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2r Port aprh 20, 194? Anti-Red Slate to Seek CIO I Posts in New Council Here t' i i I fp FUND TO AID WELL TRAGEDY'S RESCUERS NOW NEAR $20,000 The world's "thank-you" fund for the men who tried to rescue little Kathy Fiscus yesterday climbed toward the $20,000 mark. By noon, $19,440 had been tallied from 3892 letters received at the San Marino and Los Angeles postoffices with an esti-: mated 2700 letters still to be opened. The fund Is to be di-! vided among the men who labored long hours to save the 3-year-old who died in an abandoned well casing in San 'Ma-' rino April 8. The Rescue Fund Committee reports gifts average $4.90. Largest individual gift is a $500 check from a Beverly Hills resident and second largest a check for $200 from a resident of Arcadia.

Smallest was several 10-cent coins sent In by" children. -r. The committee is busy checking lists, of men "who part in the fruitless rescue fight. Plans, for presenting, the cash awards will be announced; later. 1 ofc Connelly Will Be Honor Guest at Dinner Tonight anti-Ctommunist supporters of national CIO policies have put up a slate 'of candidates for offices in a new Los Angeles CIO Council, 'the old council was dissolved by the national CIO headquarters, An opposition slate also has put in an appearance and the two are to come to grips at a two-day convention where the national.

CIO will form the new council. The convention will 6pea in the; Firestone Rubber Workers hall, Santa Fe Ave. and Orchard Place, at 10 a.m. Saturday. 500 to Attend Richard T.

Leonard, national CIO representative "and chairman of the committee that the national CIO set up to. take over and dissolve the bld 'councilt will open the More thari 500 dele 3 lit 3 -v KATHY HERO GIVEN FREE OPERATION MWhitey) Blickensderfer Doing Well'! After Surgery With All Expenses Paid 1. MKMiMt TUrwwwi 1 TOO K-iTTQ. COURT Dorothy Recker, who worf $50 COLLISION VICTIM Ambulance Attendants Jim Bernarding and' Kenny; McEntire and af spectator lift Mrs. Elsie Valentini from auto after headon' collision between auto and pick-up truck on Lincoln Blvd.

about mile south of Jefferson yesterday. i Tlmfs nhoto .1 Nijreq Pearson, victim or Dconng lata to Mickey men, in dispute over radio repair job. IBafteredJ Radioman Loses 'GotiVt Dispute gates, are expected thej reorganization, IL' E. (Whitey) Blickensderfer, a hero In the tragic Kathy Fiscus rescue attempt, yesterday underwent a hernia operation at Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena. s.

Blickensderfer, 42, of 1301 Ivar Rosemead, 'was reported f'fine" after the operation, per formed free by a surgeon who refused use of his name i vThe hospital is supplying Blickensderfer with, free room and board during his convalesence and an anonymous philanthropist Is reported to have provided funds for his wife and two daughters until he. is well enough to work. On the pro-national CIO, slate are Clarence Stirfson for presi dent, Robert' Clark for vice-presi dent and Albert T. Lymceford for executive secretary-treasurer. All three are leaders in the internal CIO campaign to rid the council of asserted Communist or left- wing infiuences.i Al Caplan of Harry Bridges' In Irlsj conTinc--' Juige hoberta Butzbach.ln Small Claims Court yesterday that Alfred M.

radioman and victim a beating laid to associates of Mickey. Cohen, was in the wrong In a dispute over a radio repair job. Judge Butzbach, after hearing testimony from Dorothy Recker, 649 Burnside and her ordered Pearson to pay a $50 judgment, besides court costsof S.Toi- Pearsoncom- SEAGOING CAT GETS. KITTENS BACK FROM DOG All was well-or almost so again yesterday with Stinkie, a mother cat, and Brownie, a mother dog, and their respective families in ternational Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, Carl Brant of the United Electrical Workers and Lawrence Turner of fM y. ef tsA 1 i the United Furniture Workers also will enter the race for the respective offices of president, Muscle Fibers Revealed as Hollow Tubes Men, those muscle fibers you're so proud of are nothing but hollow, tubes containing water.

Two professors at the SC School of Medicine, Drs. Daniel Pease and Richard F. Baker, made this disclosure yesterday to spike a long-held belief of anatomists secretary-treasurer and vice-presi denti Bridges to Fly Here plained; that he--- didnt -have a and-jthat he would appeal th Tonight, friends of Philip M. (Slim) Connelly, secretary-treas The RetkCT' girls: said Pearson' viorlcedron: their phonograph last urer of the council 'when it was dissolved by the national CIO, i 'V June; then called later to ask how their 'radio was operating. He will honor him with a testimonial dinner.

