The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 25, 1959 · 9
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 9

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, November 25, 1959
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Building rb to as Cu Engineer Tells Parley That Arbitrary Rules Cause City to Be Sorry Straggler "Development of architec ture and building in Los An geles is drastically restrict ed by an arbitrary building code that limits architectural and engineering skills." That was the charge lev-! ; eled at the Department of Building and Safety by Ken neth Reiner, engineer and president of Kaynar Manu facturing , Co., addressing nearly 10Q architects and en gineers In 1 this area at meeting in the Statler last night. 'Reiner, spearheading movement called the Coun cil for Better Buildings, de clared that "Los Angeles should be the architectural leader of the western world. Sorry Straggler - "Instead," he said, "it is a sorry straggler in the pa rade of progress." Reiner told his audience that building really modern structures in Los Angeles is subject to needless delay, excessive cost, and severe restrictions. "No matter how skillful or qualified the architect or engineer, everything they do, including the materials they choose to work with, i8 subject to veto by rela tively unskilled depart-mental employees rigidly following an arbitrary code," he said. Emancipate Design Reiner explained that the purpose and objective of the CBB are to "emancipate design from the restrictions of the city building code" and support a movement to amend present construction regulations to operate under a "performance" code rather! than a "permissive" one. ! Reiner said the CBB did not advocate abolition of any existing codes but that new building techniques and ma Malotte Gets Plaqi ue at Shrine Ball Composer Albert Hay Ma lotte, who wrote "The Lord's Prayer" and "Song of the Open Road," as well as sev eral hundred other songs, was honored before 7,000 persons attending the 53rd annual stage show and Po tentate's Ball at the Shrine Auditorium last night. He received a plaque from Arthur Burgan, president of the Al Malaikah Shrine Chanters, made up of 50 business and professional men here. Among the enter tainers were Dennis Day, Sue Carson. Chiquita and Johnson, Arthur Lee Simp-' kins, Evers" and Delores and Marquis Chimps, with Joe Beranek Jr. as master of ceremonies. 'BEN-HUR' Continued from Second Page version of Christ's Passion will ever be definitive. Wyler has filmed it realistically, with much emphasis on brutality and blood, as, indeed, he has many other scenes. My own feeling Is that there was too "much of the lepers, Ben-Hur's mother and sister, not only in the repeated revelation of their disfig urement but also in the re tarding tempo of their wralthllka flittings. But these, of course, are to prepare us for the later miracle and for contrast, .i The editing is generally ex pert, considering the episodic nature of the story. Some of the cutting back and forth is jarring and the breaks between a couple of sequences are abrupt. Common Cause The plot, I imagine, needs no retelling. The Jew, the Arab and the Christian here find more or less common cause against Imperial Rome, and the film Is careful of the sensibilities (since the Caesars are past offending) of the first three. It is an epic saga of Judah Bcn-Hur, the Jewish prince banished to Roman serfdom who after many vicissitudes returns to his people and is converted to Christianity. Wyler, whose extremes are as often matched by subtleties, has more nearly bridged the centuries between Christ's and ours than any other moviemaker. 