The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 5, 1946 · 14
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 14

Los Angeles, California
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Thursday, September 5, 1946
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2 PART II AND FILM THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1 946 Lloyd Nolan Joins Star Group in 'Big Haircut' BY EDWIN SCHALLEKT "The Big Haircut" is finally in action at Paramount studio. Location work was done while the "haircut" was on in the fields in the San Joaquin Valley, with much "notoriety" attaching thereto. t . However, very little was required of actor talent in that venture. So Paramount yesterday amplified fhe cast by securing Lloyd Nolanj who normally works at 20th, to impersonate the important role of the executive assistant of Alan Ladd in the story of the "combines," as the great apparatuses are called which shear the fields. , That takes care of all the important cast members, it is said, the others being Dorothy Lamour and Robert Preston. JOHN IRELAND SIGNS WITH HOWARD HAWKS John Ireland's fate Is settled in a big way. The actor, who scored as Windy in "Walk in the Sun," has a seven-year contract with Howard Hawks of Monterey. Productions and will do his first work under the terms of the deal in "Red River." Ireland will be featured with John Wayne and Walter Brett nan, who have the lead ind principal character part, respectively. There is still a leading woman and another male actor of impor tance to be chosen for the film, which will location for probably all of two months in Arizona. . Company is at Elgin, 60 miles south of Tucson, now. Ireland will be seen as Cherry Valance of the story. HATHAWAY TO DIRECT ANNABELL.A, GREENE Director Henry Hathaway will be steering the course for An- nabella and Richard Greene in "The Night the WorJcl Shook; which is to be produced by Gene Markey for 20th. Darryl Zanuck liked the work of Hathaway so well in "13 Rue Madeleine" that he tore up his old contract and gave him a new one as well as this assignment. Georgiana Gray, a Los Angeles girl of 19 years who went east for study and little theater work, is announced as a film find by William Le Baron and Boris Morros, who are producing "uar-negie Hall" in New York. They saw her in the-rushes of the film, for which 500 to 750 supernumeraries are being used, and now have plans to feature her in "Carmen from Kenosha," which will be made here. ' RETURN OF RIN-TIN-TIN' TO BE FILMED Real revival of past memories should be conjured by the fact that "The Return of Rin-Tin-Tin" will be on the release chart for the fall. Lee Dundan's war dog, Rin-Tin-Tin III, is the canine star. Donald Woods and Claudia Drake have signed for the two human leads. Bobby Blake Is in another part. PRC is sponsoring. Maurice and Franklin King are talking up a big deal for Lew Ayres, which would comprehend his directing and, acting in both a stage and screen production of "Focus." Story is an original by -Arthur Miller, which will be dramatized and screen-written by Jerome Chodorov. Price offer for Ayres is reported somewhere around $200,000 for the tasks. OPPEXHEIMEB LINES UP WITH RAINBOW George Oppenheimer, who for long was one of the leading writers for M.G.M., has signed with Rainbow, according to announcement by Irving Asher. That's significant, too, it is said, because it seems to give