The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 4, 1947 · 3
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 3

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 4, 1947
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1 " ' . - - ' . i f . - , i Missing Mother Found Murdered; Baffrered Body Left in Vacant Lot Slaying Similar to Two Previous Fiend Killings Sheltered by the drooping foliage of a pepper tree, the stripped, battered body of another Southland mutilation murder victim, Mrs. Dorothy Montgomery, 36, was found yesterday morning in a vacant lot, across from 9115 Grape St., about two miles from her home, in the Firestone Park area. An autopsy last night showed Mrs. Montgomery had died of asphyxia due to strangulation, the Coroner's office reported. The housewife and mother of three children had been missing since about 9:30 p.m. Friday, according to her husband, Thomas Montgomery, 42, a refrigeration mechanic. He told deputy sheriffs that she drove away from their home at 8110 Alix Ave. in the family car to pick up a daughter, Maycille, 15,. at Slau-son Playground, 61st St. and Hooper Ave., where the child was attending a teen-age dance. Husband Calls Sheriff "When her mother failed to pick her up, the girl came home alone, deputies said, arriving aboui 11 p.m. At 11:20, Montgomery telephoned the Firestone Sheriff's substation and reported his wife's absence. Early yesterday morning, Maycille left the house to search for the car while her father etayed by the telephone. At 6:45 she found the automobile parked across the street from a playground gate she had passed through the night before on her way home. The car was not there at that time, she said. She went directly to report the dis covery, and at 9:30 a.m. her sister, Mrs. Rosella Jones, 18, of S.41 Hickory St., filed a missing person report with deputies. Blood on Car When Sheriff's deputies examined the car, they found all doors locked, and the ignition switch in "open" position. Bloodstains were on the metal below the driver's door and 20 feet away was one of Mrs. Montgomery's shoes. The other shoe was found on the vacant lot where the body lay, about 60 feet away " from it. About 10:30 a.m., G. W. Thom as, o4, an auto mechanic who lives at 9115 Grape St., telephoned deputies 1 that he had found the body beneath the pepper tree, on the vacant lot i across from his house. He had been attracted . by "something white" under the tree, while he ILM m BM wMWLW MV'.nenWWFW Jiy jL - it v ;t - ' KM - - VTs mUf !: --'''-) s . 9 Jf J m - . j t , a ! ... !-W ?' '.V . "... & . - V T f 5s" i i& wi , - -. Times photo MURDER SCENE Here, under the shadow of a pepper tree, was found the mutilated body of Mrs. Dorothy Montgomery, 36, stripped and battered. The scene is a vacant lot across from 91 15 Grape St. and about two miles from her home in Firestone Park area. urn f - " f it it ''i I J N - --0f. I v: ill- I ; - , - : v-j X V- '- ' r . : ' ( worked on his car, he told deputies. The dead woman's husband, taken to the scene, identified the body as his wife. Her ' skull had been battered with a heavy weapon; her clothing was literally shredded, and her body bore marks which indicated she hadjaeen brutally mistreated. Suspect Described Among the few clues afforded deputies was the story of James Kennedy, who saw the Mont-! gomery car stop in front of his home by the Slauson playground. A man got out, he said, I and walked away.1 He described ! the suspect as being about six ! feet tall, partially bald, and clad in a light shirt and dark trou-1 sers. ! Mrs. Montgomery's purse had , been rifled, its contents strewn ; about, and her wedding and engagement rings, which bore diamonds and rubies in their settings, were missing. Also missing was the woman's VICTIM Mrs. Dorothy Montgomery. Her battered body was found in vacant lot. yellow- gold wrist watch, but $35 'in cash, all the money she carried, was not taken from her purse. Still in the handbag were the keys to the family car. Only other set of keys was m possession of Montgomery, but deputies learned that it was possible to operate the ignition switch and to lock the car doors without using keys. ' The slaj-ing, following the familiar pattern of the "Black Dahlia" killing of Beth Short, 22, on Jan. 15 and the later lipstick mutilation murder of Mrs. Jeanne ,T. French, 45, makes Mrs. Montgomery the third woman to be found murdered under circumstances indicating bestial degeneracy on the part of the killer. Soon after deputies began working on the case yesterday morning, they staged an impromptu "showup" on the front poi'ch of the Montgomery home. All persons connected with the case, accompanied by some den- Time photo DAUGHTERS Mrs. Rosella Jones, 18, left, and Maycille Montgomery, 15, daughters of slain Mrs. Dorothy Montgomery. Mrs. Jones filed missing person rep6rt. uty sheriffs, lined up on the porch to be viewed by Kennedy, who had seen the suspect desert the Montgomery car. He failed to identify any of the assembled group as resembling the man he saw. Heading the investigation team is Sheriff's Inspector Nor-ris G. Stensland. He is aided by Lt. Pete Sutton, homicide investigator, and Capt. Virgil Gray of the Firestone substation. Rabbit Bloodstains Sheriffs Lt. Fred Wolfe of the criminology section announced that tests of bloodstains found on two pairs of shoes belonging to Montgomery showed them to have been caused by rabbit's blood, as the husband claimed. The family keeps rabbits, he had explained. The criminology section also was testing bloodstains on a "T shirt" found on Crockett Blvd. near Nadeau St., about three blocks from Mrs. Mont gomery's home, to determine if they were caused by human blood. Late yesterday, Inspector Stensland advanced the opinion that Mrs. Montgomery was not slain beneath the enveloping limbs of the pepper tree, nor in the automobile, but at some yet-undisclosed place. Baroda Women Gaining Rights, Says Maharani BY ELZA SCHAL.LERT Emancipation of womanhood is a dream that is gradually be ing fulfilled in India, according to Maharani of Baroda, who yesterday declared that she will dedicate herself to this phase of her country's development. Celebrated