'You are there." I have not meant to slight the cast in all this. It is they who give it life. Chariton lieston is re Code Hit Progress terials and designs should be permitted' to enable the building profession to keep abreast of the times. , More than 150 architects and engineers, practicing in Los Angeles County, have indicated support of the program, Reiner said. First Meeting Last night's meeting was the first , gathering of the group to outline the organization's purpose and objective. Representatives at the meeting included Prof. T. Y. Lin of Berkeley, and Ed ward Rice of T. Y. Lin and Associates; Robert Fields, Austin Field and Fry; John Lautner, architect and for mer asociate of the late Frank Lloyd Wright; Rich ard R. Bradshaw, structural engineer; and Sig Nesselroth of Welton Beckett and A sociates. Atty. Arthur Gro- man presided. Wife Cleared in Slaying of Husband justihable homicide was the verdict returned yester- aay oy a coroners jury in favor of Mrs. Barbara Ann Gebhart, 21. who fatally wounded her husband, Dean Lloyd Gebhart, 27, last Fri day night on the doorstep of their home at 6213 McKmght St., Lakewood. According to testimony at an inquest, the couple quar-i reled at a family party at the home of Mrs. Gebhart's brother, Bobby Norman Anderson, 9629 Maple St., Bell- flower. When Gebhart slapped his wife, Anderson ordered them to leave the party. When they got to their own home, Mrs. Gebhart tes tified, she jumped out of the car, ran into the house and got a rifle, and threatened to shoot her husband if he ap proached her. When he per sisted, she shot, - winding him in the neck. He died several hours later :at Gen eral Hospital. 1,000 Attend Fashion Show Contemporary California fashions in clothing manu factured in California were' on display yesterday at a fashion show held in the! Biltmore attended by more! than 1,000 retailers, design ers and manufacturers. . Presented by California Fashion Publications, t h e show included' a parade of! models demonstrating . the latest styles, in swim wear. town and country dress, and party fashions. PREMIERE quired to run an almost im possible gamut and just about does, though he is more compelling In the physical than the spiritual aspect, t Strong Conviction Stephen1 Boyd , plays his arch-enemy, Messala, with strong conviction and makes a formidable antagonist, even if his friendly Irish face sometimes belies him Hugh Griffith gives the whole film a needed lift as the Jolly rascally Sheik 11-j derim, and Jack Hawkins leavens hisj imperious Quin- tus Arrius with a saving humor, too. ';" , . Among other ,well-ehoscn character men" are" IFinlay Currie (Balthasar), Sam Jaf- fe (Simonides), George Rclph (Tiberius), Frank: Thring (Pontius Pilate) and Terence Longden (Drusus). The Esther is Haya Hara-rect. whose Israeli origin and sincerity justify her casting in the part, and the sorely-smitten lepers are portrayed by Martha Scott and Cathy O'Donnell. Honor Duo Zimbalist All honor is due Sam Zim balist, the producer, himself faUlly stricken while in Rome. The screenplay is credited to Karl Tunberg, with side long acknowledgement by the studio also to Christopher Fry. S. N. Bchrman, Maxwell Anderson and Gore Vidal, Robert Surtees was direc tor of photography and the skillful score is by Miklos'ron, Rozsa. Second-unit directors (the chariot race) were Andrew Marlon and Yakima Canutt. Along with Wyler, 1 salute them. BROTHER By Fr. Justin McCarthy & Len Reno 'You got me all wrong. EVOLUTION Continued from 7th Page of having children but the well-being of the children themselves .and, through them, of the next generation, "When people come to realize that in some measure their gifts as well as their failings and difficulties physical, intellectual, and temperamental have genet ic bases ... a big step for ward will have been- taken in the motivation of human reproduction," according to the geneticist. Genetic Pollution Dr. Muller is concerned about the pollution of man's genetic material with hereditary defects. If this pol lution continues, the effect on future generations will be disastrous, he predicts. Pollution of hereditary ma terial can come about when persons with hereditary defects procreate. In this way the hereditary defects are perpetuated and added to the load of defects each gen eration carries as the result of natural mutations. Modern medicine is mak ing the problem more serious by saving the lives of defective persons who former ly would have died before ireacmng tne age oi repro- ouction. ; If the present trend 'con tinues, man mav become bio logically ineffective and eventually become