The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 26, 1960 · 76
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 76

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 26, 1960
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r ' - 6 SeC.G-S"N-J"NE",l960 tOflflntfUfmfg ttasy walking distance, tow a. J CjiiUwiiga Pasd be-Then I'm planning a big fore I realized that we had Ci'jcatcts--poaen Dtama Chouinard Arts Ball for never even mentioned an- Walt Disney Held His Dreams next April 15 . . ." other little enterprise, name was well on my way of Disneyland. Cbcaterg Spoken Drama. Continued from First Page is buried and the dog a Skye terrier, who won't leave his master's grave. Don Chaffee is directing the kids one of them from 'The Little Kidnapers' and another, Julie Buck, daughter of the London producer. "Another movie for England, in August, is 'The Miracle of the White Stallion.' This is based on a war incident. The I.ippizaner stallions had been got out of Austria before the Russian advance but the mares were in Czechoslovakia. Gen. Pat-tnn turned his back on the Allied commission and sent a whole battalion up there to rescue the mares. Part of Film Will Be Shot in England "We've done preparatory work in Vienna but will shoot our riding-school part in England. Janet Munro, Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello will be in that one. In one series Walt hopes to cover the . traditional dances of the world. Those of Spain have been completed by Jose Greco. Steve Previn (brother of Andre) is now lining up the Italian: "Rome, Naples, Sicily, the Adriatic six spots in all." lie grinned. "They sing, too and every one of 'em ends up like Italian opera." Editing now is James Oliver Curwood's "Nomads of the North," about a dog and a bear, on which a camera crew spent three years in Canada. Closer to home, Disney will roll "We Belong Together" next month. Hay-ley Mills, the main attrac tion of "Pollyanna," will play twins whose parents are separated and who switch places in order to effect a happy reunion for all. Their mother will be Maureen O'Hara. David Swift is writer-director. Fantasy and 'Live' Being Combined In October "Babes in Toy-land," which Walt calls his first live-action musical, will team Zorro's Henry Calvin and Gene Shelton for laughs. "We're updating the lyrics; the music, of course, is Victor Herbert's. 'South Pacific' in Fullerton Rodgers and Hammer-stein's "South Pacific"ush-ers in Sherwood Price's 10-week summer theater season tomorrow night at the new Fullerton Music Playhouse. In the cast of the musical, which will be presented for two weeks, are Mary La Roche, Ned Romero, Bert Convy, Virginia Paris, Dave Kethum and Christin Mc.Math. Joseph Sergeant is directing. Barry McGee designed the set; musical supervision is by Amerigo Marino and dances choreographed by Lee Scott. Following "South Pacific" will be "Kiss Me Kate," "Damn Yankee" and "Can-Can." 'March of the Toys' will be done in animation. "I'll be using fantasy with 'live more and more," Disney inserted parenthet-ically. "I've decided people should play people and shouldn't be animated only the effects should." But full-length cartoons are not being abandoned. For release in November is the completed "101 Dalmatians." Still on the drawing boards are "The Sword and the Stone," Arthurian legend, and Edmond Rostand's classic "Chanticleer." "And that's all?" I asked, finally. "Well, no," Wait said. "Not exactly, I'm gradually turning this whole 'front lot' into our back lot, building permanent sets western, Spanish, midwestern, New England all within Cbeatcts Spoken Drama v 1539 N.Vine SL-HO.3-3203 1 ffl y Tin Broadway Becort-Breaking Comedy Hit tf g i JI1CWTLT HCM-HlffiJf "mETUT aafPrTICt I 2 SHOWS SAT. WA lZX, m, 1 30 aad 10:45 P. i. V . a ' 'JL0 "Pi Si ' I COMING Limited Engagement S. HUROK Present! : THE BILTMORE THEATRE AIR CONDITIONED LAST 2 WEEKS lm 1:10 PM Wid.