Harry Bridges is to fly here from San Francisco to be the principal speaker. A number of Hollywood celebrities are scheduled to appear with a "salute that the muscle's tiny contractile fibers, called myofibrils, were solid. the offices of the Isthmian Steamship Co. in Long Beach. You remember that Stink- Ie was separated from her four kittens a while when she boarded the freighter Kenyon Victory just before sailing time.

Brownie took over her duties, adding the kittens to her small litter of two puppies; Yesterday, Stinkie was back on the job. Crew members paid her airplane fare from San Francisco to Long Beach Brownie, after some objection," permitted the re- union of the family. But Stinkie apparently is not wholly happy. She spent hours yesterday washing her offspring's faces, evidently wondering where they had been in her absence. AFTER SMASHUP Albert Bredemeyer, '54f sits on running board of pick-up truck talking to Officer G.

Neal and a friend after headon crash in which Bredemeyer was hurt. from Hollywood" for Connelly. Times-photo Among the film folk scheduled to be present are Lester Cole, Karen Morley, Howard DaSilva, Lloyd Gough and Waldo Salt. Youth Held After sent ft mar' to pick up the chassis of the radio when told that It had develops static, arid after an examination 'reported that the cost of repairing the "equipment would be $12.50,:', Doroihy'iRecker. said, that she thought th -charge excessive and that she -wanted to take back the radio.

4 number of conversations were bad, she said, stating that in none of them did she authorize tl? work to be done. Neverthe-Iqrs, she reported, Pearson worked on the radio and told her she could have it, back for $10. Eventually he offered to let her have it for, Pearson, the girls testified, still 'has the radio. ONE DEAD, FIVE HURT IN HEAD-ON CRASH Principals in organizing the 4-1 Connelly dinner are John Allard, William Elconin, Ernest Tutt, The scientists made the discovery by using the same thin-slicing technique which recently enabled them to become the first to photograph genes, the tiny carriers of heredity. Slices 1250,000 of an inch thin were cut and magnified 10,000 times by an electron microscope, The; new concept of skeletal muscle structure may have far-reaching medical effects in the Freda Rappaport and others.

More than 500 reservations are Air Gun-Shooting Annoyed, Sheriff's 1 1 said, when three small boys yah- Jay "VV. Garrison, 55, of 1819 12th Santa Monica, a power hammer leadman at the Douglas Aircraft Co. plant was killed, four other Douglas employees and reported, to have been made for the dinner which is to begin at 6:30 p.m. in the CIO building. understanding of muscular diseases, the announcement said.

Ten Years In Post Connelly was the council's ex ecutive officer for more than 10 Mrs. Veda Eklund, ::37 109T Rialto back and neck injuries and a fractured right ankle. i'Mrs. Elsie Valentin 51, of 2143 21st Santa fractured right The- eatb. Garrison, along with that of-Robert Slayajl, 41, of 354 who 'wasHilledj yesterday, when his-car crashed' into -the rear of -lumber truck at Compton' Ave.

and 61st brought to 108 the number of traffic fatalities in the- this year LOSER Alfred Pearson, ordered to pay. judgment and costs in court case. Cohen Aide's yahed at William Floyd Smutz, 16, of 1111 Tobago Court, let fly with an air rifle, seriously wounding one of them. At Harbor General Hospital is Franklin H. Piper, 9, of 1002 6th San with a pellet wound in his stomach.

Smutz, helper in a riding academy at 410 Arcadia Drive, Len-nox, where the shooting Occurred, was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. years, was once State CIO president, an international vice-president of the Newspaper Guild and president of the guild's Los Angeles local. Market Operated by Family Reported Picketed by AFL Promoters of the AFL Retail Troubles Grow The current Issue of the fornia edition of the official national CIO News contains a col Clerks Union have begun picket umn of quotations from local CIO ing a San Gabriel market. pro-nationals denouncing Connel Lecture on Supersonic Phenomena Announced "We are a family running Fai- ly's leadership here and. directing Wheels Stuck; Plane Skids to Safe Landing A war surplus twin-engine Cessna T-50 plane last night skidded to a landing at Long Beach Municipal Airport when its landing wheels failed to lower.

Neither the pilot, William C. Custer, 37, of 345 Poplar man's Village Market, our father Son Charged With Hitting Mother, 60 unemployed musician was booked early today, in University Station on suspicion of battery for assertedly striking his 60-year-old mother. Leo Wonder, 32, of 4616 San Pedro told officers; he slapped" his mother, Louise, "to bring her out of it." Mrs. Wonder said her son struck her when she refused to give him money to go to a show. She Wonder would drink whenever she gave him money.