as extinct as the dinosaur and the sa bertooth tiger. So long as illegitimacy. is avoided, the individual is not concerned to be under any genetic obligation, but deems it his right to have as many or as few children as he personally wishes," says Dr. Muller. - . . ''This being the case, his choice in the matter is large ly determined by irrational factors and shortsighted aims." ; . Use Frozen Sperm The geneticist suggests that one way to improve man s genetic stock would rbe to make use of the frozen sperm of great men like Einstein, Pasteur, Descartes, Leonar do da Vinci or Lincoln. In order to forestall biased judgments concerning - the real greatness of a selected individual, Dr. Muller sug gests that a period of at least 25 years lapse before the sperm is used. He also suggests that a further addition to the reser voir of desirable qualities could be accomplished by en couraging well-endowed persons to reproduce more frequently and at the same time discouraging reproduc tion by less well-endowed persons. About his concern over the pollution of man's genetic material with hereditary de fects, Dr. Muller declares that "the real issue is not whether society should . . . help ,the individuals themselves to live better; ;"as . if that were where tho, matter stopped. ... .. "It is whether the acts of society should be so ordered, as they actually arc, to fa cilitate the perpetuation of defective genetic equipment into later generations. That is, should we give with one hand while taking away with the other?" Hydrogen Lacking; In an afternoon panel dis cussion on the origin of life on earth, nine top scientists agreed that there ia little chance that nie wouia again originate, should some calamitysuch as a hydrogen bomb war erase an existing life. The main reasons for this, according to Dr. Hans GaiT- University oi tnicago biochemist, Is that the atmosphere of the earth has changed enormously ilnce lha evolution of life from organic matter. I Whereas the atmosphere JUNIPER I voted for roost duck!' in that distant past consisted mainly of hydrogen, this nec essary element is extremely scarce today. Its place has been taken by oxygen, which has been produced mainly by photosynthesis in plants. This means, Dr. Gaffron said, that if an organic mol ecule of simple life were to appear today it would im mediately be oxidized, and thus be prevented from ever evolving into something higher in the evolutionary scale. As to the possibility of life on other planets, Dr. Harlow Shapley, Harvard University astronomer, said that there are billions of suns in the universe which are compe tent to provide life to any planets which may be orbit-i mg around them. Our Own Solar System This does not mean that there is a possibility of high er life on other planets of our solar system, however, As a matter of fact, the probability of life on Mars or Venus i3 dim, he saidi Mars may have low forms of life and not enough is yet known about atmospheric conditions on Venus to pre-j diet r . , Sir Charles Darwin, grand-i son of the author of Origin of Species and also a panel ist, utilized the theoretical mathematics for which he is famous to give an impres sion of the probability of life in other solar systems. It-is as likely that there i$ life only on earth as it is probable that a coin could be spun 60 times in succes sion and fall heads up each time, Sir Charles said. Another panelist, Dr. T. Dobzhansky, Columbia Uni versity, zoologist, cautioned that the mere speculation that life does exist on other planets does not mean that this life is like life as we know it. , ' - Six Named to . ' . Advisory Board Six appointments to the University of California's en- gincenng advisory council were announced yesterday by Dr. Clark Kerr, UC presi dent. Established in 1947, the council confers with and counsels administrators and faculties of the engineering departments on the various campuses of the university. Its members are geographi cally representative of indus try and engineering within the state. The new appointees, who will serve three year terms, are vvmiam u. ucmster, president of the Electronic Engineering