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MONDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 29, 1941. PART I. Nazis Curb Jews Nazis Report Sinking 12 Freighters and Warship New Secret Technique Declared Employed as U-boats Stalk British North Atlantic Convoy irv If i if if 'ii tAfi TONIGHT! Two new classes are beginning tonight or beginners and advanced dancers in Fox Trot and Rumba. Learn the newest dance steps under the direction of an Arthur Murray expert.

It's great fun and so inexpensive now that rates are low. You'll enjoy learning the new steps with a gay, friendly group. Call' before 10 p. m. ARTHUR MURRAY iff Riding Trolleys Star of David Wearers May Board Carriers Only if No Aryans Waiting BERLIN, Sept.

28. (JP) The Transportation Ministry issued new restrictions for Jews today and the newspaper Berliner Boersen Zeitung forecast additional stringent steps against the Jews, possibly including the BERLIN, Sept. 28. (yP) Stalking U-boats which tagged the heels of a British convoy for days were declared today to have sent 12 merchantmen and one Britain, meanwhile, was the objective ff only a few hostile aircraft, -flying singly, the government-said. They ranged as far as the coast 3S7 N.

Itvtrly Dr. TOWN HOUSE Btv. Hills. CR. 1-7151 A dp escorting warship to the bottom jf 'South Wales and a com mu- of the North Atlanta w.tu-en reported mere was some Gibraltar and England.

FRENCH HOUSE 330 N. FAIRFAX Jutt North of Btvarly Blvd. Cocktail Loungi Delicious Luncheons, 45e damage at two places and a small number of casualties. The raid on Northern Italy was the second this In addition, tjie high command said, a 14th' vessel a tanker of IREAL FRENCH TABLE D'HOTE DINNERS 65c 12,000 tonswas picked off by a. was raided on the night of SeDt Ghetto.

Jews, who are now discernible by the Star of David sewn on their clothing, are permitted to enter streetcars, busses and other public conveyances only if these are sufficiently empty so that no waiting non-Jews need remain behind. PRESS RESTRAINED TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS FOR RESULTS far-ranging submarine in the 10-11. South Atlantic. T7T Without giving the size of the! 5- escort ship; the war bulletin gave the total tonnage of the mer- i'k chantmen in the smashed Eng-'ki 'Vy 1 it lanu-oouna r.onvov as tw.uuu inns i SOW! UTklllli; OF NEW ATTACK (The attack apparently was separate from the torpedoings which the Germans said last- f' Thursday sank 11 of 12 convoyed i 1 Is ffp-fj-r r.w Once in the conveyances, the Jews may sit down only, if all others have seats. The decree provides that the German press shall not publish these restrictions, which must be made known to Jews through their own organizations.

Boersen Zeitung said that "because the German people have clearly seen that the Jewish question must be solved without sentimentality it welcomes every step leading to a real solution and has confidence its leadership will take all necessary further measures at the proper time." EVES OPENED CZECH LEADERS MEET Dr. Eduard Benes, left, head of Czechoslovakian govern i Y2x- tn. it hi no ment in exile, presides at conference of army and air force leaders in London. account said only a small if, Wide World photo steamer of this convoy managed to escape.) German bombers were said to the hnttnm npar the lands. One was listed as a 2500-' ton Ktpampr thP nthpi- an iir -U jton sailing vessel.

RAIDERS BLASTED Catholics and Gestapo in New Head-on Clash Continued Persecutions Result in Bishop's Protest to Hitler and Other Nazi Leaders Chicago Dally News Foreign Servict SOMEWHERE IN EUROrE.itinued, "a book has been pre- German defense patrols and anti-aircraft guns along the Eng- The order requiring Jews to wear a big yellow Star of David sewn to their clothing had opened the eyes of many Germans, the newspaper said, adding in heavy black type: "For a large section of our people it was a disagreeable surprise to see how many of these hsh Channel were reported breaking up most of the British Germans Battle Czech Rebellion Nazis Arrest Premier on Treason Charge and Restrict Six Districts Continued from First Page vakia had slowed arms-factory output as much as 50 per cent, blown up a number of German troop trains and disorganized transportation. One troop train was crushed by the collapse of a tunnel in Vlara Fass, Slovakia, just after the train entered it, said reports unwanted contemporaries still -V kl a A 'A the R.A.P. have been getting through, the Germans said. Sept. 28.

