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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 2
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 2

Los Angeles, California
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2 Port 26, 1943 3 H0g SUtgClCg dlttCS Hwfc j-, i rn hIMJIIi -VL-mKILm miJtm.L. Draft oards Open Offices in County Just Like 1940, on Smaller Scale, as Deluge of Questions Begins It was like 1940 all over again on a smaller scale yesterday when draft board offices opened in Los Angeles County, as they did throughout the State. Here to direct preliminaries to next Monday's beginning registration, Col. Hal P. Skemp, Assistant State Director of Selective Service, said telephones in the county's seven area centers were busy constantly yesterday.

A i'lwwArf-, v': It' PI A -s Vl i i A I'Ckw v. Answering questions about who is to register. About whether Win -f 'if i fill in on the draft card, the registrant must answer: married men of draft age need to His name, place of residence, mailing address, name and address of person who will always know his address, date and place of birth, occupation, name and ad register. They do, Col. Skemp pointed out.

And, moreover, he added, it DRAFT JOBS Reminiscent of 1940, draft board pffices opened in Los Angeles County yesterday. From left, Mrs. Wanda Olson, applying for clerk's job; Mrs. Patricia Fish, co-ordinator, Southwest Los Angeles draft office; Miss Alice Hodge, county draft auditor; Mrs. Mrytle Winchester, draft board co-ordinator for central group.

dress of employer and nature of will be a big help and keep the Selective Service machinery run ning smoothly if each prospective registrant comes armed on regis tration day with the required in formation, especially numerical SSSFonN.l Bud mc Bur. No 33-HOM) SELECTIVK SERVICE NUMBER SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM REGISTRATION CARD 4 data he ordinarily might not carry with him. Examples of Data Such things, Col. Skemp said, iz the number of the local board with which he registered under the Selective Service Act of 1940. Or, if he is a member of a reserve Reftatrar wid aaiar Seiarth Sarrie aniBar) employer's business.

Local board he registered with under 1940 Selective Service Act, question of rejection for service in armed forces, marital status, active duty since Sept. 16, 1940, and membership, if any, at present in reserve component of armed forces, including correct designation of its branch, his service or serial number and the exact date of entry; his height, weight, color of hair and eyes and complexion, race and identifying physical characteristics. Volunteers Report A sizable number of volunteers for work with draft boards yesterday were being interviewed at the Central Los Angeles office under the direction of Col. Skemp, Maj. F.

A. Hartwell, State headquarters' Southern Qdifornia liaison officer, and Maj. E. M. Keeley, C.

Data of birth 1. Nun 1XH GEORGE ipiM.rrMidM. 506 VUIL5HICE (City. taB. Tiil.

a Muatyt I8uu) (Tb fimct reaideac tfnm Hm br wttl detcrmti LmsI Board JartedJcttoa) MtiHnf tddrcw unit in the armed services, what his service or serial number is. 6. Place of birth Or the street address of his place SURROUNDED Autograph-seeking Cub Scouts surround nauticaily attired Mae West 4. Kam and addira of penoa who will mlwayv know your addraas of employment. It is lack of such information, Col.

Skemp said, which causes "bottlenecks" in registration. The colonel pointed out that each male citizen who 'is 18 years old and has not reached his 26th birthday must register, unless he is: A ccmmissioned officer or enlisted man in the armed services 7. Oecupation g. fins or individual by whom employed of business, senriee rendered, or chief product 10. Place of employment or buaineM curing courr recess yesterday ot trial which she faces plagiarism complaint.

Tlraei phot WIDOW OF MINISTER GETS EXCUSED Mae West Jury Solemnly Pledges It Won't Be Embarrassed by 'Spice7 Selective Service co-ordinator- for I8uu) "TOMT ud MMWr K. r. o. nmhrrl District 5 (Los Angeles County) and District 6 (all of the area south of the Tehachapis, plus 11. Local bord with which repstri under Stleetiye Trminint aad Service Act of 1940, aa amended or the Coast Guard, or has com Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties), who were conferring here.

parable status in the U.S. Coast IZ. Were you ever rejected for service la the armed forces? Yea Q. No When? and Geodetic Survey or the U.S. By midafternoon few prospec Mae West yesterday appeared IS.

