The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 9, 1957 · 27
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 27

Los Angeles, California
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Saturday, February 9, 1957
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D LOgangClCgCfniCS2 Newcomers Win Capital Film Breaks; Robinson to Enact Mad Bomber J ' ; " BY EDWIN SCHALLERT i The age of newcQmers in pictures is materializing both ! in Europe and America. , Especially yesterday there were the indications to demonstrate this. Irving Allen and Cubby Broccoli of Warwick Productions, who' had just arrived in town, 'disclosed they have a handsome new find, Sean Kelly, from South Africa, whom they have signed on a seven-year contract and who will star in their pictures "High Flight" and "No Time to Die," from a novel by Ronald Kemp. Before either," though, he will go on loanout to Nicholas Ray, director, and Paul Graetz, producer for "Bitter Victory" with Richard Burton and Curd Jurgens. What attracted the attention of Allen and Broccoli was Kelly's work in the London stage play "Look Back in Anger." Meanwhile, at Universal-International here a terrific break goes to the daughter of an atomic scientist, who has had-no acting experience. Her name is Joanna Moore, and she will make her film debut in "Badge of Evil" to be directed by Orson Welles with Charlton Hes-ton, Welles himself, Janet Leigh and Joseph Calleia in the cast. Albert Zugsmith, producer, met Miss Moore at a party, and determined she would be just right for the important role of the daughter of a wealthy man who is .murdered in the film. She herself is for a time suspect.. She is married to Don Oreck, who sometimes acts, though he is in business. j JAY ROBINSON TO PORTRAY MAD BOMBER Already reported set for the title role in "The Mad t Bomber" at 20th is none other than Jay Robinson, who appeared as Caligula in "The Robe" and "Demetrius and y the Gladiators at the same studio. This means quite a contrast in his succession of pictures, since he was a villain in "The Wild Party" and has a comedy as- signment in "My Man Godfrey." Lester Salkow has been arranging these duties for the actor who will also be in the stage play "Strategy of Murder" before he does the "Mad Bomber" role for Produc- ' er Anthony Muto. v Darlene Fields, lately in d'Qtnanrrot. Qt Cnlftiali Springs," will join the Bowery Boys, headed by Huntz Hall and Stanley Clements in "The Chasers" at Allied .Artists. . Neil Paterson arrived yesterday to begin work on the movie script of the stage play "Take a Giant Step," dealing with the fate of a young Negro who cannot find his place in life, Paterson, oddly enough, is a Scotsman from Perth. ' HELEN WESTCOTT PLAYS MENACING WIFE , Helen Westcott will be seen as the wife of Frank AI-bertson in "Friday the 13th" at Columbia.i and this is a menacing sort