credence to reports that Leo McCarey will concentrate on a production or two thafhe does not himself direct. Hugo Haas, so active at the Phoenix Theater, will impersonate a foreign director in "Merton of the Movies" at m.Ct.m. Aiirea Linder, who was signed in the East by 20th for "The House on 9Jrid St." and "13 Rue Madeleine," will portray a skid row gangster in "Brashear Doubloon." Gene Kelly will do an old-fashioned waltz In "Life's for the Loving." Signe Hasso will have the feminine lead in the Gryphon Players production of "George" at the Laguna Playhouse and Michael Curtiz is supervising with Robert Milton directing. 1 At W- J5ji f' 1 f" 7 ' WMI'1I HHMMI lllirP LEAD Marjorie Reynolds plays in the new Bob Hope film, "Monsieur Beaucaire," at the Paramount theaters. Rugged Cinema Dishes Served to Broadwayites BY NORBERT LUSK NEW YORK, Sept. 4. Two tough and tensile films compete for first honors this week on Broadway, one distinguished by the appearance of a favorite star, the other bene.fited by the Impressive debut of a newcom er. The pictures in question are "The Big Sleep," at the Strand, and "The Killers," at the Win ter Garden. The established star is, of course, Humphrey Bogart, and the interesting stranger is Burt Lancaster who, if critical comment means anything, is headed for stardom. Packs Wallop "As a straight ' crime chroni cle, it elicits little more sym pathy than a remote street acci dent, but it packs a mean melodramatic wallop," a judge re marks of the piece and declares Mr. Bogart "superb." Lauren Bacall is said to "handle her- Eelf professionally" and Bob Steele is appraised as "excellent" "The Broadway crime club should put out its welcome mat for The Killers,' " advises a crit ic who calls the picture "a polished and tantalizing chase melo drama.'. Though stemming from a short story by Ernest Hemingway, it is remarked that the film owes a greater debt to An thony Veiller's script, to the di rection of Robert tjodmak and its ; well-controlled , performances. ' In fact, a reviewer declares that "the combination of control and self-control in Mr. Siod-mak's direction hits the melodramatic bull's-eye on every count" Unquestionably the film la a hit with the critics. Mr. Lancaster is variously said to have made a most promising film debut as a likable fall guy,' to have made an impressive debut," and to be "a find par ex cellence," all this without pre liminary drum-beating. Ice Show Will Premiere Here Details for the world premiere of the-"Ice Follies of 1947" at the Pan-Pacific, Sept 19, were completed yesterday. This will mark the ninth consecutive year the Shipstads and Johnson show has named the Pan-Pacific as the site for its engagement No. 1 name on the roster of stars is Roy Shipstead, called the world's top exponent of smooth, sophisticated skating. t Continuous Performance All 4 Theatres 2nd WEEK! IN TECHNICOLOR? x tUJ aVa uniu Jtnvr C "Tdowntown I mhouywood1 i M m )l' 0 MM.OPt(linOM I lEVmYHIlU HejtHuiT V WHtt t MMtM, asfisee OMO Mlfl MQ 1HJ-IHI (ikHO I i wmmmlmmmmammL Music Show' New at Ebell A 'pleasant little show that will never set the river on fire, but which is full of youth, verve, melody and is sprinkled with clever bits of satire, is the musical, "Ready or Not" which opened last night at the Wilshire Ebell Theater. Music is by Stan Keyava Jr. and. Eddie Davies, lyrics by Gene Ellis and Bernard Ide and the piece has made