The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 10, 1936 · 33
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 33

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1936
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FRIDAY MORNING. TELEPHONE MADISON 2345 JANUARY 10, 1938. PART II. 1 7 BUY A BUSINESS WITH CONFIDENCE. A SI 00 R E WARD OFFER SAFEGUARDS - BUSINESS BUYERS EMPLOYMENT SWAPS d Employment Wanted or 105 molovment Wanted or OfTr-d In Exchange for Service or Good POSITION to tun your personality. See my ad a 73 F P. MarKa,v. Q2 . Fir. TEACHER, lady empiwM pari i!D;r. wui awt act, mgr. for sot. V.O 13a -3 COl-PLE want unfurn rlfb. ii serv eard-ncr, handv man. VE. H288. EMPLOYMENT OFFERED For Women no ART. illustrator, amateurs. See ad "'asi. 30. this paper, or 3l W. O. Km. 22.. BABY nurse. 25-35. txo.. uqiiluuiu., no cook or hswk. .0. Pat. -Son, off. RI 2,4o BEAUTY operator or cosmetic denion-tra-tors. to work best ebon Permanent. U04 Santa Monica Hi.-fl. Km -."-i BOOK Woman travel, organise. Gum1 mI. II nna inrrt. Smithsonian to. isw " jm- EMPLOYMENT OFFERED 111 Women Houtebold, Domestic GIRL, white, to assist ren. hswk. Exp. with children. No laundry. $30 mo. Phone s-,Ma yo-o:i 22""7 blRL or woman cook, ft wash.: exi.ri-etved: MO mo., rm. ft bd. 12230 View frvt P.-l.. No. Holly. Ph. N. HoIIt 164?. uiR-i t-.,nii.anwi.&hlc, high bl-hooI ciuca tion preferred. Gen. hswk. A drive. - adults. Own rm bath. AL. 0805. GIRL. fr. housework. 3 aduh. Board ft rm.. prvt. hath. $25 mo. RI. 7450. GIRL, German pre!., good rook, willing do gen, work. 2 children. rf. GB. OSHO GIRL light hswk. plaio cook. 3 in family, ci-l C. $20. Own rm CRcstview An!i.1. GIRL 25 to 40. gen. nswk. Plain cooking. 1 child. Prvt room, bath tr-."). BOOKKEEPER witb Phone. sales exp. Straiih Auto Sales, 2147 sunset c;vn. CIVIL SERVICE Jolw See ad Claes. 75 yi c n.Tcr . nneire. r. nm. i i - .. civil srAii k rnAcmxii See tl Kurtz r..iucationai service. nii.i.. CLASSIFIED adienimig -.ale-wari, experi enced. The Sun. IMi.tO w. rioo. COMPTOMETRY Hisitions See ad Class. 75. wehster college. 40.1 s, ni DISPLAY adv. salesgirl. Esi. paper. Draw ing acct. Rm 3"4. 12'' w. am. w am GIKL or woman with business exper. lor .-rim, Ti,ri .n.ii. vjiir'-. ..... "' - GIRLS leaxn beauty culture. See ad. da It, paramount, s. rirnnov. a.. GIRLS ft women needing work see our; ..I. rinifieal on IS A 114. 2711 W n M. GIRLS 2()i dfencintT parluera. SalarT gnar im cj. nro pi. aufr i INFANT'S nurse, exn.. m-.vr.-old bahy. nr.-m ft lora rrlf. fermanoni. n n. v -o LADIES To those married women who need to increase the lamiir income we have ateady employment ;-nr. week, in our borne aerviee dept. Splendid earning Muat be over 30. Good education & teach able. For ar-nt. write hot y--'14, i ime LADIES ol mature judxment (yoiinic of middle a?edl lor Kegearcn iept. unumai opportunity for thote selected. Apply 1M rouin f lower m. a p.m. umy. LADIES. Will employ (31 to help with January sale, permanent n qnaniiea. d- Ply Fri. after . 315 W. ft yt. Km. ftiw LADY I middle age) to asit mgr. pay. It-ll a.m. s. Vermont. Good MILLINER, exp. an apprentice milliner Apply E4n S. Brnartway. suite ?ri PHY X- Tunint- 12 hm. CI. 7o KurtJt Educational yervicr. mm . nin. PKACT1CAL imre. Rood driver. A-l cook for elderly man, flay nights, r.. '.'(i SALESLADY Drees shop. Glendale. Neat lady of 30, at least 6 yr. exp.. tiitm party muat live in Glendale. Give quail ficationj. ref Box T-1.1S. Times. SALESPEOPLE. fnt-selliuir article, (rood territory avail. Also loc. acency. 11117 w. 17. JN. Drtiner. 5-R wk. da. 10-rt Snn. SALESLADY Rlaht party can net J35 wk pup, .TIP WK. 'UIHI. Don j,iiiri. SALESLADY with following for exclusive pown shop. 3140 WiUhlre Blvd. t:..47 SALESLADY. Must be exp. Palarv ft Com. , $28 wk Easy, perm. 4542 Hollywood Bid-STENOGRAPHER, experienced only, rapid m'bti i lull mm i.vui!.!, irxc ..i-i., uti-1 . .ma ir.n . -. . . i 1 ner aw. rioy ivo. nonywonii innon. STEXOS. GreKg-Pitman lfllay speed brush- r A T n tl , r c f I nx STENOGRAPHER, some bookkeepinsr. Real est, exp. Sal, yiflwk. (W01 Wilhire SWITCH HOARD operator with exp. in Iarre office. Used to meetine the nnn- lie. See Mr. Anderson at The 1'alomar. "nd & Vermont, in afternoon. ATTRACTIVE salesladies tinder 35. free to tour U.S. No experience needed aa we teach ft train you. Not M.iRanlnes or Cosmetic. Salary-Comm. transp. turn. See C. C. Johnson. 2510 W. 7th St. ARE you able to haudlo direct sales or willliif to learn Reps, earn tip to Sso wk. Rm. H. 200H W. 7. 3 to ft P.M. POSITION to suit your personality. See my ad ci. 7f) F. v. msckhv. nig w. rig ARE vou looking tor eniDloyment or oo you neeu tne services or tnose seek-lnr workf By all means tune In on "The Times Employment Program" announced by "The Times Job Man. ' every day at 1:16 a.m. over AADIO STATION KH.T IK the kind of work vou are seeking is not advertised in true column try a Mtuanon Wanted Ad. The Times EMPLOYMENT SERVICE DEPARTMENT has eneeiallv trained ad-writers to assist In the writing of well-worded Situation Wanted Ada. Household Domestic 111 COOK. GENERAL. ENGLISH. 2 ADULTS. PERSONAL LAUNDRY. MIST UK t.X CELLEST COOK. EXposilion 0817. COOK, eeneral houseki-ener, i (licjent. un- rter 40, Good home. Kers. iiij, iim.i. Cook & clown. $30. HE.092O COOK, een'l hswk., 30-45, white. Refs.. private rm bain, y.-w month, vs.. t'tm. COOK GoiMl hsknr.. 5-41). for young eou- ple. Room, board, ygs tnn. HR.'jTftti. I'-ia. COOK, general, smai! family, pleasant rm. gc hath, g.lft mo. Ph. I K. l..rm. COOK. gen. housework. 40 to SO vrs. .No lannrtrv mo Ref. 3 In fam.WH S140 GEN. housework, S adults. GochI refs. 520 mo., rm. ec rnr. in, rn Bion. eve., o-i p.m.. Sat. 6-U a.m. ti Sun. a.m. till 1. WY, fi50S. GEN. hawk., plain conking, white, under o: sm. jamuy, good nome. jjikiwii virvij. untie. j-ti. m n. llH.. uv riu.. hath 1X mo lart Good home. OH 170S GIRL, general housework. Refs. reu. Priv. 1 . 11 . . ' ! P '1 nil., pain g T-Q n"', rt. n-n.t. G1KL lor general houoework ti tait of child. R"f"rence '.'0 mo. WH'inev 04711 HSKPR. ft cook, canable. under 40. Refs. reo. 4 in family Steadv oo:tion. Good nav. Home in Brentwood Hts. Apply .Tovrdi Znkln. fl:ill S, Broadway. HOUSEKEEPER, private rm.. bath. 3 in tamily. Wyoming 7--l. USKPR., by teacher. eJO mi. from L. A. g adults, 1 child 7: $5 wk. WH. (mi. HSKPR, guod cok: while: siuall famii.v: :t5 mo. 1232 S. Bronson, RO. HHPS. HOUSEKEEPER, white exp., for ladv. boy 14. $20 mo., room-board. OXford S134. HSKPR. Refined, middle-age, lor man alone. Sift, rm. g hoard. Box w-4!'. Times HSKPR.. 35-50. bus CPU 3 children 7, & & 3. Sun, off. 5'1 wk. KE.3n73 after 130. MOTHER'S helper. 1 child, private room & bath, 28. Kefs, WY. "47 SliUENT or ladv euip part time, ansist hswk.. children. Rm bd.. salary. Y0.241 WHITE woman under 40, upstairs, intruding, serving. Fine home, good wagon, lo- cal refa. Write fully. Box W-20B. Times. WHITE woman, assist with housework ft care of grown children. WHnney 15li2. WOMAN, general housework ft cook. MUST BE FOND OF CHILDREN. Own room. Suuday off. S22.50 mo. Van Nu.vs dist. Call TU. 2113 wk. days or apply 7051 Havvenmirst Ave.. Van Nuvs. bun WOMAN, German, mi. cook, gen. hsewk.. rm., bd.r small sal. Adits. No ldry.ri.lM03 HUMAN, middle aged, conip, school girl In exch. lor good home, 7i'27 waring ave. YOUNG woman, gen. hswk., 2 adults. I child, g2S mo. Private rm. UK. fi-. EMPLOYMENT OFFERED 113 Aai Household Employment Agenfclea for Women 1 EMPLOYMENT OFFERED a-i For wen GEN. maids S 30 rt0. Cook-dnstr tSthfii Cook-butler $150. 