The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 8, 1943 · 19
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 19

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1943
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SUBUE3AN PROPERTY 283 CPiinjei fro ""-retine Puj. StN fit NANDO VALLEY J eeres. 7 rmi. unfinished. S ft heavy wire fence. U. barn, stork. j tk.rkens rabbit pent. tSiock it ce-i a.reo rru:t. snaee trees, berries A-grapes Se.l ace t iLnrsj 73'-0 Co:ba. ave. Ccr.J Part. R"-f2e9 FNCINO. S'a ACRE CORNER Oratitrs. figs, lemons, avocados, i fenced. Cheap water. 4 bartus.. lllLs. 8 of bird. 14 7.. TTRM3 ROY L. MERRY , 15500 Vert-lira Bird BEACH AND HARBCJT 211 LIDO ISLE ONE of the lew water-frcn houses i'lt f . 3br. -d mi.d to. . rat., oojnr rot , u!. 4 puiri Coins, luin. Pier 4: float. Koi new. but good coed. s:- Oyu. Terms Lido Sales Ofxe MANHATTAN BEACH $3250. VITW full ict. Mn- nauan ri.iy. 3M Hz:.Iand 40. BOB 8 Good Earth offers lovely S'a re rancn. Mean ft Enc mo. ix-T geetis trees. 4-oec! room house, service At p.ayhoiise, SUOOO. 17615 Ventura Bin fate oiti. SMALL ranch. 2 bdrm. Mucto. fruit cniok equip., men & dry. 17707 Ven fira Blvd. Rughy 6:716 A. good alfalfa, chick, eq.. farm m.hj Nr. trans puppy 62351 A KING'S Ranch. lite 2-bedrm. den mcs... cm, ring Darns Under Si0.-; utip. 13437 Ventura Blvd. U-ACRE ranch, cozy hoaie, $4332 terms. Nona on Woodman Ave tr Teira Bella, left to 14321 Tapper SIERRA MADRE $4750. Una. Near new. attrac. 2 thlrm boi. car., lie lot. rrutt to garden. jnnrs. n w. Ba.aain ave NEW 2 BEDRMS. DEN CENTRAL HALL PLAN. 3500 Goldman Really Co. WH-7501! MOD. 7-rm. Span. Ijge new. S7.VXV sno w. Mont-cito. cu-55r7. PR-T04 SOUTH WHITTIER 400-ft. frontage on 100-f: blvd. Can keep cow and raise poultry on commercial acaie. Price S147S. $50 down. 112 mo. inc. int. 722 B. boring TR-0901. SUNLAND-TUJUNGA A COUNTRY borne. Frame. 2 bedrm Mouse. we. ar. trace lor lew chickens A: rabbis. Lge. extra lot for Victory garden. Gd. soil. Paved t. run pr. gjioo, tms. munson 66H Foothill Blvd.. Tujunea. TUJUNGA 6-RM. buna.. 3 B R.. 3 bth. 1 arre. fruit to oak trees. Crowley. MA-7B1I W A Lee. hse. ft guest hse. Chick. eouip. rnrn. doji. Buntanci u. SMALL FARMS 205 Paultry and Rabbit Ranchea 2' i A. New houw. Chu equip. C80fl Co. tax. 17500. Alan tne. i ranch firm, to 7 rentals. Ch. w. 1000. CA- 19HA0. FREE LAND ACCESS IH acres. Nothing dn. Pay 8e a day HOME EXTENSION. Arline-ion. Cal. COUNTRY PROPERTY 2CS Farmi, Cattl Ranertet, Dalrlet, etc, MOUiaTAIci, Lika, Desert 212 an Reart Pre perry FOR SALE ACCOUVT ar :U fa "sloiloo ft. .evri lo-j at tl dewn II per eet KU, PRICE i:0. Car Deed liM trees, roacif. water tc elect, to each Jot. In So. Caji ' wiojt oeaj:;iul saraea tput. 33 mi. f.-osp. LA ad.'acfni Buouet Canyon Buy i?ir investment, r:.v or i flat on 127 U'U.-r.ire. Room 4;i WE-41'H. WANTED TO RENT 250 E8AR0 FOR CKllCREX 255 antf Djf Kmaerartaei SAN GACBEL EFSPONilELE coup.e desifs ta rer.' f jrnishl house Kear Beverly Ac i?4i?L0?'- l to fa ,,. 54-fcr u.fwiwa. Ormd 1.V.-2 & Cnarotte AT-:e437. HOUSES, L'-'FL'RMSKED 2TS Far Rent WILSMIRf AND WIST rea.vr.a'sie rer.i. Blr: NO-'2 CATHOLIC retired, desires reap:t. hon:t acco-Tioa . private ft-.r.. in mail hoiL-ehojf that oSers c it A.- pnrafT. B x A-24.'. T.z tt EEL. cp.. iinu pan. iura. db. or i-becrm tat. jtoer. W. or SW About $10. Nr. rn . mku. Ban A-Jr5. Time- All mat! ar.vy.. j VAN NU S MRS ANN- F.ITZ SCHtXL. TALI tY'3 MOST iXCLi. S!VT dy p-EsiPtsT. rr-sos. $33 Coy recec !wr. 4-r-n. Sal V. Pi. P-ig Ad..-. BR-:i7j-j ROOM in private hme. Wa.iit. d.- tince infers. Pico. Have s:na ci j r Am y ivei. LAKE ARROWHEAD CABIN BITE. Lake Arrowhead. Ee- sor.fio.e. vJ.N.:t. ri-::g. LAS TUNAS 2 ACEF3 canyon property. Priv. road ucean view, owner. 322 N Robinson St.. LA. EX-1551. PUBLIC LAND 213 Se'ectlaen and Rtlinquiihmenta 120 A. Nr. Redwood Htway. Timber. stream, part tillable. 2406 W. 7 St. GOV T.. FTATE & TAX LANDS r HE LIST. P P. BOX 1336. L A. 163 A. L.A. Xootliiiis. creet. some trees. Pub. Lands. 1322' W. 11 SI TiEE list govt. St Stale tax lands Enc. s'mped env. P O. Box 742, L.A. DR. faa ir. 4 adults. atu to rent ionstr term. 2 oaiai. he, betw. Ver jr.ont As La Brea brtw. o.ympic A; J.-a. Mti-liKI. tX. 313 EMPLOYED mother mnh 2 mils un-d.T acbool tee desires room, board At em. a care, furniture a oeecea fR-lffi'j after 7:30 pin. Gi-.NiLi.MAN pensioner if-hes partly furn. rm. Ac M. Pri. family. Write K. 1P13 Crenshaw Bird . L A. RM & bd. for Blotter & son. 10. residential. $20 k. Vic. Occidenal & Si Hoover. St. B -x A -90. 2-BEDKOO!4 unfiirn. hous with yard. North, northwest or west. 2 -chil-dren 4 to 6. Not over $0. WH-04S7. NAVY officer. At w.fe desire house or apt. Keciondo souLh to Long Beach. rnrn or unlurn. AX-5i33. Rooms in K arses' Homes 25S Baard and fcrtic $35 ud. Esciusjve I'rl. Tat bome I. beau, pru ra -ata. anii rr.r j, 6: c a.-e. lt 8.. Xa ei' YO-4T12. EXCLUSIVE, gced or ae-r.i-ir.vaUd care. Eir. ra h-Xilj. 1 HE ham you aivs a.anted. X'.t. mis EN-ery care, e-v-ttovt. '-rvr. RO-T289 HOiiti. cneerfui. Bst food, every car-, 'rav serv. A-l .-?,r.i, F.O-4345. $43. 5 Ksj. 2 becrtcs ReJec L back yard. 2VH) S. HARCOLRT. $112. 8 rij. Er-iih i9 ca Wi-sn-re Tenir.-. Itiii-i ton. cijewa by ap in rJtent WF-Moa $12j. ChtTt Hills. i-ty. Mfd.ler- rarteas. 4 til. 3 ba- Lie. rins. A3- 4713 C51 KES1 .ME. 11 c Gilt BR., EX-8543 EL MON'E IDEAL resilul home E4. or conral Nu.-x's care. X.t. ntri . Bud 8492 APARTMENTS, FtraisJied. 260 For Rent WIUHIREAND WEST $4. 2-rm. apt. Apt. with bath. Bedec PKit rear on B'ilsf"rt 1141 w. 1 St WANT SUBURBAN HOME ANY D13- TAMCE VillH 6TB .S FOR HORSE CALL AT 1418 ALVARADO TERRACE YNG. bus. vouian desires home. pri. !:imlly, rm. to accommodate easel Write d'-iai'.s. Box A-233. SOUTHERN, CENTRAL 215 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CITIES BAY DISTRICT OPERATORS ATTENTION Must liquidate subdivision acreaee adjoining- Richmond ten nuuuieg from Kaiser Richmond shipvarda; also close to Mare Island and Val-1jo. 275 acres, price only $300 per acre: now under oil lease. 2 wella bein drilled. Hundreds of buyers for this land when subdivided. In yeston'. aubdiviriers" and operators' opportunity for combined subdivision and oil o!. Wire or write! W. W. White. 1540 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, phone HI-gate 7700. OTHER States, Properties 216 fir Sala, Enchant. Wanted 80-A. farm land, midwest. Sacrifice mr wn or iraae. tiurritt. TK-301I COLORADO FAMOUS RANCHES Executor oilers 2 of Southern Call, forma finest ranchea. 1461 POMONA-COVINA HTf.L RD. COVINA, CALIF. 248 ACRES. 891 S CEDROB AVE. .VAN NUTS, Calif. 132 Acres. Will divide. Details fin Request. F. F. WATJJETT California Trust Co. E29 B. Spring. 3rd Floor. MI-OIll 700 A. hog ranre. level river bottom land. 200 A. all. Close to L A. Kanrn now leased, good tenant, uooo nse & barn. 2 flowing wells, plenty shade St me permit for 5000 fcoes.i $75 A Powtession If desired. O A. Vickrey Corp 815 8 Hill. TR-0451 Eves k Hiinqay can uteveiann ntswn POTTER Valley feeder. 400 A. ranch 1 ml. from town, paved road, lib A. river bottom, in irrm aist. j a alfalfa, 10 A. ladlno. Bnl. fine ranee Mod. S rm . 2 baths, furnace. Out. bldus. $12,000 farm mach. St equip SO head yrlg. Hereford steers. Mc-Cluskey. 311 Mendocino. Santa Rosa. li ACRES. N. Whlttier Hts. 3 A avocados, balance vacant bidg. site. Trade for beach home. 28 A., vacant, on Valley Blvd. $fi000 L. H PIDIFR. PVKNTEC 542tiS. AGRICULTURE. Become a soldier on the home front. Kaise war toons, going farm enterprise. New tractor to $3500 full price. Call Alw. 747tt) artrr i p.m. livestock: ranches Beamans Ltd. 3505 W. 6. FI-219L 11 ACRES. A-l Valencia oranges. Or- anue to. rim crop, nouxe, aiiu.uvu Owner. HE-6titi0. Placentla 6270. ACRES. "Oaks, sycamores, stream Excellent soil. Good location. Close in, $2750. Terms. CR-ti01i3H. eves LAROK CATTLE RANCH BARGAINS B. w. Crowe, eio B. Hrawy, va-iuiH r'ARMS! Calif.. Ore. Big catalog free BTROUT, 453 DO. Kprlng M1-1M1 MONTEREY Co. cattle ranch, carry; 300 head. $13 Ac. Mccny. or-7-'i)tia NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CATTLE Ranch 5H0O acres, controls 4O.000 acres outsicie range, witn some stock and equipment. Only $30.000, V. C. Brya nt. Redding, Cal. 638 A. Lsdlno clover. Central Calif. SW.OOO. Inc. $20,000 yr. AX-11B30. 