Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1960 · Page 35
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 35

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1960
Page 35
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, I960. •-, LOQANSPORT PUBUC L THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE SEVEN Facts About Other BH Girls In Queen Contest (Here are the biographies of the remaining candidates (or queen of Operation Hospitality. All are Bunker Hill base connected. The first of the series was run in the Sunday Pharos-Tribune and Press last Sunday. One ,of this group will reign at the series of events this coming week in the Logansport salute to the base personnel.) M/Sgt.. and Mrs. .Leonard L. Carter -have two daughetrs competing for the title of Miss Bunker Hilt Air Force Base. SHARON'was 'born in .Detroit, Michigan, January 16, 1943. Along with her parents, she has been stationed-at Sheppard AFB, Texas and Pyote AFB, Texas. Sharon then made her home with her grandparents in Bryson, Texas; until she was thirteen years of age. She .then rejoined her parents arid went to: /Carswell' AFB, Texas; MacDill AFB, Florida, and Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana. This vivacious miss measues 37-25-37, weight '135; and height 5 feet Wi inches. Dark blonde hair and green eyes complete the picture. Swimming, horseback riding and roller skating number among her favorite sports. When- queried abouE her hobby she replied, "talking on the telephone." Participating in comedy skits is Sharon's chief talent, portraying "beatniks" her specialty. She enjoys listening •• to all' the recording artists' but Elvis is her favorite. Sharon attends Bunker Hill High School.^and by going to summer school intends to graduate in..'61. She plans to enter St. Joseph's in Kokomo -next, fall for nurses training. CAROL Garter was born in 01- ney, Texas, January 15, 1945. She traveled on to Pyote AFB, Texas, Megarel, Texas, Roswell AFB, New Mexico, Carswell AFB, WELCOMES BUNKER HILL AIR FORCE BASE PERSONNEL AND FAMILIES TO 'Operation Hospitality 1 Penney's winter blanket event! Remember, you can charge it at Penney's FAMOUS SUPERSUEDE AUTOMATIC BLANKETS! Dial all-niaht warmth! '9 set- ONLY tings. Rayon, cotton blanketing, nylon binding. Flame, peacock, pink, beige. , Single control, twin size 63 by 84 . $14 single control Dual control, double bed, double beet size size 80 by 84 $19 72 by 84 inches FULL TWO-YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! Why Road-Runner Gas?l BECAUSE YOU SAID I More Mileage Road-Runner Gas J Quick Starting so Road-Runner Gas . us Extra Power -so- I Road-Runner Gas i - *. i Made From Natures Own Sw«et Crud« I NOT FROM I Ordinary High-Sulphur Sour Crude . I BUY IT-TRY IT-JUDGE IT 'BETTER THAN YOU EXPECTED" I Barcus Oil Service Texas, and MacDill AFB, Florida. Her hobbies include collecting stamps and fancy boxes. Carol claims .swimming and bowling as her 'favorite sports' and she is very talented at sewing and cooking. This cute teen-ager • is 5'2", weighs a big 98 pounds and measures 34-22-34. Light brown hair and, hazel eyes set off her dainty features. 1 A freshman at Bunker Hill High School, 1 she'is also a pompom girl with the school band. Paul Anka rates high as favorite male singer with this pert miss. Sgt. Carter, who is assigned to 305th Bomb .Wing' Headquarters Squadron, may well be proud of his two charming daughters. MLA HOSTETLER was born August 16, 1943 in Owensboro, Kentucky. She is 5'4".and weighs 110 pounds and her measurements are 34-20-34. Lila's fair coloring is set off by long brown hair and lazel eyes. While attending Davis County High School 'in Kentucky, Lila met Donald. Hostetler. Wedding' bells rang for the 'happy young couple November 21, 1959 in Stanley, Kentucky. Lila's favorite sport is swimming .and her hobby is collecting Dhotographs for her album. It seems only natural that being a young bride she claims homemaking, as her special talent. Rock and roll artist Chubby Checkers gets her vote in the music department. Lila represents hubby's, A/2C Hosteller's squadron, 305th Field Maintenance. BETTY BOWERS, daughter of T/Sgt. and Mrs. Harvey \T. Bowers was born - in Portland, Oregon, October 21, 1943. 