-S.lL Mats lilO P.M. .v j- K f,r , l' i-J I ' v TS V IS I it "' ."I ST Vv 4 "' MAIL ORDfRS kCOrpfrtS ' fneloea stamped, tlt-tidruu4 nvaioparor return of ticket tt MO W. Jth St. No ens seated during first seem 76 TROMBONES LEAD The BIG PARADE" to , MEREDITH WILLSON'S - fitttnltj b Thl SrMk Theatre Auocljtion )omn A. Doollltl (hnual DiiKtm Entire Production Staasd bv MORTON DA COSTA Evti. Mon. thru Thun.-Orch. & logs $6.00; 1st Bale. $3.30, 5.00, 4.00; 2nd Bale. $3.00. 2.30. Fri. & Sat. Evei.-Orch. & Legti $6.30; lit Bale. $6.00. 5.30, 5 00; 2nd Bale. $3.50, 3.00. Matmeti Wtd. & Sot.-Orch. & Ug.i $5.00; lit Bale. $4.50, 4.00; 2nd Bole. $2.00, 1.50. ROYAL BALLET FORmeKLT SADLERS WELL'S BALLET SIIIUM AUDITORIUM NOVEMBER 18-29 For Information Call MA. 2-1644 or MA. 4-2689 flojtHaiaoAnrctins 427 Wjt SStJJi,, Friday Morning Club Th Mai"lxtiring t Uniqut Jan vint of tht Ysar p!.Hr?u" NEW JAZZ CONCEPTS Frl. Ev.. hily 15 8:30 d1'1 vwl," " Tkti. S. 50-2.50 it Ss. Cil. Millie Co. 737 t Hill t Mutuil Aieyt. DORIS DAWAVlDNlVEtf: new OPENS FRIDAY - JULY 8 LIMITED ENGAGEMENT f" iivc nunr tmuf oviunrnu awim UivnU WiBrsx'oraifcoiinuiun wunwunriiiin ;?!EE DIRECTORY ADS FOB 2nd FEATURES LOS ANGELES I BEVERLY HILLS I SOUTHSIDE Thl BEVERLY PL S H91 CR. 5 448 E. 10S ANGELES GLENDALE BOULEVARD ROXY AM. 1-2665 CI. 3-6393 ENCINO SANTA MONICA ENCINO ELMIR0 Sr. 4 8233 EX. 5 3344 Pacific Palisade pasadena BAY COLORADO Gl. 4-5525 SY. 6 9704 MONROVIA. WONTEBELLO LYRIC GARMAR EL 8 3119 PA. 8-1219 PASADENA LA MIRADA HASTINGS LA MIRADA PRIVC-IN ORIVI-IN SY. 5-3566 ... UN. 3-3111 11? KEASEDOrVriAT , , THI WAGNOIU UNKCRSNfM DAl$lES IH. I-1SM PO S itM ArVi.AD: hriRtVfi K ftkk tacjj S1NTI ANITA RORWILK STRINft HI. 2I9S tIN 4??t tn gi'QO ANN CORIO The Hilarious New York Hit- rLLLL: liwmii'ii mii mil iua I, ... I t Mi ...OK YOU'LL BECOME DESPERATE I -f 1 WOMEN I HnsABOMlOH UNITtO ARTISTS' STATE D0T0WH ft l (rextwiy Ml 7-747?. 0v ? noon UNITED ARTISTS 0.l 2111 LONG RfACH UNITED ARTISTS WE. 7 1267 PEGGY . EWAN SEEGER and MscCOLL NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS Tickets fr. 1.50 9 Santi Monica Civic And. t Mutual Ajenciej Mi I fhtnt UP. 81778 1 IB ) TT.iKri LA ur:u PACKED MUSICAL SATIRE OF THE 1 930's BILTMORE THEATRE 3 WEEKS ONLY-JULY 13 thru JULY 30 MAIL ORDERS NOW "A MARVELOUS PLAY." -ATKINSON, N.Y.TlMf a 'MIRIAM HOPKINS it sivins THE FINEST PERFORMANCE OF HEN CAREER. tit: -WARD MORKHOUSC. NAN.A. ky KETTI FRINGS kiNd w thi ami ay THOMAS WOLFE GILBERT MICHAEL GREEN EBERT imu ri 17 A OCT Li r ittil i,i.ii.nui.iri GILLESPIE EUSTIS : PHIL ARTHUR If and LEE RICHARDSON DttKtH x OAVIO PRESSMAN fey MHK I0TT antMH If HOTIIY liimn Pn4wf: U0 ITTH T.r HikUm: IROlDWIf TKItTRI HtlilBf, WC. DIRECT FROM ITS SENSATIONAL RUN Of 184 PERFORMANCES ON BROAOWAYI Eves. Mon. thru Thun Orch. t Loges $5.00; 1st Bale. $4.50, 4.00, 3.50; 2nd Bale. . $2.50, 2.00 Frl. I Sat Evu.