The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 16, 1958 · 80
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 80

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 16, 1958
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I g Part II SUN., NOV. 1 6, 1 958 JLoafln($rlrfl CilMfll BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTEHNATIONAl GRANDMASTER Addftn lltri M Chest Editar, I A. Timet let Angeltt 53, Calif. GHESS jjf BOTH STORES OPEN MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 8 A.M. TO 9 F.M. ' SUNDAY ALL DAY RIYISE, YARMAK WIN IN SO. CALIF. CHESS Winning their fmal-r o u n d pames. living Rivise and Saul Yarmak lied for first with scores of 7-1 in the Southern California Championship Tour- nament contested at the Herman Steiner Chess Club, 108 N Formosa Ave. Rivise defeated Morris Gordon in oS moves with the Black side of a N'imzo-Inclian defence He won a pawn quite early but had to battle to maintain his advantage in a close finish. Ri-jvise did not lose a same in the tournament, drawing two against James Barry and Leslie Simon. Y'armak, who lost only to Ri-vise and won seven games out-i right, scored over Gordon Palm er in the last round. Third and fourth prizes were shared by Simon and Joe Mego, who tal-, lied 51.2-21.-i. The four leaders have qualified to compete in the California State Chess Championship, which will be held in San Francisco over the Thanksgiving ' week end. Ray JIartin. who had been one of the early favorites, finished tied for fifth with Palmer at 5-2. Grouped at 4'i-2,2 were Sven Almgren. Barry, Hyman, and Morris Gordon, George1 Soules and Ralph Syvertsen. j Following are last week's re-j suits and games from the tour-! nament: ROUND EIGHT Palmer 0 niak 3: M. Cordon 0, Rivise 1 Meeo'l, Almffren 0: H. Gordon 0.1 Simon 1: Milnpr 0. Martin 1: soules 1. Fries 0: Villanuea 'r. Bean Barry 1, Robinson 0: Syvertsen 1. Hamvnan 0; Thompson 0. Standers 1: Johnson 1, Hufnagel 0: Mikas 1. Cunningham 0; Gibbs 0. Burke 1. Nov. H. 1SI TIMES PROBLEM 3015 BV H. AhofS BLACK t en ' ' 1 f 4 J ! i i 2 4k- 1 f WHITE 10 White matts in two. TIMES PROBLEM 301 By C. Bilfinaer BLACK I "?-7 h -'"'I r& I s-m! ..'&. m I '"Y ''gPf&t', ffT'-Kfl WWS-i. iX-jjuii 'sLitA .1.1; 55 ; i S3 V A'. Gordon Whife l-P-04 5-P-QB4 3- N-QB3 4- B-N5 5- BxN 4-P-K4 7-PKS B-03 9-Q-B3 10- NxO 11- P-Q5 12- B-M 13- PxP 14- 0-0-0 15- NxN 16- RxP 17- R-B4 50- R-KR4 51- R-K4 J2-K-03 53- NxB 54- BxP 2J-POR4 ?6-BxP 57-K-B3 2S-B-B4 WHITE 7 White mates in three. A fine key and imeNpected rliae-onal mates are hishlishts of 3015 Yar- One clever defense must be seen tor tun creou m me three-mover SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 3011: N-K7 53LUTION TO PROBLEV 30i2: 0-B2 Threat, 2 P-Q4ch; it PxBP. 2 PxPch. SOLVERS' LIST Five points V. S. Aaron. F. Aks. E. B. Bavon, J. C. Heaver. M. dm-torian, F. R. Dussubieux. .1. Gotta. NIMZOclNDIAN DEFENSE H. Gnttitn. VI. 11. Horman. .1. Piwiw vauiinan. . jihi.k. .n. .i. Lotnax. Bis" M. -Morris. K. K. Penter. V. 