The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 13, 1946 · 38
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 38

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 13, 1946
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2 Port tV SUNDAY, JAN. j. 1946 Log gngtlCg CfttlCg f! Mexican Art World, People Esteem Diego Rivera s Wiie Santa Mom League Sessions Listed Continued from First Pajre Exchange mural as a lady engineer. Frida was born In the famous house- in Coyoacan, Mexico City suburb, in which she now lives. Here, too, she lived between her two marriages to Diego (they were di-vorced for a short time.) In-"this house Trotsky once lived ' as Frida's guest Her mother . wa3 Spanish-Indian and her father a German Jew, a photographer who specialized in colonial architecture. 'House Little Changed , The house today is much the same a3 it was at her birth in 1910, a group" of several houses whose walls go straight up from the sidewalk on a corner. There are Diego's familiar, blue outside wr.lls, and a heavy wooden door leading into an entrance patio. The only recent addition is a thatched hut In the rear patio built by Diego to hold many of his fine pieces of pre-Columbian stone sculpture. Outside of Mexico, Frida's bedroom, where she is forced to spend much of her time in bed, wuld be fantastic. On the walls bang her collection of retablos, the little pictures painted on wood or tin to commemorate a miracle. In the closets hang her collection of Mexican costumes.- On top of her Colonial four-poster bed repose two gigantic figures of men, the kind that are filled with fireworks, strung up over a street and made to explode. Fain and Universal Love lot bed lies generous, kind, good Frida, smiling, warmhearted, projecting through her face, her arms, her being a love for everyone. The years of daily pain which have kept her frequently in bed have taken away none of her rare and wonderful human qualities. In the 10 years of her first marriage " to Diego, Frida pointed only 25 pictures. In 1932, in Detroit, where Diego wa.i making sketches for a murol, Frida had an operation a. the Henry Fordv Hospital. While recuperating she started to paint again, this time on tin. Edward G. Robinson, in the collection hanging in his Beverly Hills home, has a number of these paintings as well as some on canvas. When, after 10 years of married life, Diego suggested that he and Frida be divorced "so she could paint more freely," Frida, heartbroken, lived alone and painted. To quote the critic,- the divorce "seemed to be justified by the work she did." But restlessness finally drove her to New York and thence to San Francisco, where she and Diego remarried in 1940. Andre Breton, in Mexico in 1938, told Frida she was a surrealist painter. But she was quite unacquainted with the European '." surrealists and" didn't see a Dali original, until she went to New York in 1938 for an exhibition of her own paintings. In 1939 Breton showed Frida's paintings in Paris. In parts of the United States her characteristic work is well known. To see Frida's paintings is to see her personal history elaborately and intimately recorded, to understand the pathos of her childless life. Praised by All . To see Frida is to see a beau- tiful woman whose radiant face and outstretched arms express the warmth of a rare personality. To mention her name is to hear over and over again: "Frida is a charming and kind woman, and a fine painter." She never has been known to be other than kind and gen-erous. Everyone who has met ' Frida loves her, admires her, and prays that she may be relieved of her ever-present pain. Couple Giving Buffet Dinners Dr. and Mrs. Milo Sweet, who have disposed of their Kilkea Drive home in Los Angeles and are residing now Mn West Arcadia, are entertaining with a series of in-fdrmal buffet dinners. Mrs. Sweet continues her activities with Bookworms of the Assistance League. . , Luncheon to Honor Sigmas of Sigma Chi Mrs. H. D. Burns will be hostess at the Jonathan Club to Los Angeles Chapter, Sigmas. of Sigma Chi, Feb. 11 at the organization's first 1946 meeting. Luncheon at 12:30 p.m. will be followed by a business meeting and bridge. CLUBDOM Rarmrt Echo Lengur, Mt. Slnal "Honpiul Dinner, 6230 Sunset Blvd. Frfndd of th Miaalon Supper. San Fernando Mission, S. State Board. B.P.W. Breakfast, Mission Inn. Riverside. Lou Angeles Audohon Meeting; Ran Gabriel River , Wildlife Sanctuary Museum. 