Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1896
Page 7
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Mrs, Anna Gage, wife of Ex : Deputy U, S, Marshal, Columbus, Kan., says i "I was delivered of TWINS in less than 20 minutes and with scarcely any pain after using only two bottles of "MOTHERS' FRIEND" DID NOT SUFPEB AFTERWARD. mftlled true. BBiDFIEU) REOl'LVTOB. CO., ATLANTA, 01. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. TIMETABLES. TRICKY CHINESE. Plot Against the Lives of Missionaries Laid Bure. .In the United States and L. E. & TV . K. K S SOUTH BOUND. „ f to p m No 29 Fnssenper ex ^ Sun No 151 Rochfi-itcr Local Arrive 4.4o P m. rK p S No 24 Detroit Ex ox Sun No 150 Accom. ex Sun.. C.4jnm •Doei not run north of Peru on Sunday. Tratn» Zl and 20 run Oally between Indi- »lTn n rve at Blootnln B ton at 9-32 P. m7 maklnR direct connection w»h C & A fat train arriving in Kansas City at 8:53 nest mornlnp. connecting : dl- ' Bradforrt anfl Col Philadelphia * «• Y -. : . 2:20 a ra Richmond & Clnt. . .i.w . 2:30 a m Ina'pls * LO"' 8 ^ 1118 ". 3:05 am '12:30 am Effner & •. p «°? a chi"' 2 : 55am -12:40 am Crown p 5 ln t* r £titB ; 45am Richmond * Clntl-.T »•« » Crown Point * u ' m I oZ „ ,„ Montlcello * Miner ........ J£™£ ™ BJchmona and Clntl. . ™ P « Bradford aCo- — tll:20pro rx p m WKST BOUND. TN Y. 4 Boston Urn d .tally 'old no «.; JM1 a m- No 3S nrrlve —..-•- No^ve....^.—^ . No M leave .... "a 36 p m 10.45-S m 3aack Doctor* Arou«e the People A(r»lii»t the ForolRii Tuiicliors — Chinese. Family Snffflrs for Kxposlng the Dlnbolkul Plau* From oriental advices just received it is learned t.h at tlie Kianyin (China) anti-misKion'dry- outrage has 'evoked vigorous o'lncial action, but, although the plot has been unraveled-' and' the guilty persons arrested, another cruel teat-lire- has 'been ndded to the affair. It will'-be remembered that au accusation of murdering- children-having been preferred against the .missionaries by ,1 quack dootor who entertained a grudge against them in connection with a. lease for tlieir pmyiscs, n search of them in the presence of the mob revealed the body of n IS-months-olil •hlld. The missionaries bnrely escaped wifh their lives. Reaching Chinkinng, they laid their case before the United States consul-general, who immediately communicated with Shanghai,, and a'lso with Peking, the result being that Lieut. McLean, of the United States ship Boston, was ordered to proceed to Chiiikiang to compile a report, and the Boston wns got ready to proceed up tbe rivor. Meanwhile :i Chinese fnniily who were friendly to the missionaries had applied themselves to discover the truth. They succeeded in 'obtaining a confession from, the quack doctor's chief accomplice while the hitter was under the inf!tieiice of opium. It app-pars that the accomplice bad been informed by the doctor that the mis- sionr.nc'.s would give ?20 for tlie body of n child, and the two, proceeding at midnight to a grave, carried off n corpse and hid it under some rubbish in the missionaries' compound, whence the dootor unearthed it subsequently, in the w:iv of the infuriated mob. 'The 'r.iq-ht of the riot the mother of the child, going to burn incense at- the grave, sa.w i hat tlie body had been removed. The friends of the missionaries induced her to prefer n complaint nnd thus the whole plot was divulged. But nn fortunately the quack doctor knew tlie family that had been instrumental in exposing the truth. To.be avenged on them the doctor declared when making bis confession thnt the c-ldest son had been an accomplice. The man was arrested. 