1.. Ran-OR-N kel. J. C. Roper. Maj. H. R-NS L. A. Victor. A. E. Wood. B.'SJ Three point: C. Cre.swe!l. K. r.r Iison. C. C .McKean. P. Sleezer. R-N7 Tn-o poinis J. O. Bulpit. ,!. Basin-K-R2 per. J. U. Frierson. V. I.. Gibson. .. R'R'-ON Lesser. M. Rosen. W. Srhallort. H. J. RxP Toiuireau. G. R. Turseon. S. Webb. p.N3 ' R'oSi5i' Following are further ev Riviw M. Gordon Black White N-KB3 29-P-R5 P-K3 30-K-O3 B-NS 31-R-QB P-KR3 32-N-B5 QxB 33-P 07 P-B4 34-R OR 0-N3 35-P 06CH OxP.36-"-OS QxQ37-R-R5 N-B3 3-R-OB2 N-QS.39-B-K4 PxP:40-K-O4 0-0 41.K-05 P Q3 42-B-B7 PxN, 43.R-Kf'2 B CS4 44.R-CB2 B-Q2 45-B-R5 OR B 4-R B3 P-ON4 47-P-R4 BxBP 4J-K-B4 B-KB4 49-R-K3ch BxR 50-N-K6CH B-R5 51-NxB R-N 52-N-N7 P-R3 53-K-B7 RxPch 54-KxR R-N3 Resigns R-Kl B-o cerpts from the article, cora-k.n1 menting on the American en- p-Ns trants in the tournament: R(3!-N4 One of the surprises of tiie tour-K-K4 nament proved to be the lundle K-B5 pal Benko. Know n to rank i;i Hun-VS'gary as that country's third strong- R-R3ch est player (after Szabo and Barcza). RxNch nis appearances in international RxP chess have been too rare to enable jone to form a positite judgment as ; to his chances in such a strenuon-i contest. In addition, one might have . ! thought that the fact that he w;as nIrij a refugee from Hungary and tem-B-R3 porarily stateless would have an rxn unsettling effect on his confidence. BxB As it turned out. the contrary was Q-R2 the cae. Benko came to Portoroz BxPch determined to show the chess world o wi hi10 wnat category of chess he real v fj belonged. He played every game Eij'and position on its merits and fin-RxB' fished, up by qualifying with some Q K6 ease. N-NSi Much more astonishing was the N-B7ch triumph of lo-vear-old Bobbv p'isch-Nk! i ba er of Brooklyn. Starting off a little NB. insecurely, he seemed to gather fresh strength and confidence with every round, until at the end it was the grandmasters who were afraid of him. What interested the onlook- er is the nature of his style. Unlike Uhe normal good boy player, he 'does not spend his time looking for states, 'combinations, lt.tne complications Samiipl Rdshpvctv mnverl nn come, men lie can nue uie wiuri- bamuei KeneysKy movea oni,,,,, and oommana (he storm" with to israei, wnicn IS running ItS a calm ease worthy of a Caoablama first international chess touina-'He San .i,ro,iu? the appropriate i combination at the appropriate mo-1Ilt:" u Intent, but lor the most part he is After seven rounds, alii content to w in bv utilizing a re played at Haifa. Reshevskv was markably mature positional judg-tied for the lead by Laszlo" wm of surh. a pIav. bzabO Of Hungary. Each has a er are truly enormous. Practically score Of 5--l-, comprising; o bounds can be set on the de-fniir vin nnil thrpp rlravi-s i velopment of a genius that is based tour wins anu iniee tiiav. ,0 SUL.n ?ec.ure foundations. He ha- ItChak Aloni Of Israel was in already achieved much U.S. chani-a tie for third at 4'.