The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 24, 1955 · 67
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 67

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 24, 1955
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D rama LOSangClCgCimtS3 FRIDAtJUNE24,1955-Portm J New 'Broadway Melody to Star Kelly, Charisse; Duff Lead in New Play BY EDWIN SCHALLERT "Broadway Melody," Vhich set the musicals going on the screen in 1929 and which was thrics filmed in different versions after that, will again inspire a song-and-dance production, which is due to team Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse. Producer Arthur Freed will make this new feature as "Broadway Melody of 1956" and it will be the follow-up to "It's Always Fair Weather" just previewed. In fact, it is the Kelly-Charlsse starring feature, "It's Always Fair Weather," that caused the "Broadway Melody" idea to be reborn In order to bring the two stars together. Executives of MGM held a quick meeting yester djy at which the whole thing was decided. . This will be the fourth teaming of Kelly and Miss Charisse, who are ideal partners, because of their mutual dancing ability. They started their association in "Singin' in the Rain," which was followed by "JBrigadoon" and "It's Always Fair Weather" thus was third in the sequence. : . -' ANGIE DICKINSON LEAD IN 'HIRED GUNS' Angie Dickinson, who had a featured part in "Son of Slade" with John Ericson, Mari Blanchard and Neville Brand, now gets the lead with Richard Arlen and Bruce cnneik in nucu uuuo, 'LADY AND TRAMP' DAZZLING TRIUMPH 3 Ma ""''i". " the Gannaway-ver mien, Inc., feature. Guinn (Big Boy) Williams and . Tom Hubbard, who is an executive in the company, are simultaneously added to the featured cast. Scott Marlowe, who came out from New York to play a featured part with Carol Ohmart in "Too Late, My Love" at Paramount, seems to have an excellent chance for a stellar role with Les- ; lie Qaron in "Gaby" at - MGM. It's up to Edwin Angie Dickinson Kncpf, -producer, and Director-Curtis Bernhardt whether or yiot Marlowe gets the Metro assignment, since they are in charge of the filming. .Before doing "Too Late, My Love;" his first film, he was in radio and summer stock in the East, He plays a gangster in the Carol Ohmart pic-" turBj, at Paramount. c"";; -" 4 SIDNEY POITIER JOINING BRANDON DE WILDE To Sidney Poitier, who made such ft decisive impression as a colored actor in "Blackboard Jungle," goes the important part of Gates in "Goodbye, My Lady, which William Wellman is directing for Batjac from the James Street novel. .This is the picture. in which Brandon de - Wilde is starred and in which a dog, a basenji, has such a prominent part td play. Walter Brennan and Phil Harris-are, others in the notable cast. The picture will location for two months at Albany, Ga., which is its natural, background. , - V '." ' ;' No' fewer than seven Broadway actors have gone to Washington to join "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell," which. Otto Preminger is directing for Milton Sperling, ith Gary Cooper starred and Charles Bicktord featured. Those joining thi3 Warner release include "John MacKay, G. Albert Smith, Adam Kennedy, Steve Holland, Manny Rosa, Terry O'Sullivan, who does the