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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania • Page 6

The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania • Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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PAGE SIX THE GETTYSBURG TIMES, TUESDAY, WEAVER'S Mammoth Towel Event Begins Wednesday Morning Nema Big Problem on Farm Attacks Different Plants, Doing Most Damage in Light, Sandy Soils. Never before have we attempted to stage such a gigantic Cotton Towel Sale--125 dozen of towels are offered in this event at a saving of from 25 to of present day prices. This was made possible by the wholesale market offering attractive prices to stimulate business and through our margin of profit being reduced to the minimum. Both Turkish and Huck Towels are included. Here is An Opportunity to Save Money by Buying Towels. Buy Them by the Dozen and Increase Your Saving. Lotl. Heavy fine quality Turkish Towels 22x42 regular $1.50 value--Sale Price $1.00 a piece. Lot 2. Extra heavy Turkish Towels 21x42 can be used either for towel or bath rug, $1 25 Lot 6. Smaller size Turkish Towels are included in the event. These are especially recommended for use in barber shops and restaurants-Regular 35c a doz. 25c each. Regular 25c a doz. 20c each. Regular 20c a doz. 15c each. value--Sale Price 75 cts. a piece. Lot 3. 10 dozen heavy bath towels 22x42, regular 75 ct. value--Sale Price $4.75 per dozen, or 75 cts. a piece. Lot 4. 15 dozen Turkish Towels, 22x44, in plain white and pink, blue and lavender stripes, regular GO ct. value--Sale Price "$4.25 per dozen, 40c a piece. Lot 5. 35 dozen extra heavy bath towels--although each lot is a very special value, we planned to have one outstanding value in the sale, so we are offering this 45c value at $3.35 per dozen, or 30c a piece. Lot. 7. Large size colored Huck Towels in blue, rose and gold. Regular 60c value, Sale Price 45c a piece. Lot 8. 10 dozen strined glass towels in red and blue, regular 25c value. Sale Price $2.25 a dozen--20c a piece. Lot 9. 20 dozen extra large cotton Iluck Towels, 20x42 in. heavy weight, 35c a dozen, or 25c a piece. Lot 10. 25 dozen Iluck Towels in restaurant, barber shop or lodging house sizes--good weight-- 22c a dozen, 16c a piece. 16c a dozen, I2 a piece. by the United of Agriculture If all the substance of the earth and of the things that flourish on it, with the exception of the threadlike organisms known nemas, could by a stroke of magic be made invisible. It would still be possible to distinguish the soil-covered parts of the earth, the streams, lakes and oceans, the insects, animals, birds, fishes, plants, and humans. So widespread and abundant are these netuas, largely parasitic or predaceous. That this imagined world of transparencies, most living things, the blanket of eoil on mountains, hills, and plains, and the Bodies of water would be indicated by clouds of these living which vary in length from a small fraction of an inch to several feet, and in diameter from that of the finest of hairs to the thickness of a lead pencil. AVIth this fanciful picture Dr. N. A Cobb, plant pathologist and nematolo- gist of the United States Department of Agriculture, one of the leading authorities of the world on nematodes, calls attention to the abundance of these organisms which are of untold economic importance to agriculture and to medicine. Certain species of them are responsible for crop diseases which cut our food-producing capacltj to an extent, which, if it could be measured, would be startling and discouraging. One species, the gall nema. attacks about five hundred different kinds plants, making galls or knots on the roots which frequently prevent the plant from producing a profitable crop. Very few plants are free from SUNDAY EXCURSION TO ATLANTIC CITY OR WILLOW GROVE JUNE 8 Tickftn Good Only on Special Train Stand. Time From Lv. A.M. GETTYSBURG i .80 GOLDENVILLE 2 39 TABLE ROCK 2:41 BIGLERVILLE GUERNSEY 2 4 9 CENTRE MILLS 2:52 BENDKRSV1LLE 2:57 READING TERMINAL (Arrive). 8 15 RETURNING--Special Tram will leave Philadelphia, Reading- Terminal. 9 :00 P. M. Standard Time. 10 .00 P. Daylight Saving Time, same date, for above stations. These special excursion tickets will be good only on date of excursion on above special train in each direction; they -vill be accepted on any train, date of excursion, from Philadelphia to Willow Grove or Atlantic City and return to Philadelphia Leave Chestnut Street Ferry for Atlantic City: Standard Time 9:00, 10.20 A. M. Daylight Time .10:00, 11:20 A. M. Trains Leave Atlantic City for Philadelphia: Standard Time 3 .00. 