The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 29, 1942 · 16
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 16

Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, December 29, 1942
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h4 ''RABT Li. " v dl raining Shorter Season Be Ordered ay ' CnrMiy Put Forth ' "? Guiding Hin( to End Current Confusion '. a flilitH nihiu (mi Imbi';. fcHICAGO, Dec 28. With the National League seemingly cool toward letting back the opening of the 1943 'season because It would sacrifice a couple of Sunday dates and with the Ameri can Inclined to take the step without further delay, Baseball Commissioner K. M. Landls is expected to step into the show to lend the boys a guiding hand thfouffh the toa that enveloped moat of the them as the result of the government ban of long spring-training jaunts. - It is reported the commission-tr plans on calling a joint meeting of the 16 clubs In the immediate future. He'd have only one reason for wanting to shake the fame 16 hands he shook at the Joint session here a few weeks back and that would be to advise that the season's opener be set back to about April 27 instead of April 13 as planned. Attitude weakened - The National League's attitude was weakened today when both president Bill Benswanger of the (Pirates and General Manager JVarren Giles of the Beds called n League President Ford Frick to get busy and do something about eliminating the confusion over where, when and how the clubs are going to do their training. ' Will Harrldge, president of the American League, which weeks ago wanted to shorten the season Just to be better prepared for eventualities, said that he was certain that the majority of the club owners would readily agree to shaving two weeks from the front end of the race. TRAIN AT HOME Condensing the 154 game schedule into less time space might quickly lead to a general move to train at home or within a few miles thereof. The Yankees have already declared themselves ready for that program, if necessary. Connie Mack wouldn't mind doing the same. , So far none of the 16 clubs has fnade any definite announcement, silence being indicative of the depth of the muddle. Red Sox to Train in Tufts College) Cage BOSTON, Dec. 28. W) The Boston Red Sox announced today that they would forego a southern training trip this season and that the club would-do its conditioning work in the Tufts College baseball cage. ' The announcement also stated the Red Sox did not feel it would be necessary to postpone the starting date of the baseball season although agreeing a start one week later than usual might be advantageous. u ,, ?-. : .... Kti UPS AND DOWNS Alex Omolev, S.C. forword, end Hank Boietti, LI.U. tson Squore Garden. Jim Seminoff (3,) Dick Bailey (5) and Referee Pat forward, hit the floor and the boll bounces skyward during melee ot moo- Kennedy look tor tne Dan. I rojons won tne gome Dy to-tu score. W Wlrtphoto Club Fighters Feature Olympic Card Tonight BY PAUL LOWRY NEW ORLEANS ENTRIES (Trtek ilow. pert 11:30 m. P.W.T.) rST CUM, flrit division. S-xr.-old V. 6 iur.: Amtrlen Bird.. 108 Sudden Thauiht 117 los jonn j nom . . i id 11 WiiMnhtimtr. . 108 118 Cttuult ...... 113 107 Bit Bubbl ..115 lit 115 Cbantint MtnwrK LQrro ...... Mm Drum ... Boral MMth US Corapwn 8KCOND Clmf, Mi up, C fur.; BUck Wtlnut ,. 107 Cbltf Bud .. Blra HUD IIJ wuinisn 113 Rich Cnelt Mend dirUlon, 3-jr- 111 Juliet C. US 121 108 108 ThrM Banff .. 131 107 Ulrdi Cftt .... 108 110 8linnr ..... 107 105 OMUt Bound . . 107 Clot-PUfht , Oummed Up . BtlUdlni ... Ooochl BOF 8-pnmD Clmi 3-n.