2nd maid J50-?5. MUTUAL A GUY.. 32 W. 3. Ml. Alibi Beverly-Mumal Ag y , f4.'t7 SaniMoni.a Htvd B".f IT H!!! in il'l vhik. im. MRS PATTEN'S F-MfLOYMENT AG Y 441 S Beverly Dr . Beverly Bills. CR 6106. L A. telephone WO. 34i3. Cumolete domestic servi'e for ?5 vrs MRS. FORI U S Placement Bureau- Agy EXP. MAIDS COOKS. BUTLERS. 05.1't Brighton War WO B2T43 OX. 103' ACME Employ. Agv . 457 N Canon Tr C,en S.iQiip, Cr.!s. OX 10D5 WO 61S:, COOK. 2nd. niaid. nurse, counl. g-tu-rals- f Qllin AriT.. !!S4 E. tlreen. P?a'ena GENERAL Houseworkers . . $40 50 Grcnc's A rev.. 2.02 y. Snnng. COLORED WORKERS' ASSN. HighiliM heln. Mamie white, manager. VA.14H. CPLS. $10O, cooks, genls. to SiiO. waitress rosmonolitan Atv.. 41"4 Hollvwd. Pint COOKS. Generals. Couples. hii.rhet waifes tweaisn Employ. Atv 304 . Broadway Restanrant, Hotel EmpL Agencies FRY cook. $3.50. Baker. $24. Filipino bus boy, $12. Woman pastry cook. Waitresses '1'.'. Hotel personnel Agv,. li: w. n st PEN marker, distrihulor ..... $18 wk Modern Agcy 221 Va S. Spring SL 111 Employment Preparation Through Instruction PBX Tele. Opera. tSo. Caltt. professional system i needed to train lor omce. noteis. Actual exp. oo newest boards In city. FREE 5711 W ft st KX IIW7 KINDERGARTEN Nursery Governess an excellent lob In Institutions or exclusive homes. Travel ft live well 2711 w ri HOSTESS Sc AM. Mrrs. needed for Ul-'ld Train for best positions in Clubs. Cafes. Ants.. Shins. Reort. 2711 W. 8 EX. 11 67 APT. MGRS. ft HOSTESSES Trained, located. 2B24 W. 7th. Fl. 5120 WAITRESSES needed to train lor new cali s now opening. Practical exp.. arm. trav v silver, sen-ice, meal-, tips. 5711 W. i st. DENTAL & Doctor's Ofuee Asst. nee.U-d for . i- : .. (Ill , n- it T? V I GIRL. Wilnhire dist., learn X-rav. Physio- lab work ih-.-s ofc 7114 I'Tsnii"' s'. POSITION to suit vour personality. my ad. 01. 75 F. C. MacKay. til 2 S. Fig. NEAT, strong woman, mid.-age., assist caie elderly invalid Jady. Box X-38. 'limea. Commercial Employment 112 Agencies for Women STENO.-P.B.X.-Ast. Bkpr. .'. Good P.B.X., heavy 1U0 Bkpr.-Model Open Auto Steuos.. contracta $S0 Cosmetic Sales Girls $lb Typist-File Clerk S0 Underwood Bkpr ..$100-1!5 Steno.-Cashier, life ins $10o Steno.-Corresp., 22-25 Open Business Service Agcy.. IQ3I s. noway. F. C. UNDERWOOD ltkpr... 125 Bkiir.-Tyuist. attractive 100 Steno.-Lile Ins.-Uudeiwrlter JO0 Steno.-Comptomeler Oper (10 Sleno. -Transportation exp. ........ S5 Bkpr.-Steno (20-251 70 Jr. Comptometer-Typist (18-21) .. .Open Los Angeles Commercial "service Acoy. 417 Van Nny Bldg.. 7ih ft spring sts SI ENO.-Dlctanholie Our.. 23-2S 75 Typibt-Genera! Offiee, 22-27 $75 Keceplionist-P.B.X.-Clerical. 23-28.. $76 TypiBt-Monroe or Marchant Opr... Open F.C. Bkpr.-Typist. 30-35 . -.$!) F. C. Bkpr.-Undcrwood Opr.. 25-30 $110 . ORGANIZATION BI1LDERS AGY'. lUli) S, BROADWAY, at 12th St. TYPIST-Biller. K.R. or Traffic . . $S5 Steno. Casualty ft Aulo policy writer. Bkpr. full chg.. tinder 30 $100 Typist, Auto Finance $1)0 stcno. mimeo ft multigraph. 30-40 yrs. L, A. PERSONNEL AGY- 707 S, HILL. STENOS, young, attractive, 4. F.C. Bkpr. 3 typist, corniest ooaru, t. Nurse, child's $65, maintenance DUNNE-ALLISON. rlllO S. Hill. Agy, STENO Composilion. Xna. exp $S5 Aulo Policy Writer $70 Bookkeeper-Typist 23-28 $00 Paoillc ('omniercial Agcy.. Rowan Bldg. ELLIOT Fisher Bkpr.. full chg $115 .steno., A-l. Lite Ins.. luture $100 Steno., legal. 24-2S $80 Pne. Audit Srstem Act.. 511 Storv Bldr. GRAD, nse., sgl., obsictric supv. $70. meals. van. i. i-i., sen. umj oo. k iiiury. Central Registry Agy.. 72 W, 17 St, MOON Hopkins Biller, lite steno. . . $70 steno. Auto contract exp.. 2a-35. Open Merchants Personnel Act.. 704 S. Snring. COMPT. Operator, young, attractive Open UOKPOKATIUN PERSUNNEli AG 1. 277 Chamlcr of Commerce Bldg LITE Steoo. Atlr. Sales UersonulHy. . $75 Malistteal typist. C.P.A, exp Open r . !S, H"avis Agy.. 322 Chapman Bldg POSITION to suit your personality. See my ad CI. 75. F, D. MacKay. nia s. fis. Commercial Art and AdTcrtlsing SHOWCARD WR1TINO taught ouickly In commercial shop. Earn while learning. Day or eve. B.lfl S. Broadway Rm. 503. ACENTS and Distributors 115 EMPLOYMENT OFFERED For Men 116 ACCOUNTANT wanted, or- thoroughly ex perienced book-keeper by mtg. corp. must be able to use typewriter. Reply in own handwriting giving age, married or single nTnArionfl. 2, mfuMivwi ttiiT 4fi. "Times.' San Pednv . 116 SALESMAN. OUTSTANDING CONCERN ElAlil.l-HEI NATIONALLY SINi E l-Ol HAS EXCEPTIONAL L. A. OPENING FOR ONE OUTSTANDING SALES-MAS. STARTING SALARY $175 MO. PLUS LIBERAL COMMISSIONS. PREFER MAN 30-35 YRS. AGE. HEQriRE-MENTS ARE. ABSOLUTE TEMPERANCE, honesty, also sccce-ful PAST SALES RECORD IS OUTSIDE CREATIVE SELLING. APPLY ONLY IF YOU MEET RE0U1REMENTS. AL0 ;IVE DATES AND DATA ALL PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT. REPLIES f ON KID FN" A L. BOX Y-?"-. TlMri SALEMEN. INVESTMENTS A rare oonortunitv for nrt-clasa eales-1 men with high-grade investment houe-Rovaltv Dent. Not cold turkev. We furnish leads from letters and return cards. Come nn and let's talk it over. From 0 tr 12 a.m. Front artists need not apply. "uite lo'.'l. (150 S, Snring st. SALESMEN, tired ol oid line, have NEW fast seller, good men with cars, ex-hosiery, elee appliances. Fuller brush men. etc. -operation, leads, a real luture. Not real estate, oil or elee. annliani-es Call after ! a.m. any day. Km, COO, 3H3(t HEVERT-Y PI.VP SAi.S.HLN. OooK-Keeper, oiliec III el. Call on mer., lawyers. 1st on market. Sell $3.50 Bales uav SD.OO. Ex. Terr. Gem Check Co.. Rm 030. 75fl S. Brdwav. SALESMAN with some knowledge of inler-ior decorating for exclusive furniture studio WYoming 0170 for annt. SALESMAN: With ear. paying position. Suite -ill B233 Hollywood Blvd. SALESMEN, sll nrinline. Big comm. Exp. imnc. Outfit free. 2212 Vnice Blvd. SALESMAN, exp. to lake charge of sales dept. ttab, real est, lirm. wo hl4ft7 SALESMAN with tar. Best deal 1U L..A. 3.1; 1 hmibor of Uommeree Bldg. $100 REWARD w.3 be paid to n Dertoa of persona for Information leading to the arrest acd conviction of any person lor oc-taiuing money throuen any false tepresenta'.ioo made by Buch person In any "Business Opportunity" aoveiUstDient puDiiaOcd tn this classincatioD. But one reward will be paid for each arrest and conviction. This offer a subject to vita-iral at any tune. In tenderini thu adduional service to. the publio Tne Timet auraasei do responsibility other than that for payment of rewards. The Timet will Inrush tree to anyone eoatempiatinc purchasing a business, information biacka fur the securing from a eelier. facta retarding tne business offered tor tale. Tbese forms have been developed thro tha co-operation wua the Better Buaintsa Bureau. Law Enforcement Agenclet and tht Leadlcg alercbasta of Lot Angeles. gUSINESS Opportunities 1251 gUSINESS Opportunities 125 AUTO PARK. CLEARS $300. DOWN-TOWN, mo cars. Bu sy m ft out: 4UJ W.H. AUTO PARK. Downtown, busy one man lot oiipur. Call Unlay. S"S S. Horx'. AUTO wrecking loc. or suit other bus. N. W. cor. Main ft 21 st, Keas. OK. UAht.tli i ftulesale. I baa Juaguiu Valley. Hautord 8000 poiiulation. Latest eouip. Kstab. 20 vrs. Full partiiiilara, write yuaiuy liakery Hanford. 