Marital m.j-j Uri" Seprated tive registrants had arrived at (Orsr) 7ather Divorced Widower 193S and the play produced In 1944. However, Chantry, in his opening statement, said the In Superior Court wearing a white Public Health Service, or A U.S. Coast Guard or U.S. Military Academy cadet or a yachting cap, Navy blue jacket parallel was simply because both the Central Los Angeles office, but outlying board offices said they answered questions for a number of callers throughout the day. Offices are open from 8:30 with scarlet middy collar, and Navy midshipman, or On full-time, extended active were drawn from the same his a white skirt.

toric source material. NEW DRAFT CARD The face side of the new Selective Service TSystem registration card, filled in by theoretical draftee. Registration begins in the county next Monday. Every male citizen who is 18 and has not reached his 26th birthday must registerun-' less he presently is serving in armed services and allied branches. Times photos The jury of four men and eight Moore mentioned an iricident duty with reserve components of the regular armed services, of a Federally recognized National women were sworn in by noon in which the great Catherine, a.m.

to 5 p.m. Monday First Day Next Monday, first day of regis dressed as a peasant, through setiuctive arts, changed an enemy into an ally. tration, all eligible men born in 1922, after Aug. 30, 1922, must And, into the courtroom poured juror. She was Mrs.

Anna M. Robinson, 4439 Grand View Culver City widow of a minister. Superior Judge Samuel R. Blake nodded. None of the jurors had read Russian history.

None had ever read either of Miss West's books, "Constant Sinner" and "Diamond Lil," and only one or two had seen the "Diamond Lil" film, they said. The jury looked at Miss West in her red, white and blue ensemble, and denied that they could be influenced by her bid saying, 'Come up and see. me sometime." And the entire baker's dozen, including the woman alternate, at Chantry's insistence, remained unmoved by the fact that the actress "played roles that are per Guard, Air National Guard or Coast Guard or with the U.S. Public Health Service, serving with the armed forces. Aliens Must Register Aliens of draft age living In this country must register, unless directly attached to a foreign register.

lounger registrants will 2o little boys, Cub Pack 669, Los Angeles, Boy Scouts of America, LA. MINISTER-LEPROSY VICTIM, SAYS HE WAS MADE TO LEAVE follow on succeeding days, ao cording to a definite schedule. with Cubmaster L. A. Willahan Col.

Kenneth H. Leitch, State and three Den Mothers. Cubs Take Over Director of Selective Service, an nounced yesterday at Sacramento enough patients to make up a They had come up to see her and trial of the $100,000 plagiarism suit brought against the actress by two writers, began. Jury Froipises Kenneth Chantry, one of Miss West's attorneys, asked if each prospective Juror would be reluctant to serve, knowing that testimony might be "spicy or to be bland about it, it may even get lewd." He fesplained that the suit, brought by Writers Edwin K. O'Brien and Michael Kane, revolves around the play "Catherine Was Great," based on the life of Catherine of Russia.

The jury promised not to be embarrassed." Whereupon Miss West and her counsel conferred and excused a The Rev. C. E. Olmstead, formerly of the staff of the First Congregational Church here, yes that the State's 545 registration places are "In a state of readi Mae West. special tram.

country's diplomatic and consular service or a member of such a foreign consul's or diplomat's immediate family, CoL Skemp pointed out. Court adjourned, the jury filed gave Mr. Olmstead every out and the Cubs took over. ness." He said some 15,000 persons have volunteered to help with registration. terday charged he had been forced to leave his Glendale home on threat of arrest because he had consideration.

ve realize we are dealing with antiquated laws regarding the handling of leprosy As for the blanks he'll have to They asked for autographs, and got them. They asked for her phone number, and didn't. One treatment, until they were ready to send him to Carville. Mr. Olmstead said he and his wife spent the night packing and left home early in the morning.

They drove. to Carville. "After running me out of town on pain of immediate arrest as a public menace," the article continued, "they quarantined my house, placarding it for public in contracted leprosy. ALMOST BY ACCIDENT patients. When we can expedite matters to make treatment of a haps not 'Snow-White and Rose- even reached out a hand and felt Red' type." The charges were made In an article written by the minister in a magazine published at the her amazing eyelashes.

leper easier we do so." Warned of Arrest Henry T. Moore, counsel for "I told them to come back when they were 21," Miss West told Carville (La.) Leprosarium, where the writers, outlined similarities between the sketch submitted in he is now confined. her- lawyer, Stanley Gleis. formation that it was a dangerous place to enter. Effective Typhoid Drug Found by Army Savants Dr.

Roy O. Gilbert, Los Angeles The minister, 60, was a missionary in Burma for 31 years, declared he and hi3 wife left home hurriedly when private physicians, after contacting public County Health Officer, denied the "In a day of understanding. charges. He said it is true that Helen Lee Worthing, 49, when they know leprosy is far less infectious than tuberculosis health officers, warned them they his department would have been required by law to confine Mr. Olmstead in the leper cubicle at would be arrested.

