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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 1
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 1

Los Angeles, California
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laUif RISHTS IN THREE PARTS All THE NEW5 ALL THE TIME Largest Home Delivered Circulation Largest Advertising Volume PART I GENERAL NEWS i Time Officei 202 West Fwit Stref Los Angeles 53, Col. Telephone Number MAdiion 234S TRUE INDUSTRIAL FREEDOM LIBERTY UNDER THE LAW .5 DAILY, FIVE CENTS VOL LXIV WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 15, 1945 CC 1 Tr iP FX fP 1 i Z3 Allied-T Japs Accept rsns; flaeA iSSa Truman rmur Indianapolis Sunk With 883 Killed Horror of Torpedo Attack Off Leyte on July 30 Told PELELIU (Palau Islands) Su Font! deceive ETOnC3l? i i 1 I Aug, 5 (Delayed) (JP)The cruiser Indianapo lis was sunk in less than 15 minutes, presumably by a Japanese submarine, 12 minutes past midnight July 30 and SS3 crew members lost their lives in one of the Navy's worst disasters. WASHINGTON, Aug. 14. (U.P.) Japan surrendered unconditionally tonight, bringing peace to the world after the bloodiest conflict mankind has known.

Peace came at 7 p.m. (4 p.m. P.W.T.) when President Truman announced that Tokyo accepted the Allied capitulation terms with no "qualification" and that Allied forces have been ordered to cease firing. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, "the man who came back," was named supreme Allied commander to receive the formal Japanese surrender.

VJ-Day will not be proclaimed officially until after the instruments of surrender are signed probably in two or three days. And tonight for the first time in history Emperor Hirohito broadcast to his stricken people telling them that he had accepted the Allied terms, describing the "cruel bomb" which the Allies had turned upon the Jap homeland and warning the people they face "great hardships and suffering." She went down in the Philippines Sea, within. 450 miles of Leyte while on an un escorted high speed run from San Francisco. She had completed the trip to Guam and was bound for the Philippines. There were 315 survivors; (The Navy in Washington, first to announce the tragedy, eaid there were "100 per cent World War II was'at an end, except for the formality of signing surrender documents.

Cabinet Minister First Jap War Lord Suicide casualties' and gave a -version at variance with this censor-passed story. The Navy in Washington listed five Navy dead, including one officer; 845 Navy missing, including 63 officers; 307 Navy wounded, including 15 officers: 30 Marine Corps missing, including two officers, and nine enlisted Marine Corps wounded.) America's three allies in the Pacific war Great Britain "Russia and China will be represented at the signing by high ranking officers. Mr. Truman proclaimed the tidings after he received Tokyo's formal reply to the Allied surrender terms. Summoning reporters to his office, he read a statement which "I deem this reply a full acceptance of the Potsdam declaration which specified the unconditional surrender of Japan.

"In the reply there is no qualification." Hirohito Ready to Carry Out Terms Tokyo informed Mr. Truman that Emperor Hirohito i3 prepared "to authorize and insure the signature by the Japanese government and the imperial general headquar- i. The Indianapolis carried an atomic bomb to the Marianas just prior to her sinking. The SAX FRANCISCO, Aug. 14.

(U.R) Tokyo radio tonight said Japanese War Minister Kore-chika Anami, 58, committed suicide at his official residence to "atone for his failure in accomplishing his duties as His Majesty's Minister. Three hours before Japan made its original surrender offer last Friday, Domei News Word of Peace Agency reported Anami had called upon the Japanese to conduct a "holy war" against So Brings Bedlam in Los Angeles BY ART RYOX 'It finally came and Los Ange crew knew only she was carrying top secret cargo. No Warning The fatal torpedo attack came without a second's warning. Two explosions flashed out of her bow. She quivered while flames streaked like a white, searing torch down passageways all through her slim hull.