'At first he maintained his innocence, but, being-subjected to torture, his fortitude gave way and he falsely implicated himself. Whatever redress may be ultimately obtained, the'cost of befriending the missionaries will thus seem very high to the people of Kianyin. JAPAN OUR WARM FRJEND. Interview with lloihl Torn, the..Newly Appointed Minuter from That Country. Upshi Tom, the newly appointed mininter from Japan to the United States passed through Oniaha,.Neb., thu otb«r day on his way east. In an interview on political and-economic questions he stud: "I amju> stranger in Amevi«a, having been hero before on -two occasions. Japan has made wonderful progress in all lines of manufactured products but I do not think that the country cao be called a rival of the .United States. Our factories are still in their infancy and i.t will be..m'any -years .before-we can really be said to be competitors of the .United States.''' 1 We have committees ...j>v en route to this country, to inspect your electrical progress: You are not to believe from this-that we are wholly deficient in this regard in our country, but we are always .looking for. an improvement in-everything that wc.Juivc. "As regards the 1 late wuri'.i' do not believe that thclwa'r feeling lias entireJy VAN DAL) A UN* t Joseph, ex ... ......... 7.«n i m o*epb*Mjl Lon'J-v ....... J$.g -JJ No 8 exSuadariorSoufn Bend ............. » « » No 8 hw •.ttrotwn.'.parlor cir, Indlanapoll. to South Bend vlnCoimx. , ,., n M«vi No Wd&* tbtough «leeper», St tool! to Muckl lndlan*pollsTlatolfax. No 21 has tbrtogh Sleeper, MacklDBW to St. Lou18 - , .'..... Arrive No l5'««lljeioepfSnn(tay.: ..... .'. ........ .... »j2j> P JJJ ' Or B. A. Ford. Acent. Bt, Louli, Mo. . ,, Agent.. Lof an«port, Ind. CSenerai Pawenger y^u "**'"""*"* potnh. and .till Bjye nclic. and Mi«iou»l'»tclieiilniDputli,Sor6Thro»t, Copper Colored Spotn, Wee™ on thoVoilT, HiilrorjEvebrowftfollln^ this Secondary BLOOU,..rOlson ronte^M-cwe; Waabliolttna rao»t obitk ca»e« ttnd'<:iii.Il«uea the world for a Manhood Restored. 11CVU 1/ilUl - MIW-» « *4» •*»%.» - — n v died out; what you would call patriotism, is still.,manifest throughout the country. • "As regards Corea, it .is true.that both Russia and Japan have a watchful eye over it but it is oh independent country. The .relations between Japan and Russia are most.friendly. "America, and by,America 1 mean the United States, has always, hud a .worm place in'the'heart* ofttie Japanese and we : have for -everythlhfr pertaining to the United States ii most-warm-and enthusiastic feeling, There:is, no.dangor In the world of Japan.becoming a for- midabie.foe.'to your industries." . WlLL AFTER THE THRONE. The Due d'Orleanf Scheme to Teit Popular Feeling In France. Due d'Orleans scheme, to test popular feeling in France towards-the restoration of the monarchy has received a 'large :accession..' of adherents since the first announcement. The French papers, which assert that the due s advisers meditate a 'coup d'etat baaed on bureaucratic 'and army corruption, are' in 'the''wrong. Chief nmong the due's- supporters are MM. d'Hausson- ville, De< Broglie and Buffet, They are no friends of a violent, state Bur- prise. What is proposed, as n first f>tep is thnt a royalist deputy shall resign his -.neat, for which Due d'Orleans shaJI be brought forward as. a candidate. The government can and will.declare 'the election under, ban of .the low to be void. But the royalists will continue the snme tactics, fighting constituency nfter constituency, with the due's name, and-thus, in some sort,.obtain a form of p^ebcseite. The cost of, nn ,election 'campaign, where much will depend on the money distributed. will';be eno'r- meuR. A report .that'ls ncceptcd'as ac : curate in high English circles says that over £ 2.000,000 have been subscribed. fCleop'ktri-WM'Gre'ek.' • • ' ' Cleopatra was not nnjEgyptinn, but a Greek .beauty, with; : perfectly white skin,'tawnyhair, and