The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 19, 1938 · 14
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 14

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1938
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14 WEDNESDAY MORNING. EMPLOYMENT OFFERED lltf Li for Mn Continued from Pre ce ding P$e. Rffli,fimin i Notice karat oraanisnriuii. rsimimuii i !.. r. other Stales, Has opening lor exceutlvrs l . .illli, aallltiB llml. Far exp.' NOT RKAt ESTATE. 3J Cham- '"'r-ry!!r.r''-i.,l111' 3Af.rM.II!.N. isl Ol me yrr raiitiiia ntcs oprninus for 3 high CBllbin men who are nrai. writ cw... nnu tv. mimutu-Only hieh class men apply. Car nee. Amrr. Int. of Floral Tech.. Holly wih wl 10.11 am, STlesmEN Residential subdivision with Hood nil possibilities, "ear Hattrrsrleld. Close In production, Lots In fee $100 up. Bella off the map, Fullest eo-operatlon. Liberal commissions. Boo Mr, Howard, jSLEhMEN. rx-t iiouuiii cleaner, mauHZine. nrusn or nrainj mm wim u. records. See Mr. Warner, Hotel Stowcll, 0-4 Wednesday. Entirely nrw endeavor. Front, money oral. Permanent with ex- rpuoni.l ivuurr SALESMEN l2. honest, dependable men. loo kino for permanent connection with unlimited future, Immediate earnings and transportation furnished. Mr. Hayea. llniel Cecil, fl-4. Wednesday. SALESMAN. hlKh type, with car. Draw-Ins account, nominal Investment desired, but not necessary. Bee Mr. Conner. 1415 E Olympic, between n 11 a.m flAl.r.iS.virPI, u.n V near uv u.wnn lur I nrro rendering spcciuiiaeo. luvrsuucnb pn-vice Ai estab. llvinv trusts $300 mo. up Apply A.M. 401 Bartlctt Bldg, SAf ESMAN. 30-:V mar. terr.. est. ellen tele Car ncc sonoloue Coro.. bid W 1 .SALESMAN experienced and reliable who can leave town at once lor out ni mate terrltnrv. Transportation piuo. Mr. onai lop, n-4 Wednesday, Onles Hotel. SALESMEN: PUKLIC AUDKKS8. Interof nee At. nome lnno sneaxina le ennone ai' teins, 25'. commission. Apply 8:30 to 1 1 a m. 704 IMU, ttlHUUH SALESMEN. Crew Manaiiers. Realstrars. of proven record New Development by lame music school. Unusual deal Box Y-1S3. Times, SALKSMOH., exp vacuum cleaners, capable running dept. for a live retail out-j let, n-9 a in. oniv. rm. l'ib. ji w. p si SALESMAN. Jewelry. Exp for store, ca llable, asitresslve, Rm. ioi uxw maic nidn SAI FSMAN tnii , TV route. Established ac counts. Car requirea. JHli Monterey Road CA-7247 SALIlsMKN. exu. with auto, work In So Calif. Call on beauty salons, Salary &- comm. fifiJO Hunsei nivn. upen eves SLBMN.. KE. license necessary, ova ase. exp. ref nnx T-lL'4, limes SALESMEN Dlstr Real Neon deal. Loc. Ac Nat I. Dep. req 107 w. Florence SALESMAN, excep, tvpe. Sell News Week. Hi mm in. n -12, 4US Rowan Bldg SALESMEN, aas appliances. Oood com. No Innfers. Apply 9-13 A.M..BB08 8, "fwy SALESMAN National Co has opening Re-rootlng experience. Box Z-1H9. Times SALESMAN, eldei ly man with car, exp unnecessary. P12 w. n si. SECURITY SALESMAN OPPORTUNITY Man with executive ability for employment with corporation considering expansion 3507 West Sixth Street. STOCK-BOND & ROYALTY SALESMEN Whv not increar.e your income as wen as that of your clients? Sell Investments In the country's lareest Industries. All In the runner yield brackets. Interviews strictly confidential FMPIRE Securities Corp 412 W. 9' STOCK SALF8MFN WulcK. .HeiiuiR inniiriai issue. 2007 N MAIN ST. TRUCK driver, elderly, city, 4-ton Brown- lite Ford. $50, boarfl. Hox F-li:i. rimes UPHOLSTERING estimator, exp. furniture rep air, comm.. si. meiroc, vrm.iNiST- nvef 2h for teaching position training given free, out or aiaie aaiariea pi'ltion. Hox U-.4'. limes ACTION Men. Our Firm paid 13016. 69 to 21 sales people, the first week in January, 1938, an average of 14S 00 each. Have openings for 3 licensed Real Estate Men. Will train Inexperienced men. References As Auto required Personal Interview between 9:30 Ac 10.30 A.M. 231 So. West-; ern Ave CO-operatfve printers, need man with ver. 1 u-.ll.. InnI nrnn Qnv IT-') I ILB I Ul vp. w m Timrs. . . ACTIVE RETIRED man wishing add. In come 15-$20 K. umninea it. no casn req. Apply 737 Terminal St., L A. Rm. 108 EMPLOYMENT Offered 119 La For Men & Womeri TEN salesmen Ar salesladies, lady at tendant. 9-4 202 'i 8. Broadway. R 201 gUSINESS Opportunities 125 ACCOUNTANT; position As Interest in wnnsi. joooera. eaiHi mo. v anuiiionai SfiOOO from int. Box Z-1S3. Times. ADVERTISING Trade publication Life time opportunity for active or inactive partner to share In profit of going, grow-ing business. Box Y-203. Times, APPLIANCE store shows profit over $10,000 for 1937. Must sac. Will bear strictest InvestlRatlon. $4000 cash required. Write Box F-151. TimcjL APPLIANCE est. 5 yra. Inv, stk. A; flxt. No gona will to buy. 41) w, Vermont ASST. Busy auto lender paint shop Teach man. $36 wk. At '. ami, inv. iwi w. w ASSIST Young man. lite office Ar drive. teach $30 wt. up. small my. .'b w. i ASST. Help mgr.. drive car. Answer ph. $.10 wk. small inv, an w. firo, ASSOCIATE, man or woman, with $1000 or more to invest as inactive party in eslah mnnev making art pottery manu facturing business. A real otler showing excellent proms. nnx r-wi times ASSOC. Fortune for $1000. 8taiid rigid Investigation. Don t bother unless money avail., good worker. t;iaar. 40H sunset ASSOC.. man, woman, for a paying bus. est, 10 yrs Services $300. Phone Mr Felt. MI-76B1. Write Box E-263. Times ASSOCIATE yourself with bona fide bus. Biou MO. UP, trom start, no scning, $500 )nv. 112 w, tun, Km, ei:7 ASSOC. AIR-CONDITIONING CO. . Small inv. Drawing account, win teacn bus. 1723 w, 7 ASSOC.. cafe. Mall or woman. No exp nee .n ..... ism w n ASSOC. for interest In Neon deal. $500 sec Prin. only. 1207 w. Florence ASSOC. No exper. ncc. No selling. $200 wk $2500 Investment. Box G-105, Times. ASSOC. to drive L.A to S.F. run. Draw $35 wk, 8m, Inv. req. 12B3 w. Adams. ASSOC. $500-$1000. 240'- Int. on invest. Plus profit. Sec 1B43 8. riower. AUTO camp lease. 4 cabins, 3 gas pumps, groceries, soit drinks; rent $J. ncis $130 mo. Ideal place for couple 10341 Long Bencn Blvd.. Lynwood AUTO caiiio lease As outright sales, several to choose from, camp specialist, jum w. Broaawav. Qiennnic UTO camp. 5 cahlns. cafe. gas. 4 yr i?e rtt. 3i.iu rr, yiuuu w1 sumn.. AUTO camp, eas sta ft cafe. Rt. $40 mo Hlway fie), 3327 w, nco, AUTO camp. 24 cottages 4 acres 300 front. See owner. 4mm Huntington ur AUTO court for sale. 10 mod cabins. 101 Hiway 15 mm ot iiouywo. owner reur-ing. Tms. Bare. 1677 N. Western. AUTO COURT SITE Plans drawn. Long Beach Blvd. Can help tumnre. private. K&-4ti;) AUTO court center big activity. Mod eninnf rare, n rm mon nomr. a Dumus. mod, 'cabins, 18415 Ventura. Tiirznna.l AUTO COURT large service station, ga rage, ft room, e canins. o year lease, money mnxer. ma v. i st. AUTO ct.. modern, 101 hlway. Inc. $300 mo, owner box M-ini. 1 imcs, mm ceaen AUTO parts route. Dodge truck, slock well rwc. tor casn, iiojh o. run BAKERIESTor sale. Complete line new As used baking equipment nxiures Srhulr At Co., 1320 S, Main. PR-6433 BARBER As Beauty Fixtures. New. A; used Buy, sell, exchange Terms, am a t BATH A: massage bus Estab. 10 yra. Wt An .llanlata rViii-nt.num ln Hl.r.l Buy, sell, expnance. terms, rtio a l.a. k massage ous cstau, iu yiit. vuiu-ellentele. Downtown loc. Hl-class nnw V.I SO Tim., BEAUTY shop As 4-room living quarters, Hollywood. Nets sa wk. Kent gj.o" Price $450. 