The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 16, 1960 · 44
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 44

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1960
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w :w r r W W , V t"" V V v? '" -I ! Cooper Will Film xio of Westerns ' r Exliibitors Vote Him Biggest r Draw at American Box Office BY HEDDA HOPPER Dined with Joe Moskowitz, V.P. of 20th Century-Fox, and Bob Goldstein at Chasen'sk Learned Bob had polled exhibitors as to what stars and what type pictures sell best Answer came back: Gary Cooper In westerns; so he was immediately signed for three films: "Commancheros," A Ik I i "Big River, Big Man" which Thomas Duncan j wrote and Vincent Sher- 'I man produces, with third yet to be chosen. Big Coop starts first in Janu- J ary. Laurence Durrell, au-', thor of "Justine," wrote a pal that for the picture i of his story he wants Audrey Hepburn. Inerid Joanne "Woodward Bergman and Joanne Woodward. His dreams are even bigger than his talent Lorena Danker Mayer met Michael Nidorf, sophisticated New Yorker and delightful man, at Maggie Ettineer's birthday party at the Waldorf in October. I Now he's arrived here to spend holidays with Lorena and the romance looks as though it would lead to , the altar. Will Fowler's play "Julius Castro," modernization of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," has upset our pro-Commies. Written in blank verse, and set In Cuba, , list of characters most of whom will wear beards includes: Bruto in place of Brutus, Marco Antonio in place of Marc Antony, and Casio Valdez for Cassius. Julius Castro Is assassinated in the sports arena as he prepares to give a five-hour speech. Albert Mc-Cleery has asked CBS for leave of absence to direct. E Lucy's Troubles Poor Lucy, everything happens to her. Even nature conspired against her, so "Wildcat' opening was postponed from Wednesday to Friday because scenery was snow-bound between Philadelphia and New York. But when I talked with her she considered it a good omen. Says advance sale is over $2,000,000 and she just hopes the people will like her. Well, they'll love her. Bob Hope takes off Monday on his Caribbean tour a happy man. His last TV show was a dilly and he should win an Oscar for "Facts of Life." God knows he deserves it It's about time a comedian got one. Speaking of laughter I hope you didn't miss Marian Lome in "Harvey"; she was enchanting. Steve Boyd's been away since May 3 and made one picture, "The Big Gamble," with Darryl Zanuck. He went to London theater four times with Haya Hara-reet but found fare dull. So for 12 weeks while wait- ingJor "Cleopatra" to proceed he occupied his mind reading history. "For first time in my life I was home sickand for Hollywood." Now he's soaking up Palm Springs sunshine, goes back to London when filming resumes Jan. 3. Thinks Liz Taylor very intelligent in approach to Cleopatra role; she's read everything