-oidi up. 1A ml.: Alkhtbo ...... 118 PTlitworth .. 130 Ktn AdTtct ... 110 Holly 112 107 WtilOW ....... j;a HQ AircTflt 115 107 HtUtT Tim .. 1M 110 tuMTOUl 107 lllf 117 107 Bio Joie Wfcit Blt .. Country Mia Hardwnck ..... 115 tmitt Bu vudint rii nrau Jun Sunnr rtCBTB Clmi 108 Mt4 Bunny 3-r.-ldi up. fur.: 118 121 115 Acrlcol 118 U Joeond .. Bloodhound .... 127 Quluio .... ClBiUont ...... 181 MiM IMuhi .. XorUann 138 ' f H. HofTBnn onlry. rirra Alve., j-n.-oid. fur.: Bdrymui ...... Ill r tor ... ; Stt noww i08 RiekOT BMd . - Bwpliui Olory 116 b-Chne grey .n Ann ..... 108 Rn Ortnd .. ilweo Btim ... 108 Kwrie UmlUd .'. T. b. CTsmwtU tn.lry. . t-J. D. Wttt trr, t 'irrrn nmti s-yr.-oid up. i mtt Xtled4 113 Bbidbum ..... 107 iildtoO 01.. llf HI MUltMt .. 108 Tbi iSSd .T.. 12 WoiM autleo. 117 Mn. . P. Ill in in 118 108 Ify-Crn .....W Mtinuky Two y ...... Ktah Ttlmt ..... Kt Mm Wbictitns Dtco.. ynnoUr CWU Ration ........ ntry. , 4-yr.-old tp. 1A mL: 108 112 110 107 104 107 104 113 115 MOOT Clmf, n-wii kMl liwrBwra. 108 Dorli B. 107 Purlins tlfht.. 113 Jump Bid ..... mVMtory Marth. 118 Anna Coroll .,. lit RanhUch .... lOdliuio Mom ... l7Jay Bm Do.. lUOtifbO ........ , S-yr.-oUi np, for. 108 Altanar ........ 113 110 Count Chat ... 1M 13 a-HUh Plaid ..- 114 108 Bio worn Quota. 110 117 Ballotut ..... 115 88 CtoMT WBUMT U3 11 DMooto 115 113 Onel WWtot.. Ill 113 VaMM Pan.. 10 m . JMha J. 9. iatttor on try, AetriO ' nlBam Callfoml, a; Lone bland, rajna) 1ft JWoU (OkteattO 43. i; wrvar. Jt,. : ;, La BoatlMfik 98. . . BPM OM.) 311 MMItM 83. A quartet of sixes and one four featuring freshmen again. That's the boxing line-up to night as the Olympic closes its 1942 season with Genaro (General) Rojo clashing with Mat Oglesby, Central Ave. schoolboy, in the main event. YEAGER HUMBLED Equally as Interesting is the six-rounder featuring Bobby Yeager and Gene Valenzuela, the recent records of the boys in the two top spots of the evening complicating matters. Rojo took a close decision from Oglesby at the Olympic last month, but Oglesby did a comeback by humbling Yeager at Hollywood two weeks later. Then along came Valenzuela to out-wrestle Oglesby and win a six-round decision. Until Yeagers applecart was upset by Oglesby at the Legion Stadium, Yeager was drawing top billing at the Olympic. But his defeat by Oglesby, a preliminary lad, lowered Yeagert prestige and boosted the winner's stock. MAY REDEEM SELF Tonight's bout therefore gives Yeager a chance to redeem himself. Rojo's last appearance at the Olympic was to have featured the Mexican slugger against Oglesby, but Kid Lester of San Diego was substituted, and the "General" registered a four-round TROPICAL PARK ENTRIES (Track fait: pott it a.m. P.W.T.) FIRST Clms., maldtn a-yr.-olda, fur.: Plwa ... 1M watolni Drtaa 108 VaTdina Troth w. 113 Trua Law. .... 108 ai sua .... in rroeioui xeari. mm Troth ......... 103 Bar Boy 118 Pallia 108 Portllaht .... . Ill Campus ...... 110 Tamlin 118 UCOKD CIsk maldtn l-rr.-oldi, fur.s . . Taldin Knifhl. HI ClnonU Quota. 108 MlatrtlU. Ill Otah ...i. 108 Holiday Spirit ... Ill Pockltaa Ill Ortatcr Tick ... 103 Roatato Draanu 111 Bum Wn 111 Quick. Bakar .. 108 To Btosar .... Ill Mart Hottrum. 103 TRIRD Clmf 3-rr.-oldf, fur.: 8m hu 105 Hoblo Boy .... 113 Albino 110 TeaaltU ...... 108 Flimt Avar ... Ill Vlamlna Hllh.. llf Shaita Man ... 107 Baltoa 113 Scnoant Bin .. 107 Kara jcttor ,. iu Cbaaot Rum ...113 Una- Mint ... 113 rOUBTR Clfflfa 3-yr.-old up. 8 fur.: RuBtlno Roato.. 113 Patrlel A. ... 108 PolynoTtar ...... ill Difniw 105 Bl Chanco .... 113 Roty ' Brand ; , 108 Pattorf ........ 