the rounds of ome of the Army camps. A little speeding up in spots and cuts in other places would do no harm. Story has a humorous facet in that eager-beaver G.I.'s, wanting to go to college, hurry to the advertised site, only to find the building barely begun. Plot hops airily in and out and nobody seems to worry about it. Story concerns the ambition of the prexy's son to complete a col lection of prehistoric bones in order to enhance the college's prestige. Gets the Bones This reviewer doesn't ' know how he finally got those .bones, because an early deadline called, but the lady press agent assured us he didf A comic episode has a drunk in a bar thinking the bones are those of the college boy's "victim." Romance Is not overlooked and two very engaging young people play the leads -SMlan Cole and Nancy Sheldon, both of whom also have excellent singing voices. Dave LeGrant made a hit with his mugging and pantomime as a drunk imagining he was in a submarine, and Lloyd Jenkins scored as "Foxhole" MacCarthy, who. comes to college ana asKS mem to iearn him." Scenery is futuristic and Stan Keyava's orchestra is loud. G. K. LOOKING AT HOLLYWOOD Jack Warner gave Jerry Wald and Delmer Daves the green light on "John Paul Jones." They'll try to make it an exciting adventure in American history, showing how Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton fought for our Union. Scenes will be shot at Mount Vernon, Philadelphia and Williamsburg, Va. The conflict going on jn Europe today, is not unlike the fight of our 13 Colonies to get together under one Constitution. Today, as then, we fight for democracy. Guthrie McClintic flew here for a week-end, then back to New York, where he and Kit Cornell celebrate their silver wedding anniversary this week. He doesn't know what Kit's play will be this season. It could be "The Last Fling" or Sam Behrman's new play. She's so worried about the health of her father, Dr. Peter-Cornell, that she's spending most of her time between New York and Buffalo. Her father's 81. SHOWCASE Keenan Wynn was so excited over plans for opening El Patio Theater here on Hollywood Blvd., Sept. 30, that he came to my house to tell me all about them. First ply will be "20th Century" with Keenan and Tamara Geva; second, "Blind Alley" with, he hopes, Lew Ayres. Later on Keenan and Ty Power will do "Petrified Forest." Spence Tracy wants to do a play, and Gene Kelly longs to do "Cyrano de Bergerac." Cary Grant may play "Counselor-at-Law." The theater will also give young players the opportunity of being seen and trained. Johnny Maschio's collecting funds from Roz Russell, Cary Grant, Lee Bowman, Van Johnson and others. This is the beginning of what we've been crying' out for these many years. Mark Hellinger's 5-year-old son. broke his foot He fell from a horse which became frightened and kicked the boy. If you wander up Hollywood Blvd. Thursday night you might think P. T. Barnum had returned. But you will only be seeing Mike Todd's circus and political parade as a prelude to the opening of "Up in Central Park" at the BowJ Saturday night. He'll have horses, torches, tumblers and stars. Norma Shearer and Jerry Wald discussing her doing an original story called "Unfaithful" theme of which seems to be: "Conscience makes cowards of us all." Can't understand all the hullabaloo about Bing Crosby's putting his radio show incans. He and millions of others have been