lead in TV's Search for Tomorrow, arid James Daly; star of video's Foreign Intrigue series. Daly will play Hert A. White,. the' counsel appointed by the Army to defend Gen. Mitchell in the famous trial. HOWARD DUFF IN LA JOLL A PREMIERE ' Howard Duff, who made a hit in "Season in the Sun" and "Anniversary Waltz" in previous engagements at La Jolla Playhouse will return there as the male lead .in the i , , .m , brand new show "Native I " " "V , Uprising" to open July 11. ' . ! N Sheldon Reynolds, identi fied with making Foreign Intrigue for TV during the past four years and who believes that this experience has saved him approximate-$500,600 in preliminary and other work on the feature picture that he Is to do with X l Robert Mitchum, will under- s raira rna rtiraptinn sows am the writing and production of this full-length film. , I ir,,. rnh.n v James uoDson, wno acted . JameiDobson . in .-Th. McCon;ell Story.. with James Whitmore at Warner's recently, will join that actor again in "The Rainmaker" at La Jolla, in which Teresa Wright will be the feminine star, with the engagement starting next Tuesday. Dobson had been on a personal appearance tour when called back. ' I J It the word for r ...of trifles Acm o. lavgh holidayl ...HIIAXIOUSI Tha Mtiina In Ilia Julio Duvivior direction tuptrb, tha pirturo a howl. And , Oa Frtnchyl' "-Sera Hamilton, fominor Thii hilarious Fronch eomody fat laugh aftor laugh ... it doeli aarearlauily and alt lea accuratoly with tha probl.mi of atovia moling! Jack Moftitf, Hollywood loparfor Deny Robin I M aloeiing ai any foreign ilor lately cbiorvad. Hildtgarda N.ff contributor gulta a load I ihoor torrid Mxinoei..." Idwin Schol'orf, . 1. A. Timet 2uA7Vee& Only 6 p. m. Sit. 1 1 Lnt4riitn-MItiamia !un. I? .W(. 1. 1101 II Dlll I 4SSU. 11271 rwnix IbttrriafA J HURRYI FINAL WECKSI Terlinltoler f T(ts from M G M: PFTt SMITH I Spaciolty "ntohol fjuil" ioMoKimv cimm Dtl Mtuit Far Stit" ilClUIIVUV T THCATRI WlSMItMrUeifMtOt8lfiM 1M Star 1:41: SAT., SUM., Nee TONITE! STUDIO FEATURE PREVIEW! EL REY ONLY BY EDWIN SCHALLERT Abounding in shimmering radiance that distinguishes it even from the magicry of pri or Walt Disney creations, "Lady and the Tramp" is an experience in motion picture viewing to bring joy ever lasting to all who become ac quainted with this singular phenomenon in cinema form that had its first public showings yesterday. Undoubtedly, the number of viewers will be legion during the current run at the Fox Wilshtre Theater, The picture will be an unqualified box-office triumph, and above all else is an ideal vacation special with bounteous appeal to the juvenile audience. t Canine Fantasy ,'A11 the money in the world cannot buy the wag of a dog's tail," says in substance a fore word attriDtUed to Josh Bill ings. This sets the stage for the fantasy of dogs' lives, whrch is what "Lady and the Tramp is. A delightful, haunting and charmed fantasy that is re markably enriched with mus ic and, incidentally, with rare conversations among the canine characters. Feline characters, too, because there are a couple of troublemaking Siamese cats who intrude on the life of the 1 1 1. T J UUg IICIU1UC, JLUUMI1 as iUJ. Lady has many problems during the picture. First she is lonesome in the manner of dogs when she