1677 N. WESTERN BEAUTY shop, established. Good loc. $150. will handle. Inquire 516 ao. l.a, at BEAUTY shop Ambassador dlst. Lease $35 mo. complete. Excellent oppor. r-444t BEAUTY shop, 10 yr. clientele. Nels $411 oood prices. Sac, 416 vv. a. urn, run BEER Parlor, cafe wipe, dandy loc. 3-yr lease, rent $35 Clears saju mo. oac. Terms. Owner. 936 S. Hoover BOOKKEEPER-sec. woman or man for mining corp. Exceptional oppt lo riant partv who can invest $2500 Money re- turn. noon income, hox r-',n, umes, BUTCHER BLOCK RESURFACING MA CH I N E .PHONENHOLJJtNy CAFE In busy theater bldg. Fountain stools Ar counter, canoy. cigars, money maker. $39 lse. Tms, 253 w. Vermont CAFE Beer Wine Exclns. location. Noi competition. Est. 13 yrs. low o neaa. liiv ing rooms. 3950.00) yu ao, riower. CAFE seats 24 est. bus. Low rt. Good bus loc. sac, owner, lioia'? a. .Main CAFE. Liquor. $125 day. $10,000 place for. SL'joo. '3 casn. mrner. w?) a r..i CAFE. Seat 30. Living rm. Rent $30 Prove $35 day. 5312 So. Vermont dAFE HnllyWd. $175 diily. good lse. top prices, owner 111. Terms, a. nope CAFE. comp. furn.. llv qtrs.. low rt.. oth-er bus. $250 hrils. 745 W. Manchester CAFE, 16 stools, 2 booths. $35 lse w. Hollywd, Or" ' lug dist. $650, NO-22435 5aE. bus i't. tl. $20; elec. refria $300 reg, 1 1 n ' , w Colorado, o.enoaie CAFETERIA At rtt. unusual protltj. Close win, sm all inv Timer, yv o u CAL TKcii enits blrle. machine offering lortune Bum" or .-su ip req to tnr cn-t of ssooo, Im. wiu convince, box F-21V Times. 125 CAMERA Shop: heart of town, best flxt. ana eowpnil , a-i stocg, nets prmn. forced sale Hue Discount, 'j casn limes H9i i W Colorado, tilt-ndnlfv CHAIN cale Hoto-CheO fmnihlses fur nwht k.him with 1400 to slant). Quan tity buying disc. our own bakery, Llin- Ited menu w, v rr.-"i CIGARS, candies, drinks. Nets $200 mi Pig Birg, Turner. Out B L A. CIGAR, mail , etc. with fix. "Hotel-Apt, dial N eta o ver yuj wruy. uwn. inii yv. i CLEANING shop. est. bu..- iaumlrv agcy. f r. n.r. Rni flR'.rt ft Hoover CLEAN As pre. Sell ur trade for oud car. Leaving 5021 8, PlKueroa CLEAN As piesa. 2,r0. Equip, alone worth that. Uv. At rt. $30 5021 S, Plyucroa. CoT'KElT aliop. steady trade, Fully eqpt. Rent $.'0 A riny at ymni. i iu p. i men COOK, couple. i Int. bus. Net $110 wk. $u'.-'0 ca.-h req uates, lunn urensnaw UfcLIC. lunches. Ilq. lie. $000. Tms. RATTRAY. 504 HUMINUgWPU 1 11 Pin DKPARTMKNT store. Est yra. Fine locat inn, nig sac, rurncr. vim a. i n blMNQ i in., coffee hop, : eucklail bar, furn.. ' basis No niinm, Ouar, Oood deal to reliable party. Hotel Barbara. 11)27 W 6 CI li old estab. concern. Ouar. As user Insured. Patterson or turaey. iui i n. v.jnve DtXTTOH. pTras, petsouallly, $200 week fees $2500 required. Box E-7. Times. DRESS shop est. loc. Owner leaves lor East. $200 full pr, 2706 W. 7 St. DKKSS shop, owner must sac. Estuh. 13 yrs. 44 1H W. Aclams. friren to sen. DKE6S shop for sale. lOU'.e location, lona lease. 5PIH S. Vermont. DRUG store, excel, loc, fountain equip.. good stk 1 nix, coneuc. 4i3i xorx nivu. DRUG store, adj. theater. Fine equip. Ai stock. $3000, 1100 W, 7111 HTKKCr, DRUG store nr. L A, Ticket Aav. almost pnvs rent aacrince. u, J. oriman DRUGS. $175 day. 4'. lease. $M00 stk. $.0(Jfl x t. Terms. 603 8, Vermont. EMPLOYMENT Acy.. live oiKani.atioii, well est. Owner. Box P-121. Times. FINANCE opportunity $3000-$i000 investment, fully secured, handle own money, oass on all credits. Returns 20' As up Free office. Plus comm. on sales. Call Mr. Story. FI-lb20. for appt FOOD plant mod., comp. equlpt. Rare oup. Staple line consump. unlimited. $20,000 req. We own land, bldns., equlpmt. induct, truck fleet. Box E-131, Times. FRUIT As via. dept est. mki. Low rt. Sac. Owner. Oood loc. 6102 S Bdwy. FRUIT ei vegetable dept., super mkt. 16th A- wilshlre. Santa Monica, fn. nyju FURN. store new A: used. Going bus. Clean slock. Reason lor selling, otner ous io-a Valley ttiva Kosemcaa. cai GARAGE tor lease. Culver City 50x1 jO t.ooq locauon, rn. iwner. . v. OAR. Hotel. 70 sturaae Real bus. Owner aoing norm, 4io w. n at. itm. iiui GARAGE. 60 cars, Nets $2j0. Price $1500. Wallace. 717 a. rnsueroa. .Tin ""'jt H"1"!' Z VcV Hoist As run equip rine i man ous, ja lease, gv.m pr. 'oj n. vrrmnin, GAS sta. 4 pumps. Rent money As stock only, owner. 5'J21 a. western GAS Sta. Beverly Hills Dlst. 4 pumps nOiSt, cirs. nio. oju. jjo w. GAS sta.. lull equip.-stocked. Oood lease Less than $500. 5B52 w. rim, GAS, super sta. 5 punip.t. 12.000 gal. S.E .. , t,.i... urti-lon GAS sta., low rent. Gar., hoist. B500 stge CiAS sta., siper Gd. cor. Low rent. Pump. Ing 11,500 Plly equipt. AL-3468. GAS sta. 8 puiups, 2 hoists. Wilshlre. Terms. Wallace. 717 s. rigueroa. GAS sta. 15.000 gals. Nets $338. 7 kinds. Comp. equipt. $1650. 3B71 wusnire GAS sta. 3 p. 12,500 storage. Brick gar All lor sno. can ihuu ao. rigtieroa. GAS. Paved yd. '. lease. Nets $184. 5750 nn. snap, sta. at 4JJ1 aunset ts;vq GAS sta 4 pump, opposite studio. $300 cash, 7299 Santa Monica Biva, mo-u4h. GIFT1 SHOP est. Big stock. Uv. qtra., $375 req. 119' W Colorado, Olendale. GIFT shop, library, est, 4 yrs. Llv. qtrs Low rent. Hac. casn. owner, mu-iwm GIFT shop As library, good location. Pice assort, niflse. hm. 2U a. riower at GROCERY. $11,000 mo cash bus. No flxt to buy Closed Sunday stann strict in vestigation, 553 S. VEKMOWT GROCERY. Complete mkt Reas. Leaving tow n. hi.' w. rico. fK-7.)'i;i GROC. No Ilxt. $900 stock. Cheap rent. Must sell. Mr., Barsnm, 103B a. Main OHix:ERY nets $300 mo $3000. RATTRAY. 504 HOLLINGS WOK In BlQg GROC. -meal, veg. for rent Reas. Dandy location. I7U acveriy aiva. GROC. $UjO inv. REAL snap. Sales $50 f.av. Kent JU. wms. i a. vcmviurii. HARDWARE store. $10,500. Northern part Sac. $6500. Turner. 909 S. L.A. HELPER. Fender-Body Teach you. $30 wk to start. Small inv. 2628 W. 7 st. LANDOWNERS producing royalties, pay bis c a s h, Monthly returns. IK-B314. LAUNDRY plant, consists of shirt unit, wearing apparel unit, hdkchief lroner, starching equipt, sock darner, sewing mach.. boiler, cash reg.. counters, table racks, etc. All installed ready for operation with approx. $100 drop trade. Sell rejtft ThU eauiot. can he moved to another Inc. if desired. Bnr E-2R4, TimesJ LIQUOR, delirat.. mkt. Doing $2000 mo For $ 1 non. scnneiaer, nz w, 3, Km. 418 LIQUOR store. Clears $500 mo. Cheap buy. Turner. 909 8. L.A. LIQUOR store. Hl-class dlst. Stock.. Inv. A- s.;, uiu a. central, oienume. LUNCH room. Fngidaire equipped: doing good bus. Must sell acct. accident, shoo. 135 Riverside or LUNCH rooms. We have several to choose Trom .suit w. Broadway, tjieriaaie. LUNCH. Kt. $25. Inav. Bldg. Should clr. $150 mo. $2M req. 420 N. Vermont MALT & luurh. Priced to sell quick. Sick, must sell. Owner. L'DOB sunset. MAN lor Los Angeles. Income exceeds $350 monthly. No selling or exper. re-ouired. Nominal amount cash to handle Business of your own. Apply 1632 S Los Anaeler MAN At wile can make $3000 to $5000 yr. on well estab. line packing own products. Home. 122 'a N. Larcnmont MAN handle route, multiple vending ma-rhs. $330 req. Give ph. Box E-266. Times MAN. garage help, busy mechanic. $35 wk Small Investment. 