Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1960 · Page 41
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 41

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1960
Page 41
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16,1M9. THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE UUK1KEN State Candidates •Mr^Wt. ' • • • READ EDITOR'S NOTE: As a service to voters for-the' November 8 General Election, the .following information:was compiled'bv the League of Women Voters of Indiana. Each candidate of. the' two major parties for state office was asked to „complete, a questionnaire, with'a word .limit set on the answer to each'question. Where the answers'-were within the word/limit, the candidates replies are printed verbatim: .Where answers exceeded tKe word limit,-thev were, in accordanceTiyjtn previou^ agreement^ edited. Every effort has'been made fo'preserve.; the essential .content of. the candidates', replies. ' GOVERNOR 4-year term. Can not-served more than 4 years in any 8 year period. Must be at least 30 years ofiage and both a "citizen of the U : .S. and a resident of the State for 5 years preceding election. Salary $15,000 per year plus residence, and $12,000 for maintenance of household, Chief executive and administrator of the-state. The following questions were asked candidates for Governor: 1. Please list the training and experience you have which qualifies you to serve as Governor of Indiana. (40 words) 2. Please list, as you see them, the most important problems ol Indiana government facing the next administration (25 words) 3. What solutions do you propose to the above important problems? (150 words) DEMOCRATIC MATTHEW E. WELSH, Vin CPnnes, Attorney and State Senator 1. Educated Indiana University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Ch|cago Law School. State Representative 1941, 1943 Member State Budget Committee 1943. U.S. District Attorney 195052. State Senator 1955, 1957, 1959 Minority Leader 1957, 1959. Attor. ney, businessman' .active in civic affairs. 2. Restoring honesty, integrity effidensy to Indiana government Constructive steps to meet chang ing needs of our people, relying to extent possible on local anc individual initiative. 3. Solutions fall into severs categories. (1) Provide executive leadership to initiate solution's^ to problems of highway construction Juvenile delinquency, .retarde< children, ; mental.,health,, tax 're- nii better education programs, care' bf;:iridigent' aged, and .activ- tiesT'to. 'utilize -skills' and abilities of V senior -"citizens -who' can" anc want to make a significant con- ribution to their own communities and a fuller life for,themselves, and other specific service and problem'areas. (2) Recruiting and appointing'qualified Dersonnel to key policy and administrative offices and up-grading qualifications for state employment. Employment to be on basis of.ability to do job. (3) Estab lishing a- rigid !mpral code so tha government service in Indiana again becomes an honored pro fession and attracts our .finesl citizens. State government musl cease to be a refuge for politica hacks of either party. (4) Restoring faith of Boosters in their government by making it respon sive to the will of the people. REPUBLICAN CRAWFORD F. PARKER, Moore lanfl, Lieutenant-Governor of In diaha 1. Eight years in county govern merit, two terms Secretary o State, one term as Lti-Governor service as presiding officer o Senate and as Commissioner' o Agriculture and Commissioner o Commerce' and Public Relation have provided me with Well-rouniJ ed background in .government. 2. Tax reform, school financing highway construction, penal re form of juvenile offenders, indus trial and. tourist promotion, ro apportionment, and, treatment c the mentally 'retarded. 3. (1) Abolition of the tax 01 household goods and moderniza tion. of the property tax structur to relieve the unfair burden thi tax places on home-owners, • far mers and'small business men. (2) ncrease the state's contribution o local; .education. (3) Place jreater empba'sis,on; highway con- itruction in metropolitan areas and continue improvements in all other areas.'(4) Start construction of an intermediate penal institu- ion to permit separation of juvenile offenders from hardened criminals. (6) Expand the states industrial program and add to :his a program for. promotion ol louri'st trade. Automation and foreign invasion of American , mar- tets increases need for new industries and jobs. (6) Amend .the State Constitution to provide for decennial reapportionment accord- ng .to the ."Federal" plan where :he House of Representatives .wil je on a population basis and that Senate by geographical area. (7) Expansion of facilities a-hd personnel for the treatment and training of the s mentally retarded. CROSSV^ORD PUZZLE >««..,» vnt.rd.yii LIEUT.