The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 1, 1934 · 13
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 13

Los Angeles, California
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Friday, June 1, 1934
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FRIDAY MORNING JUNE 1. lS3l.-.rPART M 13 English Studios Attempting to Lure Native British Film Players Back From Hollywood PARAMOUNT WILL HOLD f HENRY WILCOXON HERE Madge Evans and Her Friend Una Merkel, Leads in Same Picture; Lederer-Miss Hopkins Traded BY EDWIN 8CIIALLERT The English are on the trail of their players now. They want to get some of them back home. Forerunner of this move is an effort to lure Henry Wllcoxon back to Britain to play In "Lorna Doone. Basil Deane Is the one who has made the overtures, but Paramount Is not permitting him to accept. The reason Is that he has been cast In "Shoe the Wild Mare" with Frances Drake and Sir Quy Standing, and by the way there is a rumor afloat that Eriw&rd a. Robinson may appear in this picture. i MMixiimmii Hirin'tduck th blowi aimed at him. A iicr bi'iu" vu - : i -- - . , . . oermlt Madeleine Carroll to remain over here very long, and Charles Laughton Is to be called back there for a picture fairly soon. Also Maurice Chevalier la destined for a British engagement or two. He expect to leave for Europe on completing "The Merry Widow" about three weeks hence. GOOD FRIENDS TO PLAT IN SAME FILM "All Good Americana" will go Into) production with Madge Evan and Robert Young aa the Ifads. Alt that very good friend of Mlaa Evans, namely Una Merkel, with whom she baa aeveral time played In picture, will hae the second lead. They were In "Huddle." when they first met: "Beauty for Sale." "Broadway to Hollywood" and "Day of Reckoning." "All Good Americans" la by R. J-and Laura Perelman, and will be directed by Edwin L. Marin. Tho last picture which Miss Evans made was "The Show Off." Miss Merkel Is In "The Rear Car" and "The Merry Widow." LEDERER TRADED FOR MISS HOPKINS Trade about of players is Indicated In a deal by which Francis Ledrrer goes to Paramount to play In "Tho Pursuit of Happiness." R.-K.-O. has Miriam Hopkins for a picture, although It Is not yet settled which. There are about four stories under consideration by Pan-dro Berman for the star. Miss Hopkins has been working In "She Loves Me Not," with Blng Crosby. HELEN MENKEN, ROBINSON MAY DO "GOOD EARTH" It's a practical certainty now that there will be an American cast in "The Good Earth." Reports indicate the early arrival of . Helen Menken to take a test for the film, and it appears that Edward O. Robinson Is being considered. In fact, it's rather difficult right now to tell what Robinson will be playing in, he has been mentioned In connection with so many films sines It Is known that he has a little free time from Warner Brothers. "The Racket" is now a certainty for him, and he will play the role of the Police Chief who breaks up gangsterlng, Instead of his famous Scarsl part, which he did on the stage. The picture will be made for Columbia release, the scripting having been done by Gene Fowler, -with aid from Ben Hecht and ' Charles MacArthur. Howard Hawks is to direct. 'JUDGE PRIEST" CAST ASSEMBLED ' The cast for "Judge Priest." the Irvln Cobb picture, will be composed of the following: Brenda Fowler, in the lead; Anita Louise, Ber-ton Churchill. Rochelle Hudson, Tom Brown, Paul McAllister, David Landau, Grace Goodall, Hy Meyer, Louis Mason and Hattle McDaniels. Miss Fowler li Just making her second picture at Fox. She played In "The World Moves On." HALPERINS BUY THE STAR MAKER" ' Otto Kahn is the latest public figure who will be immortalized in celluloid. Unofficially, of course. For the reason that most of the film Companies have found it doubtful -tactics actually to mention real persons In connection with the scenarios they evolve. However, It Is "The Star Maker," by Irene D'Annelle, which has been ipurchased by the Halperln brothers. It deals with the fostering of the career of a young baritone by a famous sponsor of talent, a ruler In the opera and concert world. It's going to be a great chance for a young male singer, too. MENJOU TO SHOW . "THE HUMAN SIDE" Adolphe Menjou has been elected for the lead in "The Human Side," a play of interesting history. It was written by Christine