Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1960 · Page 31
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 31

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1960
Page 31
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SUNDAY, OCTOBEB 16, 1966. THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE ind LOGANSPORT PRESiS, LOGANSPORT, INPIANA PAGE THREE Maemillan Wants Summit Conference Next Spring Sees Possibility Of Quenching Fuse Of Threatened War By TOM OCHILTREE SCARBOROUGH, England (AP) —Prime Minister Harold Maemil- lan called Saturday for a summit conference in the spring to remove the sputtering fuse from the German and Berlin problem. The British leader implied that he and Soviet Premier Khrushchev already have agreed on the need for such top-level negotiations, to be held after a new president has taken over direction of the American government. Addressing a meeting of 5,000 enthusiastic . Conservative party workers, Maemillan declared Brit: ain had a key role in improving the international climate. He said the world situation "has substantially worsened" since Khrushchev torpedoed the summit talks in Paris last May. Carefully selecting his words, Maemillan ' declared big power negotiations on Germany and Berlin must be resumed, as this con"ARTHRITIS RESEARCH PAYS OFF" MIAMI, FLA.,-Oct. 15 (Special) —Before the end of 1980, tens of thousands of arthritic sufferers •will have the opportunity of learning of Miami's most nationally known institution specializing in the treatment of arthritis. Almost one-half million dollars have been "earmarked" by the Coleman Institute to give the arthritic victim a highly specialized service ... a service already proven and recognized, but supplemented by scientific techniques which were discovered and developed by its own professional staff. As a health' service, the Coleman Institute has prepared a valuable and authentic 24-page book on its specialization and will mail it without cost or obligation to sufferers who need help. Learn what might be done for you! Send for your FREE BOOK today! You may bless the day you did! Address: Dept. 5141 10800 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 38. stitutes "a potentially dangerous problem, from the point of view of East and West alike." Maemillan also called for a re : sumption of disarmament negotiations. To get things going in this field he suggested Eastern and Western scientists begin by joining in technical studies of arms problems. In ' his wide-ranging speech, Maemillan also made it plain Britain hopes now. to come to terms with the French-led Common Market and thus end the present commercial division of free Europe. He promised that his government—in dealing with the remaining dependent British territories in Africa—will seek to irTeet the legitimate aspirations for self-government of native Africans while also protecting legitimate rights, of white settlers in those areas. As a sidelight Maemillan noted If, , •,.,_•__, _T." i_ _. > " HOLLYWOOD ON TV, 'GRASS SHACK' IN COMEBACK BY ERSKINE JOHNSON Hollywood Correspondent Newspaper, Enterprise Assn. HOLLYWOOD (NEA)-the fellows who ieep the dynamo humming deep in the bowels of the South Pacific luxury liner noted the order from the bridge an<j wondered what was up. "Imperative keep 110 volts (exactly) constant and steady^" What was up was four decks up—the first at-sea world press premiere of a new record album— in the Main Lounge of Matson's SS Mariposa. The big white liner was en route from San Francisco to Tahiti via Los Angeles. In the audience, collaborators Al Neupian and Ken Derby hac their fingers crossed about their "traditional Polynesian music performed in a nontraditional way' r under the title, "Ports of Paradise. It was all rather nontraditional —the stero setup depending on a ship's dynamo, ("We're dead varies," Darby wor- .,.,,.,,. , " me vuiiatfc vaucs, lsanj\ WUI"l\ I . t l e0l ?? 1 i a i_ d . 1 l pU , te A™ ?,°." g ried), the Matson Line* financial interest with Capitol Records in on between Khrushchev arid Communist China. The Communist Chinese beli'eve the ultimate triumph of world communism must be accompanied by war. Khrushchev holds communism can win by peaceful competition with capitalism. Maemillan said that in his view Khrushchev's position made more sense, but that even so the Soviet leader was wrong because ultimately the free world's material, moral and spiritual values would triumph over all dictatorship. Printed Story Not True, Private Irate LONDON (AP) — British army Pvt. John Birkin sent an irate letter to his local paper, which printed a story by an army press j using 'Bob Hope's writers. itinerary, and, in the album, Samoa-born Mavis River's swing- in' version of "My Little Grass Shack." THE BOYS AT THE DYNAMO panels down in', the Mariposa's engine room kept her