canning their stuff for years in the movies. Nobody objected. DECLARATION Sidney Buchman leaves Columbia when he finishes "Assigned to Treasury" in' January. He'll then do "The Last Frontier," a Harold Fast story, as an independent, with Wil-. liam Wellman likely directing. It's Adm. Harry Cohn in Catalina waters, if you please, since he's chartered the yaght, the Vega. Roy Del Ruth has Don De Fore for "Favorite Son." Suzanne Cloutier, who appeared with Merle Oberon in "Temptation," married Fran- Three Theaters Book McGuire, Young Picture "Claudia and David," starring Dorothy . McGuire and Robert Young, opens tomorrow at Loew's State, Chinese and Uptown theaters. Directed by Walter Lang and produced by William Perlberg, the 20th Century-Fox film is based on Rose Franken's stories of a young married couple. mm IM-M PA1EE-PAT7I BRABY U SAIAil OHM ART D CA Mr ticf a fVvAMtf fcr if DAVID JLLtX GOTTLIEB P 2 iMAFtMM HMUUi MSIKS IMoa00, ftoino iwuTEt-JI 1 "! ' 1 'avi'" J Peep their love! 6&tfthe risk! Stars Tested Sam Wood is testing a total of 31 male stars in order, to select the three who will play top roles in "Ivy." y'STARTS TOMORROW jbh -.4, 1 M cois LaFleshe in Ottawa, Can., last week. He's just back from Greece. After their honeymoon, she'll return to pictures. Katherine Dunham, dancer, expects to bring her new revue to Hollywood for four weeks. "New Orleans" has snagged Richard Hageman for an acting job. He and Louis Armstrong will .do 1 a hot piano-trumpet duet Georgia Carroll swears she's througji with high notes. She'll just listen to the low notes of her offspring. Paul Lukas en route to Canada via New York for "Stronghold." , Darryl Zanuck also gave the cold shoulder to "Bloomer Girl." Alice Faye has two more pictures to do for 20th. But since her contract allows her a lot of time, studio doesn't know when or what her next picture will be. Relea;ed bv the Chlcaeo Tribune-New York News Syndicate Inc., 1946 Frontier Romance Now on Four Screens Romance which existed be tween two of the hardest charac ters of the old West, 'Wild 'Bill Hiekok. exDonent of law and order, and Calamity Jane, a beauty who packed a pair of six shooters and drove a six-horse stage, is the basis of "The Plains man." now on the screens of Pic fair, Arlington, Cinema and Ver mont theaters. BOB HOPE .Monsieur fjeaueaire fATRlC KNOWLES lHi.M JMk SdXMkfWrt CtU W A ARAMOVJNT rtCTUK 2i HIT Dewnfeii Only GOD'S COUNTRY'i Robrl Lowery . Helen Gilbert CINiCCHOt 4 4 1 i LI Seats Available Ticket sale . for the mystery thriller, 'The Bat," will open tomorrow morning at the Musart. Production begins a limited engagement Wednesday, Sept 1L - 1! Ill'" - n j 1 1 EXTRA! "SWHNGOr iMrf WAIT DlSNErs "DUWB BELL CF THE YUKON 0 cn't v.Airt mm mm W mm rj v w rjm r m r . " ' iin-TIVi tllATi'fJiI'Si llriTili'Ms h m& imn $kisi A i 31 3rd BIG WEEK! VM1BI RMNS on row f w,itta b 1! n.. H I . f f INDEPENDENT THEATRE GUIDE UNITED ARTISTS TJZZ mi FOXR1TZ .WJrt.-U 1.m MI4 WMiIm m l-30 . WA 1)11 a Tbl THEATRE GUILD presents ONLY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SHOWINQ 111 LAURENCE OLIVIER nnipnVnff Mir All SMtt ReMrved 2SS & S:S0 P.M. YO-IIM U l I I 11)1 It If J LAUREL ALLEv?irGI.E8,a,M n r L ii( U I Ifl West of fniffax nd Mutul AieiwlM IN TECHNICOLOR fil JV -DArWir KAYE MELVA1 q KID FROM BROOKLYN THEATRE IV . ,AH V- MELROSE AT VAN NESS w Badman's Territory hi. 6909 free parking Cfceatctg -gpoken Drama (T BUTM0RE TU. TI3I LAST 3 WEEKS wJESJErJe R V (gufWMAGELfr HERVY O'NEILL & MM Evm. (,x. gun.) $1.26 1.80 i.4 3.00 g.W Mt. Wd. S.t. $1.20 t.M i.M .W intl. tmx 'U ADAMS, LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD. w. ui mm widow: IZ3 TVyyy. ' - rmmw nigai in rmm; want cam luntai AMERICAN. 