Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 12, 1949 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1949
Page 5
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STATE OF COXSKOTICUT WAX TED. ABCmTECT - ENGINEER - Applicant must have had extensive i-x. >«rtenct In piannins. directlnK. inlti- atlnx and carrying out ol iioiluit:'! procedure* and activities with r«- sptct to the planninK and conslrui 1 - tion <>l moilurato rental hou.stnK Projects. \KCHITECT — Position requiroa responsibility'- for 4*laiuunK and &:- vfeloDlni; standards and criteria K>r the architectural design of rcnta lousing projects, including technieyl eatures ol sites and site plans. CONSTRUCTION COST EX- G1NEEU—Extensive experience required In the development and estab- ishment ol policies, procedures, standard? and cost estimates for the contraction of rental housing; also, the review and analysis '"M construction contracts and contractors' performance and proicrebn. SITE PLAN.N'BK-Apptlcant rmiM lave had extensive experience In the Initiation and development nl ;>oi Icies, procedures and standuvclH ronci-rninK site onclncorinK *•!'.;I menm In the construction of modern rental housing. 5. SITE APPRAISER—Position requires Individual with broad experience in the Inspection and apprais.U ol Kites to be used for rooOerato rental houslne. 6. ELECTRICAL - MECHANICAL ENGINEER — Applicant must be qualified in the development ol policies, procedures, and standards c*,n- rernimc electrical and menhanleal «-l«m*ntM of housing: -llso for th»; r«!- view of plan** imtl specl/fealiririH '(/r adherence to xuch policies. «r-j- S<?nd all replies containing name. ;.rt- are^M. tPlcphone number and ff>nini»'tfr nxume ol >:xperl«nc<> ana tralninK to P. O. Btix CO. IfcirtlorO. Conn Employment 1 Help Wanted—Male KOI, IK K WA3iTKD—I5xpt.rl«,-nK«il rn 2 high 6 4 lilxh mlllH rullinK brn-H and brajgs alloys. OrlvinK distance Naugatuck. Booth & Bayliss Empi,)-/- nwnt Service. 434 State St. Brldsi- oort. For Sale Houses For Sale COfSTKV 1IOMKS— With ull Improve- mentK. » ^ .", rotnn IjuriKalow .......... $«800 C room hoinc ............ }7HU'i 6 room holm: ............. »M)'Jii ii room homfc ............. J480U MADOHNO H.KAL.TY Oxford — Phone 2G91. Seymour E OCCLl'A.cY—C roo home, good location. rua«onable. Anthony U. Stien. Dial (1042. K OC'Cl'i'AXCl' — 5 room oimRalow. Prosueut-Union Citv lid. Prewar, well constructed. Nictlv located lot. aporox. 