steady andj thanks to the imaginative New man:and Darby, their "Ports ol Paradise" album is the best musical ..commercial the South Pacific ever had. Three new' songs, including the haunting "Madonna of the flowers," are sure hits, And for remodeling that olc broken-down "Grass Shack," the year's best musical architecture awards go to Newman! Darby anc Rivers. Prior to the album premiere, Matson unspooled its "Ports o: Paradise" film travelogue and the anonymous narrator must be officer to the effect that Birkin happily signed up for a long new hitch. "I hate the army," Birkin wrote from his Singapore barracks, where he has been counting the days until his draft ^period is up? "Obviously two names were mixedjup," - explained a. War Office spokesman. in sightseeing is only a stroll /^ from the world, farhous SHERMAN Steps from all shopping, theatres,'Lake Michigan,' downtown business, many places of interest. 1501 rooms .with radio,year-around weather conditioning.. .TV. Garage Parking. No charge for children 12 years or under.'World-Famous Restaurants— College Inn Porterhouse—Well of the Sea. Drive your car right in th« hotel :s Chicago's mo»t conv«rtl*nt hoW Completely Air Conditioned fit 2-21 00 Randolph, Clark and LaSall* Street* COMING to LOGANSPORT Dal.-Carii.gi. PALE CARNEGIE COURSE (this will be class No. 3'in Loganiport) The world-wide adult education program that has. helped over 800,000 men arid women get more rewards but. of business and social life by development of: "'''''. -CONFIDENT ATTITUDES -DECISION-MAKING ABILITIES -SPEAKING SKILLS -MOTIVATING ABILITIES -HUMAN RELATIONS INSIGHT Presented by Indiana Institute K. L. Bowton , 19149 S. Driv.-Oakrnont Pk. South Bend 17, Indiana, CE 3-7700 (Call or. writ, for advance information); As a couple walked down the Mariposa's gangplank in Tatiti the narrator's voice deadpanned: ' 'This fellow has vivid memories of a previous, visit to Tahiti sev era-1 years ago. Now he's returning—with- hisi wife."'""-. ONSTAGE, OFFSTAGE AND UPSTAGE: The new Memphis Tenn., telephone directory- cover illustrates .the -/town's four principal products—and local-boy-who- made-good Elvis Presley is one of them. There's a guitar side by side with a jazz trumpet—and bales of cotton and stacks of lumber attesting to a little solidity. * * * Vic Damone went to Rome, he said, in hopes of a reconcilia tion with ex-wife Pier Angeli. No reconciliation, but he 'found a new heart— 18-year-old' Italian beauty Roberta Bianchi. * * w • "Midnight Lace" gives Doris Day the role of a hysterical wife threatened with death by an unknown man in London.'"Julie, "in which she played a hysterical wife threatened with death'by her husband, was just a warm-up in '56. '..;'•• • • . ••'*"'« * If you think you're confused, hear this: ^Producer Jack Rose's wjfe, Audrey, met some Australians who asked her what her husband dfd;: She .told them arid said "The Five Pennies" was one of his films. '"Oh," jiished one of the ladies. "I saw that' picture and I loved Colleges Ask More Funds INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A |28,626,594' increase in operating funds for the' next two years.'is being asked by' Indiana's four state-supported colleges and universities. ,The : State' Budget Department reported Saturday .the schools want a total'of; |124j752,382 in operating expense appropriations for the 1961-63 fiscal: period. ' : '• Principal- reasons given by the schools were a need "to bring faculty salaries to a more nearly competitive level'.' arid take 'care of. rising^enrollments! ~ •The -schools are asking for faculty salary increases on a merit basis of 10 per cent the first year of the biennium and 9 per cent the second year! Appropriations for the present 1960-81 fiscal year and requested appropriations (or the 1961-62 and 1962-63 fiscal-years: Indiana University, including Medical Center and nine urban extension centers—f21 ; 60l;290; J25,- 435,092, and '$28,378,605.| Purdue University, including agricultural experimental station and four urban extension centers— 121,081,161; $24,631,276, and |27,362,029. , Indiana State Teachers College -53.196,916; 13,732,912, and $4,285,028. Ball State Teachers .College— $4,284,225; *5,M3,5W, and $5,842,- m. • '- i t. I can't .wait to visit and .throw some coins ir fountain." / LETTER POSTSCRIPT Rome i that from Jim Merrick, a movie press relations man on location in' Africa with the i English-crewed John Wayne movie, "Hatari.". "It's 4'p.m. and time for tea. Another month of this and I'll have earned my Mrs. Miniver button." ' . " • Itinerary Of Jop Candidates By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Campaign schedules for the presidential and vice-presidential 'candidates for. Sunday and Monday. . . SUNDAY Nixon^-Hartford, Conn. (Conferring with party leaders). KENNEDY - Wilmington, Del., Washington (NBC — "Meet the Press" at 5 p.m. EST), and Montgomery County, Md. LODGE—Hartford, Conn. (Conferring with Nixon). ' , JOHNSON-Washington. • MONDAY KENNEDY—Franklin, Middletown, Miamisburg, Dayton, Fair- Brother No Spy He Says SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP)'-.A brother of the.new Purdue University Russian language instructor being evicted from the Soviet Union for taking illegal pictures said.Saturday his brother has not been spying. •"'••' Daniel Kaminsky of nearby Granger, brother of Mark Kaminsky, the instructor, said the family had "become seriously worried about Mark when word was received Friday of his expulsion from Russia. "Mark's no clqak and dagger man," the brother said. "Surely the government could have found some better prospect than a schoo 1 teacher for such things." Kaminsky and a friend, Harvey C. Bennett of Bath, Maine, _ hac been held since they were arrested Aug. 25 for taking pictures in a restricted border zone. The brother said the family hac been doing everything it could think of to get Kaminsky set free after he was arrested. "It got to-the point where we felt as though nobody was doing anything," he said. "We even wrote' a letter to President Eisenhower earlier this week, but we haven't got a reply yet." His mother, who lives in • Edwardsburg, Mich.,, still isn't convinced that Mark has been re- Inquirers' Classes Al Grass Creek EUB GRASS CREEK — A series of four Inquirers' classes is being sponsored at the Grass Creek EUB church by the Adult Fellowship, according. to Mrs. Helen Gault, president. They will be held on Sunday evenings: Oct. 23rd, 30th; Nov. 6th and 13th at 6(45 p.m. with the evening worship to follow at 7:30 p.m. The Reverend Kenneth Overmyer will teach the class and give the messages at the services. The public is'invited. Russian Betters Own World Track Record MOSCOW (AP)-Peter Bolotni- !;oy. Soviet runner who .won the 10,000-meter event in the Rome Olvmoics, bettered the world record Saturday with a clocking of 28 minutes, 18.8 seconds at Kiev. The world mark of 28:30.4, set in Moscow by the Russian star Vladimir Ruts, ha s stood since ''apt, 11, 1956. born, Springfield, London and Co-] leased, the brother said. lumbus, Ohio. NIXON—Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport, Conn!, and Buffalo, N.Y. .JOHNSON-Washington. • LODGE—Prince George's County and Montgomery County, Md. "She doesn't believe it yet," he said. "She won't until she sees him." The planet Pluto, discovered in 1930,- is so cold that even air would freeze there. Record U. N. Meetings CONFERENCE WEDNESDAY Mrs. Murray. A. Faris, vice- president of region 3, will preside at the Regional Conference program of the Indiana Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc., to be held Wednesday. "Assignment for the Sixties" is the theme of the event to be held at Fowler Hair and Memorial Center at Purdue university with registration at 9 a.m. (DST)'. COLUMBIA GIRL SCOUTS Intermediate Girl Scouts and their families of Troop 138, Columbia school, will hold a picnic Sunday, October 23, at Camp WiWwood at 1 p.m., According to Mrs. Harry Richter, troop leader, meat, rolls and drink will be furnished. Families are asked to bring a covered dish and table service. MEN'S SHOP FOR THE FESTIVE OCCASION— GO FORMAL COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE All your Formal needs—fitted »o perfection. Featuring: America's most distinguished line of Formal Wear including the popular "Martinique" UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) -••The first four weeks of the 15th United Nations General Assembh- — featuring the unpreditable performances of Nikita Khrushchev —attracted a record turnout of 1.600 press, radio, TV, photo and newsreel people from 63 countries, the United Nations reports. Read the Wdnt Ads FIRST WITH THC FOtlMOST in FORMAL WIAR Orders Taken As Late As Thursday READY BY SAT. The Big Difference In Stores Today Is The Way People Are Treated Hospitality The Golden Rule joins the rest of Logansport in welcoming officers and men of the Bunker Hill Air Force Base and their families at all times, but particularly during this coming week of "Operation Hospitality!" Special Occasion Dresses In an aura of elegance, the dressy season opens. For now and the holiday festivities to come, The Golden Rule brings you the fabulous flattery • of dresses in rich brocades . . . floaty, flirty chiffons . . , sophisticated crepes . . . gleaming silks.. . . and more! In popular black and rich fall colors. Sizes 10 to 20. *39 85 to H9 85 Dress Salon—Second Floor The Elegance of Fur Never before has The Golden Rule had such a magnificent selection of elegant furs . . . top off your-festive dress with a beautiful fur jacket . . .so adaptable to your daytime frocks, too. 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