The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 17, 1959 · 41
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 41

Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, March 17, 1959
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l LOCAL NEWS EDITORIALS-CLASSIFIED PART 3 Times Classified Advertising Nimibtf, MA(son 9-4411 cc TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 17, 1959 Time Office: 2C2 Wast Pint Street, lot Ang.lei 53. Calif. MAd'.ton 5-234J SI. Palrick to Be Feted 5 Relatives of Late Mayor i Shaw Sue for His Estate in Southland Claim Wedding to Ex-Secretary Was Not Valid Mass at Cathedral to Open Observance for Irish Patron - 4 ' . KISS FOR FATHER Prince Aly Khan is greeted by his daughter Yosmin with a lass as he picks her up after school. He flew to Los Angeles to visit her when a Vecess of the United Nations enabled him to leave his job as Pakistan delegate; V j ' ' . ,-- , Time phot BY THE WAY Herter, areer BY BILL WASHINGTON When Prime Minister Macmillan gets heret a. day or so from now, to do his conferring with our people about the Berlin crisis and all its ramifications, it is perfectly clear that no matter who does most of the talking for our side he'll be basing f -- - ' ' ' his arguments on facts N , assembled under the di-- . '-. rection of our man Chris-' f tian Archibald Herter. It 'fin ' - has been the acting sec- : -" tary of state who has , 1 . had to supervise the I . ' paper work which is so I; '--J essential to successful dip- . lomatiq discussions. Her "si i Christian A. Herter . tQ note that he ig not exactly a green pea at this sort of stuff. As a matter of cold fact not too many of our secretaries of state, going back through Acheson, Marshall, Byrnes, Stet-... tinius,'Hull and on for years and years, were nearly , as'xperienced as Herter when they took over our top diplomatic office. Born abroad, the son of Ameri- jean parents who were studying art in Paris, he had a' natural interest iri foreign affairs. This he has retained despite the fact that his most notable activity has been in this country, first as a congressman and then as governor of his home state of Massachusetts. : I ' , ' A Busy Executive , There have been a lot of wisecracks to the effect that Herter had the bad luck to be the "second man m a johe-man State Department," a snide reference to the globetrotting of John Foster Dulles. What has been demonstrated by Dulles' illness is, of course, that he has a remarkably well organized department which has carried on as effectively as the White House did during the various absences of President Eisenhower. And the chief executive officer of this smoothly func- . ; tioning department has been Gov. Herter. As to just how effective Herter might be as an across-the-table negotiator, the role filled so ably by Secretary Dulles, It is quite possible that nobody may ever know. A good many people who know him well believe that Herter not only is a fine organizer and initiator of ,fresh new approaches to diplomacy but that, if called 'upon, he would be an able exponent and defender of our ideas. ' Man of Experience Herter came home after primary education in France and graduated from Harvard with honors. He then went to Columbia to study architecture but, on returning to Harvard for his class reunion, fell easy prey to stories of diplomatic life and joined the Foreign Service. At the age of 22 he was acting minister ; to Belgium, due to illness of his superiors which left the job in his lap. He was in Germany by the ' time we were in World War I and narrowly escaped . ; being shot. He was too tall and skinny for the Army but served in numerous diplomatic capacities and was an aide to Herbert Hoover in his relief work. '.During his World War II service in the Congress he 1 was very active in international affairs and after the war headed an important congressional investigation of European affairs. One of his fellow congressmen ' on the journey was Richard Nixon and it was on their visit to NATO headquarters that Herter conceived the idea of trying to run Eisenhower for President , and, at the same time, Eisenhower was so impressed with Nixon as to put his name at the top of the list of vice-presidential candidates in 1952. You'll find Herter is held in high regard by State Department . career men. Vf-7 " I v - . r 'v. -? i - ..' v ... ijt H " !. . ' A" i a Capabli Diplomat HENRY ter has been so inconspicuous and anonymous in hia inh that it is a trnnri NO PLAYBOY Work Taken by Aly Khan BY WALTER AMES It was hard to belieye that the man sitting in the chair, comfortably clad, in olive green corduroy trousers, a black sport shirt and loafers without socks has been called an international play boy. - ' ' Aly. Khan didn't look the part as he chatted in the living room of his hosts Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stark, in Beverly Hills. ' But he looked at ease. And he talked with the authority of a man who is taking his new job as Pakistan's chief delegate to the United Na tions with all the seriousness it deserves. i; He began by explaining he flew to Los Angeles to visit his daughter, Yastmn. 