1105 W. 7 St, Manager for 5-10-1 .00 store give such information you would want yourself. Box 0-93 Times. MANAGER MEN'S SPORTSWEAR shop, leaturing clothing, trousers. Investment req. Box F-300. Times MANUFACTURER, small, need one man of mechanical ability As one with sales ability. Small Invest. Survey proves expansion program feasible. Invest, sound, secured Ac returned. Reas. salary. Call 8230 W 3 St. MARKET. SUPER. 5 DEPTS. A-l EQUIPT. CONCESSIONS OR MASTER LEASE. MAKE OFFER. 1411 S. WESTERN, MARKET, 8 depts. all rented. 7-yr master lease At flxt. Parking. 605 8. Vermont, MEAT mkt, Saus. maker, can cut. Spanish pref Small Inv. Arrow Mkt., wnittier. MEAT market doing nice bus. Must leave at once. Sac. 4701 S. Normandle. OFFICE executive with $3000, become treas. Ar purchase agt. Box E-270. limes. diuttu 1.. tf it coll rnvitltv husla Patented' hand As trouble light. Fling-a- I.ight As Save-a-ute. Williams, zip L.uras PARTNER i-j 'mu in going Li. ntfg bus. Will tencli you trade. Owner. 2613 W. 7. PARTNER wanted, exec, ability, L.A. of-fice. small Invest. Box F-69. Times, PARTNERSHIP cocktail bar, cafe, dntown. location. Call A.M. 317 "a a. tiiti, PERSON to finance the manufacture of everyday necessity. Have valuable formula of proven merit. Market Is unlimited. Opportunity of lifetime. P.O. Box 5666. mr. O'in'iu till umwun. ROUTE. Est. Juice Bus. Truck As Equipt Metropolitan station Uffner sac, nrnr o r-.ivr. rn-,-J, SHOE stociT ail new, ot children's As men's shoes. Must sacrifice. WH-9523. SHOE repairing shop, Westwood Village. pnone west ua. jisoaa. SUNDRIES tdrugs.) fount., cir! Ul)i. equipt. Druggist not tiec. Sac, WY-2428. SUPER Annriance Store, strategic loc. $600 mo. profit. $10.000. Box E-130. Times. THEATER. 400 seats, big profits. Sac. $1375. Turner. 909 S. L.A. TRANSFER BUS. WELL ESTAB. One of Hollywood's oldest. Must act quick. $1250. Terms. GR-7006 VARIETY store. Ions estab. Pus, Cash. Owner. 11319 sa-nta Monica Biva. VENDING. 30 sel. mint-gum. loc. $350 dn. Canaan. 1347 W. Washington. VENDING New & used mac.hs., supplies. several routes, 452 W. Venice, L,A, VENDING, buy Irom factory. Machines or estab. routes. 1032 8. Grand. L.A. VENDING much, hdqtrs. We suggest Mast. Toy Venders, 1356 W. Washington YARN needlework shop, estab. over 2 yrs 800 customers, excellent rep., best whsle contacts, ample space to expand or sublease part. Center apt.-house dlst principals oniy J4u w. o HONEST person to lurnish $550 as seml-acttve a.-.soe. in electrical mfg. bus. Moderate living income assured, la worth seeing. 130H ao. HQBart EASTERN manufacturer in L.A. to locate site and lilt people to be emp. later with small Inv. to share in profits. Ans. In detail. Box G-68, Times. YOUR opport Perm, connect. Whlse. bus., going concern. $300 to bdl. '4 lnt Oood ret. Sal. to start. Box Y-265. Times. IF YOU have a good product At want national distribution quickly at nominal expens-, rail MU-7451 or Box F-80. Times $2.50 MONTHLY Manager for expanding business. $2500. Inv. Character ref. req. Box E-3, Times, CASH NOW lor Machy Garage Equipt. or any Business. 1119 B L.A PR-0908 LIVE wire pronosition. Man with ear At $soo 8475 Wilshlre Blvd. WANT $2500 for 90 days. New finance Co. Hig salary .v luture.nox r-in, limes. kl AN me. ottlie. Should earn $B5 wk. up. $450 req . return. Box F-U. Times. SEE r,d Class 125 Sun. Key another cooperative. Box E-254, Times $2500 wanted Have auto dimming device for uo Hch's 63 I. W. Helimsn Bide gUSINESS Opportunities gUSINESS Opportunities 125 KAVB sound, secured, going business, need capital fur expansion. Active partner Diefened. Bpleiulid opportunity tor young man. Consider Inactive partner Principals only. Hox y.-g;rj. i mirs. ilii iaai"will buv subsiuntial int. In ecl dixtr. right of nat'ly known tisle mink As adver. product," Box Y-2Uti. Tinier ciiawi uill RMkoe von in well estab tnU bus., selling major chain stores. Nat l. able to assume gen, jngm't. Box E-lJh Times EST A HUSHED Food Products Co. . Plenty nr.l,.r, aheH NeeA SI 110(1 Big future. O1"' alls at Interview, hox e-U','. iniirs, nix tinc'I IVkt.V linn mlllineiy. diess making shop Sunset atrip, sac. OX-OTM BUSINESSES Investments 127 Wanted TO SECURE CAPITAL ' Have you a merl'orlotis enterprise and need capital? Consult us National Corp. Service, Inc.. 412 W. nth. urn, son WILL Invest with part, equal capital In any business prt. knows thor. Musi write full details. Box F-213. Times. HIGHEST cash prices lor mdse., much., flxt., bus, all kinds, 2S8 8. I..A. MI-HU(if $5000 OR more available for good deal, What have you? 742 B. Hill, Rm. lim WE aie known to pay more cash for your business or mtg plant, ik-ossj OUR BUSINESS IS SELLING YOURS RATTRAY. 504 HOLLINGS WORTH Bide WANT to sell? Get good advice and hop. est service, Gates, HWB Crensnaw nivn YOUNG man, invest $1500 Ae services. Dc scribe fully, pox F-72. Times SOLD, sold, sold In 7 days. Try us. Be convinced. 3327 w, Pico, KU-92JI. DESIRE open rest or guest home, need house At furn. Let a co-operate. DR-3H56, CASH FOR YOUR BUSINESS OR PART NERSHIP 1607 W. 9 ST. DR-9I9B. WANT lease with option going bovs' schoul ONE to $4000, invest in good business. E Rmlth. li)B0 Cedar. Long Beach, MOST cash for inarliy.. misc. stocks. Oar eqpt. 2414 8ANTA FE. JE-8178. FINANCING ETC. 128 Stockg, Bonds, for Sale, Wanted IF your project merits financing, see Relnliarni. 5225 Wilshlre. YO-U59 H0TEt APARTMENT 129 and income Leasee fifi-RM. ant., remodeled, redecorated Ar newly furnished I yr. ago. $2200 puis you In possession. Don't fall to see this. TU-4254. HAVE several good hotel and apt. leases for sale. Coykendall 1301 Wilshlre. DR-7111. HOTEL. 35 rms down town loc. 5-year lease, receipts $550. Will sac. If taken today. io vv. 7 ar 76-RlvlT anl. furn. As lease 4 yrs 9 mos Rent $4.80 a rm. Inc. $1000. Nets $500 Ac apt, nne loc. Barg. $7500 req. ex-41.12 FURN. As lease. 62 rm., 16 bath, west-side downtown hotel; lease $300. 8 yr. Nets $500 mo. Pr. $5600. Trms. MO-10104 60-RM. mod apt , well furn. W.S. Clr. $.IM. $4200 54 r. clr. $250, $3200. 23 r.. $1750. 25 r. $1800. 616 S. Figiieroa, 17-RM. hotel, leaie. Rent $50. Price $600, Hennlni'.scn Co.. 1810 W. 7!h. EX-8692. 60 RM, HOTEL. CLEARS 400 MO. Price $5000, Martin Co.. 522 W. 9th. 24 UNITS. Furnished lease. Excellent con. dltlon. Nets $260 per mo. TR-2911 30 RM. hotel, downtown. Rent $125 Price $2000. 618 3. Figucroa. TR-623 5 60-RM hotel, close In. Nets $500 mo Pr $5000. ' dn. Belden. 326 W. 3. 60 RMS For Lease Furnished. Ultra Modern. Small Bonus. 907 W. Bth St 19 UNIT Apt. house. University dlst. Price $3500. terms. 522 W. 9th, 42 RMS, Ae apt. In $450 Pr. $2750. 22 mis., inc. $300. $800 dn. 1130 W. 7. I W, CASON. Hotel Broker MU-0020. 512 Rowan Bldg.. 5th Ae Spring sts W T FITZPATRICK CO Hotel A: AdI Broxers. 2324 W 8 St EX-4132. LEASED FURN. NO BONUS. 66 Rms. 30 apt. Call at 707 8 Bonnie Brae, 63-RM. Beauty. Clears $525" mo Make Offer. Donnelly Co.. 625 W 9th. HOTEL, 40 rm. 50't, bath. Good Inc. Close In. Dandy 5-yr. lse. 721 W. 9 St. 36 APT. Rentals. New 5-yr. lse. at $250. Inc. $800, Money maker, 719 8, Alvarado, 17-ROOM hotel 3-yr lease. Rent $50. Pr $600. terms, 905 3, Alvarado. 23 APTS 8 yr. Lease. Income $865. Beaut, furn.. dinette. Make offer. 410 VV 9th. 12 APTS. St-ls. As dbls. Priv. baths. Clear S225 mo. Price $2800. 