'Betty's measurements are: 36-23-37,- she is 5'5" and weighs 125. Wavy brown hair and brown eyes are set off by a beautiful olive complexion.' Betty started her travels in 1948 when'her dad was assigned to Elmendo'rf AFB,. Alaska.. She has since been to: , Hill AFB, Utah; Langley AFB, Virginia; Shaw AFB, South Carolina; Lajes AFB, Azpnes; Vincent, AFB. Arizona; Tachikawa AFB, Japan; Miami International Airport, Florida and on to Bunker Hill. Bowling and swimming- are sports; that -Betty enjoys. Her talent is cooking and preparing Chinese and- Japanese dishes, her x specialty. Hobbies include painting and horseback riding. Among her record collection, Bobby Darin rates as her favorite. Betty is a senior at Bunker Hill High School and she is majoring in Science and Math. Sgt. Bowers is assigned to 305th Supply Sq. and Betty represents Miss Civil Engineer. TONI CLAY, daughter of M/Sgt and Mrs. Howard Wm. Clay'was born July 11, 1945 at Hendricks Field, Florida. Toni and her mother lived in Ohio while 'Sgt. Clay was . stationed overseas. Upon his return they, put m time at the following bases: MacDill 7Hf GOLDEN YEARS Money And Children: A Key Problem At 65 By THOMAS JCOLL1NS You will not agree with everything that follows here. But read on, if you are of retirement age, and sleep for a night or so on what you read. Because what follows concerns your children ;and your money—prob.- ably the two most important things in your life at this moment—and at least some parts.of it can make your retirement better. ' ' • -' _ • • ' Your children, naturally, are dear to you. They ate better than other children,, too. With .'that taken care" of, take under advisement these observations of one who has spent nearly 15.years watching retired people make mistakes: » 1.'Retired parents who have the fewest visits from their children, a^re, in the main, those who. (1) have no money; (2) have already giy,en away their money or their :businesses to their children; and (3) revealec to their; children the provisions of their wills. 2. .Retired parents who are visited ^ost frequently by their children are in.the'main t those who have a little money—or give the impression they • have—anc who smile knowingly but say nothing whenever the children seek to find out how the money AFB, Florida; Chenault .AFB, Louisiana and on to Bunker Hil] AFB, "Indiana. Her hobby is collecting rock and roll and Johhny Mathis records. Cooking 'and baking are Toni'i special talent and she can make "pretty good fudge." Sports-wise she enjoys swimming and playing baseball. This young miss measures 35% 22-35 and her height is 5 feet 4 ! /4 inches, she weighs in at 112 pounds. ~ Toni's naturally curly, dark brown -hair is worn in a shor cropped style and she.has blue eyes. A sophomore at Bunker Hil High School, where she is- ma joring in Math, and Engb'sh. She would like a career in modeling Sgt. Clay is assigned to 3050 Bomb Wing Headquarters Squad ron and Toni-is representing Foot 'Service Squadron. ROSE BALES, daughter o Chief Warrant Officer and Mrs Harold C. Bales was born Augus 24, 1944, at Mountain Grove, Mis souri. The Bales have been stationet at: Carswell AFB, Texas; Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico; Little Rock AFB, Arkansas; and Lowry AFB Colorado. Rose, a blue-eyed blonde is feet 5 inches and weighs 105 pounds. Her hobbies include gar dening and cooking and her favor ite sports are playing baseball anc basketball. A very talented young lady, she has tziken piano lessons since she was six. Rose also sings in the Bunker Hill Methodisi Church Choir. When it comes to records, she "enjoys all types of music." A junior at Bunker Hill High School, she is majoring in Math and English and is also one o the pom-pom girls with the schoo band. Upon graduating, Rose would like to go to college to fur ther~ner study of music. & Market 3rd ft North Now at TIMBERLAKES BEAUTIFUL DINNERWARf bvNoritake Platinum or Gold Edges on white translucent body 5 BEAUT.IFU1 PATTERNS: OXFORD-ARDEN-MALIBU-&ARBARA-JROSEBUD 5 PC. Place Settings..... $5.25 qn()up 20 PC. Starter Sets . $21.00 „,,„,. 53 PC. Dinner Sets ..... $67.45 . B<(up 93>c. Dinner Sets ...... $ 125.id „,„, Also' MC the beautiful gift* arriving daily in pur stori—Lay away now for Christmas , Timberlake's Gift Shop .'.-•"• "Tt»«Stor» of A Thousand OHt»" is going, to be left. THERE IS NO GREAT secret about this.. The retired couples of -Bradenton, Fla,, and Long Beach, Calif., will tell you it's true. 3. Retired couples can,' and do, pass substantial sums of cash along to their children during their' lifetimes, and' with the advice of a good lawyer do it without paying a gift tax. This is a Santa Glaus technique. It is good economics and bad psychology since Santa Claus is a: forgotten man from Dec. 26 of one year to Dec. 15 of the next. 4." Hetired parents who have grandchildren' named after them are, in general, parents who (1) have money; (2) give the impression they have money; (3) let it be known they haven't written a will yet; and (4) let it be known they have a will but may RE WRITE IT. LOOK AROUND you—rich old men .and rich -old spinsters invariably have namesakes all over the place, t '5. It is characteristic of mostj retired people that they start' hoarding their money, somewhere between 65 and 70, in order to have more to pass on to their children when they die. People .who do this are endorsing, in theory the idea of compulsory retirement—that they are washed up after 65 so far as a job is concerned. They are conceding that they are washed up so far as the pleasure of life that that money can buy are concerned. And money can buy pleasures after 65. : >. 