104 BaUaroaa ...... 113 Point Htah ..... 109 Maomant .... 113 Down Bin U Batik ......... 108 Indian Penny ..113 FIFTH Alwes.. s-rr.-olda, fur.: Rovardod 113 Good Ifwyar. Thlalilt , 110 Moaantito ... to Oo Roach.. 107 Joo aumr .. , 8tXTAJvou s-yr.-ldj bb, 1A ATfMM WOOl Sanoy Vhall Klxw ......... 188 BnMr Utma Cum 3-rr.-oldt am, Canttra Sort ... 113 Slack .. Daiy ........ 104 Flrlat Bilror .. LKtlo Rod Pes., ill Poo Xxarua .. Oold BUI ..... Ill Grand Star ... Aaophalot . v.t jlf Towor Maid .. Praatfcr Jaao... Ill Ont by OH.... Ida Rora .....108 'nOBrfBrCl8U4 -yr.-olda a, aula Thrift Shaai ... 118 lalo da Vina 10 lUMlfn ! ,. it awnan oy 07 Wanah Poa vino ill iuh rm .... 111 In ChMBtl 109 Chaldoa Soatt linn maxm ... ii Stiprtpit poH., 11 Ptrit Orattoa .. 11 Bovnp Bo by ... 10 Dan lunar 110 ill 118 L: 110 no 108 fur.: . Ill llJ . 113 . 113 . 101 .108 . 103 . 115 . Ill . 110 knockout over the Negro veteran. A right-hand uppercut connected with such force on Lester's chin that the San Diegan had to be given first aid treatment in the ring before he could be revived. HOT AND COLD Rojo Is a hot and cold fighter, but in recent engagements has revealed more consistency than in the past The other sixes will be Joe Robleto vs. Henry Moreno and Domingo Diaz vs. Chuckle Garcia. The latter Is a pupil of Art Martell. Howard Morgan and Alan Ar-nett. liaht-heawwelKhts. clash in the four-round opener. The, main eventers are neavy lightweights. TROPICAL PARK RESULTS (Track fait) rraT-im. . l-vr.-alrfi uo. 8 fur.! Plylnf Torptdo, 111 . (Tbornbun) 8.48 4 60 3 30 Btofl. 114 (Taunt) 7.70 5.90 Lit up, 108 (Mann) 10 80 IBlf, l.lf AWW. WW! wuvavw Dot. Proneh Horn, La Rolnttto. clip Clop, ran. Krim cimr.. i-rr.-olda. fur.: Bit of Nam. Ill .... ... . (Thornpurfi ....... io.m iw j" prco Air, 111 (Thompaon).... 3.50 2.J0 Her Guardian. 116 Adam). ...... . 250 dir. Ample Reward, Bayborouih. Direction aito ran. THIRD UdB. 9.r.ld OOltt ODd fOld- tnmm. A fur.! . Happy Grew. Ill (Rltnrl) 5.00 3.80 S 20 Vacuum Cleaner, 116 (Atkinson) 4.90 2.80 Blue Pom. 116 (MeCombii . ... ... . 2.40 Time. 1:13. Tracelette. Plifht Orer. Bait Star, Bleodlnt Heart alio ran. FOURTH Clmf., l-yr.-oldi, 8 Iur.: Oood BrlTf. Ill (Me. . 8.00 3.80 3.20 Dr. Ruh. iil (Thornburf) . . . 4.20 3.60 Rocky Craif. IW tAiainaoni...... Time. 1:10 3-5. Bottom Rail. Bill Anne. Spartiato. Bbony Bdte. Mlet Defenao, Wbiriuis auo ran. FDTH-cimf.. 3-rr.-old up, 8 fur.: Time o' War. Ill ... (Weldaman) .70 10 20 180 Ill lAHTmanl... 2.80 9.20 TlmO, i:il KH, BIBUUIV, u"" Trap. Strenfth alao ran. sixth Aiwcfn 3-rr.-oia. mi. to. ran Arhur Murray. Ill (Brennani ......- SSS Capt. Caution, 111 (Storenaon) 3.70 3.70 rBo -UYWmBClmt.. 3rr.-elds up. IVi mi.: strvm daa.. 1ftV (toannan) A OA 4.10 3 .AO Ven TaaT 108 Claff ott) ... 33.70 6.80 . . . ... . . aj. Mopaioaa sum no wurioyai . .... . Tun. 1:53 3-6. KaLBl. Neddie Lai. Sammy Blofant, Helena tad. PUatoiun. Diwlay Style, flu Oaloaur, Coaaa alM ran. BIQRTS Clmf 3-yr-olda np. IW md.: Coleaboy, 111 Thomoon) 10.00 7 30 4.60 nnMa. 113 ilfaeAndrow) ....... 660 Bleckadar, BaBotor, Apropoa, DoUar Bttn alat ram. OLD ROSEBUD'S PICKS FAIR GROUNDS ' 3 Oummed Op, Bird RUh. Ooeaa Bound. 3 Buy Joala. BardvrMk. Ktana Adtiao. 4 Bloodhound. Ulea Daant, - Afrtoole Qnhlo entry. S Roek Call-Chanoe Oray entry, Roaplof aiory. Sub Flow. 8 Tbo Plena; Taldlna Panl-Vem Jtftlee entry. Bxtoo4. ' 8 wia Peeutom irnh pbk on try. vnew wanar, ranm BBBT BTT BOBT JOSS. . 'i- , TBOFICAI, PARK ' 3 Roaeata Drtama, DUh. Sure Plra. j woai mway. auoo. voun . 4 Polrmellor. Blf Chaaoe. Dowm ill. I Oood Lowyw, ta tho Roath. Joa Bnnar. 