Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 12, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1949
Page 2
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PACK 2—NAUGATITCK NEWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, NOV. J2, I1MO DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: American Arms, Without American Friendship, Won't Help Europe; Restlessness Of Soviet Satellite Countries Is Mos* Encouraging Sign On Horizon; Many Americans Work Hard To Assure Peace. En route through Midwest.—On Armistice Day at Hays, Kansas, yesterday, I relaxed from the alleged crouching position under the cabinet table tjo - te'/i something about the people-to-people friendship. I hope tolerant editors will forgive me if I devote a second column to the manner in which the American !p«ople. with no prompting and little encouragement from their government, have become, in effect, their own ambassadors. What our diplomats and our forts toward peace don't. Sometimes they don't ev% make the inside pages or the big newspapers. Nevertheless when the Junior Chamber of Commerce at Charleston, W. Va., adopts a plan to bring 20 European young men to - West Virginia for one year of employment and study, it's news— important news. It's also news when the national headquarters of the Junior Chamber writes the State Department proposing that it finance the trip »viteit ULU^ uijjiuujctts Hnu our f* Lfi^waiiig L.UCIL it unancc me trip military don't seem fully to real- j of 100 young Russians to study in ize are the following fundamental the United States truths about human nature: YOU CAN PUT AL LTHE ARMS IX THE WORLD IN EUROPEANS' HANDS, BUT THAT DOESN'T NECESSARILY MAKE 'EM FIGH. YOU CAN SEND FOOD AND MARSHALL PLAN MONEY TO ATLANTIC PACT NATIONS, BUT THEY DONT PARTICULARLY APPRECIATE IT IF IT LACKS THE HUMAN TOUCH. We can keep on building A- bombs and 70 air groups and even giant airplane carriers until our pockets are empty and the American people are bled white. BUT THIS WON'T PREVENT WAR UNLESS THE PEOPLE OF EUROPE—especially tfcose be- hindthe iron curtain—ARE SO FRIENDLY TOWARD THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT THEY OPPOSE WAR. Now in this columnist's humble opinion, the most optimistic developments in the world today are, first, the fact that certain of the iron curtain countries—Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia- are now restless and leaning more toward the United States. And second is the -fact that the American people, tired and discouraged as some of them may be, are still working at wooing friends on a <peopletc-people basis. Peace Don't Make Headlines Wars and revolutions make headlines, but mans groping ef- FLOWERS For All Occasion! FLOWERS TKUEGBAPHED EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 129 RUBBEB AVENUE T«l M25 BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 This is news first. becauiae it takes considerable courage to make such a proposal. It might be misinterpreted as (pro-communist by some people. But the young businessmen who later will be helping to run this country have enough confidence in their country to know that once you get a group of young Russians over here—even though communists— < they're pretty sure to understand the American people and like them, and if you could get enough young Russians here on regular visits, it would eventually make a real dent in the iron curtain. The State Dejpartme-nt, replying to the Junior Chamber, as usual was evasive. But meanwhile the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Texas has launched a plan called "Jaycee Universal Understanding" under which, for example, A<mar- illo, Texas, is cooperating with Salzburg, Austria, first by correspondence, later by financing the trip of a Salzburg citizen to Amarillo where they can swap- ideas with him and discuss problems firsthand. LaborLeaders Help This udgre for more contact between (peoples isn't confined to litUe business or to educational groups. It exists also among big business and labor unions. The Amalgamated Clothing Workers has established a factory in Italy to demonstrate American mechanized methods to Italian workers. Irving Brown, of A. F. of L. 