1732 W. 7 St CAFE, mod . all licenses, nr. town. $2500 lull pr. Good car part paymt. 1004 W. 9 HootMing-linuse Leases l.'lil 11 ROOMS, home As $125 Inc. Sell furn. easy terms or lease Xurn. 3201 Castcra Ave.. Olendale. Ph, Kenwood 8518. 9 RMS., furn. Nice tliruout. Elect, washer, good home. $475 lull pr. Own. 1004 W. 9 St. 10 RMS.. 2 baths, lovely place $800. $400 down. MUST SELL. DR-0413, 14 ROOM, 2 yr. Lease. Water 1'ald. Net BS Pay $500 and move In. 410 W. 9th. 20 RMS., clears $100 mo. Ac owner's apt. 2 yr. lse. $950 full pr. 904 8. Hope. 12 RMS. Best Wilshlre Dlst. IS'ow full. Oood lease. Kent As pr. rignt. ea-uh-. 11 RMS. hskp. Good home As Income. Very reasonable. Priv. owner, 539 Crocker. It) RMS,, lease. Real home As inc. Close In-Leaving city. Owner. 247 W. 28. RI-1B35. 8 ROOMS. 2 baths, good furn. Ac Income. Owner. 1949 Park Grove ave. ki-9925. 12 RMS.. 7 gars. Lease. INCOME $140. A BARGAIN, TERMS. 1314 WILSHIRE 14 RMS. Rent ONLY $30. GOOD INCOME. Snap price $650. Terms. 840 B. Union 12 RMS. Rt. $3 rm. Clears $75 As apt. Oood furn. $750 req. 1283 W. Adams. $550 FULL pr. Owner must sac. Inc., $126 Lease, rent. $35. 2707 3, HOBART. 14-RM. Owner leaving city Inc. 1145, Long lease. Make offer, 522 W 9 18 RMS. Lease. H. A: C. water $170 inc. $600 req. or lair otTer. 1029 w. 24. 14 RMS. Long lse., $39 Rent. A-l Inc. pav an. shoo. Move in. znn a. Vermont 14 RMS, 3 baths, apts. As h.w Rt. $47 Snap. $550 dn. 2674 S. Vermont. 13 RMS. W Lake. Clears $100. 2-yr. lease. Low rent. $600 req. 1926 W. 7th St. 15 RMS., well furn. Close in. A good inc. for a couple. Owner, 1411'j 8. Flower. ?ASE & furn. 11 rentals. Inc. $164. Rent $37.50- $1050, cash "r terms, nt-iw... 10 RMS. $750. Inc. $190. Leaving, must sell at once. Owner, 1525 S. Western, 0 L AND MINING 132 VALUABLE placer property under State supervision. Motner i.oqe nisi., ureai. opportunity. Property completely equipt for oper. Want $30,000 additional funds for pay roll & current exn. Guar, preference lOO'.i, 1st ret'irns. High class bus. oper. No promotional activity. Right, party may assist manage. Box F.-I54. Times, PROVEN Hydraulic Mine. Owner needs small amount additional capital to put on production immediately. Complete report on property made by well known mining engineer. Liberal proposition. Address Box W-105. Times. EL SEOUNDO. BLOCK 69 PROVEN DRILLING SITE SELL OR MAKE DRILLING DEAL. S H. Kllgore. Ph. west Ij.a xiihh HAVE lease As drilling equipment Wilmington. Want parties to join in flnanc- 1IIB well, VA-JJMB. GOLD mine, new mill: need operatiue money. Liberal division. FI-4323. or Box F-140, Times, DIULL sites in Wilmington As Umilla tm-mediate delivery. Zastrow, 229 E, Anaheim. Wilmington. Ph. 1060. . NEED CAPITAL? Consult National Corp Service. Inc. Room 508. 412 W. 6th OIL lease bargain, well drilling. $500. all or part, owner, box r-vi. Times. WANT shallow oil acreage to drill. Not peddle. Hox w-73. Times AM interested in 2000 ac. In fee, with oil possibilities. Box E-253. Times. OIL d faults located. I own production Geo: Miller. 1548 Post, Torrance. FUEL Oil. 25,000 bbls. mo., sell all or part priced right. Box E-I36. 'limes, REFINERY needs light crude. Top bonus paid. Fin. resp. box K-i.rr. Times 10 ACRES adjoin oil lease, nr. Bakersfleld. Genuine oppty. Box F-88. Timse. 40 ACRES. Kern County, shallow, semi-proven. TU-4578. H EIRS & LECATEES 139 HEIRS Cash for legacies At trust funds. 654 8. Dunsmuir. Room 104. YO-3715. DAN DUNN DID VOU CLOSE THE SLIDING PANELS BEHIND YOU V I ARE UPSTAIRS 7- -- 1 ""MERE I ""VOU WIUU 9 T IUU . YOU ' kl , VUtT ttl IVfc. J 'A-, J 7 A r M BE TORTURED THIS f FIEND IXV vfS FIRSTV f N, y Ljl'JI T. . Y - v r w . night j Jt0A sL ) 1 jgg -iJ JJONEY TO LOAN 140j "METROPOLITAN WAY" LOANS SINCE 1922 AUTO PAID FOR OR NOT F URNflTURE CONFIDENTIAL APPRAISAL 'Auto Loan Schedule Cah to you. . You repay monthly. $100 $10 25 for 12 pi os, $150 i . $12 20 for 15 mos. $200 $13 93 lor 1R mos. $250 $17,28 for 18 mos. $300 $20.62 for 18 mos. $j00 $34 no for 18 mos, INCLUDING Fire t: Theft Insurance for Borrower. $25 Deductible Collision. May be Included for an tverage cost of 60c per mo. METROPOLITAN FINANCE CORPORATION 2432 So. Figueroa St. Pn-5144 TR-5144. OALTON' LOANS AUTOMOBILE 1 R5R S. Flstieroa, cor 9th. Mf-6305 732 Wilshlre. cor. Flower VA-3718 1522 N La Brea. HE-4118 194 W Colorado. Pasa. TER 4074 8th gi American, Long P'aeh 666428 10th A Broadway. San Diego FT131 OALTON5 LOANS Auto Furniture Salary COMMERCE FINANCE ft INV. CO 1514 S. Figueroa RI-0141 Just OfT Venice Blvd. Free Parking. AUTO S25 SALARY FURN. Up TRUCK "LOANS ON OUT OP STATE CARS." TAYLOR FINANCE CO.' 1147 N. VINE. OR-2101. 1349 S. BROADWAY. PR-8381. Open EVES, to 9 p m, Sunday 5 P in. lst&2dMtg. Loans On vacant lots, homes, acreages, etc. $100 Ac up. MONEY SAME DAY. Auto, furniture, machinery, stocks, etc. 1000 S. Grand. AUTOBANK, PR-9391. SWO Hollywood Blvd. OL-6167. FURNITURE Ar AUTO LOANS DEAL WITH O. S DONALDSON 2212 S FIOUEROA. PRo'Pect 8371. S A SCHERER Borrow by pnone. ulo At furniture PRospect l7i On Automobiles 141 Universal Auto Loan Co. 5961 PACIFIC. HTG PK. KI-6650. FIRST INDUSTRIAL LOANS COST LESS. 653 50. spring st iKinuy oiai. On Diamonds & Jewelry 142 A. B. Cohn & Established Over 60 Years DEammctxd Jewelry Loans LIBERAL CASH LOANS GRANTED AT LOWEST RATES RENEWALS AND TIME EXTENSIONS MADE. NO ADDED CHARGES NO CO-SIGNERS REQUIRED BANK VAULT PROTECTION SPECIAL WOMEN'S DEPARTMENT ALL BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL. DIAMONDS ALSO BOUGHT 411 W. 7th St. THIRD FLOOR PHONE TR-7464. We Loan the Most Diamonds - Watches Jewelry - Silverware NO LOAN TOO SMALL NO LOAN TOO LARGE Lowest Interest Rates 14 Months to Repay PROVIDENT 706 So. Hill St. ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR OVER OWL DRUG STORE LIBERAL LOANS LOWEST RATES ON DIAMONDS. JEWELRY. TABLE SILVER A; FURS. COURTEOUS. PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL Ladles' Dept. Estab. In L.A. since 1903. MARKVVKLL As CO 05 Foreman Bldg 7th A- Hill TT1-V"ll CASH ON DIAMONDS-JEWELRY Foreman. 6331 Holly wd Blv Rm 206. Fnmltnre Loans 14.'5 "WlaeiTYoirDon't Know Where To Turn" Turn to TURNER LOAN CO. "The Loan Woman. AUTOS FURN. SALARY 1449 N. VINE HE-31S1. ONE HOUR SERVICE Quick Personal Confidential CALL MR YOUNG PR-2308 Harrison Finance. PAY ALL BILLS WITH ONE LOAN. "Helpful Plan for the Needful Man." Family Finance Plan. HE-1194 JOANS ON SALARIES 144 ANCHOR ' New Personal Loan PLAN $10 TO $300 1. The Anchor Plan has been scientifically devised to meet the needs and convenience of the small loan borrower. 2. Your own signature and security is all that is required. 3. Loans may be repaid to suit your convenience, for example, a loan of $200 may be extended over a period of 20 months. 4. Immediate action )s given your application. Just phone Michigan 4155. 5. When you deal with Anchor you have all the information before you borrow. ANCHOR FINANCE CO. "Friendly help in stormy weather" 330 SUBWAY TERMINAL BLDG. 417 So. Hill St. Phone MI-4155. CUT THIS AD OUT lor comparison with other rates. ' On Your Signature Only. Up to 20 Months to Repay. No Co-makers. SPECIAL $110 LOAN you pay " S2.73 . weekly for one year. rOU RECEIVE $110. No deductions. Monthly rate If desired. .Garfield Loan Co. 403 W 8th St.. Room 702. TR-5301. Frea narking S.W. cor 8th Ac Olive. $10 to $100 on your signature only. Mr. Mitcneu. 