The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 24, 1959 · 50
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 50

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1959
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FIOILND EVENTS titotipent Films Staged Music 6 Port lit THURSDAY MORNING, HEDDA HOPPER TixZd Gets Mfen j for 'Hell Raisers Vw Jerry "Wald has practically cleared the deal for David Niven to play the British officer in "Hell Raisers' about the Boxer John Saxon Rebellion. He has France Nuyen, Stephen Boyd and Stu Whitman, hasn't yet found the actress to play Empress of China. Paul Gregory gave Ray Hamilton, unknown, second lead in "Pink Jungle." He graduated from University of Washington in Seattle last year. Saved $200, came here to crash THURSDAY, OCT. 1 thru 11th! PERFORMANCES TWICE DAILY ex Offic New Op a in th. NEW Sonli Barbara ft 'igutroa 1 1 it i , rmm X 1 fl I fCONVINIINrl I v Tyr ADJACENT J f PARKINO I ZZ' All CONDITIONED 1000 Om. Adm. Sean $1.00 for och Ptrraiatanca tcSERViO SEATS $1.00, $1.00, $3.50, $4.00 Kldi (ind.r IJ . V, Prit latter M. Nil ft Woekendi an reserved igata nly. trtt. at I tt Inn. ) 6i30 Mtlna it IilO pt ' SAT. & SUN. 2,30 I TICKETS AT THI NIW 1PORTS AIENA $. CAltP. MUSIC, T)T S. Hill All MUTUAL AGENCIfl Mail rdr la IINOUNO lOS. Clrw., tfOITS AIENA. J93 a. risutrn. L A. 17. Make checks payable I Supr Shwi, Im. Encls itlf ddrsid Stamped nvlope. Thfilm;wilhoutr Iclsmodastylv B. I. U'rTEiXCt'l COKTMiUSiAL CHATTERLEY'S -A- LOVER tAClUIIVi TOMOUOWI ADULTS I m A PlcHttCiiniF ONITI LIU LI 01 S-I39i-?KK UCM prtMKti Alt i f ' WCOIA PRODUCTION l Tlf VTm n V a1 A . SEPTEMBER 24, T)959 movies, When money ran out he became a soda jerker. Than Pat Harris gave him living money hiring him for TV commercials, now ' he's playing with Ginger Rogers. You'll recall Erin O'Brien and James Garner made their bows In "John Brown's Body" and "Caine Mutiny Court Martial" for Paul Gregory. John Saxon's been saying for years he wanted a dramatic role on stage and we sort of smiled. Now I'll be darned if he hasn't gone and done it at Ft. Lee Playhouse in New Jersey in "Night Must Fall." and FINAL 3 DAYS! EtIDS SUNDAY! TOfilTE 8:30 2 SfiOlVS FRIDAY SPECIAL MATINEE AT 4i30 t EVENING AT 8t30 3 SHOWS SATURDA. hOO, SiOO, 9i00 P.M. 2 SHOWS SUKDAY H30 P.M. & 5)30 P.M. That's off! Popular Priced Seat 'til show time Pricwt $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.60 (inc. lax) Buy Scott Nowl So. Calif. Mutic Co., Harris A Frank iforM, Famdtna Winttr Cardan, all Mutual Aginciu and fan Pacific. PAN PACIFIC 7 60 J BEVERLY BLVD. Wtkitir H43t-B0X OFFICE CALIFORNIA TH.t-ti9f til Newl ttrrltyKH THE MUMMY CUKSE0P THE UNDfUB yr CORNELL JL TH. ! Daring Advinturtrl JOHN PUL JONES THE MRSUADEII C Qrant-B. Mmim NORTH BV NORTHWEST MATINS SAME JL, RESEDA tarlnf Jtdvantorarl JOHN PAUL JONES IHI PERSUADER C. Irtnt-D. Kir NORTH DY NORTHWEST FIVE PINNIES . a . ruriHuiat Ba W,teha1,r r ip. i.03M I. Nlvn-S. Maclaln ASK ANY SIRl COMPULSION rrl., Sit.. Swk KIM TARZAN'S SAVABE FURY GRAND FA. t tsM , PARK DA. I 4HI P. Slmln ! Firtif MOLE IN THE MEAD HERCULES CENTINELA ' OR 4-JlU Cut. I ami. CENTURY OR. 4-ai All Nfwl TrrllTll THE MUMMY CURSE OF THE UHBEAB N. Brand F. MacMurrai I SATES TO HELL BRECON TRAIL Pi flRSI "' MacMarrai AN 2.0761 "' "tlk t.a. n .'b-aiw e"i "" ll ISnpf p. aiawmaa K. Na Si a iiii TNB. PHIIADEIPHIANS "a atV.irta. HIPPIE DF NlaHT OI,mV"ii lli..Y DRE80N TRAIL pin!; ai A'H.I CURSE OF THE UN0EAB 7 STUDIO i I. a