'representative in Brussels, has done iru%-e than many American ambassadors to give European labor Democracy. And Henry Ford, with leaders a true picture of American no commercial advertising for his cars, is helping the American public to understand the United Nations by televising U .N. sessions every day. Again, American Airlines selected 30 key newspapermen from key European countries, even including iron curtain Finland, and took them on a complete tour of the U. S. A., all expenses paid. U. S. mayors, governors, and cabinet me|v bers were delighted to cooperate. But when it came to the State Department, Stanlev Woodward, a stickler for protocol, refused to let them, see President Truman. Finally wiser head Michael McDermott of- the State Department prevailed, and the European editors did see Truman. As a result of American Airlines' thoughtful patriotism, this group will correctly interpret the U. S. A. to the Eurcfpean press for years to come. U. S. COAST GUARD CANCELS WHALE'S 'SHORE P.EAVE' WASHED UP IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE, the carcass of a beautifully striped, 100-foot whale which was swept ° CTaPOint Fire Island> N " Y - ls pre P ared b * Coast Guardsmen for a barf? return to the ^ m pt * fasten a line to the tail of the highly odilerous mammal, "clothespins" from their sensitive nostrils. (.International) A Calendar of Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Saturday, Nov. 12 Banquet for Little League Players, YMCA. Anniversary Ball, Marine Corps League. Armistice Ball, American Legion Post. Ladies' Marchigian society, public card party, Pastime hall, 8 p. m. Sunday, Nov. 13 Meeting of PTA Founders Day committee, Tuttle House, 2:30 p. m. Monday, Nov. 14 Monthly meeting of public welfare board, Town Hall, 8 p. m. Union City Community Club card party at 8 p. m., Polish National Church hall. Naugatuck Junior Woman's club meeting, American Legion Home 8 p. m. Naugatuck Woman's cKb Junior- ettes meeting, American Legion Home, 7:30 p. m. Tuesday Nov. 15 Card party sponsored by Hop Brook school Parent-Teacher association, school auditorium. 8 p. m. Playmakers present Heaven Can Wait St. Michael's parish house, 8:30 p. m. Wednesday, Nov. 16 Card party, St. Mary's Altar society. Playmakers present Heaven Can What's Doing In Naugatuck Walt, St. 8:30 p. m. Michael's parish house, Thursday, Nov. 17 Regular Meeting, Naugatuck Valley Numismatic Assn., 7:30 p. m., Court Room. Annual meeting and election of directors of the Naugatuck Chapter, American Red Cross, Tuttle Music Shed, 8 p. m. Annual fair, sponsored by Evangeline Circle, Salem Lutheran Church hall, starts at noon; fried chicken dinner, 5 p. m. Music department of Naugatuck Woman's club meet tt home of Mrs. George Carroll, 8 p. m. Monthly meeting of board of park commissioners, town hall, 4 p. m. Friday, Nov. 18 Meeting of Parish Players, Congregational' parish house, 8 p. m. Food sale, sponsored . by Naugatuck branch, Connecticut Council of Catholic Women, Brennan's store, Church street, 10 a. m. Saturday, Nov. 19 Square dancing, open to the public, Lewis Memorial hall,. St. Michael's parish house, 8 p. m. Monday, Nov. 21 Regular meeting, smoker, Naugatuck Fellowcraft association, Masonic Temple, 8 p. m. Naugatuck YMCA annual meeU ing and banquet, at YMCA, 6:45 p. m. , Naugatuck Woman's club meeting, American Legion Home, 3 p. m. Wednesday, NOT. 23 Annual Military Ball, Gold Star Post, CWV, Falcon Hall. Annual firemen's ball. Saturday, Nov. 26 Fiv^c annual parade of- quartets, sponsored by Naugatuck chapter of barbershop singers, high school auditorium, 8 p. m. Monday Nov. 28 Naugatuck Woman's club Junior ette>5 meeting, Legion Home, 7:30 p. m. Naugatuck Junior Woman's club pot-luck supper, meeting, Method 1st church hall. Tuesday, Nov. 29 Meeting of Naugatuck