The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 1, 1942 · 31
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 31

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1942
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SUNDAY MORNING. MARCH 1, 1942. PART II. flog Anocleg gimeg City Facing Milk Famine Producers and Union Agree on 24-Hour Truce as Strike Looms Los Angeles at midnight last night stood just 24 hours away from a possible milk famine as representatives of the Milkers Union, an A.F.L. affiliate of Dave Beck's Team- i sters' Brotherhood, agreed to a 24-hour armistice before calling a Southern California strike for milkers pay of more than $200 a month. Delay of the proposed strike was agreed upon after representatives of the Milk Producers Labor Council and representatives of the union had spent the entire day in futile negotiations at the Los Angeles Labor Temple. OFFER REJECTED The milk producers announced that they have offered the milkers a pay increase of 12 per cent as compared to the government estimate of a 7 pen cent increase in the cost of living, but this offer has been rejected. The Milkers Union is asking for a fiat increase of $25 a month per man plus a bonus for extra poundage of milk produced which would raise monthly salaries from $140 a month to more than $200 for the average milker, according to the producers' estimates. As the negotiations proceeded, it was announced that the price of milk in the Los Angeles area would be raised one-half , cent a quart today. The new scale price, approved by W. J. Cecil, director of the State Department of Agriculture, will be 12 V4 cents a quart at stores and 13V4 cents a quart delivered. Half gallon bottles will sell for 24 cents at stores and be delivered for 26 cents. The price increase was authorized upon a showing that increased production costs already make it necessary for farmers to receive more money for their product. BECK DENOUNCED From Sacramento, John Watson, former president of the Associated Farmers of California, scathingly denounced the strike plan and Beck. "The granting of the union demands under the circumstances revealed in Los Angeles would be one of the most shameful chapters in the history of organized labor," he said. "What it means is that Dave Beck can now move his office from Seattle to Los Angeles and enjoy the same success in Lo Angeles that he has enjoyed in Seattle. The only ones to suffer are the consuming public and the farmers." Producer spokesmen said that Governor Olscn spent most of the day in conference with Cecil dis cussing the milk problem. 7T W it J 1 Iw I III I : : 'm:- ' it nil m :i - 1 jI ' 1 1.'. - i ,1 ill. i'i 11, , '3 el W J $1 p ; i m HALF CENTURY Eastern-Columbia's height-limit store at Ninth St. and Broadway, which along with eight branch stores will celebrate "50 Years of Progress" with sales. Downtown Store Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Founding Establishment Begun as Little Clock Shop - at 556 S. Spring St. Develops Into Modern Concern Fifty years ago, today Adolph Sieroty, a pioneer merchant, opened a little clock shop at 556 S. Spring St. From this modest beginning sprang the Eastern-Columbia Department Store, one of the city's 1 - " ' ' sands of dollars had been expended on improvements during the past few years and that efforts had been made to place outstanding values in stock, even to such scarce merchandise as radios and home appliances, for the 50th anniversary sales. "Eastern-Columbia is in a position to start its second half-century with some of the finest facilities and merchandise displays in this city," he said. Sieroty pointed out that because of the scarcity of some merchandise the store's buyers considered these anniversary sales as golden opportunities which may not knock twice. The sales, he said, will reflect the store's policy of low cash prices. The store will continue to offer liberal payment plan and charge account privileges. the milk problem. They added that the Governor would ask the War Labor Board to intervene if the strike deadlock remains unbroken. Leon Henderson, National Price Administrator, has been keeping in close touch with the situation through Harry Camp, regional director for the coastal area, who has had an observer present at recent meeting-?. NKGOTIATOKS LISTED Those representing the milki producers at the meeting yesterday were Clifford Kenworthy, chairman of the Milk Producers Labor Council, of the Supreme Dairy Farms; J. M. Rosenbcrger of Adohr Farm. Ted rtouma, a dairym.m, and Fred Carter of Ardcn Farms. Adolph Sieroty leading mercantile establishments which tomorrow begins its 30th anniversary sale. ''During these 50 years while Los Angeles multiplied its population some ."50 times. Eastern-Columbia has kept pace," said Julian Sieroty, son of the founder. "New departments and more employees have been added until today our company not only operates the big store at Ninth St. and Broadway, but eight branches as well." Sieroty commented that thou- Razor in Bed, Wife's Plaint Pleidaes O. Lumpkin yesterday was sued for divorce by Johnnie May Lumpkin on grounds of extreme cruelty. The wife's complaint: Pleidaes. who threatened to kill her if she left him, slept with a razor under his pillow every night. City Council Rejects Local Option Plea A recommendation that the State Legislature be asked to pass legislation giving cities the exclusive right to issue permits for the sale of intoxicating liquor, or to revoke or suspend the same, has been turned down by the City Council. Boys' Week to Be Launched in City's Churches April 26 Boys' Week, the one period in the year when boys rule, will be celebrated this year from Sunday, April 26, to the following Saturday, May 2, it was an- iwjimvniiiiK mi- union "''Cinoun(.(j vpcfpninv James Ballou and George Leon- no". , cstmiaJ-ar(j , Simultaneous with the an Federal conciliators present nouncement of the date, new of were John Daley and Lyman ficers for the Council for Promo Siseley. The negotiations fumed today. will be re- Kiwanis Clubs Unite for Talk on Indies Special busses will transport members of West wood Kiwa-nlans to the Piiltmore Wednesday, when the combined Westwood and Los Angeles Kiwanis clubs will hear Dr. Arthur W. Steiner, world traveler and instructor in the political science department at the University of California, Los Angeles campus, (-peak on The Dutch East Indies." tion of Boys' Welfare were named. Arthur Read Hewitt, one