2. "W '""I.,MH 1 Continued from First Page adjoining the. campus. Dr. Mowat is assistant professor of history. " Mrs. Arthur E. Fitzmorris, -president, will preside. Officers are Mmes. Vern O. Knudsen, George : R. Martin,. William Barnhart, W. - Thomas Davfs and Miss Helen Wurdemann. Bruin Club Luncheon When West Los Angeles Women's Bruin Club, composed of former U.C.L.A. coeds, assembles for luncheon in Brentwood Country Club at noon Friday, Dr, H. Arthur Steiner will give an address on "Japan in. the Crucible." Dr. Steiner associate professor of political science at U.C.L.A., served two years with the Marine Corps in the if. in . thc tuonums shop . PORTRAIT 03? YOU IN BLACK... JR0M A DISTINCTIVE COLLECTION OE SPRING SUITS-100 WOOLS. BLACK AND COLORS , $45 PILLBOX by MILGRIM , 27.50 WOMEN'S SIZES U 52 HALF SIZES Mi to 26 WIISHKI CINTE 3101 WIISHUI BOUIEVAIO EVEIIY HlliS RODEO AT SANTA MONICA BLVD. P. Sh-h-hl Do You Yearn for Imported Hand-made PURE SILK LINGERIE? . V. ef Bon d Street LONDON "TKt Hems 4 of and Diaiinctxon," Alluring flown, perfect fittinf lia end pontic. Reveratbie tailored rebel. Gently priced. Alto a wonderful collection of pure Irish Linen. Mend embroidered cloHii, mot ond handkerchief. limited variety of Satin Yard 9547'Wilshire Boulevard CRestview 69518 BEVERLY HILLS WEST SIDE Martha Chest said her marriage vows with Marshall Pattison in Little Chapel of the Dawn. BEFORE WE ADJOURN Velada Business and Professional Women's Club did a nice" job again in helping, with good advice, girls about to graduate from Hollywood High School The club has been giving this service for a number of years and last j week's counseling grew put of the request for : it from the girls themselves. Girls of the class were divided into those who will go ' on to college the majority of the class; those who want to marry-at once and start home-making, and those who will go to work and who consider marriage a strong possibility. FOUR COUNSELORS The counselors were Dean Edith Clark of City College, Mrs. Ruth Boynton of U.C.L.A. and Miss Virginia Hage of S.C., wljo divided the first group among them, and Susan Laughlin, personnel assistant at Lockheed Aircraft, who took the latter group. Mrs. Laughlin, mother of two children, who has handled a heavy job all through the war, had a lot to tell those girls, who accepted it with eagerness and appreciation. After watching the Legislature's special session start,. and having attended several political r party meetings during the past week, the writer is . convinced that this is no time for a woman to take her politics casually or lightly. If she does, the serious girls and there are an awful lot of them are going to pick the cherries. r; CONTENTMENT IRKS There . is ; nq resting comfortably on the feeling that "an awful lot of people feel as I do about this, and I find that comforting," as I heard one woman say last week. That sort of contentment may be good for cows, but has no place in . the daily life of a horse with a race to win. You and I may not want the same things made into the laws of this State, but we have equal rights to fight for our convictions and, in case of our failure to fight, we have no reason for hating the other woman if she gets what she wants. Somebody is going to be victorious, you