315 w. Htn. Km. iil. "mmmmm4 DON'T WORRY HEH.HEH.'7 SCREAM pi the irons S I 1 VES- If THEY WILL BE )HELPM yOUR HEAD OFF, I 1 I are ready, AH, BRING ' I Jthevare I UNABLE TO FINpyHELP. FOOLNOT A SOUND I j V wonq tu THEM TO ME J ill.-. f - WM - t.m ALI MP !& I 1 3 A WtAJIII MA. Sklf. t) I r CLOSEDBUT I ima 3tV.rXb I imal9 V-Ars UU r-t-ArU tmmt,l rr . i A HIUU PKMnw fl the pouce iFv PLACE-- y DAN DUNN BEYOND THESE WALLSVX7 V; V THIS STOUT I OANS ON SALARIES 144 2-WEEK PLAN Borrow $10, repay 110 60. Arao Loan, S42 H Broadway, Rm 709, $o UP arranged Your slunuttne only. Piyio loan P9, 4 yi a n:i( Kin , 667, $10 TO tloo ariaiiiicd on yum siaiialure. LOYAL FINANCE. 607 8 ll, Rm. 308 CONVfDEN'.TAL SALARY LOANS Colonial Credit Co.. 707 8 Hill Rm 620 REAL ESTATE LOANS 150 5 MILLION AT 5 That's what oiler for 1938 LONO TIME LIBERAL LOANS 17 91 per mo. per thousand includes interest repays entire loan In ISO months we are ma Kins very nnerai loans residential As small Income, construct non or rennance. uur appraisal ib oaarq on new advanced real estate values. All details A) inspection without obligation Just call BEVERLY HTLLfl SECURITIES CO. 453 N. Rodeo Drive WO-82103. "Mortgage Loans." ' OX-7Q93, AVj and 5 Homes, apartments, business property. Nn appraisal or escrow Ices, Loans; placed with PENN MUTUAL LIFE INS CO. Mavelock C. Boyle 610 Rmndwa Stnr Bldg. MI-077B. LIBERAL APPRAISALS NO FEB FOR BETTFR CONSTPnCTTON and KtMnnnts rrr Syndicate Mortgage Co. 51 Q W, SIXTH ST. VA-?:iH4 4'2 5 No Commission Business Property or Homes R. A. ROWAN & CO. Loan Correspondent for The Connecticut Mutual Life Ins Co. 300 Rowa n Blritf. 5th A; Sore. TR-0131 4V2 LOANS 5 PRIVATE MONEY Straight or i.mort imc loans on HOMES APARTMENTS FILLING STATIONS BUSINESS PROPERTIES Quick action No appraisal fee. John H MKT DRUM CO. HE-6963. 1st & 2d Mtg, Loans $100 UP MONEY SAME DAY 1000 8. Grand AUTOBANK PR-9391. 5000 Hollywood Blvd. OL-6167, F.H.A. Construction--Ref!nance LOW COST, COURTESY TO BROKERS Syndicate Mortgage Co. 510 W. 6 ST, VA-23S4. NO APPRAISAL FEE o HOMES. APARTMENTS. BUSINESS WINTER INVESTMENT CO 315 W 9TH ST. TR-3071. Correspondent New York Life Ins. Co. 48-HOUR APPROVAL 5 5 "a 6'. WESTERN SERVICE CORPORATION 626 SO SPRING ST. MI-3231. Pasadena Br. 377 E. Green Terrace 2377 Corresn. METROPOLITAN LIFE Ins. Co FOR PROMPT ACTION ON 5".. NO COMMISSION money. Call TR-3776. Pasadena and Beverly Hills. ZEnith 3776. THE JOHN M C MARBLE COMPANY. 609 South Grand Ave. COST ESTIMATES NO CHARGE Prompt appraisals Monthly payments Long terms Best Interest rates. Consult us on construction Ac refinancing loans. 416 W. 8 St Rm. 910. TR-6314. LIBERAL LOANS 5'S, STRAIGHT AND AMORTIZED INQUIRIES INVITED. NO OBLIGATION Dwyer Curlett. Inc. 437 S. Hill. MI-8668 LOCAL Life Ins. money or F.H.A. loans. No commission. RALPH O. WOLFF CO. 6233 Wllshire Blvd. YO-2121. ' PRIVATE FUNDS $1000 to $40,000. For home, apt, or business property. FREE APPRAISALS. QUICK ACTION MOYER. 412 Rowan BldgJ MU-8505. CONSTRUCTION AND REFINANCE LOANS SS low as 6", . STANDARD FEDERAL SAVINGS ti LOAN ASSOCIATION. 735 S OLIVE MI-2331 LOANS INCOME PROPERTIES 4'a' General American Life Ins Co 5 811 W. 7TH ST TR-9394 BEVERLY HILLS MORTGAGE CO. 5' Business Income Residence 6". Oxford 21339532 BRIGHTON WAY. PRIVA1E MONEY as low as 5', FREE APPRAISAL. Consider any DISTRICT. 446 3. Boyle. AN-5110 PRIVATE money, any aint., low int.. no onus, on good nomes or income propcr- ne;, f u. box 15L'6. Hollywood Sta. S3o00-S 15.000 5-otj'e, So west domes or income Pico or Wilshlre Way district. Evarts, 604 Van Nuys Bldg VA-9259 WILL buy or make 1st loans on Southwest nomes. quick action, own tunos K. J Ton. 4926 So Vermont Ave. TH-3136, LADY HAS $7500.00 Will loan on homes or duplex. CALL WY-2121. Call TU-4515 PLENTY PRIVATE MONEY , Wm. McBurney Jr.. 516 Pershing Sn. Bldg WILL refinance or increase your present loan w. or s.w. My priv funds. 6-7' $1500 up. Liber, apprs, MI-7543. PL-4569 HOMES AND APARTMENTS No Appraisal Fee BOWLER CO. RE-7753. RIV. 5 As $500 to $50,000. Homes, flats As bus. prop. Free appraisals. Lock-hart A- Son. 3.ri4 S Soring Mr.fl140 Private. 5 or to $35,000 will come As see you loaay. straight or mo. paymt. Old or new YO-3511 WO-6223X CONSTRUCTION As refinancing. 5 to 6 '.a K ft. Biieiow. 5757 Crenshaw VE-2171 PRIV to S50.000. No amort Imp. Ous or apt Krohn Co DR-B366 609 8 Vermont. W. I HOLLINGS WORTH As CO. MI-3111. Realtors 606 S. Hill. $150,000. PRIVATE MONEY. FE-3522, M. K. BroiiBhall. 445 S. Berendo St. LOANS $1000 up. lowest rates, prompt service. Courtesy brokers. KI-6656. 5 As 5'iri NEW consriicton, refinance, Thomas Mta 810 S. Spring. VA-5171, S'e PRIVATE MONEY 6' SEE TODAY. NO CHARGE. OR-3540. LOWEST RATES, LOWEST COST E. L. McCormack. FI-812Q $25 TO $5000 As buy T.D.'S any dist. H. P. Hant;. 328 W 3rd. Rm. 517 MU-3575. PRVT. funds S.W. homes, No appr. fee Mr. Beruey. 4700 Cimarron. VE-3878. LARGE ranch loans, orlv. money. Krohn Co., 609 S. Vermont. DR-8368. J)EBT ADJUSTMENTS lTTNDETSM"Tiio1iaTi reatl. 112 W 9th Rm. 924 TR-7707. MORTGAGES Trust Deeds 151 A Real Estats Bonds, Sale or Wtd. $848. 2nd T.D. $25 mo. 6? . Owner s home 4th Ave Near vernnn, uost, siouo. isi $2500. Disc, 20i- AN-5110. $2000 & $1500 1st T.D. on owner's home. Best ret, E. sine prop, uones, AU-0404. HAVE a $3750 first T.D. on 7-rm 2-bath Huntinrtton Pane Dungaiow. win discount for quick cash. John Marncy. Leo P. Schnefer Co. . YO-8282. WE pay cash for 1st T.D.'s. defaulted or not NO appraisal tor quicg aciion nai Hailey Co.. 811 S. Western. DR-133B. 1ST Trust Deeds bought. Quick action. Rose. 1.146 W. Santa Bajbara. UN-2553. M0NEY WANTED 152 $500 BONUS EXCELLENT LOAN $6500. BEAUTIFUL NKW rUKBlStltU BLLH.I. Cost $15.000 Leased Ground on Wilshlre Near La Brea. Will pay $100 mthly. and SV int. Resn party. YO-7211. $1000 lr'c Modern 4 rooms home, lot 75x 290. Value $2500. Moyer. MU-8505. $1000 TO $5eXX 1ST T.D. 3 TO 5 YEARS. BT- . . AL-2550. $1250 1ST. 6ft. 3 " bonus, stucco bunga low, selling lor $2 ,50 near Figueroa as Manchester. AN-5119. . $2000, Vaft kst T.D. Bev H. line home. Subj. life estate, vai. $6500. wh-4804. Secret Operative 48 Hf HEH.HEH'7 SCREAM VALID Mr-AD OFP TELEPHONE MADISON 2345 M NEY WANTED 152 $2250. 7 At BONUS. My nrf -im. home. A.I dlt 1'iOI W Flnrenre PL-4H1, duo. 1st T.LV7 quarterly 3 houses lot, A-l roiimnou. $2800, PAY .'. co. Phi, nar As Bonus. New tl-iui aUir. 1 5 1 1 W. Floiei.ce. TtV-0207 SJlliio At $2250 J vrs. on good in- mine property 2.'23 Maple 3..00 IS'f 'i'.D at oil 2-My., 3 H,i hi an. West district vtY-K!'lH $.1,1006'-. OWNERS 6 ROOM HTUCCO, fine CONDITION OH.KlJ $3; .00. Owners 7-rtn. stucco. LIKE NEW Excellent locatloii, GH 3540 $Sj0. 7,.. Ul T.U. P $4(1 mo. Owners New B rm, i'.iqi w rioren re. n.-lHl $3000 1ST trust deed. exccP.eiu corner 11-rooiii home As Income. 3201 Casters ate,. Glendnle. vn Kenwood hub $60007',' 4-fannly ipaituient. Like nrw Inrome $1)0. WO-A3(i5fl. $7000 Mod stucco 4 Hat bldg, near ralrfax Ave. inc. $160. Moyer. MU-SM5 onigKMO Gilt edae 1st TD. 6''- on ib furn apts Inc. $365 mo. WF-5157 .rr.Tvf 1ST T.D. 5 y.. " amor 3 qtrly, 1507 S. Holt Av. New fiat. OR-1413 $10,000 wanted from private party for con st ruction loans. Good bonus As Interest, fully guaranteed. FH.A commitments. 