of the founders of Boys Week in Los Angeles and . treasurer for many years, was elected president, replacing Dr. James Stein-berg, who was selected as chairman of the board of directors. Joseph Scott was re-elected vice-president and also renamed to the position as general chairman of Boys' Week. James G. Warren and D. W. Tontius were elected vice-presidents; G. E. McPeck, treasurer, and G. M. Hoyt, secretary. Special emphasis will be placed this year on Boys' Day in the Community, which will embrace boys' part in defense. The annual week will open with Boys' Day in Churches, under Co-chairmen A. L. Miller and Clifford W. Huling. Monday will be Boys' Day in Schools and Safety. Edwin C. Franklin is chairman of the schools portion of the program, while Chief of Tolice C. B. Hor-rail will be assisted by E. B. Lefferts. Judge Charles B. Mac-Coy and Jack C. Dcderick. the following day is Boys' Day in Libraries, In charge of Hubert B. PYazier, while Wednesday is Boys' Day in Business and Industry, under C. E. Nihart. Other days include Loyalty and Citizenship. Radio. Community and Boys' Day in Recreation. Government Red Tape Protested Glendale Manufacturer Tells Downey Small Plants Balked in War An appeal to let down the bars enough to allow little businesses to help produce for the war has been sent by Fischer Corp. of Glendale to United States Senator Sheridan Downey. President Robert A. Fischer of the organization said his plant is equipped to turn out a number of items wanted by the War Department. Included is radio equipment. BID PREVENTED "We were told at O.P.M. offices," he said, "that $25,000,000 worth of radio equipment was wanted. When we wanted to bid we were told at the office not to bid unless we could take an order for 100.000 sets. "Just why the nation must confine production of any product to the few large manufacturers is difficult to understand." Fischer enumerated a number of efforts his concern had made to engage in war production but without success. DETAILS LISTED Among other things contract applicants were informed, he said, that they must have a minimum of 63,000 square feet of floor space in order to get certain contracts, their storage rooms must have at least 10-foot ceilings, floor load ratings must be 250 pounds per square foot, a railroad spur must go into the assembly area and all buildings must be of modern and serviceable construction. Fischer said he could not understand reasons for all these requirements and asked the Senator: "How about eliminating 90 per cent of the red tape and getting the job done?" Ground Course Announced to Train Women Pilots Registrations Set for Tomorrow at City College With Class Limited to 50 and Flight to Follow YOUR TODAY KMTR Kfl iFSD Kfl KECA W KTVO T kmpc T kifvTkfw? (iiiiiCini liiiiilUln iiiiii hi W KTVO KFSG KGFJ KFOX KGB KERN knx rkoTwTkfac Ii iilminiiilii) liifiln II KPMC WOE T iiljiiiiliiiiliii Because women pilots may be needed before the war is over, Los Angeles City College is initiating a ground course for women, with classes scheduled to begin tomorrow. The course, which will teach the women the fundamentals of aviation, will be limited to 50 and will meet three nights a week, three hours each night for eight weeks. Other subjects to be studied include aerial navigation, - civil air regulations and meteorology. Graduates of the school will get their actual flight instructions' in accredited flying schools, later becoming instructors or ferry pilots, or they may be used in other capacities, reliev ing men for military duties. . Miss Anne Rambo, first worn- Rabbi to Talk on Persia "The Story of Ancient Persia" is the subject of an address to be given by Rabbi I. M. 