The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 28, 1951 · 13
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 13

Los Angeles, California
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Friday, December 28, 1951
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ilOggngglCg grimeg2 FRIDAY, DEC. 28, 1951 -Part i 1 3 Jmm I imfir "IT" ' 3 iVeff Picked for 'Snows; Car on, Angeli to Team; Disney to Do Verne Film BV EDWIX SCHALLERT v' Hilegarde Neff, just signed on a term contract by 20th Century-Fox, moves right into a top-flight role as the Countess Liz in "The Snows of Kilimanjaro." That means she wjli star with Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward in the Darryl Zanuck .production of the Ernest Hemingway story scripted by Casey Robinson. The picture will start late in February with Henry King directing. For six months a second unit has been securing background shots in Europe and Africa. Miss Neff has already impressed in, "Decision Before Dawn' which, rates high as a war adventure thriller, and followed that with "Diplomatic Courier." She will figure romantically in the subject as one of the women in Peck's life in the retro- " epect' "wheri as the mountain" climber he is beset by illness and l reams of the past. , . . , TIER AXGELJ, LESLIE CAROX STAR TEAM Pier Angeli and Leslie Caron, who have been vying for attention in younger type roles at MGM, will now have a chance to costar in a film titled "Two Girls From Bordeaux." This is planned as a gay musical with New York background by Joe Pasternak. While the girls are natives of Bordeaux they are depicted as successful Parisian entertainers in the story, which concerns their romances and hilarious adventures on arrival in America: It sounds like a reverse on "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" with Diana Lynn and Gail Russell. Be-,fore this film Miss Angeli has . to star in "Equilibrium" and "The Devil Makes Three," tvhil Misa Carrm must, rln "Mademoiselle" and "Invita- Marlene Cameron . tion to the Dance" with Gene Kelly. : Marlene Cameron, 15 years old, who played Peggy in "The Happy Time" on Broadway, will duplicate this juvenile role in the pictures. She was earlier in "Annie Get Your Gun," "As the Girls Go" and "Georgia Boy" on the stage. In negotiation is a deal for Howard Duff to star with Errol Flynn and probably Mark Stevens in "The Director," which Victor Saville is planning with Irish setting. What's more, Duff, who recently secured his release from Universal-International, is mentioned for "We're Not Married" at 20th; "49 Men," the Abner Greshler-feature, and a possible orie-picture-a-year deal at U-I. ; .. DISXEY PLANXLXG JULES VERXE CLASSIC Walt Disney will produce a live action version of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" in Technicolor, having purchased the rights from Sid Rogell to the Jules Verne classic. ' It will blend in many of the features of his nature classics and will have noted marine life experts as advisers. As a live-action film . . it will follow "Treasure Island" and "Robin Hood" and will simultaneously be in the fabulous class. , . .' James Whitmore, who has had to be satisfied with depict-fnff sersreants muph nf his career, will now hecomp.. an Air Force major (security officer) in ."Eagle on His Cap." 'This is a. very important male role,1 since he figures in scenes ' involving Robert Taylor arjd Eleanor barker, and the secrecy that Taylor has to maintain about his atomic bomb mission over Japan. Whitmore is currently in "Because You're Mine" as a sergeant. ' ' Joan Creers, who appears opposite John Forsythe in the Robert Wise-Aspen film, "The Tightrope," now called "Captive; City,",' gets a name change to Joan Camden. She will leave next week to aid exploitation of the film in New York. Another step forward for Aspen is the signing of Charles Kaufman to write the screenplay for "Return to Paradise," -based . on the James Michener story, "Mr. Morgan," which Mark Robson will direct in Samoa. vNew York film critics yesterday gave a pretty clean sweep ' to "A" Streetcar Named Desire," by voting this the best picture of the , year, and also according top recognition to Vivien Leigh as the star and Elia Kazan as the director. Arthur Kennedy in "Bright Victory" was the male winner , JOHX WAYNE TOPS LIST OF MOXEYMAKERS -It's John Wayne, who for the second time walks away with