The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 29, 1945 · 13
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 13

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1945
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AND FILM I-osansclcsCfmtsL SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1945 Sturges Visions Tracy as 'Banque Nemo' Hero BT EDWIN SCHALLERT Anyon in Hollywood can dream, and Preston Sturges, that Mephistophelian maker of movies, who Is always full of surprises, is doing a little vislonlng right at the present time. The fantasy revolves around Spencer Tracy, whom Sturges would very much like to persuade away from Metro for a French play he and Howard Hughes have bought called "La Banque Nemo' by Louis VerneuiL His hankering goes "way back to the days when Tracy acted in "The Power and the Glory," which Sturges wrote for Fox when Spencer was a star there. Story of "La Banque Nemo. Is .about a bank, clerk who by devious process eventually becomes the owner of the financial Institution, and is reputed to be quite "psychological.'' All of which reminds me that Robert E. Sherwood, the author f "The Rugged Path," opined the other day that it was unthinkable that Tracy could be "replaced" in ,this stage piece, as previously suggested. It closes with his leaving. XEWEST BROADWAY STAR ACQUIRED BY METRO It's a long way off, the fulfillment of the contract, but M.G.M. has assured Itself of the presence of Patricia Marshall, rated the newest Broadway star, because of her performance in "The Day Before Spring" as Christopher Randolph. This Is the musical in which Irene Manning, formerly with Warners, is featured. Miss Marshall Is a triple-threater for the Metro 'musicals, because she can sing, dance and skate. She was in "Stars on Ice," Hat Off on Ice," "You'll See Stars" and "What's Up?" She was soloist with Richard Himber'g band originally was born In Minneapolis. John C Wilson, producer, picked her for "The Day Before Spring." CHRISTINE ROUX PROPOSED FOR JOAN FONTAINE More dreaming . . . Dave Siegel doing it, in connection with tha novel "Christine Roux" written by Thames Williamson. He feels it offers an ideal part for Joan Fontaine, plans to propose "(her regular salary as against 33H per cent of the gross, I hear, and 15 per cent to Williamson, who has been writing "Escape Me Never" at Warners. The author is also noted for "Wood's Colt" and "Hanky," named as book of the month on respective occasions. Story of "Christine Roux" has a very spiritual heroine, and fits into the new semirellgious trend in the cinema. FRENCH CHANGE 'GOING MY WAY TITLE "Going My Way," which Is playing at four theaters in Paris, Is known there as 'The Road Strewn With Stars." Quite poetic! "Double Indemnity" silversheets as "Insurance for Dead." Telefilm, with Brydon Baker In charge Is to function at Santa Anita, and 't Is said that they can now flash a. race on the screen five minutes and three seconds after negative is delivered to developing room. Outfit made its debut at Hollywood Park. Harry Hayden, who portrayed his own wife's (Lela Bliss) husband in "Without Reservations," goes it alone as John Baldwin in "California" at Paramount. .TWO STUDIOS CHANGE CASTING DIRECTORS , - With Menifee Johnstone leaving for duties at the. Hal Roach studio, Monogram will have Fred Messenger, formerly with Warners and Universal, as casting director commencing Jan. 7, according to Trem Carr announcement At Warners American Room party during the. past week were such stars as Alexis Smith and Craig Stevens, Martha Vickers, Audrey Totter, Glenn Ford, Zachary Scott, Dane Clark, "Janis Paige and Rod Cameron. Cay Forester will appear In a good part In "Mr. and Mrs. Satan" for Charles R. Rogers, while John Abbott will play the violin instructor, Rozner, who guides John Garfield's artistic fate in "Humoresque." Ocatcts pofecn Drama 1 2 Shows MEW YEARS EV. Jr; 2 Shows NEW YEARS NIGHT I 6 AND II P. M 7 AND 9:45 P.M. J EL CAPITAHgv 9 rftU PI PTF CUfHWS tOtX a. m t n oat iii'j'j i r W a. .. ... . . . II 11 If . 1 1 ft I J shows j oyj r.m. Pfiono OB. HIT J f f I 'A -Mi J, ' i m nil 2&TS.Sti?H:30-S: way, wflc t 'Ui uu" wiAt.-ix).-4a. w-uo 1SAT..