Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 14, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1949
Page 7
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PLASTIC TOILET SEATS Lifetime Guarantee Assorted Colors SS.95 WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORE CHTJECH ST. XACGATCCK Elmer Wheeler Course in TESTED SALESMANSHIP Starts Mon. Nov. 14th POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Phone 4-8773 Waterbury | TKT NEWS WANT AIJS FOB QCICKER BESUITS — For Sale Houses For Sale KOK SALE—.Main SI., Beugoii Falls,, 7 room house, liol water heat, batli. liuvi; I'H, tlf.o*'U. MADORNO REALTY Oxford. Tel. 26'yi Seymour FOH SAJ,K—2 family house with 1 roomy on each floor, good condition, lint: location, priced reasonably C;rl Anthony Karrer 4233. Insurance & Keal Estate tOU.NTHY HOMES—With all improve"- mentH. 5 room bunguiow , $3800 C room homt ' $75u<) i> room home $;sO'J<) 5 room home HbOO JIADOR.VO RJEALTY Oxford — Phone 2(iai. Seymour l.M.MEUIATJi UCCUl'A.VCV—6 win home. Rood location, reasonable Anthony E. Stien. Dial C042. IJIMEKIATE OCCUl'AXCY — 5 room bungalow. Prosaect-Union City Kd. Pi'ewar, well constructed. Kicelv located lot. aporox. HUO ft. sq. Geo. Garrity. Tel. Wtby. 3-1S50. LE SECTIO.X-3-ruom bungalow. water, electric lights and tela- $''°KKJ Garal -' e - 1! « acre ol land. EAST 'WATERBUBY KOAD— 7-roum house, Karate and barn, a acres ol land, $10.000. Both have immeuiu-e occupancy. For Sale Houses For Sale AX KXCKI'TIO.NAI, VAU'K in <•:,pensive HUburhan homes for tin- <]?.-•- ei-rnlriK buyer who require." both construction and hinli uradi- arcluty,"- ture. This home, built by Byron ',V. Hoclgex was designed by EdKar j'*:i- Kiviere to armnnize with its exquisite Colonial settint for ihe family of an executive or professional man. It's a one floor (Mx4T'. sprawlln« in a beautifully landscaped hilltop when-you can see for twelve milt-* anil your television set can see to Phlladelpnta This luxury house has all the tvi'.d features hot)) new and olfj includ-Vi^ an IX inch stone foundation, a master hedroom with two closeis. a b--t,i- room with sti-uetural glass walls, a heated two car Karane with doom .1 loot wider lor those broader m-.v cas. and a wide driveway with a park- itiK area. There'* even regular (jus service. If you can afford this Uream you'll want It. 524 ,"00 Old IT HI! DK I.'UICK.MAN AOKNOY Phones 4-r,:5:;s—1-S410 Waterbury .TAMES MOORR Tioal Kstate — Appraiser Phone SfjSS (or Selected Homos MOItLKN—u-room home. 4 rooms and bath on first floor, oil heat, priced reasonably. BEACOX FALJLS-.Vew. modern. 4- room and tile bath on first floor and two unfinished on 2nd Moor. Oaraue and oil hent, larj,'e lot. J10.090 Call A. SHEPLKY. 2133 or S14J. For Sale HOUKCH For Sulo A. NOKWASH, Ai-y. KEAL.TOB 209 Church St Phono 4784 t*»a* 1 FAJBI.LY—0 rooms on Highland Ave. Tel. 5031 JOnx JifcAlY, 118 Chur.lh St. Ii)TllOIiLT>b H2A1, JEHTATJ5 48 Spring St. Tel. 3-2681 Waterbury, Conn. For Rent 5A Wanted to Buy n'AXTED—Ooca 2 lamiry house. 