Ames, and presented at the Spotlight Theater .on Hollywood Boulevard. It turned out to be quite popular, and earned its creator a movie contract. The picture will be produced by Universal, with Eddie Buzzell directing. It concerns itself with a '.woman who is married to a theatrical man, who wanders away from his home, because attracted by other women. world champion and his sparring partner try to hit Oakle. and he BOPS thraueh his usual routine of dodging the blow, with the result that tho two boxers knock each other out. The plsy was written by Lynn Root, wife of Wells Root, and Harry Clark. "BED ROCK" OFFERED AT SPOTLIGHT Stage Drama of Home Life Enacted by Enid Gray and Other Players BY KATHERINE T. VON BLON Another play of home life with a modern family of disorganized moods, swirling about a slightly bewildered little grandmother is "Bed Rock," by Ethel K. Lockwood, now running at the Spotlight The all. Despite little novelty in the plot and slightly passe wming, wio somehow maneges to hold Interest through the character drawing, which is excellent in a number of Instances. The situations, while not unusual In manner of unfoldment, are, however, all too familiar to this period, and, therefore, nnd an an swering heart tnroo irom an auui ence. The moral stamina of a decadent family Is brought up to a high standard, though not without passing through several trying, even tragic, circumstances. In this play It Is the middle-aged generation which suffers in comparison with the grandmother and her fine Idealism. The younger generation has evolved such straightforward ana absolute dictates In desperate efforts at clear thinking that a code of spiritual values Is set up This family, which had been at the "bed-rock" stage of existence, finds Its way back not only flnan dally but morally and spiritually through the return to the primitive urge of earth. Sanity and happiness are achieved as the result of the grandmother's determination to return to the farm. The stanch little old lady about which this torrent of life ebbed and flowed was enacted with tenderness and simplicity by Enid Gray. Dianne Crystal had a lovely warmth and a certain quality of intrigue which she utilized effectively. Augusta Anderson was well cast as the frivolous wife. Richard Pope played with straightforward style as the husband. Bob Bacon was engaging as the bewildered young son. Allen Dailey fulfilled the part of the lover creditably, others were John O'Mal-ley and Winona Bell. Miami Alvarez , Signs for Lead in Stage Play Miami Alvarez, stage leading woman seen here In "Among the Married," and more recently at the Pasadena Community Playhouse In "Camllle of Roaring Camp," was signed yesterday for the feminine lead In Robert Horner's play, "Sin cerely, Love," which will be seen at the Wllshire Ebell Theater, commencing Thursday. Miss Alvarez has been a stock star in New York, New Orleans. Memphis, San Diego and Montreal, appearing in "The Green Hat," "Rain," "Her Cardboard Lover," "Seventh Heaven" and other plays. In the films, she appeared most recently In "Good Dame" and "Nana." Singing Star Will Appear Mara Tchukleva, singing star, of the Chauve Souris, is to appear at Hollywood Concert Hall Monday evening, June 11, as the final event of the Glendower series. Mme. Tchukleva will be supported by a company of twenty dancers featuring George Fortunate. Tchukleva is a well-known film star in Europe. IRENE DUNNE TO PLAY "ROBERTA" LEAD The deal for "Roberta" often re ported, has been finally closed at K.-K.-O., and - Irene Dunne goes Into the feminine lead. The price paid for this piece of stage property Is considerable. One hears rumors of $65,000. Understanding is that the cast will be built up very strong: ly for this picture, which is expected to prove one of the big musicals of the coming season, with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire also mentioned for the production. , This Jerome Kern operetta was one of the most popular events dor Ing the past theatrical season In New York. .THE MILKY WAY" 'FOR JACK OAKIE . Another eastern show, "The Milky Way,' has been captured by Paramount, and will present Jack Oakle "The Milky Way" is a story about a chap who is afraid to fight, and LOUD SHORTS LOOMING Shorts having been accepted as reguatlon apparel by many women, it is possible