200 It. aq Gfo. Garrity. Tel. Wtby. 5-1850. MILl/VILLK SECTIO1V—3-room bun- Balow, water, electric: liKhta and telu- tihone. OaraKO. PA aero of lauj. *2.UOO. EAST WATEIUIUKY IIOAB—7-room house, KaraKu and bai-n. a acrea oi land, $10.000. JUoth have immedlm.s occuuahf-y. 1'ATHV I.AlllllOTiA Heal Estate AKOIII Phone NauE. 34G8 or Wtby. 5-22)9 AS EXCEPTIOXA1 VAMJK In I,K- oenHive suburliLLn homes ior the 't!^- cerninK buyer who reijulre^ b*»th K<-*.nl criiidtructlon ami hinh Kriulc archlte,'.- .ture. Thin home, built by Byron W. HodKCH WHH dftHiKned l>y K(lj{hr i..a- Hlvlero to arrnonlvie with itn ex<lulHlte Colonial Ki-ttlnK lor HID family »l .'in executive or yrofi-HHionul man. ll's a one floor house- (HxVf. *prR\vlint< ( n a beautifully InndHKancd hilltop whero you can HAO ror twelve rnlli-« and your IdovlHlon wet can Him to I'hllaiMunla. ThlH luxury IIOUKIJ ha.s all the r""il featlirt-M both new anil old |n<-hnl!im an IK Inch stone foundation, a master bedroom with two rlo»em. a batii- room with Hlrucfural KlaHH walls, ti heated two car Knriure with ilom M ,i loot wider for thoHfj hroader nc.v rlis, nntl a Wide driveway with a nnrk- Inc area. The IT'S i-ven ri-KMlur bus service. II you can afford thin ilrc/im you'll want It. I24.r>0(i. ' VHKKMAN AOKNCV Phones 4-H3SK—4-S4 1(1 Walorbury For Sale Houses For Sale JAM1SS MOOIUO lU>al Kwtatu — Appraiser Phono 3D5S lor Selected Homes !•'() It SA I, K -~!'~firiniiy""r'"i-7^7n~fiomTo Mlluuli.'il im Union (Jlly limit, oil bili'li- or luinari'. HiHiiliituU. L,nl liuxl.iO. I. A. llltAZIUKI. Haul tnuil'!. riiolia 6426. NUW .YIOUUJIN—0-room home. 4 rooms anil bath on llrwt Iloor, ull heat, priced ri'jiMonnbly. 1)£ACO,N J'A1,1,.S—New. modern. 4- room and tile bath on first Iloor and two unfinished on 2nd floor. Oarage and oil heat, Inrne lot. $10,00u. Call A. SHEPLEY. 2133 or 5144. Root and Boyd. Inc. Realtors Insurance 174 Grand St Phone 4-3161 Wtby. liny i>r Sl'H » HuNlniiKH JOSKVH llATjPKIHN, Broxer Inaiiranc*, Lotft, Uoal Estate (0 K. Main St. Tel. 1-lHHa Wthj. B-. A. BHAXICKI — Real iSstmU, — 174 PROSPECT ST. I'HONE! S4J« FOB, SALE —10 aernn, hay land. brook, large barn, $6,000. MADORNO REALTY Oxford Tel. 2091, Seymour 8 lloumw For Sule List Your Property lor Quick Sale. The A, R. Martlno Co. Real Katate And Appraisals 20* E. Main St. Phono 8-3280 Wtby WALTl'JU A, NORWAHII, Alfy. INSURANCE REALTOR 209 Church Ht. Phone 4784 N»>x- 1 rAMII.V—6 rounriH on Highland Av<j. Tel. Goal JOHN J1KAI.V, 11B Chur-:h St. MYUOI/LY-B HEAL JESTATK 48 Spring St. Tel. 3-2881 Watertuiry, Conn. TRY NEWS WANT ADS KOR QUICKER RESULTS — I For Rent Wanted to Buy Announcements oca 2 ramity house, 5 or I rooma on each Iloor preferred. I hav« a canh cumomor waiting lor such i HBtlilK. JITSNUy M. MUIU'HY Roiil ICinntc and ApuntUiula Tulophone 3-40I12 Watnrbary Laud For Sale I on SALJi—ioveifei building lots ol Now Haven Ha. iicanonanle. citj w:itor. Phono Hurry Schmitz. 