3:00, 7:00 P. M. Daylight Time .4.00, 8 .00 P. M. For additional trains see Time Table Willow Grove Trains Leave Reading Terminal: Standard 8 :17 A. 12:43 and 1 43 M. Daylight Time, 9 A. 1 -43 and 2.43 M. Willow Grove for Read- ins Terminal: Standard Time, 1:03, 3:56 and 6:44 Daylight Time, 2-03, 4 and 7 4 4 P.M. Willow Grove Excursion Fare Atlantic City Excursion Fsre S3.73 I Photoplay JTheatre FRIDAY and SA'lURDAY FRED THOMPSON in NORTH OF NEVADA A big Western picture with lots of thrils. also "LETS BUILD" A two icel comedy. Aesop's Fables. Lincoln Way Theatre MONDAY and TUESDAY PARAMOUNT PRESENTS RUDYARD KIPLING'S Famous Story THE LIGHT THAT FAILED Featuring PERCY MARMONT and JACQUELINE LOGAN Suppoited by DAVID TORRENCE MONTE BANKS in WEDDING BELLS COMING WEDNESDAY MAE MURRY in A I A I A OPERATION ADVISED FBIEND SAID "DON'T DO IT!" Try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound First. Proved Good Advice Chicago, Illinois. Just a few lines to let you know what Lydia E. Pinkham's a Compound did for me. 1 was married going on for three years, and went to a doctor and was tak- ingtreatments twice a week for pains every month. I used to lie bed three or i a G. W. WEAVER SON Dry Goods Department Store. this question GETTING SKINNIER EVERY DAY When you are urged to buy another baking powder because it costs less than Royal, ask "Is it made from Cream of Tartar?" OYAL Baking Powder Made from Cream of Tartar derived from grapes Contains Ho Alum No Bitter Taste Leaves Something Must lie Done and Done Darn Quick, Too i Tens of thousands of thin, rundown men--yes, and women too--are RCttinfr discouraged--are giving- up all hope of ever being able to take on fk'sh and look healthy and strong All such people can stop worrying and start to smile Tight now for McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets, which any druggist will tell you all about, is put- Root-Knot on Tomato Plant, Produced by the Gall Nema. such attack, not even weeds which are often thought to he blessed im rounity from enemies; but the grasses Including the small grains and corn, are less subject to devastation thun most of the others. By using these resistant crops In a rotation, it is pos Bible to keep down the number of the pests in the soil as the nematodes i die out in large numbers if a crop, un desirable Irom their standpoint, is grown, on the gruuud for a jear 01 two It is necessary, however, to keep down the because the neruus live in the routb uf a large i of them. a weed that is not bad ly infested will carry over the infection from year year, and it does not take tor a few of the pesth to repopuhile soil when a suM-epn ble crop is growing In it. Allowing months to each generation, which is ample, a pair of gall nemas wfll have five to ten million descendants in six months, should all survive. These root knot producers do the most damage In light, sandy soil, as It Is eabier for them to make their way through It i mot to root and thej are moved about more readily the flow of soil a In real clay soils the pest Is ot i importance, though it may exist there Sometimes it heroines worse when a soil Is lightened up by adding i a or hv opening It with green crops turned under and by thorough i vation. Attackt Variety of Cropa. Among tlii' maiij crops a a i i the root knot the most Im If your old refrigerator is in need of repair go to H. T. MAKING. If your old refrigerator is beyond repair we can supply you with a new one. It will not be long before the summer's heat will demand that you have a refrigerator, and a good one in which to store your victuals and other perishable goods. We have a refrigerator to suit any family reasonably priced from $15 to $65. H. T. MAKING Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pa. four days v. itn them i arid the doctor would call and inject some- thing my arm to put me asleep so i would not feel the pains. At last she said i would have to be operated on if I wanted any children. Well, I just happened to go to see a friend with her first baby and I told her I was going to the hospital, and she said, 'Don't do it! You go and get a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham'e Vegetable Compound and you won't neeu any So my husband got me a bottle right away. Now I have two lovely children. Believe me, I recommend the Vegetable Compound to any i woman I know has any kind of female trouble. It has helped me and a lot of my A. McANDLESS, 1709 S. Morgan Chicago, I1L For Bale by druggists erywhere. Bran did more in two werts thai mtdicine lakm in 20 fears on 15 pounds in five weeks and teels fine. We all know that Cod Liver Oil is full of flesh products; vita-j mines, but many people can't take it because of its horrible smell and lishv taste, and because it often up- ting flesh on hosts tant are a a a cotton of skinny c()W eas exception of a feu every day. a i i he-id peas, flax, fig, grape woman, tired, weak and discouraged, put of the Liuedo pumpkins sugar beets supr cane, sweet pota