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Sunday, May 28, 1944
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iNOTABLE HOME Par II SUNDAY, MAY 2. 1 944 LosanffflfSCimcs, 1... ' L V..L (JUWIMI fUUIII Groups Set for V Manual Grafts Lead Wartime Hobbies Here Fund Campaign Large Volume of New Homes Produced Here" That private industry Is on tinuing to produce a large vol ume of newly constructed war housing in Southern California is evidenced by more than 8000 applications for loan insurance totaling over $40,000,000 filed for such construction with the Fed IN H0LMBY HILLS HAS NEW OWNER A Holmby Hills residence that when built some tim aao and put on display attracted thousands of visitors because of its beautiful murals, rare wood inlays, gold-plated hardware, carvings and other notable features, has been bought by Vincent Anthony Marco, the transaction was disclosed yesterday by the Janss Investment Corp., who conveyed title to the property. The dwelling was built by the National Thrift Corp. The deal was one of 2 recent sales totaling approximately $550,000 reported by the Janss corporation. Wiih more than 100 Jewish organizations participat- s Ji ou vouth t . .... .. Ballistic, archerv, carrier 1 I organization of the youth division of the United Jewish pigeons, weight lifting and dominoes . . . These are some of the hobbies to which the people of I,os .An-eelps Countv turn for relaxation i Welfare Fund has been complet ed and campaigning has begun A Ho. -JS ion the campuses of University from wartime activities, accord-if mg to a study just released eral Housing Administration during the first four months of this year. This was reported "JW m mm It MTTt II It ll ' flTl ' -. J' 7T . - -5 yesterday by John E. McGovcrn, Southern California F.H.A. di Gragg Heads rector. The number of annlicatinns of Southern California, University of California at I.os Angeles and City College, it was announced yesterday by Miss Ray Levin, executive director. More than 00 volunteer work, ers who have already been signed up to carry the drive to aid refugees from Hitlerism to the city's youth, she said. Meeting Arranged Meanwhile adult divisions of the big mercy drive, which annually benefits 47 local, national and overseas refugee relief, hu ny tne ioh Angeies jtesearcn Jury. 448 S. Hill St. Approximately 1000 men and women, rich and poor, throughout the county, told jury interviewers their favorite ways of spending the few leisure hours that wartime living allows. Replies ranged from horseshoe pitching to going to the movies, which Director Robert K. Baxter reluctantly classified under "cultural pursuits." Full Da la fjiven Tercentagps of men and wompn engaging in various represents an increase of more TO PRESIDE Mrs. Note J. Blumberg, who called meeting in "Y" fund drive. Building Group DWELLING PROJECT The above view partly shows Jordon Downs, one of the three ex-tensive temporary housing developments, designed for warworker occuponcy, to be dedicated today by the Los Angeles Housing Authority. The projects will house 700 families. Y Fund Drive Committee to than 225 per cent over the total for the similar period last year, he said. In addition to Title VI activity, relating to warworker dwelling construction, the F.H.A. received from private lending institution during the mentioned period this year applications totaling mora than $6,000,000 for insurance of over 1100 loans under Title II, Director McGovern disclosed. Title II relates to the refinancing of loans on existing properties. forms of recreation are listed Kenneth V. Gragg, manager of the real estate department. Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co., has been elected president of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Los Angeles, it was announced yesterday. Frank F. Kern, manager, Petroleum Building, was chosen vice-president, and Carl E. Galli, assistant manager, Pacific Southwest Realty Co., was named in the following table: Dedication of 'pact nad xmmmt .By CHARLES C. COHAN manitarian, health and educational causes, continue their campaigns at a series of rallies, luncheons and dinners in all parts of Los Angeles, according to Charles Brown, campaign chairman. At 11 o'clock this morning, community leaders will address a breakfast meeting of the Wei- Hold Meeting Thousands of dollars in advance contributions in the forthcoming campaign to raise $525,- Companies Plan Large treasurer. Mark C. Cohn, execu tive secretary of the association was re-elected corporate secre tary for the 10th consecutive MEN WOMRN Crafts and manual hobbies 55 0 43 1 Cultural pursuits 23 S 3a J Outdoor lit 18 1 133 Noneomrtetitive wort 30 2 ' Competitive anon is s 1 o Aorial aelivitiea 4 4 14 0 Collections 3 0 5.0 Columns do not toiml to 100 because f multiple answers. Motto with the majority of the women seems to he, "Quick, Watson, the needle!" Plain and fancy sowing, embroidering, knitting crocheting, along with a little weaving and rug-hooking, occupy the time of over one-third of the ladies. Manual hobbies of the men break almost evenly into carpentry, including woodwork, and mechanical tinkering with radios and machinery. Womfn Favor Music Music is the chief cultural pursuit among women, with a ma Residential Projects Several of the leading life in-surance companies are making definite plans for large sral housing projfft, to he e tar ted as soon as war restrictions on eonstnirtion are lifted. It is possible that almost $100.(VX),ono worth of surh housing units wtU be under construction within eix months after the war's enrl aev Housing. Today Designed to help relieve the acute housing situation in this region three new temporary public housing developments, to be formally dedicated this afternoon, will provide quarters for 700 families, or approximately 2800 persons. Details of the projects, representing construction cost of $1. .189,6 11 and intended for warworker occupancy, 'were announced by Nicola Giu-lii, chairman of the City Housing Authority. The projects include Jordan Downs, at 2114 Century Blvd., where the dedicatory ceremonies will talfe place at 2 p.m.: Pueblo del Rio Annex, at 5425 Iwg Beach Ave., and Imperial Courts, at 2214 E. 114th St. The program also will relate to comple 000 for the construction of seven Y.M.C.A.-Y.W.C.A. youth centers throughout the San Fernando Valley will be tabulated at a meeting of the drive's executive committee next Saturday. The session, to be held in the Valley "Y" Building at Van Nuys has been called by Mrs. Kate J. Blumberg, Van Nuys, wife of the president of 'Universal Pictures, and vice-general chairman for the Valley-wide fund-collect- year. The newly chosen officers will lake office next Thursday. H. H. Wagenseller, president, O'Melveny-Wagenseller & Durst, Inc., is chairman of the executive committee of which other members are R. F. Ingold, president, Los Ansjeles Investment Co.; Clifton Peters, secretary, Southern California Kdison Co : George A. Reimers, vice-president. Title Insurance Xc Trust Co. and C. A. Saint, vice-president, R. A. Rowan & Co. fare Fund's Southwest division at Scully's, 4Sth and Crenshaw. Leo Cytron is chairman. Big event of the day will be a dinner meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the Ambassador Hotel, staged jointly by the Welfare Fund's drug and beverage divisions with Stanley S. Simon dinner chairman for the former and Dave Fox presiding for the latter. Principal speaker will be Miss Claudia Stevens. On Wednesday evening, some 400 community leaders and men prominent in the food industry-will