the coveted honor of being the best moneymaking star, according to the vote of exhibitors polled by Motion Picture Herald. Aside from Wayne films, the actor's strong Americanism is undoubtedly a factor in his well-defined success. It's., the third year that he has been a 10-bester or. the list. Sec- ; ond are Dean MartLi and Jerry Lewis, who are brand new in the choice aggregation. Another newcomer is Doris Day, who rates ninth place. Other stars in order after . Wayne and Martin and Lewis include Eetty Grable, Abbott and Cos-tello, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope," Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper, Misa Tlav and Snencer Tracv. . John Wayne Gregory Peck and Mario Lanza Vere voted among the 10 best by the circuit group of exhibitors. .Crosby has been- among the 10-besters 12 times, Hope, 11; -Cooper, 12 times; Spencer Tracy, 11; Abbott and Costello, 7; Miss Grable, 10 times. - v : Robert L. Lippert at the convention of his organization yesterday in Chicago announced that Philip Yordan will pro-.duce three pictures, which he will write and direct. .- ' I i, fir $. 'Elopement9 Gets Short Extension Starring Clifton Webb, Anne Francis, Charles Bickford and William Lundigan, "Elopement" will hold over for an additional two days at Los Angeles, Chinese, Uptown and Loyola The-' aters.: - Next Sunday, the four first-run houses wijl open with The Model and the Marriage Broker." Jeanne Crain, Scott Brady and Thelma Ritter also are spotlighted in the picture. hope- MY KAVOiTtfTE SPIT .I fuWo-o I0Y tOGtB 1 TRICCtl 'Drunkard' Production Set for French Morocco Three thousand Americans at present employed in French Morocco building air bases for the U. S. government are going to have a production of "The Drunkard" put on by home talent and have asked Mrs. Use, producer of the Theater Mart production here, to assist them. Mrs. Use immediately sent a duplicate script of the original production with suggestions. Hope and Hedy Cavort in Hilarious Spy Farce BY PHILIP K. SCHEtER I Ali Baba had his hands full with 40 thieves, but Bob Hope i3 plagtied by nearly as many in "My Favorite Spy," now at the Hawaii in Hollywood as well as the Downtown Paramount. As a matter of fact,- there's more than a touch of the Arabian Nigkts about the film, which I found , decidedly funny and a guaranteed bracer for the between-holiday s blues. i Hope has never been so debonair, so dashing, so swooningly the- great lover; even hts M. of the U.S. government, Mr. Truman having phoned him personally a s s u m e s the identity of the suave international figure, Augustine. . Don't sell Peanuts short, either. When he goes into action whether concocting a new drink he calls a "mishmash," whirling them onto the dance floor or kissing them the girls literally pop their nylons. ; -, ' Blame It on Peanut My back-ofrthe-paper. notes also indicate that the picture' hits other high points of hilarity dur ing chapters in which "Hope oc- Beaucaire could take lessons cupies "one half of a camel dis- from Robert in his role of Eric ?UI,se-, Sets a ringing phone Ausrustine. international man of locked up in a valise, submits mystery, agent provocateur and how provoking can you get? Not only that Bob is also Pea nuts (Boffo) White, a burlesque comedian temporarily at liberty The only way you can tell em apart is by the quality of the gag: if it's high class it's Augus tine: the other kind is Peanuts E'ther way,' Hope probably figures, he can t lose. ; Hedy an Amour . ; A little strip of microfilm, containing secrets of the hydrogen bomb, is . what the villains are after. -Hedy La-marr yes, the beautiful Hedy becomes involved when she mistakes Peanuts for Augustine, an old flame. The setting is. Tangier, ap- . propriate to all the skullduggery that goes on when Peanuts at the -insistence .'to and reacts characteristically to a "truth drug," and participates in the screaming fire-engine chase finish. By that time all rules have gone by the board and Hedy and Bob are running Monday Night Jamboree! NEIV YEAR'S EVE SHOWS cxTRAr Major studio previews No Seals toed- CONTINUOUS 711" ' yjiCHlSTOKYcflvomMMPf f l If if . kZ? X 1 REOBOOK A a! MAGAZINE V "Vha( could be i belter I film for all the family I I I than Westward the 1 ,.. Women'!" J I I 1 M-G-M presents ROBERT TAYLOR DENISE DARCEL . will HOPE EMERSON J0HN HcINTIRE SfWH Play by CHARLES SCHNEE J. Stt h frsHk Caprs . 