4727 S. BrM ARLIN. 2117 W. JairarMa- ARLINGTON, 2517 W. Waahiiiata ma .llriltaiaft in Julv; fmUmm Ummtimv want baara uwn: baddla aa a Star Moivn. wii . ,nwi u.a.. ; Maji wna oared YAiSN- S?5? !? Tr hi Mmia Hall: Jaaia Geta Married !kS2Av,7,,L- .vJBrn - T" Stranaar: Brida War Baau yreninan-wnnnn prioa war fctooti: Baarehina Wiad OAitiu, i uii . main t Each Hit Own: Of Haaua Baadaaa "o. 07 . riant. Or. Prlaaaar af Zanda: Tam Sawyr CENTRO. 7764 S. Central CENTURY, COIS 3 -Jaaia Gets Married: Marshal af Lareda Kid Fraaa Braoklya; Bambae Blanda tady Ba Carefal; Pursuit ta Haaaimca noanaiary nianaa; rreneaaiaa'a Craak reuni Widaw: Of Hunan Bondaae CONGRESS. 7510 8. Vermont- UKtNSMAW. Crenshaw-Jefti DALE. 3526 Eagle Rotk Bivd 1873 W. Jeflerwn- Blu Dahlia: Haadlum Saint iJnLaanaW PL f APITAN EVERY NIGHT erf 8:30 111. Jlf I I lll.l.l M h'jiinj'j.riM '.UIUJUTjI. 3 EXC SAT.' 2 COMPLETE SHOWS 7.-O0 AND 9:45 P. M. SHOWS m. 2:30-5:30-8:30 ij,"! Phonal GR. 1147 HKjBTlT. '1.10 ta IM -BCTf m..W.-H0UWri '1.11 ta '2.20 MATS. SUN. 6Qcte '1.10 irt) aWaT W W W MCriMNMENTS INCLUDED IN ADMKIIOH FOR A GRAND EVENING OF FUN AND FROLIC THEATRE MART 4049 CLINTON STREET 4KRM()NT.H0.2!1.2I4. "lllCHaY,INC.SUH. Nitely except Mon thru. Sept, 15th Phone. HO 6394 OR SO. CALIF MUSIC CO -73 7 50 M lit AMD MUTUAL A6EMCICS liad;Jj;iiKI rrrn j 1 11 11 1 jiii 1 111 LqiNMMVAUIiHinc.ll EAGLE, 4834 Eaele Rack Bld EL SERENO. HuaL Dr. A Eastern-ELVSIAN. I44 Rlvartid Dr. EMPIRE. Pire-Ahrarada FRANKLIN, 5502 N. Fifoar FREMONT. Adams at La Brea- 6REEN MEADOWS. 9615 S. Main- hullt, ioa ftunaat- kinlma. ceaiBtM. KIVA. S263 S. Broadway. The Stranger: Bride Ware Bests Bua Tew: Wild Brim Kent me Hunareund; smelly Of Human. Rudui Vim. wi neritf af Redwaed; Man Whe Dared KNOLL. 8612 S. Wettarn-LAKE. 7th and Alvarade- LAR60, 1822 E. 103rd- LA TOSCA. 2930 8. Varment LINDA, 1625 E. 103rd Caaitmn Hah MADRID, 8140 S. Varment MANCHESTER. Manchester and Breadws-y- marrAirf, bm . vreaaway- "... - . . . mi. y uw vnrvw retina Widow: ta Each Hi. n.. Man Alive: One Mmrm, T.m.i.ii Specter of the Rasa: Ot Human Bondage wan m ine sua: Dressed t Kill The Blue Dahlia: Stolen Life Ta Each Hla Own; Yatmt Widow Happy Landini; Arson Lisai Trie te Life; Bleade Alibi : Intermid Par Seneritaa -Stole Life: Blue Dahlia swoKy HMrlhMl W iZ2AR2Jl!2 .JJfi!!!?! 1"? Brkly: Of'Human BendaM m miVv W w . j .o. n,,!, 1 1 me tor comedy Nfg M ADTrl S. NdluyTev."":' nTer PARK. 5825 N. Fleueraa st.. i .! ulTii. -Vll PICO.. Piee at Fituerea Aaven'txr. - i .7- PIX. 8812 S. Broadway PLAYHOUSE. 1234'. W. 7th- PRINCESS. 8105 S. Main RAMON A, 2139 Sunset Blvd.-RAMPART. 2625 Temale REGENT. 4012 S. Vermoat- -Ca't Hal Slntina: Strange Cenfessiaa Wall Groomed Bride: Hot Carge -Yeung Widow; Quee ef Barlesaue oirenwor; i.eer come Back Reneiades; O. 8. S. 1 Te Each His Owe: Falcon's Alibi Great Man's Lady; Saddle Serenade SIERRA. 8058 Eaele Reek Rival s.k. is Vi... li.T.-r,". strand. 44ii t::',;,:'.".-' "r" lime tar uemeay: Maa Whe Oared ROUND tip. 542 1 's. Vermoae- SAN CARLOS. 2915 N. Main- -Ta Each Hit Own; Boy. Girl aad Dot s-iie; Diue uaniia SUN. 1408 W. Pica- TEMPLE, 5862 8. Vermont-TROiAN. 