ajs a..l it iitrm V tORRANCtS Tir. r ( Hl'Wia Baring Adanlurr JOHN PAUL JONES THE PERSUAOt A ' Barinf AAvanturarl JOHN PAUL JONES THIPERSUADER All Niiwl Tamfrlafl TH( MUMMY CURIE BF UNDEA1 VERMONT ml ll lla TT LAUREL I. Dan B. Rir DOOM AS N Via FIVE PINNtff I, i n Laur. Cvn ITBrafld F. MacMarrai H. 2. I'll "' "S Al.'ll W VIMT OBtBON TRlll .A. RESEDA Baring Arfaiitrarl JOHN Ptlll JONES THE URSUADE 01 II1M N,.Mia il V'l AN VAL lllwrtirrl)lasT"i FMlt WI- CUR51 OFJTHl NOfl IfPIIIVEQA AM Nl Trrltlngf z ... fV .iJ! - Vl tRSE BF THE 4 a..r,. .i a.i.i DRreou Ti r' tubt B I) Bar M V UNREAD acMarrai I NHL TRAIL Victory Aavair.n "i 1-4411 JOHN PaUL JONES V tKt al C'llW THI PERSUADIR "T NORWALR Blvd. ffl"S 1 UN I llIT 'H"' W'l JONES A . Ilil IHI P1R5UA0ER WRjja 0 fsll PA fltll 7 .. i cum or im umcai "ly Si a aili to1 ndrinwesT a., a....ii. womin ORsmtD BM BmrdJ CUtSi U IbA tJarDIAI critics gave him "excellent," Eli Wallach turned down "Fiorello" on stage because he can't sing. Now he's acting daytimes and taking singing lessons at night Says he, "I'll probably be the first Method singer in the business." DRAKE'S IN TROUBLE Fans of my son Bill will be happy to learn he has a mighty, good part in an upcoming Perry Mason program called "The Case of Paul Drake." He's accused of murder and' Mason defends him. Robert Loggia's career in swingtime. Does a romantic love story with Marisa Pa van in "Come Back to Sorrento" for Desilu, then back to TV Elfrego Baca. He's finished taping "Hitler's Secret" in which he played Hitler. His friends told him not to touch the role; he said, "Maybe I should have listened. I felt unclean while doing it." Michael Astor, son of Nancy, Lady Astor, first woman to sit in House of Commons, has written a book about his mother and the Lady is not pleased. In fact, she's quite upset. He mentions her prodigious tactlessness, overbearing desire to get her own way. In rebuttal she says, "Michael was always unpredictable and highly strung. Perhaps I have been a little tough but I don't think I've ever been i -:.mmm I SiiOlCT nODUCTKH JICRNICOIOI Jtli Vr? ' 1 1 a ;. ' -i yf I STARTING SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd I v f t ' I 2 SHOWS EVERY SATURDAY NITE 7:00 C 10:00p jI JT f Mml la TOOaiO lHNK.CXOt) Ml-M STHtO MUM " Hjgjf'7 JF W ftf i T B fXClUSrvt ENOAOfMCNI-All SEATS HfSEBVfO . ""Ditj,- ff i 7'"T I CARTHAY CIRCLE THEATRE S.'ftSff j p""" f FINAL WEEK! SEX BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN! DniwnVn " OPEN IB AM TO IB PM TOWNE Dtrlnf Adrrrtnrtr JOHN PAUL JONES THE PERSUADER Nl. Loni DHCB OA. 2-1221 All Naw! Tfrrlfyinsl THE MUMMY Cr f tm Mtl Drit Altural JOHN PAUL JONES THE PERSUAOER TTsinatra-N. talalint HOLE IN THE HEAD WOD, FLESH, DfYll BROADWXT Dtrlnf AliiRtarHl JOHN PAUL JONES THE PERSUADER Kl. 2-17JI Barlri Aovtnlortrl JOHN PAUL JONES BAY DF THE OUTLAW VOGUE K. Navtk-P. Nawmaa MIDDLE OF THE NI6HT YNB. PMILAOELPHIANS M.nlib'llt P. I.I27S 7 y STAR Li rnta ED. I.lltl Nina-Maelalm KayB mm ASK ANY SIRL FIVE PENNIES f CHIID'tN UNOtR 12 WHt COMPTON I. Braad F. MacMarrtf S DATES TB HELL DREDON TRAIL Daring Advaatiirart JOHN PAUL JONES RoiKf. W. ATI. GAGE TO IllRA. TDMJtl D.M 4 aim. id THE PERSUADER ROSECRANS Nawl Yarrllllflgl ME l-IAl THE MUMMY CURSE DF THE UN0EAS SOUTH GAT BaraRran-ltai 10. 4. 