The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 15, 1938 · 7
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 7

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 15, 1938
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V MONDAY MORNING. AUGUST 15, 1938. PART I. y RELIGIOUS RACKETEERS DENOUNCED BY MINISTER Psychic Swindlers Delude Masses With 'Psychological Drugs Asserts Dr. Bryan Warning his audience against the racketeer who invades tht field of religion, profiting from the sale of "psychological drugs," Dr. Gerald B. Bryan, in his , sermon at the Trinity Auditorium yesterday, declared that thousands of persons in America today are being induced to worship "false Christs and astral saints." "Only in a condition such as is prevalent today among men can the 'religious' or psychic racketeer flourish," said Dr, Bry an. "In normal times the sanity of the average person allows him to see through the sugared prom Ises and sensational statements of such racketeers, but today the fields are heavy with the harvest, waiting for clever charlatans to reap their reward in human souls, and in dollars. MARVELOUS PROMISES "Into the strife of the modern world has come the 'religious' racketeer," said the speaker. "These so-called teachers make marvelous promises of salvation from sin, poverty and ignorance. "They profess to be out to save the individual and the na tion. They wilLeven promise a blissful birth into realms or aaz rling light beyond t h e pearly gates, if only humanity will tie in to their particular cult ana perform certain stunts with light rays ana senseless invocauuiis. They inject mental hypnotics and emotional stimulants into their audiences. Almost to their surorise. thev find that their drugs work. MONEY POURS IN' "The intellect being under a narcotic, they find It easy to sway the mass emotional conscious ness of their audiences. The money pours in. The racketeers wax stronger in their confidence and in their promises. The move ment grows. The flag is waved, the graven image of some neav-enly eternity is paraded before the audience and the people fall down to worship the perpetrators of strange doctrines and fantastic beliefs. "However, in all such move-ments there is contained the elements of their destruction. They find they have to use more potent psychological drugs. Their decrees become more dynamic, their promises more alluring, their taboos more drastic and ridiculous. When the emotional, supercharged movement builds up to the exploding point, it releases itself, like a great water-' spout, into some sensational hap-pening that arouses the people to the absurdity of the whole thing. But behind it leaves human wreckage and disillusioned souls. NO ROYAL ROAD "How much better is it to use common sense about the prom ises of such persons, and be saved such sad disillusionment! No human being can permanent ly deliver you anything that you haven't earned. Decrees of, and demands on some astral entity will not take the place of mental and physical work. There is no royal, easy road to self-mastery and spirituality. God-power can-not be bought as one buys gasoline and electricity. "It must be paid for in self-acrlflce, self-discipline and the right use of the marvelous faculties within the human organism. The intellect cannot be dispensed with, the body ignored, nor the motional life drastically cut of! alone some channels and left wide open at others. Such teach ing brings on negative psychism, peoples the world with morons and leads its victims to the psychopathic wards of our already overcrowded charity Institution!" Crackbraintd Theories Deplored "America has embraced crack-brained theories of life from which our forefathers would have fled as from a plague," declared Dr. J. R. Kellems yesterday at the McCarty Memorial Christian Church. "We are going to be forced, in the interest of Individual and national preservation, to teach our children once more that righteousness exalteth a nation but that sin is a reproach to any paople. Hard work and plenty of it right now will save many a soul. It is our busi ness so to shape affairs that once more men will believe this. Let ui teach people once more that it is more honorable to work and save and build than it is to whine and pine over a world going to the dogs." Sri Nerode Flays Godless Leaders "Civilization Is built on two factors, the