Unwed Mothers, NOT WANTED: C. Ruegles-P. Rarner, LOVABLE CHEAT PALACE NEWSREEL 630 S. Bwv. Cont. 9 Filmed in Africa, PERILS OF THE dUNGLE; First Films, MID-AIR CRASH RIALTO 812 8. Broadway. M 1-6273 8tevens-Grav In Will dames' SAND, col.; O. Cooper-P. Nea, In FOUNTAINHEAD KEDONDO, rffRMOSA, MANHATTAN REDONDO Op. 1:30. Smokine. FR-2-5254 Carland-Bolger, WIZARD OF OZ, eol.; Abbott-Costello In AFRICA SCREAMS: STRAND Oont. 1. Frontier 2-8300 TWIN ACTION SHOW: RIMFIRE; GUNNING FOR dUSTICE HERMOSA Open 12:45. Frontier 2-8245 B. Hope-L. Ball, SORROWFUL JONES; Robt. Mitchum-dane Creer, BIQ STEAL LAMAR Manhattan Bch. Frontier 2-8500 Picture with Guts, HOME OF BRAVE: Knox-Sothern In JUDGE STEPS OUT POMONA-ONTARIO FOX Pomona. . Cent. 1. Owl Dailey-Baxter In YOU'RE MY EVERY THINO, col,; ONE LAST FLINQ SUNKIST Pomona. Cont. 1. Owl Show Haver-Bolger, LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING, col.; 2nd Hit, SPECIAL AGENT VILLAGE Claremont. On. 1 -45. LV-52612 Stewart-Allysen In 8TRATT0N STORY: das. Mason-B. Bel Geddes in CAUGHT GRANADA Ontario. Open 12:45. 619192 Duff-Toren-Brent. ILLEGAL ENTRY; . CALAMITY. JANE A SAM BASS, eol. LONG BEACH CREST Atlantic nr. Carton. Ct. 12. 4-1619 Story of Unwed Mothers, NOT WANTED; , C. Ruggles-P. Garner, LOVABLE CHEAT HOLLYWOOD APOLLO Hlywd.-Westn. Ct.l:45. Owl show' Hayworth-Kelly In COVER GIRL, Color; YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER CHINESE 6925 Hlvwd. Bi. Ct.12. RE-4111 Dailey-Baxter, YOU'RE MY EVERY't THINQ, col.J TEMPTATION HARSOrtT EGYPTIAN Cont. noon to 4 a.m. GL-1109 C. Gable-A. Smith, ANY NUMBER CAN; PLAY; plus Color Cartoon Hit - FILMARTE 1228NVine.Op.l:45. GR-7712J G. Cooper-P. Neal In FOUNTAINHEAD; Robt. Mitchum-dane Greer, BIQ STEAL GUILD 6126 Hlywd. Bl. Cont. 1, HI-7111 Story of Unwed Mothers, NOT WANTEOS" C. Ruggles-P. Garner, LOVABLE CHEAT" HOLLYWOOD Ct. 12:30-5 a.m. HE-337t" Robinson-Hayward-Conte in HOUSE -OF' STRANGERS; HOME OF THE BRAVE' IRIS 6508 Hollvwood Blvd. Ct.12. GL-5862-Story of Unwed Mothers, NOT WANTED:, C. Ruggles-P. Garner, LOVABLE CHEAT- LOMA Sti.Mon.-Westn. Op.l:45. GL-8713 O. Cooper-P. Neal, FOUNTAINHEAD--HOUSE OF STRANGERS - ' VOGUE 6675 Hlywd. Blvd. Ct.12. CR-I555 Simmons-Houston, BLUE LAGOON, Col.f plus 2nd Feature, HOLD THAT BABY OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA, VENICE, V W.L.A., CULVE CITY - . ? HOME Cont. 12:15. Owl 10:30. S.M. 63273 Abbott-Costello in AFRICA SCREAMS; Cummings-Dahl in REIGN OF TERROR CRITERION Cont. 12. S.M. 58282 B. Hope-L. Ball, SORROWFUL JONES; Stevens-Gray In Will dames' SAND, col. ROSEMARY Open 12:15. Owl. 8.M.6327 Scott-Macready, DOOLINS OF OKLA.t Plus 2nd Feature. AMAZON QUEST TIVOLI 11523 8ta.Mon.Bl. Owl. AR-3163Sc Mllland-Douglas, IT HAPPENS EVER Y- ,8PRING; HOME OF THE BRAVE - WILSHIRE 1314 Wil. Bi. Owl. 8.M. 6699S? d. C.awford-Z. Scott, FLAMINGO ROAOtr .P.,..Hal,"B- Driscoll. THE WINDOW . CULVER Wash.-J)uoue. Op.12. VE-83124 Story of Unwed Mothers, NOT WANTED;' C. Ruggles-P. Garner. LOVABLE CHEAT HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Mat. pr. 12-5,Owl. JE-5111 Stevens-Gray In Will dames' SAND, eol.i . Oat-land-Bolger In WIZAR!) OF OZ, color LVrRL,r" Z2,08 Pic- Op.l :15. Owl .how 10X Goddard-Lund, BRIDE OF VENGEANCEr a ifTft;A!;0"AM t e r r ito r y ALCAZAR 4426 E.Gage.Op.l.Owl. LA-330O Picture with Guts, HOME OF BRAVEx HOUSE OF STRANGERS OKM GLENOALE ALEX Open 12. CH-5152 ",',el!5n,dR' 0'8'. WIZARD OF oil ni,r,f.'