5 or i rooms on each floor preferred. I huv« a c»sh customer waiting lor such i listing. ; HENRY M. MURPHY Real Estate and Appraisals Telephone 3-4032 Waterbury Land For Sale FOR 8AX.E—&ev«ra] building lots ol Ne-w Haven ltd. Seasonable. Ult' water. Phone Harry Schmltz, 4C85 alter ft p. m. 7a Wanted To Kent Announcements Merchandii lib BuBUie-m Opportunities UUKQBYl TlilHiTYl . Mtop At Tile BTfeArrBTlUJS gPA Hew Hare* BoM FfeuB* 4864 Fitzpatrick'Romano — Public Accountant* — Ptone N.ui. Z80S-S007 RUBTTS afUDAL SHOP 851 No. Main St. . Tel. 3-18S4 Wtby. Uownii—brided, bridesmaids, (lower girls O. E. Kefrlgeratoru, Dashers, Rangey Water Heaters, etc. WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Beacon y^lls - .Phone 7<30 UBERSMAKIXO aM Alteratlunn done reaspnuble. Phone 6841. Mrs. Louise McQuIre, 47 Blngham 8^ VKTK:IAX, WIFE ASI> OXK CIHT,I» D«'bperately In need ol 1-5 room relit. Phone 3025. S Rooms lo Bent I.AIKJH I'KIVATK UOOM-Por rei.t beuarate entrance, /urm'shed. reasonable. P.ooin for car in yard. Tel. 3442. Hoot and Boyd, Inc. Realtors Innurance 174 GranJ St Phone 4-31C1 Wtby, I-'OII IlKST— Itooni lor two t:lrin ,,r 11 ccjupl,:. Kltehen prlvileKe.s. .Phone— _~'_2'JX—'Hi HlKh street. HOOMS FOK HUNT—Boartfii detfir.'.l Tel. iC4G. " ' ItOOM—For rent, with kitchen Drlv- l location. Phone 4233. FOK HEST— OHIces lor professional man In Naugatuck. Tol. 3-986D. Wtby. ••» M* •<•! HAVING BEEN TRANSFIXED BY A BEAM FRO/* TUE "EVE" AND DRAWN TQ THE MOUhiTAIN, PRISCILLA PRESCOTT AWAKENS To HEAR THE NOICE OF THE"EVE' ADDCESSlKG HER. VOU SEENVFRkSMTENED, FA\J5 ONE IN VOUR NEW! SURROUNDINGS.' TRUST YOU WILL FIND IT V MOKE COMFORTABLE HERE 1 -' %N ON THAT WRETCHED J PLAIN WITHOUT/ IF YOU WILL BUT OBEY ME I'M «,URE YOU WILL FIND YOUR I HOST A MOST GRACIOUS ONE/ 1'ATSY I/ABRIOiA Real Estate Agent Phone .N'aug. 3458 or Wtby. 5-2210 FOK SALE — 1 family 3 room houiie situated on Union City Road, Oil bu.'n- -- furnace, insulated. Lot aOxl.~>0. f- A. HRAZICkl", I'luiBo 5425. Huy or Sell a Business JOSEl-H I1AI,PEHI>'. ItroSer Insornncf, "Lots. Keai l;Ktiit« it E, Main St. Tel. 4.CBS2 Wth) P-. A. BRAZICKI — Real 174 •PROSPECT ST. PHOHB B42B List Your Property lor Quick Bale. The A. R. Mnrtlno Co. Real Estate And Appraisals *0» E. Main St. Phone S-S28S Wtby. Offices To Rent NICE WORK WITH THE KNUCKLES, NEIGHBORS IQOK* LIKE I SET TO KEEP THE DWMQNO, AFTER ALL- Bur, FRUM THS"FLOOR,"TH&"AIO'ZAAIBAN WHIPPED OUT MIS KNIFE TUR»ANED VISITOR, BUT COME* UP WITH THE BVOEEWRS!! IT WOULDN'T SUSPRISe ME NONE IF ALL TH' RCWflGNETIC VOUNG FOLKS DIDN'T GIT TOGETHER AW UOT5 "MISTER CUPID OF 1949" ve aes 1 see ME, SNUFFV-- HOIOIN' ft BOW TH' ONLY THING i see RflPPIN 1 IS VORE BiQ MOUTH VE KWOW. SNUFFV- I BET MV PATCHWORK TIES ftRE CflUSIM' MORE KISSIW flW HUSGIN'THRN TH' MftN IN TH' MOON DON'T GIT TOOKEN AWftY VORESET, TVLER FARTHc?-AHEAP, IN RIG 'itf.^. 5TILL Qf?EATEI? PEI?IL THEM-THE REVOIUTIONARV A*rti ANP PEL RIO ?TEAL THE REV- OHJTIONI5T5' AMMUMITIOM Ti^IN... WHAT A PREDICAMENT. IN HOT PURSUIT COM=£ A KAIL CAR. A TRUCK, BY TAKING A SKORT CUT, HAS RACED AHEAD. GE6 B1X.'TH£TS ATDLK3H WHAr'LLYOUDO QUEENJ OF HEAETS.'