blue,-eyes. -Her chief Wasciiiation was her voice., which is described as being low;' well modulated nnd nirigalarljvsweet.fn tone. ' Coffee AtiiBn(r_the,BoeTi. - Coffee is the^BtiohaVbeverag? of ,tba Bo?rn In-the Transvaalr-" 1 !l " ' "... M»oy 8o«rerer» from Tbli .Newott of Whoolmun'ii 111*. If a man in-a .street car drops the change which the conductor hands him, if the clerk makes a bud scrawl in his writing, or If a glass of water'sud- denly fulls from a guest's lips in a resturant, don't stare, it is merely the "bicycle band,'.' . This latest complaint inflicted by Dame Nature on those addicted to the excessive use of the wheel is rapidly assuming astonishing 1 proportions in. Chicago. .Especially siuee -,the season for country riding, has opened is'the. prnvul.incj? of the trouble becoming muic marked, Evoryivherc people nre complaining of the .inconvenience, but .few l-.-iiow the cause.' •',..-'. In the middli; of the palm, close to the wrist, the nerves pass on .-their >vay.-to the fingers. A blow at this point will wet th'j'two smaller fingers tingling us ii the "crazy bouc" of thf elbow were struck. • It is at tliix point, which pugilists, will the ''hen!" of the hand, thnt the oncl of Ihi; handlebar rest* in riding. Consequently the joli and >:r of a rough road keep .striking n succession of blows on *.he nerves, ultimately . producing a-tingling nod numbness us if the fingers were 'asleep." TliisefJw.t •often lasts-for''days -after'n h::rd ride and causes n.11 manner of inconvenience and some degree of pain to the unfortunate rider. The causes are: Hough roads, fast ridiug, inflating- front tire too tightly, putting the handlebars too low so that too much weight is thrown.upon them, hill coasting and taking a bad grip of the handles. The remedies nre: Softening the front tire, raising handlebars, ridiug plowoi nnd'less. and taking hold of the handles properly. This last is the best, solution of the difficulty, since if the weight comes upon the padded portion of the hands there will be little danger of the complaint occurihg. GROWS FAT ON IRON ORE •Mln«r-» Diinclitcr Hit" » SlnRular'Foml' HPSH for Fc'rrujrlnoiiB Food. 'The two-year-old 1 'daughter of James Gardner, of Bessi'.mer, Mich., has nn unoo-.itroll-.vble appetite for iron ore. which she eats with great relish. The Ciiso pir/wles physicians. When ,the child is kept nwny from the mine she has been known to scrape particles of ore from her father's boots and devour -them- with great gusto. The family have tried many plnns to break .the habit, but as.yet without, avail. -They mix all kinds of obnoxious drugs with the ore, but the child, making a wry face, eats the ore just the snme. She Is never allowed to fret out of sijrht a moment, ond nn attendant is always with her. ID spite, of her strange diet. Ihe child is apparently healthy, strong and bright. The little girl is one .of a large family; Her father and mother -nre natives of England. Mr. Gardner is nn industrious, hard-working miner of. irreproachable habits. He is very much--annoyed, tit his child's strange habit. ' • SHOWN GREAT KINDNESS. Conil'dnrivto Trcatmant of Miss Clara Barton ,»t Bandu of the Turki. Despite all the trouble in which the Turks nre involved they continue to show the greatest kindness toward Miss Clara Barton, president of the \merican Red Cross* society, and her assistants. .Although the other relief, agencies ore subjected to a-11 sorts of embarrassments, Miss Barton's agents are being especially favored and ore not hindered in their work in the slightest degree. In the dangerous districts the Red Cross agents-are guarded with the greatest care. Miss Burton is delighted at the situation of affairs, and ascribes the favors shown to herself and her associates very largely to her introduction to the povte in the first' instance by United States Minister Terrell, upon which ; occasion -she announced that her mission was without creed or religion,-,but. was,.one of humanity ; alone,' and .declared that the 'Iterl Cross agents 'would not turn aside .from the suffering'-Turk to relieve 'the Buffering .Christian. '.'