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KGER March Ahead Time. 9:30 A.M. KPPC Dr. Woellner. KGER Revival. 10 A.M. KGER Fullerton 4 Square. KNX Air Church. 10:30 A.M. KPPC Church News. KFSG Aimee McPherson. 10:45 A.M. KPPC Church Service. 11 A.M. KPPC Church Service. KFAC Church of Open Door. KMTR First Methodist Church. 12 NOON KMTR St. Brendan Choir 12:30 P.M. KHJ Children's Chapel. 1 P.M. KHJ Lutheran Hr. 1:30 P.M. KHJ Young People's Church. 2 P.M. KMTR Lutheran Church. 2:30 P.M. KFOX Rev. Billy Adams. 3 P.M. KECA Catholic Hr. KGFJ Locy West. KFSG Evangelistic KFOX Rev. Ivie. KNX Church. 3:30 P.M. KECA Church Federation. 4 P.M. KFOX Locy West. KGER Gospel Tidings. 4:30 P.M. KMTR Bible Treasury. KGER Colonial Tabernacle 5:30 P.M. KGER Rev. Weber. KMTR Martin L. Thomas. 6:30 P.M. KGFJ Church of God. 7 P.M. KMTR R. P. Shuler. KFSG Aimee McPherson. 8 P.M. KPPC Church Service. KFWB Hollywood Presbyterian Church. KFAC Church of Open Door. 9:30 P.M. KFAC "Glnrious Hope." KFSG Wendell St. Clair. 9:45 P.M.' KFWB Angelica Lutheran Church. 10 P.M. KMTR Calvary Tabernacle. ENTERTAINMENT-BY THE HOUR 6 A.M. KNX World News. Organ. Defense Reports. Voice of Pulpit. KFI News: Coast to Coast. KHJ News, Music. KGFJ Concert. KMTR Spanish Prog. KGER Pentecostal. KRKD Music. KFWB Music. 6:45. KFAC Serenade. 7 A.M. KFAC Hymns. KMTR Calif. Theater. KFI Nat. Pulpit. KMPC Sabbath Hr. KGFJ Serenade. KFVD Spanish. 2 hours. KFOX El Despertador KRKD News. Music. 7:13. KGER Music. 7:30 A.M. KFI Stories America. KFWB Music. News. KGER Bro. Pearson KNX Winss Over Jordan. KMPC Music. News t7:45l KFAC Comics. 7:45 A.M. Kn Vocals. 8 A.M. &1H KFWB Music. KECA News, Songs. KFOX Concert. KGER Helen Markham. KGFJ News. KMPC Sun. Drive. KHJ Funny Papers. KMTR Swedish Hour. KMPC Calvary Hour. KRKD Sunday Ranch. 8:15 A.M. KFWB Organ. KFI Book of Books. KECA Dialing Today. 8:30 A.M. KECA Revue. KFAC Wade Lane. KGFJ Spiritual Singers. KNX Invitation Learning. KFOX Musicale. KHJ Junior Army Hr. KFI Youth Music. KMPC Easy Listening. KGER Christian Evidences. 8:45 A.M. KRKD News. Music. KGER Rev. Dayen. KHJ Voice of Prophecy. 9 A.M. KNX 8vncopation. KECA Garden Club. KGER News KHJ Bible School. KFVD Walts. KRKD Music Masters. KMTR Open Forum. KMPC News. KGFJ. KFOX Music. KFI Serenade. 9:15 A.M. KGER March Ahead Time. KMPC. KGFJ Music. KPPC Tower Chimes. KFVD Music. KFI Health. KECA Piano. KFAC Medical 9:30 A.M. KGER Radio Revival. KECA Music Hall, 1 hr. KNX Salt Lake Taoernacle Choir. KFAC Music. KFWB Swing. '3 hn. KHJ Far East News. KFI Emma Otero. KFVD News. 9:45 A.M. KGER Music. KGFJ Music. 10 A.M. KMTR F. Rinehart. KHJ News. KRKD. KPVD. KFWB, KFAC Music KFI Upton Close. KFOX Music. KGFJ Music. 10:15 A.M. KFT Strings KFOX, KMPC News KHJ Romance Highways. KFVD Music. 