In less than 15 minutes the Indianapolis was gone, 10,000 tons of "proud and happy" ship plunged headfirst into the sea. Nobody outside the oil-covered circle of men ana debris in the water knew her fate until after a Peleliu search plane led the way to the rescue of the 315 men who survived five days in the sea. Nearly 700 men went down with the ship. Hundreds more jumped off the cruiser's rearing viet Russia. First to Go -i There was no immediate indication what method Anami Jap Planes Attempt Attack on Fleet Hour After Proclamation of Peace Victory, and the Future Editorial The surrender of Japan, a little more than three months after Germany was beaten to her knees, is a victory for civilization not less important than the defeat of Hitlerism.

"The other self -termed "master race" has met its master! The twin conspiracies against the peace and well-being of the world, hatched in Germany and Japan, were alike in spirit and in method. The Nazis and the Jap military clique had each the same inspiration: to conquer and dominate the world, so that a favored few, who pretended to believe themselves superior to the rest of humanity, could live in luxury on the toil of the great majority. Actually, they were superior only in ruthlessness and greed, and, for a time, in preparation and equipment. BY THE UNITED PRESS v. 1 used to take his own life but it was possible that he had resorted to the traditional ceremony of hara-kiri, disemboweling himself with a special knife.

les went wild. Blasted from offices and stores by a growing roar of screaming It was the first report of self- whistles and sirens, people poured into downtown- streets inflicted death among the war lords of Japan who took their Japanese warplanes attempted to attack the U.S. 3rd Fleet off the coast of Nippon an hour after peace was proclaimed officially in the Pacific, broadcasts from Adm. William F. Halsey's naval armada reported at 7:45 p.m.

P.W.T. Only 14 minutes after a giant 30-foot American Flag was raised triumphantly over Adm. Halsey's flagship in token of victory, a Japanese aircraft was shot down by screening carrier planes. all streets to acclaim victory over Japan, war's end. Bedlam! nation into an ill-fated war of conquest that ended in total de feat and unconditional surren side in time but many were without life preservers or rafts, without clothing, without hope der to overwhelming Allied might KILLS SELF Korechika Anami, Jap War Minister, pays penalty for failure.

greatest military leaders. He was a military careerist. He was graduated from the Jap military academy in 1907. Later he served at the military staff college, then on the staff of the general staff office. He was commander of the 2nd Imperial Guards Infantry Regiment and director of the military preparatory school.

He held the latter post from 1934 to 1936. of remaining afloat for long. Crews Manned Gnns Military Leader The report of Anami's death Survivors believe two under was transmitted in an English-language dispatch to the "Amer While the huge siren atop The Times led the 'downtown din, streets immediately were snowed under with confetti scraps of paper of every sort that swirled down, over the jammed sidewalks which, moments before, had been sanely trod by quiet shoppers. Serpentines formed. Autos stalled.

Horns and backfiring fed their sounds into the crescendo of noise. Clanging streetcars fought their way through the masses of humanity that water torpedoes smashed into the starboard side near the bow of the 14-year-old cruiser, setting off one of the 8-inch gun ican zone shortly before 10 p.m. P.W.T, It was recorded by United Press, San Francisco. magazines. Gun crews manned their sta Anami was one of Japans The, Nazis boasted of "Festung Europa," a fortress so strong they thought it could not be breached in 1000 years.

It was conquered after the invasion in less than one. The Japs were slightly more modest: they were ready for a 100 years war, they said. Just a little more than three years ago the first dent was made in Jap armor, at Guadalcanal. Since that time victory has followed victory. Some of the victories were dearly bought, as at Tarawa, Iwo, But as rolled up the Jap defenses until the Japanese home islands came under the guns of the Fleet, it became evident that the collapse of Japan was inevitable.

Then came theVpplication of the most terrible of war's weapons, the atom bomb and then the entry of Russia. Neither affected the outcome of the war, save by bringing it tions and stayed there while the ship pitched over violently. Radiomen tried desperately to get TRUMAN ACTS TO SWING out a message to all ships' stations "Hit. Position longitude NATION INTO PEACE PATH overflowed the streets. Los Angeles had waited ago- Tnni to Page 6, Colnmn 6 latitude Need immediate WASHINGTON, Aug.