..-•'• '' : STATUE; OF ;GEN: WARREN. rite Brunswick of New York City Unable to Stand Competition. N ncu the Mont Populurn.nl I'u«l>lon- ! SlopptuB I'''"'" l» *<>»• Vork- Slory of Hi" Ciiumi of . ItM Ucctiac. ' »ie»,ln Prospect Park, Brooklyn.. _ • A statue crcc.tcd ! to the. memory" of iMaj'/Geii. 1 'Gouvcrneur K. \Varren. com- marider of-the Fifth-corps of 'the Army of.--the Potomac,.IwillV-be unveiled -in? Prospect ..park,; Brooklyn. July 4: From | the present outlook^ the ofcremp.nies.wjll be imposing. There will be a full rep-, resentation of the Grand Aiany,-the •War' Veterans and 'til!; War -'Veterans: Sons' associations, MII.V Gch. : Mile», ons ass, . . ,-vvill ; bp'presen't', and Invitations' have ' be,en se.n t . by . t lie .comrn i ttce- to. t he .governor, .of every Btate.;and\.tp all active and retired officers. 'of r -the .army. .. The statue is almost a copy of thai on the Little ttoimd Top; 'the spnr'nt fiettyif burg, where 'Gen: 'Warren issued .'orders that saved the north from invasion. The statue stands about. 50. feet- to the right- 'of 'the' soldiers' and Bailors' memorial arch. The figure , is : qigh't feet high, and the granite pedestal 12 feet The famous old Hotel Brunswick of JCew Vork city has been olosed, uud it is more than likely that, it will be dismantled', -Josiah U. Baker, who was nppointtd 1 receiver of the hotel oil Jaji- uary.27, after a struggle to comiK-tc .with the newer houses has given up the contest nnd lias announced that it would be impossible.to keep the house open any longer. ' • •''. The .Hotel' -Urunswick -is one of the most fiimous hotels that the city hcs t-ver had. lu 1872 Jumes Mitcht-11, one of the proprietors of t'he Hoffman house, and Francis Kinzler, then ..at' the bend of the culinary department of that hotel, conceived the klon of making n hotel that should eclipse any .in the city, ' Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Kinzler had jointly about $-10.0,000. The old Hotel Brunswick was selected, and arrangements made for transformlng.it into the greatest hotel of the time. In extending- and equipping the hotel $160,000 were expended. The bar nnd cafe became famous at once, and the furnishings nnd decorations of the dining nnd ballrooms were greatly ad- 'mired. For a time the .place was popular with society, people, and many foreigners stopped there. Manj; fashionable baJIs, etc., were given, there, nnd Mitchell & Kin/.lcr were rated at $000,000 by Bradstrect's. One evening, when the rejuvenated hotel was in the full flush of prosperity, a mild-mannered man of ministerial appearance entered and engaged the lower ballroom floor for a "select party of friends." At two o'clock n. in. SO ooiiehcs arrived. They were crowded with women, young and old, in clccol- k-tte costumes, who blew tin. horus, smoked cigarettes and otherwise acted boisterously.\The mild-manncrod man appeared with the "select party," nnd, announcing himself as "Billy" McGlory (the then .notorious concert hall keeper), said that nothing was too good for him nnd his friends. An offer of $10,000, it is said, was made to McGlory to take his party away, but he declined. The unwelcome guests remained at the hotel till sunrise and then streamed boisterously through Fifth avenue, toward their homes in the east side slumS. With their -departure the prosperity of the Brunswick began to wane. Every effort was made to regain lost ground, but other