4C85 alter 0 p. m. 7a Wsnted To Rent VI-:T>-:LA>-, WIFK AM» OWE Ltohpcralely In need ol '1-5 room runt. ' I Koonin to Rent IIOOM—For rtnt in ruHldentlnl Ht-otlon. (.liinlli-nmri!d. I'lionu filSfi. KOII KK.\T— Itooin for twti itlrlH or ii couple. Kltcliun prlvlluKux. 1'hnne— Sail8—IIr. Mini) Hlreet. IIOOMH roll 11KNT—Board If do:<lr«,1. HOOM—Kor rent, with kitchen urlv- UcKeH, uood locution. I'hone 4!i33. ApartmimtH For Runt l-'<lll UK XT— Room [or 2 puonlo will. tWhl IlI'llH. U«l! of kllullUII. U.lluKlf'l'l Call lit S7 So. Main Ht. altnr a ». m Kb OfflccH To liont KOIt IlKST— OfllcRH tor profuHHiona. man In Nnugatnt-k. To). 3-!i8nr>. WLby Announcements I.ost and Found MINT—Hunk iiuiik"NO. i:Mf>Y'<m"7i[,' l»,l'»,b,v aitplloM lor a nuw book'., 1 Dated at NjiinralLir-k Oct. If,. l!»40. I5HTATIO (.IK JOS. Opportunltlec BUJ»G»Y! THIBITYt 8TBAIT8TII.iE* 8PA Sew Baren Baad Pbeie 48(4 Fitzp^trtck-Romano — Pubjic Accountmndt — Phone Nau«. 2806-8007 RUUY-B £HIDAL SHOP 861 No. Main St. Tel, 3-1824 Wlbyi GOWM—bride*; Brld*«malds, flower »|rl« t». E. Rclrleeratora, Washers, Rangev Water 1 Heate're, etc. WALTER'S HBFRIQERATION Beacon Falla Phone 7430 Naug. DJIESSMAKISO ana Alteratlo»» done reasonable. Phone 6841. Mr«. Loulae McQulro. 47- Blngham at. ' i OKO8KI Klectrloal Contractor .Industrial — Commercial — Domentlc Bottoon Falls' Phone 4006, Nau«. T)»lt Oar Hodn Fuuitaln ?R°J,^ "• m ' to 6 "• •»• 3S«c«pt Sunday .ANDY'S CAMPUS _ Church Strent 12 Buolnes* Announcement* CJI IHSTMA.H TREE8-WHOL.ESAr.K. I'lincy Ual«am & Snruce. that B«il on HlKht; all selected, noasonably priced. li'iiiEh. wreathM. etc. Write for orlco.i. IKiaillfiS PAKM, Unrnardnton. MaHM. lit Notice* II ABB ITS WiH KAMO Dial 3-4329 Wtby. WILLIAM M. CHITTKNDJ3N ..Inrturnrtcc'— Koa.1 KHtato Church Bt. Phone NOTKJK-DIck HlKloi) Oui-niee, ior .imii-ly of 1260 Want Main Ht., Waterbury, now til Uf) Rubbor Ave., NauKii- tuck. I'hone NnuK. 1 »713, Automotive 14 PARTS FORVWRP AND FOLIOW5 UP Hi* BUT, IN THE SCUFFLE. ESCrrlEAP RECONERS~ I.' BUNP6P »V. THE HOT COAL* AT H* fACS. 91 ! PHIL ... HE SPiVS HE'S ONLY WORN IT TWO WEEKS fWD ALREftDV Hc'S SOLD OUER IO, OOO NOW THftrVS ft THRIVJIN 1 CBNOV BRMESS I EUER SEEN ONE WHO SO ID OMVTHING ABOUT CONDV? HE'S ft BUS DRIVER'! WAAL- BUS' MAH H6R£'S ANOTHER . MR.TVLER THAT HftlN'T NO NEWS TO ME, ROSY JftWS WRITES THfiT THE PftTCHWORK TIE IS A6SOLUTELV ROMRGNETIC OF eouwtf rn STOP THEMI i«te COT TO STOP THEM! TMe BEVOLUTIOKl AND OUR VKV IIVM PEPENO UPON STOPPINS THEM, VOU 8UM6LING VOOBYi NOW, LEP5 THEY'BTE. HEADING FOR RIO MMB&r THERE'S NO OTHER PLACE THE TRAIN CAN QO BUT I?IO BAWBA, ANP HERE I *M IN RlO BAMBA WITH WAITING MEN. -WHAT WORRYIN6 ABOUTf 2 l-\«TOr THfMf / ATI E S- 1 WIRED f^ L ^^ P o U |^ E ,MT^Iv HEA |o^ s H ? .