that they will be made brighter in Paris. Whether to introduce brightly colored ones Is being discussed. While hikers are expected to stick to corduroy, khaki and grey flannel, It Is believed by some designers that brilliant hues and startling designs will appeal to beach loungers. POLITEST CAMEL DIES Chang, declared to be the politest camel in the world, has died at the zoo in London. He would take off his keeper's hat in the presence of women and offer his "hand" to be shaken by visitors. He never would tolerate the presence of a painter in his white coat or a workman In his shirt sieves. Death was due to overeating. BUT CAN HE MAKE THE BUTLER SMILE? Leslie Fenton. as Lord Byron In "Bitter Harvest." the drama now occupying the stage at Hollywood Playhouse, faces the acid Ust when he reads new poems to his faithful servant, portrayed by Damn Rudd. The production purports to tell some "inside" on Byron'a private life. ) U W " unburn mrmmml ill mil i rm m mi llin'li limilllli t Jwt5ywBMlt'T1B'lft?SSM I ' M Around and About in Hollywood BY READ KENDALL The matter of marriage is one's own private affair, In the opinion of Mona Barrle, Fox player. She made this exceedingly emphatic yesterday when an attempt was made to delve Into an apparently well-founded report that she had secretly wed. Paul Bolton, said to be from San Francisco, Is reported as the man In the case. Miss Barrle, when reached at her home, refused to either deny or affirm the rumor. "The time is not propitious," she said. There was no further explanation forthcoming from her except that "It is no body else's business but my own." And crash went the telephone receiver. Smart Bird Mike Is a bird described as a : greater hill myna. In India he Is said to be a sacred talking bird. Director Robert Z. Leonard secured Mike for a talking part In "The Green Hat," being made at M.-G.-M. Mike talked his head off outside the stage, but Leonard couldnt get him to say what he wanted him to In a scene with Herbert Marshall. Exasperated, Leonard virtually pleaded with Mike, when the bird yelled: "Scram, I'm the man from Cicero." A Secret Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard and Sir Guy Standing were amazed at Shirley Temple's ability to memorize lines. Even when they "cracked up" on their own lines the little S-year-old actress came up with the right cue. Shirley's mother explained the secret yesterday on the set of "Now and Forever." An hour before Shirley goes to bed she is given two readings of the following day's lines and then repeats them until she is perfect. Then she is -allowed to Dlav for half an hour before retiring. Next day she never misses a word. Ask any man who has directed her. And all this is somewhat nerve-wracking to the older players. Too Much Temperament Grace Moore's husband, Valentin Parera, has been assigned his first film role, but It's too much for her. This explains the plans she made yesterday for a trip to San Francisco with Doris Kenyon. Her husband, the Columbia studio star said, is as nervous as a prima donna and she wants to be away from home when he actually is at work. She'll Remain Neutral Often Dorothy Burgess has heard it Is better to keep one's nose out of the fights of a man and wife. Little did she realise this same warning applied to youngsters. While taking a stroll near her home in Hollywood Knolls, Miss Burgess came upon two youngsters indulging in a regular street fight. She sought . to be peacemaker and . then they turned on her and she scampered. Accident Even make-believe trains can be derailed. Vincent Duffy, dialogue director on "Caravan," found this out yesterday. He was sitting high atop a property box watching some scenes on the back lot at Movietone City when one of two coaches being used in depot scenes Jumped the rails. He was knocked from his perch, but was only slightly injured. Noah Beery and Loretta Young were not endangered. His Favorite Fruit Grapefruit hits Leon Errors fancy better than anything he knows. He likes 'em so much, he confided in friends yesterday, he has become owner of three different ranches in Southern California devoted entirely to the raising of this member of the citrus family. Errol devotes all his spare time to his ranch duties. Odd and Interesting Everybody wondered the identity of the stranger seen wih Nancy Carroll