Co., Santa Ana; Hugh W. Jamieson, head of the H.'W. Jamieson Enter- orise.v Beverly Hills: Wil liam Jv. Mayor, dean of in struction-Bt San Francisco City College; Irvan F. Men-denhall, partner in Daniel. Mann, Johnson & Mcndcn-hall, Los Angeles; Richard C. Raymond, manager of Tech nical Military Planning Oper- atlons for the General Llec-tric Co., Santa Barbara, and Carl G. A. Rosen, retired consultant to the president of the Caterpillar Tractor Co., of Woodside. o m DEC, 3-ONE WEEK vO" jJ BANK EVACUATED IN BOMB SCARE Continued from First Page for his family. He said he sold a pint of blood for $4 so he could buy milk for his children. He said he had not eaten in three days. Why did he rob a bank? "I felt that a bank could Nixon Clubs to Hold Meeting Thomas P. Pike. Southern California chairman of the Nixon-for-President move ment, yesterday announced there will be a dinner meet ing for chairmen of all or ganized Nixon-for-President Clubs and their aides next Tuesday in the Rodger Young Auditorium. He said he expects offi cers from 25 such clubs in the Southland to be on hand to map plans for making the clubs a rallying point for members of both parties who want to see Vice President Nixon elected President of the United States next year. "The Nixon-for-President Club formation," Pike re ported, has snowballed to the point where a meeting of club chairmen is in order so that we can unite our forces and exchange membership drive ideas in our crusade to elect Vice President Richard M. Nixon our next President of the United States." Temperature Ties Month's High of 88 Highest temperature of the month was tied yesterday when the thermometer hit 88 deg. at 1:22 p.m. The other 88-deg. date this month was Nov. 9. Yesterdays warm sunny weather was marred, how ever, by a .35 smog reading that brought complaints to the Air Pollution Control District from over much of the central and western sec-j tions of the city. As a result, the APCD said, Operation Voluntary Fuel Switch went into effect at 5 p.m. yesterday. j What's more, there'll be smog again today, the APCD predicting it will be mod erate to heavy over much of the basin. High temperature is expected to be about 86 LA. Asks to Be Heard on Narcotics The City Council yesterday requested permission of the State Senate Interim Judiciary Committee to allow city officials to testify before it on the need for stronger narcotics laws in California The committee is sched uled to hold hearings in Los Angeles Dec. 7, 8 and 9. The resolution,, adopted unanimously, was presented by Councilman C. Lemoine Blanchard. Jets Blamed for Oil Sprayed on Residences Oil droplets are beinp spewed out of jet airplanes and showered, on homes in approach and take-off zones of the International Airport, Supervisor. Kenneth Hahn charged yesterday. On his motion, the county board ordered the Air Pollution Control District to investigate the extent and ex act cause of the exhaust dis charge. French Actress Wed to Reporter NEW YORK, Nov. 24 0P- Julictte R. Maynicl, star of the new French movie im port "Les Cousins," and Rob ert G. Auboyneau, a French reporter, were married to day in the office of Thomas A. Lenane, first deputy city clerk, who performed the ceremony. ONLY! SARAH VflUGHAN 8m ELAINE DUriM fhc cloister Junief SMo-Ol. M5I0 mmP afford the loss better," Ab-boroni replied. "If I had robbed the grocer, it probably would have hurt him badly financially." Family Given Aid ADDoroni s tamily was taken to the Salvation Army Shelter. , Only two hours earlier an other bandit robbed Securi ty's 6th and Alvarado Sts. branch of about $1,300. In the earlier holdup at the 6th and Alvarado Sts. branch, teller Charles Mara had to hand over about $1,300 when a gunman revealed a gun he carried in a paper bag. He handed him a note reading, "Put monev in the sack or I'll kill you." He then escaped in a redito a sale to minors. sedan. , m aureoGBwri' THEAT, BE G VIDE tOt ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD AtVARADO, 710 $. Alvorodo-DU. 7-1131 Career; For the First Time-Ct. 12:30 SARDS, Crenshaw ft Adams-RE. 4-3105 Anatomy of Murders; Spook Chami BELMONT, 126 S. Vtrmont-DU. I-1B08 Anatomy of Murder; Scapegoat 6:45 Bill ROBINSON, 4319 S. C'trol-AD. 19341 Sign of Gladiator; lluo Denim-SOc CONGRESS. S. Verm, at 75th-PL. ft 9004 Umberto D. . , .; Ugettu; Adults EAGLE, 4884 Eagle Rock Blvd.