--21- withiP'0" ancl international grandmaster Pnhort C Viio r,f Voa ; at 1 . j but certainly Avill achieve Robert G. Wade of New Zea-,.onsiderablv nlore in the uuire Jand. Israeli Champion JlOSheiSome six months ago I wrote that Standers White 1- P-04 2- P-OB4 3- N-OB3 4- N-B3 5- P-K3 4-B-Q3 7- BxBP 8- B-Q3 ?-P-K4 10- P-K5 11- NxNP 12- PxN 13- 0-0 14- B-K4 15- NxP 16- B-K3 MERAN DEFENSE Barrv' Standers Biackl White P-Q4I17-R-B P-QB3 H-P-0N3 N-B3 19-BxR P K3 20-R-B4 ON-Q2 21-RxB PxP 22-RxB P-QN4!23-R-Q2 P-QR3t24-K-R P-B4 25-Q-B2 PxP:2-BxP PxN!27-QxR Q-N3 28-R-Q PxP 29-Q-B2 R-R2 30-K-N R-R5 31-K-B B-B4I Black won KESHKVSKY. SZABO TIED IX ISRAEL TOURNAMENT Following the Munich Team Tournament in. which he rep- . - i 4i ' T i ...... Czerniak was fifth with 4-3. Of the 14 players in the tour nament seven arevfrom Israel. it would not be long before Bobbv Fischer would be knocking at the door that led to the world cham pionship, and he already is knock- Aviv. Rsshevsky U.S.A. White 1- N-KB3 2- PB4 3- P-KN3 4- B-N2 i-O-0 4-P-Q3 7-P-K4 I-N-B3 'N-K 10- P-B4 11- P-KN4 12- P-N5 RETI OPENING Persitz Reshevsky israei U.S.A. Black White N-KB3 13-P-B5 P K3 14-B B4 P-0N3 15-P-B6 B-N2 16-8XB PB4 17-Q-N4 B-K2 16-0-R4 0-0 10-R4 N-B3 20-N-K2 O B2 21-R-B3 OR-Q 22-N-B2 N-OS.23-N-K3 h-K 24-N-B5 Among the Others are Ignacyiing louder than I or most other Branicki of Poland, Sylvain SeSS gained another Burstein of t ranee, Arthur! award at this event. The 7 4 points Dunkelblum of Belgium and that James Sherwin acquired were Karel Vanrlpnhorcr nf Hnllanrl : sufficient to qualify for the Inter- jarei anaenDeig ot Holland . natiollal master-3 titie. sherwin is The remaining SIX rounds of : undoubtedly a talented player who the event Will be plaved at Tel j needs only a little more experience I ill inlet iidut-iiiai incao tu mri-vinc a I real force. This was apparent from i his progress in the tournament, in Perit7 which he started very badly indeed. Israel scoring but one point in his first B:ack six games, but made a marked inv: piNi-orovement as the event proceeded.: AS in anv case, anybody who beaN NxBiG'ieoric and Olafsson and draw-, N-KWith Tal in his first big interna-. P-K4 tional event has no reason to be N-K3 ; ashamed of his debut. : pBgBj HIGH SCHOOL TOURNEY N(3i-B2: The preliminarv , rounds of ual chess championship of thei Los Angeles area high schools will be played next Saturday at the Westchester High School. LEIBER TAKES LEAD IN SANTA MONICA TOURNEY F. Leiber moved into sole posession of the lead when he defeated Gordon Palmer in the 1 7400 W Manchester Blvd. sixth round of the annual openj The tournament will get un-( tournament of the Santa Mon-der way at 9:30 a.m.. with moie' ica Bay Chess Club, being than 100 participants expect? l played Wednesday evenings i; enter. Six rounds will bei Lincoln Park, Santa Monica, scheduled with Swiss system! Leiber has won five games pairings. Games will be adju-nnd drawn against Paul Wran- 'hcated after one hour's play.! geil for a h'-'-i score. Wran- Harry Borochsw will be chief gell lost to A. Kempner, tving referee and adjudicator, with; with him and R. Sale with!several assistants. I 412-n-2. Palmer is tied at 4-2! The players will be divided with E. Bersbach, A. Michael- into seven or eight sections son and Dr. Weinbaum. 