1 alif BE EH Uarlur. old est., liayuig bus. S1OO0. Owner 7ti24 S. FIGUEUOA. CAFE. lrive in: OariH-eue: louniain: ilia ins room; fully equipped: everything out-slandmg; beautiful set-up. 801 E. Valley cor. San Gabriel Blvd. CAFE. $1700. turn, ft lixis. Profitable bus. Leae S00. Pay aemi-annually. Seats tio. Owner retiring. Eat. 11 yrs. lriiiti ( can Front, Santa Monies, OX. fl"53. CAFE, estab. a yrs. 1? stools, 2 iHjolhs, lully equipt. $.30 daily bus. Rent $30. Illness compels quick sale. Sacrifice. Own- er. HQ71 Santa Monica Blvd SALESMEN, 2. dog food, established con- eern. Call HE. tiOin, S-ll a.m. SHOE VoRKEKS EXP. TURN LASTERa wntej at once. 1120 MAPLE AVE. SINGLE man about 50 for ranch: poultry ft care of grounds. Healthy, eober. reli able, permanent jr tatisfaetorv. Keter enees. S.'IO month. Box Y-rll. Times. SURGEON wanted for industrial work Night service, $50 monthly. California, Ml), license, soil Avalon Blvd. TELEPHONE promoters to handle Calif & other territories on established deal. In dorsad bv the American Legion. W'Y.2Sti2 M0L1N teacher, exp. Salary ft commission. permanent. 818 s. Hill. Room 3U0. WAREHOUSE MAN: M in have line. paper experience expert vounter order picker packer State m lull age. experience salary exneeted. Box W-oM. Times. VOLVi man. good uiuiearanee, around 25. for assist, man. knowledge typing bkkmng for office ti Bales wk. Sal. bpp Advance. Write detail, background, refs In full. Box w-io. Times, ADVERTISING TELEPHONE SALESMtN WANTED, PHONE UN. 1948. AGENTS, salesmen, blades, etc. Fresno branch. 5410 Tulare st. 1142 S. Grand. L A AIRCRAFT MECHANICS wanted tineiu Floyed with aircraft factory experience or immediate work: 5 inspectors. 4 firodtiction planners, 30 riveters. 6 tube lenders, 4 tank assemblers, 20 metal bench men on sieel and dural flttingg. 15 toolmakeis. Interviews Saturday and Sunday, January 11th and 12th, see Mofsre. Nen and I rye, t.oiisoniaieu. Aircraft Corporation, Rosslyn Hotel, 5th and Mam sireeis. ARTISTS TRAINED YOUNG MEN Wanted bv s WALT DISNEY ' Apply tn person with sambles. watt mvrv CTrnto iw'V.T 5710 HYPERION AVE. No fhone calls ART, illustrators, amateurs, tee ad class 30 this naner or 318 W. 0,. Rm. 253. ... AUTO (Chevrolet! talesman rood oppor tunity selling Chevrolett in a good neign- nornood backed by a Reliable dealer Transportation arranged to the right man EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY. Apply In person to Mr. Cormier bet. 2 ft 4 P.m. A. E, Nugent, Cher, Dir. 400 S. La Prea AUTO salesmen for used car depart, of Dodge-Plymouth dlr See Mr. Franen-berger or Mr. French at Freneh-Gosser Motors, utl.l V) Main s' Ainamnra AUTO salesmen (5.1 must be experienced and local men New Pontiae agency at iio.13 Hollywood Blvd. see Mr. ynnnnev. BA RTENDERS. 10 men withont experience 2512 S, Vermont, see ad class. 119. CHIROPODIST with license A equipment to work In re tail chain More, salary commission Stale age, experience) ft general auali-fleattons. Box W-lfll. Times. AUTO salesmen, reliable firm. Have loc, ret.. exp. not nee, see Holt, 1 132 s, rigueroa GRAD. Nurse, O.B Open mis, womans Keg., mm s. Grand. Aft CREDIT Collection Steno.. 24-30 . . Open Collins Agcy.. 1131 Loews State Bldg. Household Employment Agencies for Women 113 BONDED SERVICE AGENCY, New location 355 S. Broadway. Rm 410 TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE 1 2 3 I 4 5 6 7 8 I 9 1 10 111 is " TT " S n Ti LL . HL : I 19 ; 20 " - fif 21: 22 -m S24 25 2& . 27 g 28 29 HI 30 35 ,,f 36 , g 37 B 38 ' HiMl ,,,,., H Jffli mm, -mmm. mmmm. 1 1 II - . m - ---- 55 " 56 Tl HORIZONTAL 1 Book of Bible 4 British slang: "to Josh" 9 To carry 12 Old French coin 13 Kind of dance 14 Oreck letter 15 Checkered cloth 17 Maidens 19 Spike of gain , 20 Rises 21 Biblical country 23 Pronoun . 24 Soft leather 27 Araolc for "father" 28 Bows 30 Cattlfl 31 French article 32 Quieting 34 Greek letter 35 Continent 37 Extinct bird 38 Communist 39 Tears. 41 Symbo: for cerium 42 Assumed attitude 43 Bevy 45 In music: high 46 Wool 48 Indo-Ruropeans 51 Things In law 52 Adroitness 54 Female ruff 55 So far 58 Pens 57-s-Evergreen VERTICIL 1 To spurt 2 South American tuber 3 Pleoa of fumlturs 4 To lake leading ro!o 5 VvVtfland deity 6 Forward . 7 To make eyes 8 Young equlnos 9 One who rents 10 Indian 11 Fuel 16 Record 18 Cast 20 Marrlag 21 Pertaining to cheek 22 Fat 23 Forest 25 Ladles 26 Musical piece 28 Greek letter 29 Lateral 32 Deep spoon 33 Negative 36 To overrun . 38 Spinning 40 Foot coverings 42 Fold 44 Coin 45 Ships of refuge 46 To cook 47 Protection 48 High card 49 Born 50 To stitch 53 Sloth , Answer to Yesterday's Fuzzle lTi T r m 1 am J 1 I 0 H M J) IF.I1 ILL .11-1 D 11 ILL DIE J;UD. EVi0RiT. 1JT 0 N E H M2 S E S E 1 V A sTe A.1YB0021MJL1 lLW.2.'TEilS.lWjL.l S E C 't"sBA y WAl E 0 av eIrI hpk l h r y i e sTt a r e s Ike r n JTl a i Ji nam ELD Scen1e J E W D .Copyright, IDHw, Th W11 fyrnHeate, Tne CIVIL Service Jobs, Sue ad Class. 75 Wehsfer rol egp. lon S. HI 1. MI. JW,n CIVIL, SERVICE COACHING. SEE CL. 75. Knrti! Educational Service, fjoo 3. HW. COLLECTOR. Car required Arvnly SI 5 S, 11111 St Room 511 COMPTOMETRY positions. See ad Claw 75. Webster College. 405 S. Hill. DRY cleaning driver, experienced. Apply 430 N. ration nr.. Bov, hiiis. ENGINEER, young, with hydraulic i meehauioal or hydraulic ft electrical edu m cation wanted. Box W-207, Times. HAIiriWAHK CUERK WITH LOCAL experience. 5530 BROOKLYN AVE. MAINTENANCE man, exn.. Qualified ti iinepvioi. eeHeeftrntinr nsintlng main tenance of apartment buildings. Apt, & $75 Per mo, Box K-1I0. limes, MAN. 25 to 40 yrs.. neat, high school edu cation. Willing to work hard. Be your own boss. Large earning possibilities No investment. Stale fully. Givo phone, Write Box Y-213. Times, ' ,. MAN. experienced, to take chargo of and maintain records in Block room of large manufacturing plant located out of citv. In replying ttate age, experience and qualifications. Box Y-25B, Times, MAN. high class, at once, to represent local concern m Los Angeles territory. rcr Mr. Hovt. Suit- 700-75B S. Snring St, MAN with car, position of responsibility. one who can get by on $'. per wk. Rm. 7Q0 Rives Strong Hld, A.M. onlv. MAN, Jitrhtliig fixture assembler man. 1102 H. western. MAN. neat wltn car. Fuller Co. service About S20 start. Permanent. 714 s.urann MAN, exn., tales or commercial work. But estnn, in lA. u vs. tiox 1-0. i im,n v 1 r v , wn .... .. . . a 00 1,1.1, ...KA , ui, "ii ui.iu. i.tMia,, n .u w iiiiii r iiui nr.fnibl liu, no.q I nflin. xwlr Mitnl have car. Write to P.O. box 170. Station AT. YOUNG man, office clerk, some bookkeeping, salary $50. Pleasant surroundings but long hours. Box w-2bb. Times. YOUNG men, 18 to 22. pass out samples, Sal, Rm, 415, Subway Ter. Bldg. fi ll a.m. UnTOUE oiio. ollered mio.-aged gentleman educ, social at club connect. Future for right man. Refs. req. Box w-'.'. limes. WNT young Cblnaman for small family. Do hswk, ft cook. Kooni noaru inci Slate salary. Write Box W-574, Times. POSITION to suit your personality. See my ad CI. 75. r. D. MacKay. til 2 S. rig. ARii yuu looking tor employment or do you need tna services or tnoae eeen-Ine work? Bv all means tune in on "The Times Employment Program" announced by The lirnet Job Man. every day at. 7U5 .m. over RADIO MA HON KHJ. IF the kind of work you are seeking it not advertised in this column try a Situation Wanted Ad. The Times EMPLOYMENT SERVICE DEPARTMENT has tDeaallv- trained ad-writers to assist In the writing 01 well-worded situation anted Ada. 117 Commercial Employment Agencies for Men ACCOUNTANT. 