at the Beverly Bfown Derby .. . Mary Plckford dined at the same place with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lighton (Hope Lorlng) and Buddy Rogers also sat in . . Jean Harlow is to be guest of honor tomorrow night at the reopening of the Grand Hotel in Santa Monica and Neil Hamilton, Esther Ralston, Alan Mowbray, John Buckler, Anita Page, Jean Parker and Marian Marsh are among those who have reservations ..." V Marlene Dietrlck went to see Douglass Montgomery at the Pasadena Community Playhouse In Playboy of the Western World" and dined with him later at Marcels In Pasadena . . . Lyle Talbot plays an Indian role in The Dragon Murder Case" and he had to spend an hour under the shower to get his make-up off his face . , . .Picture dates may cause Fay Wray to postpone that Honolulu trip . . . Frank Borzage, accompanied by Mrs. Borzage, left for West Point last night to film graduation scenes as a background for "Flirtation Walk." Then he goes to Honolulu for some more scenes. The most thrilling experience in her life, Joan Blondell Informs me, happened when she was stranded with a theatrical troupe In China when she was 18 years of age . . Bruce Cabot and wife, Adrienne Ames, are back from Pebble Beach . Alison Skip- worth's first vacation In thirty-five years will see her motoring through her native England with her brother, Tom Groom, a London newspaperman ... Director Archie Mayo returned from New York yesterday ... Ho-bart Cavanaugh almost swallowed an egg yesterday while making scenes with T. Roy Barnes for "Kansas City Princess." Evening dresses with equally high back and front are returning to favor In Paris. 1ST TIMt AlVoPUlAR PRICtSIJ fHwf. -Jj FAVERSHAM TO STAR IN DRAM ADHERE "Her Friend, the A7g" Will Open Next Monday at Ambassador "Her Friend, the King," to be pre sented at the Ambassador Theater will star William Faversham, noted actor of the stage. Ruth Helen Davis is the producer. Surrounding Faversham in the drama will be Vernon Steele, Les lie Palmer, Eric Mayne, Paul Wei gel, Madge Lesslng, Kathryn Pra- ther and Kathryn Sheldon. Miss Davis and Faversham are planning a repertory theater for this city and the play will be the first step In that direction. A unique idea Is to be Introduced in that the drama will be opened with a morning performance followed by luncheon. Next Monday Is the starting date. BARRYMORE FILM PLAY CONTINUES "Twentieth Century A'oic in Second Week of Run at Hilhtreet Theater Twentieth Century," starring John Barrymore, continue! to lure capacity houses to the R.-K.-O.- Hillstreet Theater, where it Is being held for a second week. 8tartlng next Wednesday will be Irene Dunne and Richard Dlx in "SUn-garee." Barrymore attended a recent showing of Twentieth Century- and apparently enjoyed himself thoroughly, theater attaches report. The star Is reported to have chuckled and laughed several times at his own mad antics in the hi larious comedy. Other notables of the film world have been seen In audiences at the Hillstreet. the management says. "Stlngaree." the next attraction, will brine Miss Dunne and Dlx to- gether on the screen for the first time since "Cimarron." Wife of Noted Player to Make American Debut Elsa Lanchester (Mrs. Charles Laughton) la shortly to make her debut In American films with Norma Shearer in "Marie Antoinette." Laughton Is also In the cast. As Ann of Cleves, King Henry's fourth wife in "Henry the Eighth,' the actrets scored a personal hit. Her role of Countess Gabrlcile de Pollenac In the film transcription ot Stephan Zwelg's biographical nov-el Is authentic. History describes the countess as a faithless and bcautl ful friend of the stormy queen. Miss Shearer and Laughton are currently playing together with Fredrtc March In TThe Barretts of Wlmpole 8treet." For the past eight months Miss Lanchester has been working with Laughton at the Old Vic Theater In London. Before "Henry the Eighth1 she appeared In three comedies filmed in England, especially written for her by H. G. Wells. Her British stage work Includes "Riverside Nights," and burlesqued versions of "Little Lord Fauntleroy" and "Ten Nights In a Barroom." Sidney Franklin, now directing "The Barretts of Wimpole Street, is also to direct "Marie Antoinette." r?S'io m avi i w . u tots WEDNESDAY IRENE DUNNE V DirUARD DIX I Mara Powell Signs Film