about character. Steve believes she'll be wonderful as the Egyptian queen. Dean Martin chosen Man of the Year by Boys Republic of Italy; they'll have big benefit at Waldorf in New York, March 23. : Metro's engaged Piper Laurie for picture "Alligator" which she's now playing off-Broadway, But iey:vegot to have Jo Van Fleet, too, when she makes the picture, she's superb in it (Released by Chicago Trlbune-N.V. New Syndicate, Inc., I960) corny IF Till VEflil! 3BJSE XMVWD! HILARIOUS WEEK! Wilshln Blvd. t Dohtny CR. 4-6869 "a..- . L i; fast and witty! JL nm M THOMAS SCHOOL for SCOUNDRELS m -l.A. TMK AUSMIt SIM 2nd HILARIOUS WEEKS ' IEVEU.T CANON Canao 0r..WHihm I PteneCB. 5-5244 i .1 H ( i Li APPEALING Mi$ Sonia Torgeson has one of the two leads in "The Four-poster," now running weekends on stage of Alley Theater in Panorama City. 'Gin Bottle' Silent Due With 'Drunkard' William Jarvis, producer of "The Drunkard" at Cor- bin Playhouse, Tarzana, has acquired rights to show the silent two-reel movie "Episodes in the Life of a Gin Bottle," made by Bella Von Block in 1928. It will be pre sented before each performance of "The Drunkard." FILMLAND EVENTS Genevieve Page Set ' for Role iii 'El CicF Genevieve Page, curreritiylmonths of advance planning, being seen in i Columbia's will begin full-scale prepara- "Song Without End," has tions for filming this week, it been signed to play Queen Urracca in Samuel ' Bron ston's production of "El Cid' which stars Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren. Roger Corman, president of The Filmgroup, has an nouncea mat nis company will him 12 features In 196 with a budget of $6 million allotted to them. Ilia recent ly finished "Atlas" will be followed by "Pan and the Satyrs." Adams Signs Gaba nick Adams' has signed Marianne Gaba to co-star with Jack Chaplain, also re cently signed by Adams, to co-star with him in an inde pendent production of "The Naked Lovers' to be pro duced by Adams company, Hondo Productions, for Par amount. Miss Gaba is cur rently playing a role in Jer ry Lewis "Ladies. Man." "The Music Man " after i FRANK DARING TALES OF LOVE & MARRllGEl . vv art, n r UWDl i j j LIIlSTl BT AUGUST JTRINDBERG! ADULTS OHLTf 4tk SMASH WEEK VAGABOND 2 so wiimtft it II. 12171 O TONIGHT IATC SHOW TONIGHT ! "Elizabeth Taylor... daring, brilliant performance..." Times "Adult, Excellent" Citizen News I "...told and acted so brilliantly it fascinates from beginning to end..." Examiner f V Q X ) A - I 9 x v . m METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER Miamt I V n V MdUdKBl warn JOHN 0'HARA'S lUDDWIISIFDlI kiONEMASCOItwoMETROCOLOIt QJ 0 DINA MERRILL MILDRED DUNNOCK BETTY FIELD JEFFREY LYNN KAY MEDFORD SUSAN OLIVER KSu CHARLES SCHNEE and JOHN MICHAEL HAYES tmcuD n DANIEL MANN A PANDRO S. BERMAN PRODUCTION Baf-effic opens 11:30 .m. tXCLUSIVB KNQAQIMINT l1--. HOLLYWOOD in noiwwoQi ili. us. i uti ii toMirienEi I Ml '00 vas announced by Jack L. Warner and Steve Trilling, Morton