Intellectual integrity of men of science and art, and the spiritual nobility of patriots, saints, saes and prophets," said Sri Nerode yesterday at the Sclf Reallxatlon Fellowship. "Never id history has the human intellect produced so many diversified miracles, con-tructlve as well as destructive, as in this age. However, the social order has been thrust into a complex structure wherein systems are more Important than individuals. , Taking advantage of this complex social atructure, tome leaden in Asia and Europe re treading under their feet the cherished spiritual id alp pf peace and brotherhood, justice and amity. They can be easily called antichrist, as Christ synv bolizes peace and justice, iove and fellowship. Civilization al ways becomes retrogressive be cause of the egoism of anti christs. Scientific knowledge has to be humanized to make civilization endure, and there lies the greatest duty of the modern churches." 'Soul' Subject of Lesson-Sermon "Soul" was the subject of the Lesson-Sermon yesterday at all Churches of Christ, Scientist. The Golden Text was from the Psalms: "Hear me speedily, 0 Lord: . . . cause me to hear thy loving-kindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust; cause me to know the way wherein should walk; for I lift up my soul unto tnee. In a Bible citation in the Les son-hermon were these verses from Matthew: "And Jesus went about all the cities and vil lages, teaching in their syna gogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people . . . Then saith he unto his disciples, the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest." One of the passages from "Sci ence and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Ed dy, included the statement: "Knowing that Soul and its attri butes were forever manifested through man, the Master healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, feet to the lame, thus bringing to light the scientific action of the divine Mind on human minds and bodies and giving a better under standing of Soul and salvation." Racial Amity Meeting Held Catholic Groups Conduct Services to Aid Friendship Understanding and mutual co operation, especially against Communistic attacks on religion and government, formed the key note of inter-racial amity ceremo nies conducted yesterday by lay leaders of the Holy Name Soci ety and members of St. Leo's and St. Odllla's Negro parishes. Devotional services comprising mass, Communion and prayers were conducted at St. Odilia's Church, Fifty-third street and Hooper avenue, by Rev. Edmund J. Schlecht, and were followed by a breakfast and meeting of the Inter-racial Council of the Holy Name Union. Thomas H. Ilearn, archdioce san president of the Holy Name Union, presided, Introducing Los Angeles Catholic lay leaders. Mother Dies in Flames EWING (Neb.) Aug. 14. (JP) Mrs. Carl Primis, 35 years of age, threw her 2-year-old son from a ; second-story , window, then died in flames that destroyed her home here last night. The youngster is expected to recover. FAMOUS BRITISH CONDUCTOR DIES Sir London Ronald Succumbs to Illness LONDON, Aug. 14. (JP) Sir Landon Ronald, 65 years of age, one of England s most celebrated musicians, died today. Sir Landon conducted grand opera at Covent Gardens when he was 21 and was knighted by King George V for his services to British music In 1922. He gained prominence as ac companist to Mme. Nellie Melba, the Australian priqsa donna, with whom he went to the United States as conductor in 1804. . Sir Landon was a pianist, composer, conductor, critic and teacher of music. He had been principal of the Guildhall School of Music in London from 1910 until illness forced him to retire last year. During the reigns of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, Sir Landon was accompanist at brilliant state concerts and played in Buckingham Talace for royalty. Artist La Forge Dies MT. CARMEL (Ct.) Aug. 14. (JP) Bancel La Farge, artist known especially for his reli gious paintings, died at his home today after several months' ill ness. A son of the late John La Farge, also a prominent artist, lie was 72 years of age. washes . . rinses . . damp dries . . NDIX automatic home laundry Entirely outomotic . , ond wt meon Just- thot! All you do it put the dry clothing into tht tub, set the dials, ond Bcndix does the rest! It washes the clothing, rinses them 3 times In fresh water, then whirls them oround until they ore damp dry ond ready for the line. Then the tub cleans itself automatically! No more wash day drudgery when you own a Bendixl See it demonstrated any time of the day 7th Floor. 