The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 25, 1942 · 35
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 35

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1942
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League Unit Will End Year Bookworms Seat Stall and Plan Fall Programs The last social meeting of the Bookworms of the Assist ance League was the occasion for the members to call a finis to all the business of the past year and point the way toward the renewing of activities in the fall. The book salon luncheon was held In the Rossmore Ave. home of Mrs. Loren Foreman. At that time the new provisionals were introduced into full membership and the new board of officers were installed for the coming year. Mrs. Fred L. Ryon assumed the chairmanship duties, relieving Mrs. James A. Murray. Mrs. Lloyd Green was installed as vice-chairman, Mrs. Cedric Baldwin, treasurer, Mrs. William Mor-tensen, recording. secretary, and Mrs. Dean Hoover! corresponding iecretary. New committee chairmen were named, including Mrs. Edmund McClure, ways and means, who will be assisted by Mrs. ram Dougherty. Mrs. Allen T. Lynch will be assisted on programs by Mmes. Dwight Reay, Marcus McClure and T. M. Malouf. Welcomed into the group as members were Mmes. Luther Anderson, Donald Ayres, Bates Booth, Emery Beardsley, Howard Burrell, Charles Carr, William Dennis, George Elliott, Walter Fuesler, Frances J. Gabel, J. Roy Hoffman, Mervyn Hope, Albert C. King, John Mackel, John MacLeod, Milo Sweet, Frederick Tal-mage, Ivan Wells, Henry Carty, Lasher Gallagher, Logan Hage-bush. A. D. Van Vranken. Leonard Radford, William Willis Jen-ney and Misses Helena Boorse and Frances Stanley. I - VtVJvVtlj ON HONEYMOON Mrs. John C. McClure was the former Carol Morrison before her marriage in Shatto Chapel. Curtis photo Woman Painter to Show Work Mrs. Richard Bailey will open her home at 400 N. Mansfield Ave. today when she honors Mrs. M. Kenworthy Gardner, who will show her paintings, including portraits, oil3 and pastels and miniatures in water color. Mrs. Bailey will be assisted by Mmes. Thomas Tyler Robinson, Emmett Jones, Taul Dougherty, Courtland Myers, Walter English, John Dougherty and C. Grant Paige. Mrs. Gardner has shown her work in the Corcoran Galleries, Washington, D.C.; in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Chicago World's' Fair and New York. 7 ' JUNE BRIDE Barbara Felice Hagen became Mrs. William Lane Ellsworth at a ceremony in the Beverly Hills Community Presbyterian Church. curti, photo Doughertys Will Live in Van Nuys Van Nuys will be the new home of Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Dougherty (Norma Jeane Baker) upon their return from a wedding trip. Marriage vows were exchanged by the young couple last week at an 8:30 o'clock ceremony In the Westwood Hills' home of the bride's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Howell, 432 S. Bentley Ave. The bride Is a niece of Mrs. E. Ana Lower, also of Westwood Hills. Mr. Dougherty Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dougherty of Van Nuys. Bridge Party Mrs. Lawrence Sando of 1208 Romulus Drive, Glendale, will entertain with a bridge party tomorrow for the Tuesday Afternoon Club of Glendale Juniors. S.C. Tea Will Honor Group Honoring 43 visiting summer session faculty members and their wives, President and Mrs. Rufus B. von KleinSmid of the University of Southern California, together with Dr. Lester B. Rogers, dean of the summer term, and Mrs. Rogers, will bo hosts at a reception and tea today in the Town and Gown Foy er of the campus from 3 to 4:30 p.m. The event will be followed by a musical to be presented by the Hancock Ensemble of the uni versity. Assisting in arrangements are Helen H. Moreland, dean of wom en at S C.; Dr. and Mrs. Osman R. Hull, Dr. Fay Adams, Dr. Nila B. Smith, Dr. Florence R. Scott and Dr. Arlien Johnson. Included in the faculty to be honored are those from Columbia University, University of British Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, State University of Iowa, University of Pitts burgh, University of Georgia and Ohio State University. Golf Tourney Will Benefit Navy Relief The annual Lake Arrowhead women's golf tournament will open Sunday with all proceeds of the three-day contest to be donated to Navy Relief, according to Mrs. G. A. Campbell, chairman of the event. Patronesses for the charity af fair are Mrs. Thomas F. Hamil ton, Mrs. Victor Montgomery, Mrs. William Dreusike, Mrs. Wil lard Keith, Mrs. William Fleet wood, Mrs. Stanley Lindahl, Mrs. Hill Hastings, Mrs. Lasselle Thornburgh, Mrs. Wilbur Collins and Mrs. Harold Hurley. Golfers from country clubs all over the Southland will partici pate, according to Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Ruth McCullock of