DaCosta, producer and director of the! stage play," will serve in the same capacity on the film which will star Robert Preston. Dominie Frontiere has been set to compose, arrange and conduct the score for "The Right Approach" at 20th . . . Andre Previn has -, ,- . ,..,rt.n.. , r - ---ff"'4tTiii"niTi--rrf-Trtr-t' - 4- Jerry Lews BRINGS EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE. STORY TO FABULOUS NEW LIFE m pi i. i) . vMrn u i II, ii P..MH II .11. ' rr riTlr M . (AJtrryUwb Production) . ' - : I is (or fella vV ' j '! ! and a feast " I W V-v '! 0,,unf vfU f M I Technicolor y fL Rsa j Ed Wynn- Judith Anderson - Henry Suva Robert Hutton Count Basie hi w.rM ima &m winu A!TA Ml nil Af npninrnnmi nun a. itimu nLpcnuniii 11 ism princess htfacel by Jeny U.ii AnocUli rMaw-Eat D. CIkIuui Writtai ai DirteM If fntk TuUia Buiol Itarim SUH Vj Nick CuUi . Nnr Snp ky Karrr Winw u4 lid fori . A riruwtX Uu SB FSn .N9,Y. P wnHnrl H4 1 playing I rSrrSI I BIYMPIC CENTURY COMPTON ""ugT" M. M Mia MiWt mim . Itno.oilnl .IMIIMM UK nun OUHMU II LO. WWII. I "" NUT.' WnilW ACADEMT F ALEX MlWnil SAN Ml VAN ROYS CAMMHM .K liisi -S1M711 u . II All'IM nm-m t mm-m amnm gLL! N WMI" 0W- Hum. M nnuMi imntKiit I mmbou Hiwnt w. conw WARNER CORNELL (ARMAI CROWN NOItWUK a MQNTE IMfWCOO ttatcxs Spoken Drama been signed to conduct the' conduct the music for 20ths score for Billy Wilder si"Madison Ave' . , , trnesi Mirisch production for UA Gold, who recently scored "One, Two, Three. . . ."Har-,"Fxodus," will do the' same j ry Sukman will compose and, for U-iyPay of the Gun." w c T HOUYWOOO VIM f cont. 12:30 "4 CINOERfEllA 1 t)0G S BEST iRlENB NO Mill Q SAN FERNANDO VAlttY 4 7 CALIFORNIA D V. Brymwr-S. McQuM MAGNIFICENT SEVEN BAN DIDO CORNELL A JJL?-5351 TTENCINQ End. ST 4 l?il 1 Jerry lewit CINDERFEIU DOG'S BEST FRIEND Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN POUYANNA RESEDA Dl 4-0I5S 0 WFSTCHiSrEW-TORRANCE Q Rm.i1. 0. Day-D. Nivn DON'T EAT DAISIES HUCKLEBERRY FINN PARADISE John Wsvn R. Stick THE SEARCHERS HIGH AND THE MIGHTY FA I-S37J Walt Dimey't SIGN OF Z0RR0 ALIAS JESSE JAMES PARK GvMtl OA 4-464 Weirdl Uneirthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNED BEYOND TIME BARRIER LONG BtAoH CfiANCE CWJNTY TOWNE N, L OA I N. Ln Bueh 1-1221 Weird! UrwarthW VILLAGE OF DAMNED THE MYSTERIANS n STATE Ul .ek -2I Jampi Garner Uf) PERISCOPE D. I. RIVOU Lhi fi..rh Hf I-S207 Y. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN BAN0IDO ATLANTIC N. Lim BmcIi GA 3-3161 D. Day-N. Harnton MIDNIGHT LACE SURPRISE PACKAGE BROADWAY B.nti Ana Kl 2-4737 Jerry Lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND MONTEFJELLO ID GARMAR M.nttb.lla PA -?! VOGUE Moai.b.iia PA I-I22J Jerry Lewli CINDERFELLA PIG'S BEST FRIEND Weird! Unearthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNED SURPRISE PACKAGE LA PUENTE STAR La Putnte EO 1-241 ED y. Brynner-M. Gaynor SURPRISE PACKAGE KEY WITNESS f MX OFFICE OPENS 1 00pm. SHOW STARTS i30Dm.CHILDRN UNDER I? FFE j mm if !'TiuiiT lAST2,T &MF- "A Michael FLANDERS Donald SWANN In ; "AT THE DROP OF HAT" "Th funniest, th brightest, th most delightful waning I could possibly imagine." " CeciJ Smith, IA. Tmei Eve. Only 9 P.M. Midi aMmM Work of Theatrical Magic" r Chapman, N.Y. Nawa CLAUDIA McNEIL In a raisin .1 m ine sun o naw play by lerrain Hansberry with Douglae Tumar Diana Sonde directed by llayd Richard. 