1 1 SI AIL 4 Pk-aatm ROOM 4J AT BF THI 0UTUW "RAF BIG SKY Daring Aaantirtf1 JOHN PAUL JONES THE PERSUAOLR n.rv., i V I Fit. CURSE OF THE U NDEB f.rH A ll Bl DRE00N TRAIL Lf.' Am.i.gtlla La. CURSE DF THE MNDFAB SAN CARBIFL taring A!va.rfT ru una. At imiiS Vill.v at DM Mir JOHN PlUl JONES THE PERSUAOLR Dri-ainlii STARLITE oi aiui. at aaoss ROOM 4) VINELANO fc ' ID. a Jjll BATES T HELL V&. a tar. aaikUN mail. lililiT'I'i'lItT t 4 O tnaraa CURSE BF THE DNDHB CIRCLE . Br4 F. MacMorrajl uinyLi. - mmt ta urn fil, Mil ' ' ' " L..1 ..! 01IC0H TRAIL HIWAY 3l STBriwa F. MacMarrag I"""1 .y. A . in fl ylil invargw dVebon trh' UAKEWOOO S'l" '"l.rarl a! a. 5 i i 'AUl JONfS r ii rnwrr ri nasuaoiR NG BEACH n.iiti r. it war- DAT DF Jhi DUTVAW ioslifos ilil;rlMUMTM'l"r NA 1MH TN MUMMY a. Mil,... n rliCUR8t OMMI UNDEAB Orange ,", .-!. 1.. THE PUSUAOIR ni. iii RO" U . ! All DATDF IHI OUTLAW T H tilt T IN ENTERTAIN Ulil It t ACIflO ERIVMMS tactless, ruthless or overbearing." Joan Crawford arrives here Oct. 6 for a TV show, also to discuss a series with Alan Livingston, now head of production on West Coast for NBC; he signed a new five year contract. Rex Harrison's costar will likely be French actress Odile Versois. She flew from Paris to London to meet him, also Peter Brook and Irene Selznick who'll produce "The Scat-terbrain." Hugh Griffith played father in "Look Homeward, Angel" in New York; arrived here to play a judge in "Page One." with a full beard, which he had to shave off. Chief Justice Holmes was the last bearded judge we had in our country. Archie Moore not only acts like a professional but sings like one in "Huck Finn." Eddie Hodges told him: "Ever since I was a child I've wanted to play Huck." Released by Chicago Trltxmc-N.Y. Nwi oynaicai, inc i "dV'FORBIDDEN A TOAST TO A . l. i fl RCRUHlnil d -?.; Young Call TRaatr Hr Will IT. in i M4 J ' .lAdf.ddkTW4a4 it, i XI VZL'H I PlrittiM it I I Ban Aatfill 1 - II UNW. 4.221 I - ---aMHHiBHMHrJBMia Ctjeatcts Spoken Drama JAiES VYHimoaEb f aa&c "THE LAST 2 WEEKS Vf m cooLEryW LeCSO JAMS MASON r ""'Vt mifl IfltCAu CaraedyTriejiri MO. I.4S? NOW MSICataaapdSml Nitalrlail MM.NliMl 2 snawi satarAag lilB A 1:4D ,1''' ijl StoiiKsTit C 101 OFRCT, St-CJl NUSX DX aaJ 111 TKIfT Affann atlas CIVIC in a LIGHT OPERA 1 LAST " ...uBd ULHAKNiuf. ONB NIOHT TJm Paniwl torn Thurt. Night, Oct 1st 8.30 p.m. Royco Hall, UCLA Campus TIcAara fnni S3 00 aal UCLA Cancan) Tlcln OHic wi Compu nd all Mutiml Aneii PCX FN FORMATION CALL AAA. A-II44 OR DR. I-4IAI, Irt J7 n l?9 f 112TUJlt-liicA'Kt t (1CALslVAB, iSLA!:3" emiue-wld, sept, so V-At W lb BdiBAMtnaaP hiimIy. newt Hl.,, M. T . . . a. ilfW narff I '! lifi a A la 41. 4 J ALL STAR N10KO CAST MVimI Aa-ITfia t J IBONY SHOWCASI THEATM, 4361 W. Adanaa. Ban Of. II l-UM FA I. -SAT MillrW TKIIr 1447 N. Lw ' Curtain 7:30 NigMly BURTON mim Triyiltim ShT: Mexico" Novarro Heads Cast of All-Star Benefit Ramon Novarro is return-i ing to the stage after 15 years: Currently appearing in Walt Disney's Elfego Baca TV show, he will star in the title role In "Noah," a play by Andre Obey, for the Benedictine monks of St. Andrews Priory on Sept 26 and 27. He will head an all- star cast who are perform ing as a benefit for the pri ory located in the Mojave Desert and run by monks who were forced out of Red China in 1952. Patricia Morison heads the "Gay Nineties" compa ny of 50 artists who leave this week on a three-month national tour under the di rection of Stephen Papich. They open at the Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara on Sept. 29. Joan TompKins will star II u II MASTERPIECE STARTS TDMiM! .: lallea HO. 10721 3Uf J J I Wufm at Sunaet Philcsdelphions Aunt! Mam . wait Disney's Ama Girls" Fettar Tlmaa 4 AUflthl "COLD WIND&THE WARM" "A Baaotiful Plo"-TiiM. "BrHH."