6. 'Retired parents who have money, a house or other property to pass on to their children seldom realize, that they have . a monkey-wrench that can wreck their family. ... as well as sugar that can soothe it. Wealth that is given with partiality to one child, or a will that decrees unequal distribution of can. split the family beyond repair. No matter how precious one child has.been and how disappointing the other, the couple that treats all the same in the distribution of its money is the one that does most to perpetuate the family. 7.' THERE IS NO scheme for leaving money to children—or at least none I've been able to find —that is better than an iron-clad will drawn up by .a competent lawyer" This entails a fee, inheritance taxes, lawyer's probate costs, other court costs and stupid delays. Still, I know of nothing better. In writing a will it is usually an act of vanity and seldom of practical value fo^the retired parents to specify how the money can be used. If you are giving it away, give it. And trust to the good sense of your children to know what to do with it. Finally, retired parents are smart when they give long and serious thought to the proposition that the wealth they have accumulated should .go to shine the Golden Years they have now inherited. To spend what they have—for their church, a garden of roses, indulgence, travel, a|jan. cow farm, for whatever they want For a copy of the new Golden Years booklet by Thomas Collins, 1872, Grand Central Station, New York 17, N.Y. Rate Settlement Receives Approval WASHINGTON (AP)-The Power Commission Friday approved a rate settlement allowing Texas Gas Transmission Corp., Owensboro, Ky., a rate increase of $5,410,948, or 5.5 per cent, annually. The company had sought about $7,263,400 additional per year from 61 wholesale customers in Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky. Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee. The settlement allowed Texas Gas a 65£,per cent rate of return instead of the previously permitted 6 per cent. AMAZING PSORIASIS STORY —is their reward for having lived so long. Their children, however- much they love them, are probably quite normal human beings —as good and as greedy as other mortals, as kind and as mean. If they are worth their salt they will accumulate their own wealth. If they can't, or don't, what Ma to-Pharos-Tribune and Press, Box send 35 cents in coin (no stamps) wealth among all the children,' anp Pa left won't matter for long. 10, 1960 - Pittsburgh, Pa. "Doctored for psoriasis 30 years. Spent much money to no avail. Then used GHP Ointment and Tablets for 2 weeks. Scales disappeared as if by magic. In 6 weeks skin completely cleared and clean. First time in 30 years. Thanks for your marvelous products." This much abbreviated report tells of & user's success with a dual treatment for psoriasis now made available to all sufferers. Pull information and details of a 14 day trial plan from Canam Co., Dept. 280 Rock-port, Mass. Midnight and all's v/arm New AMERICAN Brand Heating Oil with improved STA-CLEAN* has ' ° r earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. It's clean burning!: Wonder additive STA-CLEAN prevents rust. Your entire fuel system stays clean. Your burner keeps working at peak efficiency. So for unfailing comfort, 'round the clock, call your Standard Oil Man for a fill of new" AMERICAN Brand Heating Oil and get Standard's Complete Comfort Plan. Get insurance protection at no extra cost—pay for AMERICAN Brand Heating Oil on Standard's Insured Budget Pay' , ment Plan. Get insurance protection that keeps heating bills paid in case of prolonged disability due to sickness .or accident, or in case of death. No extra cost. For full details, call your nearby Standard Oil office. !z^ American Brand Heating Oil with improved stardean* •STA-CLEAK ii Standard's trademark tor the additives used in AMUtCJkN Brand Heating Oil. IN LOGANSPORT CALL 3881—Other Communities, check your local phone book. CALL NOW 3881 DON BASHORE Your Standard Fuel Oil Man At Your S«rvie« CALL N«w Wavvrly Loaansporf, Phone 4-0940 HOLLIS BLACK Your Standard Oil Agont For Twelve Mil* and N.w Wov.rly CALL Walton 4495 JOHN NATION Your Standard Fw*r Oil Man N«w American Brand Heating Oil

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