9, when the U.N. sessions, concluded Friday to recess until next September. : Loves Daughter ; "I'm mad about Yasmin," he explained. It was the un derstatement of the after noon because the mere men tion , of the young ; lady brought out the parental gleam of a doting father. "I think she kind of likes me, too," he smiled. . ' (That was evident a few minutes later when he drove to Yasmin's school to pick her up for a shopping trip, The young lady rushed from the Bchool building ' and bussed her well-known fa ther without the slightest hesitation.) "I've never been conscious of being a playboy," he con tinued. "Some columnist gives you a tag and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. . ' "However. I've always be lieved in playing hard when one is playing. I also believe in working hard when one is working. . i ne lauer is what I have been doing for Please Turn to Pg. 28, CoL 1 Council Park Group Studies Zoo Contract The City Council's proposed contract for a $6.6 million Los Angeles , world zoo in the Elysian Park yesterday was referred to the Council'3 recreation and park commit tee. . , ....., Councilwoman Rosa 1 i n d Wyman, committee chairman, said a public hear- incr will be held at which the committee will hear amendments and changes to the contract A representative of the city administra tive officer and other inter ested councilmen who are not committee members have indicated their inten tion to be present at the Seriously hearing. The feast of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland and co-patron of the Los An geles Roman Catholic Archdiocese, will be celebrated here today with religious observances,- luncheons, banquets and balls. Cardinal Mclntyi e will preside at a Solemn Mass of the feast at 10 a.m. in St. Vi- biana's Cathedral. The Mass is sponsored by the Ancient Older of Hibernians The annual St, Patrick's! Day banquet of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick will be held at .7 p.m. in the California Club. A social hour will precede the banquet at 6 p.m. . .Gavin to Speak Principal speaker : at the banquet will be Lt. Gen. James M. Gavin, USA, ret., former Army chief of re-l search and development. He will speak on the significance of St. Patrick's Day. "The Irish qualities of physical and moral courage and integrity have played a great part in shaping the character of the United States, which hap pens td have 25 million Irish and their descendants, i St. Patrick's Day," he said, "has become the property of everyone." He said the greatest thing the Irish have exported are the Irish themselves, ' but he says he has wondered if perhaps the United States is not losing some of the challenge it once held for immigrants. Fail to Fill Quota "For the first time ' since the potato famine, this year, specifically, the Irish have failed to fill their quota for immigration into the United States." 1 ; Both of Gavin's parents were horn in Ireland, m said, "An Irishman will be the first man on the moon, and if he isn't we'll claim him." Joseph Gorman, president of the Friendly . Sons, will present a medallion of merit for an outstanding Cantor nian of Irish descent to Jus tice Thomas P. White of the District Court of Appeal. Cardinal Mclntyre will de liver the invocation. ' Hibernian Dinner The Ancient Order of Hibernians will hold their banquet at 6:30 p.m. in the Em bassy Room of the Ambassador Hotel. Bishop Timothy Manning and the Rev. David Meehan, chairman of the de- partment of classics, May- nooth College, Ireland, will address the assembly. '." A grand St. Patripk's Day Please Turn to Pg. 28, Col ! EXCHANGE VOWS The bridegroom was 15 minutes late (delayed by traffic) and the bride forgot to bring the license, but Superior Judge Elmer D. Doyle at .least is calm as he officiates at marriage of actor Henry Silva, 32,' ond Cynthia Conroy, i, who wos Miss Canada in the Miss universe contest heia last year. TRACED Miss Beverly Morris, 17, missing coed, found in Berkeley. 7 i COMPANION Miss Ellen Meiksin, 1 6, who was found with her girl friend. 1 Beverly Hills Girls Found in Berkeley Two Beverly Hills teen aee cirls missing- since Thursday were picked up in Berkeley, authorities in the Bay city informed Beverly Hills police last night. -Awaiting the- arrival of their parents today were El len Meiksin, 10, of 718 M Oakhurst Dr., and Beverly Morris, 17, of 1426 Summit Ridge Dr., both seniors at Beverly Hills High School. They vanished en route to classes Thursday morning, after, police said, Miss Meik sin had quarreled on the telephone with a boy friend. ; Slept in Car Police in Berkeley said Beverly told them she and Ellert had driven directly to San Francisco and had been sleeping in the car. ; "We just wanted to lake a trip," the girl replied, when asked why they had left Los Angeles without telling their parents.; , They had been objects of a state-wide search. Police said the two girls are long-time friends. Miss Meiksin, a high school honor student, also attends UCLA under a new gifted student program, studying Russian Please Turn to Pg. 28, Col, i i t ' f S ' .t , Jt 'A 5 -A Five blood kin of the late Frank L. Shaw, former mayor of Los Angeles, yes terday laid claim to some $300,000 on the ground that his marriage to his onetime secretary, Mrs. Dortha Sheehan Shaw, 28, was not valid. ' The contention was raised in Superior Court by the pe titioners, including Shaw's brother and former executive secretary, Joseph E. Shaw, in a suit to set aside transfers of extensive prop erty he made her shortly aft er their marriage in Tijuana, Mex., Feb. 2, 