The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 26, 1945 · 9
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 9

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1945
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! I r I Plucky Battle of U.S.S. Bryant After Hit Told i ALAMEDA, Au?. 24. (U.R) "Another saga of a crippled war- :- hiprs tenacious recovery was released by the 12th Naval District here today in relating the f tory of the U.S.S. Bryant, hit by a suicidal kamikaze plane last April w hile steamlns to ; the aid of another stricken destroyer. ; The Bryant, recently repaired In the United Engineering Co.'s yards at Alameda, wai standing . a lone vigil north of Okinawa, naming other ship and ground orces on the island of the approach of hostile aircraft ' (.an Kept Hot !- Intermittent action had kept the destroyer's puns hot all morning as she cruised alone on the patrol run. While thus engaged, the ship received a message that the U.S.S. LafTey had been hit by a suicide plane I which had fired the ship. Breaking-out her fire-fighting equipment, the Bryant put about and churned to the aid of her sister ship. It was then that an rnemy pilot crashed his explosive-loaded aircraft into her superstructure, knocking out all central control and communications and starting raging fires. Twentj-eight men were dead, eight missing, and 3.1 wounded a the crew rallied to turn the fire-fighting equipment to its cwn salvation. Honrs of Fire Fighting ' Hours of fire fighting and re-tigging of emergency, equipment simultaneous with the contin-, tied barking of the ship's guns i brought the fires under control and the plucky destroyer again took up its mission of aiding the LafTey. i However, the division commander dispatched a message to the ship, instructing it to retire from battle to care for its wounded and nurse its damage. The Bryant then returned to the U.S. where permamrnt repairs were made. Navy men mentioned by Capt. G. C. Seay, for their part in the action included Lt. fjg) Roy E. Shoupe. Beverly Hills. Cal.. and Chief Electricians Mate P. L. Biggie of Los Angeles. U.S.S. Bryant Hero Drove Ambulance Here Chief Electrician's Mate Taul L Biggie, commended by the Navy for his part in quenching flames aboard the U.S.S. rie-j f trover Bryant, was formerly an' ambulance driver from 1930 to 3942 at the Lo Angeles Coun-j ty General Hospital. J He entered the Navy shortly j after pradviatine from hijrh ( Mine Sweeper's Heroic Suicide Battle Related PORTSMOUTH (Va.) Aug. 25. broke her in two. She sank. in (JP) The destroyer, mine sweeper Hobson shot down four Jap suicide planes in 67 minutes of concentrated fury, but one got near enough to crash a bomb into her engine room, killing four and wounding six of the crew. The Hobson? skipper is Comdr. J. I. Manning, 1833 Mira-mar St., Los Angeles. The attack occurred 75 miles northwest of Okinawa on April 16. After temporary repairs to plates and steam lines at Kera-ma Retto, near Okinawa, the Hobson steamed to the Norfolk Navy Yard, arriving June 15. The Navy permitted disclosure of the story today. Crew members told newsmen that two minutes before the Hobson was struck thev saw another kamikaze pilot sink the! ; destroyer Prlngle and that thej destroyer Laffey and several other ships in the area were hit the same day. Lt. Robert M. Vogel, of Og-den Park, Dobhs Ferry, N.Y., the Hobson's executive officer, gave this account of the action: On April 16 at 5 a.m. 15 enemy planes spotted the Hobson, Pringle and two accompanying gunboats and made passes at them but were driven off by anti-aircraft fire. At 8:53 a.m. one made a suicide run on the Pringle but was shot down by gunners on the Hobson and Pringle. Another dived on the Pringle at 0:20 a.m., hit her and Superliner to Land 14, 80 six minute. Two minutes later a single-engined aircraft began a suicide run on the .Hobson. Five-inch shells from the Hohson disintegrated the plane just short of the ship, but its 250-pound bomb penetrated the deck house. The explosion of the delayed action bomb started fires in the gunnery workshop, ma chine shop and electrical shop: and blasted a hole in the deck over the forward engine room, wrecking steam and power lines. Two more suicide planes attacked the Hobson but her gunners shot them into the sea. The two gunboats shot down another. The remaining Jap planes continued to make passes for an hour before they withdrew. Meanwhile, the Hobson's crew extinguished the fires in shool in Waterloo, la. Biggie spent six years with the Navy, being discharged in 1930. He en listed again in 1912. He has seen service in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters and has been in such campaigns as Palau, Saipan and Tinian. He has received a Presidential Unit Citation and the Bronze Star. Two More Kamikaze Victims Identified SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 25. (U.R) Names of two more Navy vessels hit by deadly Japanese kamikaze planes were revealed today by the 12th Naval District. In West Coast shipyards for permanent repairs are the escort carrier U.S.S. Sangamon, crip-, pled near the Ryukyu Islands,! and the attack transport U.S.S. Henrico, blasted off Okinawa, j The Sangamon burned for five hours after joining battle j with 12 enemy aircraft, one of j which crashed into her flight deck. A two-engined Jap bomb- er dived into the Henrico, virtually destroying her superstructure. .Number of casualties on the two ships was not announced. 