14. (JP) assistance." But it was no use; the ship's power was dead and radio keys clicked futilely the Turn to Page 5, Colnmn 1 President Truman tonight turned the whole machinery of government loose to try to carry FEATURES INDEX ters of the necessary terms for carrying out the provisions of the Potsdam declaration. "His Majesty is also prepared to issue his commands to all the military, naval and air authorities of Japan and all the forces under their control wherever located to cease active operations, to surrender arms and to issue such other orders as may be required by the supreme commander of the Allied forces for the execution of the above mentioned terms." Jap Forces Ordered to End Hostilities Tonight, another note went out to Tokyo. It directed the Japanese government to: I 1 Order prompt cessation of hostilities and inform Mac-Arthur of the effective date and hour. 2 Send emissaries at once to MacArthur with full power to make all arrangements necessary for MacArthur to arrive at the place designated by him for the formal surrender.

3 Acknowledge notification that MacArthur will name the time, place and other details for the formal surrender. Formalities May Be on Battleship Missouri The formal surrender will take place either aboard an American battleship probably the Missouri or somewhere on Thus was the "infamy" of Pearl Harbor fully avenged three years, eight months and seven days after Jap planes struck a nearly mortal blow against the United States without warning. Japan had paid the full penalty for the treachery that Torn to Page Column 1 2 All manpower controls are removed at once. 3 The 1 government promised to get out of industry as quickly as possible by removing manufacturing and material controls. 4 The W.L.B.

head and union labor officials said they do not expect a rash of strikes. 5 The Navy announced $6,000,000,000 contract cutbacks. 6 Congress was called to reconvene Sept. 5 to speed action on greater unemployment benefits and other "must" postwar legislation. 7 Tomorrow and Thursday are proclaimed legal holidays.

The end of gasoline rationing expected very shortly will be another sharp demonstration that the war is over. A Tanners Council of America official in New York said shoe rationing may end before the Jan. 1 date previously set HERE'S WHAT WILL CLOSE HERE TODAY Here's what will be closed today under a proclamation by Lt Gov. Fred Houser, acting Governor, declaring today a State ho'iday: Schools, banks, city and county and State offices, the Public Library and all Its branches and the Los Ange-. les Stock Exchange.

Under other previous arrangements, downtown stores will be closed all day. All liquor stores and barrooms will remain closed until 4 p.m. Also closing, under President Truman's proclamation of today and tomorrow as legal holidays, will be all Federal offices. For further details see Page 8, Part I. Japan's leaders hated to acknowledge defeat; but they have swallowed the bitter medicine.

Japan's dream of conquering the Asiatic continent, and from that conquering the world, is ended. 4 The Japs are back where they were 75 years ago, when their careful planning began. They lost the fruits of two major wars and several minor ones beginning with the assault on China in 1895. They will be reduced to what they had when Commodore Perry unfortunately waked them from several millenniums of slumber. The crimes of their leaders will be expiated; the fangs of militarism will be drawn.

The world is once more on ijs way to peace a peace that will last, if the United Nations can work together in peace as they have in war. The worst war the world ever saw is ended! The task now is to see there is no "next war" for it the nation swiftly and smoothly into the broad a of peace. The magnitude of job ahead getting industry back on a peacetime basis and getting people into jobs was vividly revealed by the President when he declared shortly after announcing the Japanese surrender: "The emergency is as great as it was on Dec. 7, 1941." These important points in the national picture developed today as victory was proclaimed: 1 Army inductions are stopped at once for men 26 and over. Within 12 to 18 months from 5,000,000 to men in uniform will be turned back into the civilian world.

Petain Condemned to Death for Treason Marshal Petain, hero of Verdun, found guilty of treason while head of the Vichy government, yesterday was condemned to death. Turn to Page 4, Part On Other Pages ASTCSEMEXTS. Page 8, Part It COMICS. Page 10. Part II.

FINANCIAL. Page 3. Part II. HOPPER. Page 8, Part II.

POLYZOIDES. Page 3. Part I. RADIO. Page 10.


Page 2, Part IL SPORTS. Page 6, Part II. VITAL RECORD. Page S. Part WEATHER.

Page S. Part WOMEN. Page 5. Part II. would mean the end of civilization..

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