931 W. Jefferse. IlkJinM 1199 U il I u ri, 1411 an a mlalm' lTtvM D ... s-..i.u r... vnnu kui v..b di.j . u,;;, . :; -"T"."w-. Without Reservations; Badmaai'a Territory -wsws. -I- Wliculee ewe AMBASSADOR, 3400 Wilshire Ala Ladd 1 Th Blue Dahlia m?JJftt.i-' ' Hym the, N.'tiSS. Beverly-Lauret MUSIC HALL, 9036 Wilthtra- THE MILLS BROS. LIONEL KAYE -"Daffy Auctioneer" BEAUTIFUL GIRLS STAR CAST ir "ELSA UNCHESTERrS- tn, YALE PUPPETEERS mown L0TTE GOSLAR 'X. OROrNr htusukw eoa 0mt k71C N. U CIENEGA CR. 6-1005 GORGEOUS OltlS GREAT COMEDIANS DANCINO HOIIywowd 7101 westwood village players vi-nwei rnvn-m Directed by Howard Banks Present mPaBalaffa Tk efa2jl HmMlT M.BM.M. M. WESTWOOD VILLAGE THEATRE, Westwood Blvd. at Santa Monica SEPT. 5- 78:30 $1.00 Inel. tax ARiiono 3-7032 H0W Cary Grant Alexis Smith IN TECHNICOLOR NIGHT AND DAY 14 MUSICAL l-i,Tir?4 comedy r-rp EME3 gyFAp,ARclpcc.'.7t55F4.rly " v.lCh?S "CLAN Westwood Blvd.-Wilshlro-SBiral StaireasaTsing W Vay Ho V 5fi" '""' Kt -aw-I -1 uou nrsi SDiral Staln-aia; ShU Al icn BROOKLYN. 2425 Broekly CRYSTAL. 2806 Whittier JEWEL, 3817 Whittier JUT, 20 lo t. First- MERALTA. 2033 E. First NATIONAL, 2229 Brooklyn TERRACE. 1943 City Terras Dr VERN. 2811 E. Olympic eeoson, auie wansh- -Soiral Staircase: AhieiHh.l r-Ah "If E!,, Hi O"": Dressed ta Kill war er wildcats; Dressed te Kill r T". S'elea Life: These Three Troth About Murder: These Three The Stranger: Bride Were Beets 0,8.8. : Cel. Effingham's Raid The 8tranqr; Bride War Boots -Searchint Wind; She Wrote th Book A Stele. I Ma- fl.. c.T.i.. Zli CENTRAL THEATRES ?LLoV,EW.J?.,crJ52 HUB. 1007 8. Centra U SAVOY, 3328 8. Central- wimwmm GLENDALE -She Well- Maa Wk. n.2 -Tuobaat Annie; Old Wyoming ma mini lexas rannandie "'5J 1 3,83 ejlendal Blvd. Oloe Dahlia- Cottan. siaiirf.w S,VH"D"a"s.aAiren-.,"Lym"?rr"a.A' Town: Light That Failed " -. ' . " maare mis Day Forward: S sector af Rose rtrTTTT1fc..y?NG. BEACH TORRANCE. AREA MasiBeesiaBBt r-J--: "" s. -1 oiners rrsm Boston: Pari, la a.-i.. Beach- RITZ. Long G STRAND, 235 Pike. Lent Beach- cl stuuiiuu. c.1 Beguaoe-PLAZA. Hawthorne REX. Hawthorne LENNOX. Lennox lomita, Lomit. GARDENIA. Garde GRAND, Tsrranie TORRANCE. TerraJle-RITZ. Uiieweed. -Guadalcanal Diary: Eitlutive in reaturea; stage Shew -Djry ef Chambermaid: Girl Trouble ti.. ZV? n : The Ruasreund Tba Great MaGty: Shadow en the Ranee The Westerner; Beloved Enemy Walk la the Sua: Spider Wema -Well Oreeimd Bride; U Gees Maisla RendaTyetts 24: Bride Wore Boot i Million Dollar Legs; Llmeheuso Blues "" Buries-1: Avalueha tOS ANGELES ARCADE. S34 8 Braadwav BROADWAY, 428 8. Broadway-CAMEO, 528 8. Broadway ocninet, die a. isread1 toil, 320 S. Broadway. -DOWNTOWN -Medal for Beany: Secret Cemaiaa4 -easy ta we; loni .. alamad Specter ef the Rose: Heme ee th fin I esx weea-tnq: Fellow the Laaoer Fire Wife; Csotsia Kie -Gay Cabal lere: Thander Tew U.N0A -EA- First at San Pedro OLvaiPir aTC B,w,- v" L,I,B C- i Caesar aed Cleaeatr TOWN ll 5 sfnf s:?1"- Z Affairs af Susan: Vtttsr, uwh. . Hill St The Southerner: Smia. Out the Bines loaTsiruTT?: HOLLYWOOD ; CAlSpfjvi'i'iT,"! V.'Z, ,M I'lahda: Yewr, for the AsWe j Cinem a " wEJUi. S?"' """,c Badman a Territery; Me Aih ; CLINTOti C,"'. SS "!!"" T PlaiMmaa: Lady Era i HAWAII '5941 Eivrt irrSl,JTr R" Diary ef Chameenaa. u irpu S m pLcrJ-., -." Igh " "' Caesar and Cleopatra : HUN le v i i?SuiJlr"i.;,i.,", 1,B,"" We: Gentltmsa With a LOS fel'ii waill??