8 Arfonno Wood. Iftatr. IB QAieetkf. 1 proattar Jama. Anoimelaii Oao By Oea. 6 ltanr Baby, pint oranoa. TBnn mmoa. BIT POLTaDBJOSV. Troy Cagers Beat LI.U. Continued from 13th Page make the score 38-36 with Saul Cohen connecting consistently on set shots. Less than Ave minutes remained when Rock, Omalev and Seminoff again went to work to put the game on ice and square the four-game series at two games each. Although Rock was the spark plug, Seminoff led the Trojans with 16 points. Omalev poked in 12 and Rock It Cohen topped Long Island with 17 and his guard-mate, Fred Lewis, snared 11. . SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA G F PF TP Omalev, f ........ 4 4 3 12 Rock, f 5 1 2 II Jones, f 1 0 1 2 Fry, f '0 0 0 0 Perkins, f 0 0 0 0 Seminoff, c 6 4 1 18 Shanley, c 0 10 1 Gossard, g 1 2 4 4 McGlU. g 0 0 2 0 Bailey, g 1 0 0 2 Totals IS 12 13 48 LONG ISLAND Baletti, f 0 3 2 3 Kassler. f 1 1 3 3 Edelstein, f-c 1 0 1 2 Kotter, c 0 0 2 0 Sapan, e 0 0 2 0 Younger, c-i l 0 l 2 Cohen, g 7 3 2 17 Lewis, g 5 1 0 11 Fucarlno, g... 1 0 0 2 Totals 16 8 13 40 Score at half: Southern California, 20; Long Island, 14. Free throws missed: Southern California Omalev, 2; Seminoff, Gossard. Long Island Kassler, 5; Kotter. Officials: Pat Kennedy and Julie Meyer. ' TIME OUT! Sammy Baugh Denies Running Out on Game ROTAN (Tex.) Dec. 28. Sammy Bauffh. star of tne Washington Redskins of the Na tional Professional Football League, said today he "never had run out on a football gam and I didn't do it in the pro bowl game at Philadelphia."- . , ; Baugh. reached by telephone at Tiis ranch, declared tnat even if he had been at Philadelphia he would not have played in the charity game because he had been suffering from influenza. "I wired Ray Flaherty, Washington coach, that I had been ill and couldn't clay and Jack Es- pey, team manager, called back and told me I wouldn't nave to play but to come on anyway just to appear at the game." Then, Sammy related, he made every effort to get to Philadelphia but finally had to give it up be cause h e couldn't obtain tne transportation. He had tried to get automobile transportation from Sweetwater to Dallas but the cab company refused to furnish it and then tried to catch a plane from Abilene but it had already left, Baugh declared. Redskin Boss Defends Baugh in Controversy RANCHO SANTA FE, (Calif.,) Dec. 28. (JP) Sammy Baugh, star forward passer of the Washington Redskins, had definitely planned to play against the Pro fessional All-Stars in yesterday's charity football game at Philadelphia, George P. Marshall, president of the Redskins, said here today. Marshall said that the day af ter the Redskins defeated the Chicago Bears for the pro foot ball championship Dec. 13, Baugh By Chet Smith Don't ba of raid, Hemsley he's only a baby t told him he would appear for the charity game. "As far as I know, he has been sick with the flu for a week, and that must have been the reason he didn't get to Philadelphia," Marshall said. Elmer Layden Wires Baugh for Explanation CHICAGO, Dec. 28. (P)-Elmer Layden, commissioner of profes sional football, tonight tele graphed Sammy Baugh at his home in Rotan, Tex., asking for an explanation of his failure to join the Washington Redskins for Sunday s Pro Bowl game in Philadelphia. "Until I get the story from Baueh and have a chance to weigh all the evidence from other quarters," Layden said, I have no comment to make." McDonald Ruins Danny McShain Danny McShain and the year of 1942 went out together at the Hollywood Legion Stadium wres tling matches last night when Sockeye McDonald tossed