-Cl. 6-0189 Anatomy of Murder; Scapegoat 60c EMPIRE, Pice-Alvarado-DU. 7-0875 Buehne Frei Hir Marika,- Janpltelle LAKE, 7th and Alvarada-DU. 2-3130 Gigl; Cat on a Hot Tin Roof LARGO, 1822 E. 103rd-LO. 9 8225 Sign of the Gladiator; Elephant Gun LA TOSCA, 2930 S. V.rmont-RE. 3-7292 Sat.t Mikcsh Dor Stole Dor Kompanie LEIMERT, Vernon ft Crenshaw-AX. 4-5131 Anatomy Murderi Grand Canyon 6:00 LINCOLN, 2300 S. Contral-AD. 2-5251 Cry Touah Day of tho Outlaw 50c LYRIC, Pocific-floronco-LU. 9-2877 Warrior ft 5 ova Girl; Phantom staae MIDWAY, Pico 1 bl. W.ofWstn.-RE. 41000 Anatomy of Murder: Sian of Gladiator NUARTE, 11272 Santa Monico-GR. 3-3706 2 Spanish Films on Saturday PALMS, 3751 Motor Ave.-VE. 8 0659 Nun's Story: Ditnev Grand Canvon PARADISE, 9110 S. Sepulveda-SP. 6-0300 Pillow Talk: Jot Over Atlantic PARK, 5825 N. Figueroa-CL. 5-0654 Ar d World 80 Days uncut) Ct. 7 1 .00 PICFAIR. Pico-Fairfax-WE. 1-5296 Career; lluo Angel PICWOOO, 10872 W. Pico-CR. 7-2649 Pillow Talk; Jet Over Atlantic RAMONA, Sunset-Arvorado-DU. 9 5040 Career; But Not For Me-60e REGENT, 4012 S. Vermont-AD. 2-7825 Sign of Gladiator; John Paul Jones STRAND, 4411 S. Broadway-AO. 2-6848 Samson ft Deliloh; Sign of Gladiator TEMPLE, 5826 S. Vermont-PL. 2-4100 Sign of Gladiaton S Gates to Hell TCHO, 3020 Crenthaw-RE. 2-7101 Japanese Films Exclusively tVC ELICTROVmON THEATRES AAA. Bdwy. ft Manchester-PL. 3-5437 Mt. Police,- Tartan's Gt. Adv.; T. Thumb BALBOA, 8713 S. Vermont-PL. B-4104 Career; Jock Webb "30" BALDWIN, laBr.a nr. Rodeo Rd.-AX. 37164 Around World BO Dors; Duney BAY, Pacific Palisades, Gl 45525 Around World 40 pays; Disney BUENA PARK, Buena Park-IA. 2-2816 Started With Kiss; Scapegoat CORBIN, Tarrano-DI. 5-2222 Around Werld 80 Days; Ama Girl CREST, Westwd. at Wilshire-GR. 3-1 256 FBI Story; Started With Kiss IMPERIAL, Imp. at Crenshaw-OR. 1-5131 Anatomy of Murder; Coral Sea LA HABRA, la Habra-OWen 7-4677 . Around World 80 Days; Ama Girl MANCHESTER, Manchet.-Bdwy.-PL 31431 Tomanao: 10 Seconds to HeH PARAMOUNT, 6838 Holly'd. Bl.. HO 3263 Exclusivel Cant. 12, A Summer rioce RIO. Western-lmperial-Pl. 4-2895 Coreer; Jack Webb "30" SOUTHSIDE, Vermont-lmperial-Pl. 5-1 191 Around World 80 Days; Disney WILSHIRE DISTRICT BEVERLY HILLI BEVERLY CANON. 205 N. Con.-C. 5-5244 Venice Film Festival Winner; The lovers DEI MAR. Pico nr. La Brea-WE. 4 0375 Nun't Story; lanto. For 1st Time-50c VAGABOND, 2511 Wilshire-DU. 7-2171 Masterpiece from Japan "The Mistress" STANLEY WARNER THRTS. HO. 9-J511 BEV. HILLS, 9404 Wilshire-CR. 1-1121 Paul Muni, The last Angry Man DOWNTOWN, 7H ft Hill MA. 7-4511 Pillow Talk,- Jet Atlantic; late Show WIITERN, Wilshire-Westom-DU. 74147 Pillow Talk; Jet Atlantic; late Show HUNTINGTON PIC. 6714 Poc-lU. 5 0944 FBI Story; Bombers 8 52 SAN PEDRO, 478 W. 4th-TE. 27227 FBI Story; Bombers B 52 EASTLAND THEATRES BROOKLYN, 2524 Brooklyn-AN. 1-4988 Sign of the Gladiator; Crimson Kimono icwci teiy wk:ii.. a id t.t-no North by Northwest; last Train Gun Hill McRALTA, 2035 t. First AN. i yi4 5 Gates to Hell; Eleohont Gun TERRACE. 3945 City Terr. Dr. AN. 1-6000 Samson ft Delilah; Bui Not For Me VERN, 2811 E. Olvmpic-AN. 2-2222 Samson ft Delilah; But Nat For Me BOYLE HEIGHTS EAST IPS ANGELES BOULEVARD, 4549 Whit. BI.-AN. 1 2665 Anatomy of Murder; Wond. Country CENTER, 4762 Whittier-AN. 8332 High School Big Shoti T-Bird Oena GOLDEN GATE, 5176 Whittior-AN. 9 8186 Wreck of Mary Deere, Libel MONTEREY, Whlttler ft Soto-AN. 1 2575 Betas do Arena; Asesinot on Noche UNIQUE. 3645 I. Itt-AN, t 7131 Theatre Closed Tonight WHITTIEU ROXT, Whlttier-OXtord 4-3B59 Inn of 6th Happiness; Don't Give Ship WARDMAN, Whittler-OXfarci 4-3422 Best of Everything; Na Down Payment WHITTIER, WhiHier-OXIord 5 2712 FBI Story; Battle of Coral tea MONTIBtLlO GARMAR. M'bello-PA. 11219, RA. 32133 Pillow Talk; Jet Over Atlanta VOOUt. Montebello-PA. 1-1333 Anatomy ol Murder; Sgn of Glodiator SOUTH-LYN THEATRES AROtN, 11709 lono Reach BI.