Counci' of Catholic Women, St. Francis church hall, 8 p. m. VISIT PLANT , A group of approximately 30 members of the New Haven Junior College Chapter for the Society of the Advancement of Man- aagement visited the Naugatuck Synthetic Rubber Plant this week. The visitors were introduced by Edwin S. Barrows of Naugatuck Chemical, and were guidi-d on the tour by Dale Jackson, Carl Lawson and Fred Maugor. Hamilton Park PENNY BINGO TONIGHT AT EVERYBODY'S HALL (Formerly DAY Hall) FREE ADMISSION FREE GAMES Play 36 CHURCH Starts At STREET 7:30 P. M. PICCADILLY INN Meriden Road Wolcott An -deal spot to hold that Stag, Shower, Wedding Breakfast, Reception or Banquet OUR RATES ARE VEKY MODERATE Orchestra and Entertainment on Saturday Night FULL LIQUOR PRIVILEGES Plenty of Parking Space PHOXE 3-9738 PHIL BERTRAND, Prop. INN Cheshire Diorio Restaurant Waterbury Luncheons — Cocktails — Dinners Banquet Facilities 1:00—WBRY—Stars Over Hollywood WTIC—News WWCO—News WATR—American Jazz Concert WLCR—Canaan News 1:15—WTIC—Farm & Home Hour WWCO—Molodv Matinee WLCR--Guest Star WATR—North Carolina-Notre Dame 1:30—WBRY—Give and Take WATR—Campus Music- WLCR—Platter Parade 1:45—WTIC—Dartmouth-Cornell 2:00—WBRY—County Fair WATR—101 Ranch Boys WWCO—Football Game WLCR—News 2:30—WBRY—Football Roundup WLCR—Just For You 3:00—WLCR.—News; 990 Club 4:00—WLCR—News; Your Serenade 4:15—WLCR—Your Serenade WATR—Tea and Crumpets 4:30—WWCO—Melody Matinee WATR—TEA 5:00—WLCR—Music; News 5:15—WLCR—Birthday Club 5:30—WBRY—Stardust In the Afternoon WWCO—Matinee Quiz WTIC—Music for Today WATR—TEA 5:45—WTIC—Confidential Close- ups 6:00—All Stations—Newi 6:15—WBRY—John A. Cluney WATR—Sports; Music WTIC—Strictly Sports WWCO—Sportscope WLCR—Sports 6:30—WWCO—Naug. Indust.; Lithuanian Memories WTIC—Symphony Orch. WBRY—Red Barber WATR—Local and World News WLCR—Supper Serenade 6:45—WATR—The Harmonaires WBRY—Religious News reporter 7:00—WATR—TEA .WBRY—Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" WLCR—News; Just For You 7:15—WATR—Bert Andrews 7:30—WATR—Superman WWCO—20 Questions WBRY—Vaughn Monroe WTIC—Star Theater 7:45—WATR—Saddle Rocking Rhythm 8:00—WBRY—Gene Autry WATR—Chandu the Magician WWCO—20 Questions WTIC—Star Theater 8:30—WBRY—Philip Marlowe WTIC—Truth or Consequences WATR—Super Man WWCO—Take a Number 9:00—WTIC—Your Hit Parade WATR—Singin' Bill WWCO—Meet Your Match WBRY—Gangbusters 9:30—WBRY—Jazz Band Ball WATR—Hollywood Byline WTIC—Dennis Day WWCO—Lombaj-cloland N THE AIR TODAY 1 110:00—WATR—Barn Dance WTIC—Judy Canova WBRY—Sing It Again WWCO—Chicago Theater 10:30—WTIC—Grand Ole Opry 11:00—All Stations—News 11:15—WBRY—Nile Shift WTIC—Dance Time WATR—Tops in Sports WWCO—Dance Ork. WATR—Tops in Sports 11:30—WTIC—Surf Club Orch. WATR—Dance Ork WWCO--Dance Ork. 12:00—All Stations—News TELEVISION P.M. WCBS—Channel 2 1:30—Music, Pgm. Preview, Weather 1:50—Columbia vs. Navy G:15^-Music; Program Review- Weather Report 6:3B—Red Barber's Clubhouse 6:45—Lucky Pup 7:15—Film Shorts 7:30—Quincy Howe 7:45—Blues by Bargy 7:55—Herb Shriner Show 8:00—Winner Take AH 8:30—Comedy Film—Premier Playhouse P.M. WNHC-TV—^Channel 8 1:00—Teletunes & Sports News 1:35—Sports Film 1:45—Pre-Game, Color 2 '.00—Army-Penn 5:00—Football Scoreboard 6:30—Red Barber's Clubhouse 6:45—Lucky Pup Resume 7:00—Lone Ranger 7:30—Hollywood Screen Test 8:00—What's the Word 9:00—Who Said That 9:30—Film Shorts; Wrestling A.M. WNBT-^Channel 4 P.M. 1:30-^Army-Penn 0:30—Children's Sketch Book 7:30—The Nature of Things 7:45—Leon Pearson 8:00—Meet Your Congress 8:30—Mixed Doubles 9:00—Who Said That 9:30—Meet the Press 10:00—Film Feature Mezzio's Offers: — Complete Brake Sen-Ice, Wheel AUftn- Prow MEZZIO'S • 18 BITEHSiriE PRTTT!. TEI, For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinsonl Ncary Building; Naugatuck, Conn. Company of 17 ADM. 60c Dancing at 8:15 FREE PARKING TODAY-SATSUH » WHALE OF A STAGE AND SCREEN SHOW POLI Time Today ACTS VAUDEVILLE > PRESENTED IN THE j ^ FAMOUS B'WAY MANNER ^ E-flVPfffSOJV JOHNNY DOWNS FRANCISCO^ McFARlAND & BROWN Bobby SARGENT DUKE DORELL MARTEZ A LUCIA THE GIBSONS Patsy GARRETT MIKI DC VITO A BAND " ON SCftfEN " FIRST WATERBURY SHOWING BORDER INCIDENT M-fi-M SHOCK STORY STARRING R1CARDO MONTALBAN GEORGE MURPHY Rep. Woodhouse Claims U. S.