-Orch. t Loses $5.50; 1st Bale. $5.00, 4.50, 4.00; 2nd Bale. $2.50, 2.00 Matt. wed. t Sat. Orch. I logei $4.50; 1st Bale. $4.00, 3.50; 2nd Bale. $2.00, 1.50. Plias five altarnata datas. Enelesa (tamped, addrasted envelope far ticket return. PrtttnltH hy Crwrh Tkmatra Aioe,Jamm$ A, Doolittlm, General Director FEATURING HARRY KLEX BOBBY BALL HOLLIS MORRISON DIXIE PALLADINO and NELL'S BELLES . Choreography and Staging by Jack Baker Associate Choreographer Wilda Taylor Costumes by Jack's of Hollywood Scenery and Lighting by Produced and Directed by Harry Zevin Caruso of New York Vf1 "BEST MUSICAL REVUE SINCE 'BLACKOUTS' 11" VARIETY 3rd SMASH M0NTH1 KISHUYlEiTllaM 2SH0WSSAT.l-1l.ti Pfi-M $2.20, 3.30. 4 0 In Office. Si UMKat caWHtfHlApw mm men MOW mm VAR timing BARBARA FAY JACK HELLER DEWITT ALBERTSGN A4ofc your reserva'on For New Years fve NOW THEATRE 1605N.IVAR NO. 7-4J79 HO. 7-5988 MAIL ORDERS NOW! PRICES: Sunday thru Thursday $3.30 - $2.20 $1.65 Friday and Saturday $3.85 $3.30 $2.20 ALL SEATS RESERVED - Nightly at 8:40 except Saturday 2 Shows Saturday Night at 7:30 and 10:30 Tickets tomorrow at Y 7 Box Office, So. Calif. Music Co., 737 So. Hill Street and all Mutual Agencies aaaRRaOTWBaadRRRRRIMHBMBRVfflVRIBBBRaBBBlHBHtX MAIL ORDERS MOW AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT 3 Thrilling P!a)s by World's Greatest Playwright J 1th San Diego Sational SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL Old Globe Theatre Balhoa Paik Nightly except Monday July 5 through Sept. 4 Matinee Saturday & Sunday 2 P.M. JULIUS CAESAR AS YOU LIKE IT HAMLET directed by William Ball directed by Allen Fletcher Professional Actors! Authentic Staging! Original Costumes! Performed in Replica of Shakespeare's Original Globe Playhouse! COLORFUL PRE-PERFORMANCE PAGEANTRY NIGHTLY 8 P.M. BAY CITIES JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER pram' LUSTGARTEN QUARTET ZENIA CHASMAN, Pianist end MILTON KESTENBAUM, Bass In a program of Haydn, Schubert, Brahms SUNDAY. JULY 10. at 8:15 p.m. BARNUM HALL, 601 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica (Santa Monica High School) Tickt at Bay Cities Jtwith Community Ctnttr 2601 Santa Monica Slvd , Santa Monica EX 3-0223 . Wotiid Jewish Community Center, 5870 W. Olympic Boulevard, l.A. Bn' Music Center, 1CM W. Pico Blvd., West Lot Angelet Norty's Music Center, 34 N. Fairfax Avenue, los Angelet Admission " .. !lv7iaL"oHT OPERaV Philharmonic cZt Eve rttc Sun.) 8 30 Mala. Wed. i I Sat-2:30 C-.7 "eais Shir: i.-i . Sox Offices at FHIUwnaonic '"liahla If CO. i. ALL MUTUAL AGtMCIES Ne R jlkv--' i.ii' " mm "PLAYERS RIN( CALLERY?L.jl-e 111 ura HAHiri Bikn Fa,taM.-sTitieM. "Cameekslle a Wiener" Pitterws Orreo. I. A. Enminar F.D.r) fley Ckeend at Sillenr" Kere Harfers). Utrrer Newt "At Ceett At the Nea Vtrk Ctaiaeer ! rm. Brr. HiUa Cittien fPLAYEJt! A VERY FUNMV WAYAtkhft3n,N.Y.rtfris L a ft mSH3l AT - StaU. RINQ W "t tlei ' e.'o.QU45.;i',riyiT TST SCRIES TICKETS: 7 5 and $1 M SINCII TICKETS: JVEW YORK THEATRE TICKETS lAUtV MUrtlle 4-;S4 BKAJJSHAW 2-0444 Sou Clip CtltndAr JULIUS CtCSlR fair S. I, 1. I. I. IB. IS. 11. J. IS. J4. 27. 11 tsjast 1. t, II, !1, U, IS, II. 2T St 1', 4 AS T9U DKt IT hi 11, IS. 14. IS. 1T, 20. 22. 2J-. 21. Jl. M Aefutt 4. I'. 12. 14 II, 24, 21, 21. left. I, S I OLD GLOBE THEATRE B 2171, Sa Diets 12. Calif. una uia m m a.. t i V. It. II. IT. 