^u ^S^u^^^J^^^f^^^^^S^ t-ET~BIG 812 ASS DECIDE.' . /teas brunettes, that*. OK! VOURE ASKING IT! AS BRICK, PUTILED, GBOPES ABOUT THE , FA\R ONE... YOU HAW SLEPT LONG E.MOUG.H/ WHAT... WHERE ...VJHO... WHO'S TALKING ? YOUR TENDER HOST,THE "EVE", BEAUTIFUL Oriel I AM ABOUT TO BESTOW A GREAT HONOR UPON YOU.' YOU ACE UNDETECTED^ .T MAY ONLY BECAUSE THE Auto*- For Sale . H.\'LK--n-' /1 Fora. A-l runnmK condition, Now ,Bra,k«M, battery, ituii- erator and nhouk nbHOrbern. IJ«> t ' Denflelil, 3 Phoenix Avc. l-'Ott HAM3-1D37 Ford 4 dr. Hodan, MuHtBcll!! Good motor. Only $1 a'). Can be' soon at KHHO Can Stntimi, North Main St. ,>«k'ior Hay Cnron'B cu " ..',,.* '••'. - . KXPKKT—Carbyreto? and tcenorator service. Check now for winter. A & B ATJTO" SERVICE C14 Bank St. Tel. 6-1328 Wtby Winter Accenftorlea BALDWIN 8T GULF STATION Jos. Clriello. Prop. Tel. 3-994K Wtbv or 4900 NILUIC. WAPCO" Merchandise Poultry.and Kfftt _ Alive at (arm. Broud- bruanted bronze. GcorKe Bmith, Allor- ton Furms Hd., Naug. Tel. 4030. IIIU WIUJ'MKNT —.JUST CHICKICNH, HHOILKIIH OOHT- EY8 ' CAPONS & KAUB ™ K Y ' jAHT - a r ' c '"•''• .; IrcHh UKKH -If.c per do?., At the Highway Drive-In Chickun Market, on Tlio Waterbury-NauBatutk Highway, opposite Interaction ol Platts Mills. Tel. NauBatuck 4872. fUttlvKYH-A vc or drOBued. Whole," u '« or retail. All aiisc«. Mrs. 11 bchildKen, East Waterbury Rd.. Nau- natupk. Tel. Nau«. 3662^ POULTRY MARKET ^. h k " lo< ? or frozen BOGS—Free Delivery. 76 School St. Tel. 2691-B42" 2fl Feed and Funl WOOD _ Well seasoned hard . stove or fireplace lengths Great'Oak Farm Phone Co40 CTa Offlcc tt other Equipment ,^ r <>lrt«tor» (National), styles. BI K savings. Like new One year, guarantee. Solomon's Sales & Service. 37 Cooke St. Household Article* FOIt HAJ,K—Gray combination oil and <"n SSi rtt * K0 ^" ^ 0 ," condition. Kltch- B!?»4! chairs, also. Phono } l ?VRl OK IIATOB8 SAtB— (fig AN» UP Tlilj . i491 .. —- .......... (Cuntom-Made). Cwoi-u, MWe to Oriw, ~ i» - phone BH56 BO8TOS HTOUE Articled For Salo HAI 'p - lto icul. a " com| "« t « Wilvunlacfl lint "n <-oal bura- r'OIl »»"• iK— Hobart-Cnble l)lnvr,r nl Hell cheap. Uione 2!J11 ' ' ' AU i)orco - iin Wi ' ^ l|)aca "' Tjunna Cloth. d lu, etc., at OHc Her yd. and Call \iru i/V »""' holiday colors, c.all MTH, Kuth I'llskln, riB'JB NAUQATCCK NEWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, NOV «, 1MB—BAGE Merchandise 30b MwhMI MECCA MUSIC SCHOOli Buckingham HUlK, Phono r,-2245 Wtby. Innti'uincntM KurnlNhed SOd Oood'Tbbigt To Eat ROMA PASTRY 601 NORTH MAIN ST. Finest Italian-American and Frencl Pastry In all New England. Also Spu raonl, Gelatl and 1C cream. Kvery : thing made on premise.