him back over his head with a back body drop. The fall ruined McShain, who was carted out on a stretcher. In the semi-windup Gorilla Ra mos and Antone Leone battled for 45 minutes and .wound up in a dead heat with neither grap-pier being able to score a fall Ken Ackles was awarded a de cision over Mike Nazariau when the latter was disqualified, Paavo Katonen defeated Bob Gregory with a cradle hold and Red Ly ons -and Joe Ferona struggled to a draw in the opener. Coast Cage Slate Set Modification of the schedule of Pacific Coast Conference basket ball games between the University of Southern California and U.C.L.A. has been agreed upon by athletic officials of the two universities. . The' first two games between the Trojans and Bruins on Jan. 22 and 29 will be played at the Shrine Auditorium, S.C.'s home court, while the two concluding games on March 5 and 6 will be played at tne Brums' gymnasium in Westwood. Conference Play begins here on Jan. 8 when California plays the Trojans at the Shrine. Morgan Rites Arranged LOCKPORT (N.T.) Dec. 28. 0JJ9 Funeral services were arranged today for William G. Morgan, 72, inventor of volley ball He died Sunday. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29,942 The Sports Parade By HAVEN DYEt With Rose Bowl fever mounting daily football fans of Southern California art constantly referring to past games at Pasadena, buzzing with their friends about the greatest team, the most. thrilling play, the screwiest occurrence (Roy Riegels and his reverse run,) ad infinitum. The other evening somebody ventured the guess that the smartest team that ever played In the Rose Bowl was Knute Rockne's 1924 eleven. To this opinion I subscribe wholeheartedly. That team had to be smart to beat what was probably the best club Stanford ever put on the field Ernie Nevers and his gang of behemoths. Pop Warner's team had everything- crushing power with Nevers, brilliant punting, fine passing and a sturdy defense. Yet, Notre Dame, outweighed from here to Kokomo, ruined the Stanfords that memorable afternoon In 1925 by the-convincing score of 27 to 10. Brains did it Rockne's first eleven undoubtedly was the lightest ever to per-' form at Pasadena. Adam Walsh at center and Joe Bach at tackle were the heaviest of the regulars. They weighed 185 and 184. The other tackle, E. .Miller, came in at 178. The late Nobel I' Suggestion to the Tournament of Roses committee, or better still to Wally Butts, Georgia coach: Why not invite Pop Warner to be your guest Neio Year's Day? Pop's first coaching job was at Georgia, 1895 to 1897. He took three Stanford teams to the Rose Bowl. One year, after he was through at'stanford, I found him outside the Rose Bowl without a ticket for that particular game. Pop's getting old and it may be too late one of these days to honor the man who has contributed so much to football. Kizer and Weibel were the guards. They weighed 169 each. Ends Huntsinger and Collins were down on the program at 170 and 169. The famous "Four Horsemen" were mere midgets. Lightest was Harry Stuhldreher at 156. Sleepy Jim Crowley was the heaviest at 165. Fullback Elmer Layden weighed a pound less and Don Miller tipped the scales at 161. Certainly nothing there to strike terror in the hearts of the opposition. But the down field blocking of this team was terrific and the agility of all four backs spelled defeat for Stanford. Never has a Rose Bowl crowd seen such ball hawking as Layden and his mates exhibited that afternoon. Remember This Little Fellow? Rockne always was willing to sacrifice weight for speed, agility and brains. When