20 A. Fenced, 8-rm. hf-e., barn. 6 mi. Pslmriale on hmay. OL-0743 after 11 BUTTE COUNTY BEAUTIFUL country estate In the foothills near Orovllle; modern rus tic home, large swim. pool, double tennis court. $8500. terms, 98 acres, foothill stock ranch near Oroville, lake oa property, tree Irrigation water, chicken eouinment horses, all farming equip., modern 3-drra. home, flue condition. $0675, terms. .For full Information write W. 8 Tinman, Room 5 2nd floor. Stale Tnealre Bulldinp. Orovllle, calif. CHIN0 VALLEY 27 At Alfalfa to grain, 7-rm. house, SROOf) 70 A. gen. farm. 150 In. water, $14,000. Armstrong to Oarbutt, Ontario. Cal. INCOME RANCH Improved well cared for 80-aorc ranch on Hiway !i nr. indio. produces grapeiruit, Thompson grapes, 7 A. available for farming. Gd. eotiip. 3 pumps, cistern, electricity, packing house, all oioe lines to warm water. Nr. school At store. Sac. for quirk action. YO-5B22 or DR-1197 EUREKA RANCH. Sheen to cattle. Full Imp Pay ,lng prop. 17,400 A. UK-BOb.lK-007H INDIO FOR sale. 80 A. 35 Thompson seedless grapes, good wen, tractor, trucg ana nil eouinment For aulck sale. $16.- 000. $fi000 cash, bal. T B. $1000 per year, 5T- int. Consider good traoc Harry Whittlesey, Box 27H, Indio.Cnl NEVADA 210.000 acres, runs 300O cattle, cuts 6000 tons nav. f. Hicks, ist, Long Beach. 614-30. RIVERSIDE POULTRY Fruit ranches. BTROUT. Riverside, Lists free. VENTURA COUNTY 400 A. Mi in grain. Old house to barn on htway. ao Acre, nuperior suizz. GROVES Orange, Lemon 210 Grapeiruit, Avocado, Walnut, etc. ORANGE GROVE . NEAR RIVERSIDE Beautiful 8-room Colonial home. 30 acres, navels and Valenclas. cheap water, warm location, 20,000 boxes of oranges now ready to ship. Would consider clear small Income as Part payment, L. B. MATHIS 3675 RTH ST. RIVERSIDE PRODUCING OROVE 5 BOOM HOUSE Planted to lemons and avocados. The houne Is refinlstied like new. having water, gas and electricity. Chicken equipment for 1000 chickens. Orove Is in excellent condition netted $3000 last season. Is there a better place to put your money? ARTHUR RAACKE California Trust Co. 620 Bo, Spring St, 3rd Floor MT-7214 10-A. navel oranne grove. 6000 boxes now on trees, email -room ranch house. $19.5Q0. Riverside dist. 4491 Brockton Ave.. Riverside, Cal, Ofllce nh, 4100 or residence 2150 LEMON ranch, lfiii acres. 1628 ten year-old full bearing turekas. Frost tree, wen equipped. Fine nome, paved road. self-sunpnrMiiB. Route 2. Box 137. Telegraph Road, Ventura. 12'ii A. Valencia grove wllh beau Id.rm. home. $35,000. Also 20 A Valencia, mostly young trees. $1500 per A. Downey 42467 10 A. Navels, 6-niii house. Upland mat. Exe. record, crop goes witn place, $21,000. 'lejms. c. M. Burns 117 S. Thomas, Pomona. Ph, 1075 5 AC lemons. $42501 $850 clown, bal. terms. 19 mi trom l a. Btern Bros., TR-4041 ,6Q2 Han s Bl rt t $3 AC. Vat. lncl, crop for $11,500 Loutn. up aan jnse, t-'trine a-4u.i $3500. Close in. 4:, ac, Vala. Median 311 ! llimt.lnirton. Arcadia. 10 AC. Viils. 1H0O bx. crop. Total price S75t.Hi. FVfiKerrT, tovina. Rl A. Lemon flrove. Rialto. Phone us Properties, me. 736 s. run. ws-cii SELECri'flb Income Citrus to Avocado Orrimrns. haki, iNy. ;ik-w31. $10,000. Navel grove, od. condition, , 6-rnom house, Some trade, FI-9382 20 A. lem . Val. rraoft, with crop ni 4-rm. h.-e. Bl'mlnston. Own, VA-6121 DENVER. COLO. 5-umt apt. Inc. $2280 i-i. iaae clear lot or smau nouse part payait. Hudson, 8471 Wilshtre. WA-6372 mornings. NEW JERSEY 37-A. chicken ranch, 6es last Run Owner.Harding Hiway Mays Landing REAL ESTATE Exchanges 220 Houses TO ov-iners. Have a client with $30,- casa sc nne nome in Fairfield Iowa to exch. for well built mod motel, main hmhwav. fi st i. a Write details, Mrs. W. F. Stewart. k r. a . sus a. Mguerna. L.A. C 1 BEAUTIFUL large home, 7 bedrooms. 5 baths. Near Country Clnh rri $30,000. Want ranch or other property, same value. Mr. Bacon. 5225 Wilshtre Blvd. WA-5S17 SAN Francisco, Los Angeles Real Estate Exchange, 3636 Wilshtre. HOME. $3500. Nr. traiisp. Rents $27 50 TaKC gd. lot as rin. pymt. DR-4218. INCOME PROPERTY 222 HOTEL, well located. In perfect cond. Inc. $1200 mo. Sell cheap, consid. some trade. Own. EX-1261. MA.lOR corner Burbank. Hot spot. Nets approx. $10,000 yr. Priie $125,-000. Want ranch or San Fernando Valley property up to $75,000 H. H. Howard. 3020 Wilshire Blvd. DJt-5194 HOLLYWOOD. 50 furn. units. Inc. yr. Loan $200,000. 4'x int Submit local or eastern itnpr. for $145,000 enty CP. Denkman LA-9912 8211 Long Bach Bivd., So Gate. UNr'UKN. housa or apt. 2 bdrms. Max $45. 2 children. WY-098O Suu. Week nays alter o. FURN. sincte or double aot. So. Side Near transportation. Wx. da'.. JE- uii. &ta, ti.ia. t?un. s eves. jl-H4'i: 10 REAVARD FOR INTO. RE Furn. apt., hse. or flat. Cple. to S mo, baby. Nr. trans, to mkts FI-5778 USE. or duplex bet. Suveriake to Hol- iyei. Nr. scnis. Reas. 2138 a. Hoean 4 OR 5-RM. FURN. HOUSE OB FLAT. 2 CHILDREN. RO-2510. SM. furn. apt. for one. Iaimed occup Environs L A. Box C-89. Times. HOTELS 251 $1.50 DA. $8 WKLY HOTEL OLYMPIC 200 fireproof rms. with pri. bath. Beautyrest beds, ' bk. West lake Pk 10 muiuics to town Fxcel. trans FE-138I 725 S. WESTLAKE $2 UP day. $7 up k. $18 up mo. Hilltop Hotel. DR-9715. 3rd-Alvardo. $4.50 WEEK with excel, meals. $9 290-RM. country hotel heart of L.A. Tropical garden. Ping-pong. Free pkg. just n. of west end 3rd st. tunnel, HOTEL ELMAR, 235 8, HOPE, CLIFT HOTEL. 2nd to Figuerna. Re- oecor.. refur.. steatn ht. You 111 like it DOWNTOWN b WESTLAKE MAYBELLE"iNX HOTEL U. heat, U wtr. Servicemen welcome. W-u ear. 1933 S. Oak 8t. ROOMS FOR RENT WILSHIRE AND WEST 252 $2.50 to $4. Clean to bright. H.&C. water. K B car. 2790 W. Rth, $3-$4. Comfortable, clean rms X. trans wti. -western, DR-2926.717 s Harvard $3.50, Lge. rm. 1359 N. Benton Way, nr. Alvarado-Sunset. Bus. FI-3065. $3.50. Sunny ft. Wall bed. dress, rm. nr. cars, isrj'a s. vvestmoreiano $28-$3o. A'.tr sgle..' ctlt. Uui.. or, mkts.. tr. 2 Adults. 2r-'3 Juliet. $30. 2-rm.-bach, suite Sp cnt, shr., gar. Ouiet home. 2327 Wellington Rd nr. Crenshaw to Wadirrston PA-7248 GIRL 25 to 30 to share apt. with girls BUS B. St. Andrews. 7 to 3 p m HOLLVWOOrANOJIflCINJTV $25. Lge? liv. rmv: kitch'lte, bttb, i.:J Aduits. MO-17317. $28. Smsle uor. UtU. Electroiux Lock- heed bus. 1150 N. mnesiey ur. $37 50 SGLS. Bach. $20 mm. util. Nr transp. 1026 Sanborn. RO-6B43 $95. VIS Luxe 4-rm. bau furn. Tw bd. Cpl. 2014 N. Alexandria. OL-1730 $100. DISTINCTIVE 5-ROOM Subt. garage, patio garden rood transportation. 1750 N SERRANO $105. New lge. de luxe view apt. 1 pflrm. open I to 4. mui w. ncnmore THE EI. PALACIO offerg those seeking fine apartment homes the opportunity to Inspect eur precises. 8493 Fountain L Cienena.) BR-213P4; LOS NOVAS. 1314 N. HAY WORTH BEAU SPACIOUS 4-K M. API. DOTOWJtWUTLAKE $40. Sal. Child o k. Nr. . car. Pico- Figueroa. 1337 De Long KU-mi43. BEVERLY HILLS BEAUT. completely furn. 6 rm. low er duplex. Small piano, bus to fox Studio, 918 S Woo'ter. Bey, mils VV1I.I. rich lane dhl A- sal., rent reas., for 4 or 5-rm. apt. CR-19851 WESTWOOD fr VICINITY $115. SgL mod. 3 rms. Open on nv. terrace. ARi?359AR.-9ti481: $140. BEAUT, furu. ft-rm. 2 bedrms. 502 ViTERAS. ARtrona S3204. EARBIZON-WIXSHIRE. BACHELORS, 10990 WUSHIre Blvd. AKIS. 37472. IF you do not find Jtut th type of vacancy that fits your needs in these columns , phone MAdison 2345. ask for an ad-taker, and place a wanted to rent ad which will reach thousands of landlords every day. $3 50. 8m., 1st floor. Suncieck. Bath & snower upstairs. 4ol S, Oxford $4. Sunny, clean, conn, bath, Prlv. entr.. gar,? Phone. 229 S. Ardmore. $4. SGL. Ntwiy decor. Pri. entr. 8 to R cars. pn. serv. 337 B. Hobart $4-84.50. Beaut, furn. rm. Best transp. 312 3, Now Hampshire. K.x-fcoao, $4. Choice room In nice location. 1315 B. Harvard, P car. $4.50. Nice new furn. rm. in home. adj. bath. Nr. cars. 3120 W. 43 PI. $5. LARGE COR. RM., COMFORTA BLE HOME. EVERY CONVENIENCE BUS. MAN, GENTILE OLYM.-LA BREA BUS to CAR. WY-2328. HOLLYWOOD hotel. 35 rooms. Income uioo yearly. Take scattered smaller properties. Pnca $30,000. r A-trntu $825mo. net inc. Coronado hotel apt. .Tnr i-divi cv; ileal CHMCril lor 50.-oon eo STDTTT Oil Bin e-,n nm.,n EXt'H. Cls. A bus. blk. Want clear soti.uuo nome. Furn. prr., for bus. bk vmi -L,a area. strs.12 of WY-21H6 OIL lot with royalties, diamonds fc siooo cash, all or part as don pav-ment on income. Lady ownrr.WA-9351 INCOME SPECIALISTS 801 CONTINENTAL BLDG. MI-98S7, LONG Beach income uroa. for inland Testa. 