-SUM. 60c t 1.10 "J ij 2 SHOWS W TOUTS IVI-J J0-n:30 f , 2q 1 1 3 mtrnti wtw run pvr ?:3o...i jo - us p--,,,-. fl GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE MIDNITE SHOW Make Reservatlont Kow for Good Seat ffttHrw 9'tmtrt priftt fPPtf RIO lf "pimriTV with a Chorus of Hoi! inroad Lovelies Tickets At All Mutual Agoncie end Southern Col. Music Cs. Curtain 8:30 BlUMORfc TU.7I3I NiohMy. Mats. Sat. 2:10, Sun. S p.m. " rvBj-k- MtSSRVSMUBERT Pre-jerrt Sa THE SWEETEST LOVE STORY EVER SET TO MUSIC SrCMUND ROMBERG GREATEST TRIUMPH ILGSSflSfS! FRANZ SCHUBERT'S IMMORTALMELOCMES. EDMUND OORSAY RUTH GILLETTE TOM BARRY FRANK. FAR.RELL. ZELLA RUSSELf HARRY H MORTON MARIAN STEVENS ANN LAY I .GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOWS 8:30 Cr 11 ;30 , SHADY OAYETY of the NALK3HTY 9CV. rfl now on stage I MAYAWT0Ni0HT8:3OSun.Mat.3f.MSeaisNow,PR.629 CAY MUSICAL REVUE HIT fTWOl I Eve. LECUOrJA CUBAN BOYS A MALI A AGUILAR ARMANDO OREPICHE CAR105.CHAVtlIA'6lANCA BATISTA TICKETS ALSO AT SO Ct. MU? CO.T37SO HUt.TU 1144 nd All AGENCIES KlwYiir'iEva,8i30 4 1 1 1 30 Incraos in fricas rifmnrrrr ' Mwfi rl -Na iNcraasa in Pricas rfr' Cm i iotvs:30 - Tin, Jan. I it lilS tilll P.M. rAVIAf) E3"A WORLD'S RIC0R RUN DOESN'T JUST HAPPEN n lr r-UraBinrr a theatre mart s Mi Um Bl Z.Uz3hUL2ULJLl 404 climtoh smn OOROIOUS OIILS I Jil4 ORMT COMEDIANS ,. DANCINO Si!5 P.. HO 7101 ALLAN JONES CARLOS MOLINA and ORCH. GEORCE CIVOT N.T.6. EAUTIFUL SIRLS ALL STAR CAST PEOPLES STASI PRESENTS: Spio. Pirf. THE MiwYitr'sEvi 1 11 C HHihtt Ex. Mut. In EflttiSB w HI 0 7 14th WEEK ( CLAXK ACAD.THE1. I lt 4687 Melrou A VI, Litt NO-1-4744 i '1.. . : STAR Jeonette Keller is heroine of "The Drunkard," Theatre Mart melodrama. Doris Dowling Impressive in 'Lost Weekend' Aided by a tight-fitting dress and net stockings, Doris -Dowling, young actress, makes quite an Impression in her first screen role in "The Lost Weekend," now at Paramount Hollywood and Downtown theaters. She is cast as one of the two women in the life of Ray Mil-land, the other girl being played by Jane Wyman. Doris hails from, the New York stage, while her sister Constance is already familiar to movie audiences. Phillip Terry and Howard da Sylva head the supporting cast. 'Maid' Continues Run at Belasco The three-act comedy, "Maid in the Ozarks," continues at the Belasco Theater, where two special shows will be held New Year's Eve and matinee and night performances on New Year's Day. John Buster is a newcomer to the cast. Coincidence When a fire destroyed Screen Writer . Charles Bennett's garage, the outline of a mystery novel titled "The Burning City" was among the items consumed by the blaze. jlATfo?s'T6NiTE!: X All THRU WARNER THEATRES 3 1A 1 1 "msv v.) X. X fill VI) i Ml TECHNICOLOR f WARNERS V 9 muywoo oowjitowi mum 0 Doors Open HILLSTREET, 9:30 A.M. PANTAGES, II A.M. A r rnnoov '.CV INGRID 5 - -00 HCNRY TRAVfRS w"" WIUIAM GARGAN - Metro's titled its atomic-bomb epic "The .Beginning or the End." Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Walter Pidgeon and Van Johnson all will be in it. That should be enough to explode any film. Technical Adviser Ed Tompkins and Maj. Gen. Leslie R. Groves will be present to see that the job's done right. Bill Morrow, who did such a magnificent war job, is all set with Jerry Wald to write the first film satire. When Humphrey Bogart does the life of Jack Benny they promise to take everybody apart, including Boss Man Jack Warner. Benny's holding ' out for a glamour boy like Errol Flynn or a young Ronnie Colman to do his life. He doesn't think Bogie's the type. It will be the start of our own "Once in a Lifetime" if the present plans go through. When the industry starts kidding itself it's a mighty healthy sign. Too often we wait till the other fellow does it and then our feelings are hurt. Benny's whole career has been based on his ability to laugh at himselfand he writes his own insults. Jinx Falkenburg and Tex McCrary were told by. her doctor to expect their own little champ about the time the Forest Hills tennis tournament rolls around in August. LOSING SLEEP Larry Crosby'g getting mighty tired being called at all hours about reports of Bing's alleged illness, his sudden death, his buying of this, that and the other thing. Eing, who'll be home in a few days, telephoned Larry yesterday that he'd never had a better time or bought less. Bob Cobb and his pretty missus had a little reunion at the Troc with Xavier Cugat and "Society Kid" Hogan of Chicago. Bob was enthusing over the ballplayers' he signed up at least, he thinks they're