meet at a dinner at, the Beverly Hills Hotel to further the campaign. Dinner host will cording to the report -by the In stitute of j4ife insurance. ing effort. Bob Hope is the gen The just-ended Foreign Trade Week observance here, deprived by war of customary pleasant pageantry, retained sufficient verbal pyrotechnics to emphasize the importance of international commerce. Naturally, postwar foreign trade expansion must involve, among other problems, ways for credit extension to war-devastated lands, and other methods for helping their rehabilitation, without swamping our economic structure. Such trade development on better two-way basis can't spring into full flower the moment the war ends, but preparation for it is highly important. The best bet for immediate after-war foreign-trade activity is Iilin America. We should do better there than heretofore. While in 1340 the foreign commerce via our port totaled $118,000,000 in exports and $10o ,000,000 in imports, the exports to Latin America amounted to $13,200,-000 and imports to $8,300,000. This ought to be a good time to revive the Pan-American Institute of Reciprocal Trade, or form something like it. The institute, a California-originated idea, which evoked the deep interest of various commerce agencies, was born at one of the most largely attended trade conferences ever held on the Pacific Coast. Some 18 American nations were , represented at the initial meeting in the Capitol at Sacramento. It was proposed to hold subsequent conferences in the different member nations but unfortunately the institute soon after its formation was engulfed in the world-economic debacle of the early '30 s. But the value of its plans and ideals survives. Among its many excellent advocacies was adequate tariff flexibility, arbitration of trade difficulties, student exchange and furtherance of the Pan-American Highway program. The plan of having conferences in the various countries certainly was of itself an excellent way of promoting international amity. The institute looked forward to wonderful achievements which still can be fulfilled. Realty Activity eral chairman. Committees at Work While the house-to-house so Continues Brisk he Meyer Simon, chairman of Los Angeles County filings tion of Lumina Park and Annex, a trailer-home development Ijirge Projects Jordan Downs, adjacent, to jority playing an instrument themselves. Of the men in this category, most prefer to settle down with a good book, although small numbers of men as well as women are devoted to the arts, writing, painting and composing, in that order. Many persons with gardens or small ranches prefer to potter about on their property, raising vegetables, flowers and a variety of animal life, including cows, horses, dogs, birds, bees and poultry. The can of the out-of-doors is also seen in the numhers of during last month, reflecting realty activity, numbered 42,645. according to a compilation by the Welfare Fund's principal foods division. List of Members Members of the youth divi-sion's executive committee, now licitation will not get under way until June fi, special gifts committees have been at work in Van Nuys, North Hollywood, San Fernando, Roscoe, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Reseda and Canoga Park for more than 10 days, Mrs. Blumberg revealed. Similar bodies will become active in other Valley communi the Security Title Insurance and Guarantee Co. Nineteen south directing the campus campaigns ernmost California counties reported a total of 80,319 filings. In the list of 13, San Diego are; Bill Maltz, speakers bureau chairman; Miss Nettie Rosenblatt, chairman, volunteer office workers unit, and Miss Mary Rosenfieid, publicity chairman. David Starr Jordan High School, comprises 512 homes in 111 buildings on 34 