30-37. with A-l Oil Production exper. Opportunity. . . ,$20Oi Stock inventory Control systems Accountant. A-l only .......... $250 PUBLIC Accountants. 25-45 to $300 UNDERWOOD Bkpr. KNOW Acet.. $125 Book-keeper, 22-20. Univ. grad. with major in Acct. ...... .start S00 Accountant. 27-35. Public ft Coro. exper. Permanent, fine Co. .,...$150 ACCOUNTANT. 27-35. Mfg. exper. .$176 Perpetual Inventory Stock Ledger Clerk. 23-27 etart S90 Steno.-Sectry. 28-33. Oil exper $150 Comptometer Oper.-Typift, 21-25 ..$80 Installment Collector. Spanish speaking American Open Jldse. ft Sales Mgr. for Chain of Auto Supply Stores Good Grad. Civil. Meeh., Elee. or Chem, Enr. 20-33, for Tech. Sales Open v a hi., A-i, young. .. .o-ioo Time Keeiier. 30-38. Indust. exp, . $108 ORGANIZATION BUILDERS (AGY.) 1100 S. BROADWAY', at 12th St. AC(T.-Auditor, , Public exp 51 flo Steno. . $125 Tvpist-Biller-Transportation SSfl Stcno. (lives at home! ,. $70 riKpr., i-umner exp Open .iiecnanicai uraiisman Temporary Engineer-Structural Steel ft Concrete .Los Angeles Commercial Service Agcy, 417 m Nuts Bldg.. 7th ft Spring Stt. SENIOR Public AwU ....$250-9.100 Acct.-Sleno.-Secy, 25-32 S125 Underwood Bkpr, Stock, Bond ....$110 ; omniomrier, riock. nond exp..., $125 Rapid typist, future. 20-24 $00 Steno., University Grad,, 24-21 . . . .$110 ommerci at Agcy., Rowan Bldg, t i Pisr-Biller, transportation. . . . . . . $ no jMciiograpner, to iiu yrs ....... , . $100 Engineer, atr conditioning, .S2O0 Aecoimta Oil SaniA. t,u ?'me Kwper, Conetrnctlon " ''' '. ". .' '$130 L.A. fERSONNEL AGY.. 707 ft, HILL. BiLLhUUH Operator. A-l, up to ,$200 Aiiiiiior. securiHes exp J175-$200 Aicouiitant, machinery sttppliet ...$175 Sales Engineer, leave town Open r.-ic. a mm vtem. Arv., 211 Story Bldr, r'LL'MliEK with tm,u Si.-n um,., cii.ia nieiai worker. .Electrician. Elderly ranch uuK. w ;o mo.; 111. nouso bov. $20 mn fd. Rest, cook, country, $00 mo fd. Mnrrav J& Pnndw A son 6RAPTSM Ai.--Me.-b struct, out ....Open' " i.r, jieriHi inspect open Timekeeper-Clerk, out.. $100 Hummel Bros. Agency. K?! Townn ave. MAN, ambitious, dignified, cxp call 011 merchandising trade, hi w. w. nm, isii. MAN WITH SALES EXP. FOR "'1- PAYING. HONEST llt-AI.. H, snu. MECHANIC, first-class, Oldsmobile, Unless good rel. can be lurn. 110 not appiy. j Martin, Cailillae ft Oldsmobilo Dealer, 410 State St., Santa Barbara. MEN of mature judgment (young- or mid dle-aged I tor Ketearcn Dept. unusual opportunity for those selected. Apply Mm S Flnwer. 5 n.m. nnlv. MEN at once 3 young men o7 good . , . . . cnaracier neai apis-ar.-.n.-n, rn-uj w.-. n. advancement it nuiililled. Rcf. Apply Frl, Bfter l a m, 315 W, B St. Rm. 512, . L-v l ,i.,.i i.i,.-' ,ilrt ipi..titinii- in 10, mm. MEN Learn new picture-typing in 12 oniv hour lessons. Glasses arter o::ni. i..a. nun PREP. SCHL , S1.1S. Hill. YA.77P7.t l MEN, fast selling new invention, OU1CK M lOPE e T fa TTr. .mnpiTa 1 inn a. MEN HOI to learn plastering. Call Moll. rues, only, n n.m w, iiinin m, MEN TO LEARN ELEC. APPLIANCE business, salary & comm. 81.50 S. Western MEN at once to work In exchange for di.nf1at.-v lOfto TP Vnrnnll MEN Win 103(1 Plvinotitli. sidl Goodyear ut.i4H. i.,,.l ...i ana a u,u Um. .inn MEN If you are not making $50 a week sen inrsei, ureo. ru , r lAir.n MEN (3,. 18 to 25 yrs. Travel. Salary. 410 W, W St. Rm, Ell. A-M. only MEN. get Will Rogers' Life here. Save ireigni, nciay. lop com. I -I. .v. .1. nm sn MEN. see ad Class 75. FREE trial Movie n..t..,i.. i r. - mm v. . . I iiiif-i iinii ii-nsiiiin. xi, ti, in, nriiinorn, i. ,.), " ii.. !....ti:...,i MEN i2l inecliamcally inclined, neat, good pay. p:;w siiarb I M on. 'jny .t w. 7 'lv MEN. (2) with car. Steady lob. Good pur. no inv. n7B4 rievcriy mv. a m. to pm PATTERM or cabinet makers 'wanted, 10. lor Immediate work. See Mr.- NetT Sat. and Sunday, January 11th and 12th. at (tie Kossiyo Hotel, pi I) and Main Sis PATTERN maker wanted with experience in wood and metal pat. Box w-170. Times PHONE men 12.1 must be top nolchers. emn deal, Top comm. ocn A I), H47.I, PLUMBINO jobber, first class, at once. lilm a en..,u v. t i"i" ,.ii..r.iiin ni., rmiiiu i iirinu.-iin. RADIO Salesmen Retail. Excellent on- poriunity oox -i07. Times REAL ESTATE saleeman with car, Beverly Hills. Apply 4"0 S, Fairfax before noon. SALES rngr.. dynamic exn., to develop Pso. toast, inter nat. flistrimiiion new pai. Prod., proven demnncl, mfged here. No invest. Rcf, c.-h. Gallagher, TR, IIO40 S A LESM AN with car (or Los Angeles territory, excellent opp, tor bustier, industrial paint bus. AAA1 National mfK. yne Mr IlllOUetln nt UoslVn Hotel SALESMEN tn secure locations (or marble machines.' NO SEIZING. NO INVESTMENT cn your part or merchants. 10:30 to 5:30 5030 E. 1ST ST. SALESMEN, 5, tnose accustomed catllnr on fleet owners, service Bias, ft refiners only apply, ph. Sta. Monica 230011 for appt, 1005 Snntu Monica, Sla, Monica SALESMEN Operate your own builnesB In co-operation won tne inrtett pnotn-graphlo concern In the Wcet. Call fol) Lnew's Slnle Bldg. SALESMAN. MANUFACTURER WANTS 2 MEN TO TALI, ON TRADE IN CITY. noon com( nnn w. slauson avf- SALES ft psychology teacher to teach class in utrect selling, Attractive proposition to rlsht man Annlv "510 W 7 St. SALESMAN, flue opportunity, lime cur. must oe niiin trnvei, nxnense guuratue (o right man, Box W-2HQ, Times. SALESMAN wsnle.l'wilh car tn cover Pa- clfle Coast... Well known toiletries At-(.nrtlvn opportunity Boy Y.505 Times SALESMAN. Hudson Terranlane demo A leds furnished sosn VTn.hlnrfon Ttfvd Sir..NO.. some comptometer: young Open t,uttit.iKATION PERSONNEL AGY, 277 ( hamher of Commerce Bldg. UNDERWOOD BKKPR.. youne .....Open X IIIl-AjlIHIflim ainr (lruin Consolidateil Agy., 215 W. 7 stj,. Rm. 032 ACCl. sale Personality , $150 Business Service Agcy.. 1031 S. Tldwav: BODY ft FKNDER MAN, OUT OF TOWN. Ken Clarke's Arr., 425 Venice Blvd. sr4. Ae;t..lax ft C.P.A. exp. .. Open F. S. Beavls Agv.. 322 Chanmim Bide- ASSIST., bkpr., heavy detail, young, open. Buainesa Registry. 609 S. Grand. Agy. Employment Agencies Miscellaneous 118 2ND cook. $100, R.B. 2nd cook. out. local. Kitchen help. FRY AGY.. 411 W. 7. Employment Preparation 119 Throngh Instruction ACCOUNTANCY, home study, easy terms. cAe. ALJ'E EXTENSION UNIVERSITY UAKTENdInU- taught, part tims tubs "I"" e nriiinr., i:jia vr-rmont. ARTISTS, illustrators, fashionitts t amateurs. 1 See ad Clnssiflention 30 this naner CAFE and cabaret. Only one lu town, oion-ey maker, will rent or tell, together or separately. 4.1 I,. Main. Ventura $10,000 INTEREST AVAILABLE In old established concern distributing ft marketing a universal necessity. Change to better location, additional buildings and equipment necessitates this oiler, Excellent past and present record. In crease in business assured by present mar ket conditions. Write Box Y-122. Times OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME On gTeat Ventura Blvd. near Sherman Oaks. Completely fitted, going road house it lunch room. Rent only $:15 mo., long base. A nionev maker. Emergency tale pn.-o $1250 ca-h. HKmP'toad 75S, MUST BE SOLD TODAY Finest drive-in malted milk ft- sandwich tbup, teatt SHI. If you have $3500 ft want something out of the ordinary, across Bireet lrnm college with 4000 students, address Bok Mo, Times, Pasadena. Other interests compel quick sale. LOCATE Huuliiikiiiu Dr Sau Marmo. New store hidgs P.O. Box 4. San Marino. SMALL going UMnea. young man s opportunity. Reasonable. Phone OR 11737. LAtk. luuul.. sell trade. Est. 12 yrs. Seals no. Ftxts. $5000. H cash. Box T-10, Times CAKE ft maliogany BAR iix., all, set up. ca'. meai tor couple. 