The Roman Catholic Church once again has collided live among us, namely in certain pared in hundreds of thousands of copies, which expresses the opinion that we Germans today quarters of large cities; how- head-on with the S.S. (Hitler elite wprp rpnnrtori no nffipinllv chntif. cuard) and the Gestapo in the! must elect between Christ and down yesterday during hour-long UicK, air battles along the Channel. conflict which may develop in- the German volk. With flaming indignation we German Catholics to a showdown in the Reich RAF Rmkorc HA 'V deny that any such choice is It must immediately be em nWWpH that thP rtisnntP i necessary, we Jove our uerman Northern Italy volves no church pronouncement iPC0Pie ana serve incm npces' sary, to death.

But at the same time we live and die for Christ on Nazi foreign policy or the war with Russia and England, LONDON, Sept. 20. (JP) Royal Air Force bombers attacked, targets in Northern Italy and'' but is confined exclusively to in- and will remain bound to him now and for all eternity." filtering into London. The Czech Southwest Germany last night, muihn omciais sain xonay. The church so far appears to government maintains constant hold the temporary advantage, communications with rebel lead-rersecutions of church in the homeiand by secret Hons are reported to have the authorities said.

many go6d houses are occupied by them at a time of home shortage; with what a free and easy way they go about the streets as though they were alone there. "The nation to put it mildly is astounded by these facts." It again finds its instinctively correct impression confirmed that Jewish wails of complaint throughout the world regarding the alleged suffering of the Jews in Germany are nothing but lying agitation." Jews Must Report to Paris Officials PARIS (German-Occupied France) Sept. 28. (JP) A notice) issued today by the Paris prefecture ordered all Jews older than 15, whether French or foreign, to report regularly to French authorities beginning Oct. 1.

ternal affairs. It has the most far-reaching implications, however. NEW PERSECUTION Continued persecution of church institutions forms the background. Convents, monasteries and schools have been closed and their membership halted early in August Canada Puts Ban on Japanese Imports This coincides with the new report that Dr. Martin Niemoel-ler is no longer in solitary con finement at Sachsenhausen but scattered and restrictions havejnas becn transferred to Dachau OTTAWA, Sept.

28. (JP) The Canadian government today been placed on religious festivals, banned all imports from Japan where he shares three cells with jtwo Catholic priests, giving him The church, for a long time rela- except under special revenue per mu nujAU uveyr mem, uv.uj,, opportunity for the first DacK-' I time in four vears to sneak to rt frv 1 Via Kin Cnnt fW.i'-$. The leader is Count von Galon, others except duritg the rare in t.yjL tut uan vra jmocru 23 and made public tonight. Bishop of Muenster and repre visits of his wife. sentative of an old, aristocratic Copyright.

1941. Chicago Dailr News. Inc. ETIIERB Y-KAYSER'S SKODA 'SLOW UP' An arms-factory "go slow" strike has crippled the output of such great concerns as the Skoda works at Pilsen, the reports said. Peasants were said to be burning granaries throughout the country in night-riding raids and then forming for angry hunger marches by day.

A secret Czech radio station called "the station for national liberation" broadcasts nightly. The announcer declared in the broadcast heard in London tonight that Reinhard Heydrich, newly appointed German Deputy Protector, was "the bloodiest man of all the bloody Nazis." "Czech people!" he cried. "Heydrich was sent to provoke you to open revolt and to drive all Czechs to their knees, but the unity of the Czech people will frustrate the Nazi plan." Czech authorities credited some of the increase in sabotage to broadcasts of "Col. Brltton," the originator of the campaign. Dr.