-(r. fia). "A Enrichment F Ow TVnln liV-f nn. GIRLS III 509 II 1 AT THE IcGRAND LIONEL AT.1ES i A 1 7 : . D l"( ' ' ' N )?vMf .lry Ul M. Ni:'i:.ll. H :S nAVS a OMLYII aWfn W Harvard' nsuQAvaiUbUl nrLAIl5a,llJia It taulf tlNCO). I 11 wPVAUaUlja I M n.mWt 1 - 1 iai J Lehreir 1 Dl4m.lrdD.tu.' M WEEKSI -SUN. FOR IStRVATIONS PHOWf NO. 4-F7PI Prtfjntod Wy 10IERTMAUETT In "''""ffilTOH-WIVEA 1 a tl ai. ii n nnriMav im and Karl Swenson will di-j rect Jean Cocteau's play "Le Parent Terrible" in its West Coast premiere at the Ren aissance Club in HoUywood which opens this Friday for a three-week end engage-! menu RICHARD CUlSIlE cu.uorj Diccr.i mWARNER BROS. BttJBMmUMMtm LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD AlV AIADO, 710 S. AWarode-OU. 7-1 lil Soy Ona for Ma; Holiday for Lovtri BARDS. Cnnihow A Adamt-RD. 4-3105 Young Philedalphianat WMtbound in unuT ioa vMMinii l.illfl Vouna hiladalDhtaiMt MiddTo of Nialit DILL ROBINSON. 43W 5. C'tral-AD. 1VJ4I World. F ilt A Day ill Born Racklail SOc tONOKtiS, S. Vann. at 7Jfrl-PU B-P004 Woman; Snamaj Adulti Only EAGLE. 4884 Eoola Rack ld.-Cl. -01D Tha Philsdalphionti Middl of Nita, 60c EMrlRe. Pice-Alvorado DU. 7-07 Oia Goldan Patti Ein Han Vol! Mutlk LAKE. 7th and Alvarado-gu. 1-3139 That Cartain Fjngf Nakad Earth LARGO, 1822 E. 103,d-LO. 9-8225 Hola In tha Haad; Big Oparatar LA TOSCA, 2930 S. Varmont-tE. 1-7292 Sal.: Wia Einit Liliamarlaani HocJiiait LEIMERT, Varnan A Cranahaw-AX. 4-5131 Young Philadalphianaf Middla ef Nita LINCOLN, 2300 S. Cntral-AD. 2-5251 WrIHan on Windi Rim of Arrow 50a LYRIC, Pacific-Flaranca-lU. 9-2877 Cadi B. D Milla'i 10 Commondmantl MIDWAY. Pica I bl. W.ofWitn.-RE. 41000 Young Phi loot lohianii Aiid. of Nita: 50c NUARTE, 11272 Santa Monica-GR. 3-370O oar.i nor a Lantlai buitarroi Maai PALMS, 3751 Motor Avo.-VE. 8-0659 Say Ona for Ma; Holiday for Lovon PARADISE, 91 10 S. -0300 North by Northwatt; S Panniei PARK, 5825 N. Figuoroa-CL 5-0654 Horrori Blk. Muiaum; Haadlati Ghoat PICFAIR, Pico-Foirfox-WE. 8-5296 Say Ona for Ma; 0. Kay. 5 Pannfaa PICWOOD, 10872 W. Pico-GR. 7-2649 John Paul Jonas; Flooda of Foar PLAYHOUSE, 1234'i W. 7fh-MA. 2-5579 Diary of Anna Frank; living Swamo RAMONA, Suniat-Alvarado-OU. 9-5040 Yng. Philadalphiont; Middl ef nita; 60c KtotNl, 4012 S Varmont-AD. Z-7825 A Hola in th Haad; 5 Pnnia STRAND, 4411 S. Sroadway-AD. 2-6S4S Hoi in th Haad; Siarra Baron TEMPLE. 5826 S. Varmont-Pl. 2-4100 World, Flosh A Davif; Big Oporotar TOHO, 3020 Cranahow-RE. 2-7101 Jopan Film Excluiivily EVC ELECTROVISION THEATRES AAA. Ddwv. A Mondlnlir-PL. 3-5437 Fri.i Jump Jack; Sea rid Stiff; Shrk. Man OAlBUA, ou s. vormont FL -4104 Darby O'Gitl; 5 Panniaa BALDWIN, loDraa nr. Rodao Rd.-AX. J7164 Young Philadalphions; Middla af Nit AY, Pacific Paliiadoi, Gl 45525 Davil'i Diicipli, Angry Hilli BUENA PARK, Bum Park-U. I 2ST Aik Any Girl; World. Flash, ft Drrll CORDIN, Tarrano-OI. 5-2222 Darby O'Gilli Hav Rockat Will Trov.l CREST, Wistwd. at Wilihir-GR. S-125A South Pacific; Disnoy'i Ama Girls IMPERIAL, Imp. at Cranihaw-OR. 8-5131 Youna Philodelohians.' Middl of Nita LA HADRA, la Habra-OWan 7-4677 Darby O'Gill; Angry Hills MANCHESTER, MonaW-Ddwy.-Pl. 31431 Crv Touahl Day at Cut nu. PARAMOUNT, 6838 Holly'd. Bl., HO. 1-3263 CXCIUSIV1I 1.1. 12:1)0; Nun a Story RIO, Wastrn-lmparial-PL. 4-2895 Darby O'Gill; Tarzan'i gt. Advantur SOUTHSIDE, Varmont-lmparial-Pl. 5-1 191 Yillowston Killyi Elaphant Gun WILSHIRi DISTRICT BEVERLY HILLI BEVERLY CANON, 205 N. Can.