hotels were opened and business divided. There is.nothing to be learned about the probable disposition of the ground. The site, facing, aj it does, Fifth avenue nnd Madison square,'is an excellent one for.'a hotel, and it. is bin ted thnt n new hotel may be built upon it to compete with the".Waldorf, the Holland house and other new. hotels that have, done much to bring, about the downfall of the old-time nonsc. . ARS RETIRED BY REQUEST. N»ty Department Loses Two Valuable : Men from E»Rlneor .Corps. Two chief engineers of the- novy h r e 5 just been placed on the retired list upon their own applications, after 40 years service,'though neither of them has yet reached- the retiring age. One of them. Chief: Engineer Kutz. has been,stationed ut.the Mare island navy .yard., and has been prominently identiiiyd'.with the construction of r the •machinery of. i he,.ships of. .the. new navy, his last duty having been at the Union iroii works. Son Francisco, prior .to -which he was at 'Cramp's. Chief -Engineer Jbomson has been : on duty .at .Cramp's fori several years. and..for;.the past six: mon,tbs at the Newport .News ! works. suRi'.ririten'dinp' .the, machinery of'th? Kcarsat-ge and Kentucky,, his 'previb'uR' : diity' : ih'tliis line having specially .fitted hiriv for this work, Both of these officers are recognized, to..be inmonfr-t.be. ablest In. the engager corps, and their retirement is generally...re- prettcd. Mr, 1'ful/, will;engage, In en>in(H>ring' : w'oi-k' in 'San Francisco and Mr. Thomson in Philadelphia. ' , INGERSOLL BLACKBALLED. ,BcJprtea;by : JSm!ll .Country :Clob' Uec«u»a ~Jl. J lkOber.t G...lngersoll is repnte.l 'to'W ari In'n'd'eT, the rommittee on membership of the New Ard'sley Ca- siiio'niwoclntioivhas rejected him as a member'.. : .Tlie-'chsi-nb 'has' : a '-beautiful. nur.k-.tct.wcpn Dobbs' Ferry aud'Irving- ton! nnd is the finest nnd richest country club in America,- About all the millionaire!, hnv.iDg homes' in tlii's vicinity.are members. ' One. of the ' members' the CHICAGOAN-S-OPD .INVENTION. Devluen a:;l Uliln^Bod That JcrUn th« . . . : Fish' tu.tho Sliuro. ...... A newr.frieiid.of/fisbernien has been found in Chicago-in, the person of Oscar Plath. n butcher of siSoSputh./ytesiah avetue'. lie h ; as : been 'gra'ntecl a patent on a (bihihg-rod' thiit : 'will meet the approval, of latter-day: disciples of IxdaJ< VVnlton. -P.la*b::claints to have discovered the soluUoaito ;the .problem, bow a man may, fish .and. sleep at,.,the.snme timei '' 'The 'if.afl~aoa,,nojucr.. are poised and "cocked ' :: 'lb r^PTTiuii"' 'Ji"- wi ii»v. uj^«. — - -^ t ; oi : iier day'intimated thntMr. Ingersdl!'s 'name had-been dropped from the pro- •;,,oscd mciuborship .List.on. account .of .|,is disbelief in Chr.istianity.'- The.wom- !PTI.'(-specially objected to him. 1 HER LONG REIGN. ouocn Victoria Eotc-rn Upon 'ller Sixtieth Vt':»'r n» Boferof En({l»n<l. The quern has' i nterpd'upon the COth vcor. of hor Tcigir; If. nhc-liy^ to com- plotc thf year-her reign will-have been ilic Irinet'st.'of an.v- British..sovereign.. v * ~ . ,_^.. ._ . A f\f.-r\i\\ra baited; the r, book; an 'left; -'oti '• the h'e owner' 1 has cast.-.it; JntO:, the ae; r, . water., When; a ,fl8h.seizes:the;baittbe tug'i,t giyea the'lin end the 'flpn ialerXed "and" dry ii^ ' ' , of or- .-.. V."'vonl itht- usual'ceremonies, of Acccs- 's!o' : i' 'i'ay 'there 'wore .no..celebrations. tr-s.- having been postponed .until the. end of I he" .veer. v.'hVn' there will.be- i,,!,;i ( . t -- fi-tes similar to : t,hose "held in 1SS7. on tlie oci-.nsioii bf.t-he SOUi yearof her inajcsty's reign. _^__i"~'- ', ' ' lMTgs»t l>ocomotlv« Boiler. \Vhot is'probably the largest-boiler of the locomotive-type ever li.,iltwa,s ri ., c . n t!.y deigned. ;by %>, F. -W D«m l; r.nginw.r., of. .Boston', The ^nCTi"ate(L i f™;u"Kefi;;;.ni^;v'»8..'