- ?,lt -r?"'n,t "tts: Jaaia Gees Mamed , j OCLVKN. Malreaa aa. W . yM w .j f . . . . MOiri :Tu oraeaiy: unii i len-nery MUSIC ifluL l!;i,uMic Blue Dahlia: Walk I the Se O R I ENTAL W?? iiaLfc!!l!iTri'B Caesar aad Cleeeair. Sj'.!JVl..? Sunset Wttheut Reseraatia... Partrait at BliriB ! N. "irrrint -3 Waiu Tint GT 11 n . , T, ' . veresone s.y1s.e'- Wester at Sunset- VIST A. Swneet at Hollywood Garde ef Allah: Baenaa'a Terrrtery; Bey. Girl aad De AERO Meataaa i Im'.? ""'"''': "'"I"WP "' ' NITCBl'Aa'oiV f.!"?' " Wall.',T"..AmTI MAJEBTI&. ?-8J-a.'-4ff-4ti' St 6rd.: Cede tbeairJ MAJESTIC. Santa Menie mcriKLiA. cutver City. BO CEN G A Lever Cease Sack : Inside Job -Gree Years; Bamboo Bieae uTEtARtSVMWh1t7i.V NTER 4&i WKiwi-"' B' This Love ef Ours: I Want Drrsrei RPEN'456I egrr-hd-F.,.- V flff "i' ri, VifiS - . . D . ; va e maisie; An ran. wireee. . STRAND 4232 Wkm .r BiZZl"'." J" Hellyweeel: Lee Texas Rancor , r;?f whittier Blvd. Omekv: it Shuu.'t u... t. a De . Sierra Moreno: Las Cuatrt Milsa t TTT bteioe) life: 6alloine Tbaaaer 4 WHITTIER iZ'C-.lZir. " "' ssrsaBta: Dwr Hearts Were Grrwiag U l VOGUE, si.-.,..- a Bascemb: Freddi Steps 0t -4 . .....wo. . . ,.UT. .... ' oriee were - UNIllUE 3643 E. First St.- nur. wnmier WARDMAN. Whittle WALKERS."3rf.tHNhA8tA.NH STATE. 4th at Ri.. a. f R'NCESS. 4t at SpurgtoB-LIDO. Newport Beach- BALBOA. Vnta LAGUNA. Lsouaa- 80UTH r.AA&T i .... SURF. Hentinoton Bah. YOST. Santa Ana BREA. Bree PLAZA. Oraaoe -Bin Dahlia. Th. e. naive -Bck Benny Rides Again: Scotland Yard Cadefes d ! Th Gtarthia Wind Sit- Daniw f Hairy Ape: Ditptrtrd Passsoe To Each H is uw awm flowers ta LA HABRA 1. u.k. r O n r r - .."w.w -Freaehmse s Creek; Here Cease the ee -walk in the Sua: Heate la ladiaaa Miguel stregoW; Ye Bai'le eea do Porta -Draajeawyek : Ooa't Be a Sucker -Of Huaua Beadage; Up Goes Null I aspansw SAN CLEMENTE. Ssa Clem ALHAMBRA A ALt!Ay BRA AN GABRIEL VALLEY rr lANIAN,TA. Aresd i"c, main at 4th- S"fLELD, Garfield at Vnllaaw S;? Garvey at Saa Gabriel. un.NADA. 130 W a.-:- SIR t. A7Uta b -a- . ". - - TEMPLE. L Tn...a..."r 1 '? F' Smoky: It Shrald t Hap eea te De -Th. Slr.M. k t QPUk Iv. To Each Hie Own:' Of Home Beaoese AOilene Tew; Breakfast I Hlywd. 4 sioitn Lite; up Gees Msxte ua Valtm rw.i-.-- i u.liaw Kid From Broekly a: Passkey te Denew H rrera ureekiya; Falcon's ahoi lU F I lit. .ti D A- T..M-. . This Day For ward: One More Tomorrow i S El- li.LasTnas- Rosemea! .... WEED, Garvey.Vallev m.d t..?i . rZwmr t",. ""re. all BY, El Mentn wenpeance: Hills el win wto. - EL MONTE, niinwm . i'.r."; ''"k.or EL MONTE. Valley at TvlJlriL'R,v' --VINA, GLENDORA" BALDWIN. 'BaLT. l.L,',r VoBB Widow: Swam F COVINA Tavlaa BLEND0RA. Glendera- ire : A Stolen Life: Dressed te Kill Z City for woue Walk in the c ,. . . a.. " . ' 7i , .Ll.. BURBANK 207 . IirT''''BMRBANK awm ..I wi,ww.,wa LO M A, 319 S. Sen cfrJ.Z?'-' Territory: Desert HorsfBS MAGNOIIA Jin a .iB,l,0 Th Runarennd : Ik. W.. Raak MAJOR. 83 lira.r-crj.!!i!." --T Each His Own; Th UnkaewSJ -THEATRES Easy t Wed: Madonna af the Mesa DRIVE IN. I2I0 w r.T. N-THEATRES w. DR VE IN. st...-J -. oa Mot T-.r-w w.ii. r a new DRIVE IN. 8ata A- aO faes llan. T . - llm CALIFORNIA, 136 J. aiu NTAJ(IO "" axwxi a .,..n..... ix .. . i uiifli aim.- mi l aa. Easy t Wed; Way Aheeel .,-,..., . ,UR.C j " Ba: aae ef Burleson CAN0GA. Ce... Jj"tultBAN.. 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