good. I asked about that rumor of Crosby's trying to buy the Pirates and he said, "The Pirates' owner is so mad he . LOOKING 'AT? HOLLYWOOD no longer mentions the name of Crosby." THE PARTYING SHOT Sam Goldwyn's welcome-back luncheon for David Niv-en was set in a forest primeval of Chris.tmas trees with 75 bright-red satin chairs for the guests. Dave Chasen served slices of roast beef hotter than you get in your own home. Wondering how he did it, I went behind the scenes and discovered he'd moved a gas range into the adjoining sound stage. Niven, who's dying to meet Danny Kaye in the flesh, told of seeing Goldwyn's "Kid From Spain" in Germany, where it was being run for our G.L's. The boys, he said, screamed with laughter when they recognized Paulette God-dard, Betty Grable and Carol Bruce in the film. They were show girls then. Seeing Teresa Wright and Loretta Young exchanging pictures ' of their babies, David was about to whip out his own when luncheon ended. Bob Sherwood, whose head really does look like it had been carved from marble, whispered to me that he didn't write Sam's speech. At the Beverly Club party thrown for the Patcevitches of Vogue, Janet Gaynor really went high hat, wearing the tallest one seen in these parts. Biddy Banton - had on one Travis calls "Turkey's Downfall." Marian Preminger carrying so much silver around her neck she jingled like a South American gaucho. She claimed it was Peruvian. Doris Stein had her left hand in .splints. She'd met up with an over-enthusiastic motorist. Mrs. Frank Shields getting? oh3 and ahs over a wonderful hunk of bracelet Barbara Hutton sent her for Christt mas. Lana Turner's proposed trip to South America will do more to cement relations south of the border than anything I can think of. She'll also stop traffic. RM-ospd by ths Chlcsca Tribune-New York Ntw Syndicate. Inc.. 104& 'Leave Her to Heaven Daring, Sensational BY EDWIN SCHALLERT All those who derogate the word "psychological" as applied to the modern movie of crime will find in "Leave Her to Heaven," at long last, a picture that sensationally and complete ly fills the bill. Gene Tierney, in fact, has a role to play that is veritably psychopathic in its violence, yet so solidly motivated that you view her as a thoroughly human, if also thoroughly poisonous heroine. She is the hopeless victim of a selfishness so consuming that when it manifests Itself in love, she sacrifices everything for possession, and for vengeance when she cannot possess. Her various actual crimes, as revealed in the feature showing at Grauman's Chinese, Loew's State and Fox Uptown theaters, include two murders, one of prenatal character, and finally a suicide which tends to throw the guilt attaching to her death on an innocent person. In other words, even from the grave she reaches back into life to harm. Unusual Portrayal Miss Tierney enacts this sor did virulent role in a manner that will prove strangely arresting for those who look on. It is even the kind of interpretation that may win the Academy award. This rather depends on the mood of the voters, as it will represent a wide swing away from their prior selection. It is admirably accomplished in the insidious phases. "Leave Her to Heaven," pro duced with great care, and very daringly, under the supervision of William A. Bacher and. the direction of John M. Stahl is no pap for morons, and is far away from that boy-meets-girl fodder so often discerned, on the screen. The more criminal scenes, especially the one whera Miss Tierney, out in the cold waters of a lake, allows a crippled boy to drown are practically guaranteed to make audiences gasp out loud. Neither is the episode where she deliberately kills her unborn child lacking in shock. Not much for the good is accomplished in "Leave Her to Heaven" but it is an amazing study of a character, and the "powers of darkness" at work through the medium of a single, woman, whose hate is even more sinister than her love. And both are sinister beyond belief. Price Landed The picture runs heavily to theatricalism in fact, too much so in the courtroom scenes, not withstanding these are brilliant ly sustained by Vincent Price, whose - portrayal merits atten tion as contending for the Academy supporting honors. Great are the charm atmos phere and beauty reflected in the earner romantic episodes, the natural scenery photographed in Technicolor