15 minutes, rigged emergencv power lines in four minutes and the ship continued to maneuver. Thirty-five minutes after the attack nded the Hobson had picked up 136 of the Pringle's crew, clinging to rafts and wreckage. - The two gunboats rescued the others Manning Tour of Duty Includes Both Oceans Comdr. J. I. Manning of 1833 Miramar St., skipper of the battle-scarred destroyer - minesweeper Hobson, has seen action during this war in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters and has bepn in command of the sturdy little ship since last November. The 31-year-old commander, a 1933 graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, began his sea career aboard the battleship Pennsylvania. In 1941 he was sent to Yale University as gunnery and ordnance instructor for a jear and a half. He was placed in command of a destroyer and was stationed at San Diego in 1942-43. His next assignment saw him convoying cargo ships between the United States and Casablanca for nine months. He was transferred to the Pacific in January,194l. BY THE AftHOCIATED MES The New York Tort of Embarkation announced yesterday that the Queen Elizabeth will arrive there next Friday with 14,560 returning troops, including 9S0 Navy m'en. Six transports carrying 4696 troops will arrive there today, the New York Port of Embarkation said. The largest group will arrive aboard the Sea Cat. which was diverted from the Pacific, with 1982 troops. Other arrivals include the Edward Rutledge, 753 troops; the John M. Mobrehead, 765 troops; the Joseph Leidy, 747 troop?; the Joseph N. Teal, 403 troops, and the Tarazed, with 46 troops. ' The following Army unit? arrived in the United States from Europe yesterday; At York (Aboard Gwrg-town Victorv) 191.1 troops, including 3172nd. 3173rd, 3174th, 3223rd and 3265th Engineer power plant detachments; 409th. Aviation' Quartermaster Company; advance detachment of 116th Cavalry Re- connaissance Squadron (median- ized;) following units of 325th Glider Infantry Regiment; - headquarters! and headquarters company, anti tank company, service company and medical detachment: and following units of 2nd Battalion of 32th: headquarters and headquarters company, and Companies K, a and H. (Aboard Howard Kelly) 747 troops, including 461st Air Service Group. 19th Depot Supply Squad ron. SI 4th Chemical Company, 1255th Military Police Company, aviation; 704th Air Materiel Squadron, and Hth Medical Veterinary Section, aviation. (Aboard Aiken Victory) 1970 troops, including 108th. '200th and 20rtrd Quartermaster laundry detachments; 4.'Rth Military Platoon and casual troops. 306th General Hospital, 19th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (mechanized.) 624th and 635th Quartermaster laundry companies (semimobile,) and 362nd Medical Laboratory. At Newport Xews, Va. (Aboard West Point) 7728 troops, including these elements of S5th Infantry Division: headquarters and headquarters company, band, medical detachment and special troops, military police platoon. issth Ordnance. Companv, 85th Quartermaster Companv, 85th Signal Company, 33Sth and 3.19th infantries, headquarters end head quarters battery, 85th Division Artillery. 328th, 329th, 403rd and 910th Field Artillerv battalions: 1310th Engineer Battalion, 310th s Medical Battalion and Soth Cav-l ! airy reconnaissance troops. Los 3ngrtcs eimcg Sunday, aug. 26, ms-Porti 9 REDUCEen 1 INCOME TAXg 20-40-60 lbs, quick AH & Fl bttttr onrf leok younarl Giva me ana heur ra erave It. STOP hiving heart palpitation, pounttinc In th temple, ringing in the aire, thartnet at breath, ctizzinee, hiaal and ttasli paina. . normal blsae) preetur. TIJ(D. STUFFtO. UP FEELING. Step heme ararriaeV, timid :and fearful. These nantfttions and ematinnt ; ara atteri eauaad ay pour physical farm. Came in ar write far tree haeklat. - j ' AL WILLIAMS HEALTH SYSTEM. Dept. T-l ! (Eit, 19201 i ill Sniitli Sarina Street Ml. MM '77 W. Seventh (Street , TP. J7! SECRETARIAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION atla Federal Tea Cauraa. flair rvr eeHjr. Tiwely taun. far Aeeaamteeta. Attv'i a Bui. Eiecirtiye. 7 era nan. Oct. I. Cat re-atiee MOW. uthwtters Unlvinlty ;; . tit w c ,IMV -C-A.a4-ydk WOMCN ad MEN ia Dwi.l. Prtnn 1r POST Win aroartunltiat, CKPOtL 0W. TSalNIMS ESaEMTUU fJOUT BIt. Sauthwtsttrr) Unfvtrtlty" m Y and EVE. CLASSES I mn Saoraaweltra ft a kaea Twr a... adifff PratMiiaatal Aeeevntiaa likul ia Itu.el "hackereaaa"' amu ara n tHdeat all vl.ha, te ke a aaariaiiet la tka Paid " aiia. ai kaiu ad adve Tkaar. la AeHrMt,,(, v.t. ipeaai, tea. La. ENROLL aa tar FALL dim. S. Hill 3071 VatCh. J rTUieSSiOZlcU ". enroll . fall 1 USOUTIIWESTERII UFHVERSITY Boston .1080 (Aboard troops. Gen. Goe-'j Including : Pacific Veterans Home for Release SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 2',. (P) Nearly 1000 cheering soldiers, veterans of the Pacific war, reached the port of embarkation today, en route by way of separation and reception stations, to their homes. A boat, the rail lined with pretty girls and a band playing on the deck, met the transport. A special dinner, with steaks, was the treat tonight at the reception station at Ft. McDowell. HELP WANTED! Grayson's has steady positions. lor experienced sales ladies, oifico workers, alteration ladies and department heads. Apply Grayson's Buying Office 739 SO. 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