-CR. 5-5244 Charlia Chaplin, Modorn Tinwi I.H. MUSIC HALl.Wili..Dohnv-CR. S1644 Young Philadalphions; Middl of Night uti ma a, rico nr. La Bra we. 4-D37I Holo In th Haad: Dig Oparatar 50c VAGABOND, 2511 Wilihir-OU. 7-2171 trigitt Sordo lov la My Profution STANLEY WARNER THRTS. MO. 9-S5S1 DOWNTOWN, 7th ft Hill AAA. 7-451 1 . Th Mummy; Curs af tha Undaod WIITERN, Wilshir-Wstrn-DU. 7-6147 John Poulf Jonas; Th Prsuodri BEV. HIUS,9404WiUhir-CR. 1-1121 Jamas 5'iwort. Anatomy af A Munfar HUNTINGTON FK. 6714 Poc.-LU. 5-0944 John Pout Jonas; Big Oparator SAN PEDRO, 478 W. 6th-TE. 2.7227 John Paul Jonas; Th Parsuadara 10YLS HEIGHTS EAST LOS ANGELES BOULEVARD, 4549 Whit. BI.-AN. 1-2665 Dorby O'Gill; Tanan Gnat Advntur BROOKLYN, 2524 Draoklyn-AN. D-498S Dorby O'Gill; 30 Foot Brid Candy Rack CENTER, 4762 Whittiar-AN. 9 8332 Th Mummyt Curio af Undaod GOLDEN GATE, 3176 Whittir-AN. 9 S1S6 Room 43; Day of Outlaw JEWEL, 3BI7 Whittif-AN. 1-3339 Tropicana; Muiarai da Paraiao MERALTA, 2035 E. first-AN. 8-7914 Soy Ona for Mi: Flash ft Dxril MONTEREY. Whirl, ft Sola-AN. 1-2575 Tri Polonai; la Duda TERRACE. 3945 City Tin-. Dr.-AN. 8-6000 Jlel in th Hood; Big Oparator UNIQUE, 3645 E. lit-AN. 9-7131 Tri Palonas; El Casta Susana VERN, 2811 E. Olympic-AN. 2-2221 Hoi in th Hud; Big Oparotsr WHITTIEFt ROXT, Whittnrr-OXford 4-3859 . Th Vikings; Th Young Land WARDMAN, Whittiw-OXford 4-3421 Th Mummy; Curs of th Undoad WHITTIER, Whittiar-OXfatd 5-2712 Ortgan Trail; 5 Gotaa ta Hall AAONTEBELLO ' GARMAR, M'bllo-PA. 81219, RA. 32131 John Paul Jonas: Day f th Outlaw VOGUE, Monh)blfo-PA. 1-1225 Middl af Nit; Young Philadelphia SOUTH-LYN THEATRES Alt EN, 3D09 Twaady Slvd.-lO. 6-1000 Frl thru Mon.i Say On for M; Last Train AKUtN, lluy long Dnch DI.-NE. 1-1555 Hoi In th Hiadi Taruui'i Or.nt AaV COMPTON, 136 E. Compton DI.-NE. 1-3670 oay On tor Ma; Tnt 1000 Mills VOGUE, 9323 Lang Saack Bl.-tO. A-cXWO Dorby O'Gill; Th Angry Hill NUIEL, BallHowH-TO. 7-1412 HarcukHr 5 Pnaila ORANGE COUNTY ANAHEIM. GARDEN KEyitana 5-014I Tho Dont Gnirolleni Hareuksa COSTA MESA, MESA-llbarty 8-1331 John Paul Jon.; tyto In Outr Sono FUUERTON, WIlSHIRE-LAmbart 8-5777 Bio Cirrus; ung land GARDEN GRrV'E, GEM-JE. 4-2411 Isv Mi, lav Mi; Wrirtn an Wins GARDEN GROVE, GROVC-Jt. 7-6600 Hoi in Hiodt Rockat, Will Troll HUNTINGTON BEACH. SURP-IF.. 3044 Fri.t Tha Joumayf Hoppanad H Jon IAGUNA, SOUTH COASt-HVott 4-1314 Kim No.ok, Middl at th Night NEWPORT REACH, LIOO-OR, 1D350 Room 43; This Is Russia ORANGE. ORANGE KEy. 1-1501 Dorhv O 0,11, Angry Hills CORONA DEL MAR, PORT-OR. 14260 Norm by No.,w..t, Wild 4 Innarmt SAN CLEMENTS, SAN CLEMENTS HY 1)4)7 Sav On far Ma: Shashard af Foittl SANTA ANA, SROAOWAT-KI. J.4737 John Pout Jonas; tha Parruada SANTA ANA, SIATE-KI. 2 NI7 Tampasti Tarpada Run SANTA ANA, YOST-AI. BAIT iHn aiirari Aamf an 4 liampaat fe IM I 71 11 111 WMHiW nr. U AW ? . i T T L ' I fONIIMUOdf It M -l3.1 4 l ! V aLV i I A HAMMER. fiUtf PS000CTICN A si -V: piFrf fllC i.iU...i.iV N174S11 KB m,mtH am 7DlMa NC 122)1 BMiUASa Bw rrniia I 1 I ! IWaAffTBBl Tswa I X'",1VE" JJJMNP OAM I (twul I 1. A f .. . kmmi mow.." eDtraSSrKts WE W auiwJ a.uta mnu in " also oi WARDMAN Theorre, WHITT1ER OX. 4-3.': 2 THEilTOE GUIDE ar.ra a.klacl I aa( wllkol tit LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN ARCADE, 534 S. Sroodwoy-MA. 8-2820 Horn Bafor Dark; Wind Evorgladei CALIFORNIA, 8th anj Main-MA. 9-9778 Cantinflas; El Supersabio CAMEO, 528 S. Braadway-MA. 1-1974 