-NE. 1-1533 Anatomy Murderi That Kind of Woman COMPTON, 136 E. Compter) BI.-NE. 1-3670 Besos de Arena; No Me Platiauet Mat VOGUE. 9323 long Beach BI.-IO. 6 6000 Hound Dog Man; But Not For Me NUtfl, Betlflowor-TO 7 1412 Hound Dog Man; But Nat lor Me ORANGE COUNTY ANAHEIM, GARDEN KEyetono B0I4B Tho Tmgleri Jvke Bon Rhythm COSTA MESA, MISA-llberl B I5J2 Around the World In BO Days FUUERTON, WIlSHIRI-UmtMrt 1-3777 Hercules; Derby O'GiH OARDEN OROVE, GtM-JE. 4-2613 Herrufesi Singing in the Rain 504 OAROEN GROVl, CROVE-JE. 74600 Hound Dog Man; Jack Webb, "10" HUNTINGTON BEACH, SURF-IE. 4 3044 Thurs. Yellowstone Kelly; 30 Ft. Bride IAGUNA, SOUTH COASl-HTott 4 1314 Doris Day, Reck Hudion, Pillow Telk NEWPORT BEACH LIDO-OR 3 8350 Wreck of Mary (learei Not Fnr Me ORANOE ORANGE-Kly. I 1501 Nun's Story; Oolrlin Age ol Comedy CORONA DEL MAR, POtl-OR. 34260 FBI Story; libel SAN ClEMENIE, SAN CLCMINTI HY 23437 Yellowstone Kelly; little Savage . SANTA ANA, BROADWAY Kl. 2 417 Pillow talk; Money, Women, Ouno SANTA ANA, STAIC-KI. I 9617 Hot Soldiertt Oirt m B'Unl SANTA ANA, YOST-KI. 3 8417 Sonris dt Vlrgen; Tv Retuocde f Ye LA. Meeting Sought fo Draft, Dope Measure Dist. Atty. M c K e s so n, Sheriff Pitchess and County Counsel Harold W. Kennedy were asked yesterday to confer on drafting new state legislation against dope peddlers. Supervisor Kenneth Hahn urged the parley with support of his county board colleagues. Hahn advocated the following penalties for convicted narcotics sellers: First offense, 5 to 20 years in prison; with prior conviction, 10 years to life, and with prior conviction added 10 years to life. LPS ANGELES DOWNTOWN ARCADE. 534 S. Broadway-MA. 8 2820 Rails Into laramie; Bend of Angels CALIFORNIA, 8th and Main-MA. 9-9778 El Zarco; Esposa me Comprende CAMEO, 528 $. Broadway-MA. 8-1974 Escape to Burma; Under Fire COZY, 320 S. Broadway-MA. 8-3176 Always Three Big Hits LINDA LEA, 251 S. Main-MA. 4-5648 Oodo Shichininshu; Furisode Zakura MAYAN, 1044 S. Hill-ll. 9-6294 Yo Aventurera: D Circulo Termina MILLION $-, 307 $. Broadway-MA. 9 2195 Cetia Cruz-Dora Mana-luis r. Mora PARAMOUNT. 323 W. 6th-MA. 4-7321 FBI Story; Baer-Carnero Champ. Fight TOWN, 444 S. Hill MA. 8-6668 Diary Anne Frank; Grand Canyon C.E. METROPOLITAN Downtown MA. 4-6271 ORPHEUM, 9th and Broadway Wreck of Mary Dears; libel HlllSTREET. 8th and Hill One Night of love: Naked Venue R I ALTO, 8th and Broadway Warrior and Slave Girl: 10 Tall Men BROADWAY, Broadway near 5th Bio Circus; Darby O Gill NEWSREEl, 8th and Broadway 2 Feat. Junole Terror; Watts Towers OLYMPIC, 8th bet. Broadway ft Hill Inn 6th Happiness; lenolyhearts PALACE, Bdwy. between 6th ft 7th Started With o Kits: Career GLOBE, 744 So. Broadway Around tho World in 80 Days ROXIE, Broadway between 5th ft 6th Samson ft Delilah; Battle Coral Ma UNITED ARTISTS THEATRES STATE, 7th ft Broadway-MA. 7-7425 Cinemagicl The Angry Red Planet POUR STAR, Wilshire Blvd.-WE. 6 8211 Cinemagicl The Angry Red Planet U.A., Pasadena-MU. 1-6577 Wreck of tho Mary Dear.; libel U.A., Inglewood-OR. 7-2177 One Night of love; Naked Venus U.A.. East I A AN. 1-3924 la Venenosa; A Media lui Trot CAPITOL, Glendole-CH. 5-2611 FBI Story; Bomber I 52 UACUHU?T-SkJ J 111 I I TCJt ) Darby O Gill; These 1000 Hills 1 U A , Pomona-NA. Z-I5 Pillow Talk; Jet Over Atlantic '- SANYA MONICA BEACH TOWNS AERO, Montana at Mm-fX. S-4990 North by Northwest; Ask Any Girl ELMIRO, 1443 3rd St.-EX. 5-3344 FBI Story; Battle of Coral Sea MAJESTIC, Santa Manica-EX. 5 2469 Flame ft The Arrow: Bia Trees MERALTA, Culver City-VE. 8 3432 Career; It Started With a Kits STRAND, Redondo-OR. 8 6449, F. 2-8300 Wreck of Mary Deare: libel; Ct. 12 TIVOll, 11523 Santa Monica-GR. 3 1636 Nun Story; Man Understood Women CLENDALE MONTROSE TUJUNGA MONTROSE, Montraso-CH. 9-3830 For the First Time; Giai TEMPLE, 234 S. Brond-CI. 1-0471 Yellowstone Kelly; J. Paul Jones; Mummy ROXY, Glendale-CI. 34393 Started With a Kiss.