acres and represents construction cost of $050,-000. The Zoss Construction Co. is the contractor for the project which includes nursery school facilities for 1.10 children and large play area. Imperial Courts, on seven acres, will have 100 homes in 25 buildings and involves cost of $202,211. Denize & Whyte are the contractors for ties within the next few days, County was second with S157 and Fresno County wa third with 41.18. persons engaging in noncompetitive sport. Fishing ranks first with men. being listed as a favorite pastime by 11 per cent of sne declared. Religious groups representing every faith, service and women's clubs, Chambers of Commerce Chairmen irf the young adult section are: Miss Olive Shanks, U.S.O.; Irvin Gartner, Beverly-Fairfax Center; Miss Sylvia Ber an tnose interviewed. Men put hunting in second place, while Montecito women prefer swimming, skat ing and fishing, in that order. Jbownng. golf and tennis top tt. The Pueblo del Rio Annex, on six acres, comprising 22 buildings for 88 homes and costing $188,400 is opposite the Pueblo del Rio permanent housing proj Easterner Buys Home for $59,000 Deals -amounting to $141,000; $53,000, A two-story residence me jist of competitive sports ana Parent-Teachers Associations are putting up a united front in active support of the center-building movement, Mrs. Blumberg added. Among the divisional chairmen already named to assist Chairman Hope and Vice-General Chairman Blumberg in guiding the efforts of hundreds of wun Dotn sexes, although sand- i.i ry, Menorah Center; Jack Os-trow, Zionist organizations; Arthur Reicher and Miss Natalie Shoetack, independent organizations, and Miss Betty Ruth Saum and Miss Bella Burstein, illel at U.C.L.A. Junior section chairmen include: Miss Beatrice Ostrofsky, Reverly-Fairfax Center; Miss Re- mi oaseoau nas an edge over that brought transfer of proper tennis with the men. at 612 N- Linden Drive, Beverly Hills, was bought by Maury Gray from Mrs. B. L. Winchell for $25,000. solicitors are I.emoyne Blan-chard, Allen Miller. Kersey Kin- ect, uonst ruction is by J. O. Olt-mans and Son. Many of those who will reside in the projects are members of minority racial groups that have faced a critical housing problem, it was explained. Msgr. Thomas J. O'Dwyer will deliver the invocation at today's dedication, and Rev. Francisco ties in various localities in the r,os Angeles area were reported yesterday by the Lawrence Block Co., inc., realty dealers, largest of the transactions was sale of a one-story' ranch house at 13160 Boca de Canon Iane, Mandeville Canyon, by Hugh Martin to an eastern buyer for gina Steier, West Adams Center; Rernie Skolnick. Soto-Michigan Center: Herb Tuchinsky and Miss Sylvia Sinitsky, Merrorah Ivy Wor Bonds Now BE READY TO BUILD! No time now for siestos, but you eon't help dreaming about that new home you wont. Choose one of the large, sunny, mountain view sites in our new Rancho subdivision-then plan as you gol Be ready at the signal to BUILD, let your plans start with a visit to convenient Rancho Santa Anita todayl RANCHO KOMESITES M650 t. '1900 T. Vlheee. few $79 The Oaks, frees 2S00 fesy 7ermsXeesonabfe ffetfn'cfiartt sey and Charles Nettels. The latter will command the campaign forces for the entire West Vallev area. Southland b Officers Win promotions InThe following temporary pro Center, and Sarah Hazan, Amer ican Youth for Democracy. Y.M.C.A. Lockers Quintanilla. of Kl Buen Mexican Methodist Church, will give tho benediction. Among the speakers will he Mayor Fletcher Bow- motions of Southland residents Building Leased Lease of the Hillcrest Bldg. at 7001 Hollywood Blvd.. repre Robbed of Bonds Apparently gaining entrance "7tr Mrnufes from Cvie Cnir" TRUST LIQUIDATION SALE $550 $1100 Vitw Himtsitts s125 t. '550 CASH OR