R. Taylor, Rogua Cop; Untamad Youth CENTRAL, 314 S. Broadway-MA. 9-2861 Alwayi Thra Big Hits COZY, 220 S. Sroodwoy-MA. 8-3176 Alwaya Threa Big Hiti LINDA LEA. 251 S.Main-MJL 4-5648 Naza No Guronto; Naohachi Kodomofabi MAYAN, 1044 S. Mill t. 9-6294 los 3 Garcia; Vuolvan Las Garcia MILLION , 307 S. Broadway-MA. 9-2895 Mondeta d Oro; Honda Luminosa PARAMOUNT, 323 W. 6thMA. 4-7321 Yallawiton Kally; Eleohont Walk TOWN, 444 S. Hill MA. 8-6668 Land f Pharaohs; Violator METROPOLITAN D MA.4-42T2 ORPHEUM, 9rh and Broadway John Paul Jonas; Tha Parsuodar HILLSTREET, 8th and Hill Tropedo Zona; Frog Woman RIALTO, 8th and Broadway North by Northwest; Srokan Ion BROADWAY, Broadway near 5th - Blood Alley, Cobweb NEWSREEL, 8th and Broadway Doors Open 9 A.M., New Show 4 P.M. OLYMPIC, 8m bet. Broadway ft Hill Dell, Book ft Candle; Proud Rebel PALACE, Bdwy. between 6th ft 7th Devil's Disciple; Young Philadelphlanl GLOBE, 744 So. Broadway C. Chaplin, Gold Rush; Run for Cover ROXIE, Broadway between 5th ft 6th Hole in the Head; 5 Pennio UNITED ARTISTS THEATRES STATE, 7th ft Broadway-AtA.- 7-7425 Room 43; City After Midnight POUR STAR, Wilshira Slvd.-WE. 6-8211 Richard Burton, Look Dock in Anger U.A., Pasadena-MU. 1-6577 Curse of Undead; Tha Mummy U.A., lnglwoodOR. 7-2177 1st Run, Curs Undead; Th Mummy U.A., East LA-AN. 1-3924 Odolisoa Numero Trece; Mentlru CAPITOL, GIndal-CH. 5-2611 John Paul Jonas; Th Prsuadr WASHINGTON, Pasadena-MU. 1-7575 Big. Circus; last Train from Gun Hill U.A., Pomona-NA. 2-3515 Th Mummy; Curs af tha Undead ' eaaaaaoMiiaaBBMawBa SANTA MONICA REACH TOWNS AERO, Montana at Mth-EX. 5-4990 Hole in the Head; Green Mansion ELMIRO, 1443 3rd St.-EX. 5-3344 Middle af Nile; Young Philadelphlana MAJESTIC, Santa Monica-EX. 5-2469 Th Mummy; Curs af th Undead MERALTA. Culver City-VE. 8-3432 Davil'i Disdpla; Beat Generation STRAND, Redando-OR. 8-6449, FR. 2-8300 Devil's Disciple; Big Oparator; 5:30 TIVOll, 11523 Santa Monica-GR. 3-1636 Say On for At Holiday for Lovors 6LENPALE MONTROSE TUJUNGA MONTROSE, MontroM-CH. 9-3830 Hercules; last Tram from Gun Hill TEMPLE, 234 S. Brand-CI. 1-0472 Omar Khayyam; Beau Jamas; Big land kvai, vjienoaie CI. 3-aJyj ' Dorby O'Gilli Young Philadelphlana TUJUNGA, 6721 Poothill-FL. 3-6953 Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Hercules BURIANK CORNELL, 1212 N. San Fernanda TH.25231 John Pool Jonas, Th Persuader CALIFORNIA, 3300 Magnolia-TH. 5-1507 The Mummy; Curs of th Undad IOMA, 319 S. San Pemando-TH. 8-7031 Som lik It Hot; Th Journey MAGNOLIA, 4403 Magnolia-TH. 5-1586 Devil's Disciple, Horse Soldiers PASADENA L MONTE MONROVIA COLORADO, 2588 E. Colorado-SY. 6-9704 nircncoe s North by Northwest CROWN, 129 N. Raymond-SY. 6-3131 5 Gates to Hell; Oregon Trail, Tech. OAKS. 85 N. Fair Oaki-SY. 4.2339 Dragstrip Girl; Riform Schl.; Girl Prison UPTOWN,316 E. Colorado-SY. 1-4330 Young Philadelphiana; Middl of Night biKiv.. munrovia CLUOTT -4l ly Hole In Head, World, Flesh and Devil El MONTE. Volley at Tyler-GI. 84922 Dorby O'Gill, Rocket Will Travel BALDWIN, Baldwin Park-ED. 7-2759 Dorby O'Gill, Tartan Great Adventure SIERRA MADRE, Sierra Madre, EL. 5-9054 Ask Any Girl; Perfect Furlough LONG BEACH ART, 4th ft Cherry-GE. 8-5435 Ask Any Girl; last Train Gun Hill STRAND, 235 Pike-HE. 6-4733 Anorv Hillsi Dint AenernliM UKEWOOO. Carson, HA. 52530 HE. 67440 now m the Head; Day of Outlaw; 6:15 GARDENA AND TORRANCE PARK, Gardena Davit 4-4040 Mnu u l. u i. u GRAND. Torronca-1522 Craven . rrl. i Kim; Tarzan a Savage Fury