Riviera, Miss Verne Fridal of Los An geles, Miss Happy Rand of Bever ly Hills. Mmes. L. B. Elliott of Westwood, Frank A. Tuscher of San Marino, R. A. Ryan or Bever ly Hills, A. C. Akin of Los An geles, Romer Johnson of Alham bra, A. Bruce Scott, John Redfield of Beverly Hills, Harry Pressler of San Gabriel, John Lowe of Pasadena, and Miss Margaret Candy of Beverly Hills, are some of the participants. PART H. Diplomat's Wife Feted Between the graduation of her son from Stanford University and her departure this week for Lima Peru, Senora de Anas, wife of the Minister of Panama to Peru, has been in the midst of a round of parties. Senora de Arias, upon her re turn from the graduation exer cises at Stanford, entertained friends of her son Rudolfo at the Hermoyne Apartments. In her honor, Dr. and Mrs. Mendez Pereira entertained at a dinner party. A farewell party was given also by Mr. and Mrs. Abdiel Arias. who were hosts at a buffet sup per. Mrs. Hardacker Complimented Honoring the birthday of Mrs. Raymond J. Hardacker of West- wood Hills, Mrs. N. Forrest Lit-tlefield entertained at a dinner- bridge in her home at 2117 Glen don Ave.,- Westwood Hills. Pink roses graced the table's center and pink tapers .lighted the birthday cake. Invited guests were Messrs. and Mmes. Raymond J. Hardacker, Harold Sawyer, Raymond Heberling, John M. LeNoir, Mitchell Hotra and Mr. Taul T, Ferrer. Marian Colwell Goes to Altar Miss Marian Van Vorst Colwell, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Lino Montalvo Colwell of Wellesley Hills, Mass., and Mt. Desert, Me., and Lieut (j.g.) Richard Cobb, U.S.N., exchanged their wedding vows by candlelight last week in the Chapman Park Oratorio. The bride is a graduate of the Tenacre and Dana Hall Schools in Wellesley, Mass., and was graduated from Wellesley College. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Franklin Cobb of Boston and Harvard, Mass. Mocks Choose Home At home in Manhattan Beach after July 1 will be Mr. and Mrs. Leo Vernon Mock, the former Martha Lucile Acree, who were married recently in the Wee Kirk o' the Heather. Shower Honors Barbara Kasala Bridal white was contrasted with pink in the appointments of the miscellaneous shower giv en last Saturday in honor of Miss Barbara Kasala, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kasala of Dillon St. Mrs. Walter H. Young was hostess in her Los Feliz Hills home for the hride-elect who will be married In July to Haw-ley King. High School Giads Feted at Dinner Offering a gay interlude between commencement exercises at 4 p.m. yesterday at University High School and time to go for dinner and dancing at the Cocoa- nut Grove in celebration of the occasion, Miss Nancee Grojean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Grojean of 258 S. Carmelina Ave., Brentwood, entertained 45 young people from her graduating class at her parents' home. V Eos Angeles Simes THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1942 Your Needlecraft Crocheted Bugs of Carpet Warp These two rugs are worked In single crochet and may be used effectively in any part of the house. Pattern No. 906 contains list of materials needed, illustra tion of stitches and complete instructions for making oblong and oval rugs. Please ask for Pattern No. 996. Send ,10 cents (coin preferred) plus 1 cent postage for this pittern to Needlework Department. the Lot An-aeles Times. 202 W. First St.. Lot An-gelet. Be sure to writ plainly your name, address and ttyle number. Allow THREE DAYS for delivery. Clotilde's Pattern Jill W TT . -)1 111 Style No. 3290 Roses Entertain Mr. and Mrs. A. Brlgham Rose of Beverly Hills entertained a party of eight guests for dinner t the Grandview Gardens in New Chinatown. Cape-sleeved Dress tor Summer Days Look cool and feel cool in this cape-sleeved dress; a good design for any print, and especially good for a pretty voile. Style No. 3290 is designed for Sizes 16 to 20 and 36 to 50. Size 36 requires 3'4 yards 35-inch fabric with -yard ruffling. Would you like a book with a host of further suggestions for making your wardrobe both smart and individual? Then send for the new Summer Fash-Ion Book. Send 15 centt (coin preferred plus I cent for pottage for thit pattern, stating name, address, ttyle number and ie. For your topy of Fashion Book, tend 15 centt plut 1 cent for postage. For both Ptttern and book tend 25 cents plus 1 cent for postal to the Los Angeles Times Fashion Bureau. 