surpassing much of this type of pictorial embellish ment. Aside from Miss Tierney and Price, Cornel Wilde as the husband has a truly notable scene where he discovers definitely the crimes of his wife. Jeanne Crain is decisively competent in her contribution. Mary Philips, Ray Collins. Gene Lockhart and Darryl Hickman. whose efforts as the boy are highly effective, are others Important, in addition to Reed Had-ley and Chill Wills. Jo Swerling wrote the screen play. FARTII 5 'Blackouts' Girl Awarded Screen Contract at 20th Another girl in Ken Murray "Blackouts of 1945" at El CapW tan Is lost to the show In favor of a picture career. Virginia Johnson, who Joined the revua a few months ago, won a "Queen" nomination on a radio program and a part of her reward was a 20th Century-Fox contract Miss Johnson is the 21st girl who hag. been signed from "Blackouts" to a movie contract since the show opened three and a half years ago. " now . Tho First IMPORTANT Motion Picture to Arrivo from tho Continent! "MARIE LOUISE" srorfutttf 1 tfift trail ffiflii f tha frwt Frneh tllmt ESQUIRE -MMHBBVBBllH.MSl gJH m ., MOM ii m lie. Mi 4( N. FtlrUx Pkene VO. II 14 Lost . Weekend RAY JANE MILLAND WYMAN ana" HIT Ml ft "Love. Honor and Goodbye a V Vlrslwlo Irute EdworJ Athley JJ l'l Ml I iMBitniiniii.i it h B.C.DeSylv. S X BETTY HUTTON $ I VtorkCiui NOW Too Yovnr to Know PAUL HENREID. MAUREEN O'HARA SPANISH MAIN FIlHtf ) Itvilk TECHNICOLORI "Tho AMAZINS ADVENTURES of COLOXEL BLIMP' Alto "SECRET MISSION" q LAUREL mrly Blvd. J fclka. west ef Feirfu Ave. v;v rciAcz siwiHSis cszai 3 sore ofoJ STAGE yf iJUUUL J.l .t , L , . , J &5 'mi!-uCTi iiti 'ill 26tHirur RESERVE YOUR SEATS NOWtSJ GALA ORPHEUM NEW YEAR'S EVE JAMBOREE in pfrqovi cmmn ravfli i apn . norupcTDi THHW""1'1 ginmn,nm-i!' wujr TONIGHT AT 8l30 LOS ANGELES MONARCHS vs. SAN DIEGO SKY HAWKS ALL SEATS RESERVED jf ( Admission $1.20, $1.10, $2.40 - CfLM " n - CABBYL t ZAISCX pnt lets 'Leave Sfer too Amos Wffllow GENE TIERNEY CORNEL WILDE JEANNE CRAIN ntk iaUM i VI N Cr NT PRIfF wJOHN M.STAHI PnSMtf r WIUIAM ilUHl Oy Swrllo I at" 1 1 .ft5fcvPB , W-&9rt 4 IE- il ft. a F1 P.J r ROBERT MONTGOMERY JOHN WAYNE-DQKXI REED Jk Holt Ward Bo) I mi nip PIOOICTIOI tots' m flii ImI It WIIIm L Vlilti Scnsi ftsj kf WMt WU9 lirottKif llll nil ssosiolo rodor (KM Alia FAYE dana ANDREWS 1... niiDifrii unuA yMnriCLL im 1 1 f iiiftmwmnwrrT W 11 M a. wiw" fMdwsd osd Oirsttid ki OTTO PSEWiNCER mmm T ii 1 i in iii ii iii i i f niim in in mi ti.tiw. i. i i 0ptN ALU wt6MT S OJOW THIS "" w ""'i LU8M-" ' 1 INDEPENDENT THEATRE GUIDE LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD GETTING GARTER iCwtv ADAMS. I8 W. Asimi Wki ot ths Waldorf; Aaturt of Rut ALVARADO. 711 S. Alvsrstfs Mildrts Pisru: Rdi. stars n Parads AMERICAN. 4727 S. BrMdaray laviiibls Ant: Murdw Invltatin ARLIN. 2117 W. Jftarsn Prida al 1Ha Mvinat; Tall la tha Saddla ARLIN8T0N. 25I7 W. WaahlasteO Hauta an SSn Straat: Dlvoro, ASTOR. 4S2I S. Variant Sla T: Rattah Ridina Jurtlea AVALON. S2 Avalon Blvd. Har Hifhnatt and Baliboy: Sagaaruali Haran BALBOA. S7I3 . Varaiant Canfldantlal AaantJ. Hald That Blanda BAROS. Crnhw-Ad Yalanda and Taa Thlaf; Caataln Kldd CAIRO, f 1021 S. Main iadaw at Tarrar: Hauaa an 2nd Strart CAMEO. 4807 N. Hunt, Or. faeaa la tha Fae: Dakota CENTRO, 774 S. Cantral Laa Lattara; Trauhla Chatara CENTURY. (013 S. Braadway ' Canfldantiaf AoM: Held That Blanda C0N6RESS. 75l S. Varaiant Aaaw Had Faur Sana: Hairy Aaa CRENSHAW, Cranihsw-JafferMii I'll Ba Saelna Van: Brawitar'a Millions DALE, 3S2S Eiola R. Blvd. Batata: Advanturaa al Rutty OALV. 2S04 N. Broadway Swins Out. 8itw: Ransa Buitar DE LUXE. 1873 W. Jeflaraon Crloiian Canary; Stranaa CaafMttoa EAGLE. 4SS4 Eaa4a Rack Blvd. Mildrtd Plarta; jahnav Anaal EL SERENO. Hunt. Dr. A Eastarn Abrad With 2 Yanka: Undw PIM ELYSIAN. 1944 Rlwilda Dr. atal Witna.i: Narthwatt Trail EMPIRE. Plaa.Alvaradi Hua an (2nd Stra; Sautk a tha Ria Brand. FRANKLIN. 8502 N. Flsuaraa Bar TO Rlda: Traubla Chaara FREMONT. Adaaia at La Braa Hald That Blanda: Confidential Aaant HOLLY. 1024 Sunaat Houta aa 2nd Straet; Narthwart Trail KINEMA. Csmpten at Manahattar Hauta aa 92nd Straat: Sons af MMita KIVA. 4263 S. Braadway Mildrad Plaraa: Johnny Antal KNOLL. 6612 I. Waitrrn i This Lava af Owi: Heuta an (2nd Straat LAKE, 7th and Alvarari - Taiaslta: Danoina Mtw LARGO. 