STADIUM, Torrance-FA. 8-6375 Ask Any Girl; Compulsion DOWNEY NORWALK AVENUE, Downey-TO. 1-5610 St.. Fri.i Darby O'Gill; 30 Foot Brid MERALTA, Downey-TOaai 2-2200 Say On far Ma; Holiday far Lover. NORWALK, Norwalk-UNiverslty 4-2219 wvniie mome; loung rnilaaelphioni INGLE WOOD HAWTHORNE EITZ, Inglewood-OR. 8-7272 Hoi in the Head, Big Ooeratar P1AZA, Howlhoine OS. 6-6289 Holiday far Levers, Say One for Me IAN BERNARDINO COUNTY BIO BEAR, Big Boar Start, FrLi Privor. Affair CRESTLINE, Cresriin Sts. Fri.i North by Northwest LAKE ARROWHEAD, Village Sts. Fridoyi Privaea'a Affair ONTARIO, CaHtomia-YU. 4-9111 A.I. iM r..A. ni i SAN BERNARDINO. W. Coast TUX. 423146 eeourirui but prmgereus, oitt of lava GROVE, U.iows-rulTWs North by Northwest; Big Oprar VENTURA COUNTY CAMARILLO, VALLEY Hercules, Dom Racklaaa FHLMORE. FILLMORE In. Am I, Hm. U l OJAI, Oroi D o tot's Dilemma OXNARO, OXNARO-HUnter 18312 S Gate, la H.llt fi,aM Tmil OXNARD, VOGUE-HUnter 1921 aoutn raciiic; the Geisha VENTURA, MAYFAIR Ml. 3-6311 The Uumm.i fuM. mt mm J- . VENTURA. VENTURA Ml. 1-1333 awe uentm; Natoay tar lovers BISHOP.INYO COUNTY BISHOP t)IV( IN Nerr by Narthweet IIWOP THEATRE. AW Streat 1allili4) Lally . ... .,MII IHURXlUmil UNIVERSAL.1DTEANAII0NAL tELEASC 9 PACIFIC J.?" - AUwvanal.lnlanwtoad ftOwrai iiDDiiiiiiiDiiiaaiaii i miaimiiiT IfioilPnTTTa flRWHtT I KSKUMt I aaa Minn I mmm I awl I ajKMaaj I aamud v.m rniri im iiaaa I aaaaaBBl SEPUIVEDA lA PCDRI I IMYAt mm mmm I mmm BMua (mm I jiuur All NtW ,j , "CUSS? tn Color UN NCSAS' INDEPENDENT HOLLYWOOD ACADEMY, Hollyw'd at Wilcox-HO. 51491 Youna Philadelohiann Born Recklesi ADMIRAL, Hollywood at Vine-HO. 1-5511 Coll Iheatr tor rroqram APOLLO, Hollyw'd at Westem-HO. 5-4551 Youna Philadelphiems; Mr. P'packar 60 CAMPUS, Vermont at Sta. Mon. NO. 5-5881 Youna Philaaelphiani; Middl nit 60 CARMEl, 8163 Santa Monica OL. A-1 181 Something of Value: Drav On CINEMA, 1 124 N. Wstrn-HO. 7-5787 long Hot Summer; Hatful Rain; 1:00 CLINTON, 526 N. Wostm-HO. 7-9101 Yna. Philadalohiansi Middl Nitet AO EMBASSY, Western nr. Ird-DU. 1-4312 Toung Hhiiadelphians; middle ntt cwg GORDON, la irea at Mairos-W. 4-2944 Hole in. the Head, World. Flesh, Devil HAWAII, 5939 Hollywood-HO. 9-2275 John Paul Jones, Sateltit in Sky HUNLEY, 5115 Hollywood BINO. 4-4S1A Som Lik It Hoti Bia Circui LOS FELIZ, Vermont et FIcln.-NO. 4-2169 Middl of Nit, Hal in th Heod-oO MARC Al, 6025 Hollywood-HO. 7-08 1 1 Sun Also Risesi Buster K eaten Stonr MONICA, 7734 Santa Monico-OL. 4-574 8th Day ef Week: The Kin, Adulti NEW VIEW, 6656 Heilywd. SIHO. 4-3757 Hoi in Head, Holiday for Lover ORIENTAL, Sunset at Gardner-HO. 4-0744 Hole in the Head: HercaJei PAN PACIFIC, 7554 Sevirly-WE. t-7070 5 Pennies; Say One tor M SILENT MOVIE, 611 N. fairfax-Ol. 3-23lt Charli Chaplin-Ray-John Gilbert SUNSET, Western at Sunset-HO. 2-0721 Forbidden Motherhood; Moo on SAN FERNANDO VALLEY AMERICAN, Niwholl-Phon 179 Say One tor Me; Alaska Passag PARK, Canaga Park-DI. 0-1214 Hercules, Sad Horse ENCINO, 16342 Ventura Blvd -ST. 4-1231 North by Northwest; Mating Game LANKERSHIM, 7532 Lank. BI.-PO. 5-5952 Young Philadelphians; Middle of Niahf PANORAMA, 91 10 Van Nuyi Bl. EM. 2-1 167 North by Northwest, Rabbit Trap RESEDA, Res. Sl.-Shermon Way-DI. 44)151 John Paul Jonas: Th Parsuadar SAN FERNANDO. 