40,1 y. western. CAi-E. HOLLYWOOD. RENT S-5. REFKlG GOOD LOC. $150 required. 1004 W. it. CAfcH. reai'baig.. solend. loc.. cointtl. eomo low overhil.. est., cash only. 77H Valencia CAFE ft dance hall, est. 7 yrs. Owner tick mut sell, H532 Long Beach Blvdj CAiE ft beer, close in, lully equip., wuls A'), t an price ?-no. 7114 w. ;ird St. CANDY' mlg. bus, $500. Mostly wnoiesale Splendid opportunity. Box W-135, Times CHEMICAL migr. needs 5 to $20,000 for expansion. No brokers. Box W-221. Times CIGAR Bid., bank bldg. Kt,. $15. Lse. No mgnis. ji s good, goiug Una week. $270 .'wner. j": vy, 'z ijiuAiv it newstaiid, 2.a. Be your uwu nosa, K"nt lll, 71 It V. Nth. CON'tfcC., sweet shop, in theater bldg Good paying bus. 1025 Sunset, after 12 DAIRY, retail, sub. town, 00 tows, finest of equipment ft making money. Disawree- mom causes sate, ee Owner, 017 W. H DENTAL office, estahlishe.1. equipped, excellent location. completely PA. SS37 DliRJB. Sumethlliu new niuii.r th koi. Patented novelty, instant sales appeal for omce or nome. nominal mv. WH. 2570 DRUG, sundries. 12.umn fountain. beauty cor,, you are invited to watch the ous. triced reas. ( owper, 1010 W. I'ico DRESS SHOP. WASH DRESSES, lingerie. no-e, dresmaking. ion N. Ave, 6N, DRESS SHOP. ESTABLISHED BUSINESS to w. H ST. SACRIFICE. MUST SELL DRUG store, exclusive RX ntiarmacv downtown office bldg. flo Drs, MU. 7S0O DRUG. $120 a day. 4' rein. No honor Terms. DUTTON. (WO S. Vermont. FI.20O0 DRUG store. $100 day. owner has otlii-r mis, liiir sac. Terms, 303 S. Vermont. EXECUTIVE SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZER rtIB L A. ft SOl'TH. CALIF. Ml. 5400 FURNITURE store, stock A business, sec- onn nano, 777 t oniplon ave,. L A GARAGES. 2, downtown, going bus., make oner. owniT. 207 S. Hill, HSU Francisco GARAGE, shop equip., storage 30 cars, nrina AA'l t- I) J -I f, -ix.j iJt tn ifnn .., . mi iiuaie GARAGE. $8011 down. Storage pays $175 a. Hive rent, wauaee, 717 y, jigueroa. GARAGE, net $203. Equip., stock exceeds t'n.. 01 Tmi toiai. 7411 s, Figneroa GAS ST A, BUYERS FINANCE. Your deal or iiurw. too vv. ;.1K1J M'.. KM. ,11 GAS tta. 4 y pumps, gar., tire rack, a- rm. nsc. 140 & mv. 1440 rj. ytanson GAS STA. Sells 11.S33 gas. FOR LEASE y rein, j ui inu r. 410 w. k. Km. in4 GAS Station. 6 Dumps, and Lunch Room Beer 4 Wines, Mojave district, telling neany iuv.uuu gals. gat. Beaut, equipt, . Big money maker, Harg. Turner, 1.27 , 9 iAS STATTOW l-no tSKV Completely equipped gasolmo eervice sta- tion. hox T-iiii. Times, GAS eta. 4 pumps, hoist. Old est. cor., good bu. Leaving city. Small inv., auto or trailer in trade. w. Jefferson. GAS. eta. 3 nuinos. 200 i?u1. .1;, Hnck i 5-.vr. lease. $20 mo. $300, 120 ft Avalon, GAS STA. for lease, gallonaire basis. 4030 r-. AiriliVlj l.. AN. 5141. GAS STA, 4 pumps ft gar., doing uooo tno. Rent & invoice only. Own, 3327 W. Pico. GAS station ft garage for rent or lease, j.h.i per mo. owner. Wyoming 234ft. GAS. station. Makes $100 per nio. Livnu Quarters, Keaaonati'e, owner, PA. 45SH GROC. good loc neighborhood, cash bus owner sacrifice. 43O0 S, Uroadwav. GR(M'ERY. good est. business, cheap rent . iincr mis, j,q oroKers. MI42 S. Hoover GROC. stock & fixt. Rent $20. Living qunrters. PrlT $S50. 423 W. Vernon. GROCERY, JS500 mo. asn bus. Low over nean. rets stino mo. 551 S, Vermont. HARDWARE STORE. Approx. SjfoOO stock as nxiures. une locution. Total price -n . ni j.i icnigan eooo mmriTAi, city Making bir money. nwner in. paennco. Box Times liiWAY holel to lease turn. U0 mis. Fine proposi 1 1 on TU I'Ker 4570, IMPORT BUSINESS Well estab. Need additional capita for rAuansion. i,asn op eoi hi-ji .,imhi mm. iouini. eor aunt, can ph. k:ihi JEWELRY store, all 1 man cuu do. Good nn-. i..,irg. ior rain. liiiuit s .Main st f-ADY. handle ollice detail national mlg. ... in. esmieni, sec, viv n 1 1 st liAUNDRY, sell or lease. Fuliv equiu. Y.ii turn, bus. 426 S Spring. Rm. 201. LIQUOR Store in Bev. estab. over 2 yrs.. nign class trade, fixtures ft bus. at sac. Stock at invoice 5Mfl W 7lh Km Kit L1QUOK store, next lge. theater, doing big bus $750. terms & trial. good reas. for selling. Real onpor J2'J w, 7 ST. LJUUOR store, well stocked, excellent loo.. booh ous. now, lmg N. Vermont. XO.StiQ4 LUNCH. U5 leuiuied. Good SIS S2o day me. beats 18. $25 tent. 1732 W. 7th st. LUNCH counter equipment couinlele, lu LUNCH eland. Good trade. Equipped. No n.t-m vix.av, -Mju vuiorailo Hlv.l, MAN or woman to take 4 Int. ft act as uus. manager ior successful estab., telephone promotion. Pacilic Coast territory. Deal endorsed by American Legion. $2511 req. Write 5357 Dockweiler St. I A VltlT A ( Tl -T.' I V.T If reliable and able to invest $5000. we sorely will make you an interesting proposition. Something permanent and reallv big returns. The co-operation being extended us by several ol the nation' largest industries as far east at New York City necessitates immediate, expansion. Lei s talk it over. Give phono number. No brokers. Box W-lri, Times, MEAT market. V, int. Money maker, tail c, Abrens, 215 W. 7th st. Rnt. 801. MARINER, Cafe. Lady or Gentleman. Guar, salary & M profits. Cocktail lounge steak Sc dinner house, seating 225. lnves. . tigate. A to Z, Refs. exch. 1105 W. 7. lAK i'NKll lor bus. that will prosper. i.ittie money req, WH, 1314, YO. 2575, 'ARTNER Inc. stone quarry, $1000, jraic . .i.nn-tr, reis, exen, nox i on, l imes. j.'va. xains, new. Prepai-e. Free Hil Western Coaching. 821 Chsnmsn Bldtr. 1MS11 IpN to tun your personality. Sec my ad. CI. 75. V. t. MacKay. 012 S, Fig. GUARANTEED PEUMAVFVT 15 PARAMOUNT, 730 S BROADWAY. RETIRED ClVlL SERV'Ick EXAMINER. ( oacblng $5 Any course. 028 N. Hnhsrt, PMPL0YMENT0FFERED 120 COUPLE to manage ant.-houte. Must be r.'K" Jv'lt'. giving particulart. "-ic. I ours. POSITION lo suit your pe mv sd. CI. 75. F. T, MacKay. til 2 SFig. WHITE couple practical nurse, cook, houseman, driver, $75, Exposition 4038, BUSINESS Opportunities 125 ART shop $250 for oulek disposal. 3 tunny living rms, Rent $20 mo. 1200 W. 11 St. ASSIST., drive truck Frisco. Rcr haul. S'iiO mo. to reliable man. $S50 required. 1105 W 7T11 ST ASMST.. busy construction shop, able to iinve car.. A real luture for worker. Small iii.-os.mcn- requirejl. ipu w. 7TH ST. ASSOC. with $10.000-cash or real est. to Join me In purch, of 30(.acre nit. resort, est. SS yrs. $110,000 impr, 2!4 hr. L,A. t ... ... .Mii.nii, .1;. r.ioora ltd,. I'asanenn. Af-.ULlAifc. Ioo. seeured 1st mlg. lo increasi. production. Earn $50 monthly; also Job furnished, good wages, if de-sirrU Box T-4H, Times ASSOC. wanted won tioo to $1200 Invest-ed can now ttnrt splendid permanent husl-ness In your own neighborhood or home town, this should rv from $400 to $000 per mo. Call Wm. V. Blake. 1007 Mission St,, So. Vassiient, I.,.A. Phone BL. 728SO, ASSOCIATE foroii of best going bus. in Plato. Thit it a bona lldt deal. It you want a real Proportion this Is vour chance. Will stand rigid Investigation, Nominal Investment. 305 S. Wc.trrn ave ASSO. for est. bus. $150 mo, ft C of nrof- lis. nnmtnHt inv. no-day trial to tee If both suiti-d S'!8 j VERMONT. ASSOOIATK with $12,000 for I.uil,. Ing business n Beverly Kills, Money fullv ecured. Cull OX. 01 00 bet, 10-12 ft m. charge oliur. Salary & profits, $ 100 req. 420 N, Vermont, ASStH;, active witb lumber knniedge, vol nu., nig nren's. mv, -f.'inno p;; g s h 4 ft ee C A M P ft cste lesse, cabint nlr-msnt V. Ttiwav. 