Contract By Their Garb Film Notables May Be Known England has Queen Mary's hats! Hollywood has Jean Harlow's . . along with Norma Shearer's earrings, Jean Parker's sweaters, Madge Evans's tailored suits, Myrna Loy's pajamas, Lupe Velez's slacks and Joan Crawford's dressing gown. Just as Queen .Mary is recognized by her unique head adornment, so are these playei identified by their various and sundry accouterments. Norma Shearer, for example, is never without her double-pean earrings. In the event of an ac cident to one of them, she immedi ately has the pair duplicated. A dressing gown ot simple de sign has been copied and recopied for Joan Crawford. It has been fashioned in silk for the boudoir and cotton for the beach but never has it departed from the original pattern. A parallel case is that of a Jaunty hat purchased some time ago by Jean Harlow. She was so pleased with Its line and design that the original model now sits proudly on her wardrobe shelf surrounded by twin creations In a variety of colors. Incidentally the same thing hap pened to a diminutive beret acquired one eventful day by Maureen O'Sul-llvan. Myrna Loy and Lupe Veles are the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer "slack" devotees. If you should happen to see a tailored suit with a pleated back wandering about the lot nine chances out of ten Madge Evans will be the motivating power. William Powell's excellent per formanses in "The Thin Slan" and "Manhattan Melodrama" have brought him a long-term M.-G.-M. contract. His first picture under his new agreement is to be "The Casino Murder Case," based on an S. S Van Dine story relating further adventures of Phllo Vance, which role Powell Is to play. FANS DELUGE STARS WITH WEIRD LETTERS Mall for stars. In motion-picture studios, is a definite problem. "Fan" adulation for stellar film celebrities, brings a veritable deluge of mall upon the postofflces ot Hollywood and Culver City. More than 30,000 letters come from every gradation ot humanity, from kings, queens and sultans U stenographers,- elevator operators and dish-washers. Marie Dressier received one recently that measured 12x6 feet. The majority ot the letters, of course, come from the United States and Canada, for the obvious reasons that North America is Hollywood's biggest film market. Illi nois and New York are in first place, with the Southern States coming a close second. England's favorites among the stars are Wallace Beery, Marie Dressier, Oreta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin. Jean Harlow. Benlta Hume, Maureen O'Sulllvsn. Gloria Swanson. Robert Montgomery and Norma Shearer. France particularly likes Jea-nette MacDonald, Jean Harlow, Ramon Novarro, Lewis Stone, Msurlce Chevalier, Lionel Barrymore and Joan Crawford. Since "Trader Horn" was made in Africa, great numbers of letters have come from Nairobi. Tanganyika and other cities In the faraway Kenya Colony. The same applies to Tahiti, where "White Shadows of the 8outh Seas" was photographed. Many of the letters from foreign countries are from steady customers. Joan Crawford received from three to five every week from a faithful fan In Valparaiso, Chile. Stockholm, Llnkoplng and other cities in Sweden contribute hundreds of letters dally to Oreta Oar-bo. Jean Hersholt, Danish actor, has steady fans who write him from Denmark. Last year, Her-sholt's mall from his native coun try showed postmarks from 159 dif ferent cities and villages. The Spanish countries also reserve their loyalty most Intensely for actors of their own blood. Ra mon Novarro has long led the list tor foreign mall. Many of the letters ask for more than pictures. Jean Harlow and Joan Crawford are dally asked for their discarded evening clothes. Ma rle Dressier Is the champion for receiving letters from people who have "wildcat" Ideas to promote. Wallace Beery once received a promissory note for 14000 from an English "admirer." The letter at tached coolly said, "You are a fine chap and wealthy. Sign the note and I will discount it at the bank, I want to start a saloon!" Turkeys, cats, love birds, canaries and other types of animals and bird life are sent to the stars by devoted fans who want the actors and actresses to keep, the pets for their on. Mala, star of "Eskimo," received six pounds of raw whale steak from a pal at Bcerdrut on the