. 5 - 30 9 .'.,pt;.t-lie. Siberian ; 1'iivir lives'..,-: "A Bicycle Built for Two." PLUG Five cents' worth of "BATTLE AX" will serve two chewers just about as long as 5 cents' worth of other brands will serve one man* This is because a 5 cent piece of "BATTLE AX" is almost as large as the 10 cent piece of other high grade brands* — The Cyclist's Necessity. PONDS WILL CURE CUTS, BURSfl, BRUISES, WOUNDS,SPRAISS. StrSBURX, OH A F INGS, INSECT BITES, ALL PAIJJ, AND INFLAMMATIONS. VSEl> N OUR BOTTLES ONLY, BCTF WRAPPERS. SEE OUR NAME, POND'S FiTRACT CO., NEW YORK, 76 FIFTH ATKNUE. AX» USE POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR PILES. • . I b Sent l>y mail on receipt of GO ct*. FULL-OF SNAP—i '•ft 1 " T"HE LEADING HUMOROUS PAPER OUT EVERY TUESDAY LOCKJAWJ^N SOIL. T«t»DM B»cllll Thrive In Xon(t I«lan«- . . -TIliie.FntnlUte* • Vear. The death oi a child in Brooklyn from lockjaw, satd to have. beeu..caused by bacilli of the disease which existed, m tho"soil of that'region, ealls'uttention ac-ain to^a peculiar 'danger of some portions of Long Island, which has been mentioned: nt intervals of several years. ID ,this instance the child, says the Hartford Times, .& .girl, two years old, had been Vaccinated. .There was no reason to suspect the purity of ,the vaccine •matter.' It'-was used three-weeks ago. :-ind ths child was getting "n well until !n- playing in the d.irtshe soi-atrhed the .vaccinated arm whi'.e : her .fingcrs.wtfre snxearcd with,clay. As.to the existence of tetanus bacilli 'in'the foil', the evidence seems to be aic- pla; ' Health Commissioner Emery s:\vs •tha soil is:full .of these bacilli and that .they caused several deaths which followed vaccination . a : year . ago.. Dr. Mayne.whoattended thelittle girl.says: "The germs of tetanus are in the nir as well as in the sbil,but..fo breathe thew is not necessarily fatal: In the.vicinity of-••the south' shore of I*mg- -Island horses; -as; well ;as:-human beings, have fnllcn victims, to .i\w : bacilli. In the cage-oMhe-littlc. girl, her finger nails 'contained-," the ,,«rm, which when brought:Into'contact'with the .supcrfi- ; cikl v abra'sionat : drice Inoculated her sys : tem 1 With' the pbison!" • Dr. West,;of the Tji-6okl,VM<lepartmentofhcftlth; says toe '.of;tetanus, 5>as been noted tor several years, more particularly in the east and southern tinns of Lontf Island. He odds: "Suffolk 'county, r : belkvc, has the reputation to. beiug'the most affected spot. In the past th:-ee years, in Brooklyn, tfcerfrJMB been an average of nine, fatalities.? roit the work of tetanus bncillus-annua^ly. The germ, when exposed to -ehearir^sooa succumbs. When ifattacks.avwoundit •burrows down deep, for the.-purpos'e <f keeping awny from the 'air. 1 " Stricken Down by Llfffctnlng. severe thunderstorm thai passed over thcrnix-, Pa; the other evening Allen Hi Hosteller, a cleekiui the hardware store of N. H. Bep>-unin:& Co .was struck by lightning :ai«i knociied senseless to the floor, Hesoon r ccovcr.'d consciousness, but.his tonyae seems lo be paralyzed so thai be asxf not utter n sound. He was at a teto- pbone when struck. Four other were struck, but not badly The storm histed' an hour. OP THE The intense itcliing and ctnnrting »M lent tu eczemn, Uittcr, Buit-rlicuitf,8nJ<Jfclr distases-of t).c ekin. is JMUmfly nllaj^te applving ,-,Ch»mberlam 6-> Eye .' nad «• .Ointbpnt. . Many yery^bacl oases have b|» permanentJi curc'd bv^ ^U .It » J^^ efficierit'for itehhiR pilejr and a fevorite.» edy-for Boreiwpples;' .elmtoped i)andiy«»- bloin^ iiroBt bites, anachronic For'iale by. aruffliy»»'at. »re~jortwh»ta:hon<cnee<tewL ,,, ' Topic, blood purifier and vcrmifi lioa.

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