- AND I'll BE CKOWNED AT 7HEIC BIG BAU..? ISNTir urrEf2L.v-rHfiii.uiNe ? CHICK\Non»J NATCHO.' DIX ISSUWg IIM ASPOT/.W6 TOLD ETTA SH^WON.!' NOW HOWLL. MB BREAKTHE SAO NEWS THAT SHE'S 42-7*-26- r THAT SETTLES IT, TILPDRO! 1= YOU WANT M3UR LITTLE BROTHER AT CENTER, WET.L HAVE TO PLAY OUR GAMES IM THE MORNIMS...-, ' Ar LEAST UNTU. HES OLD EMOW3H TO 6ET ALON3 WITHOUT AN " '— OKO'SKI Electrical Contractor Industrial — Commercial — Domestic Beacon Falls Phone 4606, NBUB. V.I nit Our Soda Fountain < YKv^J.,*' m - to 6 "• ™- Except Sunday ANQY'8 CAMSPUS — Church Street Special Notices RABBITS FOR- SALE Dial 3-4329 Wtby. WILLIAM M. CH1TTENDEN ion _'"I'Jrancc — Real Estate 180 Church St. Phone 1)140 XOTICG—Dick Hialoo Garage formerly ol 1250 West Main St.. Waterbury, now at 130 Rubber Ave,, Natitf- tuck. Phone Naug. 3713. 14 Automotive Autos For Sale FOM SALE—'39 Ford. A-l runninu condition. New Brakes, battery. B eii- erator and shock absorbers. Ko t t TeT'r,329' Dell " eld ' 3 p n"e"'5< Awj. FOB SAIE-1937 Ford 4 dr. sedan, Must sell ! .' Good motor. Only 1139. Can be seen at Ksso Gas Station. North Main .St. Ask lor Ray Caron'a car. F.XPER r—Carburetor; and cenerator service. Check now for winter. ... _ A * B AUTO SERVICE C14 Bank St. Tel. 6-1322 Wtby Winter Accessories BALDWIN ST. GULF STATION Jos, Clriello, Prop. Tel. 3-9!»4« Wtbv or 4966 Nttug. , . . ITAFCO" HOTCHKIS8 DODGE ST. GARAGE Job Rated Phone B 7 2 7 TrUC " a . buy. Completely reh"ut Packard Waterbury, Inc Packard Sales & Poultry and Hggn TUllKEVS ~ Alive at (Irm. Broud- bruaHted bronze. Ueorifo 1 Slultli, Ailei ton garma Rd., Naug. Tel^ 4830. TIJHJiEYS—Alive or dressed: Wholo- sttJIe or retail. All alzea. Mrs. H. SchMflKen. Bdsl Waterftury Rd.. Nau- Katuck, Tel. Naug,. 3SU2. UNION CITY POULTRY MARKET «;glCKEN8-Pre«!bi kUled or Iroiwn FKESH EOOb—Fr«e Delivery. 75 School ;St., ; .. . Tel.. 2591-6427 Peed and Fuel WOOD — Weil seasoned bard wood Btov« or fireplace lengths. Great Oak Farm -' Phone S04S( " Vim Otflce A Other Equipment f F 8 f D .—Cash regiaters (National). Latest styles. Big savings. Like new. One yeac guarantee. Solomon's Sales & Service, 37 Cooke St. Household Articles KTAUGATtjCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, NOV. 14, 1MO—I'AOB 7 Services 37 BuHlnewi Service* Rendered OBDBHS. -TAKJ5S tor 9*p Covers Drapery, Bpreadu, Material aamplet ihown, -.Tol. ET»I}0 Monfllcb, • Binter'* Alamlnnm Conibll)»Ho« Storm Window. iBnilatioB. Kooling, . oong, kg* LOC UEEXI.EB CO. Wtby, ».f»6l 4t» KAY MELBOURNE tei * AT». Holdlni o 7S1. Delco, Reray and Autollte Servic* ,„. Whitall Battery & Electric Co. 136 Rubber Ave. Phone 3713 GUARANTEED Bbi-AlKS-All ma~K machine*, vacuums. Ussd mach(o« ' KAI.AHAZOO „ _ Sales and Service 22 Savings St. Tel. 4-6533 Wtby » SAI ' 1E -Ptt''lor Florence 0:1 e. 2. burners, blowers chromi UlpfeB. Call Naug. 7323 between 5-8. FOK SAXE—Gra.y comblnatloii oil a-id M F« a hi ra! j? e j" K6od condition. Kite - C994 & 4 ohairsi also - 37 BuRiness Services Rendered '"* Wlnaow Cleaning