as the young and beautiful second wife of one of the world's richest princely rulers, mother of his 2-year-old son and recognized for her own independence of thought and action, the Maharani is concerned deeply with the progress of her own people. Defines His Attitude "My husband has taken a particularly advanced attitude on woman's place in modern India," she said at the Town House. "If a woman is efficient she should have recognition equal to a man's. He believes that her compensation should not be less, that there should be no difference in financial recognition on account of sex. "A number of educated and competent women have received appointments from him to our State Department and he is constantly striving to improve the impoverished conditions of women and children. To that end he has established , more hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, and has a brave dream for building conduit lines that will carry pure water to every little village. This will be one of the strongest answers to the diseases of cholera and our native enemy, malaria. "We are aware of the influence of America and other parts of the world in the new freedom that we are according women after many years of great restrictions in their lives. We can no longer remain isolated in that or any other respect. No Longer Remote "All peoples have been brought close together through modern events. Since it only takes three days to reach Bombay by air from your West Coast, India is no longer remote from you, nor are, you far separated from us. We must, in ensuing years, become as much interested in who your President is, what the results of j'our elections will be, just as you eventually must recognize the importance of what goes on politically within our boundaries. "I am for freedom and integration as are all true East Indians. We cannot vision a future for ourselves under the domination of any other nation, no-matter what good friends we might be. A nation like the individual can never realize its full talents, abilities, purposes and strength until it has gained self-confidence and that only comes through freedom of self-exp'ression. How we are to achieve our individual and independent life is still a matter of growth and time, but necessarily we must ultimately reach that goal." Paradoxically, the Maharani's entourage is largely male. Private secretary and assistants, ad-visers, consultants are all men. A personal maid and lady-in-waiting are women. The Maharani possesses jewels of fabulous beauty and value, dresses in the traditional flattering saris of her country, with Paris overtones, smokes tiny black cigars and plans to take a dancing instructor back home with her. fhk lv"f'' I 1 OPEM MON., FRI,, SAT EVENING TILL 9:00 P.M. .f j I L V L'i g LrLiif Nt I1 I 11 j'K ?J7ii 'v h !! bill , ' r f Rlahogany Veneers . I . V 3 pes. ot a $30.45 saving! lC&flvfl iTK F A You save $30.45 on this rich-toned hand-rubbed ' A . U 1 1 ti U f mahogany veneer suite. Full size bed, spacious chest Ml f and vanity with dustproof construction and center r Qjf Buy on Gold'i Easy Budget Ttrmi! 0 "OVER 29 YEARS OF "iiiam,, nW" SERVICE & RELIABILITY" PARKING Z: - - J 1201-11 EAST WASHINGTON BLVD. AT CElTTRAL AVE. 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All PlanU for Mother Do tfiO he gift wrapped and delivered free of 'charge, in metropolitan area, CARNATIONS Florists" type Carnations, huge, Ionz-stemmed blooms with spicy frajr-Tance; plain colors, also fancy variegated and striped ones. Blooming Plants in Pots. Each Smaller Plants for the Garden 3 for $1.45; Dozeit STEER MANURE BANDINI GLOBE RED STAR Now reduced l"c per sack New Price. Per Sack, 75c $1.50 $4.80 OPEN EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK Sundays 9:30 to 5:30 Week Days 8:30 to 5:30 PAUL J. HfO WARD'S CALIFORNIA FLOWERLAND Telephones: AShley 42951 ARizorw 31171 Santa Monica 4-2755 11700 National Blv-s, Los Angeles 34 FOR EMANCIPATION Maharani of Baroda tells of advancement of women. HE LOST HIS PANTS, BUT WON BATTLE WITH INTRUDERS PHILADELPHIA, May 3. CflPj-Harvey Barton Jr. was making good progress in a battle with two intruders early today until neighbors, aroused by the noise of the street fight, began turning on lights. The lights and a break enabled the men to escape as Barton beat a hasty retreat back into the house. Two men who had been insistently ringing the bell grabbed Mrs." Barton as she opened the door about 1:30 a.m. Barton leaped out of bed when his wife screamed, drove the men into the street and was knocking them down as fast as they could get up until the lights came on. It was then he noticed the drawstring of his pajamas had broken. L0S3ngClCSCimtS2 SUNDAY, MAY 4, 947-Port I g. Hot Red Party Put on Ice in New York Bomb Scare New York Times NEW YORK, May 3. Saturday night is party night. Among those planned for tonight was one by the Communist party, U.S.A., 7th Assembly District This afternoon Saul Zelitan entered the Broadway building where the party was to be held. He noticed a cylinder near the party's club room. It was marked "60-mm." He called the police. Radio cars and men from the bomb squad responded. Police cleared the building and street Among those evacuated were five women customers of Jack's Beauty Parlor. Two had their hair in curlers while taking permanent waves. Working carefully, Det- William Miller opened the box. He found a layer of ice cubes. Layer after layer was removed until more than 200 cubes lay at his feet The Empire Cube Co. said it J had delivered them in empty shell cases purchased as surplus property. Oh. yes, the party. It was held as scheduled. Ice for drinks was procured from an ice dealer around the corner. Bathroom Slip Fatal ' : BERKELEY, May 3. (-1; sliver of glass in his heart killed George Isaeff, 40, last night as he slipped on a bathroom rug and crashed into the glass door of a stall shower. .. " mm Eleven Killed in Air Crash SAX JOSE (Costa Rica) May 3. CP) Eleven persons were killed today when a Taca Lockheed passenger plane caught fire after taking oft" from Nicoya, Costa Rica, and crashed three miles from the airport. 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