1822 E. 103rd Mildred Pluraa: Seatland Yard LA TOSCA, 2930 S. V aria ant I'll Ramambar Aarli: Bntrayal Fran East LINCOLN. 2300 S. Central Captain Kldd: Rstkln' la tha Raekiaa LINDA. 1623 E. 103rd Leva Letters: Densereut Intruder MADRID. U0 B. Varaiant Mildred Plena: Jehnnv Anoal MANCHESTER. M'th'itar-Bdwy. Caat. Kldd: Abbett-Cootelle In Hallywd. MAVFAIR. 734 S. Braadway Mildred Pieree: River Gana MAYNARO. 24M W. Waihlnatan Kin and Tall: Oaketa METRO. 4720 W. Waihlnatan Mildred Piarea: Thit Lava ef Ourt MIDWAY. 3138 W. Pite . Fletitins Guardiman; Twa a'Clark Cauraaa N0RMAN0IE. 46 M S. Narsisndla China's Little Devil.: Treiible Chaiert PARK. 5S2J N. Finurma. . Mildred Plrrte: lahnnv Ansal PIX. SAII S. Braadway In Old New Mm lee: Swing Out tha Bluoa PLAYHOUSE. 1234', W. 7th ghadv Ladv: Fele.en In Frltce PRINCESS. SlOi S. Main Weekend at tha Welder': Eaiy ta Leok At RAMON A. 2I3 Suntat 8lvd. Cat. Kidd: Abbott A Cantella tn Hellvweed REGENT. 4012 8. Varment Haute an t2nd Straat: Adventure, af Rutty SAN CARLOS. 29IS N. Mala Mv Pal Welf: Ramaa SEVILLE. 6407 Weat Blvd. Batten Blarkle't Readeiveut; buj SIERRA. S038 Eagl Rank Blvd. Confidential Agent: Hold That Blende STRAND. 4411 8. Braadway Haute en 2nd St.: Can't Da Withaut Leva SUN. I40S W. Pita Mania Levee Pa: Bandits af the Badlands TEMPLE, 5862 S. Varment Haute an 92nd St.: Can't Da Wltheut Leve TROJAN, S3I W. Jelterten Vines Have Tender Grenes; Hlohnett A Bellbe UNION. 1122 W. 24th Arrrw.mith; Fiohtlns VARIETY. S253 W. Adamt Chrlttmat In Conneetleut: China's Little Devilt VERMONT. 4365 8. Varaiant Mildred Piarea: Swlnslna en a Rainbow VICTOR. 17th and Mln Thit Leve af Ourt: Flrtt Yank lte Tekye VICTORIA, Plee and Varment On State. Everybody: Junqle Caotrve WASHINBTON. 747 W. Wathlneten Ledv an a Train: Government Girl YORK. 494 Yerk Blvd. Bell ef tha Yukon: Rasaed Anaelt - WlLSHIRE DISTRICT BEVERLY HILLS-- AMBASSADOR. 8400 Wilthlre -Geerea Raft la Jahnny Ansel nri uii el.A i - - .. ttr.nn. rAHfetsien I ESQUIRE. Faiifas at Oekweod .. Marie Leu 'as I LAUREL. Beverly-Laurel Calenel Blimp: Seeret Mitsien i MUSIC HALL, S03S Wilthlre . GeHine Gertie'i GsHer IPAN-PACIFIC, 7554 Beverly Blvd. Life Begins ot 8:30: Bride by Mistake airriiB ti. .t a.i.fav uim..j d iw,. jehnnv Aneel UCLAN. Wettweod Blvd.. Wilthlre Pride ef Marines: Redia Stare Parade BROOKLYN CRYSTAL. 2808 Whlttior jteiL, t wniniar-JOY. 2016 E. First MERALTA. 20S3 E. Flrtt. EASTLAND THEATRES AN-1 -1 000- 2425 Breekivn Hauta an S2nd St.: Can't Da Wltheut Leva CENNIS CKEEFE marie Mcdonald Mtawv pnea UWTlO AtTtort 4 Wm HALL THEATRES ivmm I ksuyvoch fJMrilaemeW 5JJ B8UTW00 aTt. Ut7lBraUBTTt WL im-BPtd MX BITE EEYEXLT K.'LLJ zunU. Rim w.2j7.rtaFait fftR 1:80 t. M. BtllT. BPH J NOBR UHT Kiaa and Tell; Added Attraetien Mildred Pieree: Man From Oklaheme White Penge: Melody Ranch anfldential Aaent: Flrtt Yank Into Tokya NATIONAL. 2220 Brooklyn China's Little Devilt: Lake Plaeld Serenade TERRACE. 3945 City Terraee Dr. Nothing Seered: First Yank Inta Tekva VERN. 2811 E. Olympic Caataln Kidd: Zombie, an Broadway WABASH. S0I4 Wabash Johnny Angel: Radie Start en Parade CENTRAL THEATRES BILL ROBINSON. 43lt 8. Central Seat. Yd. Investigator!: Maria Me Crlm. FLORENCE MILLS. 3511 B. Central Behind Citv'Lighte: Saddle Serenade hub. 1007 s. Central Ruttiort af the Bediandt: Heart et tne west SAVOY. 632 8. Central- -Dillineer: Silver City Kid GLFNDALE- ATWATER. 3183 Glendala Blvd. Vines Have Tender Grapet: Jwilar Mist COSMO, 730 8. Brand Bl. Great Staoeeeacb Robbery: Gunman From Bedia ROXY. 417 N. Brand Blvd. It's Pleasure: China Sky VOGUE. 735 8. Brend Blvd. Chrlstmet In Cenneetleirt; Pride af Marines SHOW SHOP, 404 N. Central Lest Angel; Thousand and On Nighte SANTA ANA OKANliE VQU rITT WALKER'S. 3rd at Bush St. STATE. 4th of Birch PRINCESS. 4tb at Seurgee LIDO. Neweert Beach BALBOA. Ba boar LAGUNA. Laguno -MildrMl Pieree: Tell It te a Star -Flame ef the West: Dancing Masters Club Verde -Christmas in Connecticut SOUTH COAST. Lasuna 6URF, Huntingten Beach YOST. Santa Ana Salome. BREA. Braa PLAZA. Orange LA HABRA, La Habra- Twiee Blattad: Cones ItfaneT Honevmoon Theutand and Ona Nights: Enchanted Cottage A I lee Fave In Fallen Anaal Bullfighters: White renee ORANGE. O range- Where She Danced: Hera Came the Coeds Vigilantes af Dadaa City: China's Little Devilt Frontier Feud: Great Mike Chevenna Wildcat: Jade Mask Tell It ta Ster: N. W. Trail DRIVE IN THEATRES DRIVE IN, l?ino w. Olymela. L.A. Great John L DRIVE IN. Burhank- DRIVE IN, Santo Asa- Tell It ta a Star Great Jbn L.: Bewitched Grsot John L.; China Sky ARCADE, 534 8. Bn BROAOWAY, 4J8 8. Braadway cam to, S2S 8. Breadwa LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN dway It Ain't -Kitt in't Hay: Weird Woman and Tell: Groat John L. CENTRAL, 114 8. Broadway. iuii, tv 9. oraaoway GRAND. 