-GOVERNOR 4-year term. Same requirements as Governor. Salary 111,500 plus J 1,800 per year as President of Senate, and when Assembly is in session receives J5 per day as President of. Senate. By statute, is Commissioner of Agriculture. The following questions were asked candidates, for Lieutenant Governor: 1. Please list the training and experience you have which qualifies you to serve as Lieutenant Governor of Indiana. (40 words) 2. Please list, as you see them, the most important problems of Indiana government facing the next administration. <25 words) 3. What solutions do you pro pose to the above important problems'? (150 words) ACROSS l-Gre«k ! i«tter',: l-F«»est 9-Stroki 12,-Hurry. . . 13-Chang« U-A ata.li Ubbr.) 15-StiU 16-Btahop'* headdrem 17-So»k 18-Befor. 20-Turn Iniid. out 22-At this pl»c« " 24-Peer Gynt'i mother 25-MiIitary assistant 21-Sha.llbw vessel 29-Strike 30-Cut into smalL piecea 31-Transactions 33-Sudden fright 34-Measurinc-, device 35-Lair 36-Farent (colloq.) 38-Norse rod 39-Cut 40-RemuneratM 41-Addltional 43-Torrid 44- Storage box i6-Omit .from consideration 48-Glrl'B Ham* 51-Macaw 62-Wanderer 53-PosseBsiY. pronoun Si-Female (coUoq.) SS-Spirited ' horse 16-Born DOWN 1-Ult with lever 2-Petition 2-Concerning two or more nations I 4-Crlppled E-Man's name 6-Bear witneH 7-Wait on ' 8-Woody plant 9-Sharinc with others 10-Beverace ll-Mik« laci 19-Not« of ic&U 21-Precipitation 22-Horse power (abbr.) - 23-MolIified 14-Three-toed sloths 26-Lead into * snare 27-Man's nlcknam* • 29-Pronoun 30-Man's nickname 32-Period of fasting 33-Church • bench Si-A statt (ahbr;) SB-Deduce 37-Po.tscript (abbr.)' 39-Serf <0.-Biv.er in^Italy IZ-FotteSsiyV. ' ^.pronoun' 43-Flock 44-Container - 4S-Man'» nam. 4T-RIYCT in Wales 49-Owini ' EO-Eilrt: :, DEMOCRATIC EARL M. UTTERBACH, Kokomo, teacher and State Senator 1. B.S. and M.S. degrees; « years each in. Indiana House ol Representatives .and Indiana Senate; active in educational anc farm organizations, ,and Christian Church, Eagles, Masonic Lodge and Scottish Rite; has been community leader; has taught History and Government for 29 years; has lived on farnr 'all his life. -'• 2. Aid Hoosier farmers and attract new industrial jobs 1 to Indiana. Through economical financ- ng, efficient o r g a nization and streamlined courses of study, make proper educational oppor- unities available. 3. The fanner, now bears unfair share of property tax load. We must equalize responsibility for >ayment of property taxes so that all segments of community pay heir fair share of essential costs government. Urban residents must be aided in understanding hat their economic welfare is ied closely to that of the state's armers. And for once, our farmers need someone on top eche- on of state government to speak : or them in state and national iffairs. We must enter nation-wide competition for'new industry and ;ain for Indiana the job oppor- ;unities Hoosier workers must lave. Eqaully important, and a sadly neglected area,. the state must work to keep industrial concerns we now have. We must stop steady decline in industrial jobs in Indiana that-has occurred since 1953, I propose enabling'legislation :hat will provide answers anc lelp solve problems in the fielc of industry, agriculture, labor anc the professions. HOSPITALITY DAYS SPECIAL MATTRESS MATCH1D HOOK SAMP1IS - COOS mi tHCS '•** •*, » YOU O1AN Ufl NONE SOLD TO DEALERS) HURRY! GET THE PICK OF THIS LIMITED SELECTION Diitr. by U nittd Ft«Uir» Synoloite, J IS :ies you to serve as Superinien lent of Public Instruction, words) 2. How would you use the otlic jf Superintendent of Public In truction to improve the educa ional program of the State of In diana? (150 words) REPUBLICAN RICHARD 0. RISTINE, Craw- 'ordsville, Attorney and State Senator 1. Graduate Wabash, Columbia Law School; administrative func- :ions Army Air Force; dec&de n State Senate; ,4 years State Budget . Committee;- C h a irman Senate Finaniie Committee; Member State Tax Study Commission; county seat lawyer's' experience with farm pjoblems, business, industrial and civic organizations 2. Improving public education. Reducing property tax inequities Increasing job opportunities with new and expanding industries. Coordinated planning for future. 3. Simplify school district reorganization from local .level upward with--procedural safeguards clearer, better. publicized. State universities, teachers' colleges, must improve their already excel lent utilization of -staffs and facil ities for expanding enrollments Increase pre-college counseling Purdue's -agricultural research and counseling must become even better known and utilized. Eliminate, -constitutionally household goods from- propert; taxes. Strengthen valuation, as sessment, collection procedures producing more taxes, fewer in equities. Establish within Stat Board of Accounts tax auditing function assuring such improvec procedure state-wide. Provide more slate funds, co ordination with clinical, counse ing service in 'mental health, re tarded children's fields. Complet construction of planned state fac ilities for mentally retarded. Preserve .favorable • industria climate with new job • oppoftum ties for growing population, b enacting no new taxes or restric live, regulatory laws discouragin economic expansion. -Utilize Lieu tenant-Governor's office as clear ing house to exchange ideas, pn vale and public, for orderly over all future planning of Indiana' social and economic growth. DEMOCRATIC WILLIAM E. WILSON, JeKer sonville 1. A.B., Hanover; M.A., Indian .tate Teachers College. 