1116 E.4tn. Loni! Beach 63947 10-Unit apt. off Sunset Inc. $310.Val. l..sno. swbmlt anywhere. YO-2230. 6 PNlfs Wesfwood, take clear btu. ir cq. t.K-w)2. we-9542 eves. $30,000 eqty. San Francisco apts. to stores ior s, cai, gr. vox a-91. Times EASTERN EXCHANGE SPECIALISTS ST. JOHN COW BR-22623 MINNEAPOLIS hotel, 188 rooms, for est Coast City properties, VVE-9191 70-UNIT apt. nr. Ambass. Pert trade K cash, Mr. Oremer. FE-2I73. , A NCHESFA RMS, ACRE AG E 224 TRADE "yoiir"citv. Farm " nrnnertv! List with Arthur L. Brewer. MO-17815 MJSC ELLA N EOU S 227 CLEAR 2 well located homes, also 5 turn. apts. for L.A. equal value. STOUT or Rainase, 904 8th, Sun Tiieiso. SEVERAL clear Detroit homes for 1 nat nave you? owner. HE-58 iu. 40 ACRES with Priv. Lake in Wise $15(X). lrarie for ? Box A-218, Times 2 BED. furn. Balboa Island. $2500 equity for what? By. 75122, Pasa. REAL ESTATE WANTED 230 PRI. pty, wants mod. 3-bcdrm. mod erate price nome. unit or lurnare heat. Pico to Melrose, Highland to Robertson. Substantial dn. pymt, or cash. Box 514. Ftmtana. Calif. DO YOU want cash for your proper ty immeaiateiy? it so write us giving description to specifying least cash Price wanted. Coast to Coast Realty Invest. Co. Box C-136.Tunes rKIVATE party wants good small or mcaium sized turn. apt. nouse up to $15,000 dn. pay. WA-8784 or write F. A 1255 N. Sycamore. WANT apts. to courts. Must have in come sioo & up. Have Eastern buyers. Please mail details now; own-ers only. Box C-257. Times. PRIVATE OWNER $8000 cash for small inc. or home. Jl ve triplex to trade. YO-4357. -ROOM stucco or brick cor. pref. English or Spanish, Wilshlre district. About SS00O $2500 cash. RO-lOOfi, WANT duplex, 4 flat or court. West side, for cash, call WYoming 9701, NEED homes. Wilshire or Los Felli. PhilMps. 3780 Wilshire, EX-2111. GROUP of defense workers want 3 to n iuuts from owner. HE-C344. WILL buy at once, a properties, hav- iiiB n io ju units, box x.2b, Times. HAVE COL. CLIENTS. S300-$50O DN. An-9033l AD-3231, WANT 20 or 40 acres, canyon or mt water enough tor garden. RE-5002. MAKE heavy down pymt. for apt or court, owners or nrk.-s, MU-7605 4 FLAT lor cash, W. or N W. Write ill i iy, atanicy. nox iib, Honywooq CASH iii 10 days for your property. lirnnion, ll'B W, Mil, 1K-6B65. WANT bargain in medium priced cosiness properly, hk-21383 FOR quick, sale of your home call MAI.UW BUKPiOi AA-422. CASH for good Inconip properties. rv i. pi. junei. rt-4qj.w WANTED FOR CASH ONLY 231 CLOSE in Ventura Blvd. motel. 12 to io units ior casn M. W. Taggart, 117 W. 9 St.TR-88fi9 WANT for self 3 bdrm. bung, or 10-12 rm, cibi. or dplx.. w. or Rtrnpau, i-ico to peveny hiv. wm-.iU3 ALL cash for real estate. H. N. Wood, 1427 a. uarneid, Ainam, at-17623. NEED Immediate cash? Call HO-1619 for ACTION. W. C. O'CONNOR, Auc. CASH for 4 B.R. to mdT's Wilshire to Los Fell!! or Bev. Hills, OL-2977. SMALL Inc. or res. wTfsli. dist. or West Hudson. 8471 Wilshire. WA-6372 VvTfX BUY QUICKLY any real bargain, Own funds. F. M. Phelps, DR-5175. IWAN"t to buy 4 to 6-nn. housere- gardless of cond. Pay cash. WH-4415 CASH for 2 or 3-bdnn. mod. home, I.os Feng or Hoilywooa. OL-3030. CASH lor mod. 4-llat No. of Holly- wnnn, rtivn . vv. oi Vermont, he-1287. PAY cash for .mall home. Just here trom r.ast. box A-212, limes. WANTED TO RENT 250 ADVTRTISETIS tinder this Cliissiflcation Save . gpecifle rental needs. Landlords are urged to check these listings as their vacancy may satisfy the requirements. HOUSE, flat, dup. furn. 2 bdrm. WU- snire or Honywa. mi3-H5, gr-9325. WANTED Rm. board ill priv. home for elderly lady. Char. 63911. RANell home nr. school, within 40 miles L.A, KC1. party. CA-51IS6. WANT furn. home, 3-4 bdr,. Melrose to 3rd, La Brea to Rossmore, ol-9050 2-HEDRM. house or flat, Wlish., Hoi-Jywd.rt$ 65 to $85. Adults. QR-932S . 1 Oft 2-bilrm. furn. hse. or apt, 2 adults.. Infant. Hlg, Tk. ja-484. BOARD e rm, Man. Pri. Oentlle home Hollvwd. or vie. Box 1013. Hnllywd. CTL. would like t mail house, San Pe- dro. nr. snipy os, pox, c-38. Times, $5 EA. Pri. home. tw. bed. Bus. red, W car. 1721 Lafayette Kd, . w Y-32, S5. LARGE quiet corner rm. Empl. person, Olympic bus, FI-4308, $15 mo OUIET FRONT rm. N car Ambass dist, 905 FEDORA. FK-B485 $20. Lge Sunny cor. Pri. home. nr. Arrtb a s sa nor. Nc ar. 8 21 S I lerenno $20. IDEAL loc, Bcv.-Western. Attra rm. Home atraos, Man pfd. HE-6168 $40. Man. couiiortable rm. All conv Pv. hm. Oar. Mis. 1 Nr. cars.EX-6638 SUNNY cor. rm., pri, home, employed man or woman. 3-K-a cars s ous 505 8. Cataima. Apt. 5. FI-6277. LOVELY rm. for refined bus. lady In A'flR. rm. for bach. Priv. hme. wn Ent. Prlv. bath. Nr. trans, PA-7028 REFINED home for bus. women. Close i n Ex. t r n s p C S FI-2BP.0 Sll SJt ej ip A 1TR ACTIVE rm. for consenlKl lady', Beverly-N'ormandie dist. NO-S036, SHARE uausual Wilah.-La Brea home. Prvt, bath. Gar. $40. WY-3B03 NEWLY lurB. room. Married rnl. pref, Kiteh. pvlgs, 1319 W. 3rd. MU-6988 ROOM for 1 or 2 bus. girl, priv. hm in beaut, h n me R-3 cars. J,v A -6 201 HOLLYWOOD AND VICINITY $3-$3.50. Will care for child. AAV cars. Lorkneed bus. 4250 lock wood $5. Beautiful cor. lovely home for pro lessionai man. 1 pi. el. ot western N. of Hollywood. 5347 Loma Linda $25 mo. Attractive loom. Pri, home Vista st. No. of Holljrwd. Blvd Fmpl, woman pref. GL-9790. $25. Lovely rm.. own partm. Aur. liill- sine nome. K m p loyea part y, oi,-4 8 3fi ACCOM. 2 defense workers. Master bedrm.. dress, rm.. pri. bath. Can lncl. breakfast. 1 blk. Sunset. OL-6941 LGE. nn twin beds, lunch pkd. 1193 o. Normanuie. nr. St. Monica. LADY, share nice apt. wilb bus, wm uentne. $25. Exc, transp. DOWNTOWN b WESTLAKE $4. VERY attr., clean, Lrg. sgls. Close in. w-v car. 2025 Oak SU BEVERLY HILLS $6. Beaut, home. tmr. cor., conn, bath u. nt. Nr. saks. iaip, lady. ck-wh4 i ARMY wife will rent beautifully furnished dhle. hdrm. to refined bus person. All home privileges. Call aft- er I P.m. CR-65646, RMS. for girls. Hskpg. priv., brkfst.? uar. laiz s. Holt Ave., t-a oik, pico. WESTWOOD b VICINITY $25. Bus. woman. Lovely rm. Pri path. Excel, transp. Brighton 04631 SOUTHWEST $4.50. Cor. rm.. kitchen privilege, Pri, ent. 4623 llliaiOllg. AA-16273. $20. Light, airy rm Working or bus man. 1173 W. 3Uth. RE-9053J CLEAN cheery bedrm, with kitchen ette, aoi. oatn, utii., tmenj, pnoue, Near trans. 1025 W. 77lJi CULVER CITY $4 WK. up. 2-3 rm. cottages, utlls ph. serv. 9944 National, nr. Robertson HOUSEKEEPING! ROOMS 253 $3.50. Bml. Kit. pvgl. SidTent. H. to C. wtr. H to S cars. 327 H. Hobart. $35. Rm Twin beds, kltch. prlv. Fiinnl, cpi. oiym. bus. Ph. 964 5th Ave. DOWNTOWN b WESTLAKE $2.50-$4. Well furn. rms. free Ph., urns., nr. trans. 1458 Aivarano Terr SOUTHWEST ARMY' wife share lovely 6-nnTionie dus. gins. rri. batn. ex. meats, nr. transp. to downtn., Holly. AX-10250. BOARD AND ROOM 254 $8. KINGS ARMS HOTEL $12 Home atmos. Deluxe rms . bal. meals Nr. J-9-10-U cars, 2306 B. Ftitueron. $8. Large gar. rm. for 3, Excel, trans Y. people. 551 S. KinitRley. FI-1501 $11. 6m, rm. Yg. men. Fine trans Lockheed express, 350 S. Aivarano. $10 WK. Lovely home, Exlnt. meals. Also care or eineriv people. 4936 W. Washington, cor. La Brea. $10. Ma Stanberry's home for yng. pen. Pkg. Best meals. 7047 Franklin. $10. New sunny, conn. bath. Pst food to trans. 347 8. Normandle. kx-bhh:;.. $10. Ma Stanberry s home for yng. peo. Pkg, Best meals, 7047 Franklin. $50 UP. Quiet home for retincd, eld. or retired, wu, gist. fi-H2. HOMELIKE room, exit, meals for 2 men, u-v cars to net. plants. ka-pov UNDER new niaiiagement. Lge, cor oni. i t. nos.. stir., gar.730 B Serrano FIRST FLOOR RM. Overlooks garden Elderly lady. Exc. meals. FE-2465 PRIV, home, 2 empl. young women. F car, Normandle bus. TW-5424. NURSE'S WILSHIRE HOME, Finest ior eioeriy, rray service. rK-oxm COMP. hme.. elderly Spec. diet. care. Nurse's hm. 1729 fj, Oxford RF,-0751 JHOJXYWOOD AND VICINITY iTl e'a. Attr dbf.SwiNf3T HHIPT. Trans. 1949 N. Wilton PI. HI-4945 SOUTHWEST $101 2 yg. peo. You'll like It here. Exit mis, -iw. dos. A-l trans. AU-iii!i2 REFINED lady wishes' rni. to bd. in pri. noma Ie1mert Fk. or vie. prer Atkinson. 3631 9th ave. AX-19587. BOARD FOR CHILDREN 255 and Day Kindergarten $50. Excel, care of baby und T 2 yrs. ny Nurse, ur, supervision. A t -4.1764. LOVINO day care, pre-school age. Htrt, lunches. Naps. Encl, yd, MU-IU12 AGES 2-6. Reg. nurse, R. par On. ch R-S cars. 239 3. Hobart, FB-80C8 . LG. Corner rm. Mother & 2 children. 