303 S. Brand-EM. 1-2119 i laiuitt ww wiwf vvuiiuv mAKU vaaeniJJI SHERMAN, Sherman Oaks-ST. 4-991 1 Hoi in th Head: Hercules 60c CREST, San Fern., N. of Maclay-EM. 1-4281 Hoi in th nad; Westbound TOWN, San Fernando-EM. 14155 Fri.i 3 Hits; Op. 12:30 Sat, ft Sun. ALHAMBRA SAN GABRIEL VALLEY AlHAMDRA ft ANNEX AT. 2-6136 Devil's Disciple, Day of tha Outlaw CORONET, 130 W. Ma in-AT. 2-8475 Gigi; Some Came Running GARFIELD, Garfield at Valley-AT. 2-4154 Darby O'Gill; Wild ft Innocent-SOc SANTA AWITA. AnviinHlllm.l 7.?1 Hole m th Heod; World. Flesh ft DrrH EDWARDS, Azuw-EDgwaod 4-2502 Hoi in th Head; Ask Any Girl COVINA, Covino ED. 2-2003 Middl of Nit; Young Philadelphlana TUMBIEWEED, Garvey-Vol. 81. -Gl. 80891 Hercules, Alligator People GLENDORA, Glendara-EO. 5-7070 ; Hole in Head, Ask Any Girl ' MONTEREY, Garfield-Hellman-AT. 1-3209 Hole in the Head, Ask Any Girl STAR, la Puente-Phon ED. 6-2463 r Ask Any Girl; 5 Pnnit SAN GABRIEL, 330 W. las Tun. AT 1-3161 Hole In the Head; Ask Any Girl TEMPLE, lot Tunas, Rosemead-AT. 4-1179 Dorby O'Gill; 30 Foot Bride Candy Rede RIVERSIDE COUNTY ARLINGTON, ARLINGTON-OV. 9-0400 Norm by Northwest, Dig Operator DE ANZA, Riverside The Mummvi Curta af tha 1tndaal CORONA, Corono-REdwood 7-3456 Norm by Northwest, Wild ft nnatanf DESERT HOT SPRINGS, DESERT Sts. Fri.t A Private'. AMnJr EISINORE, LAKE MA. 1270 Hoi in th Head, Rabbit Trent HEMET, Hemet Vic Mature, Big Circue AlADOIN-lndia, 73360 Colt Theatre for Pmarmm FERRIS, Ferris Dorbv O'Gilli Rlnrk Beautv PALM SPRINGS, PLAZA-FA. 5-2624 Devil's Di5ciple PALM SPRINGS, VIUAGE-FA. 5-16U Oregon Trail; 3 Gate ta Hell SAN DIEGO COUNTY CORONADO, Villog TL kl ' c. CARLSBAD CARLSBAD PA- 0-1061 v., j uiii, uioger LA MESA, HELIX-HO. 1 4485 North by Northwest, last Train Own HID NATIONAL CITY-8AY-G. 7-5711 North by Northwest, lent Train 9. H lei OCEAN BEACH Strand AC. a-3150 r-li n .- j a OCEANSIDE-CREST-SA, 2561 OCEANSIDE PALOAsAJl SA. t-2alf j omosn nirs 4 OC E A NS I DE ST AR-8 A. 1-2891 4 fln... u. II . r t n OCEANSIDE-TOWNE-SA. 2-215J Always 7 Featurai ACADEMY, 37rh at Unlvwslty-AT. 4-1001 ' 1 L... 1 t , . KEN, 4061 Adami ' v Call Theatre far Program UNDA-lind Vista Plaia-BR. 71389 lost Train Gun Hill, World. Flesh, DavC VIST A-AVO-P A. 4-6222 ig Circus; Womon ObtisT DRIVE-IN THEATRES , ARLINGTON. Magnolia Or. In-OV. 9-134 Ask Anv Girh SmihW mi4 BEAUMONT, Cherry Pass, H. 99-VI. f-252 inn or orn nappinoss, Tempest BRAWLEY. Familv Dr. In-FI. 4.3941 Mod Magitiani Th Thing CATHEDRAL CITY, Sunelr nr. Palm taring Hole in th Head; Gtmmoka hs Ivaaoaj CHULAVISTA,B.gSky.l01rtMalii Nun a Story, Geisha lay vnui. viaiA, naraor . North by Northwest; Angry MtP El CAJON, Aare Drlvo-ln H 4M00 North bv Northwe.S, World 111. aWD) fvinnn, ocmiR uaivr in Blue Denim, Hn U 4m I HEMET. HEMACINTO Drhre-m rertlaei Bus Sto INDIO.Volley Drive In-T-STll Call Thaolra V l r lA MESA, Aivarodo Drive In Tauna Landi Dnnf. mi Umm OXNARD, Sky View Drive-ln Day or the Outlaw, Cry TeugA SAN BERNARDINO. Mt. Vomer) Al Coanne; Mr. Pennyaaeker SAN DIEGO, Frontier Or. In-AC. t-9Pa 1 North bv Narrhwasti World, Flash, OevfJ SAN CM EGO, Ranch Drive-In-CO. 4-1337 I Gates ta Hall, flnaai Tll SAUGUS. CORRAL DRIVE-IN r-l.i Sleaoiog Deeuty, Youngj land . TAFT. Sunset Or.-ln, No. 4th St. t Pennies; Man Could Cheat Dear. 29 PALMS. Slarlite l-PO. 7-4721 aoma Cam Running; Matin Oaaaaj 39 PALMS, Starlit J-FO. 7-4711 Hircules; lileod of Lost Women VENTURA, 101 DR..IN-MI.17291 9 Catei t Hall, OrMtMl Trait VISTA, Vista Drive In la.l Train Gun Hill, Wild t I LAS VEGAS. NEVADA , ', SKYWAY, Bauiater Miwerr, EKI. 2-D WD Al Cnnonl, It Happaned ta Jan) STARDUST, IX Hlwey OU, 1-111 ' 4ai Isiap tram tm J

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