Co. Avis. W.larbur Pbom »-4T8S wgg&ffi&sss 'ab/e. Articles For Sale carrta « e - r "'' »AI,K— Practically new erev loldlni; baby carrlage.K5. Tel. SOsY r. Dl n »." a1 ' the » e «' liolldav colors Call Mrs. Ruth Pliskin, 5895. PABRIC Electric Ran and Watts Electric Straits Turnnlke Tel, 3-4570 Wtby. Bpectol i'rlce» 0» 411 Memorlalc W. KICMABns — CM B o«lk Mali Kangatnclt - JMu MIT ,. „. '• M. TIJfFT CO. 57 Church St. Plumtint-Heatlag-On 379. TABKK itallwl - Uraln, Pnplnw, or-^W""*' AnywtiBr*. VrnniMly ,8COTT 8ANJTATIOW 8ERVICK CUSTOM TAIJ.OR Tailor-Made Pkirts - »7 b6 ... _ 3;E>ay o Cleaning Service J47 ». Main St. __ PMnelOU J - * M. ELECTRICAL WORKS „ „ House Wiring and Repai? 17 Barnum Court. Plmnea 329«-5:i3i - lanascape service, evergreens, tree removal. Cleaning and Dyeing Beauilfu? ra|>CS a " d S " P Covcrs KIEVMAN 6 CLEANERS 78 Church St. p hone .IBS BT . a<J ce to Buy" 482 Water town Ave. Dial 4-611 <i MEMBER OP WAMA - Tmiierm TRAU.XB COACH -^ . ^>vtii»*n3L* witl> bathrooms -showers, tubs. Famous Liberty Trail' o^ Cc-achcs now available on B year makes nice Vagabond, W TrotvJoodI American. National. and Prairie Schooner on reasoh.-ible terms. Opeu l a - ™- to 9 p. hi. daily.; Ryder Trailer Co Post Road,.iUllord, Conn. (1 mile cast of Millord Center) Mll/orfl 2-2939. Auto Parts. Wliecl Alignment Axel and. Frame Service—Welding ^?, e i,-KJ. n "l? ^r Collision Repairs o? T ,J, N . IES AUTO BODY WORKS ts Watertown Ave. Phone 3-6241 Wtby. W« carry a hill llrte ol Hartlord. Bxlfip. AutotUe * Arnwtrong , BatterleB. JOE'S TIRE SHOP ZIlNo. Main Bt TeL S-Z414 Wtby. Large SelectK-n of New and Used Auto Parts, also New and Uned Tiros ' .. a » •" 689 No. Jliverside St. Tnl. 6-04S2 _ Open Sunday Mornings NEW^-Usea * recapped tires; and nard -to-itet sl«e»—vltilt PTTTETJ TTBT? SAI.ES. >7 >ur , C. S. Royal Tiro distributor. ..« « aDt "', r Co - employes discount certificates for tires, honored here. 36 Jelterson St.. Wtby. Phone S-1141 Complete l.lnt Ol Beat Covers Joe's Service Station 1j[8 Bridge -Ht. . Ph n ne 4970 Contractors USEM BEVEBIDOE COOLER - "2 caao counter type dry cooler. To lie sold below cost, complete with unit. WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls. Tel. 7430 PAIL JFCB8 - Pint stock. Little THIS 11ABSE8S 811 OP TO Orann St. Tel. 1-JS8S Wtbj. Quality I.f-niher fll«iT«n— Dren THE T.OT HOTJSE Selection Now At Its Best Wise To Shop Early <6 Pleasant Ave _ f T el. 3073 J439 $439 J439'$439 ?439 $439 JI33 3 ROOM ANNIVERSARY OUTFIT ConaiBtlDR of tha following: Complete Modern Bedroom Suite Complete Modern Living Room Suite Complete Modern Dinette Set and ,A BRAND NJEW COMBINATION OIL & GAS RANGE _ Our free Bill to you . '. "Emarson'.' or "JPhlico" radio You save almost $200 Take 18 long months to pay A-L-B-E-R-T'-S 2G6-T4 So. Main- St.. Waterbury Phons 4-3144 for appointment to see this furniture CENTEK ST. WTBT. 4-8»»I Enjoy A DELICIOUS SANDWICH at ROOKY'S WAYSIDE KITCHEN Waterbury Road at Piatbi Milli Op,n Dally 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Sunday, 3 P. M. to 12 Midnight FOB SALE—9x12 felt base rugs at NAUGATUCK FURNITtIRE CO. 25 So. Main St. Phohe Z711 TRACY STAINV^BSS STIJEL" SINKS Double Bow). 