-lN8 0F OKLAHOMA 0liENDALE Open 12. CH-5281S Stevens-Gray in Will dames' SAND, col.; A m'th-Z. Scott, ONE LAST FLINQ CALIFORNIA-Op. 1. Smoking CH-51 387 B. Hope-L. Bail, SORROWFUL JONES CAKpTTXDL0trn' HSGE STEP OUT-? CAPITOL Open 1:30. CH-5140T' Root. Mitchum-dane Creer, BIQ STEAL" CATlwIvIli eat"r9' AMAZ0N QUEST'4 OAJTWAY,SFer--BrlOp.l:30.CH.5163t M'n-Douglas, IT HAPPENS EVERY-CLEr?i!r?? COLRADO TERRITORY ' iTS Adim,i Open 1:30. CH-517S I. Lupino-Q. Ford, LUST FOR GOLbi Poweil-Wlntera. TAKE 1 FALSE STER Mnpru writ tvuwn . . . rr" ........ ,.wu, nWu, vm mra- ,,a SHEmAN OAKS STUDIO CITY f STUDIO CITY )p 12. SU-22377, ST-7197J Ft I PART A I v "V" ' DA EU PORTAL 4S. i,yw.i i;. 1.; ST-.2 Stevem-G.ay- in W.ll dar..3s' SA:ia. e d. Garland-R. Bo-:er. W;-'a!i! VALLEY N l.lyud-'r;,, , iff.ti-Colbert-M3cMurry In FA: 1 ' Y i f" . "30M. SO OEAtf TO ( J V Yi 2 A "i V " 1 LfBE,N-P- 12-45. ST- 1141, STi.' Stevens-Gray in Will dames' 5 V:j, t Robt. Mftchum-Jane Greer. Bin sr VAN NUYS Open 1:45. ST-52731 Mlia.nd-Doug!a3' IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING; MASSACRE RIVER 7 Y -3 I i "a . INGLEWOOO ACAOEMY Ct. l.Owl. PL.15151. OR-7100O Si:r?u8a"LV' Ma".,OIRL FROM JONES FOJt 5JV,cR??,"'' 8H?ANNA PASS, colr" F(ixr"ll5A- Market. Ct. 12:30. 0R.82323 DeCarlo-Duff. CALAMITY JANE A SAM UNlVlfri aU.?t0HN8 f OKLAHOMA, UNITED ARTISTS -Cont. 12:30. Owl ho Abbott-Costello in AFRICA SCR EAMsT Plus SLEEPINQ CAR TO TRIESTE F"H AVE.-5th-M?.Ct I2T3O. olfshoi B- H0P-l" Ball. SORROWFUL dONESi INGLEWOOrL", T?E,V,48 HENCHMA4 1 ?,h.Ell0,0D lD' N- La Brea. Ct. 1. Owl 5bott-Costello, RIDE 'EM' COWBOYl Abbott-Costello. KEEP 'EM FLYING ' 8EVIL"-WeStBlvd..64th Op T iTiOwt P0U1?!"1- Mxll, CHAMPION; Stanwyck-Preston, LADY GAMBLES ' PASADENA, SO. PASADENA, ALHAMBHA ACADEMY Open 12. RY-16508 B. Hope-L. Ball. SORROWFUL dONESi Madison-Calhoun in MASSACRE RIVER- U N I T E D A RT I STS-Open 1 2 R Y-1657T Carland-Bolger in WIZARD OF OZ, eol.s plus Second Feature; AIR HOSTESS PASADENA-Open 1:30. SY. 5-2748 DeCarlo-Duff. CALAMITY JANE A SAM BASS, col.: AMAZON QUEST - UPTOWN-Open 12:45. 8Y-3433Q Stevens-Gray in Will dames' SAND, col.; .-R,0l)J,-M,t0hum',lan9 Cfeer, BIQ STEAL STRAND Open 12:00. ' SV-38187 Sinatra-Williams-Kelly, TAKE ME TO ? AiL E co1 I THE CHAMPION WASHINGTON Open 12:45. 8Y.7014O Crosby-Fleming, CONN. YANKEE, col.T Grable. Beautiful Blonde Bashful Bern STATE Open 12:45. SY-2713 Webb-Temple In BELVEDERE GOES TO COLLEGEl PORTRAIT OF JENNIE PARK Open 1:45. 8Y-4211S DOUBLE ACTION PROGRAM: HELL- SHIP MORGAN; SEA BANDITS RIALTO Open 13:45. PY-11259, 8Y-9318I. Roblnson-Hayward-Conte in HOUSE OF n8LRA,NOE,RSix,.0MlOF THE BRAVB EL.JIEYAlh- 4-Mam. Op.12 :45. AT-26151 Stevens-Gray In Will dames' SAND, col.i Chapman-Brennan In GREEN PROMISE ORANGE COUNTY BROADWAY Santa Ana. KI-3-592S Haver-Bolger, LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINNQ' col.j plus HOLD THAT BABY WEST COAST Santa Ana. K 1-2-2421 Abbott-Costello in AFRICA SCREAMS; John Payne-Ellen Orew, CROOKED WAY FOX Anaheim. - Phone 3602 C. Gable-A. Smith. ANY NUMBER CAN PLAY; plus 2nd Hit, SPECIAL AGENT ANAHEIM Anaheim. Phone 4212 Twin Adventure Bill: COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO; SON OF MONTE CRISTO FOX Fnllerton. ' Phone 26T Garland-Bolger In WIZARD OF OZ, eol.; TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE, col.

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