TERMS No Finer Living So Close In! A detirabU anal stablis4iad residential community built up with many fina ham sarin anal acboola within a etone'a throw . and downtown Lai Angtlet virtual-ly at yeur feat. View Unsurnisttd TOO Fitt Elevation ' Clt-ir, Uvigoratinj Air Ideal for Children Transpoiiatien Snapping Postwar Jobs Solution Given "When peace comes there will be no rest for the war -weary. ron and Lena Home, stage and screen actress. Floyd C. Covington, commissioner of the Housing Authority, will be master of ceremonies. to the Business Men's Club store room at the Y.M.C.A.. 715 S. Hope St., by the use of a pass key, a thief yesterday broke senting 67,000 square feet of space, to Art Frost, Glendale automobile dealer, for a period of five years with rental amounting to $100,000 was announced in the past week. C. E. Tober-man, Hollywood real estate broker, conducted the transaction. With peace will tome problems open five locker boxes and took their contents, police said. Two JE2C of readjustment, and not the least of these will be that of employment," Harry Humann, Y.M.C.A. employees, victims of the robbery, lost. Sir500 worth of war Bonds and So27 in cash mi "V hm ess ; were announced yesterday by fhli War Department: nsaier to lieetenanl colonel: Jo- Sill Jr.. . 1706-H Pair Oaka Ave., Riuth Pasadena. " ealat te Major: Jackson Wea-taw Lewis. AC. 5148 Sunset Blvd.. Hollywood: Howard Emerson Spicer. DC, 3902 Sutro Ave : Charles Mnrriaon Taylor, M.C.. 3Y7- Wilshira Blvd.; Herbert James Und-ami. A. U.S.. 311 8. Sprinr St.: Elmer r. Gfm. M.C.. 8herhourne Drive: Arthur Cflea Daniels. M.C. in w. Fremont J, and Robert Reddintton Bidwell. . 8901 Burton Wav. all of Loa Anteles: FWoert Gowans freeman, M.C. 2170 Ho-ntft Road. San Marino: Raymond Sims Hrtin. M.C. 224S Pacific Ave. San Brdro: Frank Leslie Gordon. D C, JU3 17th 4s Santa Monica: John Spann Barrett. C.B.. 10453 Tujunsa Canyon Blvd., Tu-Ulnea. .From firsi lieeievant to captain: John Kex Dibble, C AC. 221 Mar Visla. Alia-fini: John Pereival Fraleigh. M.C, 45 Johnson St , Lacuna Beach: BerUinld, Wal-raee Krenta. Ch 1709 Trinitv St.. and Samuel Yen Eng. M.C. 1057 S. San Pedro, both of Los Angeles: Haven Newell Davis. Ch 307 Stedman Place. Monrovia: Francis Joseph Black. Q .M.C. 332S Idaho Ave. Riverside: Raymond Bean Townsend. F.A., 413 Neosho St.. Venice. Prom second lieutenant to first lieutenant: Ravmond Oliver Neveau. A C S., 4214 Chaleamagna. Lakewood Village. Long They were J. Hess and Harrv Smith. Industrial Units Slated Permits issued here lat month for miscellaneous industrial buildings numbered 29 with $392,040 valuation. A TENANT'S PARADISE A Mint lor the Owner 20 Superb Apartments right in Westivootl Yiltaffv Sprsad-ont and rj i $t r ibn t d within a two-story rambling building lined, with porches, dscks and porticos. Long hallways liminatud by usu ot a porch to jvry apartment. Has central garden plan. Can b. shown by appoint. And thtn A Colonial Triplex near transportation, stores, schools and churchejs. 2 Bedrooms, 2 baths ach unit. For Wisdom's Sake Buy Your Lot To Build Your Horn In THtltSTO! CIRCLE (Waistwood Hills' Twst rsidntial dvilopmn0 For thftRe nnd other Westwood properties, aee your own Jonas salesperson. Salas Offtre JANSS INVESTMENT CORP. 10171 Wilshir Blvi IR-KIII IR-04MI AR-SIIOS Sleeping Man's Pants Open Swe)eys Tel. Atwet.r 7-4111 RANCHO SANTA ANITA, INC. Own trs ana Dtvelapart IMS w. Meetlaatte Br. at BiiMet la Araae'le Three Properties Bring $66,500 Three transactions amounting to $66,500 reported by the William T. Layman Co., Beverly-Hills realty dealers, included the following properties in Beverly Hills: Four-unit building at 406 N. Oakhurst Drive, sold to Helen Clapp and Jane Greene by Lawrence and Leora Hoffman for $21,500; four-unit structure