of assignment, because she points the i:-. fintrpr at Van .Tnhnsnn as "e,Xi - ?L t (if - 4 V J , Helen Westcott from New York to enact his stage role in the picture ' directed by Mervyn Le Roy. - Buddy Rich, known for his expertness as a drummer, will concentrate on singing and dancing in a new night-club act directed by Nick Castle. He has also been sealed for a. murder mystery musical, "Top Beat." . Carolyn Craig, 21 -year-old Santa Barbara socialite, be seen in an important role as a 14-year-old girl, ' who has strong emotional scenes involving Joel McCrea and Mark Stevens, in "Stranger at Soldier Springs." " Tonfght! Important Studio '..CzzTiilEBl Onema5cop. .RAY MILLAND-ERNEST B0RGN1NE FRAKK LOVtJOY - KINA FOCH - DEAR 1ACSCR . . i eowra it m 15 S1 i f ' 'S'j, " 1 1 1 l 1 CRAIG BARI SMITH 'WHELAN EXCLUSIVE DOWNTOWN L A. SHOWING il lTSr$U.M0 MATS mtpm tl 90 $2.0 f 1.M KAT5 ST i HCH.J pm KM IM ti n UT.MOl.((-30Mi d-SO ttM (10 ram a SAT.,FEB.y,1957-Partlll 3 Darlene Fields euiltv of murder in the story. She is the friend of . the estranged wife of John son, played oy vaiene French, which explains her attitude. Bob Bice, who has been in the Rin-Tin- Tin TV series, also joins . i . j.i. me picture wim nances Morris as his wife. . James Aiinnonin, wno ha3 been long with the "No Time for Sergeants" company on the stage as the psychiatrist, will arrive here in about two weeks Preview in Cinemascope . .. ilS S. Idwy Open 10 45 i ! ( il' r x turn imiwiiiii Eyni -St. n I. y WARNER MVtllT NIUS TNIAftl UOt WMt IM. Cm Dr. ! TODAY MONIN lM A. M. 2ii0 P. M. B . - -" n-i.r H .. f W & - " si -. ?- ; L1 " . u v.. v 1 JENNIFER JONES portrays Elizabeth Barrett in -Th Barretts of Wimpole Street," which screens at the RKO Pantages Theater. John Gielgud is costarred. 'Commandments' Setting Record Cecil B. De Mille's produc tion of "The Ten Command ments" has begun the 12th week of its engagement at the Stanley Warner Beverly Theater on a reserved-seat, twice-daily policy. Only four pictures in the history of . the theater achieved this length of run. the topper being another De Mille picture, "The Greatest Show on Earth," which played for 16 weeks. "The Ten Commandments ' was filmed in Vista Vision and Technicolor,, capturing the spectacular dimensions of scenes such as Exodus to the Promised Land, which en tailed more than 15,000 extras and 10,000 animals, and the division of the Red Sea. Charlton Heston portrays Moses, and others in the pnn cipal cast are Yul Brynner as Rameses the Great: Anne Baxter as. Queen Nefretiri, Edward G. Robinson, Yvonne De Carlo, John Derek, Debra Paget, Vincent Price, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Martha Scott and Judith Anderson. BXS32E333 EL1A KAZAN3 production of TENNESSEE WIlllAMSWksr mm'- CHABLTON HESTON 'BAXTER OILSENT TOM ROIANDTRYON 4 All rittarir ltc l UNCOiN'i llimHI Itah f. IM) m "CINERAMA