40 year experience—teacher, p r i n cipa county superintendent, universit nstructor, state superintenden un.day School superintenden 'resident Clark Council Heligiou Education. Legion Commande: President, Indiana State Teacl ers Association. Member, Indian High School Athletic Associatio louncil. 2. (1) Work for larger admin strative unit of local schools, • i order to .have all high schools adequate enrollment. (2) Improv Teacher Training Curriculum — more emphasis on General Edi cation,, more hours on subje matter-in which teacher will b icensed. 3. Cooperate with legislativ groups to secure adequate funds 'or gifted and average students n Mathematics, S c i e nee, Language, and all other subjects needed' for balanced program. 5. Encourage Special Education program to help handicapped children. 6. Secure legislation to modern- ze Indiana State Department of Public Instruction along lines' of adequate finance and improved services. 7. More stress on Government and Citizenship for greater appreciation of American way of life by our. youth. 8. Cooperation with all groups and organizations able and willing :o improve public schools.' 9. Improve library service. 10. Strive for adequate counsel- Vafurcrfft/Ws CM/fl4Fl By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Two games involving, natural ri- als — Dallas vs. Houston and ew York vs. Buffalo — are exacted Sunday to bolster the teady rise in attendance for the ew American Football. League. The AFL announced Saturday lat.the 18 games'of the jneAy cir- uit nad drawn; 357,535 fans—an verage of 19,863 a game:— and jopularity was increasing every Houston, leader of the Eastern Division with a 3-1 record, is host at Jeppesen Stadium to the Dallas Texans,: who are. 2-3. The. War Memorial : Stadium> at Suffalo is th« scene of the game between > the New York Titans 3-2) and the Buffalo Bills' (1-3). The - other two games Sunday are Western affairs. Boston (2-2) ourneys west to- meet Oakland 2-3) in a game to be ..played at San Francisco and Los Angeles 2-3) plays Denver .(3-1) 'at Den ver. Denver is seeking to defend No. 1 position in the Western division race. While-the Texans are- away in :he AFfcf their National League rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, are a icme a g a i n s t the Clevelant Browns. I' ing and guidance program in eac] high school. REPUBLICAN PHILIP H. WILLKIE, Kushvill 1..AB Princeton University, Harvard University .-(History; LLB Columbia University, 1949-54 —Education Committee, 3 terms U.S. Board of Foreign (Fulbright Scholarships by appointment o President Eisenhower, 1953-58. Na tional Chairman of Council fo Advancement of Small Colleges 1959. 2. -If elected I would use In office to improve education in th state of Indiana by the following 1. To teach all children how t read by the phonetic methot write and speak good grammat cal English, and speak and under stand a foreign language in th grades. 2. To give all high school stu dents mentally capable of soli academic curriculum of mathe matics, science, history, foreign language, and English. 3. To establish more meaning ful, tougher, work-learn vocation al programs for those studenl not capable of high school aca demic work. 4. To spend public money a] propriated for education on teacl ers' salaries and books, rathe than on building bonded palace with frills and gimmicks that ar unrelated to fundamental educa tion. 5. To provide a federal an state gross income tax exemptio to parents for college tuition an necessary expenses of college stu dents. KILLED IN MISHAP PRINCETON, Ind. (AP)-Clai ence Kruse, 53, Fort Branch, diet Thursday night when a car struc the rear of a wagon he was pullin behind "his farm tractor on Ira 168 east of Fort Branch. The wag on flipped on top of the tracto Read the Want Ads! WELCOME BUNKER HILL PERSONAL! 315 East Broadway Phone 3832 SUPERINTENDENT PUBLIC INSTRUCTION 2-year term with no restriction on successive terms. Salary $11,500 per year. Responsible with the Board of Education (which is appointed by the governor for 4 years), 'for administration of state's part in maintenance and operation of the public school system. This includes establishing standards for training teach : ers, prescribing courses of study, and distributing state funds for iocal school-supprot. J The following questions were isked candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction: 1. Please list the .IraiuBg and experience yon hive wKch oual- WELCOMES Air Base Personnel and Families for 'Operation Hospitality' YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT CLINTON'S - MAKE THIS YOUR HEADQUARTERS SPECIAL PURCHASE FIRST QUALITY 'WINTERETTE 1 FLANNEL YD. Beautiful Printed Patterns • Doti e) Stripef • • Checks • Florals • Juvenile JUST ARRIVED! BEAUTIFUL NEW CURTAIN MATERIAL 39cyd.to79cyd. Bunker Hill Air Base PERSONNEL TO I 'Operation Hospitality' David's we/comes the officers and men and their families of the Bunker Hill Air Base to Logansport. 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