730 8. Grand MUSIO HALL. 80 2 8. Broadway. oitaric, atn ana Breanwai Man From Oklahoma: Sea Mv Lawyer This Gun tor Hire: Fellow the Leader Gyety Wildeat; Ua la Mabel'a Room Melodies at Strauss; Life. Lev at af Liszt uenma Gertle'a Barter Thic Thlna rialle I aw. Arraw.mlth 0RPHCUM. tb and Broadway Polack Brot. Circus: Sunset In Elderade TOWN. 444 8. Hilt St. i . -Douahsirls: She Gats Her Man ava.wvwsaAaaa . HOLLYWOOD ' admiral. Hellvweed at Vina CAMPUS, Vermont at St. Menlca- -Hellday; Imltatina af fife -Twite Blotted: Swing Out. Sitter -Mageeeaen: puddin need ; Radia (tart an Parade -Gsttina Gertie's barter -Lonesome Trail: Silver Seure Harry: Jungle Captive "f Jft C2i3 K.C3, re!s;.3 csuse, mn cz'mQ cttsie, mzzvi csuse, FiitnaX j 2 VKSS ZSZXX PSPa'E snd ITiKSi IHSCa . LOMA, Lot Angeles STADIUM, Los Angeles Owl Shows Held in Mont Thonre Tonight THEATRES MARKED WITH STAR ARE OPEN ALL NIGHT CINEMA, Western near Santa Monica CLINTON, 52 N. Western Voice of the Whistler nxwa.ii. o4i neiiywees Blvd. ' HITCHING POST. Hollywood at Vim HUHl.ii, 5115 Hollywod Blvd. Unci LOS Ft LIZ. Vermont at Franklin Mildred Pierce: Jehnnv Anaal, 7.. "" B,l,re)s wivn. worricane: miont in New Orleans "EtYM Melrose and Vaa Neat Theutendt Cheer; Ragged Angel EP.S.'S.', IP. "5U Monica Leve Letters: Tell It te a Star !f.VP.f.AL- 6523 Hellvweed Blvd. Gettlna Gertie's Garter S?.',i!IAI:t..Z4JS "" Mildred Pieree: Johnny Angel ST.V.SL0 'J.1. Vermont Battle for Musie: Metreselitaa SUNSET, Western at Suntet Bella ef Resarita; Rafflet VISTA, Suntet it Hollywood Lone Texas Ranger: Jungle Captive ,- SANTA MONICA BRENTWOOD w-- AERO. Montana at I4tb St. Captain Eddie: Holiday RfEHTWOOO, 1 161 1 Wllshlra That Nlaht With You: Wutherlns Heights -Lava Letters: Woman in Green Celt Comrades: Arizona Bound i -Tha Southerner: Adventures ef Ruttv: Geeroa wnitt t seenoait ELMIRO. 1443 3rd St. HITCHING POST. 144 4tb St. MAJESTIC. Santa Monica MERALTA. Culver City Too Yowna Te Know EAST LOS ANGELES MONTEBELLO WHITTIER CENTER. 4760 Whittler Blvd. Hurricane: Flame of tho West : GARDEN. 4511 Telegraph Read Three Caballeres: Chevenne Wildcat: STRAND, 4232 Whittler Blvd. Confidential Agent: Why Girlt Leave Home: ROXY, Whittler . Oakcta: Seatland Yard Investigator! WARDMAN, Whittler George White's Scandals: Captain Kldd: WHITTIER, Whittier She Wouldn't Say Yea; My Name is Julia Rest: VOGUE. Montobello Abbott A Coetelle in Hollywood: This Lava of Ours: EBELL, Srd at Cerritoa, . L' LONG BEACH TORRANCE AREA Lena" Beaon Hurricane; Ben Jo on Mv Kneai RITZ. Lonb Beeeh Thle Bun far Hire: Make Your Own Bed STRAND. 233 Pike. Lena Beech Two Featurat: Stage Show EL SEGUNDO. El Seaundo Vinot Have Tender Graaet: Mama Lavet Papa PLAZA, Hawthorne Held That Blonde: Thit Leve of Ourt: REX. Hawthorne . White Pengo: Frltoo Kid LENNOX, Lennox Bell for Adano; Cowbev Frem Lonesome River LOMITA. Lomita Stete Fair: Mama Levee Papal GAR0ENA, Gardens Johnny Angel: Radie Stars en Parade! GRAND. Torrance The Southerner: Pursuit te Algiers TORRANCE. Torrance Christmas In Connecticut: American .Emgirs RITZ. Inglewood Girl Ruth: Journey Into fesr BEACH. Seal Beaoh Twice Blessed; In Old 'New Mcileo ALHAMBRA SAN GABRIEL VALLEY ALHAMBRA A ANNEX Weekend et the Waldorf- Pursuit te Algiers SANTA ANITA. Arcadia Northwest Trail: Flrtt Yank la Tokyo EL REY. Main at 4th Hald That Blonde: The Southerner GARFIELD. Garf'd-Vallay Abbott. Ceetello la Hollywd.: Dangerous Partners GARVEY. Garvey at San Gabriel Kite aad Tall: Swlnslna en o Reinbew GRANADA, 130 W. Main A lens Came Jenes: Bandits of the Badlands MONTEREY, Garfield at Hellman Mildred Pieree: Johnny Angel R08EMEAD. Reeemead Kite aad Tell: Scotland Yard Investigators STATE. Asuta a Hntito an 92nd Street: Mama Laves Paoa TEMPLE. Lai Tunas-Roeemead All Kitted Bride: Beyond Blue Horisoni TUMBLE WEED. Garvey and Valley Blvd. Partners ef Trail: Greet John L. tl wente Divorce: First Yank Inta Tokyo EL MONTE, BALDWIN PARK, COVINA. CLENDORA EL MONTE. Volley at Tyler- Bsmwia, oaiawin rarx-COVINA. Covins GLENDORA. Glond -Held That Blonde; The Southerner -eaiiarea Pieree: vian -Confidential Aaent RAYMOND, WISTERIA, urelllf Oa Slalara, ttariaian af tha Border PASADENA SIERRA MADRE 129 N. Raymond Keoe Your Powder Orv: Call ef the Wild 87 W. Sierra Marire Highness A Bellboy: On Stage, Everybody: ONTARIO ' CALIFORNIA. I3S N. Euclid Ave.' 8KANADA, 303 N. EUClid AW. PARK, 122 N. Euelid Ave. SAN DIEGO SAN -Junior Mitt: Border Bediandt! -Kite and Tell: Club Havana: -Dakota: Capteln Tugboat Annie ALTO 89th-Westrn. Owl Show. Free Parkins' Weekend at the Waldorf: Thit Leve ef Ours ARROYO 3236 N. Flf. Ont. 12:30. Owl Show Hold That B onde: Confidential Aaent BELMONT lst-Torm't. PE-7501. Ct. 2. Owl 19 Yelinda and the Thief: Dangerous Partnora BEVERLY Bar. Hills. Com. 1:45. Owl 10 Yolanda and the Thief: Densereut Partners BOULEVARD Westt-Ver. RB-4111. . X Owl Hold That Blende- Confidential Agent BRUIN Wtwtsrnod. font. 1. Owl Show Yolanda and the Thiol' Dakata CARLTON Woit'n-54't h. Cnnt. 2. 0wt Show Hold That Blonde: Confidential Agent CAR MEL 8163 8. M BL OR-2721. CI. 2. Owt Abhett-Cottelle in H'lywd: Confidential Agent EL R E Y 5517 Wllahlrr Open 13:45. Owl Show House en 9?nd St. This Love ot Ours EMBASSY West'n-Srrl. Cont. 1:45. Owl ft) Yolanda and the Tnief- Held That Blonde FAIRFAX Bev. et Fairfax. Cont. I. Owl 8 how Caat. Kldd' Hold That Blonde FI6UER0A Fie.-Rta. Bar. Cont. 1- Owl IS Yolanda and the Thief: Caet. Kidd FLORENCE Flnr.-Como. Ate. Ct, 1. Owll0:l Cant. Kidd: Thit Leva ef Ourt GOLDEN GATE 5176 Whittler Bled. AN-I1I8 Soanith Main: Life With Blondie GORDON La Brea-Molroie, WHrllSl. Ct. I:4S Kitt and Tell: Dakota t H I G H L A N 0 5604 N. Fit- Cont I. Owt Show Caot. Kidd: Abbott A Ceetello in Hollywood LA BREA Pth-Ia Brea. Ct. J. Owl ("how Confidential Agent: Abbott-Cestella In H'lywd LARCH MONT Ixtimt.-Bev.. GL-7417. Ct. J Owl CtBt Kidd: Confidential Agent LEIMERT Ter.-Cr. AX-5131. Mat. U:5. Bra I Yolenda and the Thief- Cent Kldd LIOO La Ctefieee-Pirn. Cont. 1:43. Owl 1:41 House en (2nd St.: Thit Leve of Ours MARQUI 8 Mel. -Doheny. Coot. J- Owl Shear Llovd Nolan House en (2nd Street Merle 0 boron Thit Leve ef Ours MELROSE Mel nr. Yerrn't. Coot. i. Owl 10 Confidential Agent: Abbott-Cottello In H'lywd MESA Crenthaw-Slauson. Coot. 2 Owl Show House on 92nd St.: Thit Lovef Ourt MILLION DOLLAR 307 8.-Broadway. MI-S27S Fallen Angel: Senorlta Frem the Wett NEWS-PALACE 830 R. Broadwsy. W1-627S 2-hr. Show Latest Newt and Shorts NEW8REEL THEATRE Broadwav ns 8th 1-hr. Show Latest News and Shorts PARISIAN Verm't-8th, Cont. 1 Owl Show Abbott-Cssteilo in Hlywd: 1st Ysnk Inta Tokve. RAVENNA Verm 't-Bev. Cont. 2. Owl Show Hewso en 92nd t.: Thle Leve of Dure REGINA Wilsh.-La Cienega. Ct. ,.Owl Shew Hold That Blende: Cent. Kidd RIALTO 812 S. Broadway. M1-627J Yolenda and the Thief: Held That Blends RIVOLI 4521 . Western. AX-2S716 Whispering Skull: Death Valley Ranters ROXIE 51S S. Bdwv. WTJ-763 Captain Kldd: Rapoed Anaelt STADIUM 890 W. Pico. CR-620SI. Ct. L Owl Cant Kldd: Held That Blende 8TARLAND 5624 N. Brlwv. Cont. 1. Owl dhow I'm From Arkansas: Dangerous Intruder TOWER Compton. KB-61315. Free Parking; Captain Kldd: Thit Leve of Ours, .. .. UNITED ARTISTS 5136 Whit- Bl. Ct. ll:4S Isle ef the Dead: Zombies, on Broadway VILLAGE Westwoorl. Cont. 1. Owl Show Captain Kidd: Confidential Agent WESTERN West'n-.IKth. ConL 2. Ow! lt Abbett-Cnstells In Hllvwd: Oanoeretit Pprtners WESTLAKE Alv.-Wll. FB-2. Cnnt. 1. Owi Yelanda and the Thlof : Captain Kidd CORONET. 1790 Logan. METRO. 2175 Logan VISTA. 4205 Unlvertlt BAY. National Cltv NATIONAL. National Clty- DIEGO COUNTY all ef the Junale: Cemin' Round the Mountain GLENPALE LINDA. Linda Vlttev- Twa Soanish Features went and Lewriewn: Danoerout Journey Tarian and the Amatont: That Night With You Hotel for Women: Lest Troll Tall In the Saddle: Mv Pal Wolf dr SUBURBAN and COMMUNITY wwewe CANOGA. Caneoa Park Confidential Agent: Fatten In Fritoe CORONA. Corona Rogues Gallerv; Enemv ef tha Law MERALTA. Downey . Dakota: That Night With You HUNTINGTON. Huntington Perk Sultan's Daughter: Sheriff ef Las Veget FONT AN A, Fontena- Fighting Guardiman: Blonde Frem Breoklvn FILLMORE. Fillmore Junior Mitt: Maa Frem Okiaheme MONTROSE. Montrose Perls Honeymoon: Thanks for tile Memory EL RANCHO. Moerpark Johnny Angel: Senerita Frofr-the West MARGO. Oeeantide. Hit the Hay: FStsi wnn ALEX CB. 51525. Own 1 . Snan sh Ma n: Sine Your way Heme GLEN DALE CH. 6215. Orwn 12. Owt Btaeor it all r.eaia Tnia: Rem for Trouble CALIFORNIA CH. 51387. 