3327 W, Pico, PARTNER. GOING DOWNTOWN LUNCil- "" ill ENLARGE. 225 W. 3RP. rui,i.iiii mat., good est. bus. Owner must sac, sicKness. mioa oompton, 1,A. B034. PRINT shop, est. but., 2 niatliiues. 2 ,.r.-!. piaiu, goon me. nrtfj paeine niv BUSINESS Opportunities 127 WANTED Capital to Invest $500 CASH. $1000 veteran bonns. serv-n-es. So. Cal. experience technical. Knows flowers, bulbs, also nieate,. groceries. Protestant. A-F. ft AJif. 38. single. Ref. Dclailt first letter. J. V. Pohiman, 23211 .Moaner St., lialiiniore. Mil, TO SECURE CAPITAL Havs you a meritorlbue enterprise & ueed capital? Consult us. National Corp. Service. Inc. 630 W. tjth. Km. 417 WILL make mouerate investment lo ac-ouire working interest in sound bus., have tuceesaiul merehanilisin brokers. Box W.215. Times. PROTECT YOUR BACKERS 1 if your project merits financing aee Reinhardt ft Co, 5225 WHhire Blvd. WH, tiKOO. . GAS STATION WANTED I-easo on fully equipped gasoline Bervicc station. Box Y-203. Times. iiiioo OR mure available tur good deal. What have yon, 742 S. Hill. Rm. 1118. MORE cash lor your grocery, hardware, GENERAL MDSE. STOCK, Ml. SS74. ACTION will sell your bus. or interest in 6 days. Cash buyers. Phone DR. OliSO. PRIVATE party will buy your mdse., busi- ncss or equipment, nox 1-4S, Times. CLEANING plant. eniatU vicinity Lot An gfies, nox Y-oS. Times, M0N EY TO LOAN 140 BEFORE BORROWING VISIT KELLEY KAR QUICK CASH MONEY IN 5 MLNCTES 90 DAYS BEFORE 1ST PAYMENT LONG AS 2 YRS. TO PAY A DIRECT DEAL - ARHANGEP We Carry All Contracts EUMINATINO FINANCE CO. & C0LLECTT0S ANNOYANCES NO NO COSIGNERS INVESTIGATIONS PERSONAL Confidential & Courteous SERVICE Compare Our Rates KELLEY KAR CO. EST, SO YRS. 1225 8, FIGTJEROA. PH. 1223. OPES EVE. & SUNDAY." 11 I.M. I ! CASH I ! Finance WILL ARRANGE A LOAN ON YOUR OA ft OR FOH StTIIP-B! WHETHER PAID FOR OR NOT GIVE YOU YOUR CASH IMMEDIATI $25 TO $21 ATEXY First Payment and Those. Following Aranged lo Your Satisfaction. 18 MONTHS TO REPAY "SAFE WHEN TOO BORROW" Dependable. Confidential. Courteont .UHl-AKK OUR. BATES isoo irioaecs ZSJJO 8. FIGUEROA - "PR. 4164 ,,- - BRANCHES 1213 8. FIGUEROA. PR. 2305 1481 N, Vine St. ....... .GR. 2141 HUNTINGTON! PARK Slauson ft Santa Fe. KT, 4164 GI.FNTIAT-B. 305 S. Brand. Douglas 1831 erOM. S4H5 JEAL ESTATE LOANS 150 36.69 Per 1000S7.17 MONTTTLY PAYMTNT' IN.rDISS LNIEREST AND PKINClPAl,. 5 . . . 20 YEARS ... 6 Cerstmetton er Reflnanee. COURTESY TO EitOH-LiU. THOMAS MORTGAGE COMPANY 810 S. SPRING. VA. 6171 Prnderitial Ins. Losrt Corre--oortdnt. oVs Q7o Long Term LIFE INSURANCE LOANS Courtesy to Brokers. Prompt Service. WE MAKE F.H.A. LOANS Beverly Hills Sec. Corp. 453 N Rnden Drive. (Kiverlv Hills. Phones Woodbury b'2103 oiforo 7o3 In Glendale phone Douglas lows. Syndicate Mortgage Co, oners unree. Five. Ten. Twelve and Fifteen Tear Amortized JOans KO APPRAISAL or ESCROW FEES Residential ft Income Properties. LOW INTEREST. QUICK SERVICE. FAIR APPRAISALS Brokerage. Refinance a. Cont, Z. COURTESY TO BROKER j 304 'ssociated Really Bidg. VA, 5384 5-4 ft 6 RES , Bus. Prop. Com. 1 ju. u. inci-ormacK, .ngr. r.A. Kill.. ii. vi vtiisnire tilvd. Km. 2"0. LOANS made wiihin i hrs. privau- money, any amt low int. King. o.. 7412 6i PRIVATE MONEY 7- Patrick. 1010 W. 42 St. CE. 25154. PRIVATE MONEY 7 ;. Rose. 1148 W.Santa Barbara ave.UN.2553 O'.-i. SoOO TO $5000. private, one lo 6 yrs, Free npprawal. K ELLA MS, NO B723, MORTGAGES. Trust Decs 15 ' For Saie. Wanted Cl.-llll TP A Yd COS. Kin ln,1 Kef. r.a-,,, 5-rm. It 45x150,1200 W.'g,') Pt.PL.678: WE Pay Cash tor 'I'.D.'B aetaulted or not. No appraisal fee. Quick action. Bai nancy to,, wn s, western. DK ftl'H. 1'KIV. party will buy for cash 1st T.D. b. A.arge or smau, io escrow req. lut, lie N, Brand. Glendale. OM. 34322. Do, 822 SMALL first ft 2nd T.D.'s made ft bought. n. Builder s short tm. oans. OR. 8215 PRIVATE party nays cash lor 1st Trust A-eous. r., nn, ui WILL buy your business, machinery, fix lures or snrpins merchandise, mi. 8005, CALL JE. 8178 li you want cash tor inchy mocks, eqpt.. etc. J4i4 yanta Fe. OUR HUSINES IS SELLING YOURS RATTRAY, 504 HOLLINGS WORTH Bldr. WILL invest to $1800 Ior going manulae- turuu tiusmcss, Hox w-:ti.t. Times. CASH at once for Merchandise. Stock or nxiuri-a, U3I s l.a, si. PR. )Q30. OUR llUSINKSS IS SELLING VOIIUS RATTRAY. 504 HOLLINGS WORTH Bldr WANTED cafe-lar. well equipt. Musi be good snot, have fsono-y junto, VA. 2270 WANTED, smail paying business, not over l;oo. Details. Hox w-47, Times. CINANCING. Stocks. Bonds 128 " Securities, Investments CASH for Unlisted Stocke and Bonds. P. E, Harris Co., (150 S. Spring. TR. 3203. U0TEL APARTMENT 11 and Income Leases 129 HOTEL. 0 ROOMS FURNISHED LEASE, modern, small ile posit required. Rare opportunity, other bargains. See J. BRUCE GODDARD or ASSOCIATES. S21 W 8 St, GET in the swim Business was never bet ter. I ttill have tome good buva aptt. ft noteis, iiurry. faoddard. 821 w, sth st 42-RM. apt., rem $100, $1700. 30 rm. $1200. 34-rm. hotel, $1600. 10 rm $S0(l 48 rm,. $1250. 13 rm,. stino. Old S, Fig 3a ROOMS. Tile, retnceration. Rent $1 pr. $2000. 11 rms. $400. Tms. 1130 W, 7 E. W. CAS0N. Hotel Broker. MU. 0020 oi; Kowan riidr.. bin & spnnr Ms FURNISHED lease. 25 units tile feature. refrig. Want good tenant. fiS2 S.AIvarado 30 UNITS. Rent $175. Close in. Nets $250 Good furn. PH ran to SELL. 410 W Olh ITlTEL, 40 Hint. 75 liatlis. ilciit $200 w est lake diftnct. Moneymaker, 410 w . H, HAMMOND ft Winshin. Hotel lea'es, 75fi S. Funiemn. TU. & apt. 4,B4 EASY TERMS. 12 ROOMS ft AITS. $30. RENT LEASE INC. $00. 724 CROCKER 1H-K.M. W'lake. rent S35. inc. $150. Nets $100 mo, ft home. Owner, sac, 5818 W,7 hotel, (;t rms. id ballis. Kent $200. Ine SHOO. $3000 rrn. 410 W. S. Rm. 1104. 45 ROOMS, rent $100. Lea-o 3 years. Real inc. wnKe oner tias w wth st. 34-RM. 5-year lcae. Very low rent. $2000 terms. Owner. (i03 S, Figueroa. TR.6235 yo-RM. cor. hotel. 100r- balh. 5-yr. lease y..ntii req, iiit:t . ns-nerna, TK. 02.15, WE havo 2 large apt.-houses to lease, turn. Gnoa loc, 5324 w. 8 st. 48 RMS., nr. Westlnke. Refng. Rent $200. investigate this. 7Q7 S. BONNIE BRAE DOWNTOWN transient hotel. 21) rms. Cue business ft cheap. VA. 5888. 13 RMS. nr Wcstluke. liue turn." gar., good inc.. sac, cash. TW s oaths, . 5.107. A unu.s, sgis,, uiceiy turn., close lu. ; yr. icMwe. -m-.;.-.. thu price. 4111 w. lHh 5 RMS. RENT ONLY 20, INCOME $12i'. KE MI.N AIU.E TERMS. 1537 Wr. 4) ST 2 RMS., 3 baths, al Wcstluke, Same own- er v yrs, y4iio dn snil. bal, 1732 W. 7 HOTEL. 53 rms.. 15 baths. Rent $20O fuuu. iiice rignt. 410 w. . Km. 1104. Rooming-house Leases 130 17 RMS. Home-Income $12tl. Rent $30. rice uo. lerms. be. bjoi. Income Leases Wanted 131 Wfl.L lease or buy 100-rin. well furnished hotel with dining room. L.A. or vicinity. successful operator, not a broker, JElda M. Edirk, 323 H N, Vermont. 0'i AND MINING 132 TROMMEL screen mounted on truck chatt els (reu lob, 1 band e 25 to 30 yds. an nr.. wet or dry. Priced to sell. 1 stamp mm. ton cap. i trixsiey ez tecaer. no- ... -101 nt, LW..JVI , .1,1111 J'lUITI 3300 E. Slauson JE. U121. U to 4. Call Steve. JE 20o2, eve. or Sun. OPPORTliNITi Life ineoms $300 mo. 5,000,000 yards placer E.M, reports high values financing arranged for, liberal interest for $1000 to incorporate wih. HSS Shatto PI. Ant. 30 WILL Hume's new mill ior uiines having BUIIlcient ore available lor milling. AL- nany P'::i4, 'MODUC1NG. profitable gold mine. Mill ft elc. Need $4200 to increase production. Attractive proposition.' oox i-"n;iT Times PARTNER tor oil well drilling, L.A. Basin midst 01 nrodiictton. Box v-lio, Times NKUll CAPITAL Consult Nutioiml L.nrn service, inc.. linoin 417, 0,10 w, pin. OIL roynltv, aver. $120 per mo past " vrs. Sac, it onlv" Box W-P7. Times PRIVATE parly will buy jour nnlse., bus" i.