1350 Marao St (Between Olive As Grand ave) PR-8665 $12,000 for one year on $50,000 unqiies. Honed security. 6'i, PAYABLE MONTH-LY Box W-106. Times. $18,000 for mkt . stores, gas sta. Auto camp; fast growing desert city. Good inc., security. TW-H!I76. alter 6 P M $18,500. 3 or 5 yrs. 6'. amorliu $185 prr niontn. VA-innH he-uhii. SW.OOO Improved Main St. properly. 65x125 -Income $10.000. Moyer. MU-H,',05. $50,000, 2nd T.D biibject new 4,4". instir co loan Cham store tenant, prom cor 100 retail sect. Box Z-8. Times. $50,000. PRIVATE money Fine security. Inc. property Box G-!iO. Times. S.iO.OOO. SOUND, safe inv. assuring ex. ret urns Bank ref. Box E-251. Times If you are interested in loaning money at 1 per month, amply secured, address Box Y-210, Times MFGR, model nueing complete industrial line Willi pal. pending wants expansion capital. Principals only. PR-3'.)81 SX PER. bldi ' $25,000 to help finance Blda. proj. In niaj. dist, Invest, return. As profit shared 50-50. Box F-123. Times. WANT $5.'00 loan, private money. 12 rm, duplex. Nr. Hollywood Blvd. Ac La Brra. Brnner. OX-8019. WANT $2500 private loan on 2-sly. 9-rm, house. 48th st. West of NJrmandle. I'xer. WO-62821 PRIVATE lunds for several well selected cnrefnlly appraised R E, loans TR-6314, BUILDER will pay $100 for use of $500 for short period, wa-027 sun. or eves. HOUSES FOR SALE. . 165 11 Miscellaneous 11 ROOM home with $125 inc. Sac. quick sale! Easy terms. 3201 Castera. Corn. Verdiieo Rd . Olendale. Kenwood B5I8. BARGAINS IN REBUILT HOMES L. A. HOMES CO.. 411 W. 5 VU-5327. 630 S. Lucerne. 5 bedrms . priced rntht. Kells As Grant. 647 8 Western FE-4121. OUR BANK PROPERTIES on Easy Terma. Properties. Inc. 736 S Hill MA-7?U $lb.r)0 3 bdrni. frame. 2-car tat. $550 cash. bal $15 mo. 616 S. Figueroa W ilshire. -Mitlwcst. West 7 Bedrooms Cheap! This fine mansion on W. Adams, near 9th Ave. Fine for Rest Home. Marvelous condition. One of besi on street. Micht trade Mr. Lake. YO-S282. PRETTY Spanish stucco of 6 rooms. In Westwood. west of 20ib Century Fox Studios, A eood buy HI-7261. 10 RMS. 2 baths. Corner. Just repaired, f'lii price $6250. 1S. Handles. BLISS CO.. 719 S. Alvarado. EX-9431. NEW 1 story English home, 7 r.. 3 baths. Exclusive. Open. S.E. cor. uienoarr ave. A- Wlcklow Road. Cheviot Hills. 444 N. BEACHWOOD. Beaut. 2-siory stuc co. 4 bedrms., sj cams, comp recono. Cor. lot nr. everything. Open. WY-3176. 60-FT. frt bus. prop. 6-rm. rise. High land FK. loc. ior ocauty parior or tea rm. 105 8 Ave. 57. Kenwood e.344. OWNER'S forced sale, studio, duplex cor.. A; 7 rms. Small payment dn.. bal. like rent, fine loc 404 N Poinsett ;a Fl. 119 S. Highland. 2 sty. Spanish, like new $14,500. easv terms. Call Central Realty. 707 8. Bdway. YA-1212 4'.:i0 S7.VI DN. 3 bedrm. Span. stuc. like new. Patio, lily pond. Yd. end. stucco wall. Reaiitv. Sac 5,01 W. P'.co. BEAUT. 7 Rm, Spanish Stucco. 3 Bedrm. 2 Bath; Cor. lot Close to Pico. Rfal buy Open. OR-0203 1568 POINT VIEW. NEW WILSHIRE HOME 1137 SO RIDOELEY. OPEN. LARGE 6-rm. mod. stucco. 3 bdrms.. $500 cash. $4000. 2017 Sunset, ri-1129. OWNER will sacrifice nearly new 2 bedim Monterey. $3275. HI-7627. BEAU. 6 rm. stucco bung., siall shower. $ 4 MO. EZ tms. Kev 4339 W. Aciums. $.;0. Newly dec. 6 rm. bui'.S. Stall slir.. patio, 445 N. Flores. Open. YO-7108. $4)00 BUYS 7 rm. bums. 1501 Crest Drive. L.A. Foss. Owner. TR-6681. Agents list. $2500 FR. ounslo. 4 extra large rms. N Vendome. Dbl. gar. Workroom. FI-1141 NEW MODERN 6 RM. BUNGALOW, 1559 CARDIFF. Open 10 to S. OWNER, FOR INCOME BARGAINS SEE A S Epstein. 3925 W. 6. EX-1161. SEE 122 S. OCCIDENTAL. OPEN. Owner. 3920 Wilshlre. FI-3145. $6830. DRASTIC cut from $7450. Lovely '-rm.. 2-bath home. U. heat. 6526 w, 5 $4950. New priv. bit. Monterey 2 B.R. tirepl. NT. school, 2517 S. Rooertson. S395 DN. $3950. a rm. stucco, like new. Selils.. mkts. Bycrs. 5200 w, Pico. OK-4H0, CHARMING New Bung, $5975. $1375 cash, S46 mo. inc. taxes. 1421 s. uoneny ur. CASHOUT 3 bedims. 2 baths, buns. U, heet, Drexel. nr. Fairtax. pa-2107. BEST 5-rm. buy L.A Hi dist. Ven. blinds, col. tile Dbl. gar. $5500. YO-5121. $3250 5-rm. frame. 2 bedrm. $500 dn. Bal. $30 mo. exci. conn. m Kooertson. 317 S. Kenmore Ave. 10 rm. 3 B. $15,000 Eurle Axley. n;5 w. B. VA-93H9. NO-W.ik $7400 Newly dec. 3 bedrm., 2 bath home, nn. nt b:oo Maryland Dr. ul-oj'-'L'. 4848 OAKWOOD. SPECIAL PRICE. 7 rm bungalow, 3 bdrm. Tile bath. Open 1-5. ALVARADO St nr. fith. 8 rms $7500. Fine tor doctor or business. ort- ,ooi 7 RM. mod stucco. 3 bedrm,, 2 ba. Patio. R. A. Rowan As Co.. TRlmly 0131. SEE 4301 Parva. 9-rm. Spanish. Kells As Grant. 647 S. Western. FE-4I21 521 SO. HOBART. 9-rm frame. $7150. EZ terms. F Fischer. TR-3301. PRICE cut to $7750. home A: income. Tms. 12 lg. rms. owner, loai a. Moit ave. 3822 INGRAHAM 10-rm. frame $6950 terms. F. Fischer, tk-jjui NEW 5 Room Home, $3850; Only 10'. down. 8471 W, 3rd street. yo-7104. 716 S. St. Andrews PI, 9-rm. stucco. $6950 terms, F Fiscner. th-3jui, 8-RM. frame. 4 bedrms. 1828 S. Manhattan Pi $5950 terms at .vs., NO-ovt. 10'. DN. 8-rm 948 S. Gramercy PL $6500. L. A. HOMES. 411 w. . mui 5365 DOCKWEILER PL. 7-rm. mod. stuc. $5450 terms. Michaels. TK-JJOl 9-RM., 2-story stuc. 4 bedrms,. 2'i baths. lot 60x150. SHOOO. terms. Jl arrt svr 154 S. BEACHWOOD. Unusual Med. 2-st.v Beaut, terraced garden. oii-man. 10-RM. Hancock Pk. home, $40,000. R, 0, Williams. 3715 Wilshlre. DR-7171. $3950-$37 MO, New 5-rm. Span. SmI. dn. pay. Stoil Bldg, uorp., mvaj vy. t-ico. 9 ROOMS. 5 beds, near Ambassador. B ?.one. $5625. EX-1549. a.rn.s. 9-RM. home. N Marteil, laree lot. recon ditioned. Modern, pr s'.qou. we-iiui. 2-STY'.. 4 bedrm. home. Hancock. $17,500. Roy C. Burton. 4011 wusnire rE-U7i. 1070 S PLYMOUTH, Open 2 to 5. 7-nn.. 3 bedrms. Perfect eond. 500 S. KINGSLEY. 13-rm. English. $12,500 terms, r. riscner. tk-jjui. BEST BUY IN TOWN. $6000 5 bedroom home. Terms 1015 s. St. Andrews. 2-STORY. 4-bdrra. between Wilshlre & Ol ympic, nr La Brea, S7950, YO-3151, 7-RM. Spanish, 3 bedrm. Frig. U. ht. 2 Din,, 2 gar, inciosea yam, patio. rij-oju 35950. $800 dn. $59 mo. 6 rms.. 3 bedims.. nr Beverly As Power. Forecl. WrH-4553. 10 RM. Dbl. Bung. $6500. Clean. Well rented Oood location. WE-5372. HANCOCK PARK; 7 rms. $7950. 2 lull baths. Unit heat. Ill S. Poiasettla PI. $3950, Easy terms. 3 bedrm. bungalow. 2636 S. palm prove, upen. wx-ipio. 246 NO. ARDEN, cor. Bev. BAd..2 story modern home. Price of lot. WY-2177. OUSES FOR SALE 165 WlWiire, .Mi.lweM, UV. HANCOCK PARK SPIICIAL 1 1-Rm. Spanish Stucco $25 000 10!) Sn. MeCadden An extra line home of modern ai ihileeiure and exclusive design, Mlcllrsl lype ever detail inrliidins maaiilllcent entry ha I large living rm library, bkfat. rm . sun rm . sewing room, & bearms., 4 baths. 3-ear Barate. AM newly renovated and redecorated Sp.icloua srouuds. Liberal lerms, oi'kn. L. A. HOMES CO.. 411 W. 5. MU-5327 BEAU TJFUL ITALIAN H OM E 102 SO NORTON AVE. 10 Rms., 1 bedrms.. 3' j baths, larje cor ner lot, pool, badminton court, price renucea ior quicg sale. MR. OOFORTH OR MRS MEYER THE FRANK MELINE CO. 4128 WILSHIRE BLVIJ. EX-1132. A DIGNIFIED HOME ON NORTH HIGHLAND 4 bedrooms. 