his last team came to Los Angeles In 1930 some of us doubted the published figure for little Bert Metzger. Mark Kelly got "Rock" to put the watch-charm guard on the scales. The indicator stopped at 148 pounds. Metzger, as you will recall, was an exceptional player for his avoirdupois. This team probably produced more great coaches than any other eleven in football history. Stuhldreher, Crowley, Layden, Kizer, Walsh, Bach and E. Miller all made the grade at major institutions. Of t,he more famous players only Don Miller turned to other fields of endeavor. He became a famous lawyer, Alabama Rated Most Courageous Team The most courageous team that ever played in the Rose Bowl was the Alabama outfit which roared back to beat Washington, 20 to 19, in 1925. I knew that club pretty well, having spent most of the two weeks prior to the game with them. They wera .the first Dixie eleven to invade Pasadena and they were really worried about George Wilson. I shall never forget meeting the club in Arizona and hearing Wallace Wade ask: "Is it true, , Mr. Dyah, that this man Gawge Wilson would rather run over an opposing player than try to get around him?" I admitted ; that Wilson was about as tough as they came. "My, oh my," said ' , , Wade, wagging his head. v - f " Wilson and his mates got Washington out in front. 12 to 0, -3 at the half, and most of us figured it was all over. But not Champ Pickens, official sponsor of the Southerners, who later guided Johnny Mack Brown to a most successful movie career. Mr. Pickens appeared in the press box at half time waving a fist v ful of bills. ' ; "I'll bet one thousand dollahs," said Champ, "that Alabama wins this ball game." He didn't even want any odds. He'd.. come to the wrong place with all that money and I dont remember whether he sot the bet down somewhere else. But the Tide came back, scored three touchdowns In seven minutee . and, in my book, contributed the greatest thriller in Rose Bowl : history. Only Lorn Knew What Was Going On J It was Riegels, of course,' who contributed the most amazlnj Individual performance. His 69-yard run toward his own gou was the dizziest, screwiest thing that ever happened at Pasadena. -I suppose most of us were running the wrong direction witft Riegels that afternoon, because the play formed so quickly no-" body knew immediately just what was going on. Stumpy Thoma aon, I believe it was, who fumbled for Georgia Tech. Riegela knocked goofy on the preceding play, came racing In, picked upl the ball on the dead run (you could run with a fumble then) and circled through the Tech backfield to. come out on the op-Y posite side of the line running like mad for his own goal , Benny Lom, Berkeley back, apparently was the only playeC who sensed that Riegels was not on the right beam. He lit out by and dint of terrific running managed to overhaul Roy, not until the Bear center had reached his own 1-yard line. & the next play Vance Maree, Tech tackle, crashed through! block Lom's punt for a safety and the two points which won tt game, 8 to 7. , ' ' ""' v Romero Defends Crown SAN DIEGO. Dec .28. OJ.I0 State Light-heavyweight Champion Johnny Romero will defend his title against Sailor Jack Cog-gins in a 15-round bout at Lane Field New Year's Day afternoon. FRIENDLY INPLUZNC3 I Utic Clab XXX Cms At Pilsnar Lager give a mere t ful aspect into Ufa, mad batr through the difficult thnaej which wa are bow forced to I AdvettiMmeat. e ; CAIXLOS CHAVEZ vs. AL S2EDHA1 DONNIE EI AE 0 vs. BILL Y n Ai HOLLYWOOD I1SIDM STADIUM FRIDAY. JANUA,,

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