1953. The marriage took place when he was 76 and she 22. ! The former mayor died at the age of 80 Jan. 24, 1958. Others in Suit' Joining with Joseph Shaw in the suit were three nieces and a nephew, Mrs. Frances Shaw Lawrence, Mrs. Loret-ta Shaw Johnson, Mrs. Mar garet Baker and Joseph E Doran. At the time of the mar riage, the complaint charged, Mrs. Shaw was not legally free because a decree of divorce she. obtained in Juarez, Mex., a few days earlier from her , first husband, Walter S. Dryden, now 36, was not valid. She and Dryden were married July 16, 1949, the suit said. Charges Conspiracy The complaint, which also named Dryden as a defend ent, specifically charged that he participated with his former wife in an asserted con spiracy designed to make her sole heir to Shaw's hold ines. - - , : In Inducing the former city executive to marry her, the suit further asserted, she led him to believe that she loved him and would be a faithful wife. These representations, the suing heirs charged, were not true and were made with a secret intention on the part of Mrs, Shaw to place herseit in a position of trust so that she could obtain his property. In Joint Tenancy The suing heirs, represented by Attys. Richard H. Can-tillon and James P.,Cantil- Ion. brought their complaint in their capacity as benefi ciaries under a will which Frank Shaw signed Jan. 19, 1953, only two weeks before his marriage. This document left $0,000 each to the nieces the nephew and the brother and stave the remainder to Mrs. Lawrence. The docu ment, however, was never of fered for probate. Some of the real estate Please Turn to Pg. 3, Cot. 1 ft. if 1 f y Tlmm phot I V s I W ASKS DIVORCE Actress Anna Kashfi, shown here with her actor husband, Marlon Brando, just after their marriage in October, .1957, filed o divorce suit yesterday in Santa Monica, charging cruelty.. 1 Anna Kashfi Sues for Marlon Brando Divorce India-Born Wife Charges Actor With Cruelty; Property Settlement Made Anna Kashfi, 24, exotic olive-skinned. wife of actoc Marlon Brando, yesterday filed suit for divorce on cruel ty charges, claiming Brando tal suffering, distress and The suit said the couple separated last Sept. 25.. It! was filed in Santa Monica Superior Court by Miss Kashfi's attorney, Seymour Bricker. The dark-haired beauty flew to Hawaii last week with the Brandos' son, Chris tian, born last May 11 in Los Angeles. She has leased a new home in Beverly Hills and will live there upon her return. Property Settlement Brando, now at work di recting and starring in "One-Eyed Jacks" at Paramount, was not available for comment yesterday. The complaint made it ap parent there would be no attempt upon the part of Brando to contest the suit since it said a property settlement was negotiated between the couple Feb. 28. Reports in Hollywood in dicated the settlement would give Miss Kashfi all the profits from Brando's projected picture, "Orpheus Descend ing,' which may total $1 mil lion. Brando married Miss Bride Forgets License; Groom Late to Wedding Sure, and Monday morn ing is a fine time to get mar ried, Cynthia Conroy, 21, red-haired Irish beauty, de cided yesterday as she and actor Henry Silva, 32, ex changed vows before Su perior Judge Elmer D. Doyle. The bride, who was Miss Canada in last year's Miss Universe Pageant, had planned that the wedding would be today March 17 St. Patricks Day so they would never forget their an niversary. ' March 16 is the anniver sary date now. Cindy's mem ory may need jogging on this point, however, for yes terday when she appeared all bridey in a white-batiste gown and short tulle veil, she had forgotten something important. The bridegroom was -15 minutes late and that was a 15-minute worry. But he ap i i caused her "grievous men injury." Kashfi Oct. 11, 1957, In his aunt's home in Eagle Rock. The couple met during the filming of a picture in IOoj after she came to Hollywood to portray a Korean schoolteacher. , , Born in India ' Miss Kashfi listed Darjeel-ing, India, on her marriage license as her birthplace. She listed her father as Devi Kashfi. :.' After the wedding ceremony, a factory worker, William Patrick O'Callaghan, announced in Cardiff, Wales, that she was his daughter despite her story of being of Indian parentage and of having been born in India. Miss Kashfi claimed her mother had later remarried and sha had adopted Joanna O'Callaghan as her legal name. O'Callaghan said yes," sha was born in India, but only because he was employed there by the Indian State Railways. In her suit filed by her attorney yesterday, Miss Kashfi said she moved from her actor-husband's home because he was "never there." peared, with a traffic explanation. The ceremony began, and tl e ring was produced, and Atty, Milton, Golden was best man. Mrs. Golden was matron of honor. "Oh, I forgot to bring tha license!" the flustered brlda gulped. The ceremony proceeded and was concluded. Tha bride was kissed and then the trek back to Beverly Hills for the legal paper. It's all signed and sealed now and Mr. and Mrs.ilva expect to go to New York for the premiere of his newest film, "Green Mansion," and their honeymoon. Comic Dictionary j MASCULINITY The trait that keeps a I man from ever admitting that he's a physical , wreck, except in a law I tuit for damages. ft Coevrlsht, its?, by EvM Esaip M

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