3 baths J-storv Monterey wtlh large solarium Beautiful grounds, house in excellent condition. $14,500 Terms arranged, MI-2U5 CASH IN On this 7-rm, 3-bedrm 2-bth stucco. Rrcond. Can arrange $4800 FH.A loan. $1000 net buys this eqtv Open 347 N. Orlando, nr. Fairfax A- Bev It CL-W360. W ES I LAKE nr Beverly. Newly decorate 5-bedrm. home. Ideal tor roomers, tile bath, screened porches, double garage, paved alley, unit neat see Kosenbeis JUNIOR REALTY CO 1301 Wilshlre Blvd. flR-71lf. FOR SALE BY OWNER, beautiful 2-storv Migiisu nome, located Dei. 3rd st Ac Bev erly Bivo in Hancock park 4 bedrms., 3 tile baths. 3-car gar. Lane lot Own. er must sell Prospective buyers call OK-D7(io for price At terms 1010 NORTH OXFORD (l-rm. bungalow Elec refng Colored tile sing. Basement Real neo'.ace. All in good condition Price $4950 Terms Open lor inspection, 2 to 5 F. A LaFond. FI 3145 MR. or Mrs., vou wunL a home on Rum part Blvd. near 2nd. 13 rms. Lot 7&xuo in A-l condition, baths. Gars Lot value $9740 Inc. $1020. Full price $9500 $2000 casn win nannie. Time is limited at tms price, Crescent Rlty Co 705 8 Rampart 100 8. ROSSMORE AVE Beautiful, well built, large Italian home. Lot 200x200. Priced at only a small part of true worth. Open 1-5. RALPH O. WIL-LIAM3 CO.. DR-7171. TRANSFERRED EAST Must, sell charming 2-story tnsllsh homi at 1051 So. Rldgeley. 8 rms. 4 bedrms., 3 baths Open afternoons FE-3156. $600 OR more cash At $60 monthly buys brand new S-rm.. 2-bedrm. bungalow on quiet, secluded at South of. but near Olympic As L.A. High. Principals only. See own.. 140 N. I.archmont Blv. HE-1121 439 NORTH ARDEN BLVD. A STEAL AT $6750 Terms. Do not disturb tenants. CALL GEORGE SMITH. OR-444F. 340 S. NORTON, S7500 2-story, 5 bedrooms. Redecorated. Open dally or phone MU-3181. NEAR WINDSOR SQUARE Good. New England Colonial, like new. Center hall. 4 bedrms.. 3 baths. $10,500. FE-3158. MODERN COLONIAL. 2 story. A-l conri. 9 big rms.. 5 bedrms.. 3 baths. Newest dec. Ven. blinds. Louvre doors. Varant. 442 S ALEXANDRIA. By owner. OPEN. IMAGINE! a 6 rm. stucco Bung at 444 S. citrus. iew blks otl wusnire. at only $6950! New MOOO loan. Open F. J. Buckley Co. 5060 Wilshlre. WH-113I L. A. HIGH DISTRICT. $4500. Small cash paymt., bal. terms. Newjy dec. 1231 8 Mullen. DRexel 2277. Chas. O Andrews Co . 3723 Wilshlre. HANCOCK PARK English tvpe home. 4 bedrms.. 3 baths, sun porch, library, small paymt, dn hoi, like rent. 151 N Highland. VA-5171, 604 AND 606 SO ARDEN BLVD. WINDSOR SQUARE'S FINEST NEW 2-STORY HOMES 7 RM.. 3 BDRM , 7'a BATH EACH OPEN 10-5. OR-6B71 SEE THIS TODAY 7 rm . 2 bath, all modern features Excep. well built Like new $6750 Will trade 1636 So Corning. YO-1427. $395 down. New 5-rm Monterey 2-car garage On 50-ft. lot. fenced Dual furnace, tile stall shower, chimes, plank floors "917 Watseka Bldr.. OR-6097 2 SACRIFICES. 148. 168 S. FORMOSA, 1 -story As 2-story Each 7 lame rms. 2 baths U. heat. Entry halls. Modern. Near 3rd St. As La B-ea. OR-1064. OWNER compelled to sell beautiful home. Hancock P.irk. 9 rooms. 5 bedrooms. 3 baths. Best cash offer takes It No joke Phone WY-5272. 3 BEDROOM BUNGALOW. Located on WILTON PLACE. Just So. of Melrose. Onlv $4750 terms. CALL MR. BARRON VA-5171. 1009 SO. ST. ANDREWS II rooms. Good condition. A real buy. WA-1261. $17,500 Wilshire-La Brea home for $8500. 652 S. Orange Dr, Open 1-5. 7-rm., 2 hnths, U. heat. Like new. GR-27S5. 7 RM. Spanish stucco. Cor. 3 bdrm. 2 tile baths. Tile kitch. Good dist. Nr. transp. $8500. Princ. only. WO-61394. C ZONE LOC. IDEAL FOR DOCTOR! 991 3rd Ave. Cor. of Olympic Blvd. 8 rm stucco. 2 bths. Sacrifice. FE-3156. 2 HOUSES. 1-8 rm.. 4 bedrm. 1-4 rm., 4 bedim $6300. 441 N. Lake As 2206 Plata. Like new. FE-3028. OL-4739 eve 8 RMS., 2 baths, excellent cond. Entire sun patio mnde of voilet rav glass, Reas. car gar, owner. WA-4S4B. pn. Mon.. 531 S. WINDSOR. Fine large home. Light interiors, smartly detailed. Open 1-5. INTERCITY LAND CO. WH-1126. SETTLING AN ESTATE We offer 11th PI. nr. Burlington. 6 rms $2850. F, H. Oliver. 124 W. 4th St. TR-7854. 8S0 S. BRONSON S7750 8rm. Colonial 2 sty. $1250 dn. GL-2186. HOLLYWOOD foothills 2-story home, 4 bedroom, 3 baths. 1425 OUEENS ROAD. Thomas Mtg.. 810 S. Soring. VA-5171. $3100 SAC newly completed, 6 Ig nn., 3-car garasre COST $4200 Lowest terms A steal! 3524 Redwood ave, WH-1928 HANCOCK PARK BARGAIN 9 rms.. 3 baths. 3 gar Launuiy. maid Qtrs. $13.500. Owner. OL-6380. FI-4HI6. NEW Col. 8-rm.. 3-bath. 2 frpl., barbq. cor adi Cntrv Clnh Rest in eltv NefT A: Hurst, 3017 Motor ave. SE-2218 NEW 7-rm. Colonial bungalow, price less than cost. Open 11 a.m. to 4 30 p.m. daily. 131 South Gardner St. SACRIFICE 9-Rm. Rooming House. Furnished. Close In. $1500 down. 1016 W. 7. 612 S. Mansfield. 7-Rm. Span, 3 bdrms., 2 baths. J.B. & L.A. Ht. Open. WY-1116, $3750 7 Rm. furn house. W Adams dist. rms. Beats rent, inq. 2932 S. Vermont, $1750 DN 6221 D exel. 2 story stucco. natio. U heat, furniture. Want offer. SMALL estate, l'j A. New 6 rms.. Ige. rumpus rm. S7500. 3240 Overland ave. 147 N. POINSETTIA PL. $8800. 7 rm.. 3 B.R., 2 baths. Like new. North and Xortbwest $2500 $500 dn 2 houses. 18 rm. 3 bed rms.; 1 4 rm. 2 bdrms. Level lot 45x182. 2218 Court St. FE-3026 or OL-4739 eve. OUT-OF-TOWN OWNER SAC S-rm home. sjoou. terms. Macw.MH. OL-3708. . 5 RM stucco. $2500 $500 cash, Level lot. Hnrdwooa rlrs. 1443 Riverside Dr $3200 2 bedrms. Cor. lot. 2030 Cerro Gordo. Terms. Chas. J. Carr. GR-2374. 8"rlljisitrict 3 BEDROOM hillside residence. Beautiful view. Call OL-7516. South and Southwest j6rTNr3Ag! ST..' 50. 5-rm. frame, completely yecondl-tioned. Fenced. Term!! VErmont 9071. NEW 5 rm. stuc, tile kitch.. oath, shr., dbl gar. $500 As $40 mo. TW-2602. NEW Monterey, 5 rm. Special! $3700 total. Key 2425 W. Santa Barbara. VE-2088. 2-FAMILY HOUSE. $4200 PA-2137. INCOME $50 MONTH. $400 DN $2500. 2 bdrm. stucco, hdw. ft. kik, to ous. boib a Vermont -ny-twai, ESTATE Liquidation. 5 Ac 3 rms. $.1000, terms. Nr. schls, 7329 s, Bdwy. TW-50I0, SACRIFICE! NEW 7-RM MONTEREY, Lot 63X135, SEE 8706 4tll Ave, open. NEW 2-sty 4 bedrooms, only $8500 2 baths. Will trade. PL-8272 $3250. $500 DN. $30 mo. Extra nice 5-rm. stucco. 59 PI. 5321 Crenshaw. VE-41 16. VIEW Heights, only $6950. 3 bedroom stuc-co. VE-7459. Eves. VE-6987, VIEW Park, new 2-story, only $9975'. Terms 4207 Angeles Vista Blvd. . 3 BDRM. stucco nr. Florence. $36.50 $600 dn. Clear property. 7401 s. Vermont. 2 BEAUTIFUL homes. 6 rm. As 5 rm. Weal of Vermont. $67j0. 7Wi s. Vermont. By Norman Marsh H JANUARY 19. 1938. PART I. OUSES FOR SALE 165 Noil III ii ml Soul Invent SPECIAL TODAY! 7 ROOMS. 3 BEDROOMS Brand new, located on Van Ness, Just south of Florence ave. Folks. If you air looking for one of these forced "ales ano a real bargain, don t miss .ee.ns this beautiful home, on large 55-focii lot witn assessments paid, high elevation and surrounded by beautiful homes An for $4950 full price. $750 cash will nannie. owner. 1901 w Florence ave Hiiown even, by aunt Phone TW-221 UNRESTRICTED 8 RM. bars. $3500 Newly Diluted. Inr s.nvlS.4 1220 W. 35 St. Owner. Jones. EX-8258 VIEW Park. 7 rm.. 2 story stucco 4 yr 'n, j-rrieci view, i u nam, lurnace nea Kiiiy ;mni a.i.'i crensnaw. VE-41 1 $2JJ DOWN J new muriern 5-rm Homo Manv features All Improvements paid fin mo on balance Bliike WY-2075 $5500 tf room double. 3 rar aarace Income $70. terms, lot 60x135, need mon rv quick' inq. 1413 w. 54!h St. RMS 3 bedrms., Ige. sun rm., bkf. rm Fine eond. Dbl ear. Nice yard. $4750 i i.r-' vv, ii orive. pn. ve-6253 BEAUT. 