-Russia Now Warring In East Hartford, Nov. 12—(UP)—A United States representative says "We miglit as well face the fact that we're fighting Russia now in the middle east." Mrs. Chase Going Woolhouse rc- • cently returned from a trip to Europe. She said that in Greece, weapon* and ammunition seized from guerilla forces frequently had labels or markings showing they came from Russia. The Connecticut congresswoman reported that the United States is teaching the armies of Turkey and Greece how to use ( modern equipment and maintain it. She also said that technicians from this country are .teaching Turks and greeks how to build boats- and how to combat soil erosian—two serious JToblems in those countries. Seymour Girl Hurt Critically; Bethany Driver Being Held Marjorie Sanford, 14, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James C, Sanford, 12 Short street, Seymour, is in critical condition at New Haven Hospital where she was admitted after being struck by a car on North Main street, Seymour Thursday. The car was operated by Sherman Woodward, 20 Fairview road, Bethany, according -to police. He Is held under a $1,000 bond on a charge of violating the motor vehicle taws. Wins Contest On Air Travel; Never Aloft Eairt Hartford, Nov. 12—(UP) — A young research engineer at Pratt >i.nd Whitney Aircraft was announced as the winner of the 1949 -essay contest of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. George Lewis' prize-winning pa- ocr was entitled, "Some Natural Limitations on Space Travel." He wrote it from a strictly earthbound view, since he's never been aloft— not even in an airplane, much less a rocket ship. Lewis says that when he goes ':o New'York Nov. 30 to receive the award, he'll travel in what he describes as "a squarc-fendorcd 1935 Chevy that gets fidgety doing over 50." TAIIFNTS NAMK I'SF.H No diif> is under lV:;,'iil obligation to use tht- n:irnr: of hi* pnrcnlw, it is cu.stomary to do so. HOLDUP LOOT Average loot in holdups in the U. S. in 1948 was more than $200. ALCAZAR NOW PLAYING Marjoric Main — Percy Kllbride in "Ma and Pa Kettle" — and — Johnny Sheffield — Peggy Garner "BOMBA" SUN. — MON. — TCES. Bob Feller — Lou Boudrcau Other Ballplayers !n "The Kid from Cleveland" and Steve McNally fn 'City Across the River' Maureen O'HARA Charles LAUGHTON JAMAICA INN I -PU7S- Cterte LAUGHTON BEACHCOMBER Elsa LANCHESTER I MOT FTU . MT . I CERONIMO '"*! ftMiMfjjrar miur. DM NtW LONESOME PMEJ TEL. 404 SUNDAY and MONDAY "THE MATING OF MILLIE" with Glenn Ford Evelyn Keyes Ron Randall also 'Down Dakota Way' In Trucolor With Roy Rogers nnd Trigger Dale Evans Pat Brady — Today — "ESCAPE" and "I SHOT JESSE JAMES" Accidents never happen to your child! You'va read all the books on the care and feeding of infants. Nothing that will help Or do they? keep your baby healthy has been overlooked. So accidents never happen to your child! This mother thought she was a good mother, too. But suffocation snuffed out the life of her child because she didn't know how to guard against it. If there is a baby in your home, consult with your family physician on ways to prevent suffocation. Burns and icaldt kill and injure more children 1 to 14 years of age than any other type of accident. Check your home for danger spots. Use the inner burner of the stove for boiling. little boy* tike gunt. It's up to you Jo see to it that firearms are safely stored where curious fingers can't reach. Accidents with firearms kill hundreds and wound thousands every year. by Th« Advertising Council In cooperation with The National Safety Council. Be Careful-the child you save may be your own! THIS ADVIRTISEMINT IS PUBLISHED IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST BY The Naugatuck Daily News

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