10:30 A.M. KECA Soeaklnt Glamour. KMPC Peter Potter, 2' hrs. KHJ Canary Chorus. KNX News. KFI "World Is Yours." KGFJ MuMc. 10:45 A.M. KECA Songs. KFVD Serenade. KHJ Palestine Near East. KGFJ Lucille Lona. KPPC Tower Chimes. KNX -Music. KFOX Music. 11 A.M. KFI-Kaye Orch KECA Fireside Plays. KHJ Saleiy Sonss. KFVD Music. KNX 8Pirlt '42. KGFJ Music. KGER Pilgrim Hour. KFOX 8win. 11:15 A.M. KFI Concert Petite, KGFJ Music. 11:30 A.M. KPT Chicago Roundtahle. KNX Columbia Workshop. KOFJ Medical. 1 1 :45 A.M. KHJ Geo. Fisher 12 NOON KNX N Y. Philharmonic. KGER News. KMPC Peter Potter. KFI Bob Becker. KFWB. KFVD. KOFJ Music. KECA Wake Up, America. KFOX - Music. 12:15 P.M. KPT H. V Kaltenborn. KMPC. KFVD Music, 1 hr KPPC-Church History. KHJ Dona. KOFJ-Concert, s, hr. 12:30 P.M. KOFR Caechoslav. Orch. KPPC Church History. KFOX Music. KFWB Jean Leonard. KOFJ Talk. KRKD News. KFI News. KFAC Garden Brhool. 12:45 P.M. KHJ Alvln Wilder. KPPC Drama, KFt-Book Looks KRKD News. Music KFAC Garden School. 1 P.M. KMTR - News. KNX Philharmonic. KFWB Music, KFOX. KFAC, KOFJ Mtiaie. KECA-Nat. Vespers KFI -University Sxplorer, KMPC Samuel MrKee. KGER Spanish Hr. KRKD Request Music. KGFJ Real Life Drama. 1:15 P.M. KGER. KFWB Music. KFI Tony Wons. KFVD Pianos KMTR Voice of Mother. KOFJ Golnen Rule. KMPC Spare Rod. 1:30 P.M. KFVD Hawaiians. KRKD Music. KNX Andre Koslelanetz. KMTR Betty Phillips. KFWB News. KFI American Playj. KMPC Song Stars. KECV Behind Mike. 1:45 P.M. KFOX Orean. KMTR Pianos. KMPC. KRKD, KFWB Music. 2 P.M. KMPC Variety. KECA Waltzes. Fashions. KFOX Rev. Hedrick. KHJ America Singing. KGFJ Newar KFWB Symphony. KFI Met. Opera Auditions KFAC Blind Philosopher. KNX Family Hour. KGER Mission Workers. KRKD. KFVD Music. '2:15 P.M. KGER Aviation on Parade. KNX Dance. KHJ Disney Parsde. KECA Nick Harris. KMTR Special Events. KFOX Billv Adams. KGFJ Faith. 2:30 P.M. KFVD. KRKD Music. KGER L. B. Band. KMPC Music. KGF.t W.C.T.TJ KMTR French Program. KHJ Ned Jordan. KFI Nichols Family. KECA Steelmakers. KFAC Victory Players. 2:45 P.M. KFC Concert. KNX Wm. L. Shircr. KGFJ Music. 3 P.M. KMTR Dr. Talbot. KFWB News. KMPC Curtain Calls. KNX -Silver Theater. KOER -News KFI - Prof. Pusrlewit. KGER Music. KHJ Chicago Theater. KFAC Music. 3:15 P.M. KFWB Music. KGER L. B. Band. 3:30 P.M. KFVD Hank. Night Watchman. KFI News. KGFJ W.C.T.TJ. KNX Gene Autr KMPC Music City Quls. 3:45 P.M. KFWB Story Behind News. KFI Cabbages, Klnas. KFOX. KGFJ Music. 4 P.M. KFT Jack Benny KMTR G. E. Lowman. KMPC Music. KFWB Music Comedy. KECA Europe Newg. KFAC-Friends Hr. KHJ Fact Finders. 4:15 P.M. KHJ Rahhl Mncnin. KNX-Publlc Affairs. KMPC Authors News Dlcest. KFAC Music. KRKD Music. 4:30 P.M. KFT Bandwagon. KNX Gluskin Orch KFCA Daughters Uncle KFOX.' KGFJ Music. KFWB News. KPVD 0-nft Club KHJ "In His Stepi." 4:45 P.M. KFWB Stuart Hamblen. 1'. hrs. KFVD. KMPC Music, 5 P.M. KOFJ Music KRKD Music KMTR Volney James. KNX World Newa. KHJ -Forum. KFOX-Int'l Mission KFI - Bergen. McCarthy. 1 hr KOER Christian Yosith. KMPC Morgan Orch. KECA Latin America. 5:15 P.M. KOFR Music. KMTR-Ethel Hubler. KOFJ-Muslc. 5:30 P.M. KFOX-Dr. Lovell. KNX-Spellln Berliner KFI-One Man's Family, hr. KGER Music. KECA Capt. Qulr.. KMPC "Questions Wo Ak " KMTR American Cruiade. 