3 Weeks Onlyl Beg. TUES., DEC. 20 Evm. (axe. Sun.) 8:30 Mats. Wed.-Sat. 2:30 -New Year's Eve, 8:30 4 4 411 ki 4 k. GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE NOW FOR ALL HOLIDAY WEEK PERFORMANCES! METRO-G0LDWYN-MAYER presents EDNA FERBER'S . i-'-v-a. ,h CINEMASCO' ilarnnf V ' ( V '' GLENN FORQ - MARIA SCHELL ANNE BAXTER - ARTHUR O'CONNEIL ITS TM!LTI-1IICECS M;ClMBIIOCE.t.i.-.f nc venew . taitu inii-ciiiiii: i KHt (KUt) laioi . ism ifiiim - ii in aiiainii . mi unit . nut ikiiiii ARNOLD SCHLflWAN Ctfna Ferber liiitlrt If ANTHONY MANN i h EDMUND UtMil SEATS NOW IT IOX-OFFICE OR Y MAIU At Hollywood Perameunt Thto. r, HO. 3-3?o3 So. Colif. Music Ca, 737 So. Hill Mutual Aganci.t. eth eciei. SPKIAt ATTENTION TO THEATRE PARTIES lo effic aptn 10 a m.-P p m. Exclusive Engagement Starts CHRISTMAS NIGHT HOLLYWOOD PARAMOUNT THEATRE HO. 3-3263 Sean now far both attraction, at Box Office ft Mutual Agenciae IO DATS ONLY" Opens Fri.f Dee. 23 thru Sun., Jan. I (Op.nlno Niqht I Show. 8:30 ft 10:45) fAAIL ORDERS NOW! A Holiday Muilcof-Modcop da.ignecf for toffinf A "TIMID" EVENING WITH faaturin, "THE MARKSMEN" Mail ft prion ordsr. NOW at box office ft all Mutual Ag.nci.i ' 2 thewa Fri., Sar., Sun. 1:30 ft 10:45 P.M. Other performencaa nitely (anc. Mon.) at 8:30 P.M. Price.: SS.50, 4.40, 3 30, 2.20 (tax incl.) 2 SHOWS NEW YEAR'S EVE (8:30 1 10:30) PRICES $7.50 & S.50 PLAYHOUSE Reeratiom Ol. 3-7033 'ii m nmr lewis. inderFella JUDITH ANDERSON FD WYNN vouivi nA5te ...... ...... . ft z. .i l i. . hwuii u.dib ii nrnnurm .v w OLYMPIC CEMTUIY . UH Pfnan .iter . TKHMiromT. , COMPTON NOIWUK ILVO. El MONTE . EOCrwnnll It,-. rrrrScTV in. - " ui nns j 'i In nuiMnmHNDUPMtflStlTnt "-.1..i - - m.i L0N8 8ECH . HIWT INtKEIM PHULO j B EST - asVEM I THE TIMBlUHM . - a coion oa una .kvchtii.. IN -fVW- J THE TIMBlUHM CENTINELA TOXRANCE SOUTH Mil MH MBKItk VICTORY CIRCLE in l:.lTl.l:ililafi;iil'ljl:l,iJ!lfTilCT GEORGE SANDERS -BARBARA SHELLEY mum AW- STUDIO VERMONT . flOMI . lis art STftHllTE UUBEL WCKWICK UllEWOOO OMNQC TRI-CITT IHMM WAYNE tJODTU tft AI Alf AVV 'BANDIDO'whittTer EDWtftOS SEPUIVEO rJV YUL BRYNNtR .STEVE McQUEEN (fel"BANDIDO V IHt MAliNlrltLNI StVtH ' mriorilvb:. rosecrins VINEUNB RESEDA LOS ANGELES AREA CENTINELA OR 4-SH4 Cent, 4 Seaul. Fantastic Adventure WIZARD OF BAGDAD FRECKLES CENTURY OR 4-9917 Catury A Chaw Jerry Lewit CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND CANOGA PARK J'XV Dl 1-621 1 CINOERFELLA Park DOG'S BEST FRIEND aUREL Weird! Unearthly! EM).!5B VILLAGE OF DAMNED L.ur. Cm. W, Vin THE