-sa or equipment. Hox v-107. Times PUBLIC nikt. to suli-lcuse. loealtii near i;.-an:i-, .... leases now wun concessions. "nil 1 rcsponsinio party. NO, 5510, RADIO & swan shop. Finest lu town. Mutt .. sa.-rifl.-e- NOW. Box Y-34, Times. REAL Estate office, signs ft furn,, on Ver mnn-. siim, t.ot rent yo hio, VE. 3102, REST. diet, home, clinic. Fail. liJ. $700 lo '.'"" nio. v,i7 wacnolia, Long Beach. RESTAURANT vegetable route. Doing mum nusiness. tteiis. 1 1 08 E, 18 St RE TAIL ico cream plant, malt ami sandwich shop, good business for family. Bargain. Box Y-2R5. Times, RIDING ACADEMY. N'O I'TH 111 11 I V w 1 11 1. Money maker, horses ft equipment, $2250 vorin, 4WMI I.os Fells, OI 0(171 SANITARIUM. All or part Interest. Ettart- nsneo. uuiy licensed, large rest home, (Mental cases.) Price attractive. P.O. n.ix 0.1, t.os Aianmos, i nt SERVIt'E men for chum of itimrv ato.-.. no selling, rkrmanent Average $40 week 5375 req. See, ret, 1037 Venice Hlvd, SHOE store, clean stock ft nxliircs. $1500 Reas. rent, 4425 S. Western sve.- SiAllONEKY business; rare onuiirtuiiit.v to buv long established society ft; com 'mercial business. Wonderful modern stock, fine location, excellent reputation, rlne seasons ahead. Sacrifice, cash only. No agents. Box T-13. Times. TEA ROOM, seals 28. rent $40, Inci. room & balh CLEARS $4R WE'FK, Prt- ceq 10 neji, CIIWUER. 10)0 W. PICO St. SAFETY, 10'A. ft return in 1 yr, old i.. concern wanla $12,500 limn, will assign sc-urlty worth Biibttantlslly S40-(MXt. $22,000 live wkly. a.-cts. S8OO0 machinery, etc. Owner. Bov S-1 13. Time.. THE exclusive Black Teiit lints Slioo at Palm Sprintt for sale $4000 cash. See Howard R.iv. owner, Palm Snrlprs YOUNG man, able t() type, to immune tnrf information office. $230 Cash req.. rrturnabliv MA. (141(1 A If EW men ft a tew thousand dollars lor one C S aonadeit manufacturing Indus-tries Write p.p. Box 5207. Los Angeles WHITE elephant shop, 5203 York Blvd., selling complete stock art oblects A giflt. old ft pew, nc f,.r cash, fall A M 6l'PoK"lUNnY in brandy tlittillerv. Kee.l money for production 45's, See me at di.ttlfery. B!7 E 3)iT ST S0O A. LEASED. Fine geological reiiort. 1087 (erritos. Long lieach H.I8-:tno. 3 CLAIMS 100 It. from producing mine saerince lor $500. mo. i;oih. NEY TO LOAN 140 DALTON'S Loans arranged on automobile, furniture and truckt. Branch at 1813 9. Finiercia Open eromngi until 9. ' Locations: Ninth ft Firrtieroa Ml. B305 1813 S. Figueroa PR. 01105 7100 Hollywood Blvd. HE, 4118 104 W, Colorado, rasadena Ter. 4074 8th ft American. Long Beach 608-428 10th 1 ft Broadway. Sao Diego F-7131 Seaboard Finance Co, QUICKLY ARRANGES Auto and Furn. Loans All .payment date arranged to your satisfaction. NO EMBARRASSING IN VEstlOATTON. I'llO S, FLOWER. VA. (1711 400 S IIU Ml fllenrinle Hnnr :!-" 12(13 AMERICAN, Long Beach, 63H3O0 v 2514 S. FIGUKROA, mi n, I IA. 0711 GL. B303 S. A. AUTO & FURNITURE . LOANS QUICKLY AaRANC.En Main ottlee, Washington ft Figueroa. rnone fKo-pect eii7i. A I TO LOANS METROIDLrTA N WAY" . IS llllv MAKE WAY !!4:t2 S riGI'FKOA ST, LOANS ON STOCKS. BONDS. AUTOS A Other Real ft Personal Properly at ill AUTOBANK offlee. or 1000 SO, GRAND PR P3f1 ARRANGE loans Inter or older cars, also truck and furniture. Smith Finance. 12"0 S Hmitdwrtv. PR 2'.'sl FUANITURE. AUTO ft SALARY LOANS ARRANGED BY O S DONALDSON 212 S, FlfiUE TtOA, PKoscct, 8371 MITCHELL'S AUTO ft FURN. LOANS. Hot W Wrflrnrfon, eor. T'c-uerci LOANS nn Alltns A turn nuiH In , nnt Auto Loan Co., 819 S. Figueroa, Free Dark Debt Adjustments ARE you in debt t Our man navs hill. ilk. out borrowing. 81B GarQeld Bldg. 8 ft Hill On Diamonds & Jewelry 142 A. B. Colin & Biro.- Established Over 60 Years Diamond Jewelry Loans Money available immediately Loans tn any amount No Loan too largo Low-est Kates No co-signers Free apprais- ih mduo uii premises nans vault protection Special women't dept. Ail busi uest coniiqenuai. 411 W. 7th St. TKTRD FLOOR N.W, CORNER HTT.t, ST. WE LOAM THE MOST LOWEST RATES Diamonds & Jewelry Provident Loan Assn. 706 SOUTH HILL Entire Second Floor Over Owl Drug Store LIBERAL LOANS DIAMONDS. JEWELRY, SILVER. FURS ruiwwsi, rawtnii Repay monthly if desired. Courteous Private. ConfldentiaL Lowest rates. Estab. . 1803. Ladies' Department. MARKWELL & CO. 707 S. Hill. 6th floor. TC. 0301. uu iuu sttii alONH UblCKLY ( No naiuiiK. i.auies sua ijenuemen may bor- ui. niiiiicj on uiamoiids and anvthliit m jeweu-y, nixneet tppraisals at lega fate No other charge. Upstairs. Rra ojii naas ping, entrance 21 W 7th St DIAMOND AND JEWELRY LOANS - UUU1M A! S ' SUITE 210. 707 8. BROADWAY Furniture Loans 113 NO embarrassment, no delay. Can cm vn nan com, jir. suiart, w in call. OR. fifll 7 o0 1U ouoo. Giami piano, turn, to aiu ... i''.,v. n., n. uhiios. wtj fi441. PAY ALL BILLS WITH ONE LOAN Mrs. Brush, 1070 N. Vine. HE. 1104. Salary Loans 144 THE City Loan Company it established to arrange loans lor butlneas executives, bank employees, cashiers. efBeienov ex- Perls, geoeral office help and. in fact, any man or woman employed on salary We obtain a loan for you from S10 to $200 and can arrange repayment under our popular Budget plan one to ten months hi u anDf 'or a loan, the money os reany wnen you can. CITY LOAN CO., MI. 6059 W. OLSON MANAGER 411 Pershing Sonare Bldg.. 44S S. Hill st PHONE FOR A LOAN ' TRInltr,6301 S1n (a .-nn mirf-trrv umiunsn Y0CR SIGN ATJJRE ONLY U Confiden'tial ) ..norir.m uma i,u.. 4'i:j w. 8th ACt, Salary Loan Co. $16 to $300 signature only. 815 S Hil . Rm. 810. MONEY ON YOi:. SW3V atituv nvi v oianuarq iirokerage, 704 8. Spnng,Rm,702 lo TO $100. Your signature only oi. .-T.nvivr.. nm. ivt 607 B LOY Hill LOANS made at time you apply. Salan people, o:;;t s. Hill. Rm. 400. TU. 0277 10NEY 0UICK. sis ft UP saI, proni ? Sift, only., confident. 63(i 8. Hill. Rm. 355 jEAL ESTATE LOANS 150 LONG TERM LOANS 5 5- 6 CONSTRUCTION OR REFINANCE Homes, Apts, ft Business Properties. Western Service Corp. PROMPT SERVICE California Loan Correspondent Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. 628 S. SPRING ST. MI. 3231. .. Ol KTES I TO BROKERS YOUR LOAN NEEDS CAM H K M S.T at low interest cost bv una of mis nlan. Residential, Construction or Refinance, 6 in years amortized or 3 years straight at 6H and S. F.H.A. loans up to 20 years and 80 of value. Also long terms, most favorable rates for centrally located business property. THE JOHN M. C. MARBLE COMPANY BOO SOUTH GRAND. TR. 3770. 5 AND 5t2 LONG TERM LOANS NO APPRAISAL FEE Owner's homes, apartments ft but. prop, WINTFR tvvt-sTvvv-r m 811 Pae. Nail. Bldg,. 315 W. 0. TR. 3071 . on-esnnnnent jvew yorn l.tTe Ins, Co. J ,0 Construction Loans Pulliam Mortgage Co. 433 SO, SPRTNO ST. MAdison 2504. LOANSON SMALL HOMES. VACAN1 LOTS AND OTHER PROPERTY Monthly payments. Money In 48 hour. At all AUTOBANK offices or WASHINGTON ft FIGUEROA, PR 0720 nmrTf T.OT.- a TV wnwrw Interest as low as 6, also buy T.D.'t consider any property or district. FREE, Ql-rcK AI-PRAISAL. P. Y, Davcy, 44Q i. llovle, AN, 5110. UMON CENTRAL LIFE INS. CO Resdienllnl loans, low interest. Toralln, W. I. HOf.l.ivoswoHTii Ar ro 1T, 3111, Realtors, 00(1 S, Mill. $32,000, ONE loun or divide. Pieter apis aiso jfioiiu to SDooo lor nomes. 