Arctlo Circle. By the time the package arrived In Culver City, It was nearly aa "strong" aa the whale Itself, when alive. Rogers Scores With Everyone but Postman It is the merry month of June but the mailman on El Capltan The ater route Is beginning to think the Christmas rush is on. This is the result of the mall orders and fan mall being received dally by the theater for Will Rogers In Eugene O'Neill's comedy. "Ah. Wilderness.' Two extra deliveries are made dally to keep ahead of the rush ot letters which bear postmarks from every community in Southern Cali fornia, Including Santa Barbara, Santa Monica. Olendale, Riverside, Pomona, Santa Ana and San Ber nardino. Because of requests from these out-of-town residents, whose busi ness makes It Impossible for them to come to Hollywood except on week-ends. Will Rogers has consented to give an extra matinee next Sunday afternoon. This will be in addition to the regular Saturday shows. Anne Shoemaker. William Jnnr. Charlotte Henry. Martha Mayo, Kaipn Remley, Helen Flint and others are in the supporting cast. Acfress Given "Dolly" Role Gladys George, New York stage actress, who has Just arrived here, has been assigned her first talking screen role. She is shortly to start in "Dolly." a drama of the African Congo. STUART IN NEW LINE Nick Stuart, popular screen actor, bows out of the film industry to become president of the Bath and Tennis Club, swanky sports and social rendezvous fashioned after the clubs of the same name at Palm Beach and Long Island, which, is being built for him in Hollywood by an Incognito millionaire. "Bitter Gods" . to BeOifered Clarence Thomas has decided to produce another of Roger Quale Denny's plays at the Domino Theater. "Bitter Gods" Is the title of the new production, which will open the 18th Inst. Rshearsals are In progress and the cast so far Includes Noel Warlck, Cecilia Ryland, Virginia Brissac, Charlotte Earle and Robinson Nee-man. Clarence Thomas Is directing. Writers' Club Slates Comedy Desldir Pek, European playwright now in Hollywood, has written a new comedy, "The Broadway Lover," which will be presented for three nights at the Writers' Club, starting Wednesday, June 20. Don Brodle has been signed to direct the piece. No cast has been selected as yet. Z More Vedcs by popular demand "THE HOUSE OF. Usiliild at no other So. Calif. Theatre this ywar.. and NEVER again with Ukcuunaiu 'PROLOGUE MmkCISISS , TmaDtih ImmttmuMt I t A SIS BfV '1 jee WHAT HAPPENS WHIN PAT I THREW THEM TOGETHER ON HER WEDDING NICHTI Man w isiiii l "ftjJ2IV I AJJalAttMctim C&eatcrs Spoken Drama 1 IT'S, A MUSICAL SCREAM.' mnna hupps RETimns GUY LOMBARDO TONIGHT Major Studio Feature Preview NOW PLAIINQ LI 4 kia ROYAL CANADIANS 11 George BURNS j l Gracie ALLEN V JOAN MARSH V garner Baxter lath Ucaeni 105 CHART AMIS SOOU lit RHMOt 11 i i.i a a l nrnTPft It ' a tt sr Ksb m ir-ar GLORY MM li III, via II it m m sv. liUi Hid a.' wt -v-i nil kX3bad-Sr I1LCAI SUUUAI AND SAT. EVERY EVE at 8 INCiUWN SUNDAY 5075 W.3P.2 MATINEES 5075 -lOP'IV HINS.Y DUFFY ULISENTS . Sr AnanMttrt wiHi S.V.HmtwGniK U EuqeiteO'Neilft f IL mrn'm! rS COMEDY smm VILL ROGERS IN PERSON I IZ'"'5OWc. II LKg The KIWANIS CLUB of LOS ANGELES PUBLIC FORUM on announcci a ee nuiLiEnansiMi'9 I rmin. American Viewpoint by MR. MAX SOCHA. Prctldtnt Turnvtrtln Qtrmanla and German. American League PHILHARMONIC AUDITORIUM, THURSDAY. JUNE Jewish-American Viewpoint by MR. JOSEPH . CUMMINS. Editor, B'Nal B'RIth Messenger; Pres., American-Jewish Council 7th 8:15 P. M. Tickets $1.90. $1, 75c 4. 50e (plus tx) at Box Office Benefit, Kiwanls Club's Sunset Recreation Center Fund r 1 TJvmest. LESIIS FEMTCrj eV I LILLIAN BOND BEER. COFFEE AND SANDWICHES SERVED DI BINO AND 'rTEE TU C ATFPJ AR"1 Thr,RnrW ARn mart WEEK Nljhtly (Incladtat- Sanaa;) at S: 03 N. Jaaaft OLmwie S114 BUtSTS OF HONOR i t. A. A HOLLY. . . TEAMS Miyr t. U SHAW SHERIFF E. W. BISCAILUZ Dr. SEO. PARRISH DANCE AND FROLIC L. A. BREAKFAST CLUB 1213 RIVERSIDE DRIVE SOU. GAL. STEWARDS CATERERS ASSN. Saturday Eve June 2nd MOVIE AND RADIO STARS MO BALS. SHELL BAB. . OTHER VAlUASLf DOOR PRIZES ADM. PLUS TAX FREE PARK ADMISSION Sl.lO, TAX INC. 874 Sl'NSET BLVD. VAN NES SUNSET TONY PASTOR'S PRESENT "Ticket of Leave Man" and -Variety Show of REFRESHMENTS ON THE HO Show U S I

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