at 11? S. Arnaz Drive, bought by Emma .lob from Isadore and Ethel Steinberg for $23,500, and a duplex at 217 S. Spalding Drive sold to W. P. and Mary Hartman by Helen Kinney for $21,500. Pockets Yield $635 chairman of the Postwar World Trade Planning Committee, told an Kastside Chamber of Commerce luncheon yesterday. Speaking on "Community Km-ployment Security" at the concluding luncheon of Los Angeles' celebration of the ISth ?n-nual Foreign Trade Week, Humann pointed out that the problem of employment security can he solved only by the community, by the "united action positive action of industry, labor and government, and in just that order." Trouser pockets are no bank. John Morales of 2212 K. J08th St. realizes now. He went to bed leaving $6.Xr in his pants. During the night someone cut WJTEN BOnjjrNO OS EETAntrKQ Don't forget Compotite SHOWER PAN 0.3. Pat. Na. 313918a Inarotmlnlr Inatalliiit HEALTH rnOTECTINS PLUMRCSt v on t nil rvlT 11 he window screen and took the recn: Artnur Maoaei KUfton, R041 Aiaama 1 money, he reported to police yes- cit.; Robert otto Mowland, M AC, 44: Westminster Ave.: Herbert Wilbur Llnd- 443 leraay. aiead. C.E.. fi815 Eighth Ave.: Walter: Wilfred Fife. Cav . 205 S Chicago St., I and Irving Louis Seeberg. Sig C. 4543 Rus-ll St.. all of Loa Angeles; Wilfred Noble I Pregili. Q.M.C, 252 N. SI Molino, Pasa- j MEMORIAL DAY EVENTS SET THROUGHOUT CITY iflllfOCf B10CK CO.. EASY TO REACH' Drive Arroya See rVway Ave., 3, me NortH lrooniwy Grtttfi Ave)., tkn t Mntctt Drive). Or Gt-Mtaj 9 Cot t 'but now to build later Wl OFFER YOU 371 YEARS REAL ESTATE EXPERIINCI Hannegan Makes Tour of Studios Democratic National Committee Chairman Robert E. Hannegan. now visiting the Southland, toured Hollywood's movie studios yesterday and praised the contribution of the industry to the war effort. He was a lunch XE0BABLY you are changing many af your irleai about home comfort anrl the type of bomesiK you want to build your aew home en. One tbing it certain. The tread is to extra-wide, spacious ailrs the Itind you tnn Hill Continued from First Page at the Confederacy's monument in the park at 10:30 a.m. Rehymer to Speak Members of the Troupers of Hollywood will gather at the park at 2 p.m. for memorial serv- (J) (10) (Jl (SI (5) (I (221 (Ml l (.mi (in (ii (i) ( CEO. MOLllNeSWORTM MILTON LURETK1N MARY H. MtOONALB FRANK METCALFE . OTTO EFFIE REAM 0. 0. SAYER. JR. LUCY RCHWER E0WAR0 SEARS. I. ROBERT STORMS CHARLES STRAUSS ELLIS WISE 'LOUISE WITT BARBARA WALCATT BETri WOLFE . (SI (301 (IS1 U ( (l) (111 (HI (Ml (tit (11 (II (iai (Ml (ll JJl MIlOatB AIKEN . HVMAN IANNETT MVIUR lAKNETT LAWRCNCt L0CK a. A. CANNON CHARLES CHRISTIE MIL CONNORS BLANCHE 00RSEY SEORGE 'LERRE FRCS FOSTER HUSH flOLOEN RAYMOND GREENE E. E. HAYES TME0 HANCOCK ISAiEL HERROM eon guest of Darryl Zanuck, pro- duction chief at 20th Century-' ices with L. E. Behymer, Grand Fox studios. (Trouper, delivering the mes Legion at 9 a.m. Honoring departed members of the Los Angeles Chapter, Rainbow Division Veterans, special Memorial Day services, beginning at 10 a.m., will be on the lawn near the northwest corner of the Rose Garden at Exposition Park. Address by Consul Featuring an address by Eric A. Cleugh, British Consul General of Los Angeles, a Memorial Day commemoration of the British War Veterans will be held at Inglewood Tark Cemetery at 1 p.m. Also participating in the ceremony will be the $25,000 TOWN RAIVCIX Cf,tt larejaiMi AH Timm sage. Bowen McCoy, manager of r VIENNA HEAT-PACK i purtka in t 'ten writ However, tba of hnmeaite avail Corret ts tbt causes ef RHEUMATISM the Ios Angeles Chapter of the Red Cross, will deliver the Memorial. Day address at the Pierce Bros. Crematorium ceremonies able ia dwindling rap- COUNTRT GENTLEMAN'S ESTATE IN MANDEVILLE CANYON Horsaj, ehiekans, ducks for your rhil-drart. Swimming pool ood hodmmtoo court for their frienrti. A formol rosa garden for your wit. Veoetablei from your Victory Garden for your fobla. A private office for the bow. Drawing room and library face beautiful garden. 