New York Times WASHINGTON, Aug. 25 The The publication In which the Toasted as Beauty, Dies article appeared is devoted to dis He said a health officer told General Hospital to await transfer him arrest would have meant to Carville by the U.S. Public Health Service. pelling popular misconceptions about leprosy which medical authorities have found to be very discovery of a new antibiotic drug, Chloromycetin, which appears to be "highly effective" against typhoid fever, was re confinement in General Hospital for six to eight months, without Saved Confinement The curtain, once silken and bright with tinsel, rustled to a close last night on the tempestuous life of Helen Lee Worthing, 49, Ziegfeld Follies beauty who was the toast of two continents in the Golden 20s. slightly contagious and seldom transmitted from one person to another.

ported today by the Army. Spaatz Takes CAP Post COLUMBUS, Aug. 25 UP) PROWL CAR STOLEN IN TOWN HOLDING POLICE CONVENTION LARAMIE, Aug. 25 UP) When somebody stole the local prowl car, Laramie police thought it was a big joke. After all, the town was loaded with policemen.

Surely it was some practical joker here for the Wyoming Police Protective Association convention. Today, the meeting over and the car still missing, the police sent out a State-wide message asking the law to be on the watch for the law's car. The application of Chloromy Dr. James W. Fifield, pastor cetin in cases of typhoid fever developed almost accidentally in Col.

Harold Byrd, vice-chairman of the First Conirrezational termined by tests on two patients being treated originally for typhus, were unanticipated and dramatic, it was stated. Typhoid is a bacterial disease, against which the sulfa drugs, penicillin and streptomycin, have been of little value. The typhus group is caused by the presence of an organism, the rickettsia, which makes its way into the body cells where most drugs are unable to reach. Typhus is relatively rare in the United States, but 4000 cases of typhoid were reported here in 1947 alone. Supplies of Chloromycetin for the treatment of typhoid in this country are still severely limited, the Army stated.

"But it seems to me Mr. Olmstead should thank us for not having done so," Dr. Gilbert said. "His leaving on his own volition for Carville saved him perhaps months of confinement at General Hospital. The U.S.

Public Health Service customarily waits until the hospital has of the Civil Air Patrol, announced Church, said he believes th the course of tests by an Army County Health Department had here tonight that Gen. Carl Spaatz, retired Air Force chief of She died in humble Jodgings at 1062 Serrano the three-! room back-lot house where she I lived with Jerry Oro, 39-year-old Filipino, who said he had been shown great consideration and medical team using the drug against scrub typhus last winter in Malaya, the Army disclosed. staff, had accepted the chairman tact in handling Mr. Olrnstead's ship of CAP. case.

The drug, derived from a Vene 1 4 i-: Jfcv Vy 1 TTr 1 zuelan earth mold, proved to be a potent remedy against the typhus group, according to ths service doctors. Its effectiveness Judge Lashes 'Immunity Sentences Brenda Again in the treatment of typhoid, de her friend, almost her only friend, for nearly 10 years. Although it is believed that Miss Worthing died from natural causes, an autopsy probably will be ordered to determine the exact reason for her death, officers said. In 1927, already troubled with narcotics and liquor violation arrests, her career ended when she Copyright. 1948.

New York Times Dr. Leo Blass LONG FLIGHT NEEDLESS; Municipal Judge Joseph L. Call of Los Angeles I WIFE VERY MUCH ALIVE drove to Tijuana and married Dr, Eugene Nelson, Negro physician. Dies in Israel INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 25 (U.R) MORE PURRS, FEWER SNARLS 'WORLD NEED' 25 (JP) Dr.

Peter H. Odegard, new head of the political science department at University of California, suggested today that "what the world needs Is a moratorium on vituperation." "We need more purr words and fewer snarl words," he said. But, he added: "We're not going to get pushed around by a bunch of Communists. Our traditions are too deep-rooted." yesterday twice sentenced Mrs. Marie Mitchell (also known as Brenda Allen) to 180 days in jail for operating disorderly houses.

The jurist then demanded to know how such a licentious business could be carried on for 10 Cpl. Marion Williams, Who rushed HELEN LEE WORTHING Dr. Leo Blass, Los Angeles physician, died Saturday in Tel Forgotten by Hollywood Hollywood, which lured her from New York in 1920, when Mary Pickford judged her one of the nation's three top beauties, home from Germany to attend his her to 180 days in jail, fined her $500 for vagrancy and deplored "public corruption" and a "dangerous cancerous destruction of the foundations of our government." Yesterday he said, "the 'various fines of $25 and $30 and bail forfeitures in the past would seem to indicate immunity of some type. "The extent to which this business has flourished, as indicated here by the public records of this wife's "funeral," today ate a big penciled notes of Helen's thoughts Aviv, Israel, while on a round- breakfast of jello and potato salad years with substantial immunity in failure. the-world cruise, it was an forgot her quickly.

But she did not from law enforcement. she prepared for him. that it was all a mix-up involving two corporals named Williams. Actually it was the wife of Cpl. J.