6 FOR CHOICE SECUKIT V . MOYER. 412 Rnwim Bldg MP 85ti5 HORUI BIO W BTH ST LOCAL MONEY LITTLE IMPROVED OR BUILDING LOANS nuvs i.i VA 3134 5 LOANS PLACED WITH 6 PENN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. Rivriorit r iiavt v B15 W 6tb, Ph. Mlchi r n 0778, WEST ft South. Chuck action. Low rates R, 3: Ton. 4112(1 S Vermont L. 470. MONriY FOR EA RM FINANCING jyjONEY WANTED 152 $1000. 20 ACRES all in cultivation near Artcsia. Value $8000. Mover. MU, R5U5 $1000, 7. good ri-room house. Rents i);ioo yr. value $2250. Mover. MU,s,-)iia $10007. 2 stares, corner lot. Income soo mo. central ave.. nr. Vernon. PA 447 $2000 1ST T.D 3 yrs.. 7 otlv. On W. 42nd oH Figueroa. 6-rm. bung tar. VaL ?40i"i. principals only. TU. 4515. S3O00, ESTAB. bus. by young woman for nn. Packing, collateral. Box 1 -,l.i. limes $3800 CONST. LOAN ON 7 RM. 1000 sq. ft. stucco 78 St. nr. 5th ave. TW. 8520 $5000 BEAUTIFUL 2-storv home on Har yard Tilvd, at Wihhire. Mo.ver. MC.8505 SiofiOO FIRST trust deed brand new duplex owner occupied at 2035 Talmadg st. in excellent rental districL Call R. W i a.pcrs. bI.anoh.ard 72.110. 5.-,llll l.ARGF. l.fimilr flal li.- HilU E!ec. refrig.. colored tile baths. GR. 3540 S50O0. Pay-T'i. Give 1st on 3 cor. pai-celt. 10 rental stucco, inc. $171. LA. 4245 SSOOo 1ST loan on apt. property. 30 reu tais. income -f,i70. nox N-4, Times $10,000, BEAUTIFUL Wilshire home, large Kclls ft Grant. 047 S. Western. TT. 4121 $11,000 ON $40,000 HnliywoiKl apt. In come S550 month. 6A amort)7ed loan Priv. money, no agents. Box W-2QS,T:ms $15,000, Tt. 100 A. improved m.sterp ranch home. Value $53,000. 8000 Bart-leu pear trees, bal. in alfalfa. Plenty water, runner into, liox t-47, Tamfs Beverly Hills Income Want $13,600 at t&. Income $400 pgr montn. can Frank Brown. MI. 3.175 V ELL estab. urolessiolial man want SOOOO amortited loan, security 9-room home, heart Bey, Hills. TU.20rl2. CR 00f'3 WANT $2200. W ill pay 7. Owner t new s-oeur. stuc. n:07 s. Arlington, pl.578 I OS ANGELES HOUSES 165 4 For Sala Wilshlre and West 804 WESTCHESTER PL. Cost over $18,000. sac. $7930. 2 -story , Spanish, 3 licdrmt., 2 bath, library: lot noxi.lli, J. u. Darn. f)oen 1: 4. WH .ftnnti. ESTATE SETTLEMENT 1119 VICTORIA. Colonial bungalow. 6 rms. immediate liquidation. Home seek er s opportunity, vt't.y. i'K. is:i 625 N. VISTA. S45O0. on terms BERGER-BRK'KNER MORTGAGE CO. 433 S. SPRING ST. Ml 3075 DE LUXE HANCOCK PARK HOME. 124 S liunson Ave. BRAND NEW 12 rooms. 4 oaths LAACK ft WILLIAMS. FE. 3141 U-RM. stucco. 3 baths, in heautidil condi tion, oo it. jot. 1017 s. Arlington. Terms or ex, Key .'li s. i3 Hre.i. yorn 44'S $205 DN. Pr. $4200. bal. like rent. rmi., 3 Dedrms,. a baths. Nr. L.A. Hi gram. Open. 1214 Mnirfleld Rd, OR. (1007 OWNERS compelled sac. mod. home, $3850 J lge. bedrnis. a tile baths. Refrig, Tms See today. 2011 Chariton St. R0. 7570 COLONIAL 2-STORY. SS050. 220 S. ARDEN FLVD. 8 rms.. 4 bedrms GL. 2 1 St. 1314 S. CUKSON. $5250 CHARMING CLEAN. 8 bedims., sleeping pnr.-n. i;ahi;ai,n open 1-4. DO. '.'ill HANCOCK i'K, 2-etory Spanish. Like new 4 worms., ; tiiu too baths, U,, real Ttrepincc, .ear gar. For nppt. EX.I3S5 S5500 1 0. room nt i pi .r.-x FOR OU1CK SAI.F, ONLY s'son Irvrv I'ien-Robertsnn Dist. For nnrd. ITy.3727 CLEVER DESIGN, well located ret. H hlk Olympic, uariftay dist, a bedrms.. 2 bsths Make offer. Rand. FI. 0S17. OR, 3504 $7050 BUYS 4 bedrooms, den, 8H colored oains. atodern Miracle Mile district, near evervtning, 111:17 s, nnrnld. OH. li4 WESTLAKE house. 10 rms., good cond i.nt oox 100 sac. Edmond Couch, 7ZU S .iivarino. r k,, 0014. 1143 S LA JOI.T.A NEW BUNGALOW, owner terrifie saeri- nce. a mAi.Ti. i)i't:x. wy. VH75 350 CHARLESTON Way. 8 rms., 2-stv Like new. View Supreme. Only $5!iof) r.ony v. riein, i"i:ts. ia urea, OR. 12UI 022 S. HUDSON. 7-ROOM STUCCO in nown. nai mo, lncl. 6"3- Interest nio w. hth ST. To, 525;! 4!l.-" tM'llVV -.:,.. rt.-n, " J.liO rr.l.., -.n, puiniomg, nuai inruacp, nr. scnnoi. ivs Aivira, riidr,, 1H, (10H7. NEW MODEL HOME 1 $100 bCAVN! $30 mo. 2 bedrms., stucco, tile. 1 1 1 00 W. Pico, W.L.A. 35144. E. COR. 2ND ft WESTLAKE. 74il9A old 7-rm. hmi-e, $3500. Owner, WY. 210(1 $000. TERMS. C-rm. bung., 2 hedrms., snveriane tint. sunet. FI. 5742 9 RMS. 4 bedims. 14 bath. Lot (?5xl,10 yovoii. tms. (-.-411 8, Mannattan. RO270'. 458 N. KILKEA. 7 rui.. 3 bedrm.. lw baths, reeond, $5350, Open. OR. 8810. $3350, II RMS., 2 hedrms., reconditioned 1728 S. BEDFORD. Onen. OR KSIft LOOK at 1675 s! Stanley. Near Pico Brand ne-v 7-rm, home Lfttte cash down $3(175. 6 rms. like new. nr, Pico. Great sac Terms. 1514 Orange Dr. WH . 2310 $1700 DN. Bal. trms. 0125 Warner Dr. 4 nenrms, -j. nntns, $8atiQ, open II to 4 2001 WELLINGTON RD. To closo estate ii-rm. stucco fsiiiiu, open 1-5, pa. 0112, 0-HM. stueeo. Windsor I'lvit A IWi-i... ysoon. terms. Court, to brokers, MA 505(1 $31)60. BRAND new 5-rm. 2-beUrm. stucco Must Sell. 55118 W, Pico, OR. 0437. SEE 615 SO. NORTON. COLONIAL ' Howard ft Howard 3003 W. 0 FF.31KH 2255 W 24 st. H rooms. 4 bedrms Kim nist. r.asv terms. .Must ci. pa. ihpo. 3-IiEDKM bung., fine cond. thruout, 230 i, orainerey. t.nnrming gardens onen 1 ( WILL build & finance 100 on vour clear tot. r.vnns. juim crennaw. pa. i';ot:t v l,"r-,' 11 a Vvi h Uf: .a 1 v t 17 ' rt'"ii,.:.' Tsli.'rii. tms, 1 oti-i ri.i'oim View wo n"n . 10'. DOWN. 1: mo. 5-rm. stucco. $1750. M-rm. stucco. ,;T5n, 4,:t Rnherison nlv $5500. 154 S. Harvard. 3-bedrm 1H balh, U. heat, refrig.. 2-ear gar. Y'O. 2004. DECORATED in Tempo. 0 rms, 4 M1111. 1021 WELLINGTON RD. PA. 01 12. 5 ft fij';-, Ion term loans. I ( lass. 150. winter tnv, t o,, :iiri w, 11, TR, 3071. CHARMING 3-lietiroom bung. Nearly new 140 N, Vista st. Open, WY, 2P7!i, NR. BEVERLY A Hoover. $2500 n.,, '.'-story , home, mc bargain, WY 301 DOCTOR'S homo Sc olliee, $4300. 8-rm. hnmn bit. enr VT "flilfl OOO S Varmfmi FURN. $10,500. Unfiirii, $7500. Brand n-w 7-rm, span, wo trades, i:t;iw m, tsnttitdinr sfp Ah ri.ASs con PRIVATE money $25 UP to $5000 and buy T.l', . 3 an w. a st R. Bl!) MU. 3575 UONKSl tl's lii-na 1 e muney, oersonal scrv 10 -..n,inni. ti ;inii. t! 44ft, WE FINANCE. MuliEKMXE YOUR HOME :ino4 nHOOKI.VN AVE ANgelns 7101 MEFlNANt'E BUIH BUY A REPAIR Uuicii neiin.i HI 7 We.tern FK, 1375 1000 TO $10 000 Private money, low rato. O p 2,315 1 (if It, Ave PA 44 74 U' PHIVATK MllM.V. IIINm ki 11 IOANS lNDIVini'Al.S ONLY MU K173 STRAIGHT 3-yr. loan lo $6000. N. 01 West" Hamilton. ti4tm iik. 31 nn. PR1VAT15 8 ft tTs L A. homes. Loekhart ft Sons. 354 ?. Soring, VArdikc (I8',8, BUILD A HOME S14S5 COMPLETE Terms on rour lot or ours. Tlf. 2ST0. NEW COTTAGE. $1085.' 2 beilrooms. Hof- l.vwood hills, WHITER ITtTROYI HI, 2S.t;i $3875. 083 N Alexandria. 7 1 rms MR HARRIS 730 SO HI1.I. TR CARTHAY lint. H rmi. Eng. hinic Soor , qni- ... T- tM s. rairtax. tr. ou-c 440 NO. . MoCAUDE.N. $13,600. Anrmiin. mrnt. 110:13 w nen pivd, wo, ti:Tri $0760. 14-ROOM stucco duplex near Pico Scrantnn. Hi 54 S:int Mnniea OR S74.. i.1250. FULL pr. 6-rm, ttucco large 101 Near We. torn ave, 011 N Wilton P- 028 S NORTON 2-storv. A.hedrm S 28 S NORTON 2-"tory. A-tlrtn Sijmti Onlv M'i-.". Onen Mr T.ncas VY "t?- HEAtnFUL COLfiNIAt.r 7 Large rv.m. sacrtnee. x'.inn west z.trn sr. ym. f.i $3110 DOWN, Drm. bung., large lot, to fcalttres. Iii25 Stltyt, FI. I'M Additional ads under this bending w.ll be fnunil on nsxt page.

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