50 more capacity than the avtrige washer Uiii leu soap, loss water, no more 'electricity Perform! 14 operations entirely automatically Occupies the lime spice as an ordinary tub Bendix has been tested to list a lifetime! Priced at 17950 Pay as low tt $10 down and $2 a utti. Tint Itrmt art thru thi to-oftration of iht Burt of Poutr d Light, and intlndi salt! lax and tarrying tkargt. fh SI., tlkft., lEiBAKKEK ItUOS.iEL 6 4 IMSf MiSTT M t This third veek finds BarkerBros. August Clearance in full stride! Thrifty homemakers, aware of the price leaps in the East, are pouring in for limited quantity items at August low prices. Read every word of the "August Savings Column" be-low and rush your order early. These one-of-a-kind items sell on sight! Traden your old furnishings as part-payment. Small home or colonial mansion-we've maple for every setting! ScffilM 3p(Bo Mcmjplle (Bjrromjps lp fill Mill II lilllllllllilMllllTWili IMIIMMW, I l.imilri quantitirK phont, mail or C.O.D. ordrri. Main Slort Only. Hammock with 40-roil spring base. Striped "canvas cover. Adjustable canopy. SSo $18.50 Lawson sofa in green or n.f crash enter covers and sturdy maple frame. (Eighth Floor) Wa $59.50. $39.50 Firescreens with beautiful painted scenes and white wood frames. Greatly reduced to dear.. $2.49 "Old Tows'' 3-piece bedroom group in our popular Colonial version. Bed, chest, vanitv. $7200 $49 Berkty & Cay 8-pire 18th Century .dining group with shield-back chairs. sPICA Was $21900 vlOJf Cory Class Coffee Miliar, family size, vacuum tvpe, was new.... $1.59 7 Hottest Triyt. large sir, wood, with glass insert r. $2.48 Detroit Star Cat Range, deluxe model, 4 only.frQ7 AA Regularly $13950. $0 1 aUU Fine Irish line damask hand hemmed dinner clothe. 70x140. $12.50 Automatic Electric Iron, light weight. Was $7.! reduced to only. Child's high chair, white onV Regularly $10.95 reduced to weight. Was $7.95, 9 A A A ... VTiTI Regularly $10.95, CC QC I French painting on glass, oval, framed In antique white 14x18, CC was $10 Silverplared double vegetable dish. "Savoy", pattern. Were now..., $4.95 Marquisette panels, blue only, sire 44" by 78". Regularly now.'. 63c Cel. The Washers complete with electric emptying purn. 7 lb. Were W... 558.60 Cambridge glass flower holder! In vinous colors. 42 only. '. 29c Fottery table lamps, burgundy or . white. White S'lk shade. $9 95 $5.95 Aluminum saucepan and cookbook, regularly RQ 97c now 0JC Cemftrttn with down filing ind rayon celanese taffeta c ovem. Were CIO CQ $1995.... pl.00 Clued chinti draperies, sateen lined. 36" wide, 7 feet long $435 pr.. $190 Inch towels, extra Use, novel Wen $2.93, now. relored stripes. M 4C Service plates, some gold encrusted, some colored border designs. Were $5 to $6.50 now,,, .,....$2.95 ca. "SALEM MAPLE" 3-PIECE GROUP S4 95 In the quaint Colonial styling that's made this furniture a hie favorite ! Now, with the large 3-drawer vanity instead of the one-drawer dressing table before! Deep ruddy tone finish that won't wear dim. Bed, 4-drawer chest and 3-drawer vanity. Was $57.75. try j . "EARLY AMERICAN" 3-PIECE GROUP This group has the heft that appeals to the men and the authentic Early Amer ican flavor that appeals to the w omen. Hard mountain maple throughout. The drawers in the chest and vanity are dust-proof and open on center guides. Regularly $118.50. Hilm p! jh I MLLi f 1 1 ISIEllSmr kiD-r1 r.ti irir""- -; ii jtrEn is ea i t..j,v. a .....v...Vi i . .... EASTERN MAPLE 3-PIECE GROUP 1 II I . 8 5 i - V- i h s h-- S h ' W ' i 9m With the character of an original. Note the turned posts on the bed,' the plume carv ing on the mirror and the maplelcaf brass hardware. So much for its visible virtues. Come see the satiny finish and the solid oak, dust-proof drawer interiors. Bed, chese and 7-drawcr vanity. Regularly $121.50. !.-..'C.'.?: n r i I I A IlllS.ii IB ll-Fjyilt mtti l. mm -nrr- 'ir'-i'hutii s. . m i .-r -ra ii t'r'. .vtr imr-18 i n . ir. i i i s . J&zgfyZ- Aj' TTlJii j1! -r---i- .lj.X L-Z ilyiMi,,,,, . ,,, i. ii ilium I ..ii, T ' - Stt tnth St., Flou er and Vigueroa M4 UtUywod Bird. Broadway al Intuit, (Leaf Btath ,

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