- Scopegeat TUJUNGA, 6721 Foothill-Fl. 34951 Nun i Story; Holiday for lovers BURBANK CORNELL, 1212 N. San Fernanda IH 25251 Pillow Tolk; Jet Over Atlantic CALIFORNIA, 3300 Mognolia-TH. 5-1507 FBI Story; Bombers B-S2 LOMA, 319 S. San Fernande-TH. 8 7033 Wonderful Country; The Mummy MAGNOLIA, 4403 Magnolia-TH, 5-15B6 Wreck Mary Deare; De Havilland, libel PASADENA EL MONTI MONROVIA J COLORADO, 2588 E. Colorado-SY. 4 9704 Rock Hudson, Pillow Talk CROWN, 129 N. Raymond-SY. 6-3131 FBI Story; Wonderful Country; All Tech. OAKS, (5 N. Pair Oaks-SY. 6 2339 Sins of Mnrilena; Kiss Me Baby UPTOWN, 2316 E. Colorado-SY. J 4330 Anatomy Murder; North by Northwest IYRIC, Monrovia-Elliott 8-3119 Started With a Kiss; Coral Sea II MONTI. Valley at Tyler-GI. I 6923 Around World in 80 Days at 8 15 BALDWIN Baldwin Pork-ID. 7-2759 Hound Dog Man; Not lor Mo SIERRA MADRE, Sierra Moore, El. 5 9034 Norm by Narthwsuti Snow White LONG BEACH ART, 4th ft Cherry-GE. 8-533 Blue Denim; Private's Altair . STRAND, 233 Pike-HE. 6-4733 Intimate Relations; Furv m Paradise i LAKEWOOD, Carson. HA. 32530 NE. 67440 Anatomy of Murder; 3 For Show, 4 13 INGLE WOOD HAWTHORNE RITZ. Inglewood-OR. 8-7272 Warrior ft Slave Girl; Phantom Stage PIAZA, Hawthorne-OS. 64389 Anatomy of Murder; Ask Any Girl GARDINA AND TORRANCE PARK. Gardena-Davil 4-4040 Career; Blue Anael GRAND, Torrance-1 521 Cravens Frl.i Horse Soldiers; Devil's Disciple STADIUM, Torronce-FA. 84373 Darby O'Gilli Big Circus DOWNEY NORWALK AVENUE, Downey-la 15610 Hound Doa Man; Private s A'tair MtRALTA, Oowney-TOpoi 2 2200 Round the World in 80 Den NORWALK, Narwalk-UNivetsity 4 231 Round the World In 80 Doys SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY tin osao o.m. Tomorrow; Man Who Understood Women.CHUlA VIS1A, Harbor LAKE ARROWHtAD, Village Tomorrow; M. Ionia, For The Firs! Time ONTARIO, Calllorme-YU. 4 9113 North by Northweiti Frlvete s Affair SAN BERNARDINO, W. Coast TUX. 423146 Horse Soldiers; Nosed and the Dead GROVl, Uplond-VU. 2 6025 Samson ft Deliloh: Wonderful Country 29 Polms. f IAZA-PO. 7 3044 Coll Thsaire for Program YUCCA VAllEY, SKY DIIVI IN Theavr Opens Dee. 2nd VENTURA COUNTY CAMARIllO. VALLEY Wonderful Country; Sign el Olod.otef FILLMORE, PIllMORE Spanish Films Tonight 0JAI, Oral North by Northwest OX MAR 0. OXNARD-HUnter 1 8SI2 Horse ioM.ers, Mlrnrle ol Hills 0KNARD, VOOIIt-HUnter 19214 Wrerk el Mors Deere; Carry On large VENTURA, MAYFAIR-MI. 16311 Wrwk af Mary Deare: tihel VENTURA, VENTURA-MI. 1 3331 IBI Story; Wondettul World BUHOP-INYO COUNTY BISHOP DRIVI IN Bent Oeneratlnni Money, Woman, Guns USHOP THEATRE. Mens Itreet Hound Deg Men 9 la&SlnstltsZimts 9 WED., NOV.25,195-Partl Junior Rose Bowl Fund Approved The Board " of Supervisors yesterday approved a county appropriation of, $2,205 to the Pasadena Junior Chamber of Commerce to help un derwrite its Junior Rose Bowl football game. ri complett dinners from $5.00 Music by Saul Bonser no cover no minimum , ATOP THE BEVERLY HILTON IEVERLV HILLS HOLLYWOOD ACADEMY, Hollyw'd at Wilcox-HO. 53491 Coreer; Man Who Understood Women ADMIRAL, Hollywood al Vine-HO. 1-551 1 Inn 6th Happinoss; Ask Any Girl APOLLO, Hollyw'd al Western-HO. 5-4552 Here to Eternity; Marty-60c CAMPUS, Vermont at Sta. Mon. NO. 5-5881 Anatomy Murder; Disney Sir. Creatura CARMEL, 8163 Santa Monica-OL. 6-1181 2 Headed Spy; Tarawa; Old Teller CINEMA, 1124 N. Western-HO. 7-5787 Career; Ask Any Girl-Op. 1:00 CLINTON, 526 N. Western-HO. 7-9101 Anal, of Murder; Happy It Bride 60c EMBASSY, Western nr. 3rd-DU. 3-4312 But Not Far Me; Scapegoat GORDON, la Brett at M.lrote-WE. 4-2944 The Nun's Story; Scapegoat HAWAII, 5939 Hollyweod-HO. 9-2275 One Night of Love; Naked Venus HUNLEY, 51 15 Hollywood BI.-NO. 4-4616 Anatomy of Murder; But Not For Me IOS FELIZ, Vermont al Fkln.-NO. 4-2169 Around Werld 80 Days (uncut) 7 ft 10 MAECAL, 6025 Holly wood-HO. 7-0811 Tammy ft Bachelor: Run Silent. Deeo MONICA, 7734 Santa Monia-Ol. 4-3744 Youna love; Adults NEW VIEW, 6656 Hollywd. BI.-HO. 4 3757 Anatomy of Murder; Disney's Gd. Can. ORIENTAL, Sunset at Gardner-HO. 4-0744 But Not For Me; Scaoeaoot PAN PACIFIC, 7554 Beverly-WE. 1-7070 career; tor the 1st Time FIX, Hollywood nr. Vine-HO. 4-6113 PI low Talk: Jet Over At anllci Mat. SILENT MOVIE, 61 1 N. Fairfax-Ol. 3-2389 Doug Fairbanks-Iron Mosk-C. Choplin SUNSET. Western at Sunset-HO. 2-0721 homor Beraman's Wild Strowberries VISTA, 4473 Sunsat-NO. 4-9657 Fn.t Russian Premier; Immortal Garrisoti oeaeieAnHeeaeieMeeeaeaBsaeaaHeaMeaBeei SAN FERNANDO VALLEY AMERICAN, Newhall-Phone 179 Theatre Closed Today PARK, Canoga Park-DI. 0-1234 Mating Game; Hercules ENCINO, 16342 Ventura Blvd.