5:45 P.M. KMTR-Muslc. KGFJ Italian Melodies. 1 hr. KMPC News. KECA Pearson. Allen. SGjsIc A"n' 6 P.M. KFT -Merry Oo Round. 1 KMTR Ensemble. KFOX News. KMPC Sun. Eve Hr. KRKD Music KFWU News. KOFJ Concert. KGER Desert Man. KHJ--Revtval llr KFVD, KFAC Music, KNX Bun. Eve Hr KECA- Oranpanpy Pals. 6:15 P.M. KOFJ-Board Fduratlon. KGER Al Williams. KMTR Mlt'le. KFOX. KRKD Music. 6:30 P.M. KH-Album ramlliar MiKte. KFOX Maurice Johnson. KMTR Music KFVD Sterrnada. KFCA Bookman Notebook. KFWB Meet Americans. 6:45 P.M. ' KFWB Music. KPPC Dept. Recreation. KRKD News. KOER Music. KFOX Music. ' KECA Dinaii Shore. 7 P.M. KFI Hr. Charm. KGER Music. KMPC Sirollin' Tom. KECA Good Will Hr. KPPC Music. KGFJ. KFOX Music. KHJ Ean Ouentin Show. K!"WB Uncle Sam Speaks. KFAC Forum. KNX Take It or Leave It. 7:15 P.M. KFWB Free France. KPPC Soprano. KMPC Carp. van. KGER Mystery Moods. KFOX Music. 7:30 P.M. KNX Park Concert. KGER Music. KMPC Wings Over Jordan. KPPC Song Recital. KFWB Music. KHJ "Keep 'Em Rolling." KFI-8herlork Holmes. KFOX Music. 7:45 P.M. KPPC Orsan. KNX Goodman Orcn. KFOX Oraan. 8 P.M. KNX Crime Doctor. KMPC News. KGFJ News. KHJ USC. Hancock Ensemble. KFI-Great Oildcrsleeve. KFOX Variety. KGER Full Go.peI. KMTR Floyd B. Johnson. KECA Inner Sanctum Mysteries. 8:15 P.M. KGFJ Music. KMPC Music. 8:30 P.M. KGFJ Nite Justice. KECA Jack Benny. KGER Music. KHJ Nobody's Children. KNX Hollywood Playhouse, KFI News. 8:45 P.M. KM Chapel Quartet. KECA. KOFJ Music. KMPC Mother's Aibum. 9 P.M. KFI - Walter Winrhell KFWB -Union Rescue Mission KOFJ Sun. Quiz. KHJ News. KNX -Tom Breneman. KGER Music. KECA Sun. at Nine. KFAC Sun. Eve. club KMPC Music. KFOX Music. KMTR Eniemble. 9:15 P.M. KHJ Voice Prophecy. KMTR Bob Brooks. KECA "Over Cnflee Cup." KGFJ. KFOX Orch. KH Parker Family. KFAC Salvation Army. 9:30 P.M. KFWB News. KECA News. KFOX Music. KMPC Hermit's Cave. KFSG Voice First Nichtert. KGFJ -Dreamer KMTR ChriMmn Youth. KOSIl March Ahead Time. KIT -Carnival. KNX "What's It All About?" 9:45 P.M. KHJ Dr. Polysoldes. KECA Tunes. 10 P.M. KFOX Music. KHJ Americas Speak. KOFJ. KFINes. KECA Barron Orch. KFSG Esther Stuart. KNX Screen Guild Theater. KGER March Ahead Time. KMPC "Do You Remember?" KFAC Dance. 10:15 P.M. KMTR Averill Orch. KGER Music. KGFJ Radio Club. KFWB Bowline. KFI - Dreamland Bridge. KFOX Music, 10:30 P.M. KNX -"They Live rorever." KMTR Music. KFWB Music KHJ Davis Orch. KMPC Cleveland Bvmphnnv. 1 hr. KOER Concert. KFI -Inside News. KNX-Oreh. KGFJ Drams. KFOX Music. KECA Thornhlll Orch. 10:45 P.M. KFOX -Hamilton Orch. KFI Dreamland. KMTR Averill Orch. KGFJ Dundee Drams. 11 P.M. KFWB Music. KFSG Music KHJ Tesaarden Orch. KKCA- Phllharmnnla. KNXSonaa. KMTR Hrnr Orch, KOFJ. KFI Newg KFOX Orrh.. ' hr. KrACriTi 5 p.m. KFI Three Sheets to Wind ... KNX Orch. KOFJ Organ. KFSO Close of Dae, KFOX Orch., ' hr. KMTR-Musie. 11:30 P.M. KHJ -Richards Orch. KKSO Drama, KMTR News. KNX Console. KOFJ Dance. KMPC Mrmnrjr Melodies, 1 1 :45 P.M. KFI -Nelson Orch. 12 MIDNIGHT KNX Harmony House, News. Rebrosdcasts to KFI, KH J News. Musle Mo A am. KFAC Melody. News to A a m.. , . . KOFJ Hank. NlSht Watchman. Owing to present war cenditioni change In the regremi lilted mey be mod without notice

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