'tl, '2l, 2, Jl. II! 2S, fCITf. a', it. aa, ii aaft. i, a mttntt SS and SJ Sfl (n tl SO an SI (man 125th Witkl KIOHTIY. I SO t Meat let eei It 41 Hit Nit ii a ml Tkiitnt I.E GRAND THEATRE 14.11 CaXn'M MO. nri ADULTS teSTL1 OHIY Tickets SI IS. J . ) SO at lai Office and All Mataal AnKrct - Jut til at frnem evjte to ' A' Yo Lit If en -tukett a fc 'Htmlrt" en -iiiktfs tl IKAMt iADDRES5 SANTA BARBARA SUMMER THEATRE - IOBERO THEATRE-FAST 1'i HOUR FREEWAY FAY BAINTER OPENING JUNE 30 MT5T2T55 "BLaCK CHIFFON" erJ HL wr Mm lewte aAttvt Otewitl He. J0NC aTsteient mif eiiteni eweiped or ttVael raetmt ESTEUI W1NVYOOO in "THE CIRCLE" N;9Mlyl30.Clte1Mori. mo 1-4411 . it 4-sB PASADENA PIAYHOUSI 4 WEEKS Only Beg. TUES., JULY 12 1 r xrk ....aOK 9r"1 tal 1 TT Trtniut4 4 M uERWALE . r.i..r.te4 " a""" OPENING, FRI. t SAT. EVES. 1:40 P.M. Orch. S4.J0; Meia. St.50, 35 Balcony $4 6S, 4 JO, 1 7S MON. (ee. epenina) thru THURS. I 40 P.M. Orch. S3 40; Men. SS.40. 4 85 Balcony $430, 173, 1.20 , WED t SAT MATINEE 1:40 P M. Orch S4 .10; Men. S4.30, S73 Balcony JJ 30, J.ti. 2 10 All nrices incurfe lo. Please aive alternate dates. Fnrlose sfomnfd aWresirc' tnve'ope for ticket return. MAIL ORDERS NOW SHERWOOD PRICE PRODUCTIONS FULLERTON MUSIC PLAYHOUSE FULLERTON, CALIF Pram I A. loke Santa Ant freeway 1:39 p.m. GALA OPENING JUNE 27 SOUTH PACIFIC Winmr of thi Pulltur Prill and Critics' Circli Awird Music by RICHARD RODGERS Lyrics by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN 2nd Book by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN 2nd and JOSHUA LOGAN Adapted from Jamii A. Miehimr's Pulitzer Prizi Winning "TALES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC" starring MARY LA ROCHE NED ROMERO BERT CONVY with VIRGINIA PARIS DAVE KETCHUM Directed by JOSEPH SARGENT Musical Olfaction i AMERIQ0 MARINO Chonographyt LEE SCOTT Sets and Lighting, BARRY MeGEE Special pricis opining night Regular prices for limited two week engagement) $3.65 $3.00 $2.00 (tax included) FOR RESERVATIONS phone LAmb'ert 6-8341, Fullerton, Calif. ALSO Orange County Theatre Ticket Agency, Santa Ana Klmberly 7-S77T. For information about coming attractions, write P.O. Box IS, Fullerton, and enclose self addressed stamped envelope. 39th SEASON JULY 5 THRU SEPTEMBER 3 ML MUSIC FOR EVERYONE FEATURING THE LOS ANGELES PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA "SYMPHONIES UNDER THE STARS" Tuesdays & Thursdays RENOWNED CONDUCTORS ACCLAIMED SOLOISTS CHORAL MASTERPIECES HOLLYWOOD BOWL "POPS" Saturdays MUSIC FROM THE THEATRE'S MOST POPULAR COMPOSERS SPECIAL POPULAR ATTRACTIONS Fridays 2 HOLLYWOOD BOWL "EXTRAS" TEBALDI - NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC & BERNSTEIN Box Office Open Daily 9:30 to 9:00, Sunday 10 to 5 Beginning Monday, June 27 Enjoy 9 weeks of America's Greatest Summer Music Save up to 50 on Season Tickets Tickets Available for Single Performances at: 75, M.50, 2.50, 3.00, 3,50, $4.50 On Sale: HOLLYWOOD BOWL ASSN., 2301 N. Highland Ave, Phone HO 9-3151 Southern California Music Co., 737 S. Hill St. & All Mutual Agencies Patio Buffet Served from 5:30 to 8:30 PARKING IN BOWL AND NEAR BOWL ENTRANCE- 50 ALWAYS Greek Theatre edef Ike dlrtiiln if Inn Llealiltli 1 Fir tew k Hk imtn mrU iHMNatTlkietriWItitn Tiirteee, eerftraieotei lira Jim 27 tareed Jtrf II the qRcn6 luBuki V V aepeitoiB y y lUmt Xaewaitma XVT7. Ekerelm II nj Ulmtmen VI iucleJee 3 pLpi etli frfarmmncm UxtitJ Oin Saturday, 130 sharp JUKE 27 JULY 2 TfiJemfJ2' TLs Monday thri Sunday, 8.30 thira JULY JULY Tie J tee Tanrt!assu.i-ji sit i -so sic. mm sci-uji mtriixjii THEATRE BOX OFFICE OPEN T00AY12-e Tickets a!$a m salt at ail agencies 6 ALA 0PENIN9 TOMORROW rertaaRMMrtaplMl-3e?(.

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