MYSTERIANS FLORAL AN J-8768 M.a. h. et B'kiya Weird! Unearthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNED THE MYSTERIANS GILMORE .4 r.trf. 3rd at Fairfax V. Brynner-S. McQueen MAGNIFICENT SEVEN STUDS L0NIGAN Ala'ea W. Vletery THE MYSTERIANS RESEDA Y- Brynner-S. McQueen UI 3-3900 mnuninv,cni ocvcri Rn.ea at V.nwe BANDIDO OLYMPIC OR7-ai? Olympi. at Bandy Jerry Lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND SAN PEDRO TE 1-3370 Gatt.y at A'tietat Jerry Lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND STUDIO EX I-I2S0 Scant, at Jft'mn Weired! Unearthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNED THE MYSTERIANS TORRANCE" F n P-04BI Tor. W. tf H'thn. VERMONT , DAI-499S at 182nd Fantastic Adventure WIZARD OF BAGDAD FRECKLES Weird! Unearthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNED THE MYSTERIANS a PASADENA SAN GABRIEL AREA BIG SKY ELI-25S5 Ouart. Weird! Unearthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNED THE MYSTERIANS EDGEWOOD EOI-II5S Gm.y I. e( i Pti. Jerry lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND EDWARDS HI 7-8171 Pock 4 Live Oak' John Wayne-Fabian NORTH TO ALASKA BANDIDO Nr. Aiuia-Ellt. in. uuu Btii rnitnu SAN FERNANDO VALLEY PirKlVIHK Weird! Unearthly! TH J-Vra VILLAGE OF DAMNED SAN VAL HZ-II77 8. P. at Wlaena Jerry Lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND SEPULVEDA ST t-UiO S.jul. at Vict. John Wayne-Faoian NORTH TO ALASKA BANDIDO VAN NUYS bi .-raio Rsicm at S.pul, Jerry lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND V CTORY Fantastic Adventure TR 7.4423 WIZARD OF BAGDAD V'teryatColewatar FRECKLES HUNflNGTON PARK COMPTON COMPIUN fteser. at AH. D Jeny lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND GAGE T0 27l5,TOMN Bat. at Garfitld ROSECRANS ma .-.iat lak.w'4 A Raiecr. Jerry lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND SOUTH GATE LO 4-1)37 AM. 4 Flrtitea. Y. Brynner-S. McQueen IrlCENT S BANDIDO Fantastic Adventura WIZARD OF BAGDAD FRECKLES SAN GABRIEL CU J5M. ATS5023 V.ll.y l Del Mar Fantastic Adventure WIZARD OF BAGDAD FRECKLES STARLITE Weird! Unearthly! G 1 17631, AT 4WI3I VILLAGE OF DAMNED R' at Garwy THE MYSTERIANS M F:: a long beach lJ CIRCLE Len Beach kZafc (AihlC tenigM at 8:30 a ALFRED WALLENSTEIN Conductor LEONID KOCAN Violinist PhuriaiTnonK Au4 Meti MA. 4-8454 So. Cat. Music Co.. AI Mutual Agencies LEVY Symphony 1 BEETHOVEN Violin Concert t BRAHMS Symphony 1 ENDS XMAS EVE.-SAT. DEC. 24 f.t SaZeST 7tY ("Pother Panchair "Aparanto")Ti. Ol" 11 daa,iaaw LirLiiN ALT. fan wtmr aavi it simrr tuw. m. : - SPIC' VHrWffiS THEATRE HO. 3-3263 III Boa offiea open 10 o m.-P d m. I KRIS HOI ! YWnnn Rl vn I I II HOLIDAY MATINEES DEC 26 thru JAN. 2 1 j ! TONIGHT rrtSS ' tmmiJcoiIpi 8:30 JffiM$hfc0 with Special Guest Star BERT LAHR a Miasummer wight's Dream o Eilf mere Theatre Now thru Dec. 3 1 A1 Ivaa, 1:30 p.m. Mota. WW., Sot., i:30 p.m. T - ,11 ty Jock CeltMf "Baaf ploy of tho year . . . you'll nover forget ft" tl GRAND, 1451 N. Cohiwoo, Fri. 5n. I 40: in). 