HOLIDAY" 1 Kwi t: m4 : Tlli NOW it Rm OH- alii (Mm 4 M UTJjnuw .MlPBfMUCU ho jeVi 4 SHOWS hlMMIMMlKW MWkadtlkH. Hk.HkMtalIIM i.i mm nun J mi Sw5l N OVat .12 ll Theatres . . . ?'Xi"?. The KULIRSJt STUDIO VAN NUYS PICKWICK DM IV It M DNIVMN ONIVE-IN PII1MOUNI MMMII IMHM R0SKRANS RIG SKY VERMONT OfltVK-IM OBIVIIH DRIVE-IN 1109 it I0M I t MiolMt 0" W""t tl IV W WW IDJ-JMi ll;!i OOt37.' HlHli Hl.'l IIS it I 'jrilDO lrANN lANCIOn fff- NIGHTFALL ' A AMN6 t I irtra Gi Ti June DiMaggio Wins 4 'Fifth Season' Role June DiMaggio, niece of baseball's Joe DiMaggio, has been signed for the role of Miriam Oppenheim opposite Chico Marx in "The Fifth Season" opening at the Civic Playhouse Feb. 18. She has appeared in some 14 shows, including "Wonderful Town" at the Greek Theater. PAUL FORD JUNNEGAMI NIJIK0 wilw slip lea Mr JOHN PATRICK,,.,.,,,,,. DANIEL MANN-im i, JACK CUMMINGS --c.'Wm dUMWHiMllli PICW00D ZZSZL state WISTWOOD VILTEIZU ooWIOWM 10872 W.Pioa.6R.7.364 ; .. 1.1, " 0-rS?VlK?NaZ:30 ,M-M,W"J-t,U .MJll.Tf.H.4W T.'rr AJ GARMAR I PARADISE Ijk oiRECTORY ' miii wc$TCHiTir ADS FOR k tutHoihr.i.rf i ....r!:,. " 2nd FEATURES SAN VAL EL MONTI IAKEWOOD COMPTON DRIVf-IN DRIVK-IN BRIVI-IM ORIVC-IN J. t . oaa) It Winwt Iwt. lua. tlln l tanon at Ctwrrj Koucrina W, Atlant 1H.IW14-JH.2SU4 AI.2UMF0.rt42t . HC. 1-4943 J. J SJi9 Nl. 1-2659 it, , .i i 1 1 . ,i i i hiiipm run ir1 i"" I ji n iw i '.ii m i i T . . ! U im iTf. uTii'T mi'iMi' -n'Wii liMitMTTliiililiMliaiiW wUhtinii 'rmmni """"" trfiEncirio i?.?A5 I 0jJ 2588 E.Colondo ; 16342 Verituri Blvd. SY. 6-9704 y I SI. 4233 Mitini Daily -THE (J2 - DAN JAGGK KEENAS WrNfl But LONDON J0AN! 0UR1 m CD WW UNNCi)SM.TimunoMi ncruM OPENS THURSDAY SSfwJ-CS FEBRUARY 14th Of JLTLZ .A CON MAN...AND A CHEAT!' wwmmmmm 8th GREAT WEEK! s n n. EQCKHUnSCH-lA'JRENEACMl urnireT mpir . nnDrrnnr u m mn auulai uimm KKtl tSin MINT WKIUMS Culus El LELKQSt QfjiBZS Parser ' TESjCptQ mat four rnrrxs. t .4 "t I - 1 '1. I , TTUt rtU TUP I tut v int ,i' 55?! V5a tTi-V li THf SIOVIELAND EVENTS Ingrid Bergman Will Appear as Magician From Paris comes word that Ingrid Bergman will im personate a magician March 2 at the Union of the Artists benefit for actors. A circus is to be presented by the organization with Maurice Chevalier as ringmaster and Roland Petit and Jeanmaire as equuiori6ts, wniie rer- nandel will be a sharpshooter in an act, with Danielle Dar- rieux. This, promises a real carnival event. Miss Berg man is to Wear white attire in her magician act. Unparalleled was the standing ovation bestowed on Barbara Stanwyck when she received her achievement award at the Photoplay dinner. A veritable parade of floral tributes was brought to her directly afterward as an honored guest. Deborah Kerr also had notable ap plause and Pat Boone turned out to be a big singing favorite. , Taylor Holmes has joined "The Helen Morgan Story" at Warners.' Goddard