arrives in her new home. Then, after she settles down to a happy routine, her life is disturbed because a baby arrives in the household and interest in her as a pet becomes wholly obscured. Finally her life is genuinely complicated by the Tramp. Both Courageous ine iramp, wno is a mongrel living by his wits, thor oughly involves the life of the elegant little long-eared and sensitive feminine pooch, a cocker spaniel. Together they have various rugged adventures, which are only a prelude to wonderful romance One can at best onlv para phrase incidents here . and there in this remarkable picture from the Disney castle of dreams and imagination, and reiterate that even in his cata logue of admirable exploits ijaay and tne Tramp ' is unique. One cannot do Justice In the space allotted here to the splendid "People and Places" scenfc and human interest film, so well narrated, about Switzerland. This, too, ' RESERVED JUTS NOW ON SALE no numwa m IMf. Iny r.ri.n ( In-Wkt tkfMl .. Oflfer f MtH alio u toll M So. Criif. Mviic Co.. W Jo. Ml St. and OS Muroal Tltkrt TODAY I I MM" A teiHl2SII0l7S 7:00-10:00 PM '- Cotif. Hm mt CINfAMA 1 -633 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. LAURENCE OLIVIER I MERLE OBERON DAVID NIVEN ' : Mm. IMiw 0...U Crii " i w.i.wiw rtiif.r.ic O? f Wll WT1H ' nan.UI.CM. I? a Mjii'inimif ?4 i 4th WEEK! i 'y?va deIigf?t summer son were the directors. In the'Gcorge Givot, Dallas McKen- Ernst A. Heininger gets vf.;." 'Uh itS COolins ca?t for voic'ng. etc., the ani-'non. Lee Millar and The Mello credit for the photography of mountain land and i's - imr---i r cartoon feature were Men. "Switzerland." which like people. j Peggy Le?, Barbara ''Luddy.j Miss Lp? and Scnny BurkepLady and the Tramp" i3 in ManT.i.n irry Roberts. Bill Thomp-, provided enchanting songs CkiemaScope. Ben Sharpsteen t ' i" ,en, son, Bill Baucom, Verna Fel- aifci Oliver Wallace the musi- directed, and Winston Hibler r j might 1)4 noted ,hat ton. Stan Freberg. Alan Reedjcal score. narrated j-ujr ana me iramp is basarl On 9 ttnrv K.r r! ow.j a 1 vi Greene, and that a multitude of talents are credited for having brought it to the high estate it enjoys.. Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi and Wilfred Jack- EHEEEESEIiagEBlSlIEEiIE . . d Great Weekl tS Hurry, Hurry... hi 0 I If Doris James DayCagney RUTH (TTIN 1 :;;J I AS Tne 8!M- paoM M ,,i.m COLOR and . CINemaScopE Cameron Mitchell Robest Keith -TomTuilt PAE1TAGE HOLLYWOOD Hollywood tM. nr. Vino MO. i 2211 THI STATE DOWNTOWN kreadway A 7th HI. 7-4311 .7.11 ii.imUZf. 7431 PLUS 2nd HIT FEATURE AT T PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES: VICTORY DRtVI-IN Vmh ciiiir tr 7 i 11 LAKIWOOD aiva-iM . Ha. Imt MM . tt IOU4I.I.I.4MII EL MONTE DRIVC-IN Ir. Aina. (Wo U. T 7 tut F0 1-1477 STUDIO s amiva-iM vt anit VERMONT aaivi-M VanMMIIM iiMin.MinH OAOI Baiva.lM r. c.tCMMO fA IOM 101 what New LAUREL DMIVC-IN iMfft Cmii OM. ML a. nm ti. "LOVE ME cr LEAVE LIE" PLUS 2nd HIT FEATURE 2nd WEEK also at 4 CROWN ASADINA Iff N. limi IT. Mill tmllN CARMAR MONTKBILLO NMIUH im. M I iih . 