2 story. 0 rm. mod. home Surci, Hiiciow. &707 Crenshaw, VE-217 m.'130. FULL PRICE, & Km, frame nea ntiwy, shop on. 4HIH Crenshaw. VE-422 laoa Middletou PI, H R. Recond. bung. At R. Mod, bung. 2 gar. $4775. tms. WH-5116 $2900 S rm stuc like new. lot 40x147 nr si-ins., rransp.. resir. oi.-t. pA-aorii j As 4 rms.. Jot 45x120, nr. Figueroa. How noors. tile. $4000. terms. 7329 8. Bdw 6-RM., 3-beilrui stucco, ur. lot. extia lea owrer-biillt, Terms. 6032 8. Vermont 5522 SO , WESTERN AVE.. 5-room home Sinrtuu, terms. TR-0831. 10'. UN. 2 Dctlnn. Bung. 361 W. 91t PI aiiaiu. l.a. nomes. 411 w. 9. MU-5327 OPEN 7002 4th ave. 6-rm. frame, recond i rane larger home or Income. P1.-B64 $35007 RMS., redec. 4 gar. 3617 3rd ave swop casn. Balance $35 mo. PA-4474. EXTRA nice 6-rm. home near 54 Ac West ern only $3000. E-Z tms. 5724 Western 10'. DN. 9 Kins 4712 S. Fiaueloa. $68o0 L..A Homes. 411 W. MU-5327, WANT OFFER I New ultra-modern 6 rms. aio w, 7i st, 6314 so. Bth ave. $500 Dn. Price $3500. 7-rm. Bung. See it today. 2827 S. Hobart. YO-5118. iOast MOD, 7 R. stucco. Unit heat. tile. $650 to nanoie. Aiien-Monei, wnittier. orjtlieastjim(l JljUghlandPark $2500 TO SETTLE ESTATE. 8-ROOM DOUBLE. 978 WHITE KNOLL DRIVE. $34 MO INC. MATTOON VA-5531 60-FT. frontage business property with o-rm. nouse. nne loc, for Dr. or Den list. iu5 a. Ave, or. Kenwood 6344 ILLNESS ton-. 1 li.l (i.r Mine Mill Side. BOXZHO, S500 dll. $25 mo. CA-12HI 6-RM. mod. stucco. Tile. $3950. $592.50 dn, SJ3.B4 mo, 5256 Huntington Dr. 6-RM. stuc. 2 U bdrms,. den. Gar. $2700 an., sm mo. 6183 York. AL-9575 FmIkIo Rock ll-RM. At new furn. student home, nr uxy. sbusu. tms. K-c. ill, must sell iib2 Alumni ave. Uerry. AL-5035. RMS.. 4 bdrms., aim, ht., yd., outdoo liv im. $3750, tms. 5020 Eagle Rock. AL-9507. W. C. O Connor auctions gas station 11 a.m. weg. at 43J7 a. Huntington Dr 7 ROOMS, o?50. Beautiful view. Close to car Open 10-5, See 4940 Hartwick. J RM. As 3 l in N. of Colorado nr. Eagli Rock. $3750. Tms. 5221 York. CL-61170 Southeast SI500. 6 RMS. 122R Hooner ve tlROO rips. iisj t. 47: moo 6 rms. 1200 E. 47 ims. uooowin. .'57 a. spring 5 H. plas. $2000. $200 dn., $20 mo. See bm-'B jonn Ave. Nr. Flrest. AN-18808. UOLLYWOOD PROPERTY 176 Houses Outpost Specials $9000 00 New 2 Bedrm. twin baths Unobstructed city view. $19,500. 8 rooms large living room 3 Bedrms. 3 Baths At Den. OUTPOST OFFICE 706S FRANKLIN AVE. GL-6169. Exceptional Purchase to liquidate. Will sacrifice beautiful 8 rm. house. 3 baths, unit heat. Balconies As decks. Excellent condition. Garage As fruit trees. Price $9500. Courtesy to bro kers. Open 11 to 3. 2762 Woodshire Dr Hollywoodland. 1 blk. W. of Beachwood Dr Owner, ph. WH-8886 S500 Cash S40 Per Month Buys 7-room home. 4407 Camero St. newly decorated thruout 2-car garage direct from owner nt ,44750. RE-7769 lywood's Best Buy 2-story new COLONIAL. Magnificent view 3 bedrms., 3 baths, den. 2 fireplaces easy terms. !4!io w. ut:r.w a koau $5500. 2-story. 8-room home. 4 bedrms. sleeping porch. Lot 54x135. One of the older homes In good location. Oardne st. near Sunset Blvd. HO-5821 O. L. Montgomery Co.. 7510 Sunset Blvd 415 N Martel 5-Rm Stucco $3500 751 N Spauldlng 5-Rm. Stucco. $5500 2121 Broadview Ter. 5-Rm. Stucco $5250 Free list U 8 Bldg. As Loan. OR-2191 BEST DUPLEX BARGAIN IN TOWN $5750. Terms 8 rm mod. stucco, unit heat. Tile baths, inc $83.30 uniurn 3953 Cumberland, near school. HO-3977 SACRIFICE BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED 2-STORY SPANISH 10 RMS 3 BATHfj 2-CAR GARAGE. ON NORTH MANS-FIFI n PALI. FI-0RI7 R O'CONNOR $5375. N. OF SUNSET. 6 RMS. U. HEAT V. BLINDS. DECORATED LIKE NEW NO EQUAL AT PRICE. KEY, 7615 SUN SET. $5000. 3-bedroom modern home, colored He bath. 2 blks. of Sunset As Highland $2250 handles. HE-3175 GORGEOUS hilltop home. Cost $40,000 Loan $8500 No reas. offer refused foi equity 6633 Whitley Terrace. HE-6060 RARE bargain 2 5-rm. Eng. studio homes Quiet, artistic, charm among sycamores Conv.. nr. Holly d. Bowl. GR-0859. $6500 H.OL.C. $3000. 5'. Lovely 3-yr old stucco home, furnished. $1500 dn or small home or bldg. lots. EX-7910. $4000 buys 8-room house on $8200 bus roned Hollywood Int. A real buy. Lyman W. Noyes. 5104 Wilshlre. YO-2188 $4250. 5-RM. 750 N. ALTA VISTA $500 dn. on Clinton. $40 mo. $5250. $5750. Double bung. 10-rm. YO-8233. $6750. Cost $14,000. Nearly new. Glorious 2 story. 2 colored tile oatns. u. neat. Forced sale. Key. 7292 Sunset. HI-4195 FOR few days onlyl 10-rm. good house, 100x188 Income lot nr. Harper Ac Foun tain. $12.600. Scranton. GR-3745. BUNGALOW 8 rms. 4 bdrms. $6500. Phillips. 3780 Wilshlre. EX-2111. 1721 N. OGDEN DR. SEE THIS SPECIAL PRICED BUNGALOW. OR-6465. $5000. 3 Bedrms. $1000 dn. As $45 mo LOVAN. 7768 Santa Mon. Blvd HO-972P 1822 CAMINO PALMESO. 10-rm. $18 000 Terms. Duff. TR-3301. home HOLLYWOODLAND HOME CASH OUT OX-6171. E. W. WILLIAMS. WO-B11B.-) 3-BDRM. home. Moreno Highlands. Owners sac Exci. dist. OL-51I9, TWO storv 7 rm $795 dn. Eduar Selecman. 629 8. Spring. MI-7214 1108 N. HELIOTROPE. OUTSTANDING VALUE. 2 Bdrms. $6500. GR-3748 1900 N. VISTA. 11 rms. $12,500, terms Call Duff. TR-3301 5 RM. house on SUNSET Blvd. 50x150 Rine for business. $6500. GR-5465 839 N Stanley, smart 5-rm. stucco. A-l cond. Redec. Nice yd. $sao. wm-uup MOST magnificent view estate In Holly 7 bedrms. 7 oatns. box u-i iv. Times 1434 N Genesee. 10 rms.. 3 baths. 2-story lilri new Owner will sac. HE-0716. 3-BDRM. bung., tile, hdwd. ft. Real flrepl 44S2 Melhom-ne Own MO-10011. SPANISH bung. W. of La Brea. S. of Bev erly Blvd. Mr. Horrcn, mi-mi. 5500. New 5 Rms. Moreno HinUlands FH.A. tms. 2640 Griffith Park Blvd $17,500. OUTPOST! 3 BATHS. VIEW, gtnntn n WBinHT CO GL-6181. $.3300 ULTRA mod. new 5 rms $950 dn Sr'K 422 N. pan Vicente, wu-mw.. $5250 2 houses. 1-5 rm 1-4 rm. Settle estate, strodes. uIj-jdimv $3500. 6-rm. frame,, large lot, nr. Sunset Ac Normandle. rot appt, hi-hiji, ruirry 6-RM. stucco cor. with bungalow in rear MUSt act QUICK 5.18W), c.H-niuo. $4950. 5-rm. mod. stucco. Nr. Lft Cienega fir Fountain, biib sunset. ure-j-o. GOOD 6 rm. Lot 50x135. nr. Vine Ac Sunset. $4500. lS dn. HI-7529. MUST SELL new Monterey. 3 bdrms. baths, full tile. $7500. tms. OL-4712. $4250 f rm. stucco, furnished. $500 cash. 6336 LA MIRADA. HE-7111. CHARMING home for writer or artist. 6826 Odin St . nr Bowl Own. GL-4997 Hollywood At 1T7 FORCED SALE Beautiful Hollywoodland View. 1st cost X8.S0O. Improvements and taxes paid Owner Ieavin State. Plans for house on lot free. Quick sale $850. box r-iu Times. DENSELY WOODED SEVENTY FT, LOT located in best residential district in Hollywood, among fine nomes in tne w Beachwood area. $2000 Call HI-U57 WHAT THEN? 30 lots $250 to $400 Terms. Between Hollywood At Beverly Hills. Reas. restr Please hurry! 8499 Sunset HO-075A. SPECIAL $500 BUILDING BONUS ON LEVEL HILLTOP VIEW LOTS Drive noith on Vine st. Follow signs to Rita - Carlton Manor. 87 TT. lot. eueens Rd Paved View. $300 Ta' terms. 8499 Sunset. HO-9756. 89 FT lot. paved street. $37S. Easy terms. View 8499 Sunset HO-9736 WOODED est.iie. building site, bircaln. 5-rsnkIln. Los Fclig dut. EX-6019. Additional ads' under this heading will bej f"'jnd on Next Pxe

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