0pm 1. SmoMn Yolanda and the Thief. Dangerous rannors CAPITOL CH. 51401. Open 32 Genroe White's Seandals: Too Young to Know GATEWAY CH. 51631. Open 1:13. Free Psrk Mildred P eree- Radie Start en raraoa G L E N OH. 51788. Own L. Free Parktna State Fair: Shady Lany ORANGE COUNTY -Weekend at the Waldorf -Twa Yanks In Trinidad: Three a Trail: PALOMAR, Oeeantide RID6ECRE8T. Rldgeoret TUJUN6A. 6719 Foothill RFNNir Sao Farnandn. TOWN. San Fernando Dellghtfuflv Dengerous: Blazing the Western Trail SAN GABRIEL. 330 W. Lai Tunas Jehnnv Anoeli Dutty t Tavern UPLANO, Upland Bells of Rosarlta: Pan Americana MAYFAIR. Ventura mi Can Antonio VALUSKIS. Wlllowbrook Yew Cont Take It With You; Rants Low Blvd. Itt Yank Into Tokyo; Rtdie Stsn oa Parade -tonnnenTini jsgeni BROADWAY Sants Ana 8"0 San Antonio: Boy. Girl tad a Dot FOX Fitllertnn 3S7 Snenish Mslnt Olvwrse WrtT rnt6Twtanla Ana tn What Nert. Cel. Htrprove; Strontt Confeeslon FOX Anehelip 302 Fallen Angef: Twlea BlestaeJ H9V.TW9QP APOLLO H'lywd nr. Wo? tern. Ct. X Owl Show weekend at the wsldort: pursuit te Algiers FILM ARTE 122S N. Vine. GK-7712. Op. 12 4S Yolanda and the Thief: Dangerous Partners HOLLYWOOD HEJ-9371. Ct. 12:30 Hold That Blonde: Confidential Agent IRIS 8508 H'lywd Blvd. GL-5862. Ct. 1:M House on 92nd Street: This Love of Ours LOMA Sis. itoo.-West'n. Ct. 12:45. Owl Show Held That Blende: Confidential Agent VOGUE 6675 H'lywrl Blrrl. GB-2555. Coot, 1 Ana TrlTP,.,Thff6,Wcr. Htqf ;,nnnnet um NORTH HOLLYWOOD, VAN NUYS, SHERMAN OAK5 EL PORTAL N. H'lvwd. ST-72983. Opeo IS Cast. Kldd: Ho d That Blonde STUDIO CITY 8U-22377, 8T-719TT. On. 11 :4S The Southerner: Too Youno te Knew VALLEY N. H'lywd. SU-2-2272. Opeo IMS Back te Bataan: Marked Trails LA REINA-ST-7-2942. ST-4-1HL Open 1J :4S Cant. Kidd: Hold That Blonde VAN NUYSr-ST-52731. Open 1 45 Her Hlnhnns and Bminv Along cami Jamil, OCEAN PK., SANTA MONICA, VENICE. WEST L05 ANGELES. CULVER CITT , DOME 8. M. ji3. Cont. 12:45, Owi 10:50 Roenith Main Kmn Your Wav Home CRITERION 8. Mnn. S M. 5282. Ct. 11:45. Owt fllno You 8 n nert: meroe reio ROSEMARY E.M 63279. CmiU 1. Owl It It All riei Tnia Ptarn for Trouble BUNDY Pico at Centinela. AB-95161. Ft. Fk. Anchors Awe oh Murder He Bays TIVOLI ll.i!3 8 M. Blvd. Ct. 1:15. Owl 1 Weekend et wa dart: swinging on a nainsow NUART Sawfelie-s. M. Bird. AR-S8706. Ct. X Lady Has Plant: New Yerk Town WILSHIRE 1814 Wilthlre Blvd. Owl Show Great John L.: Untie Harry CULVER CITY City Aud.. Oil. City, AK-631M yoianna inn tne iniet: raiai - iinest ACADEMY BT. 16508. Open 13 - Snanlsh Main: sins Your wsv nemo UNITED ARTI8TS BY. 1657T. Opeo IS It All Came True- Born for Trouble TOWER ST. 33169. Open 1J Georoe White s scandals: too Taunt as tvnuw PASADENA ST. 67143. Op-n 1 Cent. Kidd: Wast of the Peeee UPTOWN ST. 84330. Open 1. Free Parktaf Georoe White's Scandals: Toe Youno te Knew STRAND BY. 3187. Open IS State Fair: ,'ennny Angei WASHINGTON ST. 70140. Open. 11:48 Wonder Man: Love Lettert STATE BY. 2T138. Open 13:41 Hurrloane; names , PARK ST. 42115. Open 1J:4S JUPltT Ci h r'PB. SOUTH PASADENA. MONROVIA RIALTO PT. 112. ST. 93161. Open 12:46 Weekend at Waldorf. First Yank Inta Tskyo RITZ So. Psss. ST. 9-5568. Open 1Z:4S Kiss and Tell: House on 92nd St. LYRIC Monrovia. Moo. 90. Open 13 45 Confidential Aeent- Tho Southerner MONROVIA Mon. 194. Open 12 45 Dangerous Partners: Marshal af Laredo POMONA FOX Pomona. Cnnt. 1. Owl Show San Antonio: My Name la Juiit Roto VILLAGE Claremrmt Stat. Fair: Men lo Her piarv INGL'WP,. REP.. HERM., MANHAT. ar snr M v -n t Soanish Main: Sina Your Way Heme FIFTH AVENU E TW-9966. Owl Show Georoe White's Seandalt: Too Yeunt to Knot UNITED ARTISTS OR-81T01. CU 1. Owl Show Mereo Pole: Sine You Sinners GRANADA O Regno 81684 Watch for Reopening REDONDO Bedondo 5154. Op. 1:45. Owl Show Snanith Main: Life With Blondia STRAND Kedonrto 8300. Crnit. 1 Tloer Woman: Trail ef Kit Carton HERMOSA Bedonrlo 8245. Open 12 :45 Toe Young te Know- Anhntt-Certelle In H'wal LAMAR M hattan Bern. Bod. 8soo, ct. 1. Owl Aitventurat OT wsrro po-o: Sing tqii g'tinerg HUNTINGTON PK.. Bill. MAYWOOP , CALIFORNIA Mit, pones 13 I. Owl 10 a J Snsnlsh Main: Sina Your Way Home ALCAZAR 442! E. Car. Open 1 Yolanda and the Thief: Dangerous Partners

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