Auditions John Goddard, who was in "The Storm Rider" with Scott Brady and Mala Powers, will audition for a principal supporting role in "The Sun Also Rises," to be directed by Henry King with Ava Gardner and Robert Stack heading the cast Most of the picture will be to stamflf EDDIE ALBERT MITSUK0 SAWAMURA KIY0KAWA- r v v "G)mpelu'ng... from firt image to lat...nvcr leU go.r -TIME lAACAZlNC ExceIlent...Jot Ferrer again prove his trikinf enatilityr -ARCHER WINSTEN, N. Y. POST an 4. ' f NOW 7th WEEK! IXClUtlVIlT Al f Llfflamouno Kj HOLLYWOOD X p mi ii i i iiw ' ' I made In Mexico on location, with studio work in Mexico City. ..J. . When William Lasky,-son of ' Jesse Lasky,, had celebrity night at the Geller Workshop, where he directed "Born Yesterday," his special guests included Joan Blon- dell, Gig Young and Sue Randall from the picture "The Desk Set," for. which he has been acting as assistant director. Also attending were Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Sal Mineo, Agnes Moorehead and Jon , Hall, The father of Hall, Felix Locher, appeared in the play with Kathleen Peters and William Amador. Kath- arine Hepburn, star of "Desk Set, furnished champagne to make the whole event festive. Scout Locations Fred Kohlmar, producer, and George Sidney, director, will be scouting locations for Pal Joey in San Francisco beginning today. The pro duction with Rita Hayworth, frank Sinatra and Kim Novak Is to start March 14 Just like their MUSIC thtir LIVES art their very ownl r wn iiiiiiiiw - JOHN SAXON LUANA FATTEN In 13. ' rr:l MIN ftKMt N HOUVWfO EDWARDS RESEDA VICTORY OHIVK-IN ORIVK-IM 0RIVE-IM 00 SI '4423 HKHtWM 1MMMI WWII CENTURY TORRANCE OLYMPIC DRIVCIIi. BHlVC-ttl DRIVC-tN Ofi I-J91B 9 S49I GR 3 4441 AttWM rH NUMIMM PK ' VIMEIAND GAGE WHITTI'R pniVB-IM) ORIVK-IM PRIVK.IM tot-wk nnm ptuui 7 I "Beautifully mounted. 1 moves to a gripping f 4 Zttl&X"L.A.Examiner L JENNIFER JONES' JOHN GIELGUD BILLTRAVERS VIRGINIA McKENNA M-G-M't NEW CINLMASCOPE . AND METR0C0L0R ROMANCE! 2fld WEEK EXCLUSIVELY AT I PANTAGES THEATRE. HOLLYWOOD HIVwo4 Bf VIM HO.tUl' MGM Technicolor Cartoon Extri Thi Cat's Meow1 CinemaScope LATE SHOW TONluhT I J3T .-.JZ I M J 9 P.M. .wowyj 1 Uronte Portrays Meanie oivStagc 4 Jack Palance and Ray mond Burr, "tough guys", of the screen,"have nothing on Jim Bronte, villain of "The Drunkard" and its musical version "The Wayward Way" at the Theatre Mart.. ,Jim is a thoroughly bad man in the play. He tries to cheat the poor widow out of her homestead, attempts to ply the hero with liquor and finally turns his villainous attentions towards the hero's poor, defenseless wife. Duryea Costars Dan Duryea is ' costarring with Rock Hudson in "Battle Hymn;" TONIGHT IQS ANOEliS UVfllY GtnAScorfc' CAU THEATRES CIRtCI INGRID Bergman i Brynner; , 1 1 HtLfcN UAVCO t-li-l rlifBAT ijiVnkHI rwEEin 3rd BIG ,1 SI 0 fPmr MUST "ir-tA-mm i '.aa ' ii ' m iiivvAnivj ur wrrrin iyertdat t; f gL "Makes 'Ceordie' an endearing fellowi" ffi dr it 5 ".LUi'J-.""1 1 MARCKL MADCCAM C 10:00 lEVIRLVl ftCDLANDS ORANADA, Ontario. 