The mother was in bed during the quarrel, police said. During the struggle, she suffered a cut left eye and a blow to the right. "My father used to do the same thing," Wonder told police. "They would send him to jail and send her home. I don't get it." verbal barbs at the testimonial and two sons," said Bob Faiman dinner.

yesterday. "Father was taken ill another man were injured in a head-on collision on Lincoln Blvd. about1 a mile south of Jefferson Blvd; w' Garrison died in Santa Monica Hospital: a lew. hours after' the accident. 'v Coming out of an turn, a pickup truck going'north on Lincoln crashed into a sedan in which were five persons: Albert Bredemeyer, 54 of.

6134 Brayton Long Beach, manager of a towing service, was driver of the truck. Wilford E. Cline, 31, of 828 14th Santa Monica, a lead-man in the sheet metal division at Douglas, was driver of the car. Others Injured At Santa Monica Hospital, Cline was reported in critical condition last night. He had a fractured right leg and possibly internal injuries.

condition was considered serious. He also had a fractured leg and possibly internal Others injured, all occupants of Cline's car, are: Mrs. Bertha Robbel, '58, of 1 1724 Exposition fractured right leg, chest injuries and possibly internal and I got a dependency discharge from the Marine Corps so I could Dr. Isadore Rudnick, assistant professor of physicsat UCLA, will discuss some supersonic phenomena in a free public lecture at 8 p.m.' today in UCLA's Physics Building 29. Experiments, it is claimed, "show that such sound1 waves will kill cockroaches, make steel balls dance in the air and will cause cotton to burn.

come home and help out. We do all the work ourselves. Only once Hollywood Sign to Be Restored The Hollywood Chamber of in a while we have another help us. "Union organizers told us that Flower Show's Success Leads to Plans for Another The first annual California International Flower Show recently held at Hollywood Park's clubhouse was so successful that a similar spectacle is assured for next year and the years to follow, it was last night. The report was made by Roy F.

Wilcox, general chairman for the flower; show, at au banquet attended by, more than 150 of the exhibit's committeemen at the they allow only two members of a family to operate without being unionized. They said I'd have to join. I don't know, why because Montebello, nor the passenger, Jack Pyle, 26, of 1230 Desire Puente, was injured. Because the plane was not cleared for landing, according to airport officials, an investigation was launched by the CAA. Officials said another private plane was In the air seeking to land at the time Custer came in.

Harold; Metzler; reputed associate of Mobster Mickey Cohen, continued to run into legal diffi-julties yesterday. Metzler, along with 12 other Jefendants, -was Indicted last week by the county grand Jury In connection with the alleged beating of A. M. Pearson, radio store proprietor. He was released nn $50,000 bond and his; hearing was continued until May 3, Yesterday lie a ppeared i before 'iJunicipal Judge H.

A. Decker to 1 reinetaterrtcnt of a $50 bond rhich was forfeited' last April 4 he' failed to show up for 'rial en charges of giving a false I -dress on his application for a iiver'3- license. Addltloiud Bond i Judge' Decker not only refused 'S give Metzler back his $50, but 1 slapped an additional $2000 bond gainst the defendant and ordered Viim to stand by jury May In- Division 7. 2 Metzler also has an engage-- jTient before Superior Judge Stan N. Barnes on April 25.

In 'lhat court, he is accused of violating. the. Deadly Weapons Control Act. Is. free on $2500.

bond 2 In that case, making a total bail Inf $54,500. I Commerce yesterday obtained permission from the City Recreation and Park Commission to restore a real estate subdivision" marker on hills overlooking the area to read "Hollywood" Instead of "Holly-woodland" as at present. Letters on the sign are 75 feet high. The Chamber will rebuild the which has fallen and delete the "land" from the marker which is on property within Griffith Park. Legion Meeting Set i Child held byf members of Post 8, American at Paj triotic Hall tomorrow at; 8 Department Vice-Chairman-.

Betty Lukomski of the Legion Auxiliaryl will be the guest speaker. we don't need any union. "They started picketing us Monday and said they will keep us from getting any supplies. "It looks to us like just a scheme to get money out of us for the union." 1 UCLA Professor to Head Cruise Navy Capt. Lawrence C.

Gran-nis, professor of Naval Science at UCLA, will boss 1100 midshipmen from universities all over the country, when the Navy conducts its second Pacific ROTC summer The cruise force of two heavy InglewobdYouth Wins Essay Prize I David Robinson, 16-year-old Inglewood 'High senior, William K. Ackermah, Aircraft Engineer, Dies ASHEVILLE, N.C., April 19 (JP) William Knox Ackerman, 28, aeronautical engineer; son of the Ambassador to the Dominicair Re Radiological Expert Will Address Club Dr. E. Forrest Boyd, radiological expert at the Bikini atom bomb test, will be the speaker Sunday at the Los Angeles Open Forum Breakfast Club at 9:30 a.m., at. 7312 Beverly Blvd.