4 to 8 yrs. Complete care. P.O-2SB3. HOLLYWOOD AND VICINITY $12 WK. Real home, mother s care pays. Ages 3-b. Hot nils, ciL-05:is. PLACE your child In gvt Inspected nursery, small group, lnrtiv rare, best food, music, supervised outdoor Play stressing cleanliness develop-ment of $oo4 habits, HE-4530. APARTM'TS, unfurnished 261 For Rant WILSHIRE AND WEST $17.50. House, stucco. Rear bachelor St. snwr. Gar. Nr. bus. CK-e06i, HOLLYWOOD AND VICINITY $48. 4 big beaut, rms. Fireplace. View. 314 N, Mariposa. nu-312. $100. DISTINCTIVE APT. HOME, 2 bdrms.. 2 baths. Sub. gar, HE-4280. HARPER HOUSE. 1336 N. Harper. LOS NOVAS. 1314 N. HAYWORTH. 4-5 rm, suites. 1-2 bath. Fully earn. WESTWOOD b VICINITY $45. UP. dplx., 4 rms. Redec. Kefrlg., sti. snwr. oar. $130. 7 RMS. Carpeted Thruout. 3 Bedrms , 4 baths. Den Si Bar. THE DEVONSHIRE 1034SJAaiHIREJBLVp. CR-14904. NORTH, NO'WEST b SILVER LAKE $40. Newly decor, large 1 bdrm. Frig. 1620 Westerly Terrace. $150 rri-. lor w.ll srt.f grrseous lar?f i 4 bcrm. 3 baih OB.e. E-aut. libra- I to riraea. B- tf't Sqt-a-e. WA-7S' $175 fi rms. 3- b:l.s 2 Nr tch't. 141 S La Pi-tt OL-Oje RELIABLE atal services At uif.irir.a tton. H.jases. fats and apis. Barker pros.. 7:n to t-.ovrr. rn. v,i-ii?i 3 F.M3-, 3:j t hs. 2-;y or. bus. or torn e. x: r. rt rang, e? yx. KO-4 -35. HOLLYWOOD ND JrTCINltY $100 A'.trae. Kills-d " 4 bdr . 3:Vbaih 2 car. U. heat. P.rfng HT-4:"4. LCS FELIZ DISTRICT 45. SEP. 5-rn. 2 bedim, V. bids gar 3315 Park Pld QL-6746 DOWNTOWN b WESTLAKE $45 MO. Artist's studio, suitable stnal'. BUMness cwelline. 1206 w . 2 st BEVERLY HiLU $55. Guest hse. of estate. Living rm. Bed to B . Kitchen. Trans. CR-51744 $75, beaut, 7-rrn. home, 2 tile baths U. ht . Mke new. 434 S Oakhurst $1C0. Eng. bung. 2 Bd Den -Studio m rear, private yara t. K-t47K7. $225 9-RM. 2-STY. Early American New brcadlootn ranx-ts. CR-62393. CHARMING English No. of 3 ?J. Compact. Like new. CR-15241 WESTW480 D & VICINITY $100. Excel, value. 3 bedrm . 2 ba bung. Frank Mean Co. Ar. 31188, t M I SC ELLANEOUS GROC., cafe, hardware wanted. High est cash prices paid. WE-7759. EAGLE ROCK $85. Modern 4 bedrms. Tennis court Spacious grounds. Gardener pd. Gd. trans, 2140 Hill Dr. BL-727H3, NORTH HOLLYWOOD $110. 3 Bedrms. 2 baths in Hidden Vi age. Water paid. $75. 3 bedrms. 2 baths. Hillside nome. Beautiful view nt terraceo garden. Waier to gardener paid Near Ventura Blvd. At Coldwaler canyon. LLOYD L. ST. JOHN 10133 Riverside Tr ST-71442 PASADENA $115. Lovely Colonial. 4 bdr. 3 bailis. serv. qtrs. Quiet w. end. Pasadena Nr. schools. Freeway, stores. 20 min L.A, 106 N, Grand ave. 8Y-21987. SUNLAND $27.50. Mod. 4-ropm. Large fenced let Fruit trees, ideal location. LA-37tMi IF you do not find Jnst th type of vacancy that fits four needs In these columns . . phone MAdison 2345. ask for an, ad-taker, and Place a wanted to rent ad which will reach thousands of landlords every day. MOUNTAIN, BEACK, 278 Dewrt, Retort RENTAL! LAGUNA BEACH OCEAN front, furn., lge. hv. rm., 4 bedrm. 2 Baths Leas SI 30 mo Gooch Really. 761 8. Coast Blvd. BUSINESS RENTAL 231 Stores, Offiees, Lease, etc. Store 12x80 WITH ME7.ZAKINC EXCELLENT light and attractive front, suitable for Jewelry, gift, cam era or any other business. Located on MAIN SHOPPING STREET in Bur-bank. Low rent.Call owner.BR-22719 ALHAMBRA $57 50. 5 modern rms. 2 bdrms. Fre mont Ave. v Valley Blvd, At. l-0fi46 2 STORE bidgs. Rent 1 or both. Wil shire Blvd.. East of La Cienega Large Parking lot in rear. Owner will give lease to remodel if necessary to responsible tenant. CALL JOE I.ASWh'lX. WE-822J. 5TUDld"tHea tre large stae. fully equip. redec. seating capacity 200. suitable for dramatic or dancing school, voice teacher. Adj pri. oilices. Ii37 K. Highland. GR-7358. IF you do net find fust th type ut vacancy that ma your needs In these columns . phone MAdison 2345. ask for an ad-taker, and Place a wanted to rent ad which will reach thousands of landlords every day. FLATS, Duplexes, Doubles 265 FURNISHED, Far Rent : WILSHIRE ANb"wCSf $85. Beaut, furn. 7-rm. dup. 3 bdrms.. 3 bath, Gar For appt CRt8384 BOWING aey tenant wanted. Hollywood Blvd. near Western. Goldman Kenny, 7160 Beverly Hiva APPR. 40x100 ft. lwr fl. industrial loading platform. Bev. Hills. Call Bowers. bR-23458- Eves, AR-91901 30.000 sa. it. downtown olSre bidr for lease at 3'ic per ft. TR-9911 &MAU, BLDG POWER GAS M-3 auwg. ptt-oyjx BALLROOM FOR PARTIES. ETC. Fully equipt. Cent ral luca. PR -7287 COR. store cheap. Busy dist. Shop or OILCe, H3S9 Beverly UiV. DESIRABLE LOW RENTAL STORE LOCATIONS. DR-7111 6000 eq. ft. Class D bldu 10,000 q ft. yard. $200 mo. PR-321L $150. 7 rms.. lower. Maiistleld-Bevcrly 01st. Grand piano, beaut, luin. X10 young children. YO-1237. HOLLYWOOD AND VICINITY $82. 6-rm , beau, fur,, up, so., gar No pet. Adit. 1745 Kenmore. MU-esoo. FLATS, Duplexes, Doubles 2T0 unfurnished., for rent wilshVre and' west" $45. Sunny 5-rooui upper. Good transp. Aauits only, 2314 w. 21. KS-5201. $80. Beau. 7-rm. to den. Cent, hall. Ait tile Kltch; Si Bath. YO-3121, HOLLYWOOD AND VICINITY $22.50. 4 rms , 2 bdrms., newly dec., nr. vt. to SM. Bl. 4500 wtiiowbrook. HOUSES, FURNISHED 275 . v FORJRENT WILSHIRE AND WEST $100. Nice 3 bdrm. home. 2 baths. Nr. Bev. -La Brea. Adults. WH-2006 $123. Lovely 3-bdr. upr. nr. Wilsh. BBSS A, GREENE, 810 8. La Brea. LGE. comfortable home. 5 bdr. with income, uq . loc, tra n HOLLYWOOD AND VICINITY $65. Dbl. bung. 4 Large rins. Smart. nouns, nets, owner ol-U'.iu. BEVERLY HILLS $115. Beau. 3 bdr. 3 ba., gdr . wtr. pd. Beneuict canyon ur. cit-52621 $125. SUBLET! Functional moderne 7 rms. ELSIE STEKN. YO-8131 $160. Beau. 3-bdr., 2 ba , mind's qtrs uen. or tiiiiurnisnea,$i4Q, cit-3tiji7 $200 OWNER FORCED to leas very unusual, new, larg 5- room home, turn, complete, u. heat. 4-cnr gar., water and electricity fur nished. Never rented before. COURTESY TO BROKERS. 9014 Olympic Bl., Beverly Hills CR-57433. $200. 509 N. Hexford. 4 Bdrm., 3 ba. Nr. t ra ns. to school, CR-15241. $225. Swim, pool, guest house. Bad crt. 4 Bdrms. 3 baths. No. ol SM. Blvd, Nr. trans. Owner. CR-18007. $375. SECLUDED to PRIVATE. 3 mstr bdrms. 2 baths. 2 maid rms. Heated swimming pool, owner, ch-64136 WESTWOOD & VICINITY $85. 6 rm. Beaut, furn. Oriental rugs. kitcnen eiec, equipt, Attig j-'sju. $100 Early American Ranch House. enclosed patio with barbecue and nice yard lor small child. 2 bedrms., newly furnished In good taste. Dorothy Baklriilge, 10877 Wilshire Blvd. Bit. 04142, AR. 31105, $135. SUB-LEASE. EARLY AMUR. 3 bdrms.. 2 baths, den & patio, Mrs. Bnyrl,-CR- 61188. Eves,, CR-14028., $150. ENGLISH Nil WILSHIRE Lisht Modern. 7 rms,, bar, WE-8101 $165. Story and half. Colonial fur- nisnea oy interior Decorator; 2 beci-rms.. flagstone patio, bearing fruit trees. Knletn Noble. 10877 Wilshire Blvd. BR. 04142. BR. 22181. ARis. 31105. HOME suitable for lg. family, 4 bed- rms.. J bins. Open sun. 3 to 5. CR-610H7. Eve. Clt -51631. I1EL-AIR RENTALS CU Miss Wilson. A. E. B"ll Corp. BK-2J1B7. A't-.llMl BURBANK MY 6-rm. home, beaut, furn. like new. 2 bdrms. knotty pin den. Baby grand piano. Carpeting thru- nut. Dbl. gar. End. backyard all landscaped. 1 mile from defence nlant. Bus service At walking dts tance to market, Approx. about $100 per mo. Ami. of rental not as important as type of tenant, Adults only. No pets. Char, 6-9271, Eves, to Sunday. . Char. 6-6038 GLEN DALE $90 Nrw' nm"coionTaL t. shrTTTb baths, dishwasher, real furnace abatable for 2 horses, pnfurn. If de- sircd. 230 Western Ave , Glendale HUNTINGTON PARK $100! Large l-storirhome. 2Ked rms. ac aen. itixai rumpus rm., pooi table, etc. Close in. Adults. JE-7317. NORTH HOLLYWOOD $125. Lovely 7 rms; ConiP. furn. Ben- nix to jroner. uaoy grand, u. nrau v flrepla. 1 ba. Bilnit. ct Water 4 in. Pd. Bt. 71422. SU-22QI3. SUNSET BEACH $23. 3 rm. 4 bth. 9 ml. so. of L B. ltMjglwji plain, punsri rrm ii.m-i'i IF you do nat find Juat the type of vacancy that nts your needs In thes cilumns , . phone MAdison 2345. ask for an ad-laker, and Place a wanted to rent ad whirh will reach thousands of landlords every day. HOUSES, UNFURNISHED 276 FOR RENT WILSHIRE AND WEST $32 60. Mod. 1 bedrm. Ar gar. Adults. 1968 rTCUPg Rd,fl Ashley 423. OFFICE RENTALS SUITE OR SINGLE OFFICE ROOMS suit any business or profession N.E. cor. W. 6th St. Serrano Ave REAS. RENT. FF.