66 Inch. Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE 286 No. Main St. Phone 4-1894 Wtby. PADS-Emhroldery. trim- miniss. Buttons. Largest in slate, Reliable Factory, 37 SoovillSt. Wtby, GflKEIlAI, ELECTBIO Vacuum Clssner for J59.95. Tatuum RICCARDO FURNITURR CO. 407 W. Main St. Tel. 4-6292 Wtby. SO Miscellaneous SWEET C1BKH—Made frenh rtnllv from sound apples at SchildgenV CiOe'r Mill, New Haven Road; 30b Musical MECCA MUSIC SCHOOL Buckingham BMg, Phone G-2346 Wtby. Instruments Furnished 30d Good Things To Eat 19 Conlri«rlnc; n» o .Job «o large or enrol!!. .: Bensonabto. piti,«. Robert Proek, Pxa'rl ROB* T«r. TglJI. M. V. SQHIAROLI Building Contractor — BO*? •-. S«»noned Wood Brie*. Saml Concrete S»n4. Loam Phone 6548 or 3JB4 Marla»o Sirnd * 8ton« 9 « R«ut]r-UIxe« Corioret* Co. Si Tel, 1-418S Wfbv. , Strength — ', Beauty Jla Tniclrtnt—Movarg WBEKI.T tBIPO to N-,W. Tork. New '"'•« 1 » v •"''• N»w BnHana. T. W. jtoblllard Van Lines. WtBy. ,.1-3683. Painting MARIANO 6ROS. Painting. P»perhangln« _ HJjturlor A Interior. Full., .Insurance Covemje. BEST HrVE8T!fE*rT lit to paint your property. Cajr 4071 for free esti- W. F. Cota. • " . •• RAYMOND J. HUGHKS Palrituw -- PaperhanKtnK 16 South View 8t PBpne 2901 IHTTEBIOB PA1NTINO ASD rAPEHIIANOING Phone Joseph .M«n Anffelo — 71 TO Merchandise . Poultry and Eggs «lfl SHIl'MENT — JUST AURIVB!'! .CHICKENS. tmOILKWS ROOSTERS, .TURKEYS, CAPONS & RA1J- P1JTS-WHIL15 THE.Y LART-JBu ni-r Ib. Strictly fresh e(f«ts 45c per doz. At the Hlehway Drive-.In Chicken M-irkfit. on The Waterbury-NauRatuck IIlKhway, opposite Intersection ol Plaits Mills. Tel. Naugatuck 4872. ROMA PASTRY B01 NOHTH MAIN ST. Finest Itallun-Americon and French Pantry in all New England. Also Suu- monl, .Gelatl and ib creahi. Evcry- tl)ln» made on premises. Special attention given to wedding Parties, oui prices, are the lowest; but our-merchandise definitely the best. We deliver and ship anywhere .In the U. 8. Tel. Waterbury 6-2VtT, . . APl»t-ES-Ba!awins, Spies; Greenings Sue. per bushel & up. Apnie cider Sue per .gal. ,\V: ..F. BillS.. Benson Ka.. Miadlebury. Phone 4-g880._ Waferbury. CHIcrKES— Roasters Broll- «r»,. Fryers. Delivered Naugatuck * vlcin. jroni farm.. Call Wo^dburv ITS-t, Education 32a InstructloiM LEABS TO DBIVE^-Call Centra Dual Auto Driving School, Zli» W«Ht Main St. Tel. «-6gg2. Waterbury. Services SSa Mattrea*e« SAM'S SERVICE ETATIOK and GARAOE t-.«i, Bnbbor AT*. T«L 6M7 -r JPront End Work - RANGE CUBNJEJIS STOVE and FURNACE PDPES JPMT8BUBGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE '."•. ' W8 ftlAPLE STREET Free Deaivery telephone HM4 »«w ft Bocondlttoned Motor* FOBtt &. MERCURY , . B«d»pt Plan Available rhe NAOOATUCK TUEL co K>BD DEALER . Tt-H: B SZ») STORM-WINDOWS A DOORS NEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO tW Hank St., Waterbury t • Phona 4-8J19 CAESAR KRZYKOWSE2 I'alnier — Decorator M» BJtKM A' AN ST. TKL. OT» Free EaUmatM liu>uranc« Coverage LEWIS CAKROLt •r»» Dmu o« ck* ••lar* CENTKB KQDAUC - CUJUtBM FKOSPECT^ ITHI05 HTKKKT* Barckty Tito Bmtr« Ckr<WM TrM Uuui *rui». wiiHiow Back * rn««* funll Floor SlUMlcr* Mt ItoM , TBLEMiUHE If It's Anythlne for Your Mcwt Call ARRAY FLOOR COVEKHCGS *0 Diamond St. T COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon falls TeL 74K Emergency CXU 66B7 THE CHINA INN 11 Harrison Ave. Waterbury Cloned All Day Monday* Tuesday thru Friday Open i6 A. M. Jo 10 f. tH. Saturday 11 A. M. to is Midnight Sunday 12 Noon to 12 Midnight FRED'S MI-WAY 601 SouHi Muln St. He^ular Dally Dinner 6Oc np a * . S1IOWK118, STAG PAnTIKS. Btr lianquet Room, CochUH LonaM Full Liquor Lie ««,w DNIVEESAL WASHBlt Gerald's Appliance — New txivf Price* _ 107 SPRING ST. CJJTON CITT TELEPHONE S651 ••••'••*"****^--- ... -Trrrtumimi Oeo. Wigglesworth & Son, Inc. rLDMBING, HKATING and AIR CONDITIONING MAPUS 8TAEET « Hour OU Burner Swvtea TEX. EMS TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 37 HOTCHKTS* ST. TEL. era — Collision SptxJaftete — render. - Jlodie. _ A.ito Palnttu Towing Servfoe The MUSIC SHOP . . . records for children make wonderful year-round gifU . 88 Ciurch St. Phone 5287 BBHT A COTAWAT ntPOBTAJTT W. Can Fh Ho»« Ti .T«A» IMBIMBO'S JANTOS GENERAL REPAIR* Radiator., Balterte* •Vasalng Muchlnea, BicycJes. etoldertnc LAWN MOWERS WO Rubber Ave. Phon« Hawicy Hardware 102 Church Street Moore's and Devoe Ptintt Glidden's Spread Satin Plaati-Kote Finish • Roasters Electric Appliance! Hotpoint Refrigerator and Stoves e 4086 VT-e I>elirer HADIO — —K^.,.^ ItiC.A. — Admiral Television Sulo* and Service SWAN'S Blectrlcal Contracturii Since 1920 26 CKDAR ST. . TKL. SB74 RAMOS IR05V WORKS tW • RCTllBKB AVENRB . - Mvtol ft Oroamcnin Steel W«r». Portjhlf WeMhm EqilpMtll _ M77 Currier Electric Co. Residential — : Commercial • Industrial WIRING and REPAIRS Weatlnghouse Appliance* 4164 A By good old MATTBE88 renude liiU MI limeriFrlne equal to NEW In r,lU». Saptrlar , Mottreus. Wtby., 1-8S48. Mattresses Remade 1 D«y -:S0i vice— Work ciuirahtew! Stanley's MattresH Service . . Phone 4-3279 $7 llusinem Servlcrd Renditred tnij' UI.KCTJ11CAI,,, WORK ED, CURETTE. TEL. 4357 Oil Hnrnrrn Clniinoil and Pnrt«.Vo.r All Make* ol Marry. Churchill. t8 t'roHport St.. l«ir CHIMIfiSYS pointed and renaired hj expert. All types of mason work. JOHN OBOM' Phorfe G-02G7. Wi.hv HOLIJAND FtTRNACE CO. _ Hot Air Purimcei. B; Main St. Tel. 4-100S Wtby. 1>KE8H.MAKINU, OOWNS, JIATERI- A1S—Miss A. Lamparella, 11 Maple Terrace. Phone 2925. BINGO Every Tuesday Evening at 7:30 P. M. Beacon Falls COMMUNITY RECREATION CLUB New heating system just installed. TURKEYS Tuesday, Nov. 15 and Tuesday, Nov. 22 COME and GET YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY Mass Presentation of Many '}•''? Wants Creates Mass Interest In Y-O-U-R Ad Look for the daily changes nf Wauls and Needs in the Classified Pages of Uie Always Ready to Serve You. THE NEWS CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT DIAL 2-2-2-8 -

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