-,. Special attention given to wedding Parties. o>i! prices, are tbe lowest, but our mcr chandise definitely the best. We dellvei and ship anywhere in th« U. 8. Tel. Watcrbury 6-2117. AJ.'1»I;]5I*— Baldwins, HnleH, Uroopinst KOc pur busliol & ui). Applo cider Cue i/or Kal. W. F. 8II1H. Henson lid.. Middlobury. Phone 4-8280, Waterbury, PHOZKJf CIIIOKEK—Roasters Broil- »rs. Fryors. Dollvorod Nsugatuck A vloin. Irom (arm. Call Wopdbury 178-Z, Education 32a Instructions TO DMIVB—Call Central Dual Auto Driving School, «J9 West Main St. Tel. 4-C2S2, Waterbury. Services Al>r goat old HATT11KKH remadv Int. •ti InniirnprUig itqnal to MKW ID I May. Mattresses Remade 1 Day Sei vice—Work GuaranUod Htanlny'H Mattress Service Phon* 4-9279 Watcrbury 37 IluHlneiw Service*) Rendnrod 01 1, BURNKU ,iN» VLECTKIOAL WORK ED, DUHIBTTB. TICK 43G7 Oil lJiiriier» CI*H»i>4 an Part; F.,r All Makv* ol urnf" Harry ChnrcliUI, IK I-rinprrt Ht" *Mf ,l )olntc<> »»« roi>alrod hj irSKT*;.^ 11 ' type * t>( mason work. JOHN O1K)M Phono 0-02C7, Wtbv HOLLAND FUKNACB CO -.„ _ ,. Hot Air Furnaces. 746 B. Main St. Tol. 4-1003 Wtby. «MIDEIIS TAKEN for Slh, Drapery 8pr«,d B , Matertol ahown. Tel. Erelyn Montflcb, HnuUr's Alnnlnnm HOTCHKISS 8T. OABAGK DODGE J « Phone 8727 Hydroma- l8 "t condition through- D 1 i- c °™?'«t«ly reh-SK Packard Waterbury, Inc. t erv« ... ._ . A Safe Place to Buy" 482 Water town Ave. Dial 4'-<ll« MBMBBR OF WAMA " * K,,i I i Ubbe i 1 '" berrto » Station Rulibur A 1017 • Car» & Trucks _ • •><i> J immaxtun Aye" Wutprtlll* Tel. 8.01«t-TJ8EP CAM * TBUOKH r.'wv. "»;.".""••" an<1 *°'* [•rv MAORK MOTOR HALES »«• WATKBTOWK ATZ. T«l. Wtbjr. 4-8*81 or Watertown H«« TrnDem .. . »ui*f**fiK COACH —. Complete with bathrooms, Hhowei-H, tubs. Famous Liberty Trail- r'« c ,V" ch<3 " no<lr available on K year n% finance plun. i other well known make« Ilkcf Vawtbond, Trotwood, Ainorloan. National ami Prairie Schooner on reasonable terms. Open 8 a. m. to 0 p. m. daily. Rvfler Trailer Co., Post Road, Mlllord. Conn. (I mile oast of Mlllord Canter) Miilord 2-2B39. Aoito FBTI«" n«nr^ Wh««l AUnnmont Axel anrt 1?rimn' flurvleO—Woldtntt Axel r'alhtlng V ColllHlon RenalrS , P,ltNI]3'8 AUTO I10DY WOHKS Watertown'Ave. Phone 3-6241 Wlby. W« carry a hill line ol MarUord. KxMr. An toll to A Arnwtronc natlnrlfln. 