-84 13, OXTTCE $20 GOOD LIGHT SUITES A3 LOW AS $35 Best of public transportation. Auditorium Bldg.. Sth. Olive PRIVATE offices or desks, receptionist. pa. service, suite 212. 541 a. spring $15 to $25. Nicely furn. offices. Rives- atrong bi. 112 w. 9. TK-4697. OFFICES, singles or suite's. Brockman Bidg. Henley Co. 520 W. 7. TR-6326 $20 mo. Outside office. Class A. W. M Garland Bidg.. 117 W. 9. MI-4041 DESK space, phone to reception serv ice, steno. opt. boo Roosevelt Bidg OFFICE FURNISHINGS 330 EsuilMnent A Supplies MILLER DESK & SAFE, 219 W, 2nd. DESKS, SAFES, FILES Largest Stock to Choose From. We Buy-Rent-Exchange ELEC. addreogrph mach., converted lor indenting brass plates. Penect cond. 5000 brass social security plates. Borne files At office equipment 414 N, Kings Rd WA-0848. EXECUTIVE DESKS to CH URS OF LAKGB CORP. AT BACKIFICE. 1200 S, OLIVE. PR-424. MARC HA NT e4ec, calculator, adds subs., multiplies, divides. Weldon 631 American, Long Beach. 695-507 USED safes, vaults and off in euip- ment. 400 3. Los Angeles St. REPOSSESSED exec, desks, leather; nairs.etcNaj4onal,2188JBpruig 2 WALNUT ofllce desks, chair & fur-mailings. CB-59994. CLOSING out desks, Chans, bookcases, anenng marnmes. l 10 8. Main . OFFICE furn. below downtown prices. MCManan. 2220 s. Hoover. RI-626B STENOTYPE MACHINE St I.VSTKUC-TION BOOK. $50. WY-B026. TYPEWRITERS 331 TYPEWRITERS, new. sell for cash or trade for 16 mm. projector, CR-6925B SACRIFICE Typewriter, $12.50. Adding machine. $9.50. 1391 Sunset Blv OFFICE FURNISHINGS WANTED 332 Want Office Furniture War industries need your surplns enpt.; atanoarc. 17 a. olive. v a-0304 ENGINEEB opening- new office want ucsss. drawing boards, typewriter mimeograph, files, l'hone WK-898 HIGHlST prices paid for used safe: and onicc furniture. Tvti-aiiil, CASH 1-OR DKt.K8. FILES. SAFES lioin Desk CO.. 957 B. Mam. TU-V92 FURNTshinG new oHices, seed desks sair. jnes. aaaing rnacn. Mi-ti32t: STORE, RESTAURANT 335 and Market Equiprmmt AUCTION Wednesday, Feb. 10. 11 a.m. 1W22 W. Adams, contenu of a tea room, taoies. charrs, grin. Dottle box etc. Auctioneers 6am Barak Ac Herman Horwiti. BAKERY equipment, cases! mixer, loe box, pie oven, vt in b Hold at auction on Wednesday at 2 n m. 6122 no. Figueroa St.. by iVLke wei&z. auctioneer. COMMISSARY Si CANTEEN FQTJJP. complete lor Deienee Plants Camps Now Jn stork. Sucarman Business EqlllP., 415 E. ft; h St. TU-3 131 QCE cream roan will sell refneeiator cabinet, suitable lor meat and vege t ahies. YO-7986. SO CU. FT. Frozieii Food CRbuiet Ac Fountain, see Mr. BctilegeJ. 4279 B. VERMONT. AD-52M. COM'L refriKciafoi s-lor rent 10-30 cu. it. tvewton, B, western. COUNTERS, taoies. showcases. shelving-, registers. 1228 8. Main CAFE FIXTURES. USED OLEARANCeJ cimii a. 41? a. ti.i v-jl 4 As 6-door elec. reach -In box. L. B Klein, inc.. 1910 8. Main Bl. BEER FIXTURES. BAR EQUIPT 336 BAR fixtures, warehouse clearmice at pugarman a, 415 E. Bt. TTj-3131. STORE FIXTURES WANTED J37 CASH for restaurant equip toasters. mixers, aisles, silverware. Hti-t44o. FURNITURE, Household 340 jBoda,Rusa, Carpet,, etc. 4 RMSTfura. UncSr'a'iiTrs. old. Pri. pty B724 t aQiiiac. KO-U626 ROCK maole dinettes. Cluseout. General Furn. Win,,. 601 N. Wewei-n. CUSTOM "MADE MAPLE HIGHBOY like new. Priv pty. DR-IQBS, YO-1562 DAVENPORT, innerspring raatuess, rug, priv, pty. 1927 Preston ave. 3 FLOORS of furn. at barg. prices. Lyon Van to Storage. 2808 W, Pico. OWNER, sne. beaut, furn., rugs. Camp. or pc. Trent s,1 1661 W. Adams. 9-PH1CE dining rm. set At otiri pieces of lurn, Pru i party. RE-7241. ' FURNITURE Household 349 CM. Rut. Carawts, etc. Pay S Rooms Complete Used, Lixe :w y Off $249 Take on Contract 1- bedrootn suites, 1 i:r:nt. 1 d'.net'e. 2- pc. room eu. ccascs ,, ia.npa. sae-eper. coctta: enc tables, ranges, poti. 52-pc. set tr.f. 5 ruts, refrit-rator. Open S in. J2-4 to every eve. Free 9ifk,iic on adjo:n.rx lot. TAKE OH TRANSFER TO " S- CAB OFT OFF AT SZERPA TI?TA to NORTH WESTERN DON T BE CONFUSED LOOK FTR THE RIGHT NUMBER NORTHWESTERN FURNITURE 1G37 North Western LCS anatltS CimtS FEBRUARY 8, 1943. PART I. 17 HOME APPLIANCES Sate and Stnrice RANGES tVJH EATERS J43 ,'SEb GAS RANGE Sa". Large stock, wuitrtfj biiiine'ss. Bettrr hurry' Ti.e Brgair. S x t. 3221 S Main SrJ i-BEAUT. niAXL Tj6 lop PerfHli.i.n. fuy eqjp; & aaie tlMt Pr! pty ?f 5 S Mp.e Dr.. Bere-iy H..- MODEL HOME OUTFIT d'-luxe elec refrus table top aaa range, apnng- fiued gorgeous iiv. rm. set. Wool Ax-i mmster rug. Beaut, bedrm. set. Box sprints Ar mat (reus, dining sot. bkfst set. lamps, areas Dts. etc. A real value at tremendous reduction. Only 4i3. SUPREME OPEN EVES., 2223 S. Vermont oiutt, (it. .:rst m---.1"i. fciu.t..?ri! cor. d 342 Com s'.uck. Br ; sbt Jn 04 41 SEWING ACHINE6EPAIRS344 MACHLNf-S rjore. Open ves. Sin. Trns. l.jA w. Washington PR-73.9 f SEWING MACHINES WANTED Vr'AiiTED I'L'.l ED IATEL Y Treadle At electric sew-.r.e. rach'.res Highest earn prices paid. TR-5635. LIQUIDATiNQ ENTIRE STOCK Srw to Used Furniture BOS WELL FURNITURE CO. 0447 Laurel Canyon End, North Hohywood. PICK I P RM.ANCE. Furn. voluntary returned livuig room, bedroom, amine roo'm. Move, breakfast set draperies to dishes. $32 cash. $2.75 per week. ije Mil. wkiai.i, UNITED. 1359 W. Washington Blvd BARGAINS FOR CASH HI class timing set to dinettes. Hi living sets. Occ. chairs. Hi class bedrm. sets. -twin. lull sise. Complete boxsprings A- mattresses. Singer, 1487 Sunset Blv HAVE bedroom set with Sealy tufUess mattresses and box spring, will sen cheap or trade for other furniture or truck. See at Wilton Whse 2251 W. Pico. BEAUTIFUL spinet piano, desk, tables, retng .. gaa stove Ar other household furnishings. Pri. party. Priced for immediate sale. B416 Byrd Ave.. Inclewood PL-2196j PRV. pty. vacating Tues. Sac. lurn of uest home. 10 rms. Baldwin Spinet piano. O l. comb, radio, rues 4 twin bedrms. P'4 b. urensnaw 5 ROOMSfurn. Scarely used, only 6; bios., party drafted. Pick up equity. Includes used electric refrigerator Colonial Furn. Co. 6101 S. Broadway DRAFTED must SACRIFICE my fi rms, of beautiful lurniture. 1 ate up payments totaling $140.40. U-bave. 5250 SO. BROADWAY, HOUSEFUL of gorgeous lurn released for immediate sale for balance due of $209. See at Wilton W tise, tili 9 9 m. 2251 W, Pico. vtmY fine French mirror. Add: ox 12 ft. high. Marble base. aae.. .$69.50 Easv terms. Open 8 to S p ro LYON FURN. SALES, 2808 W. Pico PKIV. party must sell 7 rins. 6-mo.- oid rum. Latest, rrig.. wasn. mien,, tv exc liv., din., bdr. At nursery set. Rug. 2131 8. Sycamore. WA-2412 Ma Hon ANY round table, buffet. 8 Chippendale chairs $147.50: Easy Terms. Open 8 to 6 p m. LYON FURW. BALES. 2808 W. Pice PRI. pty. sac. dmmg table, fi uph chairs, bed matt., springs, dresser rocker. 2 rugs, piano. 201 N. Bridge st . San Gabriel EUTTROI.UX refrig.. elec. to ga ranges, Duncan Phyfe dinette, rugs. organ, rtev.-wii. tnoragr. vvii-iiiio VERY fine Regency down filled love seat. $89 50. Open 8 to e p m LYON FURN. BALES, 2808 W. Pico PRIV. party sac. 7 rms. furn.. lncl baby grand piano, draperies, oriental rugs, etc. Leaving city. YO-0947, 8-PC. dining- rm. aet. ESectric stove Brkfst. set. Office desk. Pr. own. No dealers. BR-2235B. BY pri. owner Living room, bdrm Almost new. 33341 GrilliUt Park Blvd. S1000 fci-grade. 8-pc, twin, solid wal- nut bdrm. set. like new. sacr. J)3. N. W. Furn.. 1057 North Western. BEAUTIFUL furniture lor complete nome. Piano, rugs, stoves, etc. fti. owner. 5754 W. 4;h. FR. Pr. din, rm. table, 6 chairs to 1 bookcases: 9x12 Oriental rug. 50 flat top desk. Pri, party. CR-64M8. PRV. pty. 12' Norge, elec. range, 2-PC. living, Bedrm., iimh:. oining, wxi; Axmlns.. 12x15 per.sian.5101 10th av PRACTICALLY new 4 rms. Biodern. complete, bedrm. ant. Pri. owner 938 S. Hobart. Apt. 5. DR-2048 Eves PKI. pty. Mahogany library table. Oriental throw rugs, -vacuum to t-tachments. W isrellatieons. MO-12fib4. PRV. Pty. 8-pc. solid walnut duiing set with pads, 7401 B. Western. NEW styled Hrown-Saltman bedroom suite, $149. Times, 642 N. Western. ICOMPLETE 4-rm. outfit $129 50. Noth- Ingelse to btiy.AUaB.2929 S Vermont FURNITURE FROM FINE HOMES. Beinns Storage, Pico cor. Crenshaw. HOUSE sold. 7-rm. high class furn., rurs. etc. Priv, pt y, Ardmore 84703 PAUL'S HOUSE OF MA'PLE Save up to 5n;. , 4621 W. tVash. IO settle estate. 5 rms. beau, furniture. Globe. 1501 W. Washington. 