203 W. First St.. Los Angeles. Allow seven dsxs for delirery. Miss Mortord Wed Miss Rebecca Ellen Morford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Law rence K. Morford of 335 N. Concord St., Glendaje, became the bride of Menne W. Kroeker last week in the Wee Kirk o the Heather. I'lUphon TEbsitr 4211 jjZtZ Mi " iZ"- V!K X NCV mart t'ntl ' ""Jpun" Powder warm t hi with shampoo, ttyl setting 9i93 ,r 7 j Specially priced, limited time! Silky-soft 74f7 'A v permanents that let you brush new beauty S 'vv into your hair. They need no pampering, 'J v rf-' m' l'Mc no fussing there's never a particle of frizz. ' K0ifi') Othr Brush Curl Permantnt Wovej.g.50 ; ' j "V Our Brush Curl Hair-cut $1 Ij S ?I 1cT Gobriletn'i Adepiol Ptrmontnr .1I.25 j ; I CV ' S 'ffrntyv' My C. TilihhtBuutj itlon-fifth flotr 1 N jhL 'L ---r7 TJ Jj. j--.uJJiL!J( j ! 3 iwM mt CawlttM 0. fas. . I. I 1 1 FOR A SHORT VACATION ORAIONCON!... (rVsutiful BuifTSprings Hoc, J 600 miles deep in the peace ful Canadian Rockies, orTifo gbrioui rectettion opportunities. Special monthly bargain ratei from $230, lingU occupancy, $22) per penon, two in a room, American plaa.Aoak bout ipecial ali-inclusire mt t Banff Spring Hotel foe eof ot one week or longec u low ae $10 day pee petton, dovblf occtptbcf, and die ettneti-e European Pn rteee. Yout AmerLoia doUa go farther ... all ptkea in C-nd art gorerament cootro ed. See your travel agent oc A. D. Macdonald, 51 J Wen Sixth St. Lot Angeles. Michigan 8337. Banff Springs hotel Here's to Health! BY WILLIAM BRADY, M.I). Safe Reducing Besides hypopituitary obesity and everyday nutritional obesity, which is the familiar insidious accumulation of slacker flesh which so many adults show in the late 30's and early 40's when CVD begins, there is a third typej of obesity which is neither due to wrong eating nor amenable to right eating. This is hypothyroidism. . The thyroid gland is a ductless gland, supplying an internal secretion, endocrine or hormone to the blood but having no ordinary secretion. The endocrine or hormone it produces and supplies to the blood regulates metabolism. Metabolism is the oxidation process, the combustion of fuel, body tissue or food, to yield the energy or heat constantly required by the involuntary muscles of the body (as of the heart blood vessels, stomach, Intestines, etc.,) to perform the vital functions and by the voluntary muscles to do their work. When the thyroid gland fails to supply .enough of this internal secretion the entire vital machinery slows down, metabolism rate is low and various characteristic signs and symptoms develop, which need not concern us here, except the one we are discussing, obesity. Hypothyroid (hypo means under or less than normal) obesity presents peculiar features, such as pads of fat over the collar bones, dullness of mind and tend ency to fall asleep, sensitiveness! to cold even when the atmos-j phere seems comfortable or too warm for others and tendency to ! wear more clothing than normal , persons do in order to keep warm, loss of expression of face,; gloomy spirit or temperament, i waxlike complexion, tendency tot become blue or cyanotic on exposure to cold, slow pulse and subnormal body temperature. No amount of dieting alone can bring about reduction of hypothyroid obesity. The successful; treatment of this condition de-; mands administration of the proper amount of thyroid endocrine and even if the layman can pur chase thyroid extract without a! prescription it is far too danger-j ous for an Intelligent person to. meddle with. Thyroid as a medicine may be safely taken only; under the constant observation and control of the physician. j I discuss hypothyroid obesity j here for two good reasons. First, j because so many sufferers from it' are not receiving he treatment they require. Second, because so many misguided persons are unwittingly risking health and maybe life itself by meddling with thyroid extract on their own. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS MotIm Would the errslght of a child 4 yrars old be affected br attend sne ae the movies occasionally? MRS. J. I T. Answer No. (Signed letters DertsinUif to pr-(Kyial health and hygiene, not to disease, diagnosis or treatment, will be answered by Dr. Brad? If a stamped, self-addressed envelope is inclosed. Letters should be brief and written la ink. Address Dr. William Brady, care cf this newspaper.) Protected by John F. Dill Co. may co. Broadway, Eighth and Hill Telephon TUeitr 8211 .W f&mr-- aW W Get ready for Sununer's'rush-of-fun with "Featheree". Brush t Js all you need dr to keep this young ooiffur lovly. whisk a comb to fluff it Into beauty twin a spray of flowers through your top knot for festive, evenings and you'll be a terrific success." Tit May Co. Beauty Salon Second Floor FEATHER EE Haircut l00 FEAIHERZE Permanents from 500 Not trtnk. M llond wMa. CtAteOlITEl Servic Start, lut Sfcim'ag Nail wrl. lEVlONJ AIm at Moy Co. Wil.hlr MK V v " f X VNVx -'' : 7ji - ' f V iVV -i V : ' C7 ( ; . A &KJr 'k X t IF you're in a rut, the. employment counsellor can help you get out of it into a better-paying position. 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