C. Williams of Oklahoma who had died. The two corporals arrived at Westover only a few hours apart. After greeting hi3 wife, Williams sat down to a huge meal that included green beans, a gallon of jello with bananas and a gallon of potato salad. "I can't stand another straw it would be too much," one cryp nounced here yesterday by rela "For five whole days I thought It was the second time Judge tives.

He was 63. she was dead." he said. "I'm still tic notation said. On the wall beside her bed were Call lashed vehemently at breakdown in law enforcement against a little nervous." Dr. Blass, a prolific medical and forget Hollywood, for thick, expensive scrapbooks, bulging with extravagant praise for' her beauty and acting, were at her bedside when she died.

Other clippings, the ones she tried so desperately to forget, de pitiful attempts at water color political writer, had been in pri Williams, 33, found out his wife was very much alive when he State and as indicated by an ex the woman who boasted she never spent a day in jail. Two weeks before he sentenced painting. On the living room wall vate medical practice here for 35 reached the United States, after a amination of Miss Allen's card Index box, indicates in a most me plane trip from Germany. A ca was a single large silver-framed portrait, taken more than two decades ago. It displayed the beau tailed her tortuous trip along the years.

In the course of his practice he was active in the foundation of the Duarte Sanitarium and blegram had informed him his wife was dead and the Army gave downward path. The' romance with Nelson faltered in 1931 with the filing of a divorce suit which him a furlough. was cited by the city of Los An He arrived Monday at Springfield. and put in a tele made headlines across the nation. thodical, alphabetical and numerical fashion the extent of the infiltration of this unlawful enterprise into all strata of society.

"Such a licentious business carried on in such a grandiose scale over a period ot better than 10 years with apparent immunity-substantial immunity from actual law enforcement that is what I geles for his work the influenza epidemic after World War I. phone call to his home to inquire In 1935, the- parting was final, and for a short time, litigation continued to keep her in the I i Vi: fn. i' 'ft about funeral arrangements. Gra ty that had made her queen of the rotogravure sections, here and abroad; the beauty that she once claimed had made her the "girl friend" of a New York Mayor. So, as the curtain folds closed tight last night, the bright silver frame and the picture inside it shone, almost twinkled, in the glare of a single, unshaded light bulb.

He leaves three daughters. Mrs. de answered the phone. "I was flabbergasted," Williams news. Sadder Turn Told Arthur Hoffman, Mrs.

Charles Blumenberg and Mrs. Warren Steinberg, all of Los Angeles. said. Gracie said she had a hard time convincing him she wasn't a ghost. am getting at presents a threatening challenge to that great ma Then the stories took a sadder turn.

There were arrests on psy Funeral services have been conducted in Tel Aviv. jority of law-abiding citizens who chopathic charges and others on The Air Force explained at Westover Field, Massachusetts, GOVERNORS MEET Prudential's Continued from First Page man said these fields Included community property, rates, on Trip Starts intrastate electrical energy and telephone communications and narcotics counts, then liquor arrests, and finally, jail terms for minor drunk charges. The oldest clipping records her suit against a perfume company, for using her picture in advertising. was 1926, and she was starred with John Barrymore in "Don Juan" that year. The cycle ends in 1946, when she was picked up by police who found her dazed and sick at Portia St and Sunset Blvd.

But Helen Worthing didn't kid herself. Beside the rumpled bed, In which she died sometime yesterday, police found a jumble of want and are entitled to good government and honest service from honest public Tha judge ordered the new sentences to run conccurently with the previous one. The latest terms are for running houses at 8438 Harold Way, on the Sunset Strip, and at 1354 Miller Place. When her attorneys Bald they will appeal, the judge fixed added bail for each couni. Miss Allen also has been convicted in Superior Court of a felony count of attempted pandering.

She faces a possible sentence of six months to five years for this Sept 8. New York News NEWARK, N.J., Aug. 25 The certain excise taxes. largest shipment thus far of personnel and records to the Pruden Gov. Lester C.

Hunt of Wyoming presided at the meeting. Nine other Governors were present, members of the executive committee and tax committee of the Governors Conference. Rep. Harold Knutson, (R) and seven other members of the House Ways and Means Committee, and Sens. Harry F.

Byrd, (D) Edward Martin, (R) and Albert W. Hawkes, (R) represented the government. The conference proposed that tial Insurance new West Coast division office In Los An when the 81st Congress convenes, the taxation committees of the two houses meet with the tax committee of the Governors Con geles pulled out of Newark today on a 15-car special train. About 165 persons and some 60 tons of records are aboard. ANOTHER SENTENCE Brenda Allen, flanked by Attys.

James Bradley, left, and Max Solomon, as she was sentenced to 180 days in Jail for operating disorderly houses. Tunes phots ference to discuss the recom mendations. books, their pages interlined with.

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