1Q-45, $1 , i 50. 3 SO VINELANQ y Brynner-S. McQueen ED 6-7518 MAGNIFICENT SEVEN valley 4 Vlaelana BANUIUU Fantastic Adventur WIZARD OF BAGDAD FRECKLES LAKEWOOO 4-S93I 0 MRinii . rhwM ILONG BEACH KaJISaate Fa at TMrd Ii no ai tft. !? HI 5-742. MB.IIfl.wr-Serlai Weird! Unearthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNED THE MYSTERIANS Jerry lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND Jerry lewis CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND J SANTA MARIA HI-WAY WE7-JSI4 3081 1. Bnadway C. Gable-F. Sinatra SOLDIER OF FORTUNE JOHNNY CONCHO ORANGE COUNTY t-sul ANAHEIM Lewi LA 9.3328 iinucnrcilfl L'ai.a A O'ltinm. DOG'S BEST FRIEND HARBOR BLVDY- BrYnner-S. McQueen JE "i""i BL"' MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Bet. B.Ua-Citlrmf BANDIDO HIWAY 39 Jrry lewis Nr. Ode. Br . Bl. CINDERFELLA Twinln 1-3561 DOG'S BEST FRIEND ORANGE Kl 7-601 1 Santa Ana PAULO Kl 5-3313 Sa. Santa Ana Weird! Unearthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNED THE MYSTERIANS a Jerry Lewis ' CINDERFELLA DOG'S BEST FRIEND WHITHER NORWALK AREA D NnDUAI K UI Ji-nv I .ml. UNI-S3I7 CINDERFELLA Nar Im.wl.l DOG'S BtST FRIEND WHITTIElV John Wayne-Fabian " 0XiJ237.PAli3l NORTH TO ALASKA Whit, at R.maa ' BANDIDO C;I SAN BERNARDINO I 1 BAStLINt J Lemmon-H. Fonda l a-aiii mioicn nuocnis $.a Btrnardine HONDO TRI CITY U 1-2025 Weird! Unearthly! VILLAGE OF DAMNFI1 Ban Bwaardlao THE MYSTERIANS I , etIBBjW'iWRiiai jfa'-i--iavv3 mgXytt. -M UJJJLUal -mnnr miTi wi LAST CHANCE To See It in LA.! ENDS THURSDAY I 1 1 15052 Ventura Blvd. ST. 4-WII. FREE PARK ) iiHiimmii.r mmw "HOW HAY INS nvrf rLMVIafV "THE FOUflPOSTER" Miunt srrtk ionio Torganwa mnd Jock Donor FRI, tAr SUN. ALLEY THEATRE lWlT&i?ZM., ST. 6-9243 HARBOR . TE 4-1501 . 25322 So. Varment DINOSAURUS HEAD OF A TYRANT HASTINGS 8Y -3S6 Bmawad at Pwttillt filDGET REMARKABLE MR. PENNYPACKER 31st WEEK! "A Whisper J2l HIT COMEDY! in God's Ear" Z LAMIRADA . UNtvaraity 3-31 II F'r.jKm. it AH.dra GIGI -, . BOUT CO NEAR WATER LINCOLN JA 7-2223 , Baana Park DINOSAURUS NEAR OP A TYRANT ' rrYiyh-LondCOTSrruiinMuiicjl Sot 7:30 A 10 p.aa. Stmf MISSION P.anma NA -311 Mlutea at Ramana It. North To Alaska MURDER INC. 1 HI. BALDY . GIGI c tim,H A VUa5!? BON'T SB NEAR WATER ROAOIUM M Eteall 3-44f Parainwint-Camirt.a ROAOIUM DA 4-2664 RaOoad. Beh.-Crea. IIINSI f MT NOUN! A tarcona Masters at Caere Jttttglt RUBIDOUX OVWI.II. J-4453 Hoy. SS w. Wl.wilde HERCUltt UNCHAINED' air BOB, BUDOT SUNDOWN WhlttiwOX 3.3241 W2 W. W.ihlnto. North To Alaska TEW WHO RARER SUNLAND fit i.m aeia FmHiiII Blvd. wizarb or BAGOAB FRCCKlft GO OUT TO A MOVIE TONIGHT TWIN-VUE - OAvh 4-5127 " S. ritri.-IJ? MGNiTicWr SAIUNT HOURS ihunocr mcARoiml NATURI SIOI ANB SLAVER VALLEY P.m..Ont. A 1-751 1 U.. N A CaalraJ CINDERFELLA oott lEsrniENi ( .,n i - ill ti if- i r r n i A - ' m " '

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