11:00 BRUIN BUNOY ELM0NT nt CREST, ton J Baaoh; FOX, Pomona. 12:30 EL REV, Alhambrat GOLDEN OATE. 1 :00 H EBMOS LAMAR) FOX, Redondo; ORANADA, WM. mlnitMir STADIUM. 1:30 LIDO; MESA. 1 i44 FAIRFAX. 8;00 B0ULI. Ill LH IKEH- TILLAQK, CUromont. MEM I i m r ' im I BEVERLY B.H. 0. 1:45. CR..411 Sptclal Kid Show 10 A.M. Tanlfhl Malar Studio Faaturt Praviaw, C I, Clr.l with ROCK PRETTY B A B Y BOULEVARD Wath-Vrt. Oo. 1:45. Owl Martin-Lawia, MonrwoaoJ or suit. v-V Mlenaal Rai, THE BRAVE ONE, C'S I BRUIN Wlltwood. Ooan 1:45. Owl Show EllcaMtn Taylar-Raoat Hudaon-Jamla Dtan In Oaarta Stavani' OIANT I EL REV 5517 VVMlh, 12:30. WE-1-1101 Karl Maldan-Carroll Bakar-EII Wallach In BABY DOLLl NIGHTFALL I EMBASSY Waat'n-3 Op.1:45. DU-34312 Alljrien'Lammen, Tau Can C Hun Away Prom it, at; nay, ma arava una, e a FAIRFAX Da.-F la.. 1:SO. Owl ahow aaeiai kiij Show 1145. Ri. Fart Aiiyaan, can't nun- aw rram Hi IFIOUEROA Flu.-S.Bar. Op. 1:45. Owl 10 Allyson-Llmmon, Tou can t Run Away Prom It, CBi Ray, Tha Brava Ona, C'S FINE ARTS S55SWII.0n.13. 0L-3-1130 ill Trayart-Alaiuir Bim III:. WEE OEORDIE ' FLORENCE Flr.-Cm.1 ieo. Owl 10:15 Allysan-Lammon, You Can't Run Away Pram 11, c it Hay. Ttw Brava ona, c s QOLDEN OATE 17S Whit. Op, 12:45 E. Borinina-H, Millind, j brave MEN, C'Sj J. Chandlar-J. Dm, Drama HIGHLAND S604 N. Fll. 0. 11:30 ntiyaon.Lamman. Tau can't Hun Away From It, C'S; Ray, Tha Brava Ona, C I LA BRCA Sth-Lt Braa. Op. 1:45. Owl Maninold. OIRL CAN'T HELP IT, C'S: Waatward Ho, rha Waont LIDO La Clanora-Plaa. Op. 1:45 Owl , Karr-Karr, Taa anal Sympathy, C'Sj uarta uay.Louia nournan, julie LOYOLA Manoh.-Sapul. 1 :00 0R-S2444 Clark. Oabla-E. Parkar, KINO AND 4 PUISNE, C S; THE PEACEMAKER MESA Cran..Slauian.Op.1:lS Owl Show poalal Kid how 1:15. Rof. Port Maninaia. Qlrl Can't Holp It. C'Sl V. Matura, IARAK. C'Scapa PARISIAN Vmt. S. Op.1 145. DU-7101S Mananald, OIRL CAN'T HELP IT, C'S; Ray, THE BRAVE ONE, C'S STADIUM Smok. Ct. 12:45. Owl Show paciai Kid inaw 11BO. Rat. Pari. Allyodn, - Can't Hun Away From It, C'Scopa; THE BRAVE ONE, C'Scepa STAR LAND 2524 N. Broadway CL 1 Dona oor-LOuia dourdan, dULIE) Ryan-Eadorj, Back From Etarnlty TOWER Camp. Lata Show ct. 12:30 O. MaiRaa-l. donoa. OKLAHOMA. C'Sl A. Ray-A. Bancrolt, NIGHTFALL UPTOWN Watn.-Olym. 12:30. RE-4112S c. oaiio-t. pantor,. king and 4 QUEENS. C'S; Mltchall. Paacamaliar VILLAGE Waatwd. Op. 1:30 Owl ahow Maldon-Bakar-Wallaoh, BABY 00 LL; m, uarnTi,. nuniar, oionn vonior WESTLAKE Alf.-Wllan. 0p.12:15. Owl Allyaan-LammM, You Can't Run Away From It, C'S; HoldenFord, TEXAS WILSHIRE B440 Wllihira. OL-3-086J RaBort Ryan-Ala Ray In MEN IN whhi com. iz Noon Etwyday LOS ANGELES 415 t. Brdwy. 