4 family bedrooms, 4 baths. Oh hoy. this is solid comfort and B'Ohd living, but it's expensive! MID FOSTER A HOME IN BEVERLY KILLS When Sprino blows in you'll want to stav put neor the 55' POOL centered in the picturesque garden of this fine 2-sty. corner home at 72. N. Rox-bury. 2 see. wings with 5 bedrms. Tile patio. Open 1-5. PHYLLIS lARNfTT A HOME IN WESTWOOD This J I 3.000 bungalow is our idea of the best on today's market. Cheerful modern tones. 2 bedrms., 2 baths b den. Will sell attractive furmshinov - MILDRIO AL0EN US ACRES. HOUSE.!. STABLES Main house haa Living Room, one Bedroom A Bath. Kitchen Jlin-inir Room. Ser.onH house has 1 . Bedroom Bath. Thirri house ha T 2 Redronm & Bath. Stahlra have Box Stall. While fenee around .u property. Beautiful srrounds, treea. 1501 BUNSCT BLVO. Enter road at 1447C Sunset. Slvd. 3f eo in to Srd property ARTHRITIS-NEURITIS starting at 10:30 a.m. The I,os Angeles " First 500" Post of the American Legion and the Navy Post of the Legion will sponsor idly. Thy ant seleef years aow tad be ready la build whra Tune in fie REAL ESTATE HOUR A full hour program of familiar mocil Tha latest news and developments of interest to home own-trs and ral tttota buyers. K F A C 1330 KC 4 to 5 P.M. Mon. thru Sat. fVesenfea' by LOS ANGELES ESCROW COMPANY Canadian Legions. a B w. .. L. ..... t PEN IUNOAV 18 f M Weekdaya by Appt. only CR. SSITT iinnrnv A HOME IN HOLLYWOOD Not iut another house! This 2-sty. Redwood Modern is completely different! Rough stone F.C in larae living rm. Cr rustic setting create n feeling of country freshness. 4 bedrms , 4 baths. Championship tennis court. Privacy but nr. trans. Close to Sunset Or Doheny. PHIU CONNORS iiitriraiini tm ANCELES INtSTMENT CO. Mmin 0ei 1031 S. BROADWAY Paaaai PWaapaet 0JS1 Trmrt Ofitm, 3450 W.VEBNON AYR. First Memorial Day rites atj the Inglewood Park will be the! combined services of the G.A.R.,! Spanish War Veterans, Veterans ' of Foreign Wars and the Amer-i ican Legion which will begin at! 9 a.m. j These will be followed by Sal-, vation Army services at 10:30, a.m., a ceremony at 11, o'clock j conducted by Elks Lodge No. j LUMBAGO, PILES PROSTATE GLANDS Traotfnant Takaa Vt Heura Ev tight braakfost. onm aarly. fW 0fv9. m Slttpiity. n Surgary.) Our BSttanta discord cofiai cmd crutcfcai. Try en traotmant amd convncff. X-rny Fluoro.uopic Exam. Vienna Drugless System Dr. A. W. Vnn Lmtge Dr. B. . Wood o.c. eve. ?f0 If". Sixth St. Call VAndike 7734 titf yeur ereearties wifli Mrs. Scfcwer. . Our service it eensittantl fh bff. the program. Convalescent members of the armed services, representing the Army, Navy and Marines Corps, will he guests of McCoy at the program. At the Veterans' Administration Facility Cemetery at Saw-telle, Memorial Day exercises will be held from 10 to 11 a.m., preceded by a 15-minute concert by the Santa Monica Elks' Band. In a unique ceremony, women's graves at the Sawtelle Cemetery will be decorated by wom- en members of the American1 5301 ANGELES VISTA BLV1 BEACH IIOIIF TMtra Smart. Informal. Furnisher! in the latest modern manner. Ocean front 2-atory, X Beri rooms. UNFURNISHED 3f Slt.SOA FURNISHED 13 ftaoaiVILT HIGHWAY LAt TUNAS BCACM Nl Aft T0AM8A CANVOM Open every day IKxoept Mon.. "Wed. Fri. afternoons) CR. 177 iriTsfffrrrrr,. 99, the James B. Cresham Post! 111! CD 3HX o d 'mm rJt iQl iSM is. No. g, Veterans of Foreign Wars,! rites at 11:30. and the British and Canadian ceremony at 1 p.m. 1 t i " u ..i "t 1 .me" 1 r - k 1

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