1 Dirtcttd h ' Pnduted h MUAM IWEUMMt vDORE SCHARY i THE Stllfini - i .m -' Walter PIDGEON - Ann HARDING 3 KEF BRASSELl LEWIS STONE EDUARD FRANZ ' RICHARD ANDERSON . DAWN ADDAMS i Writtm ti RONALD MILLAR GEORGE FROESCHEL DirKM by rrwlactd tT ' ROBERT THOMSEK . EXTRA FROM M-C-M (EVM TOM t JERRY "mouse mouBtr lectinicolor Cartoon Riot 5 wild through Morocco oa a hook-and-Iadder truck. . When the missing agent turns up suddenly and Peanuts recognizes him, he gives vent to the exclamation, "Ach, du lieber Augustine!" . . . , , . : . I just want you to get both sides of the picture, as it were. "My Favorite Spy" Is an improvement r over "The Lemon Drop Kid" and other recent Hope comeaies, in spite of the above. It was directed by. Norman Z. McLeod and includes in its company. Francis L. Sullivan, Arnold Moss and Mike MazUrki. The Paramount Downtown is also showing Rov Rogers in "In Old Amarillo." The Hawaii announces the "return" of Gilbert and, Sullivan, .... 'Two Tickets Will Hold Over Melody and romance highlight "Two Tickets to Broadway," Technicolor musical film which starts a second week today at Hillstreet and Pantages Theaters. Tony Martin, Janet Leigh.'Glo- na ue mven, Eddie . Bracken and Ann Miller head the cast oi me gay onenng which revolves around the exploits of a group or young people trying u gei a ioomoia in snow bust ness with the help of a fast talking agent . Bob Crosby, Smith and Dale, The Chariivels and other enter- talners have roles in the picture First Western LIzabeth Scott, who has been dying to play a western heroine for the past six years, finally gets her wish in Hat Wallis' "Red Mountain." Trigger Scores ' , Trigger, Roy Rogers' Palomino horse, will get costar billing with Bob Hope, Jane Rum.cH and Rogers in "Son of Paleface." EXCLUSIVE LOS ANGELES SHOWING! t v . 1t DOWNTOWN KUN I a vJImZiZZ 7 J'A Named DesiixT J , T ""r r. ii Ml. 6272 Cf. rm 9.30 A. M. 1T SHOW t NIOHT fotilUitJ "The action is breathtaking!' rFRANK .QUINN, M. r. Mirrt "Hollywood makes many good pictures. Only a few of them are great DECISION BEFORE DAWN is one of these!" 'There is no fraud in DECISION BEFORE DAWN!" BOSLEY CROWTHER, N. t. Tim 'One of the 10 best motion pictures of 1951!" ALTON COOK, N. T. Tt9rn Worlrf I Sun ' . '. . 'Highest rating! This picture is another - All Quiet on the Western Front'!" ; ,1 -KATE CAMERON, N. Y. Daily Nmwi . - ' -HEDDA HOPPER V i UU VJLUU LJL JuJLJ $ WITH CH""1i . PIIHI ' ' MUIK nil nri m BAnReRILL.VEnie. JEFF PfOltiei -by ANATOLE LHVAK FRAKX McCARTHY an 1214 WfclMtlf HVI miV 1 QM WWW! Hit r HOUYWOOBMV mm mmm9 mi Cai fo ttmrnm , Difcl4 by ScfBrt Pioy fay- ANATOLE LIIVAK - PETER ViERTa t to OMWaf Cm ttrnm It m 1 A- CLIFTON ANNE CHARLES Wit HAM o OfS LH1 ''M "THlS IS Trl MODEL V li a. THIS IS THE MARRIA6E who WIA6E BROKER. ) .l to gove love e shove J Thiy'rt going fo bring tov and laughttr info your l,f9...AHD THIY GUARANUt HSUITSI Woh Oi.n.v'i CHIP 'N DALE tm "CHICKEN IN THt ROUGH ' Cat by TICMNICOIOR RIDERS of the ANDES "Superb don,f miss ifr... A really g re a t ox peri one d ! " L A. Examiner It vttn n n 99 comw 1 fjrfr m rom SAM UEL GOLDWYN th most moving itory of our day DANA ANDREWS - DOROTHY McGUIRE FARLEY GRANGER-PEGGY DOW with ROBERT KEITH . MILDRED DUNNOCK RAY COLLINS Directed by MARK ROBSON Screenplay by IRWIN SHAW Dirtributotl by MO U4, PktvrM, fnc r- 2ND WEEK STARTS TODAY THE SUCCESS OJF "QUO VADIS IS WRITTEN IN ;THE CROWDS ! 7" i Hill I T II i fl i l ,!F'B OR '3 1 rnfiH'ii' tmi i iii in i n o e.-."i.i;""iiu h - ..7. eV''4jii mm T 7rfM LP te. -mm 4mi- mix mm 2nd FEATURE LEO GORCEY and the BOWERY BOYS In CRAZY OVER HORSES' wiik HUNTZ HALL U4 cni AIIm Jenkins 01ri liiin 8. Bmm mm - - -m i PMMIE.4I11 PMRE.411t rum PA. 1111 Pnnw tR. I 2444 J ADVENTURE... 1 A Man Ever Lived... 115-- with a Woman! .-Mr Am) fm f A Horizon Productions present HUMPHREY BOGART nd KATHARINE HEPBURN v Color by TECHNICOLOR wi,h ROBERT M0RLEY Dirrtd by To-tim4 Academy Astrd Winner JOHN HUSTON Scrtenphy by JOHN HUSTON JAMES AGEE , From th novel by C S. Forester ProdufAd by S.- P. EAGLE Rlrad through United ArtitU Aduelly ftlmtd in fhe tovoge tpltndor onrf dangtn of (he t$lgian Congol Tke Africa QimmT (t Hir NtMtrt DM M.reA. 1(57 It Daily CentiniMut (rem ; 12 4. MitinMt Gtiwral AdmluienAOe ' Cininfi, Holidays ' and aH day Sunday, . Can, Admiuit" 1.20 ;

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