He will discuss the implication of atomic energy in the realms -of peace and war. Also on the program will be a color motion picture of Buenos Aires. Homecoming Friday Homecoming Day at Roosevelt High School will be held Friday with registration beginning at 2 p.m." There will be a track meet between Roosevelt and Fremont high schools at. 3 p.m. After that, open house be held from 5 to 7 p.m.

followed by a banquet at 7 p.m. and a dance at 9 p.m. yesterday was all set for the semi public, Ralph N. Ackerman, died cruisers and four destroyers will in an Asheville hospital today fol final essay contest sponsored by the Lions Club and scheduled for May 21 at Santa Catalina Island. 'r'.

David qualified by winning a lowing an illness of five months. In addition to the parents, he leaves his widow, the former Miss Antoinette Gilloni of Los Angeles, and a brother, Ralph Ackerman, also of Los Angeles. leave San Francisco Aug. 2, proceed to Balboa, Canal Zone, thence around the Galapagos Islands and across the equator. The cruise ends Sept.

12 at San Francisco after training at San Diepio and Long Beach. Of the 1100 middies, 60 are from UCLA. regional contest at Pepperdine College Monday night; Finals will be held in Reno in June with an $800 educational scholarship the Bushel of Lonely Hearts Letters to Woman Sifted in Slaying of Two prize. DANCER ACCUSED IN CLUB BLAZES GOES ON TRIAL Scandinavians to Dance A colorful festival of costumes, dances and songs of Denmark, Norway and Sweden will be held by the Scandinavian groups of Los Angeles at the International Institute, 435 Boyle next Saturday. Among the attractions will be a smorgasbord to be served from 6 to 7:30 p.n.

DOVER. April 19 CP) began 'sifting through a basket of "lonely hearts" letters to Mrs. Inez Brennan, 43, shortly after' announcing signed a statement admitting plotted the killings' of. two elderly men and, aided by her three sons, burned and buried the 1 1. Col, Herbert Earnes, State Po- Jtce head, said Mrs.

Brennan con-'frssed shooting one victim and I 1 TrtK i I mother taking $134 from Wool-dridge, and selling much of Schutz's farm supplies and equipment. Barnes said her farmhouse is "filled from 'top" to with lonely hearts letters." "We want to make sure none of those who wrote the letters is missing," Barnes said. "It's possible that she just got started in this business. But we're not placing any bets on that." The grisly story of the slayings the first was last October began unfolding Friday night when Robert told Barnes he shot Wool-dridge' after the Virginian went order, and added his mother and half-brothers, i Raymond, 23, and George, 19, buried he body in a pigpen. Barnes said Robert signed a second statement detailing the slaying of Schultz.

He said he, George and Mrs. Brennan went to Schultz's New England farm and that his mother shot Schultz after he refused, to obey her orders to kill the The woman sold most of Schultz's goods, helped the' body on, his truck and the, family drove back to Delaware. Schultz's body buried beside Wooldridge in- the pigpen. Later both were dug up, burned, and the charred remains scattered on an isolated section of the Blond Terry Chatterton, 28, strip-tease dancer, charged with setting afire a night club from which she had just been ejected, went on trial, yesterday in Superior Judge Turney Fox's court. Dep.

Dist. Atty. John W. Loucks accused Miss Chatterton of having started four separate fires to destroy the Doll House, a night club at 12213 Ventura Blvd. last Fb.

11. Daniel manager of the and it had been necessary for him to escort her to the "As she went out," Duff told the court, "she said 'I'll get even with you for Miss Chattertbnf also known as Linda Kaye, later was arrested across the street from the club while firemen put out flames which; destroyed a. canopy, the awnings, and the "building's rear The dancer, defended by Attys. Herb Wieiier and MarVin Rothman, admits having an altercation with Duff but denies that she had anything to do with the fires. She is expected to testify today.

MARRIAGE EXPERT SUED: FOR DIVORCE. COLUMBUS, 0., April 19 (R) Dr. John F. Cuber was sued for divorce today, four -days after he resigned as director of Ohio State University's- marriage counseling clinic. Mrs.

Esther Cuber changed neglect in a petition filed in the Franklin County Court of Domestic Relations. fH aenng ner joungeM tuu, 15, to shot the other, 2 JThe police official said she met "Kade 70, of Bod--ford, and Hugo Schultz, 66, to the Delaware farm to marry from Epson. N.H., tnrougn loneiy club, testified that Miss Chatter Mrs. Brennan. Barnes said Robert admitted fir ton had refused to leave the prem hearts club correspondence and them to their deaths to rob them.

He eald Robert told of his ACCUSED Terry Chatterton, strip-tease dancer, on trial accused of trying to set a night club afire, Timet shot city dump. ing the fatal shot at his mother's ises after the 2 a.m. closing hour.

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