8-PC. twin Resenty bedroom set. New $16950 PAULS. 4621 W. Wash 2-PC. hvuig rm. net. Only $40 PAUL'S. 4621 W. WASHINGTON $22.50: sew. mach.. $25 7912 Melrose. WH-9573. DAYBED, Eureka. WAL. dining set, mirror. Marie Chef range. Leaving, prvt. pty. wa-7411 MOD. divan A chair. Slightly used Excel, cond, Reas, Pri. pty. GR-0220 DAVENPORT Willi chair in good con dition. Rugs. Pr. party. CE-23449. BUY GOVERNMENT VICTORY BONDS .ERG FURN. CO. 560 N. WESTERN PICK UP pymts. $7.85 k.. take W car to Globe, 1501 w. Washington, iPlANO. dresser, cot to mirror. Pri owrj; 624 N. Juanlta, L.A. lELEC. range. Pr. pty. No dlrs. 150(1 neverwil S of Pico. Before 2 p.m ANTIQUES, PAINTINGS, ETC. 13GMK fine antiques, therry chest and uiiirur, dookcbsb. cnesi, oeoroom furniture, sold mirror. Pri Pty. 443 E. Calaveras. Alladena, end of N. ijOSKotiies ous RUGS, CARPETS, LINOLEUM MILL ENIS ALL PERFECT r Av 1 tlltx CLObE-OUlS S10.000 NEW $5000 USED SAVE UP TO SQ Limited stock of wool rugs At car pets, aur now while they last. LARGE 6 ELECTION OF Broadloonis. Friezes, Axminsters, Velvets. Wiltons, 6x9, 9x12, 9x15, 9x18. 12x15. 12x18. 12x21. 12x24. Oriental throw rugs & hall runners. Btair to hall carpets, $1.00 yd. tip. Open Sun. 12-8 to every eve. Tms. Free parking on adjoining lot. TAKE OR TRANSFER TO "S'" CAR GET OFF AT SIERRA VISTA At NORTH WESTERN DON'T BE CONFUSED LOOK FOR RIGHT NUMBER NORTHWESTERN FURN. STORAGE 1057 North Western LARGEST RUG to CARPET STORE BARGAINS FOR CASH TTsed Carpets tyr Hotels, Halls 1 lot 1000 yd.; 1 L., 220 yd.-ntl yd New carpets. 9-12-15 ft. wide fsed to new rug pads. All sizes. 75 oversize used carpets for hotels, ORIENTAL RUG, 13 FT. X 25 FT. 1000 used rugs. ex9. 8x10. 9x12 500 Scatter rugs, all sires, all prices louu yo. runners tor nans, stairs, SINGER. 1487 SUNSET BLVD. HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID FOR SEWING MACHINES. FA-526e. SINGER or WHITE portaoie mach by pry p-y. Cash. No dlrs. A.N-2-4715 HOME ALIANCES WANTED 347 MUST have electric refrig. gas stove. W.ll pay well Call KI-5478 ELECTRIC ashing mach. Good ctnd. Have typewriter or ca,sh. CA-16732. SMAIX electric household refrigerator wanted tor cash. MU-7033. LATE MODEL E-NDLX WASHER FOn CASH. AX-19450. PRIV. parry. Want electric sewinc mach. FX-9ST7. or ATlaptic 29744 CASH for 1941-42 e.ectric washer from private party. LA-23U7. PRV. Piy.. want lor personal u.-e asher. sewing mach. Furn. WA-3441 WANT washiz mach. to sew. mach., ret mooei. Priv. party PL-177is5 FURNITURE at Auctioa 34S FURNITURE WANTED 350 ' Bf tWalcr and Indnritfual MISCELLANEOUS 360 FORV SALE Ba-yer of Used Furn. Fr,xn Sarthera Defense Areas her! ior aviori lime ouu win rmr nigiiri ;cn VEii. sterillig Service Ior SECTIONAL pin part.tions. Oak ooors. oarage noist, oa reclaimer gas prmp Jr,ks. 420 S. Saa Pedro tian local prices for ail At any of ifred furn. from homes, apis., storr-s to rooming booses. WH-5353. WAOT05. Fairlax pattern 6. AX-12632 mornings SKIS, toboggans, rentals, gurs. fish me eo.Pt. Sii. tratle. 427 Wr. Florence Phase AbeJi's PA-41S1 BETT eah priced for high-crade fur. Eiture. Pers.aa At Chinese rues, ol-an, art object, household estates or single pieces. Eve, phone WA-9663 AMERICA S finest auction Ga.lery Ned fjmiiure to wi.l pay highest pneesi lor antiaue & modern furni ture, etvets d art. paintings to fine rufs Fumtture of complete homes boat tat outright for cash. BR-228a Caiii Jack Alexander WY-K73. - RO-2125. ' for lurn.. nst, grand pianos, refrig. eic. W ul come fluickiy. Pay wrhmtit Pay generous, y. IMMEDIATE CASH Best price in the city for rood furniture, bric-a-brac, rugs. etc. O'CPNNOR. HO-1639 Be;t Cash Price Paid For thigrnrrade furniture to furnish. tag Complete homes or in part. CALL-FA-J 1 23-CALL TING HERE. WANT FURNI TURE. FURNISHINGS. RUGS. PI.k.NO. BRIC-A-BRAC FROM PRIV. PARTY AT ONCE NO DEALER. WILL PAY CAsH WE-6161. Iiisn-Americcn Buyer Mrire cash In 15 min. Fum. RO-5B47 Auction Wednesday FEB 10TH. 10 A.M. ALL DAT. 1750 West Adams Bivd. The furnishings of a Hollywood home in addition to numerous ot tiers, consisting of full and twin bedroom ensembles; S-pc. Jacobean dining set. ichalrs covered in needlepoint.) Numerous living room pieces; floor and table lamps; Mar-tag and Thor washers. Extra Special at 1 p.m. THE FOLLOWING ITEMS AS LISTED. APPROXIMATELY 700 New luxury wool and cotton! blankets, inaiviauailv wrapped. 400 Pen ton blanket, individually boxed. 300 Lockport comforter, in taffeta and satin, assorted colors, some ir 100 rr wool waste and others In woo and cotton mixture. 57 ds. New pillow case. Cannon. end Onieda. 75 dz. New Earth bath towel. 600 pr. New damask, linen end other drapes in assorted eoiors. 50 New and used innerspiing mattresses. 4 PM. 0x12 Chinese Uandarlnf and other Oriental and dometuici rugs in room and overstzes. IMPORTANT AUCTIONEER'S NOT IS During wartime, can you lniae-. lne GETTING the opportunity of buyine at AUCTION such merchandise as listed above. It Is indeed a privilege which may not com again during the duration. Jack Alexander , Auct. RO-212&. MUSICAL lastruaents pianos" 352 Save At Auction AND Buy War Bonds Auction Wednesday FEB. 10TH 16 A.M. ALL DAY 1922 W. Adams FURNITCFE OF QUALITY FROM A STORAGE HOUSE Also furnishings lrom several prom. Inent homes which include solast club chairs, occasional pieces, lames. dining room suites, twin ana i:.-sije bedroom sets, box springs emd inner Anrine mattresses, late mono! clock controlled Buck and other con sole range, tircinc roast,rr, il km. ft 1941 Electrolux refrigerator Norge and other washers linen , blankets, bric-a-brac. etc. 10 aim. Fast sale of medium-grade furniture. 12 tioon, better grade furnishings, ranges, refrigerators and washers, s p.m.. large selection 9x12 nd oversize figured And plain rugs mad carpels. AUCTIONEERS PA-91W. Sam Bsrak Herman Horw fts Auction Tuesday . 1925 W. Adams TUES., FEB. STH 10 AM. Furniture &. Rugs ' Furniture at furnishings from majnv fine homes. 8 At 10-piece Eastern dimn room sets, twin At full saze' bedroom sets, living room furnitutre. occasional chairs, coffee tables, latip tables, commodes, also contents of furniture store removed here for convenience of sale. Wilbert W. OTqti! Auct. PA-3123 FURNITURE AT AUCTION 4276 Crenshaw Blvd, MON FEB. STH 10:50 a.rn.-7:30 p.m.: Dea!ers Invited FRANK B. O'CONNOR. AUCT. A X-2-9455 TTOCTTO.N TUESDAY, ' Feb. 9. star'inw t 10 .m. 1417 W. Washington' A large selection of Used Furniture & Rjgs of all grades to kinds H. M. David Dorshkind PACIFIC AUCTION HOUSE Murry Levi. Auctioneer. AUCTION THURSB5V7 10 AM, FEBRUARY 11 1911 W. ADAMS High-grade furnishings from several private home?. A N. A- Maurice Aheil. Auct. PA-4151 ESTATE AUCTION. FEB. 1510 AM ANTIQUES. THOUSANDS OF PCS, BRIC-A-BRAC. FURNITURE. FTC 1H4R W ADAMS. KFIP. AUCTP. AUCTION Tues.. Feb. 9. 10:30. W C. O'Connor. Auct.. 7940 Sunset. FURNITURE WANTED 350 Ry Dealers end Individuals Beklcis Storage.EX-U&'Q Best cash prices for any amount o! Furnishings or Pianos koice Used Grands 5 Mason Ar Hamllns. S Btrinways. 3 Chirkenngs. I Gulbransen. 2 Soh-mers. Many ethers as low as $445. U E. FONTRON OUALITY PIANOS. SO. CALIF. MUSIC CO. 737 8 HILL. VA-2221. BEKIN3, STORAGE Piano at 122 8. WESTERN only. Fa-iest grands to uprights from storage to artistic homes. Save up to 5v of cost. Steinways. Bechstein. Chase, Periods, etc. At 30 uprights At lAingalows. all sixes. Chase, etc. Terms. Trade. Also open till 8 eves. Fi-VB Steinway. Baldwin. Whitney. Emerson, Fischer other used grands, like new. 12 mo. to pay. Birkel-Richarciapn, 730 W. 7th St. GRANDS. SPINETS, UPTS. Finest in city. CONOVERS. Steinways. Mason to Haml.ns. Chickerinc, etc. Closed Mon, YUNCKER. 1630 W. 7th St. NEW SPINETS S295 USED PIANO to GRAND BARGAINS STARR 1344 S. FLOWER. ANTIQUE rosewood square, $100, round corners. 1229 Hill at Pico. 15 ANTIQUE SQUARE GRANDS World's best. $50 up. 7218 Beverly. i07 PIANOS in big 3-day sale. All models, many makes. Apply all rent on later buy. 1229 Hill at Pico. BEAUTIFUL, new SHUMANN BABY GRAND. Louis XIV. walnut finish. $450 cash. Sy. 3-0228. USED GRAND. Famous Francis Bacon make. Good tone, easy action. $435. BARKER BROS. Seventh and Fljwer, UPRIGHT piano In good condition. Fine tone. Must sell at once. Sacrifice $60. Pri. pty. 1614 N. Serrano. LOUIS XV GRANDS. Used. Several models available. All real values. BARKER BROS. Seventh and Flower RENT a piano now, Steinway, Chick-ering. Enaoe. Weber, Chase, Fita-eeraid's. 50 yra. here. OL-0205. STEINWAY verittirend. excel, cond. $645. BARKER BROS. 7th & Flower LARGEST stock ol fine pianos in So. Calif. Best offer, 7216 Beverly Blvd. KIMBALL student piano $295. Birkei-Richardson. 