10:45 Tanltal Mofor Studio Paat. Praylow! n C'S; Borinino-Mlllond. S Im Man ACADEMY Opon 12. ' RY-ltOS Ray Danton-C. Miliar, NIQMTRUNNtR STATE Ct. 12. RV-1-0US. SY-2-713B ' LAST 4 OAYS! Ooufloa,- LUST FORj Lire, n; riua imnr wohlo Rl ALTO Oo. 12:45. Smoolof. RY-lllit E. Tariar-R. Nudan-d. Ooan hi OIANT; 2 Showing! S :d A S :29 p.m. EL REV AIH, 0n 1:15. AT-24S41 MaRa-dna, OKLAHOMA, C'S; T 11 p.m. I dahnaan-Blyth, SLANDER FOX Ponwn. Com. 1. Owl Smn Ford-Brando, ToahauM of th Auauat Moon. C'S; dohnoan-Blylh. SLANDER STATE Pomona. Op. 1. Owl. LY-25M4 Kit DdufKa, LUST FOR LIFE, ( I; Cagnay-Stanwydi. Thaoa WHdor Yaara VILLAGE Clarommt. 1:45 LV-S2S12 i. ManaBald, Gin Can't Hal rt, C'S; V. Maluro-A. Ekkari, ZARAK. C'S GRANADA Onurak 0.125. IM1I1 I. Btrgmsn-Y. BrrnnrPl. Hapaa, AN ASTASIA, II; Rimning tartrt REDLANOS Cant. 2iN) Main 45 J1 Kirk Dauflaa, LUST FOR LIFE, C I; Cannaa Fail. Wlnnarl SILENT WORLD BANNING . Bat -un.1:M VI H714 Cooor.McCuir-Prktfto. FRIENDLY PERSUASION; MaintBaant RoufhnoaAa 1 RIVIRIIDE-Ot.lSM. Bwl an. BV-1771I Fard-Brand, Toahduo ad tnd Autut Man. 1 ll dahnaon-Blylh, S LANO t GOLDEN STATE Cant. 12. BV-4-B y..imi. BKLAHOMA. C St Ml ii.m f. wi.r: imnrumi Marital Comedy ; Remains at Ritz ' "Anniversary ' Waltz," a marital comedy, has been held oyer for the third time at the Ritz Theater. Marjorie Lord and Russell Nype star in the comedy about marital problems that have hilarious overtones when a 13th wedding anniversary is set in a turmoil as a result of too much liquid refreshment. Stage Calls Piper Laurie, soon to be seen in "Kelly and Me," has moved to New lork where she intends to remain for the next eight months to appear in a play. INGRID BERGMAN BEST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR I" , NEW YORK CRITICS CIRCLE 1 A V Anastasia i - V LH by MUMS IlJ from ?OM Ctftaty-Fot I "f Bimfwrvcp H fqppiif uuuii nuuLii ittU ANAfOLE LITVAK f int, ARTHUR IAURENTS ff Jilt. 14UI MO.lTSOt . APOLLO Hllywd.-Waitn. Cl.1:45. Owl R'emnd'd, Adulla Only! Gardon al Edan, air. 1 Fan Fan, tha Tulip CHINESE 11 145. HO-2-7509, RE-14111 lnrld Bariman-Yul Brynnar-H'lan Hayea, AN ASTASIA, Clnerna5oopa NEW FOX 6126 Hwd. 12:00. HO-20723 Sal Mlnaa, ROCK, PRETTY BABV! Ray Danton, THE NIOHTHUNN E R HOLLYWOOD 12:30-5 a.m. HO-39371 . C. Oal)lo-E. Parkar, KINO AND 4 OUEE N S, C'S; Mitchell, Paacemakar IRIS 650S Hwd Oo. 12:15. HO-3-21M Ford'Brande. Taahousa ol tha Auguat Moon, C'S; B. Paula, starm Cantar VOGUE 6675 Hlywd. Bl, 12 HfK72555 Karl Maiden-Carroll Baker-E. Wallach, BABY DOLLi Plua NIOHTFALL c CRITERION Gont, 12:30. EX-58252 Borinlna-MMIand, 3 BRAVE MEN, C'S; d. Chandlar-J, Dm, DRANQO DOME Cont. 1:30. EX-S-327T . matura-A. mberf, iarak, C Si N. Kelly-P. McCormack. BAD SEED WILSHIRE 1314 Wll. Op.1. EX-5-699S ' Coopar-MoGuira, Friendly Pereuaalen. Dorl L. dourdan. d ULIE FOX Van. 620 Line. Ct. 12. EX-6-42U Martln-Lewla, Hollywood ar Buet, V-V Allyaan, You Can't Run Away