'I JOE'S THUS SHOP 241 No. Mata 8L Tel J-Z414 Wlby. Largo Soleott^n ol Now, and lined Auto Parts, aldo New and Used Tiros 'K»«rylH>d» f » Trued C»r» and Partu «S» No. Itlvornlde St. Tol. 11-0492 _ _ Open Sunday Mornings fl « recappod tlrwTi odd and hard-to-rftt nlsei—vlult OAIIE'8 DNTTEn- TYBH 8ATE9. your C. 8. Hoyal Tire distributor. v - (J- Rubber Co. *mploye« discount oertlf Icatea tor tires, honored, here. Jelforsoo St. Wtby. Phone* j.i.i «1. Compi»le IJnt Ol BMnt Covers . Joe's Service Station 17S Bridge St. Phone 4070 . HAI f l ?-S'"™)le. squares ° n ' y Mc ench ll of . TJ. & C. FABRIC CKNTEn 48_a,-ar,d St. " ^ Opft Hadley-g HAKGAI'KH— Une'd ISIectrlc Itanges 111) $'lO and Sp°' UfU!li WaBhlni1 Maohlnls, Watts Electric gtriillH Turniilko Tel, 3-4C70 Wlby. IJSEI> MKVhlUlJWK COOf.KIt - ^2 wiHo counter typo dry cooler. To bu sold bolnw cowt, complelo with unit ' WAT/rrarrs Main f3t., Beacon Falls. Tel. PAM. FU11S - Pmi utock. LittlD ' TJIK , MAHNKHS SHOP fB OTanil St. Tel. 4-JII8S Wtby. Quality lather ninv.K— nrem ' RAY MELBOURNE A Av«. " n " Autollto Service > u Ba «cry & Electric Co. Rubber Avo. Phone 3713 KAX.AMAZOO oo « , Salon und Service 22 Savings st, Tel, 4%533 Wtb, Phone THE TOY IIOIJSB Selection Now At Its Dost AC r>, Wl »« To Shop Early 46 Pleasant Ave. Tel. 3073 $139 »43!) $m $439 $439 »43I) H39 3 nooM ANNIVRRBARY OUTFIT ConalMtlnK of the following CrunnjMe Morlcrn Bedroom SiiKe Complete Modorn T^lylnK Room Suite t-omulote Modern Dlnotto Set and A 13HAND NEW COMBTNAT1ON OIL A OA8 RANOK ._ Our free (tilt to you "Enioi'Hon" or "I'bllco" radio You Kiive almoHt 1200 Tbkc IS Ifiiin monthn to imy A-Ij-B-B-ll-T'-S 2CC-7i So. Main St.. Walorbury J'hono 4-3144 for appointment to HOC thin furniture P<>B B »AI,E-.9xl2-(olt bauo ru K s at •NAUOATUCk- FUHNITUHI5 CO. 2C So. Main St. I'hone 2711 TRACY STAINl/KSS STKHL SINKS Double Howl, (id Innh, Ilolow Gout TOWEH APPLTANCIO 280 No. Main St. I J honc 4-1294 Wtby. PADS— Kmbrohlery, trimmings. Buttons. LarROHt in state. .Rellablo Factory, 97 Soovlll St. Wtby. KljOTlto Vacuum ClBJinnr for $5!),I»!V RICCARDO FtlRNITURR CO. 4G7 W. Main St. To!. 4-0292 Wtby. MkHcollnnooufl np*cnr Prlc«» Ok W. NIOIIARD»- «• urlal* 57 Church st PlumblnH-Heatlay.011 BurnS? sw --. »CO'fT ny»'h»r«, prnmptly •KRVICB CAIIMEX-H CUSTOM TAIT.OH Tailor-Made Bklrts _ J7.1,f" 147 Phone 2017 H?