Eduard Benes, presi Moiitli-Eiitl ft-ffflllR TIEfo'llilllil fcv by itpau iirummei SALE 8tl65 AIR SUPS Loss of Canadian Navy Ship Disclosed Two Wounded and 40 of Crew Saved OTTAWA, Sept 28. (JP) The loss of the Canadian corvette Levis with 18 of her crew as a result of "enemy action" was announced today by the Navy Ministry. The Levis was the first of the small Canadian-built vessels operated by the Royal Canadian Navy to go to the bottom since the outbreak of the war. Two men were reported wounded and 40 were saved. The vessel was under the com.

4 300 PAIRS 4 dent of the provisional govern '1 4 I You have heard of AirySteps and their "magic sole" with the honeycomb of tiny air Cushion comfort in every ntp! You know they regularly nell for $6.50. There are suedes and kidskins oxfords and pumps in a good range of sizes. You better come early! -4 15 actually u6Wt: jroni I the sands of tfojtaffibe tex- ment, nas matte several oroaci-casts calling upon the people to maintain their passive resistance and to be prepared to "strike for fall? a a rf, 3f P- i ''KTt s'. "8 5- freedom when the time comes." A Westphalian family. A historical accident contributed to make Muenster the center of the outbreak.

During the Th'irty Years' War the city was threatened with destruction by fire but saved by a fortuitous wind. The anniversary, celebrated annually with solemn religious festival, was banned this year. That night British bombers again fired the city. The devout saw this as divine punishment for failure to observe the rites. PERSONAL PROTESTS Bishop Galen subsequently preached three powerful sermons and addressed personal protests to ranking members of the Nazi regime, including Hitler.

Only Dr. Hans Henrich Lam-mers, head of the Reichschan-cellery, replied, saying merely that the protest had been referred to the "competent official" Gestapo Chief Heinrich Himm-ler, The bishop returned to Dr. Lammers a full report on Gestapo and S.S. activities, insisting that they be called to account. SECRET POLICE NAMED His first sermon on July 13 likewise dealt with Gestapo persecutions and mentioned dread secret police by name.

Its directness astounded listeners. Bishop Galen drew heavily from the so-called Fuldaer, or pastoral letter, dated one week earlier, in which the German bishops without specific reference to the Nazis had said that forces in the Reich were again attacking the church. They had hoped, said the letter "that the 'crusade' against Russia" would mean a respite for German churches but ''with great sorrow" they had ture and beauty of Silk wV strength mid mand of Lieut. Charles W. Gilding formerly of Riverport, N.S.

DEBS 500 PAIRS Attempt on Slovakia Premier's Life Reported NEW YORK, Sept. 29 fMon-day.) (JP) The British radio tonight said that Czech resentment at the imposition of a state of emergency in the protectorate of Paris Sentences Reds VICHY (Unoccupied France) Sept. 28. (tf5) Twelve persons were sentenced today in Paris and Montpellier for carrying on Communist propaganda. The sentences ranged from one year to 10.

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The broadcast was heard by N.B.C. BUDGET SHOES Srs i durability and shtance never before kmirii i ie. They knoLheauti always look" Jrtsh and the pat 9 rr crystal clear Cewe Desmond's today and yQtmelj to one of these'- amazing, new Wonder Tieb; You'll agree that, for yottf tie wardrobe," Wonders tfill never Sg65 You who like many pairs of "purse wise" shoes will find the BUDGET SHOP on the second floor. Beautiful shoes which sell regularly $4.93 and $3.93. The Citizens Committee of Los Angeles invites you to hear HERBERT AGAR famed foreign correspondont, Pulifxer Priie winner, member of th Fight for Freedom Committee, and editor of the Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal tell why WE STOUL (SO TO Wm MOW! found this to be untrue.

The is- sues Involved, said the letter, included the very existence of the church. "Recently," the letter con- SAMPLES' s2r 200 PAIRS ft if 4 YOU MAY AGREE If your size is 4B and you like your shoes different, you'll delight with samples. They're distinctive style wise and inexpensive! A SUPERB HOTEL Clos to Shops, Theatrtt ond Finonciol Dislrier YOU MAY NOT AGREE that war now Is necessary. It is the defense of your democratic right to think as you please, which the Fight for Freedom Committee believes has made immediate war Imperative. As Americans, make good use of your privilege of know.

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