730 W. 7th St. fcl AiNLESS STEEL WATERLESS Cook ing, i-i OFF. casn-iertns. Hi-t4'r-. UPHOLSTERED .theater chairs. Ex ceptiunaiiy condition. Ideal for choir use. Welch Company, 1004 W Washtrnnn. PR-5679. lOfO Army-rejected Raincoats to Hats. soecial price in lots of 2o or over. S:ef!en Bros. Hotel aippr Co- 1237 8. Olivet PR-831. ONE desk, dog house. 2 rabb.t Himalaya bucks. A1X-10327. SPORTING GOODS, GUNS, , FISHING b OUTING SUPPLIES 30-40 KRAG rifle to .30-30 Winches ter carbine with cartridges. va-J6J WANT .22 target pistol to .30-30 shells. Private party. CL-62821. CAMERAS, Binoculars 361 Photography end Supplies 8 MM. Ditmar camera, 18 lense, eniinied exDosure meter Filters. telephoto lense, case, editor and snhcer. rrl-Dod. Bell to Howe I pro lector, daylite screen. Cost H00 take $225. Tti-imi. nays SINCE 1911 CAMERAS. LENSES Rouaht. so d. rented. reDaired At exen PETERSON'S CAMERA EXCHANGE 356 S. Broadway, .MU -432-1 nuKl A sinner R enlarKer. 2la by 2 brand new. $99.75. Will take good ' lens or camera in part payment 126 E. 3rd. Long Beach. 647-20. KEYSTONE 8 iUJI. Camera, case to aux. lenses. Spec. Titler. 200 ft. dry ing Reel. All or part. OL-6125. LEICA G. Summar. 1.2, also Zeiss x30 binoculars. Cash only. Priv owner. Box Z-135. Times. FOR SALE Bell ft Howell model 120 16-mm sound protector. DR-5121. Ext. 77 AUTOMATIC ROLLEIFLEX SOL GUN CALL JE-1B82. WE have in stock all slses Speed Gra-phic cameras. Darkroom, WY-1030 EK Cine kodak. Model B, fl 9 lens, case. $45. Winter, Inc.. 525 W, 6. MAGAZINE Cine Kodak 8. Model 90 to case. Used only 6 rolls. AN-I6.1Q6 , WANT PROJECTOR for 35 mm. Strips. S V E. or similar. YO-2002. BINOCULARS. 6x30. 8x30. 7x50. 211 W 77 St.. rear. faun. aft. 8 MM. Home Movis Exchs. Library Ideal Pictures. 24UB w. i. uk-b-ii am. NEW sound proj. $194.50. ?t. Kx H04 Paeinc Kl-bOhe. CAMERAS. Movies, new-used-buy-sell Spindier camera Excn.. 714 a. tiiii NEW used Lelca cameras $128 up. Spindier to Bauppe, 2201 Beverly Blv. BUY RENT SELL EXCHANGE Austin Camera Exch. 3600 W. Wash, 1-MM Filmo Camera, proiector. tri pod, etc. $368. 3747 Elm. Long Beacn WANTED PHOTO studio camera At stand, also 6x7 to 4x5 plateholders. 2295 Cedar, Long Beach 425-76 Ibefore 11) WANT from private party 8 or 16 mm. motion picture outfit AX-6665 PRIVATE party wants 8 mm. project or. CK-12017 or ris-ij2. CLOTHING AND FURS 370 $500 Jap. mink coat, sire 3S. "$75. Man's $60 overcoat. $10. $55 suit, $5. Size 37. Priv, pty. WY-6026, MAN'S suit 36, coat 40. Lady's fur coat to cloth coat, 18. Gray squirrel collar & trim. Pri. party. DR-9514. UNREDEEMED furs. Save 60 to 70"-. Mark well to Co. 707 S. Mill. TU-'32iii. CHINA mink coat, $125, Med. size. Latest style. 3538 wnsmre Blvd. 300 Sample fur coats. pr. Restyle $15 up. 324 a. western, pun, uiy, v-s) EXQUISITE spinet by pri. pty. 445 a. Berenao r 4 p.m FINE uted pianos at great savings tg n. inirna- pim. op. w v USED uprmhls. good makes, models to conq. Barter Bros.. 715 a. Flower $50. Uprioht. ahite. Med. sise. Lovely tone. 2628 N. Beach wtx.d Dr. OL-1356 PIANO and bench upright, modern design. WY-4189. CSKD Steinways. many sties, styles. BARKER BROS.. 7th to Flower. 40 unrights $45 to $295. Used sDtnet. Grands $165 up. DANZ. 721 W. 9th. USED Knabe grands. Low priced. BARKER BROS.. 7th to Flower, SOLO-VOX. EQUAL TO NEW. 7216 BE VFRLY. Open Sun, $185 CHICKERI.NO grands, used, recondi tioned. Barker Bros. 7tn to Flower EVERY style, finish, make and price piano. 300. all bargains. 2251 Venice STEINWAY grand, mad., only $845. BARKER BROS.. 7th At Flower. FOR RENT 353 300 BARGAINS. Free move. Buy op tion. Upts. $1. Spinets S3. 75. Glands 54 7S mo. to up. 2251 Venice bivq BETTER PIANOS FOR LESS Rentals tuned and serviced free. Taylor Piano Co. 913 S Hill. TU-3749 GUARANTEED Insts. 10- as $2.50 mo. Hayden Music Co.. 525 W. 8. VA-2349. .sPINETS. studios, grands to nrartice models, $2 to $10 mo. 1229 Hill at Pico STEINWAYS many others. All radios Noi-ris, 1771 Cahuenga. HE-6205. PIANO. New walnut Gulbransen spinet with bench. Sheehan. TU-6123 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS WTD. 354 WILL PAY CASH FOR YOUR USED PIANOS. NO DELAYS. L. E. FONTRON QUALITY PIANOS SO. CALIF. MUSIC CO. 737 S. HIIX VA-2221. OLD GOLD b JEWELRY WANTED 373 "WE buy diamonds, gold, silver to furs. MAKMSI.LL to U). Jt&lAH lUJ. 707 S. Hill. 5th floor. TU-9291. LADY buyer pays more for diamonds. gold, suvcx. tun, am, ixiew s aiatc. ACCORDIONS, brass A reed lnstrs. Drums, auihentic violins, cellos. High cash. See us before you sell. So. Cal MUSIC. 737 8. Hill. VA-2221 fWF, buy diamonds for cash. L. A Jewelry Co., 711 Loews state Bidg WILL pay cash for. your piano. COMPARE OUR PRICES! Taylor Piano Co 913 S. Hill. TU-3749 WE pay more cash for any style piano m good condition. TU-5007. Birkei-Richardson. 730 W. 7th Bt Cash for pianos.EX-1389 PAY CASH for Grand, spinet or studio piano. Call PA-4151; eves. YO-8686. WE pay highest prices for used in strnments. G, Schirmer, 700 W. 7. WILL purchase for cash, fine furniture, silver, china. Oriental rugs, grand piano linens. Must be top ouality. WE-5197. CALL NOW SAM BARAK. PA-9114, Highest cash prices for med. to lii-grade furn. rugs, pianos to bno-a-brae, etc. , PA-9114 EASTERN FAMILY WANTS TO BUY FOR CASH. FURNITURE. FURNISHINGS. RUGS. PIANO. FROM PRI VATE PARTIES ONLY. WY-763I CASH for FURNITURE. RUGS BRIC-A-BRAC, ETC. Any amount. CALL RI-2161 WANT INDIVIDUAL PIECES OF CHARACTER. WILL BUY ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD. LEWIS 8, HART BR-2-3606. BROADLOOM AMER. ORIENTALS Caught on low ceiling, $3 yd, up Onen eve. ALLIED. 1439 N. Western No. Hollywood utore. 1 1137 Magnolia USED RUGS. Ulg stock, low prices Quitting business. Better hurry! The Bargain Snot, 3221 S. Main St, W'OOL broadlms.. all slaea to colors FUOB to RUNNKRS. new used FOR LESS. GRACES, 2645 W. PICO. BARGAIN BROADLOOMS At REM NANTS. Brdlm. Ills 17 $85. 9x12 $36 A-A Carpet Co,, 119 N, Larchmont 500 YDS. of used earnet. Must be sold miivc wcisa, 753 a. Los Angeles. INLAID linoleum cemented to f)r.$1.19. paramount. 922 a. Main, TK-237B 9x12 reversible chenille rug. S27. Many others. Tlmeg. C42 N, Western CAKPE l b, Broadlooms. plain and fig. 1 744 W. WASHINGTON-CARPET CO, CHINESE blue 9x12. $165; 10x13 gold 8225. Mmasslan. 359 0. Vermont, RUG. "new" gorgeous Amer. oriental. $195. PrlV. Ptr. HE-1064. HOME APPLIANCES Sales and Servtoe "refrigerators'" 341 FAST FREEZERS FOR FREEZING STORING MEATS ZBHH W. PICO BLV D. 36 cu. ft. 4-door glass reacb-tn D. A- ti. l onvec coll. rrig, unit, bl-uiuo COMPLETE refrigeration service to re-i iRlr. HO-2670 720 N. Western ave. CV. ' Montgomery Ward dlx. Ap- piy 825 p. Serrano fter 7 p.m. GEN. Elec. refrig:, piano, 9x12 rug. occasional chair, -pn. pty. HK-iiitiH. "KlULDAIKE, Clbl. door, V CU. ft. A-l eond. 207 E, Buy Front, Balboa WE REPAIR OR BUY O.E. to MAJHS- KSriUliB, tH-13'ill7, a WE RENT HEFRH3KRATOR8 t RANGES. Newton. 3881 S Wrstem LATE MODEL P-FT. ELEC. REFRIG. $175 CASH. CA-1R764. SEVERAL Electrolux cu. ft. used. In good conq. $200, AR-33027, WASHING MACHINES, IR0NERS 342 7 FT. CliaUenger full vrsion display case. IB cu. ft. cap $450. 500s w ptrn MINIATURE washing machine, ex cellent ronciuinn. 124B Redondo blvd THOR wa.iber to Taylor-tot. Priv. par- ly. imi'b Hiimteiv, west Hollywood. RANGES b HEATERS 343 a ne talus top. Excel, cond. 3 yrs. old. t2Qxrri, ptr., EX-4753. FINE furniture to furnishings, linens. grand pianos. Oriental rugs, china. silver, bric-a-brac. Pay cash. Beverly .Wilshire Art Galleries. CR-12116. EXECUTIVE furnishing ht. home, need nne rurniture, nigs, grand pianti china, silver, linens, bric-a-brac. etV. Compl, or by pc. if good. CR-156311 FOR larne private home, Want goc(d furniture, also washing maehii.! Pay most generously, WE-960S, PAY cash your complete furniture. r odd lots in garage or attic. Remote your convenience. Calhoun, AX-S7491 WILL pay cash for youi piano. COMPARE OUR PRICES! Taylor Piano Co 91$ S Hill. TU-377 LADY WISHES TO BUY FROM PRIV. PARTY h OR 6 RMS. OF FURNI TURE. PAY CASH, WA-7247. FURNITURE S or 6 rms. from private' home. PAY CASH. Rent house if suitablej GR-0749. YOUNG couple furnishing new homi neea complete iurn. WA-41535. FURNISHING rooming hse. Need beds. dresses, odd pieces, cash. RE-8298 FOX pays ah for all grades furniture Buys everything. RE-8945. DEALERS don't caU. Want fvrn, rugs, silver, china, etc. HO-7937. COUPLE wants period furn., rujps. range, refrig,. etc. GR-1630. YO-87SI;., WANT to buy furn. to rugs from priv. party. NO DEALERS, WH-223.! PARTY wants electric refrig. to gas range, wiu pay very well, ru-54',;i. 30' MORE for your used lurn., ru;s. elec. refrig,, washer, etc. AN-II830 Buford bestyet.GL-G70C7 FOR private use, want washer, stotie, , .. 