From It BUNOY Plco-Centinatar Ct.12 EX-64414 Spatial Kid Show 12 Noon. Ret. Pert. 0. Kerr, TEA A SYMPATHY, C Si Dorit Day-Loult dourdan, dULIE CULVER SmokinR. Op. 12:45. VE-83124 MacRaa-danea, OKLAHOMA, C'S; - 8. Montiomery, Canyon Rlvar, Ct CALIFORNIA Doora Op. 12. lu-75111 Bortnina-Mltlartd, 3 BRAVE MEN, C'S; d. Chandlar-J. Oru. DRANQO PARK PacinVBly Ct.12. LU-7-3442 t. rreiiep, Lova Ma Tender. C'Soonei Hellon-MacMurray, Far Horlione. air. ALCAZAR 4426 E.0a.1.0wl.LU-5330B MacRae-denea, OKLAHOMA, C'Sconai Michael Ray, BRAVE ONE, C Scapt n itiiTia mn 1 inamlBMBifirin Itliit" 1 n r 11 ACADEMY 0. 12I4S. Pr. Pk. Owl Cooper-McCmre-Parkin), FRIENOLY PSUASION.rStrmCanter FOXilS N.Market.Ct.12:30. 0R-S2323 Ellialxlh Taylor-Rock Hudion-damaa Dean In Oeerne Slayena' OIANT FIFTH AVE. 5-Mancll. Ct. Cbwl hew Borinlna-Mllland, 3 BRAVE MEN, CI d. Chandlar-J. Dru, DRANCO INOLEW00D 183 N. La Braa. OR 83115 f 'I' -p,"",t'. Me Tender, w i u'n.Q.r ru., munr urtn. clr. REDONDO Ct. 1. Pk. Smoke. FR-404M MacRae-Jenee, OKLAHOMA, C'Scopot AldaJlajrABaneralt!N 10 HTFA LL HERM08A Opon 1:00. FRontior 2624J Elilabeth Taylor-RMk Hudioo-Jamoa Pean In Oaorge Sta.ana' CIA NT LAMAR Manhattan Bell. CM. FR-2S5P0 Martin-Lewie, HollywowJ or Bum. V-v; Porker, Woatward Ho. tha W-ns. C 3 ' 1 kJaawjapawi '1. a 1 ..i in li ii J ALEX 0. 12. CH.5155S Borinlno-Milland, S BRAVE MEN, C I; d. Chandlar-J. Dru, PRANCO GLENOALE Open 12:30. CH-52SIS Eliraoeth Taylar.Roek Hudisn-damat Dean In Ooorre Stavont' RIANT WEST COAeT Cont. 12 Noon. 6-420 I. Bertman-Y. Brynnar-H. Hayat, A N ASTASIA, C S; DeCaHa, Mat 1a Flf CREST Allantie nr. Carwn. Cont. 1 Coopar-McOuir. Friendly Periucatan. lr.; S. Tracy. Tha Mountain, V-V IMPERIAL Continaaaue 12 Noon. 6 3971 Barinlna-Mllland, 3 BRAVE MEN, E l: d. Chandlar-J Dru. DRANCO STUDIO BITY Coon It PO-2-237T MaeRaa-danaa, oklahama, 11: Bella Peril-K. Hunter, Storm Center IL PORTAL N. Hlywd.Op 12. ST-72)3 Cospor-McSulrt-Perkint, FRIENDLY PfRIUAHON, dr.; Ptua NIGHTFALL GUILD Lnkahm. -Map. 1:45. PO-22772 LAST 4 DAY1! Dowttat. LUST FOR LIFE. C S; Ptua SILENT WORLD LA REIN A 12:15, ST-72S42. ST-41141 Coooor-McOuira-Parkrm, FRIENDLY PERSUASION, Lalr.; Plua NICHTFALL VAN HUYS Open 1245. STata 5-2731 Martln-LFWn, Hollywood ar Bull. V-Vl M ichaol Bay, THE B RAVE0 N E. B S RIVOLI Van Nuya OP 12:45 ST-iVtUB PneKy-Etan. Lor Me TonaJar, C'S; Noawnan. Soman a dy U There Lika M WEST COAST Sant An KI-B-S31T Barfman-T. rymwM. "T'. ANASTA S I A. CI: Tomahawk Trail FOX Anaheim. KE-S-JSOl Elnaaeth Taylw-Raek HudMn-Jeenaa Dean m Caona Slatrtne' CI A NT FOX Fullerton. LA-5-Iiai laaaw-wtwart.ryniw. rnowi att.t.n. rtr ; fiw't Run l.w Fnm It vjMsjMjppy ,. r Rfc. 1-4111 "MiR"jaHBMpOTVin(B i i TRAiLBiTgjjr;-f: yrr aV WP? JV.JJr-l -dkr Aid..AV.A4fci 0, iiV,,dJk, AXLL iSkjk:.l t.o.ALjR( L A B A. AT. LJI-dL.L ydV aV4Lj!.-.A.-'

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