'with the two winners in each Following are last week's section advancing to the finals results: Borochow- announces that thei- ROUND SIX Leiber 1. Palmer 0: plaver with the best score will i'h'n1, v'r5n?elli.-P: Ker.!lere-be "given a vear's membership v icn O. Bersbach 1: Kliger 0 Dr Tl t-i- -.l t- i Weinbaum I; Sale 1. Forrest 0 ln tne 1 S- CheiS I-ederatlOn. Minu '-2. Loera Olson l, Neuss Membership in the California 5esDi' s!s"urg -SaoV-Vc i' ch,er! State Chess Federation will be Murges 6: ilichaelson " Benge 0: Siven for the next best score. Lewis 1. Lowery 0; Gates, bye. CANADIAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP KASHDAN EXHIBITION j Your editor will play simul-:f",,n miicuuMv dXdiiiM a hoou group at tne tny ierrace Chess Club. 3673 City Terrace Drive, starting at 8 p.m. Wednesday. A short talk will precede the exhibition. Harry Borochow. former Cal- ifornia State champion, and IJ:?.' ran .rtinuon, president ot tne i3-PRS 1P04 2- POB4 3- N-OB3 4- PK1 5- P-B3 4-B-K3 7- 0 -Q2 8- 0-0-0 -B-R4 10-P-KP4 City Terrace Chess Club, wil!; jj;! be m'sters of ccrpmnnv. than Kramer will be the ref- 'Jlgi eree. For reservation-; or information call Bernard Oak at AX. l-ti-jtiT. Players are requet-. pd to bring their own sets. Spectators are welcome at the event. Va'tonis Wh.te 1- P-094 2- N-CB3 3- P-K4 4P-C4 S-P B3 4- B-K3 tOLOMBEK AT PORTOROZ i $ t La.-t week we ran part of art npp Interesting article by Harry Golombek which was published jj-s-kj in the November issue of the lil'ti Chess Correspondent. Colom-'' bek was chief arbiter of the itkr4 Interzonal Tournament at Por-ljJ-g-" toroz, Yugoslavia. 2S-rj KING'S INDIAN DEFENSE Bracket Evans -Brasketj Black White Black I N-KB3 JO-R0 N-N ' P-KN3 21-P-R6 N-K f B-N2 22-RxPch! RPxR P-Q3 23-BxB R-B2 0-0 24-B-R3 N-R3, P B3 25-R-O P NSi P-QR3 26-N-R4 P OB4 P ON4 27 R-OI R-P2' ON 02 2S-N-N6 KN-B! P-K4 29-R-O N-N4 PKP 30-R-O5 N-05 N-K 3t-NxN BPN O K2 32 B-02 R 62ch P-N 33-K-O R-N2! B-R 34-N-84 P B3 R-N2 35-K-K2 PP PPxP 34-R-Oa N B4 N-N2 37 -RxPch K B? 0Q 3(-R-OBi Resians KING'S INDIAN DEFENSE Evans'Vaifoms Evans Black White Black N-KB3 21-QR-N Q -R4' P-KN3 22 0-K2 R KNi P-Q3 23 N-KN5 P-R3: B-N2 24-O B N N?, 0-0 25-O R3 C K P-K4 24-N K 0 82 N-K 27-P-R5 CR K P-KB4 2-R N f. P; PxP 2?-KR N 0 K2 O-Ricn 3B.R4 B.B: 0-R3 31-RxNch K-R O RSch 32-0-B5 PxRl O R3 33-RxR CxRI P 85 U-StQ KN P-N3 3S-O N4CH K-B! P-9R 4 34-OxRPcl K-B2I N-B3 37 0-N4CH IC-K2 K-P 34-0-N7di tf-O RxB 39-P-R Reigns . i-B3i 1 1 (i))Tf u Santa (and who isn't) buys his loot at Hacker. And that "jingle, jingle" is money you save! P THE ONE PRICE INCLUDES ' $M CARPET INSTALLATION f OVER RUBBER PAD J ' ! s a s ) BR0ADL00M 1 00 ro solution dyed Developed for modem living1. Luxurious yet inexpensive. 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