know, and it might just possibly be the person who wants 'the things which are all wrong for your civic philosophy. PRESS PROCEDURE A word to press chairmen: When you are asked for information about your organization and its projects, be prepared to give that information in a short, concise paragraph or two. .Don't dump a lapful of "literature" upon the inquirer and expect her to dig out the facts for herself. She hasn't the time or inclination to do your work. And don't, please, say "literature" when what yo.u mean is "propaganda." There's a heap of difference! B. MW. B'nai B'rith Will Install Mrs. Abe Corenson will be installed president of Beverly Hills Auxiliary of B'nai B'rith after Tuesday's luncheon in the Ambassador. Mrs. Faye Papock will be installing officer. Mrs. Ben Rosenthal, vice-president, Women's Supreme Council, will, be masfer of ceremonies. . Other officers to be installed are: Mmes. Leonard Raymo and Philip Rapp, vice-presidents; Victor Cogen, counselor; Richard Cherwin, conductor; Nathaniel Alschuler, financial secretary; Herman Schlom, deputy financial secretary; Irving Jackelson, treasurer; Maurice Creamor, recording secretary; Harry Glickman, corresponding secretary; Louis Lip-stone, sentinel, and Ben Bail, guardian. Pacific as a major in an intelligence unit. - Mrs. William Burns, president, will preside. Hostesses will be Mrs. LeRoy Pitcher and Mrs. John Hall, Brentwood. - An invitational Valentine Ball will be given by the Juniors of the Santa "Monica Bay Woman's Club Feb. 16 in the Beach'. Club. Mrs. Stewart. "McKenzie, president, is being assisted in plans by Mmes. John Rehwold, Robert Hewitt, Alan Tickle, Robert Etz, David Peery, Misses Babette Ballard -and Lydia Godino. A candlelight initiation ceremony Wednesday in the home of Mrs. Edwin Wenz, adviser, will be followed by an initiation dinner" at the Swiss Chalet. S-M i V 1 ' ! ft . j THE TIME IS I j 5500 Emm . . and time for a soft suit in blue, surf, nude, black or brown. Sizes 9 to 15 5400 VUriiirt Blvd. in Miracle Milt Hi C Coleri!. Fmdts JANUARY CLEARANCE FURS COATS, STROLLERS, JACKETS, CAPES Vai V3, Vz LESS Fine furs sold by a reputable dealer are always a wis purchase. Make your selection from this very special assortment. Trieje Sae Prices Include Federal Tax Muskrat Coat Vx less, 172.30 Two Baum Marten-Dyed Skunk Jackets. . .Vi less, 122.50 Fitch Jacket ..'i less, 172.50 Russian Squirrel Jacket ..'a less, 172.50 Zorino Skunk Jacket".... Vs less, 147.50 Fisher-Dyed Skunk Jacket ............. Vi less, 196.67 Black Persian Paw Coat 14 less, 246.00 Muskrat Coat Vs less, 263.34 Muskrat Coat V less, 296.26 Muskrat Stroller '. less, 296.26 Polo Wolf Stroller . less, 183.74 Mink-Tail Stroller ,!i less, 371.24 Muskrat Coat .....yA less, 333.74 Mink-Tail Jacket .U less, 206.26 Black Caracul Jacket. . V less, 371.25 Black Persian Jacket. ........... ..... M less, 596.25 Ranch Mink Jacket less, 1995.00 Ranch Mink Stroller , .... .14 less, 2995.00 Warrior Back Home Sydney White,- son of the Smith Whites of Hollywood and nephew of the Sydney Sanners of Pacific Palisades, has returned from Army service in Germany. ' CATERING TO THE DISCRIMINATING FOR 25 YEARS QHQ KjmCSt KJ. fJXy&n. utnt tU. week. $ C H OO L OF DANCING ; M.n 144S 807 South Wattera Ave. FEdaretl 144S for Jticripfiv fceoWtf. ' Wildlife t Peck Drive, Beverly Hilli SlIPSQULCB Masses'- W Elena's aimel (DMMu'eim's Appai'el l To i BETTER IiEADYTQ.WEAn, Second Floor . Formerly JiOW Misses and women's dresses; street, afternoon, . ' cockta'd and evening .39.95 to 225.00. . 20.00 to 139.00 Tool dresses and costumes 39.95 to 155.00. .20.00 to 03.00 Untrimmed coats, . . . junior & women's sites. ..... .59.95 to 165.00. .30.95 to 03.00 Blouses, crepes & wool 29.95 to 59.95.. 18.00 to 39.00 PEOUTANTE AIVD JUNIOR MISS APPAREL. 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