1 ... . 1, . . MRS. tMLD FE-171B Will pay cash for furn.. rug:, plana ENGLISHMAN pays top prices u.t d; furn.. stoves, bauy buggies. Wl;-02l 3 HIGH prices waiting for FURNITUi i At Hugs, tjmck tservice. pr-79141. NEED cond furniture, niano to aoti! - anees from prlv. PtT.. cash. YO-8i;j 6 DON'T sell your furn.-until you x't: my cash offer. Mrs. Dnvls. AX-104B1., AVOID SELLING TOO CHEAP! GET MYCASH QFFETt. EX-565H. QUEST house furniture wanted j priv, party, fay casn. yve-mouil BUY -FURNITURE. PAY HIGHItSlTI PHTCKS. CALL ELLIS.. Aii-038 1 MUST have a home of furniture, to rugs win pay more cash. PAjllVt.. 0 More.Mac.AD9:3 43 NO chiseling call PA-J107. I will piiyi your price ior 1 urn, e appliance sj PARTY URGENTLY needs lurnlt at e stoves, retng. call Harold. TH-1 1V3 LADY will pay rash for piano, eiiy ace. mnxe. mouei or cona. pii-B7!iO M ED 6 to 7 rooms ot lurn. to giratid piano, win pay casn. wa-; kvs.i NEED good grand piano for nly. new nome. will pay cash, wa-5286. I WANT to buy a grand piano. Will pay top cash price. Hi-ah98, Cash for Pianos RE-5155 WANT good piano for home use, pay casn to moving, ex-1678. LADY will pay ail cash for piano. any age, make, model. PR-8750 TOP CASH PRICE FOR YOUR PIANO. The Fifth Street Store, MA-7311. BAND instruments bought, rented. sold, repaired. Lockie. 1036 8. Bdwy, WANT old organ or melodeon ipiuy able Pay cash. VA-6279. RADIOS 355 SCOTT PHILHARMONIC, 30-tub. perfect condition. CR-1 1541 41 ZENITH armchair radio, $89.50 PAUL'S 4621 W. WASHINGTON PHONOGRAPH-RADIO COMBIN'TION WTLL sacrifice my 1942 Model 1016 Philco radio. Cost $610 new. Has record making unit, recorder, micro, phone, etc. Phone A Rig. 95642. DISCOUNTS on combinations. Frl. to Sat. till 9. 5126 Santa Monica Blvd. radios Wanted 357 WAR Bonds or money for musical in-str. (radios, accordions, guitars, rec-ords. etc.) Birkel-Richardson.730 W.7 I PAY SPOT CASH FOR USED RADIOS. NO DELAY. 859 S. SPRING, WANT small radios for cash. 705 8, Alvarado. EX-2044. I NEED used radios. HIGHEST PRICES PAID. 715 8. Main. VA-1980 RADIO wanted, any make or cond Pay cash. Box W-81, Times. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 360 Seats . IV) sturdy, hardwood ft steel eon structlon, fastened together In units nr eight, rirst class condition. Submit reasonable ofler. See E. B. Bravinder BUILDING MGR. 826 TIMES BLDG. Long Beach 622-34 ARMY officer s tent , complete. $20 auto covers 9x12, $4: 12xlu, $8. Take Hc arj 02 p 1 2 s. sun penro. ad-I2!M7 COMBINATION pool to billiarcTtable Hilly equipped. Must sell Sunday Sac. 624 8. Msnposa. JE-3613. DRILL press. 32-20 S. At W. revolver, Craftsman socket set. AN-14747. ELEC. sanders. cash register, typewriter, etc. 606 N.Western Ave GR-9361 G E. Port, recorder i4L like new. Priv. owner. PA-5718. Bel. 7 pm. 1610 W. 27. G,E. motor. V II P. Bicycle, 24 In. wheel, good rubber: Pr. pty. FI-4550 OOLF Bargains, Clubs, Bags. Shoes. Trades. Golf Frchsnge. 831 B. Olive HARDWARE STOCK sellmg out (all or part.) Shovels, rakea. axes, picks.! Schlage to Corbin locks, nails, nuis., r bolts, garden hose, etc. 1805 B Main' K INDERG A HTKN equipment. New used Welch i Company, 1004 W. Washington Blvd. PR-5879, N. CSll. Reg. 3 yr. $ dt. .Item OVERCOAT. Sine 42. Wool. Eastern Like new. $25. Priv. pty, WA-66S7. MAN'S grey overcoat to blck coat, seal collar. 49O0 5 ave. AA-tova. GENUINE Silver Fox collar, latest style, r.ever worn. Pri. pty, NO-22315 JAP weasel coat, fingertip length, sire 16. 742 S. Lake St., Rm. 4. FROSTY silver fox greatcoat. $250 Others. Mordeit. 3752 wnsmre divq TUXEDO, like new, 2 sport coats. 2 prportnoesuireAjt-jz4i.B2 CLOTHING b FURS WANTED 371 SOL pays $10 for men's used suits to o coats. Also buy snoes, nat. lug gage, etc. Call MU-6448. 740 W. 8. WE BUY used furs. Mark well & Co. 7Q7 8. Hill. 5th floor. TU-929I. OHIO pays more for men's used clothing. 123 W. 2. TU-7074. Wte call. MEN S clothes snoes wanted. Quick cash. Sultan. 706 W. 6. MU-I725 FURS We pay highest prices. Holly-wood Fur. 706 S. Hill, cor. 7. 2nd fir FOR DIAMOND BARGAINS. U. 8. 1)1 AMONP EXCHANGE. 413 W. 7th. FURd WANTED for cash. Movieland Fur studio. 2i w. stn St., ina noor. DIAMONDS & Jewelry 372 CARAT pur wilt. die. ladies ring, set In plat.. $300. Black pearl stud. SJUu. M ake offer. Prv. pty. WY-8026, LADY'S lovely diamond ring. F-ECT DIAMOND. HE-2891. PER- DIAMOND, lovely lady's blue-white diamond Ting, sacrifice. CE-23jll DIAMONDS, several fine stunes, to 2 crt.. sacrif. H PRICE. RE-0321 LUMBER, Bidg. Material 374 Bidg. Fixturts, Elect. Supples Rooffng k Shingles Any Color, length, kind, sise. 35c up C. M Wood Co., 8lh to San Pedro, L. A. Wrecking. 810 E. 9 St. VA-5135. Lumber, doors, windows, plumbing. pipes, littings. corr Iron. 2x3 2x4 under 8 ft. 2'a to Sc ea. CLEVELAND WRECKING CO. Bargains new ft used lumber and bidg. materials. Deliveries anywhere. 175 E. Jefferson. AD-6175. ACME WRECKING CO. Nw to used lumber. 8935 S. Alameda. XI-3206 COLORED tiles, bath to dramboard 25c ft. up. 3371 Glendale. OL-1171 WHITING WRECKING CO. 2260 E, Vernon. JEfferson 524 1 . FIRE salvage Standard Brands Paint temporary loc. 6227 Santa Monica SPLIT redwood posts, crape stakes, fence mat'ls. 1249 E. 6. MU-7711 WRECKING HLDGS.. good salvage. Cheap. All-Stale, 1831 Pasadena Ave, BUILDINGS To Bo Moved 375 For Sal and Wanted NEARLY new frame bidg. 30x50 ft Ideal for defense plant, church storage, etc. Built to be moved. !"q. 5447 Laurel Canyon Bl. su-22205 5-ROOM OFFICE BLDG. 1100 so ft $2950. WW show by aupt Call Monday. PL-23101. FOUR, 4-room FRAME BUNGALOWS 1228 8, EASTERN Ave. Also others DOUBLE bungalow, 3 rooms each side. it 10Q5 Fedora, corner Olympic CLEAN 2-bcdronm bungs., tile sink 3124 Pacific Ave., m san Pedro. MACHINERY AND PIPE 376 Garage, Ga Station Equipment AC. welder. Larkln, 30" sheet metal rrdL belt driven emery wheel grinder on steel stand ft portable spray gun. complete, western Belting Equip Co. 2600 Wniita Fc Ave, ACME 1", 4 spinTIle automatics Grant Xlttch'T. 2044 Sanlafe AIR conditioning unit. G E Late el. ? It. P. compressor. Con .... controls. $1250. Phone TR-S'-U AIR compressor. 315 cu. ft. Crushers crushing roll, 2415 bt'i-t AIR COMPRESSORS FOR DFTS.N, :-': U .8. Equipt., 501 W. Wssh. PR 1, :? AIKINS 7X7 nsekssw. drill K.v4 20". 24" 30". LU-3939. BIOWERS. motors, fans, bought-sold- exrh .Smallcomb.1120 B.Main.PH-4231 CEMENT mixer. Jaeger SS. 1 yr. Re- enno. wnie. lease, trade, sy. 75122. Pas. COMPRESSOR. Toledo. 10 h p. Port able gas spray with Novo 2 cyl. engine incl.hose ft pressure pol.HO- " 1425. CULVERT PIPE. STEEL 200 FT. 30- IWt'H. NEVADA 61231, DRIVER wood ft metal power tools. Fee leg At navies, 191Q Santa Fe: ELEC. motors, engines, pumps, coru- pressors, Heiie :riQ7 a, Alameda, FILTER presses, Shrlver. 18x18 ft 24x 24 Sac, 3402 Avalnn Blv. AD-3303 GOVERNOR controlled variable speed drive Ior niacn. tools AN-78a7. Fow-ermatic Mach. Co. 659 S. Anderson HEATERS FOR FACTORY ft OFFICE. Forced air. blowtus, fans, ducting Compl. forced air heat units from $05-$175. 1021 3; Grand. PR-1271 . INDEX vert, mill jig bore. JK-4257 Marvin Mchy. On., 2154 Santa Fe., LATHES, 10". 12". 14". 16" ft 18", Quirk cannge. loose geared. Z621 Brooklyn Ave, B. B. Miller. AN-9574 LATH? Putnam, motor drive, ?6" swing, quick change. Needs work. $600 CASH. 3424 E. OLYMPIC LATHE, 13x6. 2 chucks access, 40- ton punch press. A-l, 742 Ban Pedro. LINOTYPE MACHINE. No. S. with as pot, Excellent condition, siust be sold Immediately. H. A. TOBIAS, TUcker 3131. Machine Work Bidder wanted for precision work on carbon ft alloy steel castings,. Box A-9H. Times Vf'i'r-iii vir Tnihi R il l Tvnri .tark Brewer. 201,0 Rama Fe JE-5343. Additional aos unorr una headmi-wlll oe touno on eirxt rage.

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