-ST. 4-1233 Pillow Talk; Jet Over Atlantic LANKERSHIM. 7532 Lank. Bl.-PO. 5-5952 Career; Jack Webb. "30" PANORAMA, 9110 Van Nuyt Bl. EM. 2-1167 Pillow Tolk; Jet Over Atlantic-Op. 5 30 RESEDA, Res. Bl. -Sherman Way-DI. 4-0153 Wreck of the Mary Deare: libel SAN FERNANDO. 303 5. 6rand-EM. 1-2211 I Rrbelion de Adolescentes; Mis 3 Viudoe I SHERMAN, Sherman Oaks-Si. 4-991 1 I Anatomy Murdtr; Rind of Woman 60c CREST. Son Pern., N. of Maclay-EM. 1-628 career; Ja' Webb, 30" TOWN, San Fernando-EM. I-0J53 3 Hitsi Op. 12:30; Thurs. thru Sun. ALHAMBRA SAN OABRHL VALLEY AlHAMBRA ft ANNEX AT. 2-6136 Around World In 80 Days, Shows al 1:00 CORONET, 130 W. Mom-AT. 2 8475 The Vikings; Yellowstone Kelly GARFIELD, Garfield at Velley-AT. 2-4134 Somson ft Delilah; Sign af Gladiator, 50e SANTA ANITA. Arcadia-Hlllcreit 7-2195 Started With Kits; Day of Outlaw EDWARDS, Aiusa-EDgewood 4-2502 Spanish Films Tonight COVINA. Covina-ED. 2-2003 Started With Kist; Hound Dog Mon TUMBIEWEED, Garvey-Vpi. Bl. -Gl. 8089J Wonderful Country: H.Man GlENDORA, Glendora-ED. 5-7070 Nun s Story; Silver Chalice MONTEREY. Garf ield-Hellman-AT. 2 3209 - Anatomy of Murder; 5 Gates to Hell STAR, la Puento-Pnena ED. 6-2463 Anatomy af Murderi Blue Anael SAN GABRIEL, 330 W. lot Tun.-AT. I 5168 Nun s Story, For The First Time TEMPLE, las Tunas. Rosemeod-AT. 6 3179 Hound Dog Man; Untamed RIVERSIDE COUNTY ARLINGTON. ARUNGTON-OV. 9-000 John Paul Janes; Wonderful Country DE ANZA, Riverside FBI Story; Cry Tough CORONA, Corano-REdweod 7 3456 Torre de Morfil; Lentigo a Ontencia DESERT HOT SPRINGS. DESERT Men Understood Women) Scapegoat ELSINORE. LAKE MA. 1270 Coreer; Doy of the Outlaw HE MET, Hemot North by Northwest PEIRIS. Perrie - Nun's Story; 30 Ft. Bride Candy Rett PAIM SPRINGS. PLAZA-FA. 4-2535 Wreck of the Mory Deore 'AIM SPRINGS. VIllAGE-PA. 4 2531 Beloved InlKleJ SAN DIEGO COUNTY CORONADO, Village Rock Hudson. Pillow Talk CARLSBAD CARLSBAD PA. 9-1061 Theatre Closed Tonight LA MESA, HtllX-MO. 3-4443 Hound Dog Man; For the 1st Time NATIONAL CITY-BAY G. 7 3731 Hound Dog Man, Wonderful Country OCEAN BcACH-Strand-AC. 1 1150 Always 2 Hits OCEANSIDE-CREST-SA. 24561 Alwavs 2 Hit OCEANSIDE-PALOMAR-SA. 12631 3 Smaih Hits 3 OCIANSIDE-STAR-SA. 1-2895 FBI Story; Cait a long Shadow OCiANSIDE-IOWNE-SA. 2 2155 Always 1 Hits ACADEMY, 37th al Universlty-AT. 4-1000 Always 1 Hit KEN, 4061 Adams Pother Ponchalli; Smallest Show on forth UNDA-linda Vista Plata-BR. 7-1389 Sign ol Gled.oter; But Not For Ma VISIA-AVO-PA. 4 6222 Yellowstone Kelly; Here Come the Jet DRIVI-IN THEATRES ARLINGTON, Moanaa ,. n0V. 9 334 Holiday lor lovers. Racket Will travel BEAUMONT. Cherry Past. HI. 99-VI. i 232s Thentre Closed Today BR A WHY. family Dr. In-FI, 4 2941 Never Steal Smallt Silent Imm. CATHEDRAL CITY, SunaO nr. Palm Springs IBI Storv: The Gunfiahter CHUIA VISTA, Big Sky. 101 at Main 1st Run. Boleved Infidel; For 1st Time Coll Thoelte for Proarom II CAJON. Aero Drivo in H 48804 Beloved Infidel,- House al Bamboo POMANA, IILAIR DRIVE IN Pillow Tolk; FieH ft The Woman HEMEI, HIMAwTNTv Drive-in. Samsnn ft Delilah: Ulysses IA MESA, Alvarado Drive In Rally Round Flag; DevH'i OiK'Rle; 3rd Mt OXNARD, Sky View Onvo-ln Call Theatre far Program SAN BIRNARDINO, Mt. Vomers The Bat- Woman Obeessod SAN DIEOO. frontier Dr. In-AC. 1 499 Belo-ed Infidel; House el Bamboo SAN DIEOO, Ranch Drivg-lit-CO. 4-1137 FBI Story; lost Woonn SAUOUS, CORRAl DRIVI-IN Sts. Prl.. two B-g Hits TAFT, Sunset Dr.. In, Na. 4th St. lit Run, Hound Dog Moni I'hel 29 PALMS. Iw-l.te f-FO 7 4771 Fohulnut Fabian, Hound Dog Man 29 PALMS. Smrlito 2-FO. 7 4 J I Adv. Tern Sawyer.- Gulliver's Irevell VENTURA. 101 DR. -IN Ml. 2 2291 fill theatre Far Program VISTA, Drlv In Herrolesi Doy of tho Outlaw LAS VIOAS NEVADA SKYWAY, Boukeet Hlwev. OU. 14501 Blue Denim i Darby O OiH STARDUST, I A. Hlway-OU. Ml 91 Samson ft Delilah; Ulysses

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