- BLKCTRICAL WORKS House Wiring and Repair Barnum Court. Phnnes 3294-63JI COMPLKTK Innnncape nervlce J aa-n r r. ova pr men. Fully Injured. Also drlv». way B . J. Uellettl. Tel. 5«48 80 Cloanlug- iuid Dyolng S utJM ',, D| ' U J><- J » and Slip Covcrn Heautlfully Cleaned Dependable Delivery fwvlce Fruo. KIEVMAN CLEANERS 78 Church Kt. Phono 2022 8WI5KT CinKR_MiuV VroHh dally Iro^ BOOM r ,,, Cider Mili, BLIVC.IVKB NEWS WANT ADS BRING RESULTS "JOE BEAVER" By Ed Nofzis* Contractors Cnntnctlnj BlTIT,nKB-C»rr«nl.i'. No lob «>% Mrje or mruiB. .; R*Mionabtc rat'oni' Hob»rl Prock, P««rl Howl. Tel. 7>S1. ~ M. V. 8CMIAROCI ^ — Building Contractor — Phone 6oi». Bulldlnrr •tnt«ri»!» r. . . „ Brick, Sand. Concrete Sand, Loam Phono 6648 or 33F.4 Jfarlano Html * Stone The Wtby Re«dy-Mlxe<I Concrete Co. i,J 1 J! nedl ' :t _5'- Tel. 3-»188 Wbv. HE^PJCBBTK - Btrenrrth - Beauty W8BKI,T TUttg t«f N*w Tork. New •T«r»i 8 v and fji>w' Knuland. T. W. noblllttrdjy'an Llno», JWtby. 3-3688. Painting MARIANO BKOS,, Palntin«. PaperhantUi* i- Exterior' * Interior. Full Insurance Covert**Telephone 16(11 BEST INVKNTMKNT la to paint your uroperty. Call 4071 IOP Free eatl- niateB. W. F. Cota, HAYMONP J. HUGHES ,. . .?"W n »- ir P»P*rh«ngVn« IS Bonth View Bt FtionV 1»01 INTEKIOn "PAINTINO AKD PAPKBHAWOINO Phone Joseph San Angolu —71TO Fon*t Sorvlcci U. 8; Department of AurlctiHun "That *mok« from tht burntd otto. Pop, dots it niton anythint?* LEWIS CARROLL 'Me J)e»icr OB lk» CE»1\EB HQUABE - PBo»PBOTi vsios Barclaj Tile Board Ckroow TrfM Uuoi fruuea Wlauuw taia * rraiax 1'iUliti Flovr -MkMer* tot It Ufm Anything tor Your Merer CnU ARRAY VLOOR COVEKINOB M DUmond St. TeL •!> COMMKHCIAJL and DOMESTIC KKFIUOKKATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls TeL Emergency OU1 6H7 THE CHINA INN 11 Harrlnon Ave. Watorbory Cloned AU Day Monday* Tue*day thru Friday Oma 10 A.-M, to 10 P. M. Saturday 1J A. M. to It MMnl C ht Sunday It Noon to IZ Mldnlf-M PBED'S HI-WAY GRILLE £01 Soufh Main St. KwpuJar Dally Dinner SOc up OATEIUNCJ 1 OX WKDDIMOC SIIOWKHS, STAG PARTIES. Et» Banquet Room, Cocktail Loaan Fall Liquor UoenM BINGO Every Tuesday Evening at 7:30 P. M. Beacon Falls COMMUNITY RECREATION CLUB New heating system just installed. TURKEYS Tuesday, Nov. 15 and Tuesday, Nov. 22 COME 1 and GET YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY Hawley Hardware 102 Church Street Moore's and Dcvoe Paint* Glidden's Spread Satin Plasti-Kote Finish Roasters Electric Appliances Hotpoint Refrigerator and Stoves Phone 4086 We Deliver NEWS ONLY $1880oo Buys The BIG LOWER-PRICED Wayfarer Sedan Tax Included With Group No. 1 Acceuoriei arc known for our liberal offer on good used- cara. |Let us look yours over. May it will more than cover the down payment in jlradc. In any case you wil |?ct top value for it. |H()TCHKBS STREET GARAGE Phone 5727

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