1 !13l IALEC GUINNESS. "NEW SAUCY CAPER! X7 4 v O AI FaVa, 7VV A II I II II P A A UUIHHtii t2. Color or JLove' -H "Fzszz n hilariou W WEEK! .tlu J-. A. tk . I ' . J Beverly CAtJOM Cmii Dr. WiliMr lUd. Ph.t CB. I-S244 m Dally from 4:30 B.m. lundav 4rmm ltll 276 RiCGi "THE HIGHLY STYLIZED ACTINQ t)F THE ORIENT, THE MANNERS I LEGENDS OF I2TH CENTURY JAPAN. THE UNSURPASSED ARTISTIC USE OF GOLOlf MAKES A RARE, RICH EXCITIN8 EXFERIENCEI" y ti-ci. ITUNNIN01..A PUIir BfLIBMT" Tta MtfUlM "UNtURPAtSEOI lUPfRir Lift MinllM "BNIflCtNTI...A MOOT OUT. iiMm r itar in, mm TorMr MMIflftt, VAGABOND Li i i , j ; 1 bMIIU'- J iM Wll.Url CU. t-it Billtr tr I'JO t m. .4u M n. I 4-U t 8- ORANt PAIII VINIRI riLtt f EOTIVAL Pf rof f h W i - oi f t VIOlf T S PICASSO LlJLa7jJ mUmJ 1 1 A I V. "(1NNV ILKIIO ' namni LHItK M H V I T If 'tOKOIIUI lANCIl" UiT I OAYI VISTA 50c 4'i lUNSIf 9. j Tha Acadamy Award) f Winning Prooooo Strategic . Air Command Color TECHNICOLOR. LOVEJOy-ii.xNICOL aw mxx f mumwrnnld hit fnturitU'VhtttftiM Visits Mtxico ( Aaolo rortlufCooL Ini 11 Nooo I 7oohrof Mlf 04 IIilS, 7, JO, 3.15, I 7:)i. 10.00 7ri. 4 lor. CM ll:M, I J I3. 3.40, 1 05, 10 JO f Lrl XimB THO' PHARAOHS' colossus m mn$... it assails the eye with its magnitude and magnificence . .'."--EDW. SCHALLERT L.A.Timtt Hr tretcherj stained i, rery -. . stonei of the-Pyramid! y; The Story of the First Wonder of the World! FILMED IN EGYPT WITH THOUSANDS IN THE CAST WARNER BROS. mom Cinemascope 1 t tt - Lt Hi TT m Uf IA fl 7 I Ul I iv II WarnerColor 9TrmOPnone soumo "31 1 I 1 1 3 n I 1 1 1 VTAltIMM JackHawkinsJoanColuns DeweyMartinAlexisMinotis Mario Coaoooad od Cuaiiiid T Amonir Amd Wlooor DIMITSI T10MKIN Written by William Faulkner Harry KurniUHiroM Jack Bloom Produced snd Wrected by HOWARD HAWKS Presented by WARNER BROS. NOW! AT 3 THEATRES LATE SHOWS TONITE! I ST5TSM I AUIOIOTJ MULL 71Won.DU 7-0147 A SEVENTH HEAVENf . ' Paramount t OP ENTERTAINMENT I The ' Seiveiv"ittle Fovs opa would novor eomo nomo, a wo all want la lawa and" got into rna ad I Here's the wonderfully worm, richly hOrna itory of the grandest family you've ever met. They'll give you a happy feeling right down where you really livel Color r 1 a ' jfW.r'i.irx WW V l SV n f V - --"Vj and too it now on aw N(W S. v U, iv CUIVIIINIAI SCIKNI bob edebt TWmm ? fy . uuffi& ul w i lobHopa...tneaontirol)r .-.l' ' XJSTmw'V ' A f' ! i ' f 1 Hoar M In IERSPECTA STE1IOPHONIC SOUND VISTAVlSIOHi tern MctfjM wm-mmtn mm 1 f A Aou f co-starrmq MILLY with GEORGE TOBIAS ANGELA CLARKE Produced by lack Rose Directed by Melville Shavelson Written for the Screen by". Melville Shavelson' and lack Rose SONS: NOBODY SMILES ROW. ROW. ROW CHINATOWN. MY CHINATOWN I'M TIRED MARY t THE REATEST FATHER O" THEM ALL Q HEPULAH PERFORMANCES LrHlrr 'rS . ::V.'v' ' ; 4 r-AAVI WrJrA , TRAILS OF ARIZOrtt" START i OPAY! I mHim.mi Co,TKHH,COL0, , i ii ii .. " ' Ij Hollywood Mlahland . OaonlJNooa '' I . ' " 1 11 ' 1 1 I to:;i:hti major studio feature preview los angeles theatre only LIVE with the Matador! LOVE as if there is no tomci6v! y. "Do rm ban lo omt to loco dw i. . a,ioor J '7, ' ' J nih - MAtAooa- I 1 '-j --. MAUREEN ANTHONY , J, O'llARA QUniil WKi' Vi,; OlIARA-QUBfl 'clV,er, v -r M ! -""O WIWI c-.CHARfJ Ii I n t rvi iLuru a. a JT "7 r -' 2ndThri!!!ni.Vc:,lNi5f;r boaMlaVbAdirf It) f I d'tl Itdtetf 1. iiuo(o M fin; ,:tr-l-J "UMULCMOOMMCfl' I o."C ,, j .' .1 '.'j:. Hefrinf Jehiey Wilii-mllsr fm lyre

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