toes, tobai a large number i truck crops ornamental a trees Some of the plants a a are legumes which normally have nodules prodin ed by beneficial bacteria usmilU it is not i i to rtis- TctpnGrrow Alright Night Tonics frosh air, a good sloep and or. Ml Tablet to make your days better. Nature's Remedy (W? a a beneficial influence on the digestive and elimmativc stem--the Stomach. JLiver and PEOPLES DRUG STORE Out of regard for your owa health, read this letter: Gentlemen: Your "Krumbled Bran." used by me a cereal, bma done more for in two than the hundreds of dollars' worth of medicine I have taken in last twenty years for constipation. It ia wonderful, ana it is so simple. Your8 trnly Arlington H. Carman, Fatcbogue, N. T. Mr. Carman's experience been, duplicated in thousands of homes. Why does Kellogg's Bran succeed when drugs and pills fail The answer is simple. Drugs have an unnatural effect upon the They irritate the intestines. The more they are used, the more one has to use. Finally, they have no effect at all. Kellogg'8 Bran STIMULATES the ntestines. It cleans, sweeps and purifies them. It acts exactly as nature acts. And it is never necessary to increase the amonnt eaten. If eatea regularly, Kellogg's Bran guaranteed to bring permanent relief to tha most chronic cases of constipation, or your grocer returns your money. For Kellogg's Bran is ALL bran. Nothing but ALL bran can be BO effective. That is why doctors recommend, Kellogg 'a. The wonderful, nnt-lOte flavor of Kellogg 'a Bran is exclusive. It ia delicious--totally unlike ordinary brans. Eat two tablespoonfuls daily--in chronic cases, with every meal. Eat it milk or cream and in recipea on every package. Kellogg's Bran, cooked and krumbled, is made in Battla Creek. Sold by all grocers. AUDITORS NOTICE The undersigned appointed by the sets stomach. McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets aic I as eaaj to take as candy, and if any club-shaped or Irregular ra.W thin person don't gam at least 5 ly pnlurgments of the roots and root pounds 30 days your druggist will lets tlnguish between these growl In and Court of Adams County as those i Kcnlngi on the roots made auditor to dispose of exceptions to the by the gall nernatode The former tire (n st and final account of Howard G. more or globular and easily re- Blocher, Administrator of the estate give you your inoney back--and only i (JO ce'nts a box. Ask People's Drup Store, Btallsmith's News-Stand Drue: pharmacist any- the latter nre usually of John T. Lawyer, late of Littlestown Borough, Adams county, deceased, and to make distribution of the balance in the hands of said adininis- i a will sit at his law office on Please Notice We i i'i $3 )0 pei a one Luge and brov Km and R'lodf R-d i i have 011 1 i I line Oth. Custom i il Baby chicks, i I. 01-1 IK Barred 1 1 I i $700 Anyone I A. W. Hartlaub Son Boll 'ph n- i wi Store or any I've where. Get McCoy's, the original and genuine Cod Liver Oil Dr Piwription to wont Catarrh in hom money At all such i over, Route When The soil freezes large numbers of the nomatodes are killed off ttnrt, as tlie pest I not so bad In the not thorn states In the southern. However, enoujih of the organisms ppt down below the front line RO never nre annihilated Tn greenhouses neO'iio bad pptts In imv part of the country, but treating the Soil with hot a or steam It is possible to tbeni with fungi and many undesir p.hle bftfterla It Is now recommend ed new rreenhonses be cwastruit Baltimore street, Gettysburg, on Wednesday, June 18th, 1024 at 10 o'clock A. for the purpose of his appointment when and where all par- tics interested may attend. William McSherry, Auditor, Mn 27, 1924. You Don't I Have to Dress Like an Englishman Unless You Want to! English styles are in style and we have thousands of English Fashion Notes in stock--but we also a huge assortment for the man who wouldn't give a tig to IOOK like the Prince of Wales. If you don't like the loose coats-- If you wouldn't wear a pair of wide trousers on bet-- If'you think the new English type hat is as funny as Ben Turpin-This store is your store--for while we have a complete stock of English clothes we never for a TM in te that the Stars and Stripes nre the best bet in the NOTICE testamentary on the estate of Lawver, a of BiRlerville Boionph, Adams county, haviticr been granted to the undoraijyn- ed losidnic: in Bifrlervillo, all per- Tn the lexK.m of youth, which fate TMnyndebted to estate are ref i make immediate payment, I I I I i claims will present For a bright manhood, there's no om i to such word as "fail "--Bulwer. EMORY LAWYER, Executor Shopping now- as Apple Pie. -New Lestz Suits that are as American $15.95 to $29.95 LESTZ'S JT Shoe Style and Comfort Specialist. On the Square Since 1902.

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